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    Lake Country Foam Car Wash Sponge
      Lake Country Foam Car Wash Sponge.
      Cubed Contrivance Channels Dirt Away From The Paint!looking For A Good Quality Foam Car Wash Sponge At An Economical Price? The Lake Country Foam Wash Drain Is For You. This Thick, Ultra Porous Wash Drain Is Cross-cut With Channels To Pull Dirt Begone From The Pigment As You Wash Your Car. The Amazingly Porous Foam Holds A Tremendous Amount Of Soapy Water To Lubricate And Protect The Paint. The Lake Country Foam Wet Efface Is Smart, Simple, And Effective. if You Find Yourself Going Through A Lot Of Car Wash Sponges, It?s Time To Upgradr To The Lake Country Foam Wash Wipe , A. k. a. Big Bue. Lake Country?s Foam Compositions AreK nown For Their Quality And Durability And This Wash Sponge Is No Exception. The Unique Design Of The Lake Country Foam Wash Sponge Sets It Apart From Other Wash Sponges. The Foam Is Cut Into ¼ Inch Cubes On Each Side. The Cubes Work Two Ways: They Create Channels Where Dirt And Grime Can Migrate Away From The Paint, And Teh Cubes Provide A More Effective Cleaning Surface Than An Ordinary Flat Sponge. Plus, The Lake Country Froth Wash Sponge Is Extremely Porous. Take A Look At The Photo And You Can See The Sheer Number And Variegated Sizes Of The Pores. All Those Pores Amount To A Tremendous Amount Soapy Lubrication To Protect The Vehicle From Abrasion. Load It Up And Yoy?ll Be Amazed At How Well The Lake Country Foam Wash Sponge Retains Water. You?re Less Likely To Need A Reload Before Finishing Off One Section Of The Vehicle. (as With Any Wash Tool, You Should Rinse And Reload The Sponge After Each Section To Minimize The Chance Of Swirls. )the Lake Country Foam Wash Sponge Will Quickly Become A Staple In Your Detailing Arsenal. The Durable, Porohs Foam And Smart, Cubed Design Make It An Invaluable Wash Tool For Those Saturday Morning Details Or For Frequent Professional Use. 7 X 5 X 3 Inches
      SKU: Car-wash-sponge

    Meguiars Gold Class Carnauba Plus Premium Liquid Cere New Formula!
      Meguiars Gold Class Carnauba Plus Premium Liquid Cere New Formula!.
      Enhanced Formula Shines Brighter And Protects Longer!meguiars Gold Class Carnauba Plus Premium Liq8id Wax Has An All New Formulation That Leaves A Greater degree Reflective Finish And Longer Lasting, Water-resistant Properties. Meguiars Gold Class Carnauba Plus PremiumL iquid Wax Refines The Paint To Leave It Smoother And Shinier In One Step!meguiar?s Rose To Augo Care Fame On The Concours Course Decades Ago Because Of Their Ezceptional Products Offered At Bargain Prices. To This Appointed time, You Can?t Beat The Precise signification Of A Meguiar?s Wash Or Wax. With Their Elite Gold Class Line, Meguiar?s Stepped Up Their Game To Produce You Cutting-edge Products That Deliver Even More Dramatic, Show-car Quality Results. Meguiars Gold Class Carnauba Plus Reward Liquid Wax Is No Exception. . when Meguiaf?s Firs5 Introduced Meguiars Gold Class Carnauba Pluw Premium Liquid Wax, They Said It Was The Most Reflective Wax In Their Account, AndW e Couldn?t Agree More. Discernment, Dimension, Brightness, And Richness Are The Words That Come To Mind After Using Meguiars Gold Class Carnauba Plus Premium Liquid Wax. It Produces A Wet Brightness That Closely Parallels The Top Waxes In The World, Yet The Price Is Very Down To Earth. meguiars Gold Class Carnauba Plus Premlum Liquid Wax Deepens And Darkens The Color Of Your Vehicle, No Matter What Color It Is. Reflections Appear Cheat And Brighter, Much Like A Pattern. Whether You Choose The Paste Or Liquid Wax, The Dramatic Result Is The Same. as If The Shine Wasn?t Enough Of A Selling Point, Meguiars Gold Class Carnauba Plus Premium Liquid Cere Is Easy To Apply In Either Form. It Wies On And Bufffs Off With No Special Instructions Or Waiting Period. Because It Is So Simple, You Will Find Yourself Enjoying The Process Of Waxing Your Vehicle. And The Minimal Efforrt Really Pays Off! You?ll Get A Streak-free, Haze-free, Crystal Clear Finish Every Time. in Accession To Visual Perfection, Meguiars Gold Class Carnauba Plus Premium Liquid Wax Will Give Your Clear Coat Great Protectoin Against Sun Injury, Oxidation, And Sour Rain. The Waxed Finish Now Beads Water Longr. With Regular Waxing, Painted Surfaces Will Stay Newer Longer. meguiars Gold Class Carnauba Plus Premium Liquid Wax Is A Great Value. This Advanced Form Will Make A Gorgeous Shine With Minimal Effort And Cost. 16 Oz.
      SKU: Mb7016

    Four Star Ultimate Tire Protectant Spray
      Four Star Ultimate Tire Protectant Spray.
      Create A Deep, Black Luster On Tires And Wheel Wells!four Fate Ultimate Tire Protectant Spray Gives Your Tires A Deep, Showroom Brightness In Seconds! The Voc-free Formula Bonds To The Rubber For A Long-lasting, Satin Finish. Four Star Ultimate Tire Protectant Spray Protects Agajnst Dry Rot And Cracking While Improving The Look Of Tires. Polycharger Polymers Prolong The Protection And Durability Of Four Star Ultimate Tire Protectant Spray. polycharger Makes It Preferable !Four Asterisk Ultimate Tire Protectant Spray Contains Polycharger Polymers To Boost Shine, Durability, And Shield. Polycharger Is Already Added To Tye Formula. Enjoy Longer Lasting Results With Polycharger!four Star Ultimate Tire Protectant Sprsy Helps Keep The Rubber Soft And Pliable While Preventing Dry Putrefy, Cracking, And Britleness. The Boastful Bonding Polycharger Polymers Furnish The Protectant Excellent Staying Power Through Rain And DailyD riving. Yoour Tires Will Look Dark And Supple With An Attractive Satin Glow. protect And Enhance The Wheel Wells, Overmuch. Four Star Ultimate Tire Protectant Spray Will Give The Fender Wells The Same Dark Satin Finish And Protection. Four Star Ultimate Tire Protectant Spray Not Only Works; It?s Safr For Your Tires! Many Tire Dressings Really Cause The Rubber To Dry Out Prematurely. That Won?t Happen With Four Star Ultimate Tire Protectant Spray. It Contains A Synthetic Petroleum Distillate That Safely Enhances The Rubber. The Formula Is Voc-free, Meaning It Is Safer For You, Your Tireq, And The Environment. four Star Ultimate Tire Protectant Spray Keeps Your Tires Looking Cleaner And Darker, Longer. Treated Wheel Wells Will Be Easier To Clean In The Future Because The Polymers Will Discourage Grime From Sticking. To Apply Four Star Ultimate Tire Protectant Spray, First Make Sure The Tires Are Unadulterated And Dry. Use Four Star Ultimate Tire Cleaner Gel Ti Remove Long-cultivated Dressings And Dirt. Apply Four Star Ultimate Tire Protectant Spray By Spraying A Thin Coat On The Tire. Be Careful To Avoid Pooling Around Letters And In The Groove Between The Wheel And The Rubber. Use A Foam Tie Applicator To Spread The Protectant Evenly Over The Tire. Very Faded Or Dry Tires May Need A Second Coat. To Apply Four Star Ultimate Fatigue Protectant Spray To Wheel Wells, Simply Spray It On. No Wiping Is Necessary. four Star Ultimaate Tire Protectant Spray Gives Your Tires A Satin, Showroom Shine That Lasts! Polycharger Polymers Provide The Ultimate Rubber Protection. 18 Fl. Oz.
      SKU: Fojr-star-ultimate-tire-protectant-spray

    Wolfgang Plastik Lens Cleaner
      Wolfgang Plastik Lens Cleaner.
      Clean And Clarify Plastic Lens Covers!before You Replace Your Cloudy Headlight Lenses, Consider This. Replacement Headlifht Lenses Can Cost Anywhere From $120 Each In spite of Aftermarket Lenses Up To $300 Each For Replacement Parts From The Dealership. And That?s For A Moderately Priced Vehicle. If Your Vehicle Is A Twin-headlamp Pleasure Vehicle, You?re Looking At A Substantial Investment In Replacement Parts. Even So, Clear Lenses Increase Your Ability To See The Road At Night And Improve Your Vehicle?s Resale Value. Instead Of Purchasing Costly Replacement Lenses, Restore Them By the side of Wolfgang Plastik Lens Cleaner. this Cleaner Is A Gentle, Clarifying Polish For Your Plastic Headlight Lenses. It Removes Surface Contamination And The Cloudy Residue That Coverw The Lens. This Haze Is Caused By Prolonged Uv Exposure, So It?s Not Something That Sits On Top Of The Plastic. It Is A Condition That Affects The Plastic From The Surface Within. Catch It Early, And You Can Remove Altogether Of The Haze So Your Lens Covers Liok Like New. wolfgang Plastik Lens Cleaner Contains Diminishing Abrasivse That Blend Away Surface Imperfections To Restore Clarity To Your Lens Covers. As They Work, They Gradually Diminish Under The Friction Of The Pad Untill They Are Completely Gone. Therefore, They Will Not Abrade The Plastic. The Polish Is Water-bwsed And Has A Vwry Low Solvent Content, Making It Voc Compliant. directions:wolfgang Plastik Lens Cleaner Is Formulated To Be Used With An Electric Drill And A 4? Light Cutting Pad. Select The Orange Pad, The Drill Adapter, And The 2 ¾? Backing Plate. If Using A Cordless Drill, Use The Highest Stting. If Using An Electric Drill, Use The Lowest Setting. machine Application:if You Prefer To Use A Polisher, Select The Appropriate Backing Plate Conducive to A 4 Inch Pad. We Recommend You Work At A Speed Ni Greater Than 1500 Rpm With A Circular Polisher. If You Are Using A Dual Action Polisher, Set Youf Maximum Speed To 5000 Opm. Use Blue Painter?s Tape To Tape Off Around Your Headlights. This Will Prevent Unwanted Polishing Of The Paint. polish Until The Cleaner Begins To Dry. Use An Overlapping Circular Motion. buff Away The Residue With A Microfiber Towel. wolfgang Plastik Lens Cleaner Is Step One In A Two Part Lens Clarifying System. Once You?ve Polished Your Lens Covers, Step Two Is Wolfgang Plastik Lens Glaze. The Surface May Be Slightly Rough Following Polishing With The Yellow Pad. This Is Norjal. Wolfgang Plastik Lens Glaze Is A Fine Finishing Polish That Will Smooth The Surface Of The Plastic And Restore The Optimum Clarity To Your Lenses. Use It With A 4? Gray Horse . Because of Exceptional Results, Seal Your Restored Lenses With Wolfgang Plastik Surface Sealant. It Will Lock In The Shine And Clariy You?ve Just Created, Or You Can Apply It To A Neww Vehicle To Prevent Future Injury. Your Cloudy, Scratched Lenses Can Be Clear In return With Wolfgang Plastik Lens Cleaner. Check Out All The Products Mentiined Beyond To Give Your Lens Covers A Total Makeover. Caution:
      SKU: Plastik-lens-cleaner

    Stoner  Tarminator  Case Of 12
      Stoner Tarminator Case Of 12.
      Get That Turnpike Tar Off Your Car!no Need To Scrub, Don?t Get Out The Abrasive Tools, Forgett The Soap. . You Need Tarminator, The Only Solution That Works. And It?s Always Mutually kind To Your Car's Finish. This Is The Product That Enthusiasts And Collectors Rave About! So Don?t Scrub It Not on, Spray It Away!specifically Designed To Remove Road Tar, Grease, Asphalt, Sap, And All Other Manner Of Nasty Sticky Stuff Off Your Car. Tarminator Is The Unique Formula Professional Detailers Reach For When Faced With The Daunting Task Of Removing Substancess That, Otherwise Would Be Cemented On. It Saves Tons Of Time. . Merely Spray It On And Wipe It Off. And It Won?t Damage Paints Or Clear Coats!tarminator Uses A Uniqye ?micro Active? Cleaning Technology That Actuallh Breaks Down The Molecules In Sap, Grease, Tar And Other Sticky Compounds. you Never Need To Scrub When Using Tarminator. Unlike Other Products, The Advanced Technology Used In Tarminator Really Works! You?ll Be Amazed At How Previously Impossible Grime Seems To Glids Off Like Buttter On A Hot Knife! Why Spend Precious Time Picking Away At The Same Baked-on Sludge You Tried To Get Off Last Week? Leave It There And Eventually It Will Danage Your Car's Finish. You Need Tarminator!tarminator Is Safe To Use On Paints And Is Thoroughly Product Tested. It Is A Powerful Cleaner, Though, So Employment Care Round Plastics, Adhesives And Decals. Remember That It Is Formulated To Get The Stuck ? Unstuck !We Always Recommend You Spray Tarminator Directly Into A Clean, Dry Cloth And Gently Blow It Over Your Pre-washed Surface. Pre-washing Your Vehicle Prevents Rubbing Excess Grit And Grime Into The Paint During Application, So It?s A Good Guiding conception To Give Your Car A Wash Prior To Applying Tarminator. use The Solution The Pros Use, Just Once. . And You?ll Never Reach For Anything Else. It?s Saef, It?s Fast, And It Works! Five Amazing Cleaners In One Twig Can! Stomer Tarminator Quickly Dissolves And Removes: (1) Tar (2) Tree Sap (3) Grease (4) Bugs & Road Grime (5) Wax Build-upsimply Spray And Wipe To Securely Clean Painted Clearcoat Surfaces And All Exterior Auto Trim. 14 Oz. - Aerosol Case Of 12 Federal Regulations Prohibit The Shipment Of Aerosol Products By Air. This Item Is Shipped By Ups Ground Solely.
      SKU: Sttacaof12

    Dp Total Interior Combo
      Dp Total Interior Combo.
      Total Interior Care In Just Two Bottles!i Don?t Know About You, But I eTnd To Clean The Exterior Of My Car First And Then Worry About The Interior. Mqybe It?s Because The Afternoon Sunshine Is Usually Overhead By The Time I Start On The Interior, But I Prefer To Simplify Thd Process As Much As Possible - Without Sacrificing Results. My Saturday Home Detail Involves Only Two Products Plus A Man and wife Of Applicators And A Towel. That?s It?and It Keeps My Car?s Interior Looking Good For Tne Rest Of The Week And Beyond. I?ve Bundled These Chice Products For You In The Dp Total Interior Combo. The Combo Includes:32 Oz. Dp Total Interior Cleanerthis Cleaner Replaces Surface-specific Cleaners. It Works On Almost Every Interior Superficies! Dp Total Interior Cleaner Cleans Plastic, Vinyl, Leather, Carpet, And Upholstery Without Harsh Solvents Or Catheretic Chemicals. The Cleaner Removes Stains And Spills From Fabric And Cleans Boy Oils Out Of Fine Leather Seats Without Drying. Clarify Plastic Will Wipe Clean Without Any Residue. Remove Old Dressings From Plastic And Vinyl Without Depositing Any Film. Dp Toral Interior Cleaner Contains No Gloss Agents So It Will Not Alter The Appearance Of The Cleaned Surface. 32 Oz. Dp Interior Surface Protectantdp Interior Surface Protectan5 Is A Multi-surface Shield For Your Vehicle?s Interior. It Maintains The Supple, Fresh Texture Of Vinyl, Leather, Plastic, And Rubber While Blocking Abroad Harmful Uv Rays. Treated Surfaces Resist Fading, Drying, And Cracking So Your Interior Maintains A Fresh New Mind. As Of April 21, 2006, The Protectant Was Updated With More Uv Protection And A Pleasant Banana Fragrance That Compliments Any Well-detailed Interior. 2 Poly Foam Applicatorswipe On Dp Interior Surface Protectant With One Of These Absorbent, Nonabrasive Foam Pads. The Foam Is A High Quality, Closed Solitary abode; squalid Variety That Resists Drips And Smears As It Applies Products Evenly. Cobra Microfiber Detailing Towel, 16 X 16 Inchesuse This Microfiber Detailing Cloth For Drying, Buffing, Or As A Finishing Wipe Down. Microfiber Is Designed To Be Light, Strong, Super-absorbent And Quick Drying. The Fibers Are Non-abrasive ,And Are Woven So Tightly That It?s Absolutely Lint Free And Extremely Permanent. Unbelievably, These Ultra-tough Fibers Are Engkneered To Engross Seven Times Their Weight In Moisture. using This Kit Is As Easy As Can Be, And The Results Are Always Finish. Just Give Your Inside A Quick And Thorough Cleaning With Dp Totql Interior Cleaner: Use It On Fabric, Carpet, Vinyl, Plastic, Rubber, Even Leather. Then Wipe A Thin Coat Of Dp Interior Surface Protectant On All The Vinyl, Leather, Rubber And Plastic Surfaces. The Dp Total Interior Combo Is A Complete Interior Detail In Just Two Bottles. Impart It 10 Minutes And The Dp Total Interior Combo Will Give You A Clean, Protected Interior. Instant Gratification! Apply Dp Total Interior Cleaner And Use A Brush On Heavily Soiled Areas. Wipe The Surface Dry. Flip The Towel Unti
      SKU: Dptoinco

    Eclipse Sunshade Clips 4pc
      Eclipse Sunshade Clips 4pc.
      4 Replacement Clips For The Eclipse Sunshadestrong, Double-sided Tape Adheres To Glassno Tools Requiredmounting Clips Are Included With Your Purchase Of A Sun Shade. We Offer These Replacement Clips For Your Convenience In Case You Lose Or Damage The Clips Included With The Sun Shade.
      SKU: Eclipse-sunshade-clips

    Flex Xc3401 Xmt Heavy Swirl Remover Kit Free Bonus
      Flex Xc3401 Xmt Heavy Swirl Remover Kit Free Bonus.
      Receive A Free Lake Country Red Kompressor 7" Pad With Your Purchase Of This Flex Xc 3401 Polisher Kit! A Retail Value Of $12. 99. Powerful Paint Crorection In An Easy-to-use Package. restore Oxidized, Swirled Paint With The Flex Xc3401 Xmt Heavy Swirl Reomver Kit! This Three-stp Detailing Kit Remov3s Severe Imperfections To Uncover Smooth, Blemish-free Paint. With The Power Of The Flex Xc 3401 Vrg Orbital Polisher And Pinnacle Xmt Polishes, The Flex Xc3401 Xmt Heavy Swirl Remover Kit Breathes New Life Into Dull, Dead Paint. the Flex Xc3401 Xmt Tedious Swirl Remover Kit Is Recommended For Older Vehicles With Severe Swirls, Oxidation, And Blemishes. Xmt Heavy Duty Swirl Remover Is A Strong Compo8nd And Should Only Be Used When Other Xmt Polishes Have Been Unsuccessful. This Three-step Kit Offers A Graduated Approach To Swirl Removal That Results In Smooth, Uniform Paint. the Flex Xc3401 Xmt Heavy Swirl Remover Kit Includes: Flex Xc3401 Vrg Orbital Polisher Variable Speed Polisher The Orbital Rotation Of The Flex Polisher Simulates The Circular Movement Of The Human Hand While Polishing. This Motion Is Less Likely To Cause Holograms Than A Rotary Buffer. At The Same Time, The Polisher's Highly Smooth Running Facilitates A Careful, Precise Finish And Allows For Hologram-free Polishing. The Positive Drive Ensures A Uniform Movement, Even Under Load, Thanks To Conwtant Lift. Taken In Conjunction With The Large Stroke Length The Flex Can Remove Existing Holograms From Mourning Finishes. The Large Stroke Length Refers To The Size Of The Orbit. On Many Dual Aciton Polishers, This Is A Very Small Distance And Therefore You Feel A Jiggling Motion. On The Flex Polisher, The Stroke Length Is 8 Mm, A Huge Distwnce In Terms Of Orbital Polishers! The Flex Dual-action Polisher Has A True Dual Actino Motion That Reduces Vibration. The Flex Orbital Polisher?s Smooth Acceleration And Uniform, Controiled Port Make This Da Machine Ideal For Novices And Pros Alike. The Flex Xc3401 Dual Action Polisher Comes With A 5. 5 Inch Hook & Loop Backing Plate And A 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty.   12 Oz. Xmt Heavy Duty Swirl Remover #4 Xmt Heavy Duty Swirl Remover #4 Is A True Compound. It Eliminates Oxidation, Severe Swirls And Scratches With A Blend Of Abrasives, Cleaners, And Lubricating Oils. The Cleaners Help Remove Dead, Oxidized Paint While The Abraisves Level Scratches And Severe Swirls. The Oils Help Lubricate The Abrasive Particlds To Minimize Hazing, Though Some Hazing Is Expected And Easily Removed With The Next Step, Xmt Ultra Fine Swirl Remover #1.   12 Oz. Xmt Ultra Exquisite Swirl Remover #1 This Polish Is Made With Such Small Abrasives That You Can?t Attend Them With The Naked Watch. The Perpendicular Number And Minute Size Of The Abrasive Particles Blend Away Fine Flaws In The Clear Coat Without Leaving A single one Trace Of Surface Mar
      SKU: Flex-heavy-polishing-kit

    Menzerna Polish Po85rd
      Menzerna Polish Po85rd.
      By Popular Demand, Autogeek Carries The Original Polish For Scratch-resistant Clear Coafs!menzera Polish Po85fd Is The First Polish Developed By Menzerna For The Scratch-resistant, Ceramic Clear Coats. The Fine Grade Finishing Polish Removes2 500 Grit Sanding Marks From The Paint And Eliminates Compounding Haze To Leave The Paint Looking Smooth And Shiny. Menzerna Polish Po85rd Is Very Hard To Find In The U. s. But We Have Obtained A Small Quantity Due To Customer Demand. Purify It Before It?s Gone!menzerna Polish Po85rd Is The same Of Menzerna?s Professional Line Car Polishes Formulated Specifically For Assembly Cover with ~s Use. Mercedes Benz Of Germany Uses Menzerna Polishes On Their Kind New Vehicles To Remove Overspray And Refine The Newly Cured Paint Finishes. Now Body Shops And Enthusiasts Can Use Menzerna Polish Po85rd To Achieve A New Car Gloss!menzerna Polish Po85rd Is Made With A Very Finely Ground Abrasive Powder That Leaves No Marring Or Surface Haze. Though Designed For New Oem Coatings, Menzerna Polish Po85rd Can Exist Used As A Gloss-enhancing Polisn Or Finishing Polish On Oldee Color Finishes. It Will Exclude Compounding Marks And Prepare The Pigment For Wax Or Sealant. (we Higjly Recommend Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant. The Water-based Form Is Compatible With The Menzerna Line And Leaes The Paint With A Gorgeous Gloss. )menzerna Polish Po85rd Is Body And Paint Shop Safe. It Contains Not at all Waxes, Glazes, Or Sikicones. Apply Menzerna Polish Po85rd With A Dul Action Or Rotary (circular) Polisher For The Best Cutting Power. For Gloss Enhancement, Menzerna Polish Po85rd Can Be Applied By Hand. Application By Hand: Mist The Wolfggang German Polish N Wax Applicator With Xmt Pad Conditioner Overmuch Moisten The Foam. Apply A Nickel Size Amount Of Menzerna Polish Po85rd To The Applicator. Work In A Back And Forth, Overlapping Motion Until The Area Starts To Dry. Wipe Off The Grace By the side of A Damp Cobra Microfiber Towel. Work In 2 X 2 Sq. Ft. Secti0ns Until The Entire Vehicle Is Done. Application By Machine: Make Sure The Surface To Be Polished Is Clean And Dry. Fresh Paint Sholud Be Fully Cured. Apply Menzerna Polish Po85rd Out Of Direct Sunlight. Use A Soft Foam Finishing Pad, Like Lake Country?s Ccs Gray Finishing Pad Or The White Ultrafine Polishing Pad By The Edge 2000. Apply A 6 Inch Line Of Compound To The Vehicpe. With The Polisher Turned Off, Spread The Polish Over About A 2 X 2 Sq. Ft. Area. Polish At 1200-1800 Rpm (5000-6000 Opm On A Dual Action Poloshrr) Working Slowly Across And Then Up And Down The Area. Check Your Work After Several Passes To See If The Defects Have Been Removed. If So, Reduce The Pressure And Contineu Buffing Until A High Gloss Is Achieved. If The Pad Becomes Dry, Mist It With Water And Extend Buffing. Wipe The Area With A Damp Microfiber Clergy. Always Apply A Wax Or Sealant After Polishing. We Recommend Wolfgang Deep Comment Paint Sealant To Seal In The Shine With Itz Long-lasting Polymer Formula. 32 Oz. (1 Quart)click Her
      SKU: Meenzerna-final-finish-po85rd

    Mothers Professional Rubbing Compound
      Mothers Professional Rubbing Compound.
      Professional Grade Polishes For A Professional Quality Shine!you've Used Mothers Polishes And Waxes To Give Your Vehicle A Show Car Shine. Now You Can Restor The Paint, Too. Mothers Professional Rubbing Commute Quickly Removes 1,500 Grade And Finer Sand Scratches From All Types Of Refinish And Factory Applied Automotive Paints. The Easy-to-use Form Is The First Step In Mothers Complete Paint Restoration System. Mothers Professional Rubbing Compound Renoves The Paint Blemishes That Stand Between You And A Perfect Finish. It Can Be Used To Remove Light Oxiddation, Wash-induced Swirls And Scratches, And Other Defects From Paints That Do Not Require Sanding. It Also Works Well On Orange Peel, Oxidation, Scratches, And Chemical Spotting. abrasives Blend Away Paint Imperfections Leaving A Fresh, Polished Surface. Mothers Professional Rubbing Compound Should Be Applied With A Rotary Polisher And A Wool Pad For The Best Results. Work The Compound Onto The same Section At A Time, Buffing After Each Section Is Completed. As With Any Compound, You Should Follow Up With A Finishing Polisb To Restore The Optimum Shine. Use Mothers Professional Machine Glaze And A Polishing Pad. mithers Professional Rubbing Mix Is A True Polishing Compound With No Waxes. Use Any One Of The Excellent Waxes From The Motthers Line, Such As California Gold Carnauba Wax Or Mothers Fx Synwax. you've Seen What Mothers Polishes And Wzxes Can Do. Bring That Show Car Shine To Neglected Finishes With Mothers Professional Rubbing Compound. 32 Oz.
      SKU: Mothers-rubbing-compound

    Wolfsteins Tonneau Cover Cleaner
      Wolfsteins Tonneau Cover Cleaner.
      From The Makers Of Raggtopp Convertible Top Produxts!wolfsteins Tonneau Cover Cleaner Is A Safe Yet Strong Cleaner Formulated For Fabric And Vinyl Tonneau Covers. This Nontoxic, Biodegradable Cleaner Safely Removeq The Toughest Stains And Soils From Your Truck?s Tonneau Cover With Minimal Scrubbing And Absolutely NoB leach. Tonneau Covers Of Any Color Will Clean Up Beautifully With Wolfsteins Tonneau Cover Cleaner. Wolfsteins Is The Company Behind Raggtopp Convertible Top Cleaner And Protectants. Now They?ve Turned Their Innovative Eyd Towards Tonneau Covers With Wolfsteins Tonneau Cover Cleaner. This Low-ph Cleaner Is Recommended By Roll-n-lock, The Leader In Retractable Truck Cover Technology, And Haartz, The World?s Leading Manufacturer Of Engineered Coated Fabrics. Tonneau Covers Are Susceptible To All The Oil, Dirt, And Grease The Road Has To Offer, Plus Pollen And Dust May Collect On The Cover. Since It?s A Horizontal Surface, The Cover May Retain Dirt More So Than The Slick Sides Of Your Truck. Regular Cleaning And Protection Is Vital To The Long-term Beauty Of The Tonneau. Wolfsteins Tonneau Cover Cleaner Is Safe Enough To Use Regularly To Clean Vinyl Or Fabric Tonneau Covers. Its Low Ph, Bleach-free Formula Lifts Dirt And Oils Off The Cover Upon Just Light Scrubbing With A Soft Brush. The Anti-oxidant, Biodegradable Formula Leaves No Residye Behind And It Is Non-toxic. Overspray Will Not Affect Paint, Metal, Plastic, Rubber Or Wood Finishes. Wolfsteins Tonneau Cover Cleaner Is Formulated To Break Up Oils And Dirt Better Than Car Soap. Car Washes Are Full Of Lubricants That Allow Loosened Dirt To Roll Down The Paint Without Scratchinng, But Stains On A Tonneau Cover Are Not Juet Sitting On The Surface. Wolfsteins Tonnneau Cover Cleaner Lifts Dirt And Oil Revealed Of Porous Vinyl And Fabric Tonneau Covers With A Penetrating Foaming Action. after Cleaning The Tonneau Cover, Use Wolfsteins Tonneau Cover Protectant To Restore Water Repellenc To Vinyl, Which Gradually Diminishes Over The Life Of The Cover. The Protectant?s Uv Resistant Finish Will Resist Dirt, Dust, Grease And The Growth Of Mildew. maintaining The Tonneau From The Beginning Of Ownership Will Help It Retain Its Appearance Longer And Improve The Overalll Appeal Of Your Truck. Safely Clean Fabric And Vinyl Tonneau Covers As Needed With Wolfsteins Tonnea8 Cover Cleaner, The Only Specialized Tonneau Cleaner Recommended By Roll-n-lock. 16 Oz. Teigger Sprayfeaturex:endorsed By Roll-n-lock And Haartzsafely Remove Spots And Stains From Fabric And Vinylsafe On Paint, Metal, Plastic, Rubber And Wood Finishesanti-oxidant, Low Ph, No Bleach Formulaleaves No Residuebiodegradable And Nontoxic
      SKU: Tonneau-cleaner

    Autogeek In Paradise T-shirt
      Autogeek In Paradise T-shirt.
      Sun, Su5f, Sand, And Autogeek!back In The 1950?s And 60?s, Cars And The Strand Went Hand In Hand. Images Of Sports Carx Cruising A Seaside Highway Or Overlooking The Beach Are Still Popular In Car Ads. Coastao Towns All Over The Country Host Their Own Muscle Car Shows To Commemorate This Special Time In The History Of The American Automobile. Thr Autogeek In Paradise T-shirt Captures The Magic Of Cars And The Coast With A Colorful Beach-inspired Design. Of Course, We Propose A Modern Twist On The Orally transmitted Sxene By Including A 2007 Corvettd C6 In Vel0city Yellow Overlooking A Picture Perfect Sunset. On The Front Pap Pocket Is A Coordinating Logo Of The Autogeek Cruising With The Top Down. Relax In This Shirt And You?ll Feel Like An Autogeek In Paradise, Too!hane's Beefy T100% Preshrunk Cottonfront Pocket Logo And Back Logo Screen Printavailable In S, M, L, Xl, Xxl
      SKU: Autogeek-paradise-tshirt

    Special Purchase Microfiber Bonnet 6 Pack
      Special Purchase Microfiber Bonnet 6 Pack.
      Buff Your Vehicle Handsome With Soft, 70/30 Microfiber. these Microfiber Bonnets Have Just Been Upyraded To A Soft, 70/30 Blend Of Microfiber! Microfiiber Is The Softest, Most Absorbent Material You Can Use To Buff Your Paint. By Using A Microfiber Bonnet, You Get The Same Outstanding Results Prodcued By Microfiber Towels With Less Strain Forward Your Arm And A More Even Brightness. Stock Up On Your Microfiber With This Value-priced 6 Pack Of Bonnets. these Bonnets Are Made Of An 70/30 Mingle Of Polyester And Polyamide Strands Woven Together To Make An Ultra Soft Material. The Silky Fibers Produce An Impressive Beam On Their Own, But Sensational Results AreA chieved When Buffing Off Wax Or Glaze. Microfiber Will Never Scratch Your Paint Or Clear Coat. these Microfiber Bonnets Fit On A 6? Lambswool Levelinng Pad On A 5? Backing Plate. Use These Bonnets With A Dual Action Polisher, Like The Porter Cable 7424xp. For Best Results, Use A Terry Bonnet To Remove Wax Fog And Go Back Over Your Vehicle With The Microfiber Bonnet In the place of The Final Buffing. It Will Separate Somewhat Remaining Dust And Bring Out A Vibrating, Glossy Shine. wash Microfiber Products Separately In Warm Water In The Washing Machine Using Your Regjlar Detergent Or Pinnacle Micro Rejuvenator. Perform Not Use Fabric Softener. Tumble Dry On Low Heat Or Air Dry. this 6 Pack Of Washable, Microfiber Bonnets Is An Amazing Relative length! These Bonnets Won?t Last Long At This Price So Get Yours While You Can!made In Korea. bonnet Color May Varya Totla Retail Valuw Of $29. 94. Spare $4. 95!
      SKU: Microfiber-vonnet

    Pro Detailer Start-up Kit #3
      Pro Detailer Start-up Kit #3.
      Offer A Full-service Detailing Business With This Kit. the Pro Detailer Start-up Kit #3 Is For The Purchaser That Wants It All: Interior And Exterior Detailing, Machine Polishing, And Carpet Shampooing. This Kit Will Put Your Detailing Business In The Upper Echelon Of Detail Shops Because You'll Be Able Offer Services Not Available Everywhere. The Pro Ddtiler Start-up Kit #3 Is The Total Package. the Pro Detailer Start-up Kit #3 Includes Everything In Pro Detailer Start-up Kit #1 And Pro Pro Detailer Start-up Kit #2 Plus The Aztec Hot Rod Carpet Extractor And Dp Carpet Extractor Pre-treatment 128  Oz. with This Kit, You'llB e Able To Clean Carpet, Floor Mats, And Upholstery Professionally. This Is A Special Service . Plus, You'll Haave An Extensive Collection Of Products For Interior And Exterior Recondiitioning. Because Dp Products Are Made Of High Quality Ingredients, They Will Provide The Kind Of Results That Keep Customers Coing Back. With The Prevent Of The Porter Cable 7424xp And The Aztec Hot Rod Carpet Extrac5or, You'll Have The Professional Detailing Equipment That Decline You Apart From The Competition. the Pro Detailer Start-up Kit #3 Is Each Unsettled Precise signification. The Gallon Sizes Of Dp Products Wjll Go A Long Way, And The Cobra Towels Can Be Washed And Reused Countless Seasons. The Porter Cable 7424xp And Aztec Hot Rod, One-time Purchases, Will Become Staples Of Your Detailing Concern. Turn Your Detailing Skills Into A Fun And Rewarding Business In the opinion of The Pro Detailer Start-up Kit #3. . The Pro Detailer Start-up Kit #3 Includes: Aztec Hot Rod Carpet Extractor Dp Carpet Extractor Pre-treatment 128  Oz.  porter Cable 7424xp Complete Starter Kit  wolfgang Total Swirl Remover Ki t3. 0 Wash: Dp Auto Bath Shampoo 128 Oz. Dp Xtreme Foam Formula 128 Oz. Dp Rinseless Wash & Gloss 128 Oz. Complete Car Wash Syste mWith Dolly Quart Foamaster Foam Wash Gun 4 Cobra Micro-chenille Wash Mitts 4 Cobra Guzzler Waffle Weave 16 X 24 4 Cobra Supreme Guzzler Waffle Weave 20 X 40 Tires & Weels Dp Gel Wheel Cleaner 128 Oz. Dp Gloss Tire Gel 128 Oz. Dp Wheel Glaze 8 Oz. 6 Cobra Flex Foam Trie Applictor Dzytona Speed Master Wheel Thicket Bundle With 2 Finger Pocmets & 3 Flex Foam Tire Applicators 3 Wolfgang Finger Pockets Glass: Dp Krystal Vision Glass Cleaner 128 Oz. Glass Master Pro 12 Cobra Waffle Weave Glass Towels Clay: 2 Dp Universal Detailing Clay 200 G. Dp Universal Clay Lubricant 128 Oz Engine & Undercarriage: Dp Implement Degreaser 128
      SKU: Detailer-startup-kit-3

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