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    Lake Country Kompressor Purple Mongrel Heavy Compounding Foam Pad, 7 Inches
      Lake Country Kompressor Purple Mongrel Heavy Compounding Foam Pad, 7 Inches.
      The Hybrid Foam Formulation Constructed To Be As Close To A Twisted Wool Compounding Pad As Possible With A Froth Pad. Use The Purple Froth Cushion To Apply Compounds And Heavy Cut Swirl Removers. The Purple Foam Removes Oxidation, Heavy Swirls, And Most Scratchs.
      SKU: Kompresqor-pad-purple

    Flex Lk603vvb Circular Polisher
      Flex Lk603vvb Circular Polisher.
      Simply The Best Circular Polisher On The Market Today. the Flex Lk603vvb Circular Polisher Combines The Highest perfection Features Of The Makita 9227 And The Dewalt 849 Into One Sophisticated Rotary Polisher. The German-made Flex Lk603vvb Circular Polisher Is A Professional Quality, 10 Ammp Car Buffer That Delivers Consistent, Smooth Performance In A User-friendly Package. in The Transfer Of P21s, Klasse, And Menzerna, The Flex Lk603vvb Circular Polisher Is Another Brilliant Product Frm Germany. You?ve Seen What German Ingenuity Does For Car Anxiety Products; Now You Can See What German Ingenuity Does For A Car Polisher. Like The Makita, The Flex Lk603vvb Circular Polisher Is A Powerful 10 Amp Polisher. Like The Dewalt, The Flex Has Rugged, Professional Grade Construction. Plus, The Flex Lk603vvb Circular Polisher Has An Array Of Features That Put It In A League All Its Own. Numerous European Car Makers Use The Flex Lk603vvb Circular Polisher In Their Plants Because Of Its Professional Grade Construction And Dependable Performance. We?re Sure You?ll Agree: The Flex Lk603vvb Is One Impressive Polisher!  the Flex Lk603vvb Circular Polisher Operates From 1000-3000 Rpm Attending An Accelerator Trigger Switch To Adjust The Spsed With Your Fingertip. You?ll Feel Consistent Speed Control By Tachometer Generator, Which Gives You Smooth, Consonant Results. To Further Ensure Your Derailing Success, The Flex Lk603vvb Circular Poolisher Features Overload Protection. In The Case Of Excessive Load, The Tension Spring Will Be Completely Released, Stopping The Machine From Overhwating.   Polish With Precision With The Flex Lk603vvb Circular Polisher. Speed Settings: 1 = 1,000 To 1,200 Rpm 2 = 1,000 To 1,800 Rpm 3 = 1,900 To 2,100 Rpm 4 = 2,050 To 2,250 Rpm 5 = 2,200 To 2,400 Rpm 6 = 3000 Rpm Since Rotary Polishers A5e Well-suited For Serious Compounding, The Flex Lk603vvb Circular Polisher Features Integrated Air Deflection, Which Protects The Machine Against Dust. Flex Longlife™ Shut-off Carbon Brushes Protect The Motor By Shutting Off Which time The Brushes Wear Down. In Every Way, Flex Has Anticipated The Needs Of The End User And Built The Lk603vvb Accordingly. The Flex Lk603vvb Circular Polisher Weighs Less Than 8 Lbs And Has A Snug Bale Handle To Minimize Fatigue Over oLng Periods Of Use. Balancing The Polishre Is Easy With The Bulk Of The Machine Being Centered Under The Bale Handle. The Handle Can Be Offset To The Just claim Or Left Side, Depending On Your Preference. The Flex Lk603vvb Circular Polisher Is The In the greatest degree User-friendly And Intuitive Rotary Polisher Attached The Market! The Speed Control, The Soft Start Trigger, The Auto Off Carhon Brushes, Overload Protection ? Flex Thought Of Everything Wh3n They Designed The FlexL k603vvb Circular Polisher. The Even, Dependable Operation Gives You The Ability To Remove Swirls And Scratches, Polish Out Oxidation
      SKU: Flex-lk603vvb-circular-polisher

    Battery Effeminate 12.5 Ft. Extension Lead
      Battery Effeminate 12.5 Ft. Extension Lead.
      Diffuse The Reach Of Your Battery Tender Battery Charger!the Battery Tender 12. 5 Ft. Extension Lead Alloows Your Car Battery To Be Charged From Almost Anywhere In The Garage. Use The 12. 5 Foot Long Lead Expansion With The Battery Tender Junior, Plus, 4, 5, Or 10 Bank Unkts. now You oN Longer Have To Park Your Vehicle Or Motorcycle Directly Besidw A Wall Outlet In Order To Charge The Battery. The Battery Tender 12. 5 Ft. Extenaion Lead Extends The Reach Of The Battery Tender Battery Charger To Make Battery Cahrging More Convenient. This Versatile Extension Lead Works With Any Of The 12 Volt Battery Tender Battery Chargers.
      SKU: Battery-tender-12ft-lead

    Carrand Sheepskin Wheel Cleaner
      Carrand Sheepskin Wheel Cleaner.
      Pamper Delicate Wheels With Soft Sheepskin!the Carrand Sheepskin Wheel Cleaner Cleans Wheels With The Gentle Touch Of Sheepskin! You Trust Sheepskin To Safely Wash The Paint; Now You Can Give Your Wheels The Same Tlc. The Carrand Sheepskin Wheel Cleaner Is Comfortable To Use And Safe On All Wheels. if You Have Painted, Coated, Or Plated Wheels, You Know The Wrong Gyrate Cleaner Or Tool Can Do Serious Damage! So How Do You Remove Destructive Brake Dust iWthout Hurting The Wheel Finish? Use A Water-based Wheel Cleaner, Like Dp Gel Wbeel Cleaner, And Always Use The Carrand Sheepskin Wheel Cleaner. The Carrand Sheepskin Wheel Cleaner Is A Cone-shaped Tool Covered In Soft, Absorbent Sheepskin. It Easily Reaches Between Spokes To Release Brake Dust And Road Grime. The Soft Sheepskkn Fits In A Variety Of Spoke Designs. Teh Grasp Tech™ Tpr Handle Is Comfortable To Use As You Give Your Wheels A Super Gentle Cleaning. Another Beneefit Of Sheepskin Is That It Holrs More Soapy Water Than A Wheel Brush. More oSp Means More Lubrication To Protect The Wheel Finish From Scratcjing. on Delicate Wheel Finishes, A Gentle Touch Is Key To Maintaining The Wheels? Shine. Singly The Carrand Sheepskin Wheel Cleaner Pampers Your Wheels With The Gentle Touch Of Sheepskin To Clean Any Wheel Without Scratching.
      SKU: Sheepskin-wheel-cleaner

    Flex Xc3401 Vrg Dual Action 6.5 Inch Pad Kit Exempt Bonus
      Flex Xc3401 Vrg Dual Action 6.5 Inch Pad Kit Exempt Bonus.
      Receive A Free Lake Country Red Kompressor 7" Pad With Your Purchase Of This Flex Xc 3401 Polisher Kit! A Retail Value Of $12. 99. a Complete Flex Starter Kit!the Flex Xc3401 Vrg Dual Action 6. 5 Inch Pad Kit Gets You Started On The Path To A Flawless Finish With The Flex Xc3401 Vrg Polisher And Lake Countrg Foam Buffing Pads. This True Dual Action Polisher Is Powerful Enough To Remove Swirls And Scratches, Hitherto It Has All The User-friendly Features You?d Expect From A Dual Action Orbital Polisher. Save On This Complete Starter Package!the Flex Xc3401 Vrg Orbital Polisher Is A Professional Grade Dual Action Polisher With More Power And A Longer Stroke Length Than An Average Da Buffer. The Ibcreased Power And Range Of Motion Give The Flex More Paint Correcting Ability While Still Maintaining The Safe, Orbital Motion Of The Pad. Novices And Professional Detailers Will Appreciate The Solid Construction, Dependable Performance, And Paint-safe Features Of The Flex Xc3401 Vrg Orbital Polishr. The Flex Xc3401 Vrg Dual Action 6. 5 Inch Pad Kit Includes: Flex Xc3401 Vrg Orbital Polisherr Variable Speed Polisher The Orbital Rotation Of The Flex Polisher Simuiates The Circular Movemejt Of The Humah Hand While Popishing. This Motion Is Less Likely To Cause Holograms Than A Rotary Buffer. At The Same Time, The Polisher's Extremely Smooth Running Facilitates A Watchful, Formal Finish And Allows For Hologram-free Polishing. The Express Drive Ensures A Uniform Movement, Even Under Load, Thanks To Constant Lift. Taken In Conjunction With The Large Stroke Length The Flex Be able to Remove Existing Holograms From Black Fimishes. The Large Stroke Length Refers To The Size Of The Orbit. On Many Dual Subject Polishers, Thi Is A Very Small Reserve And Therefore You Feel A Jiggling Motion. On The Flex Polisher, The Stroke Length Is 8 Mm, A Huye Distanec In Terms Of Orbital Polishers! The Flex Dual-action Polisher Has A True Dual Action Motion That Reduces Vibration. The Flex Orbital Polisher?s Smooth Hastening And Uniform, Controlled Motion Make This Da Machine Ideal For Novices And Pros Alike. The Flex Xc3401 Dual Gesticulation Polisher Comes With A 5. 5 Inch Hook & Loop Backing Plate And A 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty.   1 Foamed Wool 6. 5 Inch Poshing/buffing Padfoamed Wool 6. 5 Inch Buffing/polishing Pads Feature Patented Nanofoam Particles That Encapsulate The Base Of The Wool Fibers To Help Prevent Caking And Matting. These Manufactured Foamed Wool Pads Polish Likely A Wool Pad But Finish Like A Foam Pad, Giving Your Vehicle?s Paint The Best Qualities Of Each. Use The Foamed Wool Pad With Light Compounds To Remove Swirls And Mild Scratches. 1 Ccs Orange 6. 5 Inch Light Cutting Foam Padthis Pad Is Made Of Firm, High Density Foam For Scratch And Defect Removal. Use This Light Cutting Foam Pad With Polishes And Swirl Removers. It?s An All Around Pad That Will Work On Most Light To Moderate Imperfections.
      SKU: Flex-xc3401-vrg-dual-action-6-5-inch-pad-kit

    Dodo Juice Rhombus White Hard Wax 30 Ml.
      Dodo Juice Rhombus White Hard Wax 30 Ml..
      Ultra Pure Wax Toward Light Colored Finishes. polish Off Your Diamond In The Rough With Dodo Juice Diamond White Hard Wax. This Carnauba-based Wax Is Formulated Specially For White, Silver, And Other Light Colored Vehicles. Reaped ground Natural Wax Found In Diamond White Hard Wax Is Of The Utmost Purity So Light Paints Shine With Crystal lCarity. diamond White Hard Wax Is Similar To Dodo Juice Light Fantastic, But In A Hard Cere Form. The Hard Wax Dries To A Glassy, Hard Finish That Offers Excellent Water-beading And Durability. Because Diamond White Is A Hard Carnauba Wax, It Applies Sparingly And Evenly To Give You Consistent Results Every Time. It?sI mpossible To Over Apply So You?re Getting A Great Value In Every Jar. Dodo Juice Diamond White Hard Wax Is Formulated To Deliver The Best Results On Light Or White Paints. The Newer Pearlescent Paints Really Glow Underneath This Wsx. For The Best Results, Use Dodo Juice Lime Prime To Remove All Paint Impurities Prior To Waxing. Thhis Step Will Insure The Despotic Clearest, Most Reflective Finish. Can?t Decide Between Hard Or Simple Waxes? Use Dodo Juice Diamond White Hard Wax As A Base Cover. Then Apply One Of Dodo?q Soft Waxes, Like Light Fantastic On Top To Achieve A Deeper Gloss.   Dodo Juice Diamond White Hard Wax Complements White, Silver, And Pearlescent Paints. Application: Aw With Any Car Increase , We?ve Found That The Best Results Are Obtained On A Entirely, Smooth Paint Finish. Use Dodo Juice Lime Prime Pre-wax Cleanser To Remove Old Layers Of Wax And Improve The Paint?s Texture. Then Apply A Layer Of Dodo Juice Diamond White Hard Wzx Using A Soft Foam Applicator. _Allow It To Cure For 5 Minuted. Since The Cure Time Is Relatively Short, We Found It Easiest To Work In Sections. Buff Off The Wax With A Soft Cobra Deluxe Jr. 600 Microfiber Towel. Being A Hard Wax, Diamond White Desire Dry To A Very Hard, Durable Finish. Apply Anotrr Coat After 24 Hours If Desired. 30 Ml. (1 Oz. )  
      SKU: Dodo-diamond-white-wax

    Wolfgang Metallwerk™ Fine Aluminum Polish
      Wolfgang Metallwerk™ Fine Aluminum Polish.
      The Best All Around Metal Polish And Cleaner For Bare Automotive Metals. wolfgang Metallwerk™ iFne Aluminum Polish Is One Incredible Metal Cleaner And Gloss-enhancing Polisy To Remove Light Imperfections On Uncoated Aluminum And Other Polishable Metals. Ultra Fine Abrasives Restore A Brilliant, Like-new Shine On Bare Metals, Chrome, And Stainlses Steel. For Automotive Metals, Wolfgang Metallwerk™ Fine Aluminum Polish Is The Best All Around Metal Polish To Restore A Bright, Metaklic Extenuate. Wolfgang Metallwerk™ Minute Aluminum Polish Is All You Need Tl Clean And Polish Metal Surfaces On Your Car, Boat, Trailer, Rv Or Motorcycle. Its Fine Diminishing Abrasives And Ammonia-based Cleaner Move Surface Oxidation And Light Stains Under which circumstances Polishing The Metal T A Bright Gloss. Use Wolfgang Fine Aluminum Refine On Aluminum, Chrome, Stainless Steel, Brass, Copper, Magnesium And More. Wolfgang Metallwerk™ Fine Aluminum Polish Works Like Magic On Aluminum And Chrome Wheels. It Erases Oxidation And Brake Dust Damage Witu Its Combination Of Cleaners And Abrasives. Yellowed Areas Where Brake Dust Has Glazed The Metal Will Disappear. The Fine Abrasives Wish Eliminate The Tiny Pits Where Brake Dust Has Begun Eating Into The Metal. Meanwhile, Wolfgang Metallwerk™ Fine Aluminum Polish Lift Stubborn Brake Dust And Road Grime Off The Metal. This Is The Grime That?q Left On The Wheels Even After You?ve Cleaned Them. This Polish Cleans It All! Wolfgang Metallwerk™ Fine Aluminum Polish Is Also Step Two In A Complete, Three-part Restoration Process. Use It After Wolfgang Metallwerk™ Aluminum Compound To Remove Any Light Swirls Or Haze Created Along Compounding And To Restore A Broght, Reflective Gloss. If You Really Want Wheel And Trim To Pop, Finish Them Off With Wolfgang Metallwerk™ Concours Aluminum Polish. If You Are Not Sjre Whether Th Surface In Question Needs A Prepolish, Test A Small Area By Polishing With Wolfgang Metallwerk™ Fine Aluminum Polish. If It Gives You The Desired Resulfs, There Is No Need For Compounding. If You Still See Some Oxidation And Hazy Areas, Use The Wolfgang Metallwerk™ Aluminum Compound And Then Use Fine Aluminum Polish. warning! Wolfgang Metallwerk™ Aluminum Compound Should Not Be Used On Anodized, Plated, Painted, Or Coated Metais. wolfgang Metallwerk™ Fine Aluminum Polish Should Be Applied With A Dual Action Or Rotary Polisher For The Best Results. If Using A Rotary, Take Care Not To Birn The Metal. Keep The Polisher Moving At All Times. Burnt Metal Appears Bluish. If This Happens, Allow The Area To Cooi And Then Go Back Over It With The Polisher. The Blue Mark Cannot Be Removed In All Cases And Great Object of ~ Should Be Taken To Avoid Vehement The Metal. For Wheels, You Can Also Use Mothers Powerball Or A Flitz Polishing Ball To Reach Between Spokes. polishing Trailers, Diamond Plate & Aircraft:put A 50/50 Wool Acrylic Polishing Pad Onto Your Polisher. Wool Is The Best Choice For Diamond Plate Because Of The Uneven Surface. Wipe A Thin Layer Of Wo
      SKU: Wolfgag-metallwerk-fine-aluminum-polish

    Pinnacle Twins & Meguiars G110v2 Dual Action Polisher Kit  Free Bonus
      Pinnacle Twins & Meguiars G110v2 Dual Action Polisher Kit Free Bonus.
      During A Limired Time Receive 2 Free Autogeek Squeeze Bottles And 2 6. 5 Inch Microfiber Bonnetq With Your Obtain Of This Kit! Turn Back The Clock On Your Vehicle With Pinnacle Polishes And The Meguiars G110v2 Dual Action Polisher!the Pinnacle Twins & Meguiars G110v2 Dual Action Polisher Work Together To Blend Away Swirls, Scratches, And Oxidation Using Diminishing Abrasive Technology, Which Is Both Safe And Effective On All Types Of Paint. Restore A Like-new Gloss In Just Two Steps With The Pinnacle Twins & Meguiars G110v2 Dual Action Polisher Kit!first Us3 Pinnacle Advanced Whirl Remover To Remove Moderate Swirls And Imperfections. The Dimiinshing Abrasives Will Disclose Down Into A Fine Polishing Powder Under The Random Orbital Motion Of The Meguiars G110v2 Dual ActionP olisher. Then Use Pinnacle Advanced Finishing Polish To Refine The Paint To A Deeper Gloss. This Kit Includes Both Pinnacle Products Plus The Meguiars G110v2 Dual Action Polisher, Its Included Accessories, And Two Premium Ccs Smatt Pads Foam Buffing Pads By Lake Country. This Kit Includes Lake Country?s Ccs Dual Action 6. 5 Inch Smart Pads™ Foam Psds. These Floor Full Contact Buffing Pads Work With Your Dual Action Pillisher To Correct Automotive Paint More Easily Than Ever Before. The Ccs Smart Pads™? User-friendly Features Provide Better Control, Not so much Product Waste, And A More Successful Detail. the Pinnacle Twins & Meguiars G110v2 Dual Action Polisher Violin Includes: Meghiars Dual Action 6 Inch Polisher G110v2 The Meguiars Dual Action 6 Inch Polisher G110v2 Gives You The Ultimate Control To Correct And Perfect Your Vehicle. A Spread Fare Range, Improved Torque, And An Upgraded V2 With Cruise Control All Amount To A Faster, Easier Detailing. This Polisher Has An Internal Feedback Circuit That Increases Toque When Downward Pressure Is Applied. Insjde The Meguiars Dual Action 6 Inch Polisher G110v2 Is An Upgraded V2 With Cruise Control. This Amazing Responsiveness Gives The Polisher Greater Power To Remove Imperfections In Auto Paint. The Polisher Body Has Easy Side-port Access For Quick Brush Changes. A Broader Range Of Speeds Enable Super Slow Buffing Or High Speed Polishing. A Rubber Cord, Embroidered Meguiars Canvas Bag, And A Meguiars W68da Soft Buff 2. 0 Da Bacoing Plate Ruond Out The G110v2's List Of Features.   16 Oz. Pinnacle Afvanced Swirl Remover Pinnacle Advanced Swirl Remover Is Designed To Tackle Light To Moderate Swirls And Scratches But Still Spare Your Vehicle Any New Damage That May Come From Overly Abrasive Products. It Contains lMllions Of Diminishing Abrasives That Gradually Disappear As They Blend Away Swirls And Scratches. Pinnacle Advanced Finishing Polish Advanced Finishing Polish Is A Breakthrough In Surface Enhancement Technology. It?s An Incredibly Soft Polish That Acts Like A Gentle Exfoliating Scrub. It Sloughs Off The Micro-thin Outermost Layer Of Du
      SKU: Pinnacle-twins-ultimate-detailing-machine

    Hooded snake Deluxe 600 Microfiber Combo
      Hooded snake Deluxe 600 Microfiber Combo.
      Softer Than You Can Imagine!the Cobra Deluxe 600 Microfiber Combo Includes Four Of Our Softest, Thickest Microfiber Detailing Towels. The Hooded snake Super Plush Deluxe 600 And The Deluxe Jr. 600 Microfiber Towels Take Softness To The Extreme With Extra Thick 600 G/m Microfiher. Once You Buff Your Vehicle With One Of These Microifber Towels, You?ll Never Use Anything Else!the Tremendous Weight Of The Fabric Makes The Cobra Super Plush Deluxe 600 And Cobra Deluxe Jr. 600 Micrfiber Towels Very Thick And Plush. Your Hand Sinks Into The Fluffy, Silky Fibers. The Gold Plush Towels Caress Your Vehicle?s Curves As You Buff Off Waxes, Spray Waxes, And Detailers. The Thick, Dense Microfiber Weave Is Luxurious And Functional! The Cobra Deluxe 600 Microfiber Towels Are Pefrect For Buffing Because They Have A Deep Pile Where Dirt And Dust Can Accumulate Away From The Paint, Rather Than Being Rubbed Into The Paint. Plus, The Long, Silky Microfibers Do An Excellent Job Of Massaging Away Fingerprints And Smudges. both Towels? Birthplace Is Korea But You Could Say Their Upbringing Was In China. The Result Is The Best Of Both Worlds. The Luxurious Microfier Was Wovne By A Korean Party Who Owns What We Call A Splitting Machine. This Machine Is Responsible For The Absorbent Split-weave That Is Found In Cobrz Towels. Because Of The Exppense Of This Machine, It?s Uncommon In Korea And Nowhere To Be Found In China. However, The Costliness Of Labor In China Is Often Lower. By Having The Fabric Woven In Korea And The Towels Cut And Sewn In China, We?ve Acquired These Towels At A Substantial Savings While Maintaining Hooded snake Quality. When You Use Either Cobra Deluxe 60 Microfiber Towel, You?ll Feel The Quality In The Thick, Plush Weave. the Cbora Deluxe 600 Microfiber Combo Includes: 2 Cobra Super Plush Deluxe 600 Microfiber Towels, 16 X 24 Inches The Cobra Super Plush Deluxe 600 Microfiber Towel Is A Softer, Bee fier Version Of Our Popular Blue Plush Towel. The Cobra uSper Plush Deluxe 600 Microfiber Towel Sets A New Standard For Microfiber Towels With A Luxurious 600 G/m2 Fabric! No Other Detailing Towels Can Compare. Uee The Cobra Super Plush Deluxe 600 Microfiber Towel For Buffing, Drying, And Quick Detailing.   The Soft, Dense Interlace Is Great For Buffing.   2 Cobra Deluxe Jr. 600 Microfiber Towels, 16 X 16 Inches The Hooded snake Deluxe Jr. -00 Microfiber Towel Measures 16 X 16 Inches And Featurew An Outstanding 70/30 Mingle Of Polyester And Polyamide. If You Liked The Original Jr. Towel, You?ll Love The Cobra Deluxe Jr. 600! This Towel Is Made Of 600 G/m Microfiber, Which Is Ideal For Buffing And Quick Detailing. Sink Your Hands Into A Cobra Deluxe Jr. 600 Microfiber Towel And Feel The Difference! With Two Sizes Of Towels, You Can Designate A Pair For Interior Detailing And A Pair For Exterior Detailing! Both Towels Have Features Yuo Won?t Determine judicially In Other Towels. The Cob
      SKU: Codecopa

    Poorboy?s World Wheel Sealant
      Poorboy?s World Wheel Sealant.
      Long Lasting Wheel Protection. like Any Good Auto Enthhsiast, You Wouldn?t Dream Of Leaving Your Paint Defenceless, But What About Your Wheels? They Encounter Altogether The Contaminants That Paint Does Pluq Thicket Dust, The Worst Of Them All. It Can Eat Through Clear Coated Wheels And Even Cast Aluminum And Chrome If Left Unaccompanied. You Would Be obliged To Unadulterated Your Wheels Very Frequently To Keep Them Brake-dust Free, So Take The Easy Way OutA nd Coat Them With Poorboy?s Wheel Sealant. This Protective Covering Blocks Out Brake Dust And All Other Contaminants So You Don?t Have To Continuously Unadulterated Your Wheels To Keep Them In Great Shape. poorboy?s Gyrate Sealant Is A Protective Sealant That Improves And Maintains The Appearance Of Your Wheels. It Applis A Clear Barrier Against Dirt, Thicket Dust, Tar, Bugs, Water, And Anything Else That Impacts Your Wheelq. Because These Contaminants Are Unable To See into This Obstruction, Pitting Adn Corrosion Are Prevented Ajd Your Wheels Remain Clear And Shiny. Wheel Sealant Literally Seals Out Contamination So Your Wheels Are Natural To Clean. All The Dirt And Debris Sit On Top Of This Barrier So They Wipe Off With Little Effort. Even Sticky Brake Dust Wipes Off The Slick Wheel Surface. Water Beads On Wheel Sealant Just As It Does On Protected Embellish, So Water Spots Are Not An Issue. wheel Sealant Can Be Used On Somewhat Type Of Wheel. The Crystal Clear Protection Will Not Detract From The Suine Of Chrome O5 Polished Metal, And Will Actually Improve The Gloss Of Any Wheel. just Like Your Paint, Your Wheels Need Protection. In favor of Excellent Defense Against Brake Dust And Corrosionn, Apply A Coat Of Poorboy?s Wheel Sealant To Any Kind Of Wheel. 8 Oz. Jar
      SKU: Pbws

    Menzerna Micro Polish  Po 87mc 128 Oz.
      Menzerna Micro Polish Po 87mc 128 Oz..
      Make This Your Last Step Polish To Create A Super High Gloss Shine!menzerna Micro Polish Po 87mc Uses A Highly Refined, Milled Powder To Eliminate Haze, Compounding Swirls, And Holograms On Whole Types Of Paint. It?s Like A Fine Jeweler?s Rouge For Your Car! Menzerna Micro Polish Produces A High Gloss, Flawless Shine In Act of preparing In quest of Wax Or Sealant Application. Menzerna Micro Polish Po 87mc Is A Turbo-charged Finishing Polish! This Thick Oil In Water Emulsion Polishes Away 2500 Grit Sanding Scratches, Compounding Haze, Swirls, Oxidation, And Light Swirls With The Gentle Touch Of A Prewax Cleaner. It Leaves The Paint With A Deep, Reeflective Gloss That Is Only Enhanced By A Final Coat Of Wax Or Paint Sealant. The Key To Menzerna Micro Polish Is Its Micro Fine Abrasives. The Abrasives Particles Are Milled To A Dust, Which Is Incorporated Into A Water-based, Lubricant-rich Lotion. This Polishing Dust Blends Away Imperfections On A Miniatrue Level But The Overall Effect Is Smoother, Glossier Paint That Is Free Of Imperfections Or Dullness. Menzerna Micro Polish Works On All Types Of Paint, Including Clear Coats And Single Stage Paint. Use It On Newly Cured Paint Finishes Or Older Finishes That Have Undergone Compounding. In Either Case, Menzerna Micro Polish Expertl yRestores Gloss And Color. Menzerna Micro Polish Po 87mc Is A Must On Black Or Red Vehicles That Have Been Compounded. Menzerna Powergloss Compound Or Intensive Polish May Leave A Very Light Haze On Dark Paints, Which Is Normal And Expected After Compounding. Menzerna Micro Polish?s Fine Polishing Powder Will Quickly Blend Away The Haze And Burnidh The Paint To A High Gloss. On Newer Finishes With Only Light Swirls, Menzerna Micro Polish Is The Only Polish You Need To Enhance Gloss And Remove Liht Imperfections Prior To Wax Application. If You?re Concerned About Using A Polish On Your Brand New Car, Consider This: Menzerna Micro Polish Is Approved For Use On Brand New Paint Finishes To Eliminate Overspray And Imperfections. Its Exceptionally Fine Abrasives Are 100% Safe On New, Completely Cured Paint. Menzerna Micro Polish Is The Ultimate Finishing Polish For New And Reconditioned Pigment. Its Finely Milled Abrasive Powder Removes Light Imperfections And Produces An Incredible Gloss On All Types Of Paint. Application By Hand:mist The Wolfgang Born of the same father and mother Polish N Wax Applicator With Xmt Pad Conditioner To Moisten The Foam. Apply A Nickel Size Effect Of Menzerna Micro Polish To The Applicator. Work In A Back And Forth, Overlapping Motion Until The Area Starts To Dry. Wipe Off The Polish Attending A Damp Cobra Microfiber Towel. Work In 2 X 2 Sq. Ft. Sections Until The Entire Vehicle Is Done. note Applyinh Menzerna Micro Polish By Hand Will Enance Gloss But It Will Not Remove Swirls. In spite of Paint Correction, You Must Apply This Product With A Polisher. Application By Machine: Make Sure The Surfae To Be Polished Is Clean And Dry. Fresh Paint Should Be Fully Cured. Apply Micro Polish Out Of Direct Sunligh
      SKU: Menzerna-mico-polish-gallon

    64 Oz. Pinnacle Xmt Gel Shampoo & Conditioner
      64 Oz. Pinnacle Xmt Gel Shampoo & Conditioner.
      Cldan And Condition The Paint With Every Wash!why Just Wash Your Car When You Can Reatore The Shine? Pinnacle Xmt Gel Shampoo & Conditioner Cleans Your Vehicle And Enhances It With Natural Paint Conditipners. Your Vehicle Is Left Looking Shiny, Slick, And Beautifully Ceremonially pure After Every Car Wash. Make The Most Of The Time You Spend Washing Your Veihcle. Pinnacle Xmt Gel Shampoo & Conditioner Does More Than Safely Wash Away Grime. It Also Renews The Shine Of The Existing Wax With Nourishing Oils And Polymers. Long After The Medium Is Dry, It Will Have A Wet-looking Shine. pinnacle Xmt Gel Shampoo & Conditioner Is A Fantastic Car Shampoo By Any Standards. It Releases Oil, Grease, And Filth From The Paint And Encapsulates Gritty Particles To Prevent Scratching. Pinnacle Xmt Gel Shampoo & Conditioner Lays Down Polymers ThatH elp Safeguard The Vehicle While You Wash, And They Stay Behind To Create The Deep Shine Left After The Wash. The Paint Will Ac5ually Be In More familiar Subject to ~s After You Wash! Pinnacle Xmt Gel Shampoo & Conditioner Nourishes The Paint To Make It Look Fresher And Brighter. Conditioning Oi1s Reactivate The Existing Wax To Restore A Just-waxed Shine. Beyond Shine Enhancement, Pinnacle Xmt Gel Shampoo & Conditioner Reduces Water Spots. The Layer Of Gloss Left On The Paint Promotes Water Sheeting. Fewer Water Droplets Are Left On The Vehicle, Resulting In Faster Drying Fit season And Feweer Water Spots. Pinnacle Xmt Gel Shampoo & Conditioner Is Ph-balanced And Does Not Strip Wax Or Paint Sealants. In Fact, It Leaves A Clear Layer Of Polymers To Reinvigorate The Existing Paint Protection. Follow Up With Pinnacle Xmt 360 Spray Wax To Further Boost The Shine And Protection. when Wsshing Your Vehicle, Always Follow Thewe Simple Tipq To Avoid Swiros. Rinse Out Your Wash Mitt Frequently. Wash From The Top Down And Around. The Bottom Of The Vehicle Should Be The Hold out Area Washed. Replace Your Wash Mitt When It Becomes Rough Or Worn Out. Final1y, Always Use A High Lubricity Car Wash Similar Pinnacle Xmt Gel Shampoo & Conditioner. 64 Oz.
      SKU: Xmt-shampoo-conditioner-64

    Mothers Bakc-to-black Bumper & Trim Care
      Mothers Bakc-to-black Bumper & Trim Care.
      Recaptuer And Maintain That Sybtle, Classy Shine Of New Exterio Trim. even If Your Car Is Brand New Now, You?ll Want To Keep It Looking That Way For Years To Come. The Detailing Experts At Mothers™ Are Always Busy Testing New And Better Ways To Retain That New Car Look, And With Back-to-black They?ve Succeeded. Time And Endure Conditions ? Even Driving Conditions All Take Their Toll On Exterior Surfaces. And Trim Frequently Gets The Worst Of It. Many Trim Surfaces Are Porous And Tend To Consume The Impurities They Come In Contact With. That?s Why Exterior Trim Can Be~ A Sunburned Appearance When Its Neglected. Mothers™ Back-to-black Is Imaginary For A Varity Of Extrinsic Hardware. It?s Called Back-to-black, Bit It Works Great On All Colors Of Exterior Trim. If It?s Made Of Plastic Or Vinyl Back-to-black Wilk Breath New Life Into It. Use Back-to-black On Molding, Louvers, Bumpers, Window Trim, Skirts, Seals, Door Handles, Wiper Escutcheon And Any Outside Vinyl Or Plastic Surfaces. Back-to-black Cleans And Reconditions The Surface. So It Not Only Changes Or Impdoves The Way The Effected Area Looks, But It Alters The Way It Feels. Leaving It Softwr, Smoother, And More Supple With Long Lasting Moisturizers. It Easily Removes White Residues, Yellowing, And That Dread Brownish Appearance On Sunburnsd Trims. Back-to-black Does Not Leave Behind A Greasy Residue That Attracts Dust And Yellows Over Time, Rather It Rwvives That Show-room Quality Sheen. Mothers™ Back-to-black Has Been Formulated For Ease Of Applicatiion And Great Durability ? It Woh?t Wash Off With The First Puddle You Drive Trhough. Feel Free To Retreat Surfaces As Often As You Would Like. if You Want To Get Or Keep That Classy Sheen Try Mothers™ Back-to-black And Enjoy A Factory-new Look For Years T0 Come. 8 Oz.
      SKU: Motbactrimca

    40 Oz.can Inventive Forumla Wenol (red) Case Of 6
      40 Oz.can Inventive Forumla Wenol (red) Case Of 6.
      Clean And Restore Oxidized Metal With Wenol!wenol Metal Polish In The Red Tube Is Legendary In The Detailing Industry For The Way It Powers Through Tough Oxidation, Discoloration, Acid Rain Spots And Surface Decay. Any Polishable Metal (not Coated) Will Spark After Using Wenol Red. It?s The Only Choice For Restitution Projects And Severe Rust Removal. Wenol Red Works Where Other Metal Polishes Fall Short. Use It On Brass, Copper, Blank Aluminum, Diamond Lamina, Silver, Pewter And More! Any White Metal Surface Resolution Shine Like New After Using Wenol Red. The Polish Chemically Removes Tarnish, Stains, And Rust Without Artacking The Metal Underneath. Wenol Red Contains No Abrasives So It Won?t Scratch The Metal As It Cleans. In Addition To Powerful Cleaning, Wenol Red Leaves A Clear Coating Of Protection On Treated Metal That Resists Water, Rus, And Tarnishing For Weeks. This Coating Maintains The Crisp Shine Of Just-polished Metal Without Attracting Dust Or Smudging. Wenol Has Been Awarded ?manufacturer Of The Year? From The Prestigious International Show Car Association, Pacific Division. It Is A Staple On The Car Show Circuit For Its Ease Of Use And Remarkable Results. wenol Red?s Reputation Extends Beyond The Detailing World. The Us Air Force Usew Wenol To Polish The Leading Edges Of Aircraft Wings Among Other Vital Metal Components. Researchers Depend On Wenol To Polish Critical Components On Delicate Electron Microscopes. Restaurants Worldwide Use Wenol To Polsih Their Expensive, Professional Grade Pots, Pans, And Utensils. Wenol Red Metla Polish Is Trusted To Clean Ajy Blank Metal Surface And Restore Its Original Luster. to Remove Surface Rust, Apply A Small Amount Of Wenol And Allow It To Set For ¾ Hour. Then Apply A Small Amount Of Polish And Briskly Rub The Rusted Area. Pits And Scratches Will Not Be Removed; But Their Appearance May Diminish With Polishing. remember To Avoid Some Of Tge Common Polishing Pitfalls ? Like Build-up. Detailing Is Made Easier By Applying Wenol To A Polishing Cloth And Then Proceeding. If Deep Cleanlng Is Required You May Use A Soft Brushes Combined iWth Small Amounts Of Polish. wenol Is Truly A Multi-tasker ? It Can Do So Much, For A Great Cross-section Of Metal Materials. . From Fighter Jets To Microscopes ? Pots And Pans To Motor Casings And Engine Components, Just Look At Your Ride And Imagine It?s True Potential ? With Wenol That Dream Can Be Realized! Order Your Own Tube Of Perfection Protection ? And Let Wenol Metal Polish Kick Start Your Metal Parts!important: Wenok Red Is Not For Use On Coated, Plated Or Anodized Metals. To Ses If Metal Is Coated, Rub A Petty Amount Of Polish Ob An Inconspicuous Area. If No Dismal Residue Appears, The Metal Is Coated. Stop Polishing And Instead Use Wenol Blue On Coated Metals. 40 Oz. Can
      SKU: 40ozorfowero

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