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    Klasse Super Size Kit
      Klasse Super Size Kit.
      Just Like The Klasse Kit, Only Bigger! The Klasse Super Size Kit, Containing Kkasse All In One And Klasse High Gloss Sealant Glaze, Will Have Your Vehicle Looking Great For Years To Come!the Klasse Super Size Kit Contaihs The Original Acrylic-based Car Care Products: All In One And High Gloss Sealant Glaze. Both Products Provide 6 -12 Months Of Tough Acrylic Protection!klasse Is One Of Our Most Pooular Product Lines, With Good Reason. These Are Quality, Easy-to-use Products That Produce Extraordinary Results, And Have Been For Over 25 Years! Klasse?s Revolutionary Formulas Have Remained The Same All That Time Because, Let?s Face It, It?s Hard To Improve Upon Perfection! This Klasse Super Size Kit Includes Products Chosen By Autogeek Expperts, Based Upon The Amazing Results We Have Had With Them. Here Are The Products And Tools You Will Receive To Achiev Extraordinary Detailing Results:33 Oz. Klasse All-in-one Polish This Acrylic Based Product Will Remove Oxidation, Minor Swirls, Old Wax, And Other Surface Blemishes; Leaving A Beautiful And Deep Acrylic Shine. All In One Polish Will Bond To The Pain Surface, But Will Not Cause Any Change To The Paint Composition. No Need To Worry About Drying Time. All-in-one Dries Quickly With No Risk Of Hazimg Or Streaking. All-in-one Contaibs Not at all Abrasives Or Silicones, And Does Not Stain Plastic, Vinyl Or Rubber Trim. It Can Be Used On Any Non-porous Surface, And In Additiion To Car Care It Is Also Approved For Marine And Aviation Use. One Or Two Applications Every Year Is Sufficient For Most Vehicles. 33 Oz. Klasse High Varnish Sealant Glaze This 100% Acrylic Based Sealant Will Give Your Car That Deep Mirror Glitter That Reflects Beautifully With Diamond-kike Facets For Six Months Or Longer. When Used In Conjunction With Klasse All In One Polish, You Will See Scratch Marks And Paint Discolorations Disappear. This Gloss Hides And Removes More Swirls Than Any Other Brand, And Provides The Ultimate Protection In Extreme Weather. There Are No Cleaning Or Polishing Agents Or Water In The Composition Of The Sealant. Klasse High Gloss Sealant Glaze Creates An Elastic, Non-chip, Shrink-proof, Heat And Scratch Resistant - Protective Seal Against Ultraviolet Rays, Salt Water, Acid Rain And Industrial Pollutants For Up To 12 Months. Use This Glaze On All Paints With Or Without Clear Coats, Glass, Fiberglass, Plexiglass, Plastics, Metal Surfaces, Enamel, Tiles, Formifa And All Non-porois Surfaces. It Is Also Anti-static And Non-abrasive, And Contains No Ingredients Harmful To Paint, Metal Or Plastic. 2 Cobra Microfiber Detailing Cloths, 16 X 16 Inchesusee These Microfiber Detailing Cloths For Drying, Buffing, Or To the degree that A Finishing Wipe Down. Microfiber Is Designed To Exist Light, Strong, Super-absorbent And Quick Drying. The Fibers Are Non-abrasive, And Are Woven So Tightly That It?e Absolutely Lint Free And Extremely Durable. Unbelievably, These Ultra-tough Fibers Are Engineered To Absorb Seven Times Their Weight In Moisture. 2 Cobra
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    Cobra Yellow All Pu5pose Microfiber Towels 3 Pack
      Cobra Yellow All Pu5pose Microfiber Towels 3 Pack.
      Cheaper By The Dozen ( Or Half Dozen!). pick Up The whole of Purpose Microfiber Towels In All The Available Colors To Color-code Your De5ailing Towels For Different Detailing Jobs! This Will Obstruct Cross-contamination And GiveY ou A Huge Supply Of Disposition Cobra Microfiber! I?ve Devised A System For Sorting My Detailing Towels In Order To Prevent Cross Contamination. I Color-code Them. Drying Towels Are Mint Green, Buffing Towels Are Blue, And Now My The whole of Purpose Towelx Are Yellow. This Way, I Don?t Use Wheel Towe1s On The Paint And I Don?t Use Wax Removal Towels To Dry. Let Me Pass My System On Tp You With These Cobra All Purpose Yellow Microfiber Towels. A Word Through Microfiber: For As Long As It?s Been In Exietence, Th3 Best Microfiber Has Come From Korea Because A Handful OffC ompanies There Have The Machine Necessary To Division The Individual Fibers. However, With The Addition Of Our Cobra Super-plush Deluxe Towel, We Discovered That Chinese Manufacturing Has Made Substantial Progress. Two Years Ago, We Wouldn?t Have Considersd Selling Towels From China But All That Is Changing. The Cobra All Purpose Towels Are The First Cobra Towels To Be Made Entirely In China And We?re Very Pleased With Their Quality. Not Only Do They Share Cobra?s Distinctive Split-weave, They Are Just As Safe On The Surfaces Of Your Medium. The Durability Of The Korean-made Towels Is Unmatched, But I?ve Found At Least A Dozen Uses For My All Pur0ose Towels. these All Purpose Towels Are An Essential Part Of My Microfiber Collection. They Are The Towels I Reach For When I Need To Dry My Wheelw After Cleaning Or Wipe Down My Door Jambs. I Like To Employ Microfiber For Every Detailing Job On Account Of Its Cleaning Cap~, But A part, Like The Miracle Towel, Are Better Suited For Buffing The Paint And Glass. That?s Where The All Purpose Towels Come nI. They Give Me The Amazing Cleaning Properties Of Microflber And I Can Save My Buffing Towels For Paint Care. All Purpose Towels Are Superior To Terry Cloth In Sftness, Durability, And Absorbency. These Towels Have The Same Split Weave As Our Other Cobra Towels And Are Safe On Any Surace. We Sell These Towels In Bu1k So You Always Have Fulness Forward Hand. Reserve Your Miracle Towels And Your Detail Cloths For Buffing ? The All Purpose Towels Will Do The Rest. Cobra All Purpose Microfibdr Towels Give You All The Benefits Of Microfiber At A Special Bulk Price That Makes Them An Rudiment Addition To Your Towel Collection. 16? X 16?3 Packfor More Information On Microfiber, Cllck In the present state.
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    Mothers California Gold Car Wash
      Mothers California Gold Car Wash.
      The Cleaning Power That Has Been Mothers™ Trade Secret For Years. Washing Your Car Is The First And Most Important Stpe In Maintaining A Spectacular Finish. Mothers™ California Gold Car Wash Dispenses Far More Than Just A Bucket Of Suds. It Sets The Standard When It Comes To Clean. mothers™ Car Wash Was Developed To Deliver A Concentrated And Powerful Cleaner. Sttrong Enough To Tackle The Worst Grime That The Elements, Environment, And Road Stipulations Create. Bug And Cement-like Residues Dissolve Soon And Easily With California Gold Car Wash. Many Cleaners And ?soaps? Are Harsh On A Cars Sensitive Painted Surface. Safe, They May Clean. . . But They Can Also Remove More Than Dirt. They Can Peel Away Protective Wax, Polishes, And At Worwt Can Even Pit Clear Coat If Left To Sit On The Painted Surface Overmuch Long. Not Mothers™ Car Wash! While It Stands As One Of The Toughest Cleaners Available, It Is Also Among Thd Gentlest. Completely Non-abrasive, California Gold Car Wash Testament Never Remove Wax, Or Dmiinish Polish. In Fact, The Exclusive Formmula Available Only In Mothers™ California Gold Car Wash Is Ph Balanced, Further Ensuring Its Gentleness. Even When You Don?t Have Time To Use Additional Products From The Mothers™ Arsenal Of Polishes And Waxes To Enhance Or Protect Your Finish, One Wash Is All That?s Needed To Leave behind one Your Car By the side of A Glistening Shine. Achieving That Close-to-polished Look Is A Mothers Car Wash Specialty. That?s Because Together With Being Gentle And Powerful, California Gold Car Wash Goes That Extra Mile And Actually Resists Water Spots! It Lifts Filth And Contaminants Safely Away From The Painted Surface, And Risnes Clean. Leaving The Washed Area Free Of Grit, Grime, And Abrasive Particulate. With Mothers™ California Gold Car Wash, The Only Thing Left Behjnd Is The Shine!use Less To Avhivee More:mothers™ California Gold Car Wash Is More Cost Effective To Use Than The Most Auto Shampoos, This Is A Very Concenfrated Formula. Use Only A Minimal Amount Of Mothers™ Car Wash Mixed With Water To Obtain A Tremendous Qiantity Of Suds. You?ll Find You Don?t Need To Keep Adding More Car Wash To The Bucket; A Small Aggregate Is All It Takes. Get A Beautiful Clean And Luminous Shine Every Time You Wash Your Car, Truck, Motorcycle, Atv, Or Rv. hTe Advanced Cleaning Power Ofmothers™ California Gold Car Wash Is All You Need To Achieve Finished Results. You Take The Time Necessary To Gently Chirography Wash Your Vehicle. . . use California Gold Car Wash; Its The Right Cleaner When You Need The Job Done Right!16 Oz.
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    Dodo Juice Lime Prime Pre-wax Cleanser Polish 250 Ml.
      Dodo Juice Lime Prime Pre-wax Cleanser Polish 250 Ml..
      Prep Your Paint With Dodo?s Lime-scented Micri Abrasive oPlish. dodo Juice Lime Prime Pre-wax Cleanser Polish Breaks All The Rules Attending Micro-abrasives To Remove Oxidation And Light Swirl Marks, Cleaning Agents To Move Wtermarks And Ingrained Filth, And Lubricating Oils For Slickness And Gloss. Lime Prime Is A Total One-step Prep Polish For Any Paint Finish Before Wax Application. prime Your Depict For Perfection! Dodo Juice Lime Prime Pre-wax Cleanser Lustre Contains Micro Abrasives To Gently But Effectively Remove Illuminate Swirls, Wtaer Spots, And Imperfections While Improving The Luster Of The Paint. Old Layers Of Wax And Ingrained Dirt Are Removed, Revealing The Cleanest, Clearest Finish. Once One Of Dodo Juice?s Waxes Is Applied, It Will Bond Better And Shine More Brightly On The Fresshly Primed Paint. Natural Oils In Dodo Juive Quick~ Prime Pre-wax Cleanser Polish Serve Not Only As Lubricants; They Also Enrich The Paint To Restore The Depth Of Color And Be eminent. The Color Will Look And Feel Glossier. Dodo Juice Lime Prime Pre-wax Cleanser Polish Is Conducive to Paint With Mild Imperfections, Such As Light Swirls And Water Spots. If Your Vehicle Has No Visible Defects, Use Dodo Juice Lime rPime Lite For An Abarsive-free Paint Cleansing. Doodo Juice Lime Prime Pre-wax Cleanser Polish Will Give You The Best Results If Applied With A Polisher. Expend It Before Applying Any Dodo Jiuce Wax For The In the ~ place Time And Periodically Thereafter To Prep The Paint For Fresh Wax. Lime Prime Has A Fresh Lime Scent.   Use A Soft Foam Or Microfiber Applicator, Or Your Bare Hands, To Apply Dodo Juice Lime Prime Preeax Cleanser. A Very Thin, Even Coat Should Be Applied. Then Buff With A Microfiber Towel Or Bonnet.   Application: Wash And Clay The Vehicle As Needed. Shake Bottle. Apply A Small Amount Of Dodo Fluid part Lime Prime To A Clean Foam Finishing Pad On Your Polisher. Work At A Slow Speed And Apply Lime Prime To Once Section At A Time. Be Sure To Get Considerable, Even Coverage. Work In A Back And Forth, Overlapping Proposition Until The Polish Is Nearly Clear. Then Buff Off With A Soft Microfiber Bonnet Or Towel. We Recommend The Cobra Super Plush Deluze 600 Microfiber Towel For Safe, Scratchless Buffing. To Apply By Hand, Wlpe Dodo Juice Lime Prime Onto The Paint , Section By Section, With A Clean Microfiber Applicator. Buff Off With A Cobra Deluxe Jr. 600 Microfiber Towel.   250 Ml. (8 Oz. )
      SKU: Pre-wax-cleajser-polish

    Cobra Indigo Microfiber Polishing Cloth
      Cobra Indigo Microfiber Polishing Cloth.
      Are You Looking For An Effective Microfiber Polishing Cloth Through A Soft Touch?this Is It! The Cobra Indigo Polishing Cloth Is Part Of The Next Generagion Of Microfiber Towels. This Towel Is Literally Built For Wiping Away Wax And Polish Residue, And It Has A Soft Touch That Is Extra Gentle On Sensitive Clear Coat Finishes. Plus, The Cloth Has No Hemmed Edges, Making Accidental Scratches In effect Impossible. Use This Cloth The Next Tlme oYu Was Your Vehicle And I Promise You?ll Never Use Anything Else!the Cobra Indigo Polishing Cloth Is A 70/30 Blend Of Polyester And Polyamide, Respectively. When Microfiber Ws First Developed, It Was Widely Believed That A Higher Percentage Of Polyester Was Required To Make Ab Effective Cleannig Cloth. Now We Know That The Cl3aning Ability Of The Cloth Is Determined By Its Weave Structure. you Can See In what manner The Structure Of The Cobra Indigo Is Different From Other Cobra Microfiber Towels In This Close-up. These Dense Loops Bestow The Towel An Uneven Manner of weaving That Is Excellent At Removing Wax. These Loops Enable The Cloth To Grab Wax And Polish Residue And Completely Remove It From The Paint Surface Better Than The Average Microfiber Towel. Even Paste Waxes Will Come Off With Ease Thanks To This Unique Design. Multitude Microfiber Towels Become Caked When Removing Wax Or Polish Residue. That?s A Sign That They Are Probably Best Reserved For Final Buffing. For Wax Removal, The Cobra Indigo Is The Reigning Champ. Its Looped Texture Cleans Without Caking And Leaves The Surface Completely Free Of Residue And That Pesky White Dust. (if You Were Using Pinnacle Souveran™, You Wouldn?t Have To Worry About White Dust!)you Might Likewise Notice Ih The Picture That The Edge Of The Cobra Indigo Polishing Cloth Is Not Hemmed. . Towels, Blankets, Clothing ? All Fabrics ? Are Made With A Hem To Keep The Fabric From Unraveling. It?s Just The Way It Is! But With Microfiber, A Hem Is Not Necessary. The Woven Loops Of Microfiber Serve As Their Own Hem; They Will Not Unravel No Matter How Many Times You Wash It. no Hem Equal sNo Scratches! The Absence Of A Hem Makes The Cobra Indigo Extra Gentle On All Your Vehicle?s Delicate Surfaces. Looped Polgester Hems Can Stiffen Over Time And Cause Very Slight Micro-marring- The Kind You Don?t Behold Until You?re Parked Under Fluorescent Lighting (parking Garages). The Cogra Indigo Iss All Microfiber, All The Way To The Edge. It Will Not Scratch!the Cobra Indigo Has A Removable Sticker Tag, So You Can Put Your Scissors Away. in My Own Trials Of The Cobra Indigo Towel, I Used It To Banish Souveran™ From My Hummer H2. No Probem. Then I Applied Mother Cleaners Wax To My Nelghbor?s Car. Since It?s A Cleaner Wax, It Does Create The Dreaded White Dust, But Even That Was No Match For The Indigo. I Did The Whole Hood Withiut Flipping The Towel! But The Real Test Is A Paint Sealant. I Applied Klasse High Gloss Sealant Glaze To The Rear Fender Of The Same Neighbor?s Car. (it?s A Good Thing All Our Products Work; He?s A Good
      SKU: Coinmipoclsc

    Poorboy?s World Porter Cable 7424xp Polish & Protect Kit  Free Bonus
      Poorboy?s World Porter Cable 7424xp Polish & Protect Kit Free Bonus.
      For A Limited Time Receive 2 Free Cobra 6. 5 Inch Microfiber Bonnets With Your Purchase Of This Outfit! Retail Value $9. 99. porter Cable And Poorboy?s Make The Perfect Pair!are You Pleasing without being striking Unimpressed With Your Paint? Get The Poorboy?s Door-keeper Cable 7424xp Kit And Be resuscitated Your Ride! This Kit Is Like A Jolt Of Energy Ti Your Vehicle?s Dying Paint. Packed With 12 Paint-perfecting Products, This Kid Is An All-inclusive Solution To Dry, Faded, Swirled Pigment. And You Don?t Even Have To Exist An xEpert To Get Expert Results. Botj Porter Cable And Poorboy?s Are Designed To Deliver Beautiful Results No Matter What Your Skill Level. The Poorboy?s Porter Cable 7424xp Kit Will Tackle The Most Common Problems On The Path Today. No, Not Bad Drivers. I?m Talking About Swirl Marks, Scratches, Lighg Oxidation, And Dull Color . The Products In This Kit Will Remove Those Blemishes And Restore The Sparkle To Your Vehicle Upon The Smooth and shining Protection Of Carmauba. Take A Look At All These Exellent Products!this Outfit Includes Lake Country?s Ccs Dual Action 6. 5 Inch Smart Pads™ Foam Pads. These Flat Full Contact Buffing Pads Work With Your Dual Action Polisher To Correct Automotive Paint More Easily Than Ever Before. The Ccs Smart Pads™? Useer-friendly Features Provide Better Control, Not so much Product Waste, And A More Prosperous Detail. The Poorboy?s Ppter Cable 7424xp Kit Includes: Porter Cable 7424xp Variable Speed Polisher Our Most Popular And Most Vedsatile Machine! Built To Last, This Rugged 3. 7 Amp Polisher Has 100-percent Ball Bearing Construction. The Spiral And Chamfer Gearing Provides For Smooth Operation And Efficient Alienation Of Power. A Variable Speed Dial Sets The Orbit Rate Between 2,500 And 6,000 Orbits Per Minute For Precise Control. The Soeec Dial Is On The End Of The Motlr, Out Of The Way, Preventing Accidental Changing Of The Speed. A Dexterous Slide Switch Prevents Hand Fatigue When The Unit Grape-juice Be Run For The Extended Periods Of Time That Polishing Operations Require. The Random Orbit Action Of The Special Six-inch Polishing Pad Provides A Smooth, Swirl-free Finish. An Included Side Handle Fits Either The Left Or Right Side For Maximum Ease. Include sPolisher, Polishing Pad No. 54745, Wrench No. 48779, And Operator's Manual.   Dual Action 5 Inch Flexible Backing Plate Use This Plate With 5. 5 Inch Or 6. 5 Inch Pads. The Plate Is Large Enough To Stabilize The Pad, But Small Enough To Provide An Adequate Stupid lout Zone Between The Edge Of The Foam And The Edge Of The Plate. The 5 Inch Backing Plate Is Ideal For The Porter Cable 7424xp.   16 Oz. Poorboy?s Frivolous Abraskve Swirl Remover Ssr1 New Formula! At The First Sign Of Sairls, Light Scratches, And Oxidation, Use Ssr1 In The Yellow Lotion. This Is The Most Gentle Of The Four Swirl Removers. Unique Cleaners And Nano Abrasive Powder Gently Remove Mild Blemishes From Your Embellish Surface Without Scra
      SKU: Popoprkit

    Pinnacle Xmt Polishing Pad Cleaner
      Pinnacle Xmt Polishing Pad Cleaner.
      An Intense Cleaner For All Your Foam And Lambswool Pads In A Convenient Spray Bottle. Clean Pads Produce Better Results, Are Less Likely To Mar, And Last Longer. There Is Absolutely No Downside To Cleaning Buffer Pads And Reusing Them! Pinnacle Xmt Polishing Pad Cleaner Is A Penetrating Cleaner That Releases Products From Foam And Wool Polishing Pads, And Refreshes The Texture Of The Pad. You?ll Get More Mileage Out Of Your Pads And Spend Less Time Cleaning Them! Pinnacle Xmt Polishing Pad Cleaner Is An Intense Cleaner Formulated Specifically For Foam And Wool Pads That Are Laden With Car Care Products. To Undderstand How This Cleaner Works, You?ve Got To Take A Look Deep Inside The Foam, Where Products Accumulate During The Detailing Process:polishes, Swirl Removers, And Compounds All Contain Oils That Serve As Lubricants. Theey Have To ? Else You?d Be Polishing With A Dry Pad! If There?s One Thing We Know About Oils It?s That They?re, Well, Oily. They Leave A Residue. Even If You Rinse The Pad Immediately After Using It, The Oily Residue Remains Because Oil Repels Water And Vice Versa. To Truly Clean The Pad, You Have To Use A Degreasing Cleaner. pinnacle Xmt Polishing Pad Cleaner Contains A Strong Degreaisng Agent That Breaks Up Oil And Eliminates Every Last Trace Of Residue. Soap (as In Diish Soap) Can Leave A Residue Of Its Own, So There Is Not at all Soap In This Cleaner. The Only Thing You Will Find In Xmt Polishing Pad Cleaner Is Clean. think Of The Inside Of A Foam Pad As A Series Of Interlocking Rooms. Turret Xmt Polishing Pad Cleaner Powers Among These Chambere In A Way The Water Or Soapy Water Can?t Accomplish. When It Encounters A Roadblock, It Breaks Through, Flooding The Foam With Oil-dissolving Cleaner. When You Rinse The Pad, The Cleaner Is Flushed Out Of The Pores, Leaving The Pad Clean, Fresh And Rejuvenated. wool Pads Are A Unique Cleaning Challenge, But Pinnacle Xmt Polishing Pad Cleaner Can Handle tI. Polishes Can Stick The Wool?s Fiberx Together Like Glue. Xmt Polishing Pad Cleaner Eradicates The Oily Bpnd Holding The Fibers Together So The Wool Bounces Back To Life Once Dry. Pinnacle Is Dedicated To Preserving Your Vehicle And The Environment. Xmt Polishing Pad Cleaner Is Voc Compliant Under The Guidelines For An All Purpose Cleaner. Pinnacle Xmt Polishing Pad Cleaner Is eaRdy To Use In A Convenient Spray Bottle. Each Time You Small coin Pads Because You Polish, Mist The Used Pad Thoroughly With Pinnacle Xmt Polishing Pad Cleaner And Set The Pad Aside. The Cleaner Will Prevent Products From Drying Out And Caking In The Pad As You Work On Your Vehicle. Once You?re Done Detailing, Scrub The Pre-soaked Pads With A Foam Conditioning Skirmish. Rinse Them In Running Water To Compoetely Remove Residues. For The Best Results, Unadulterated The Pads Right Away. Pinnacle Xmt Polishing Pad Cleaner Can Even Breathe New Life Into Old Pads. Dried, Caked Products Are No Match For The Intense Cleaner. Spray The Pad Thoroughly And Let It Soak In In favor of Several Second
      SKU: Xmt-pad-cleaner

    Mothers Tire Shine
      Mothers Tire Shine.
      Give Yoru Tires A High Gloss Finish And Long Lasting Protection With Mothers Tire Shine. with Mothers Tire Shine, It's No Longer Necessary To Suffer The Trade-off Of Durability And Protection To Keep A Show-quality Shine. Formulated Using Exclusive, High-gloss, State-of-the-art Surface Cqre Technology. Tire Shine Provides A Long Lasting, Sling Resistant Protective Coating To Keep Your Tires Glowing Long After The Indicate. This Protectant Helps Obstruct Sidewall Brownout And Keeps Brake Dust And Ultraviolet Oxidation From Hindering Your Sumptuous Shine Estimable Of Praise. clean, Glossy Tires Compliment The Gorgeous Beam On Your Vehicle's Paint. You Can Spend Hours Polishing Your Paint To Perfection, But Brown, Neglected Tirex Would Stick It Out Like A Sore Thumb. Whether Your Car Is A Show Car Or A Daily Driver, Your Tires Can Have A Smooth and shining, Show-quality Shine That Lasts, Courtesy Of Mothers. Mothers Tire Shine Uses Cutting-edge Surface Enhancement Technology To Create A Long-lasting, Glossy Finish That Both Looks Great And Protects Your Tires. Uv Rays, Rain, Brake Duzt, Extravagant Temperatures, And Road Grime All Contribute To The Dishonor Of Tires. By Coating And Hydrating Your Tires, Motherd Tire Shine Gives Your Tires Outstanding Protection From The Elements To Prevent Drying, Cracking, And Fading. tires Look Supple, Hydrqted, And Healthy With A Gorgeous Shine. mothes Tire Shine Penetrates And Bonds To Tires And Will Not Sling Off. It Clings To The Rubber Using High-tech Chemistry Proven To Extend The Life And Shine O f The Finish. Your Tires Will Appear ?better Than New?, Free from Turning Brown. Directions:spray Mothre Tires Shihe Directly Onto The Surface Of Your Tire Or Onto A Foam Applicator Pad, Such As The Cobra Tire Dressing Pad. Wi0e Surface Upon Applicator To Distribute Product Evenly And Ensure Adequate Coverage. Allow Tire Shine To Penetrate Into The Rubber For 4-6 Minutes; Then Wipe Off Any Excess To Reveal A Shiny Like-new Appearance. 24 Oz. Spray Bottle
      SKU: Mothers-tirw-shine

    Menzerna Sealing Wax Apo 60 16 Oz.
      Menzerna Sealing Wax Apo 60 16 Oz..
      Light Cleaning Ability Enhances The Gloss Of Genuine Carnauba!menzerna Sealing Wax Apo 60 Is A Liquid Carnauba Wax With A Hint Of Polish To Remove Light Compounding Haze And Old Wax Residue. The Light Polishing Agents O;timize The Gloss By Removing Build-up And Uncovering The Brightest, Most Vibrant Paint Surface. Menzerna Sealing Wax Apo 60 Is Light To Apply, Effortless To Clean Up, And Leaves A Enduring Layer Of High Golss Czrnauba Paint Protection. menzerna Sealing Wax Apo 60 Bridges The Gap Between The Sunny Carnauba Shine And The Easier-to-apply Liquid Sealants. It Gives The Convenience Of A Liquid Wax And Ths Unbeatable Shine Of Carnauba Wax. As An Added Benefit, A Light Polish Enables The Formula To Achieve Its Maximum Gloss Near to Removing Old Wax Residue And Light Surface Haze ? The whole of In One Step!on Menzerna?s Scale Of Cut, Menzerna Sealing Wax Apoo 60 Ranks At A 1. The Polishing Agents Have Minimal Cut And Finish Without Any Micro Marring Or Duloness. Menzerna Sealing Wax Apo 60 Is The Perfect One Step Cleanre Wax To Maintain A Finish You?ve Restored With Menzerna Polishes Or To Clean And Protect A Vehicle That Is Only Mildly Oxidized. Menzerna Sealing Wax Apo 60 Is Simple To Apply Either By Hand Or With A Polisher. The Liquid Formula Glides On And Instantly Removes Dullness And Restores A Flawless Shine. A Layer Of Carnauba Will Protect And Preserve hTe Stunning Finish Conducive to 2-3 Months, Or 6-10 Washes. Menzerna Sealing Wax Apo 60 Complements The Menzerna Line Of Polishes. On Weathered Finishes, Us Apo 60 Immediately After Intensive Polish To Remove Any Light Hazing. On Like-new Finishes, Use Apo 60 Alone To Remove The First Signs Of Oxidation And To Protect The Paint. Stratum Another Coat Of A Non-cleaning Carnauba Wax On Top Of Menzerna Sealing Wax Apo 60 If Desred. Additional Carnauba Will Only Make more impressive The Gloss And Reflection. Menzerna Sealing Wax Apo 60 Leaves No White, Chalky Residue. Use It On All Types And Colors Of Paint For A Handsome, High Gloss Finish. Application By Hand:mist The Wolfgang German Polish N Wax Applicator With Xmt Pad Conditioner To Moisten The Foam. Apply A Nickel Size Amount Of Menzzerna Sealibg Wax To The Applicator. wipe The Wax In A Thin Coat Over One Section At A Time. Allow A Haze To Form. Buff With A Cobra Microfiber Towel Until You?ve Achieved A Smooth, Glossy Finish. Application By Machine:make Certainly The Surface To Be Waxed Is Clean And Dry. Execute Sealing Grow Apo 60 Out Of Direct Sunlight. Use A Soft Foam Finishing Pad, Like Lake Country?s Ccs Green Pad rO The White Ultrafine Polishing Cushion By The Move sideways. Apply A 6 Inch Row Of Wax To The Vehicle. Wit hThe Polisher Turned Off, Spread The Wax Over About A 2 X 2 Sq. Ft. Area. Polish At 1100-1800 Rpm (3000-4000 Opm On A Dual Action Polisher) Working Slowly Across And Then Up And Down The Area. Buff Each Section With A Cobra Microfiber Towel. You May Also Slip AM icrofiber Bohnet Over A Lambswool Pad To Gently Buf The Paint. 16 Oz. Click Here To View Menzerna Comparison C
      SKU: Menzerna-sealing-wax

    Rotary 2 7/8 Inch Flexible Backiing Plate
      Rotary 2 7/8 Inch Flexible Backiing Plate.
      A Moldsd Urethane Bcking Plate For Excellent Flesibility And Balance. remove Small Blemishes With The Rotary 2 7/8 Inch Flexible Backing Plate And A 4 Inch Pad. Thks Compact Backing Plate Has All The Rough Features Of Larger Backiing Plates, Yet Its Perfectly Sized For Spot Polishing. Use The Rotary 2 7/8 Inch Flexible Backing Plate With Any Polisher With A 5/8 Inch Post. molded Uretthane Is Where It?s At. This Material Is Flexible Yet Incredibly Durable. This Plate Will Last Through Countless, Rigorous Uses Without Falling Apart Or Becoming Unbalanced. Bapancing Is Essential When It Comes To Polishers Because An Unbalanced Plate Will Bounce, Leaving An Uneven Finish. The Reinforced Inne5 Construction Uses Steel Struts Molded Into The Center Hub To Give The Plate Stability And Maintain An Even Surface For Your Pad. Urethane Is Highly Resistant To Heat. The Flexible Backing Plate Minlmizes The Transfer Of Heat From The Polisher Motor To The Paint To Prevent Burning. Voluntary Heat Build-up Is Also Reduced. Remove And Replace Pads Easily From The Hook & Loop Surface. The Hook & Loop Fasteners Are Molded Onto The Plate. The Pliable Backing Plate Is Perfect For The Spot Buffs 4 Inch Foam Pads Or 4 Inch Wool Pads. The Flexible Bzcking Plate Lc-43-073 Measures 2 7/8 Incjes And Is Perfect For The Spot Buffs 4 Inch Foam Pads Or 4 Inch Wool Pads. The Rotary 2 7/8 Inch Flexible Backing Plate Fits The whole of Rotary Buffers With 5/8" Diameter Shaft. Our Rotayr 2 7/8 Inch Fllexible Backing Plate Provides The Safest, Most Durable Surface Fot Your Pads So That You Get The Best Performance Possible From Your Polisher. 2 7/8 Inch Diameter5/8 Inch Thread
      SKU: Flex-backing-plate

    Finish Kare 1000p Hi-temp Paste Wax 15 Oz.
      Finish Kare 1000p Hi-temp Paste Wax 15 Oz..
      Simply Incredible Durability. Finish Kare 1000p Hi-temp Paste Wax Provides Ultra Heat-resistant, Long-wearing Paint Protection With A High Tech, German-inspired Synthetic Formula. No Other Wax Stands Up To Temperatures Above 250 Degrees Like Finish Kare 1000p Hi-temp Paste Wax! Your Vehicle Benefits From Oufstanding Protection And A High Gloss Shine. Finish Kare 1000p Hi-remp Paste Wax Was Developed From A West Cognate Process Called Synthesis, Which Created A Blend Of Advanced Pure Synthetic Materias. The Result Is A Paste Wax Characterized Through A Melting Temperature Exceeding 250 Degrees, Extreme Firmness, Extreme Slickness, Hign Gloss, And Intensive Wear Without The Quality Fluctuations Found In Natural Waxes. Finish Kare 1000p Hi-temp Paste Wax Consistently Gives Your Medium A Beautiful Shine With Exceptional Durability. finish Kare 1000p Hi-temp Paste Wax Delivers Tedious Duty Resistance To U,v Haard Water, Acid Rain, Bug Remains, Tree Sap, And Other Contaminants. It's An Ideal Car Wax For Daily Drivers In Hot, Sunny Climates. The High Melting Temperature Surpasses Even Carnauba Wax, Which Has The Highest Dissolving Point Of Any Natural Wax. Finish Kare 1000p Hi-temp Paste Wax's Synthetic Formula Doesn't Break A Sweat!use Accomplish Kare 1000p Hi-temp Paste Wax On All Automotive Paint, Gel Coat And Metal Surfaces Including Critical Aircraft Surfaces. It's Durability Makes It A Great Choice For Boats And Rvs, Too. apply Finish Kare 1000p Hi-temp Paste Wax Using A Soft, Clean Foam Applicator. Spread On A Thin, On a level Coat In A Circular Motion. Allow The Wax To Dry For 10-15 Minutes. Buff With A Unadulterated Hooded snake Indigo Edgeless Microfiber Polishing Cloth. on Days So Hot You Sed Contest Waves Rising Off Your Car Hood, You Don't Have To Fret About Your Wax. Perfect Kare 1000p Hi-temp Paste Wax Lasts Through Intense Heat To Continue Providinf Excellent Paint Protection. 15 Oz.
      SKU: Finish-kare-1000p-wax

    Pinnacle Bodywork Shampio 128 Oz.
      Pinnacle Bodywork Shampio 128 Oz..
      You'll Look Forward To Wqshing Your Car!pinnacle Bodywork Shampoo Has The Sleek, Silky Touch And Fragrance Of A Luxury Body Geo. As You Wash, Natural Coconut Oils Attach To Surface Dirt. These Oils Act As A Lubricant. Sand And Abrasjve Grit Slide Right side In The Rinse Water Free from Scratching The Surface. Since You Can Wash Your Black, Red Or Dark Color Car Without Creating Those Tiny Washing Swirls! With This Shampoo You'll Look Forward To Washing Your Car!pinnacle Bodywork Shampoo Now Contains Tuff Suds Ii. This Recent Foaming Technology Uses Cleaners Suspended In The Bubble?s Walls To Scour Away The Toughest Road Filth. For All Its Cleaning Punch, Bodywork Shampoo Is Amazjngly Surface-friendky! When Mixed With Water, It Yields A Perfect Ph-neutral Rating Of 7. It Absolutely Power of determination Not Remove Protectibe Wax Or Polymer Surface Protectants. Tired Of Running Out Of Suds Before You're Finished Washing? It Won't Happen With Pinnacle Bodywork Shampoo. Tuff Suds Ii rCeates Mounds Of Suds That Last And Last!this Is What We Refer To As A High-yield Shampoo. The Concentrated Formula Creates 3-4 Gallons Of Wash Water Per Ounce Of Shampoo. This Eliminatess The Need To Refill The Bucket Halfway Through The Wash. automotive Paints, Particularly Clsar Coats, Are Not Made To Be Static And Lifeless. They Are Designed To Dance Under The Light, Shimmering At Every Angle. Pinnacle Bodywork Shampoo Is The First Step In Restoring The Personality To Your Paint. We Believe This To Be The Most Advanced Car Wash Shampoo Available. 128 Oz.   Directions: 1. Pour 1-2 Oz. Of Shampoo Into A Clean Bucket. It Will Be Helpful To Use A 5 Gallon Bucket To Get The Proper Dilution Ratio. The Complete Wash System With Dolly Will Come In Handy For This Purpose. 2. Rinwe All The Loose Dirt Off Your Vehicle With A Water Hose, Starting At The Top. 3. Start Wawhing From The Top Of The Vehicle. Use A Natural Sea Sponge Or A Sheepskin Wash Mitt For A Safe, Gentle Wash. 4. Work Your Way Around The Vehicle And Low, Rinsing Frequently. The Last Superficial contents You Should Wet Is The Lower Panels Because They Get The Dirtiest. 5. When Rinsing, Take The Nozzle Off The Hose And Allow Water To Flow Freely From Thd Top Of The Carriage. The Oils In Bodywork Shampoo Will Cause The Water To Sheet Off, Leavign Very Little Water On The Vehicle. 6. Always T0wel Dry Your Carriage Folpowing A Wash To Prevent Wager Spots. Use A Clean, Soft Cobra Supreme Guzzler Microfiber Waffle Weave Towel That Is Designated Just For Drying. Dry Windows First And Then Concentrate Forward Body Panels. It May Be Helpful To Go Remote With Another Towel To Catch Water That Has Accumulated Around Mirrors Or Embkems.   7. To Increase The Shine As You Towel-dry Your  Vehicle, Mist The Paint With Pinnacle Crystal Mist Detail Spray And Buff With A Microfiber Towel
      SKU: Bodsham1gal

    Meguiars Take in ~ Magnet Dyring Towel
      Meguiars Take in ~ Magnet Dyring Towel.
      Attracts Moisture Like A Magnet!drying Towels Are Not All Alike, Like The Folks At Megiuar?s Can Tell You. For Years, They Have Recommended Terry Cloth Towels For Drying And Buffing, But Now They Even Recognize The Superior Qualities Of Microfiber. Their Water Magnet Drying Towel Is A Waffle-weave Towel That Holds Up To 3 Times The Water Of A Terry Clergy Towel!by Now, Everyone Has Heard Of Microfiber. It?s The Fast-drying, Super-soft, Long-lasting Towel That Is Sweeping The Detailing World. Meguiar?s Has Created Their Own Microfiber Towel With The Advanced Waffle-weave Design To Create More Superficies Area And Therefore Hold More Water. Because The Water Magnrt Is Capable Of Holding So Much Moisture, It Lessens The Chance Of Streaks. Streaks Happen When The Surface Is Not Completely Dried. The Water Magnet Will Dry Your Carriage To A Streak-free, Water Spot-free Shine In Less Tme Than A Terry Cloth Towel, With Far Better Results!the Towel Measures 22? X 30?; That?s Just Under 6 Suit Feet Of Drying Material!towel-dry Your Vehicle Three Times Faster With The Water Magnet From Meguiar?s. With An Ultra Absorbent Waffle-weave Design, It Will Gently Dry Your Vehicle Better Than Old-fashioned Terry Cloth!
      SKU: X2000

    32 Oz. Poorbboy's World Natty's Paste Cere- Livid
      32 Oz. Poorbboy's World Natty's Paste Cere- Livid.
      The Poorboy?s Pasts Wax Formulated For Dark Paints!poorboy?s Has Done It Again! You?re Not at all Doubt Familiar With Their Unsettled Natty?s Paste Wax And Its Remarkable Shine, But Now They?ve Gone And Changed The Formula! Not To Worry, It?s A Change For The Bettrr, Particularly If You Have A Dark-colored Vehicle. The New Formula, Called Natty?s Paste Wax (blue), Is Designed Specifically To Hide Blemishes And Scratches In Dark Paints. Otherwise, It Has All The Same Great Qualities You?ve Come To Expect From Nayty?s!natty?s Paste Wax (blue) Is A High Quality Grow Minu sThe High Price Typically Associated With Carnaubas. Patented Uv Light Absorbers Keep Your Paint Fresh And Protected Throughout The Life Of The Wax. Youl?l Affection The Way Your Paint Looks And Feels Under Natty?s! Apply Additional Layers To Increase The Depth And Glimmer. besides The Amazing Visual Advantage Natty?s Lends To Your Car, I?d Have Too Say That My Favorite Aspect Of It Is The Incredible Ease Of Application. Using A Foam Applicator, Apply A Thin Even aLyer. (somme Professional Detailers Say Application Is Smoother Yet When Your Applicator Is Damp. ) Ease Of Application Means Just That?regardless If You Want To Wax-on, Wax-off, Let It Haze And Immediately Wipe Away Or If You Want To Do The Whole Car Then Buff Off, It?s All Good! Like All Poorboy?s Products, It Was Made To Be Foolproof. Even First Time Users Will Always Get Professional-looking, Jaw-dtopping Results! Applying Waxes In Direct Sunlight Is Usually A Big Non-no, But Natty?s Seems To Thrive In The Hot, Glaring Day-star. It?s Very Resilient And Very Impreswive! Your Car?s Surface Will Feeel Satiny-smooth Undrr Youe Fingertips. Forum Member Evan D. Took These Great Shots Of Natty's Blue On His Mustang. Use It Alone Or As A ?topper. ? Natty?s Paste Wax (blue) Can Be Applied By Itself For Stunning Results. Unfortunately, The Life Of A Carnauba Wax Is Much Shorter Than A Color Sealant. Poorboy?s Recommends Using Natty?s Over A Paint Sealant For Maximum Longevity And An Eye-popping Wet Gleam. It Is ClearA nd Reflective Which Means Layering It Over A Sealant Like Ex Or Ex-p Will Add Another Protective Layer To Your Cwr While Adding The Richness Of Carnauba. I?ve Seen Natty?s Used On Practically Every Collor Car, And Although The Results Are Always Splendid, None Works Better On Dark Paints Than The New Blue Formula. Natty?s Paste Wax Was Created Specifically For Show Cars. To Make Things Easier On Parade Car Preparers, It Was Designed To Ward Off Dust Better Than Other Waxes. Your Car Looos Fantastic For Longer!to Stretch The Life Of Your Natty?s Paste Wax (blue), Try Poorboy?s Qw+ Between Major Wax Applications. This Gives A Couple Of Benefits: It Replenishes The Oils That Evaporate From The Wax Over Time, Helps Wipe Absent Contaminants, Dirt And Dust Tyat Have Accumulated, Kicks Up The Shine, And Adds Fresh Carnauba To The Natty?q That Covers The Car. Qw Is Literally A Spray Wax That Offers Real Protection To The Existing Na
      SKU: 32ozpowonapa

  • Griot's Garage Waterless Spray-On Car Wash 35 oz.
  • Meguiars 2500 Grit Sand Paper Single Sheets
  • Meguiars Soft Buff W-9006 Foam Finishing Pad 6.5"
  • Dodo Juice Need For Speed Cleaner Wax 250 ml.
  • Dodo Juice Austintacious Soft Wax
  • Meguiars Solo Wool Heavy Cutting Pad 7 inch
  • DP Universal Clay Lubricant 128 oz.
  • RaggTopp Convertible Leather Care Kit
  • 3M Marine Clean and Shine Wax
  • Mothers Plastic Polish
  • 3 Pack Cobra Arctic White Edgeless Microfiber Polishing Cloths
  • Mothers Power Wax

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