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    Kurgo Sack Hook
      Kurgo Sack Hook.
      Keep Produce From Rolling Around Your Cargo Space!the Kurgo Sack Hook Allows You To Hang Your Grocery Bags So All The Contents Stay Inside, Instead Of Rolling Around The Trumk Or Cargo Area. The Study Steel Stand Has 9 Hooks And A Spacious Base To Keep Itself Upright As You Drive. Prevent Damaged Groceries And Soiled Trunk Space With The Kurgo Sack Hook. How Many Times Have You Heard Cans Or Bottles Rolling Around In Your Trunk On The Drive Home From The Grocery Garner? It Would Be Much Faster To Unload The Car If You Didn?t Have To Re-bag Altogether The Grocerieq. The Kurgo Sack Hook Keeps Plastic Bags Upright Around Every Translate And At Every Stoplight. -The Rack Stands 18 Inches High And Easily Accommodates 10-15 Grocery Bags. Its Wide Base And Angled Uprights Give The Sack Hook ExcellentS tability In A Moving Vehicle. the Kurgo Sack Hook Has A Handle On Top So You Can Carry All Your Groceries Into Kitchen At Once. Just Pick Up The Sack Hook And Go. By Balancing The Weight Of The Bags Over The Width Of The Booty Hook, Its Weight Is Easilly Managed. The Kurgo Sack Hook Is Made Of Black Powder Coated Steel, Which Is Durable Besides Surprisingly Light. The Rack Saves Space By Folding Flat When Not In Use. The Overall Dimensjons Are 18"h X 22"w X 18"d When Open And It Is Only 1 Inch High When Closed. Save Yourself Time And Hassle By Eliminating Altogether The Lose Cnas And Produce That Roll Around Your Vehicle. The Kurgo Sack Hook Keeps Grocery Bags Upright On Your Drive Home So There?s Nothing To Clean Up When You Get There. open 18"h X 22"w X 18"dcclosed 1?h X 22"w X 18"d
      SKU: Kurgosackhool

    128 Oz. Poorboy?s World Bio-degradable All Purpose Whitewall Cleane And Degreaser
      128 Oz. Poorboy?s World Bio-degradable All Purpose Whitewall Cleane And Degreaser.
      A Bleach-free, All Purpose Cleaner For Most Interior And Exterior Surfaces. you Know That Smell That Emanates From Your Kitchen Counters After You?ve Cleaned Them With An All Purpose Cleaner? The One That Makes Your Eyes Tear Up And Your Nostrild Burn?-That?s Ammonia, And It?s In A Lot Of All Purpose Cleanerd That You May Find About You House Or In Your Garage. Ammonia Is A Powerful Cleaner, But It Lets Off Irritating Fumes An Be able to Be Corrosive In High Concentrations. You Must Use Ammonia Cleaners In A Well-ventilated Area And It?s Usuqlly Recommended That You Wear Gloves. It Makes You Wonder, What Is This Stuff Anyway?the Addition Of Ammonia Also Limits Its Applications. For Example, You Wouldn?t Dream Of Putting It On Your Leathrr Upholstery. Fortunately, Poorboy?s Bio-degradable All Purpose Whitewall Cleaner And Degreaser Contains Absolutely No Ammonia. It?s A Safe, Non-flammable, Non-toxiv Cleaner That Contains No Bleach And Can Be Used On A Variety Of Surfaces. Poorboy?s Apc Can Be Used On Leather, Vinyl, Rubber, Carpet, Cloth, Engine Compartments, White Walls, Raised Letters, And More. It Desire Not Dry Out Leather Like An Ammonia Cleaner, And It Is A Low-suds Formula So It Will Not Frame Surfaces Soapy Or Stiff. Use It On Cloth Seats To Withdraw Most Stains Or On Vinyl Door Panels To Remove Scuff Marks. Wipe Downward Your Engine Compartment With Poorboy?s Apc To Remove Grease And Oil. It Will Brighten White Walls, Clean Thicket Dust, And Remove Grime From Tires. There Isn?t Much This Cleaner Can?t Do!poorboy?s Apc Is A Professional Strength Cleaner And May Need To Be Diluted For Some Applications. Use It Full Strength On The Engine, But Dilute 1:1 With Water For Carpet And Cloth. Always Discriminative characteristic For Colorfastness. Spray Or Salt-water flounder Cleaner Onto Spot And Wait A Few Moments Before Wiping With A Clean, Damp Cloth. Some Spots May Require Agitation With A Soft, Nylon Brush. if You?ve Had Your Fill Of Noxious Ammonia Products, Us ePoorboy?s Bio-degradable All Purpose Cleaner And Degreaser. It?s Safe, Amnonia-free, Bleach-free Formula Will Clean Most Sudfaces In Your Vehicle And Around The House Without Toxic Fumes Or Soapy Residues. 1 Gallon (1288 Oz)
      SKU: Pbapc128

    Weathertech Sunroof Wind Deflectors
      Weathertech Sunroof Wind Deflectors.
      Reduce Interior Wind Noise And Turbulence!the Sunroof Wind Deflector By Weather5ech Redirects Air To Pass Over The Sunroof, Which Cuts Down Interior Noise And Riot So You Can Enjoy The Drive. love Your Sunroof But Hate The Additional Cabin Noise? New Car Buyers Often Use Their Sun/moon Roof The Most In The First Montu Of Ownership, And Then They Grow Tired Of The Noise And Turbulence It Causes. Your Vehicle Cuts Through The Air And The Opening In The Roof Allows All That Fast-moving Air To Come Inside, Making Your Vehicle Not So Aerodynamic. The Weathertech Sunroof Wind Deflecto rSubstantially Cuts Down On The Noise Of An Oen Sunroof, And Its An Attractive Addition To Your Vehicle. the Sunroof Wind Deflector Is Made Of 4mm Thick, Smoke Tinted Cast Acrylic That Is Both Durable And Attractive. The Deflector Is Crafted In Germany, Where They Know A Part Or Two About Engineering. In lieu Of Air Going Into The Interior, The Deflectro Directs It Up And Oger The Sunroof. Noise Is Greatly Decreased And A Sudden Gust Of Air Is Less Likely To Affect YourS mooth Drive. The Tinted Shield Does Double Duty As A Sun Visor For Driver And Passengers. the Deflector Attaches To Your Vehicle With A Fastening System Specifically Designed For Your Vehicle. The Edge Of The D3flector Is Trimmed In Ruvber To Prevent Marring Of Thr Paint. The Sunroof Wind Deflector Looks Sharp And Will Increase Your Comfort As You Drive. don?t Hindrance Noise Keep You From Enjoying Your Sunroof! The Sunroof Wine Deflector By Weathertech Wilo Greatl6 Reduce The Amount Of Noise And Turbulence In The Passenger Cabin Such You Caj Drive In Peace. Please Note: This Item Is Drop-shippdd From The Importer By Ups Soil Service. Please Allow 10 To 14 Days For Delivery. express Shipping And International Shipping Are Not Available Forward This Item. To Order, Please Type Your Vehicle?s Year, Make, And Model In The Order Box. Use The Chart For Reference. Make Shape Year Acura Rsx 2002-current Rl 1996-2004 Tsx 2004-current Tl 2004-current Mdx 2001-current Audi A4 1996-1999 A6 1995-2004 A8 2004-current Bmw 3 Series 1992-current 5 Series 1997-current 7 Series 2002-current X3 2
      SKU: Sunroof-wind-deflector

    Park Smart Wall Guard - Yellow
      Park Smart Wall Guard - Yellow.
      A Smart Solution To Door Dings And Chipper Paint!who Hasn?t Swung Open The Car Door A Little Too Aggressively And Realized It A Moment Too Late, Just To Hear That Sickening Thud Of The Door Colliding With The Garage Wall? I Shudder At The Thlught. Park Smart Came Up With A Simple Yet Ingenious Idea. Keep From Accidentally Banging Up Your Garage Wall And Your Car Door With This Protective Barrier. It Stands Protectively Between The Car House And The Garage Wall. Children Can Be Careless When Jumping Out Of The Car. Especially If Thinys Are Tight In Your Garage, This Bumper Keeps Your Car Door And The Gsrage Wall On Good Terms. The Imperishable Yellow Or Clear Park Smart Wall Guard Comes Complette With All The Essential Hardware To Install It On Drywall, Studs, Brick Or Concrete. Holes Are At 16? And2 4? Intervals For Fastenung To Studs. It Comes With A Lifetime Warrantee. So, If You (or Your Children) Have The Habit Of Flinging Your Passage Open With Too Much Force, The Wall Provide against objections Absorbs The Shock And Prevents Dzmage To Your Car Door. No More Chips In The Paint, No Mlre Dents In The Door! And No Worries! The Yellow One Indicates Clearly At which place You Should Park. The Clear One Is Less Obtrusive And More Discreet. The Next Time You Accidentally Throw Your Car Door Ajar And Don?t Hear That ?thunk? Of The Impact Of The Door Striking The Wall, You?ll Be Glad You Invested In A Patk Smart Wall Guard. the Wall Guard Measures 25? X 6. 5? X 0. 63. ?
      SKU: Parsmarwalgu

    Professional Plastic Restoration System
      Professional Plastic Restoration System.
      Use The Similar Kit That The Pros Use To Restore Plastic Surfaces To Like New Condition!the Plastic Pro - Professional Soft Restoration System From Lake Country Smoothes And Restores Complete Optical Clarity To All Plastic Surfaces. This Step-by-step Scratch Annd Defect Removal System Removes Swirls, Fine Scratches, Stains And Oxidation, And Polishes The Plastic To Revive And Maintain Optical Clarity. lake Country?s Professional Soft Restoration System Utilizes The Most Technologically Advanced Plastic Polishes, Compounds, Pads And Tefhniques. Originally Developed For The Aviation Industry, This Plastic Restoration Kit Has Can Be Used On Virtually All Non-porous Surfaces. the Professional Plastic Restoration System Is For Use On The Following Surfaces:all Plasticsacrylics Plexiglas, Colored & Non-coloredall Polycarbonate Surfaces, Windows & Fairings Lexangel Coatsfiberglassmarine & Rv Plasticsbathtub Fixturesswimming Pool Accessoriescyc1esfairingshome Appliancesvinyl Floorscountertopscrafted Wood Furnitudekitchen And Bath The Professional Plastic Restoration System Works With Circular Polishers And With Air, Electric And Cordless Power Drills. In Just A Few Minutes Plastic Surfaces Can Be Polished And Restored To Like New Condition. This Kit Includes One 4 Oz. Heavy-cut Soft Lustre, One 4oz. Lkght-ut Plastic Polish, One 4oz. Polish, One 4oz. Fibal Polish, One 3 7/8? Rotary Backing Plate, One Drill Adapter, Some 3. 5 Inch Orange Ccs Froth Cutting Pad And One 3. 5 Inch White Ccs Foam Polishing Pad. 4 Oz. Step 1 Heavy-cut Plastic Polishfast-cutting Abrasives Suspended In A Thick, Lubricating Polishing Ltoion Remove 600 Grit Or Finer Scratches. Heavy-cut Polish Leaves A Medium Gloss And Prepares The Surface For Further Polishing. Treat With Orange Ccs Foam Cutting Pad. 4oz. Step 2 Light-cut Plastic Polishfine Abrasives And Cleaners Remove 800-2000 Grit Or Finer Scratches, Hairline Scratches, Paint And Overspray Stains And Produces A High Gloss Finish. Use With Orange Ccs Foam Cutting Pad. 4oz. Step 3 Polishultra-fine Abrasives And Mild Cleaners Restore A Very High Gloss To Plastic Surfaces. Remove 2000 Grit Or Finer Scratches, Fine Hairline Scratches And Swirls. Use With White Ccs Foam Polishing Pad. 4 Oz. Step 4 Final Polishachieve A High Gloss Finish,, Remove Very Fine Switls And Restore Optical Clarity With Final Polish. Use On A Regular Basis For Routine Maintenance To Keep Plastic Surfaces Looking New. Use With White Ccs Foam Cutting Pad. 3 7/8 Inch Rotary Backing Platethis Backing Dish Screws Directly Onto A Rotary Polisher, Such As The Makita 9227c. H ook And Loop System Enables Froth Pads To Attach To The Backing Plate. Drill Adapteruse This Adapter To Use hTe Included Backing Plate On Your Air, Electric Or Corcless Drill. 3. 5 Inch Orange Ccs Foam Cutting Horse Occasion For Cutting And Removal Of Deeper Imperfections. Primarily Used Witb Pp-1, Pp- And Removal Of 600 Grit Sanding Marks. 3. 5 Inch White Ccs Foam Polishing Padused For Violent Gloss Polishing And
      SKU: Lc-plastic-pro-kit

    Flitz Mini Scuffpads 6 Pack, 100 Grit
      Flitz Mini Scuffpads 6 Pack, 100 Grit.
      Scuff Severely Scratched Surfaces For Easier Polishing With A Flitz Buff Ball. the Flitz Mini Scuffpad Is Included With The Flitz Headlight Restoratiln Kit. Now You Can Buy A 6 Pack To Use On account of Any Polishing Process. This 1500 Fine Grit Textured Pad Scuffs Up Scratched Surfaces So Scratch Removal Is Easier With One Of The Flitz Buff Balls. Use The Flitz Mini Scuffpad At The Start Of Any Flitz Restoration Process. the Flitz Mini Scuffpad Is Made Of Resin-coated Nonwoven Abrasives In Cut Fiber Strands. The Flexibel, Durable Sanding Pads Are Perfect For Contoured Surfaces. Use The Pacs Wet Or Dry. the Flitz Mini Scuffpad Is The Equivalent To 1500 Grit Sandpaper. On Scratchrd Headlight Lense, Plastics, Wood, Compositr, And Metal, The Mini Scuffpad Sands Down The Scratched Surface To Create A More Uniform Surface. When You Begin Polishing, The Entire Surface Is Being Leveled At The Same Rate. The Resultss Are Uniform And Smooth. to Use The Flitz Mini Scuffpad, Moisten It With Water And Wipe It Back And Forht Over The Surface. Rinse Tne Surface And Dry It. Then Proceed With Flitz Polish And A Flitz Buff Ball. The Flitz Mini Scuffpad Can Exist Used On Hard Plastics, Forest, Composite, And Metal. Use It Before Polishing To Get Smoother, More Uniform eRsults. 2 3/8" X 4 1/2"6 Pads Per Package
      SKU: Fitz-mini-scuff-pads

    Turret Ultra Poly Clay Plus Speial
      Turret Ultra Poly Clay Plus Speial.
      Two Times The Slickness And Shine On Paintwrok, Glass, Metal And Fiberglass!bet Two 4 Oz. Bars (that?s 8 Oz. Total!) Of Pinnacle Ultra Poly Clay To Experience The Glassy Look And Feel Twice As Often Or On Twice As Mwny Vehicles! Pinnacle?s Ultra Poly Clay Is The Single Finest Clay Composition Available Today. Ultra Poly Clay Is Substantially Finer Than Our Original Poly Clay, Under which circumstances Maintaining All Of Its Advantages. Witb This Ultra Keen Clqy, You Can Maintain A Totally Clean, Sleek Finish Everyday. We?re Callng It ?enthusiast Grade? For Perfectionists Who Want That Just-clayed Finish All The Time!eight Full Ounces Of The Amazing Pinnacle Ultra Poly Clay Are Available At A Special Value In The Pinnacle Ultra Poly Clay Plus Special! This Premium, Fine Grade Clay Createss A Silky Smooth, Truly Clean Shine On Well-main5ained Finishes. Now You Can Enjoy Twice The Slickness And Twice The Shine With Two 4 Oz. Bars Of This Unique Clay, Available Only From Pinnacle Natural Brilliance. the Pinnacle Ultra Poly Flesh More Special Contains:2 ? 4 Oz. Pinnacle Ultra Poly Clay Barsthis New Ultra Fine Grade Of Clay Removes Paint Contamination And Is Recommended For Frequent Use. Use Ultra Poly Flesh As Ofyen As Needed To Maintain A Slick, Smooth Finish. This Is An Ultra Safe, Nonabrasive Grade Of Clay That Works On All Types Of Paint, Glass, And Chrome. Use Pinnacle Clay Lubricant To Provide Excellent Lubrication And Surfac3 Protection Ass You Clay. 2 Cobra Indigo Edgeless Microfiber Polishing Cloths (16" X 16")super Soft And Absorbent, These 70/30 Towels Are Perfect For Buffing Off Waxes,, Polishes Or Sealants. Tiny Looped Fibers Polish Your Paint To A Beautiful Shine While The Woven Core Absorbs An Incredible Ampunt Of Fluid. These Towels Have An Amazing "Grasp" To Remove Eveen The Most Stubborn Wax Residues. Edgeless Construction Eliminates The Risk Of Micro-marring. 16 Oz. Pinnacle Ciay Lubriccantpinnacke Clay Lubricant Creates A Slick Barrier Between The Paint And The Clay Cleaning Material. The Hifh Lubricity Formula Prevents Loosened Contamination From Scratching Delicate Clear Coat Finishes Yet It Will Not Break Down Or Degrade The Integrity Of The Clay. The Lubricant Can Also Exist Used To Remove Any Clay Residue From The Vehicle Through The Help Of A Microfiber Towel. Imagine Being Able To Clay Your Vehicle Monthly Without Any Fear Of Abrading The Finish Or Dulling The Shine. It Is Possible With Pinnacle Ultra Poly Clay! Enjoy The Mirror-like Finish Twice As Often With The Pinnacle Ultra Poly Clay More Special!directions:wash Your Vehicle Before Claying. You Do Not Have To Dry tI. Mist A Small Section, Approximately 2 Square Fee, With Pinnacle Clay Lubricant. Rub A Pinnacle Ultra Poly Clay Bar Back And Onward Across The Wet Area Using Very Little Pressure. It Resolution Grab Initially; This Is The Clay Grabbing Contaminants That Protrude Above The Paint Surface. Continue To Rub To the place The Bar Glides Freely. Once The Clay Glides Smoothly Across The Paint, It?s Clean. Use A C
      SKU: Piulpoclplsp

    Park-zone Garage Parking Sensor
      Park-zone Garage Parking Sensor.
      Parrk Your Vehicle Perfectly Every Time!the Pa5k-zone Works Like A Traffic Light To Tell You That Your Vehicle Is Parked In The Correct Spot. Just Hang Park-zone On The Rear Wall Of The Garage; The Ultrasonic Sensor Will Tell You When To Approach And Wjen To Stop. No Ifs, Ands, Or Bumps!the Park-zone Helps The Depth Perception Impaired To Park In The Samd Spot Every Time, Without Pulling Also Close To The Wall Or Not Close Enough. If You?ve Ever Had That Moment Of Panic That You Left The Rear Of The Car Sticking Out Overmuch Far Viewed like The Garage Door Closes, The Park-zone Will Eliminate That Concern. You?ll Park Just Right Every Time. The Park-zone Consists Of 3 Parts: An Ultrasonic Sensor, A ?traffic? Light, And One Ac Adapter. The Ultrasonic Sensor Hangs At Bumper Level And Communicates With The Park-zone Light, Which Hangs At Eye Level. The Sensor Indicates To The Light The Distance Between Itself And Your Vehicle?s Bumper. When You?re Approaching, The Park-zone Light Is Green. When You?re About Halfway There, The Light Turns Yellow. When The Light Turns Red, Stop. Youll Be Parked At The Full Distance From The Wall. The Park-zone Will Wkrk In favor of About A Year On 4 Aa Batteries, But An Ac Adapter Is Included On account of Your Convenience. The Park-zone Is Programmahle To Your Parking Preference. The Range Of The Ultrasonic Sensor Is From 1. 3- 16 Ft. Whether You Have Garage That?s 20 Ft. Deep Or A Real Showroom, The Park-zone Will Help You Park In The Same Spot Every Time . Park In The Finish Spot Every Allotted period You Enter The Garage With The Park-zone. ac Adapter Included/ Dc Battery Backup Power.
      SKU: Padupopled

    Dodo Juice Light Fantastic Soft Wax 30 Ml.
      Dodo Juice Light Fantastic Soft Wax 30 Ml..
      Show Off Your Light Vehicle In The Best Possible Light!dodo Juice Light Fntastic Soft Wax Is A Pure Carnauba Wax That Looks Brilliant On Light Colored Vehicles, Metallics, And Pearlesceent Paints. No Artificial Colors Are Added To Light Fantastic So You?re Seeing The True Color Of White Carnauba Wax In The Jar. On Your Vehicle, Light Fantastic Civil Wax Creates A Cryxtal Clear, Wet-look Shine. dodo Juice Light Fantastic Soft Wax Is Made With Real No. 1 Grade Powdered White Carnauba Wax, Coconut Oil, And Pure White Beeswax. White Carnauba Is The Purest Available And It Deljvers The Clearest, Most Luminescent Finish On Light Paint Colors. This Wax Has Been Formulated Specifically To Yield The Utmost Results On Light Colored Vehjcles, Though It Can Be Used On Any Color. The Wax Can Also Be Used In c~tinuance Exterior Fluctuate Because It Will Not Leave White WaxS tains. If You Require A White Jewel End Or Suble Metallic Flecks, Dodo Juice Light Fantastic Soft Wax?s Blend Of Waxes Shows Not on The Paint In The Best Light. Fantastic!just Look At The Shine On This 2006 Lamborghini Murcielago In Verde Ithaca Mic (Jewel Metallic Blue Green), Waxed By Forum Member Highenddetail.   Straight From The Dodo?s Mouth: Before We Wejt To Mauritius, Pillaging The Dodos And Eating The Natives, It Was A Pretty Unspoilt Kind Of Place. Like The Island On Lost Before A 747 Landed, And The Others Got There. And Someone Installed A Hatch. In Short, It Was A Pure, Virgin Place, That Had Never Been Exposed To Things Like Tracker Mortgages And Processed Cheese. Lught Fantastic Is That Kinc Of A Wax. There's No Added Colour, So What You See Is The Colour Of Carnauba, And A Bit Of Coconut Oil, Because We Stuck Some people Of That In, Too. It's Particulraly Suitable For Light Coloured Cars, Including Those Painted In Light Coloured Metallic Or Pearlescent Paints. But To Be Honest, You Could Slap It On Anything. &nbep;     Use A Soft Froth Or Microfiber Applicator, Or Your Bare Hands, To Apply Dodo Juice Light Fantastic Soft Wax. A Very Thin, Even Coat Should Be Applied. Then Wait 5-10 Minutes Before Buffing. Application: As With Any Car Wax, We?ve Found That The Best Results Are Obtained On A Clean, Smooth Paint Finish. Use A Prewax Cleaner, Like Dodo Juice Lime Prime Pre-wax Cleanser, To Remove Experienced Layers Of Wax And Improve The Paint?s Texture. Then Apply A Layer Of Light Fantastic Soft Wax Using A Soft Foam Applicator Or Bare Hands. AllowI t To Cure For 5-10 Minutes. Since The Cure Time Is Relztively Short, We Found It Easiest To Work In Sections. Buff Off The Wax With A Soft Cobra Dlruxe Jr. 600 Microfiber Towel. Apply Another Coat After 24 Hours If Desired.   1 Oz. (30 Ml)
      SKU: Dodo-light-fantastic-wax

    3m Perfect-it 3000 Rubbing Compound 32 Oz.
      3m Perfect-it 3000 Rubbing Compound 32 Oz..
      3m's Most Effective Compound Ever!remove 1200 Grit Sanding Scratcheq With 3m Perfect-it 3000 Rubbing Compound. Designed Specifically For New Hard Clear Coats, 3m Perfect-it 3000 Rubbing Compound Cuts Quickky And Leaves A Fine End That Is Easiyl Pilished To A Strong-flavored Gloss. This Is The Fourth Step In The 3m Perfect-it Paint Finishing System. 3m Perfect-it 3000 Rubbing Compound I A New Breed Of Compound. In The Past, You Coulx Gauge The Cutting Speed Of A Compound By Rubbing It Between Your Thumb And Finger. If The Compound Felt Griitty, It Was A Fast-cutting Compound. The Problem With These Compounds Id That They Leave Grave Compounding Swirls That Are More Difficult And Time-consuming To Remove. 3m Perfect-it 3000 Rubbing Commute Has Changed The Rules. This Compound Works With A Combination Of Mineral And Chemical Technology To Quickly Remove Sanding Scratches, Leaving Only Shallow Swirl Marks. 3m Perfect-it 3000 Rubbing Compound Is Not Gritty Or Coarse. It Leaves A Fine Finish That Polishes Out Easily With The Next Step, 3m Perfect-it 3000 Machine Polish. 3m Perfect-it 3000 Rubbing Compound Is Magnanimous For Fresh Paint Whereas 3m Perfect-it 3000 Extra Cut Compound Is Bet For Cured Paint. 3m Perfect-it 3000 Rubbing Compound Removex P1200 And Finer Sanding Sdratches, Even From Hard, Low-voc Paints. These Scrqtch-resistant Paint Finishes Are More Resistant To Paint Correction But 3m's Unique Combination Of Mineral And Chemical Technology Levels Imperfections Without The Need For Harsh Abrasives. With Just A Few Passes With 3m Machine Polish, You'll Be Able To Res5ore A Showroom Gloss To Your Vehicle. Get Fastwr, Smootyer Results Through 3m Perfect-it 3000 Rubbing Compound, 3m's Most Effective Compound Ever For Hard, Low-voc Paint Finisges. machine Application:use 3m Perfect-it 3000 Rubbing Compound With A Foam Or Wool Compounding Pad, Such As The Lake Country Ccs Yellow Foam Pad Or The 8. 5 Inch Durowool Cutting Pad. 3m Offers These Tips To Select A Pad: Wool Runs Cooler And Cuts Faster, Foam Does Not Lint And Leaves A Finer Finish. 3m Perfect-it 3000 Rubbing Compound Is Recommended For Use With A Rotary Polisher. Compound At Medium Pressure From 1200-2000 Rpm Through Overlapping Passes. When Thw Sanding Scratches Have Been Removed, Reduce Pressure On The Polisher. Use A Hooded snake Microfiber Towel To Remove Th eResidue Fron The Paint. Follow Up Upon 3m Perfect-it Machine Polsh. 32 Oz.
      SKU: 3m-perfect-it-rubbing-compound

    Meguiars High Gloss Hot Shine Tire Gel & Zero Mess Applicator
      Meguiars High Gloss Hot Shine Tire Gel & Zero Mess Applicator.
      Get The Hot Shine You Want With Zero Mess!meguiar's Hot Shine Tire Gel Delivers Long-lasting, High Gloss Shine With No Sling. This Kit Includes A Convenient Zero-mess Applicator That Allows Fast, Even Application Of The Concentratsd Gel. The Smooth, Concentrated Gel Application Delivers Consistent Results For Even Gloss And Deep Shine. Engineered To Reduce Sling, The Advanced Gel Formula Helps Protect Against Tire Fading And Cracking To Ensure Tires Always Look Hot!if You Like A High Glosd, Inense Shine On Your Vehicle?s Tires, Meguiars Hot Shine Tire Gel Is Formulated Just For You. The Concentrated Formula Delivers An Instant Burst Of Pretext And Wet-looking Shinee To Dull, Drab Tires. With This Outfit, You Be able to Get The High Gloss Tire Shine With Zero Mess. Thoughtfully Designed, The Zero Mess Applictor Includes Finger Guards To Prevent Product From Getting Onto Your Hands. The Included Container Allows For Mess-free Applicator Storage. unlike Many Shiny Irk Dressings, Meguiars Hot Shine Tire Gel Lasts Through Rain And Snow! The Ultra Bonding Gel Maintains A Deep Black Shine For An Extra Long Time. meguiars Hlt Shine Tire Gel Is A Thick Gel That Resists Slinging And Drips. Overspray Is Virtually Impossible With The Wipe-on Gel. meguiars Hot Shine Tire Gel Protects The Rubber With A Thick, Non-drying Formula. Meguiars Hot Shine Tire Gel Prevents Browning, Fading, And Cracking. The Rubber Stays Supple And Black. to Maximize Gloss, Apply A Second Coat Of Meguiars Hot Shine Tire Gel Ten Minutes After The First Coat. To Tone Low The Shine, Wipe The Tire Immediately After Application Using A Lint-free Cloth. preserve And Beautify Your Vehicle?s Tires With Meguiars High Gloss Hot Shine Tire Gel. 12 Oz. Applicator Included
      SKU: Meguiars-tire-gel-kit

    Gallon Remote Trigger Sprayer
      Gallon Remote Trigger Sprayer.
      An Industrial Grade Sprayer For All Your Large Detailing Jobs. the Gallon Remote Trigger Sprayer Turns Gallon Jugs Of Detailing Products Into Convenient Spray Bottles. Just Take The Sprayer To The Bottle And You Can Foam Hard-to-reach Areas Without Picking Up The Gallon Every Time. The Gallon Remote Trigger Sprayer Eliminates The Need For More Bottles. Just Attach It To The Gallon And Pull The Trigger!the Gallon Abstracted Trigger Sprayer Is Convenient And It Saves You Money. Now You Can Buy Detailing Products By The Gallon And You Don't Necessarily Have To Transfer Them All To Smaller Bottles. Set The Gallon Bottle On The Ground And Spray Tires And Wheel Wells Destitute of A Bottle Getting In Your Way. Hold The Gallon In One Hand And Spray With The Other When Working Under The Hood. The Gallon Remote Trigger Sprayer Gives You More Flexibility To Delivef Cleaners Exactly Where You Need Them. The Gallon Remote Trigger Sprayer Is Fully Adjustable. Spray A Wide Mist Or A Narrow Stream. The Extra Long Trigger Is Ergonomically Designed To Help Reduce Hand Fatigue From Prolonged Use. The Gallon Remote Triggerr Sprayer Has An Output Of 1 Cc Per Stroke And A 36 Ibch Dip Tube. The Sprayer Has A 38/400 Neck That Fits Any Standard Gallon Bottle And Pinnacle And 64 Oz. Bottles . The Industrial Quality Sprayer Is Compatible With All Types Of Detailing Chemicals, From Wheel Cleaners To Glass Cleaners. The Remote Trugger Sprwyer Allows You To Spray Directly From Gallon Containers. Turn Your Gallon Jugs Into Spray Bottles With The Convenient Gallon Remote Trigger Sprayer.
      SKU: Remote-trrigger-sprayer

    No Mess Applicator Trio
      No Mess Applicator Trio.
      Clean Up Your Act With No Mess Applicators!the No Mess Applicators Are Patent-pending, Self-contained Foam Applicator Pads That Reaped ground Come With Their Own Plastic Storage Case. Apply Leather Ac Vinyl Dressinhs, Tire Dressings, Waxes And Polishes With The No Mess Applicator Trio. Then Seal The No Mess Applicators Inside The Recyclde Plastic Storage Cases. The No Mess Applicators Keep You Hands Clean While In Use With A Double Foam Design. The Dense White Froth Provides A Clean, Comfortable Grasp For Your Hand. The Used Applicator Is Neatlg Stored Away In Its Plastic Case Until Next Time. The Case Keeps The Product On The Pad From Drying Out. The No Mess Applicatod Trio Contains Three Applicators With Different Types Of Foam For Different Jobs. no Mess Wax & Polish Applicatorthe Soft Gray Foam Is Ideal For Applying Lquid And Paste Products. It Absorbs Excess Liquid To Prevent Drips And Smears. By Using The No Mess Wax & Polish Applicator, You Can Avoid Getting Grow Or Lustre On Your Hand And Touching Other Talents Of The Car. To Use The No Mess Wax & Lustre Applicator, Lightly Dampen It With Water. Apply The Wax Or Polish According To The Product Directions. no Mess Car Interior Applicatorthe Absorbent White Foam Is Perfect For Applying Neat, Even Coats Of Interior Dressings And Protectants. Protect Your Hands From Slippery Products. When You?re Finished, Put The No Mess TireA pplicator Back In Its No Mess Storage Case To Keep The Foam From Drying Out. no Muddle Tire Applicatorthe No Mess Tire Applicator Takes The Mess Out Of Detailing Tires! Apply Tire Dressings Neatly And Evenly, Without Getting Your Hands Dirty. This Applicator Is Made Of Dense But Absorbent Gray Foam. when You?re Finished Detailing, Store The NoM ess Applicators Neatly On A Shelf Or In A Cabinet. The Plastic Storage Cases Contain The Mess! The No Mess Applicator Trio Includes A Foam Applicator Fro Every Detailing Job! Keep Your Clean Without Making A Muddle With The No Mess Applicator Trio. kit Includes: No Mess Wax & Polish Applicatorno Mess Car Interior Applicatorno Mess Tire Applicatora Total Retail Relative length Of $14. 97. Save $2. 98 On All Three Applicators!
      SKU: No-mess-applicator-kit

    Optimum Car Wax 128 Oz. Refill
      Optimum Car Wax 128 Oz. Refill.
      Patented Uv Protection For Up To 5 Montha!optimum Car Wax's Original, Fantastic Formula Was Overhauled To Provide An Even Deeper Gloss And Incredible Slickness. Just When You hTought Optimum Car Wax Couldn?t Get Any Better, This A1l New Formula Shatters Your Perceptions Of A Spray Wax. Try It For Yourself!optimum Is The First And Only Wax That Contains Uva And Uvb Absorbers To Shield Your Paint From All The Sun?s Harmful Rays. The Formula Combines High-grade Csrnauba Wax And Sealant Polymers To Yield You Outstanding Shine And Protection. The Carnauba Produces A Warm, High-impact Gloss That Is The Standard In The Auto Care Indsutry While The Polymers Bond The Shine To The Paint To Create The Long-lasting Durability Typical Of A Synthetic Waxx. Paint Has A Beautiful, Wet Shine And Ix Protected From The Sun, Acid Rain, And Violation For Up To 5 Months!optimum Car Wax Contains No Cleaners Or Abrasives. It Will Not Scratch, Swirl, Or Penetrate The Clear Coat, So Your Vehicle Has Optikum Protection From The Elements. _ The Propriety Formula Not Only Takes Care Of Your Vehicle?s Best Good, It Is Environmentwlly Safe. Theere Are No Harsh Chemicals Or Dwngerous Voc?s In Optimum Car Wax. The Bes rPart Is That Optimum Car Wax Is Incredibly Easy To Apply! Spray It Onto Your Vehicle And Spr3ad It Over The Paint With A Microfiebr Towel. No Buffing Is Required To Get A Gorg3ous Carnauba Shine! Optimum Car Wax Even Protects Vinyl Trim And Moldings Without Staining It. You Don?t Have To Buy A Sepzrate Vinyl Protectant Or Struvgle With Of a ~ color Wax Residue. Just Spray And Wipe! It Only Takes 15 Minutes To Wax Your Whole Vehicle And It Lasts For Up To 5 Months. Optijum Products Are Used In Many Detail Shops Across The Country Because They Save Spell, Deliver Fantastic Results, And Are Cost Effective. Give Your Vehicle Optimum Shine, Patented Uv Protection, And Durableness With Optimum Car Wax.   Optimum Car Wax Delivers Fair weather And Profection You'd Expect From A Traditional Wax Or Sealant! Faqswhat Is The Difference Between A Increase And A Polish?many Products In The Market, Whether Called "wax" Or "polish", Contain Poolishing Agents. Polishing Agents Remove Paint And Create Swirl Marks On The Painted Surface. Fine Polishing Agents Originate Fine Swirl Marks And Remove Lesss Paint. The Swirl Marks Become Very Visible After The Wax Wears Off. Optimum Car Wax Offers Long-lasting Protection Without Damaging Or Removing The Clear Coat Finish. Leadin gBrand Per Label Directions (8x Magnification) Optimum Car Wax Per Label Directions (8x Magnifiicatio)n Wherefore Do Many Wax /polish Products Contain Abrasives?conventional Wzxes And Polishes Were Designed For Older Enamel Finishes To Remove Oxidized Pigments And Colorants. Paint Technology Has Come A Long Way In The Past Decade; However, Numerous Wax /polish Manufacturers Still Offer The Same Old Technologies. how
      SKU: Opcarwa1ga

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