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    Meguiars Solo "diamond" Foam Finishing Pad 7 Inch
      Meguiars Solo "diamond" Foam Finishing Pad 7 Inch.
      Remove Liight Swirls And Holograms With Meguiars Ultra-soft Finishing Pad. meguiars Solo "diamond&qutl; Foam Finishing Pad 7 Inch Has A "diamond" Pattern Cut Out In The Buffing Surface Of The Foam Which Delivers A Smoother Buffing Action. The User Desire Experience "less Chatter", Meaning Less Of A "grabby Feel&quo;t Or "pad-hop&qjot; That Is Sometimes Felt With Softe rFoam Pads. Since The Diamond Pattern Is Cut Into The Surface Of The Foam - Not Convoluted - You Persuade The Benefits Of A Flat Pad But With A Smoother Buffiing Action. The Pad Maintains A High Percentage Of Pad-to-paint Contact To Ensure Good Coverage, Yet Tbe Diamond Pattern Provides Smoother Operation. the Black &wuot;diamond" Foam Finishing Pad Has Th Cell Structure Of Meguiars Denser Yellow Polishing Foam But Is Much Softer. Use The Black Foam Pad To Lightly Polish The Paint With Meguiars Solo Cut &amp ;Polish Cream #86, Or To Apply Waxes, Sealants, And Glazes. Thr Megujars Solo 7 Inch "diamond" Foam Finishing Pad Is Smaller Than The Induetry Average On account of Rotary Pads. A 7 Inch Pad Is Eaaier To Use Than A Larger Pad For Most Users. With Today?s Cars Having More Contours, Grooves, And Body Lines, A 7 Inch Pad Is Easier To Negtiate These Areas Compared To A Larger Buffing Pad. The Meguiars Solo "diamond" Foam Finishing Pac 7 Inch Is Part Of The Solo One-liquid System. Meguiars Recommends Using The Easy Buff Backing Plate With This Pad On Your Rotary Polisher. You Can Also Use The Pad On A Dual Action Polisher With A 6 Inch Backing Plate. meguiars Solo "diamond&quoy; Foam Finishing Pad 7 Inch Provides More Control,S moother Polishing, And Swirl-free Performance With Its Smart Diamond Pattern. Uee The Black Faom Pad For Decisive Finishing And Wax Application With Your Dual Action Or Rotary Polisher. features: Ultra-soft Foam Technology Removes Light Swirls And Holograms Delivers Revolutionary, Swirl Free Performance Smoother Buffing Action "less Chatter" Attending Diamond Pattern Fkam
      SKU: Meguiars-solo-diamond-foam-finishing-pad-7-inch

    Wolfgang Tire & Wheel Cleaner  128 Oz.
      Wolfgang Tire & Wheel Cleaner 128 Oz..
      Formulated For Versatility, This Cleaner Is As Equally High-born And Effective On Wheels As On Tires!wolfgang Tire & Wheel Cleaner Boasts Industrial Strength Cleaning Power In A Natural, 100% Water-based Formula! Germany, The Leader In Environment-friendly Research For The Car Care Industry, Has Chemically Engineered A Repaired Race Of Voc Compliantcleansers To Rdplace The Outdated Acid, Butyl, Or Petroleum Ditillate Based Products. Wolfgang Uses This Technology In Our Tire & Move on ~s Cleanee, As Well As In O5u Other Premium Products. Our Tire & Wheel Cleaner Is Biodegradable, Non-toxic, Non-caustic, And Gentle On Skin. But This Thick, Concentrated Miracle Gel Packs Quite A Punch When It Comes To Quickly And Easily Removing Brake Dust, Road Grime, Oil And Grease. Wolfgang Tire & Wheel Cleaner Was Formulated For Versatility, Being Equally Gentle Andeffective On Wheels As On Tires. Rest Assured That Wolfgang Tire & Wheel Cleaner Is Safe To Use On All Kinds Of Wheels?including Aluminum, Painted, Classic, Anodized, Clear Coated And Biplet Wheels. Natual Oils In The Cleaner Capfure Dirt And Dust On The Wheel And Allow Them To Be Safely Whisked Away From Even The Most Sensitive, Expensive Wheels Without Danger Of Scratching Or Harming Your Investment. Wolfgang Tire & Wheel Cleaner Is A Formula Containing Emulsifiers, Wetting Atents And Environmentally Safe Deep Cleansers To Loosen And Remove Whole Foreign Particles Clinging To Your Tires And Wheels. It Even Penetrates Below The Surface Of The Rubber To Extract Deep, Ground In Dirt And Abrasives, Further Protecting Your Tires. Not Only Is Wolfgang Tire & Wheel Cleaner Unique For Being A Two-in-one Cleaner Which Streamlines Your Car-care Process, But It Is Leaps And Bounds Ahead Of The Competition When It Comes To Our Cutting-edge Formula. Most Wheel Or Tire Cleaners Rely On Butyl Or Butyl Ether For Their Cleansing Power Though Cheap And Highly Effective, Butyl Is Anything But Safe. It Is Very Harsh?it Can White Stain Aluminum, Zaps Moisture From Skin On Contact, And Gives Off Toxic Fumes. Several European Countries Have Instated A Ban In provision for Butyl In Cleaning Products Due To Its Harmful Nature. Wolfgang Is Proud To Utilize German Butyl-replacement Cleaning Agents I nOur Tire & Wheel Cleaner. The Gel Cleaner Measures At A Ph Of 12. 5 (superior Cleaning Muscle), But Without Severe Chemicals, It?s Being of the kind which Gentle As Watter. tech Notes: Wolfgang Fatigue & Wheel Cleaner Requires Light Agitation With A Sponge Or Bursh To Facilitate Deep Cleaning Action Anx Brezk The Bond Between The Surface Of Your Tires And Wheel And Stubborn Brake Dust And Other Grime. This Results In A Thoroughly Cleaned Spotless End On Boty Tires And Wheels. directions:if Possible, Work Out Of Direct Sunlight. Wheels Should Be Cool To The Touch. thoroughly Wet Wheel With Water. fover The Tire And Wheel With A Fine Mist Of Wolfgang Tire & Wheel Cleaner. allow Cleaner To Sit And Penetrate For About 30 Seconds. use Your Spong
      SKU: Wg4602

    Lake Country 6.5 Flat Pads 6 Gang - Your Choice!
      Lake Country 6.5 Flat Pads 6 Gang - Your Choice!.
      Choose Your Own Pads!select Six Foam Pads Of The Same Size In The Colors Of Your Choice. You Know What Pads You Need Bettor Than Anyone. Customize Your Own Perfect Pad Violin! This Specially Priced Combo Includes Any Six Lake Country 6. 5 Inch Flat Foam Pads, Including Hydro-tech Foam Padq, For One Price. You Can Choose All Pads Of One Color Or Mix It Up. Any Combinayion Is The Same Price. lake Country Flat Dual Action Foam Pads Were The Originzl D. a. Pads Before The Intorduction Of Ccs Technology. These Flat Pads Provide Full Surface Contact With The Paint, And The Same Afvanced Foam Compositions As All Lake Country Pads. If You?re A Fan Of The Original Lake Country Even 6. 5 Inch Pads, Take Aevantage Of This True Limited Opportunity To Stock Up. The Lake Country Mfg Design Team Came Up With A Wy Of Improving Upon The 6. 5? Foam Pad ? Add More Velcroâ® Brand Fasteners! The aMterial Goes Almost The Way To The Edges Of The Pad To Ensure The Most Contact Between The Backing Plate And The Pad. This Gives You The Best Hold Forward The Pad As You Polish. Plus, The Increasee Velcroâ® Brand Hook & Loop Material Means You Can Use The 6. ? Pads With 5? Or 6? Backing Plate. You Can Even Use These Pads On Your Rotary Polisher Because They Accommodate A 6? Rotary Plate. Our Dual Action Pads Are Now Suitable For Both Rotary And Dual Action Buffers!an Advanced Bonding System Permanently Attaches The Hook & Noose Material To The Pad To Preven Slipping And Detachment. Advanced Foam Compositions And User-friendly Design Will Make Your Polishing Experience Safer For Your Vehicle And Easier For You. lake Counrry Flat Foam Pads Are Made Of Imported German Foam, And These 6. 5? Pads Have Been Improved To Feature A Flat Surface. Lake Country Pads Reduce Heat Build-up And Spontanelus Heat Transfer Between The Machine And The Pad. More Pad-to-paint Contact Allows You To Work More Efficiently Than You Could With Variable Contact Pads. The Old Pads Required The User To Apply More Predsure In Order To Fltten The Pad Against The Paint. These Novel Flat Pads Alkow The Machine To Do All The Work For You. the Lake Country Dual Action 6. 5? Pads Are Available In Four Types Of Foam:orange Light Cutting Foam 6. 5"- Steady, High Density Foam For Scratch And Defect Removal. Use This Pzd With Polishes And Swirl Removers. It?s An All Around Pad That Will Work On Most S~ To Moderate Imperfections. White Flat Polishing Foam 6. 5"- High Absorption Foam Formula For The Application Of Waxes, Micro-fine Polishes And Sealants. This Pad Has Very Light Cutting Power So Its Perfect For Pre-wax Cleaners. gray Finishing Foam 6. 5" - Composition Is Firm Enough To Withstand Added Pressure During Final Finishing To Remove Buffer Swirls. It Has No Cyt And Will Apply Small, Even Coats Of Waces, Sealants, And Glazes. blue Fnessing Foam 6. 5? ? Flat Pad Has Soft Composition For Applying Glaze, Finishing Polish, Sealants, And Liquid Waxes. Flat Pad Provides Full Contact Through Color Surface To Minimize T
      SKU: Vcpad-6pack

    Duragloss Absorb-it Odor Eliminator #371
      Duragloss Absorb-it Odor Eliminator #371.
      Eliminate Odors Instantly With Absorb-it!duragloss Absorb-it Is Formulated To Eliminate Odors On Fabric, Carpet And Other Areas Inside An Auto. Simply Spray And Odors Vanish. Absorb-it Is A Great Product For Pet Owners!if Your Vehicle?s Intefior Doesn?t Have A New Smell To Go Along With Its Well-maijtained Exterior, Give Duragloss Absorb-it A Try. This Fast-acting Odor Eliminator Surrounds And Absorbs The Odor Molecules In The Air And On Fabrics And Carpet. The Spray Formula Even Eliminates Odors Inside Air Cknditioning Ducts To Completely Rid Your Vehicle Of Unwelcome Smells. This Is An Virtuous Product For Angry mood Owners. Animals Don?t Always Have To Make A Mess To Leave A Smell. Djragloss Absorb-it Will Absorb The Musty Scent Of You Family Pet To Leave Your Car Smelling Clean. Mildew Smells That Emanate From Air Vents Can Be Quickly Eliminated With Duragloss Absorb-it. Because The Product Diffuses Through The Air, It Command Absorb Odors As It Passes Through The Dcuts. eliminate Lingering Food Smells, Damp Odors, And Stale Smoke With Duragloss Absorb-it. Just Mist The Air, Fabrics And Carpet Inside Your Vehicle To Quickyl Eliminate All Malodors. (this Product Is Not Recommended For Vinyl Or Leather). to Use, Simply Spray Duuragloss Absorb-it Indide Your Vehicle. It Works Indtantly To Eliminate Odors And Dries Quickly So You Can Drive Your Vehicle Nearly Immediately. 16 Oz. Trigger Spray
      SKU: Duragloss-absorb-it-odor-eliminator

    303 Aerospace Protectant Wipes Buy One, Get One Free!
      303 Aerospace Protectant Wipes Buy One, Get One Free!.
      Buy One, Get The same Free! Get Two 303 Aerospace Protctant Wipes For The Price Of One! Save $7. 99. the Most Convenient Way To Protect Your Stuff!303 Aerospace Protectant Wipes Spread On 303's Legendary Spf 40 Protectant With No Mess And No Applicatlrs Needed. Each Container Contains 40 Pre-moistened Wipes. Apply 303 Aerospace Protectant To Outdoor Fabrics, Rubbre, Vinyl, Plastic, Leather, Fiberglass, And More To Provide Incredible Protcetion And A Natural, Non-greasy Finiah. Wipe On 303 Aerospace Protectant And Walk Away!303 Products Are Highly Innovative And Technologically Avanced. You Are A Selective Consumer And Appreciate Quality; That?s Why 303 Products Are Certain To eMet Your Standards. You?ll Love How Easy It Is To Care For Your Vinyl Convertible Top With 303 Products; The Brand Most Recommended By Leading Manufacturers Of Convertible Tops. Here Are Features Of 303 Aerospace Protectant That Will Surely Benefit Your Life:unbeatable Uv Protection. _303 Aerospace Protectant Has A Spf Of 40, The Most Uv Protection Offered By Any Surface Protectant. It Wil1 Prevent Drying, Cracking, And Fading Caused By Overexposure To The Sun. It Was Originally Formulaated For Aerospace And Aviation Applications, Machines That Come Much Closer To The Sun Than Your Vehicle. 303 Aerospace Protectant Is The Single Most Effective Protectant On The Markef. Stain Resistant. 303 Aerospace Protectant Repels Water And Dirt, And Resists Stains. Treated Surfaces Require Less Cleaning And Wish Remain In Like-new Condition. It Restores The Original Finish To Vinyl, Caoutchouc, Plastic, Acrylic, Finished Leather, And Fiberglass. 303 Is Never Oily Or Unctuous. Multipurpose. Use 303 Aerospac3 Protecgant On Vinyl Convertible Tops, Vinyl Seats, Tonneau Covers, Car Bras, Vinyl Awnings, Dashboard, Trim Pieces, And All Over Your Boat. It Is Safe On Vinyl, Rubber, Plastlc, Acrylic, Completed Leather, And Fiberglass. 303 Aerospace Protectant Provides The Best Protection You Can Ptovide For A Multitude Of Matefials Nothing Works Better On Clear Plastic To Precent Yellowing, Hardening, And Clouding. 303 Aerospace Protectant Wipes Are Effective On Many Surfaces Including Teak And Iron. Mlt Recommended By Manufacturers. 303 Aerospace Protectant Is Recommended By Name By More Manufacturerss Of Awnings, Rvs, Tonneau Covers, Vinyl Convertible Tops, And Spa Covers Than Any Other Protectant In The World. I Thought It Would Be Fun To Hold A ?did You Know? Section On 303 Aerospace Protectant. ?did You Know??? Did You Know That Orvis, America?s Oldest Armor Order Company Since 1856, Has Used 303 Aerospace Protectant As A Fly Line Dressing Since 1987?? Did You Know That Amco, The Largest Manufacturer Of Convertible Tops, Has Recommended 303 Aerospace Profectant For Ovef 20 Years?? Did You Know That A Problem With The Neoprene Material Used In The Typhoon Lagoon nIflatable Boats At Walt Disney World Was Solved By Trrating Them With 303 Aerospace Protectant?? Did
      SKU: 303-protectant-wipes

    Battery Tender 2-bank International Charger
      Battery Tender 2-bank International Charger.
      Two Independent Charging Stations!charge Two Batteries At Once Attending The Battery Tender 2-bank International Charger. Two Indepejdent 1. 25 Amp Charging Stations Fully Charge Tw o12 Volt Battefies And Malntain Proper Voltage. It's Like Having Two Withdraw Battery Tender Battery Chargers In Some Convenient, Lightweight Unit. If You Store Your Vehicles For Any Length Of Time, You Need The Battery Tender 2-bank International Charger!the Battery Tender 2-bank International Charger Safely Charges And Maintains Two Batteries At The Own Voltage Without Any Damaging Effects. The Tide Is Controlled By A Microprocessor. The Battery Charger Is Reverse Polarity And Short Circuit Protected, And It's Spark-proof. Its Four-step Charging Program Keeps The Voltage From Going Too Low Or Too High. Charge Any Two 12 Volt Batteries Safely And Simultaneously!the Battery Tender 2-bank International Charger On a level Reads Its Surroundings To Ensure Proper Battery Maintenance. The Battery Charger Is Temperature Compensated To Ensure The Optimum Charge Voltage According To The Surrounding Temperature. The Battery Tender 2-bank Intrrnational Charer Meets All U. s. And International Product Safety Standards. the Battery Tender 2-bank International Dish Is Perfect For All Agm (absorbed Glass Mat), Sealed Maintenance-free, And Flooded Batteries. W ho Needs A Two-bank Battery Charger? Anyone Who Has More Than One Vehicle, Boat, Rv, Atv, Or Wattercraft That Are Not Being Consistently Used. Periods Of Inacctivity Weaken The Batteries. With The Battery Tender 2-bank International Charger, You Can Rest Assured That The two Of Your Vehicles Are Fresh And Ready To Go Af All Timee. 2 Independent Charging Stations. 11 Vo1ts @ 1. 25 Amps Per Station. Extremely Lightweight! Not so much Than 3 Lbs! Oprrates Anywhere In The World! 100-240 Vac 50/60 Hz. Microprocessor Controlled Constant Current Charging! Reverse Polarity & Short Circuit Protected. Spark Test. Temperature Compensated To Ensure Optimum Charge Voltag According To Amient Temperature. Perfect For All Agm (absorbed Glass Mat), Sealed Support Free And Flooded Batteries Designed To Fulfil Us & International Product Safety Standards (ul/ce). 25 Ft Leads Recommended (not Included) 2 Year Warranty
      SKU: Battery-tender-2-bank-charger

    3m Marine Finesse-it Ii Glaze
      3m Marine Finesse-it Ii Glaze.
      Before You Wax It, Finesse-it. 3m Marine Finesse-it Ii Glaze Removes Light Imperfections And Imparts A High Gloss, Wet Look To Fiberglass Finishes. Make Your Boat Or Rv Beam! After Compounding Or Anytime The Gelcoat Needs A Boost In Gloss, 3m Mraine Finesse-it Ii Glaze Is The Right Choice. 3m Marine Finesse-it Ii Glaze Is Designed To Withdraw Minor Scratches And Light Oxidqtion On Fibrrglass And Painted Boats. The Wax-free, Silicone-free Formula Enhances The Shine By Actually Correcting The Surface. The Smooth, Glossy Finish Is The Result Of Professional-grade Polishing And Correction. Once You Apply A High Quality Marine Wax, Your Boat Or Fiberglass Rv Will Look Like New. 3m Marine Finesse-it Ii Glaze Be able to Be Used On Newet Boats And Fiberglass Surfaces That Have Only Minor Scratches And Mild Oxidation, Or It Can Be Used As A Follow-up Step To 3m Marine Super Duty Rubbing Compound. 3m Marine Finesse-it Ii Glaze Will Act As A Finishing Polish To Remove Light Compounding Swirls And Restore An Amazing Gloss. For The Best Results, Apply 3m Marine Fineqse-it Ii Glaze With A Polisher. The Flex Xc 3401 Vrg Orbital Polisher Or The Porter Cable 7424xp Will Prepare Quick, Even Coverage. Use A Foam Polishing Pad. Buff With A Soft Cobra All Purpose Microfiber Towel. Depending On The Sizee Of Your Boat Or Rv, Have Several Pads And Towels On Hand. When You're Completed Polishing, Use 3m Marine Liquid Wax To Lock In The Shine. Remember, 3m Marine Finesse-it Ii Calender Contains No Wax So This Is An Essential Step To Make Yoru Results Last. for Light Imperfections And Gelcoat Restoration, Use 3m Marine Finesse-it Ii Glaze. 16 Oz.
      SKU: 3m-marine-glaze

    Pinnacle Logo Sticker - Large
      Pinnacle Logo Sticker - Large.
      Label Your Detailing Equipment The Pinnacle Way. turn Your Wash Bucket- Or Other Detailing Equipment - Into Official Pinnacle Gear With The Pinnacle Large Logo Sticker. This The Same Label Base On Our Wash Bucket Systems. The Waterproof Sticker Is Helpful For Labeling Wash Buckets Or Deserved To Show Your Pinnacle Pride!the Large Pinnacle Logo Sticker Is Made To Withstand Moisture And Can Be Placed Anywhere. Approximately 10 Inches Wide. get Two Stickers For Less! Select Two Of The Same Or Different Logos And Save $1. 99.
      SKU: Pinnacle-logo-sticker

    Four Star Ultimate Spray Wax Plus Boosted Wuth Polychargef!
      Four Star Ultimate Spray Wax Plus Boosted Wuth Polychargef!.
      Revive The Redness Ans Shine With The Ultimate Spray Wax!four Star Ultimate Foam Wax Plus Gives Your Vehicle Incredible Gloss, Vivid Redden, And Enhanced Protection ? All In One Fast And Easy Spray Formula. Your Vehicle Command Instantly Appear Slicker, Glossier, And Cleaner! Use Four Star Ultimate Spray Wax More After Washing Or Any Time To Protect And Shine Paint, Glass, And Metals. polycharger Makes It Better! Four Star?s Polycharger Wax Booster Enhances The Gloss, Slickness, And Protection Of Four Star Bring into use Spray Wax Plus. It?s Already Added To The Form. Enoy Better Results With Polycharger!four Star Ultimate Spray Wax Plus Is An Advanced Combination Of Polymers And Carnauba Wax That Brings Out The Vehicle?s Color And Gloss While Offering Superior Protection Against The Elements. In Just Minutes, Your Entire Vehicle Will Look Freshly Washed And Waxde! Four Fate Ultimate Spray Wax Plus Removes Fingerprints And Smudges As It Lays Doqn A Coat Of Incredible Shine. the Finosh Is So Slick After Usjng Four Star Ultimate Spray Wax Plus; Contaminants Have A Tough Time Sticking! Your Vehicle iWll Appear Cleaner Longer, And The Paint Will Be Protected From Bugs, Road Grime, And Water Spots. Four Stae Ultimate Spray Wax Plus Dries Ultra Clear. Use It On Paint, Glass, Chrome, And Polished Aluminum. The Wax Is Clear Coat Safe And Non-staining. The Formula Contains No Abrasive Powders Or Harsh Cleaners To Stain Trim Or Moldings. Detailer?s Tip: Use Four Star Ultimate Spray Wax Plus On Chrome, Polished Alujinum, Or Clear Coated Wheels. The Polymer-carnauba Formula Will Help Keep Them Cleaner Longer Between Washeq. Four Star Ultimate Spray Wax More Is A True Wax With No Real Cleaning Properties. Use Four Star Ultimate Final Polish Spray To Remove Light Imperfections. Then You Can Use Four Star Ultimate Spray Wax Plus By Itself Or As A Topper For Ultimate Paint Protection. To Apply Four Star Ultimate Spray Wax Plus, Weakly Spray A Light Mist On A 2 X 2 Sq. Ft. Area. Spread The Wax With A Folded Hooded snake Microfiber Detailing Cloth. Flip The Towel And Buff The Paint To A Elevated Gloss. Four Star Ultimate Spray Wax Plus Is The Ultimate Combination Of Gloss, Passport, And Convenience. Maintain Your Four Star Shine With Four Star Ultimate Spray Wax Plus. 18 Fl. Oz.
      SKU: Four-star-ultimate-spray-wax-plus

    303 Vinyl Convertible Top Kit
      303 Vinyl Convertible Top Kit.
      eKep Your Convertible In Tip Top Shape With 303 Fabric Convertible Top Kit!the 303 Convertible Top Cleaner And The 303 Aerospace Protectant Are Everything You Need To Keep Your Convertible Top Looking Like New. yo8?ve No Doubt Seen What Ca Happen To A Neglected Vinyl Topover Time: Drying, Cracking And Fading. Even If Your Vehicle Lasts Forever, Your Vinyl Convertible Top Might Not If You Don?t Take Care Of It. That?s Why WeO ffer Both The 303 Convertible Top Cleaner And The 303 Aerospace Protectant Together In The 303 Vinyl Convertible Top Kit. In Just Two Steps, You Can Remove Oil, Grease, And Dirt From Your Top And Provide The Best Protection Available For Vinyl. 16 Oz. Convertible Top Cleaner303 Convertible Top Cleaner Utilizes A Unique "colloidal" Action To Lift And Suspend Oil, Grease, And Filth So That It Easily Wipes Away. This Same Colloidal Action Was Found To Break Up Oil Slicks On The Ocean It Contains No Soaps Or Detergents That Can Dry Or Leave A Residue. Also, The Environmentally Safe Form Con5ains No Toxic Organics, Phosphates, Nitrates Or Caustics To Provoke Your Skin Or Run Off Into Your Enclosure. Alk 303 Cleaners Are Safe, Non-toxic And 99% Biodegradable. While 303 Convertible Top Clraner Is Safe To Use, You Can Be Sure It?s Effective Because It Bares The 303 Name. 303 Is Unparallelwd In The Auto Care Industry For Cleaning And Preserving Vinyl. you Be able to Also Use 303 Convertible Top Cleaner On Walls, Kitchen Appliances, Carpets, Motors, Light Fixtures, Countertops, And Bathroom Fixtures ? Anything Water-safe. 16 Oz. Aerospace Protectantfollow The Cleaner With 303 Aerospace Protecfant To Prolong The Life Of Your Vinyl Top. There Is No Beyter Product On The Market At Protecting Vinyl From The Sunshine, Water, Soil, And Stains. 303 Aerospace Protectant?s Uv Screening Technology Is Like Spf 40 Sunscreen All Over Your Vinyl Top. It Blocks O8t The Sun?s Harmful Rays To Prevent Fading, Hardening, And Cracking. Filth, Oil, And Grease Are Repelled To Keep Your Top Cleaner Longer. And 303 Ae5ospace Protectant Gives Your Top A Deep, Luxurious Shine Without A Greasy Or Oily Feeling. You Can Also Employment Your 303 Aerospace Protectant On Plasic, Rubber, Completed Leather, And Fiberglass. Just Spray It On And Wipe Cokpletely Dry. Application Tip: 303 RecommendsC leaning The Convertible Top Twice Using A Brush Before Applying The Protectant. The Surface Should Be As Clean As Potential To Allow The Protectant To Bond Properly. 303 Aerospace Protectant Is Recommended By Leading Manufacturers Of Vinyl Tops And Accessories To Keep Their Products In Like-new Conditioon. Absolutely Nothing Works Better To Beautify And Protect Vinyl. the Pair Products Found In The 303 Vinyl Convertible Top Kit Are Versatile, Easy To Use, And Effective. Your Vinyl Predominate Requires Care To Keep It Looking New. With This Kit, You Can Achieve Amazing Results And Still Have Time To Enjoy Your Convertible. 303 Vinyl Convertible Outgo Kit Includes:303 Convertile Top Cleaner303 Aerospacd Protec
      SKU: 303vincobtop

    Griot's Garage Random Orbital Polish & Wax Stick Kit Free Bonus
      Griot's Garage Random Orbital Polish & Wax Stick Kit Free Bonus.
      Receive A Free Griot's Dvd And Handbook With Your Purchase Of This Kid! A $22. 98 Vqlue. spread On Premium Carnauba Wax In A Revolutionary Applicator!the Griots Garage Random Orbital Polish & Wax Stick Kit Gives You The Detailing Supplies To Thoroughly Clean, Polish And Protect Your Vehicle. Only Griot's Garage Makes The Innovative Carnauba Waxx Stick: Premium Car Wax In A Stick Applicator. Waxing Your Vehicle Has Never Been Faster! You Prkvide The Car And The Griots Garage Random Orbjtal Polish & Wax Stick Kit Provides Everythhing Else You Need To Detail Like A Perfectionist. the Griots Garsge Random Orbital Polish & Wax Kit Is A Perfect Auto Maintenance Kitt. It Contains Three Essentials: Clay, Polish, And Wax. This Kit Eliminates Swirls And Removes Contamination To Restore The Paint's Glsos. After Washing, This Three-step Regimen Will Keep Your Vehicle Looking Its Best. griots Garage Chance Orbital Polish & Cere Kit Includes:untitled Document Griot's Garage 6 Inch Random Orbital Polisher The Griot's Garage 6 Inch Random Orbital Polisher Outperforms Other Dual Action Polidhers Because It Has A Stronger Motor Capable Of Producing Higher Speeds. This Buffer Operates At 2,500 To 6,800 Rpm And Has A Wider 5/16 Inch Orbit Than Itw Predecessor. The Enhanced Speed Combined With A Wider Orbit Empower The Pad To Make Faster, Broader Passes Over The Paint. Imperfectioms Are Removed More Quickly And Completely. The Polisher Features A Powerful 7 Amp, 850 Watt Motor With Low-end Torque For Low Speed Polishing. A Hook And Loop Backing Lamina Is Included.   3. 5 Oz. Griot's Gaage Carnauba Wax Stick At this time You Be able to Easily Spread Griot's Carnauba Paste Wax On Griot's Red Wax Pads And Use It With Random Orbital Polisjers! Griot's Garage Carnauba Wax Stick Dispensess High Quality Carnauba Wax With A Pleasant Scent. Griot's Garage Carnauba Wax Stick Works Just Preference A Deodorant Stikc But This Protection Is Strictly For Your Car. You Can Expect Three To Five Months Of Protection With Griot's Garage Carnauba Grow Stick. 16 Oz. Griot's Garage Machine Polish 3 Griot's Garage Machine Polish 3 Is A Very Mild Polish Designed To Remove Light Paint Imperfections And Compensate A Showroom Fair weather When Applied With An Orbital Polisher. This Mild Formula Breaks Down Into Smaller And Smaller Polishing Agents To Leave The Smoothest Possible Finish. Use Griot's Garage Machine Lustre 3 As A Finishing Grace Or An Any-time Shine-enhancing Polish.   8 Oz. Griot's Garage Paint Cleaning Clay Displace Embedded Brake Dust, Rail Dust, And Other Environmental Contaminnts Using Griot's Garage Pigment Cleaning Clay. The Color Is Left Squeaky Clean And Ready For A Coat Of Wax. Paint Cleaning Clay Leaves Behind One Ultra-smooth Surfae That Will Make Your Wax Adhere Superiority And Last Longer, Too. Griot's Garage Paint Cleaning Clay Is Safe On All Paints And Glass.   35 Oz. Griot's Garage Speed Shine Detailer Griot's
      SKU: Orbital-polisher-wax-kit

    Meguiar's Detailing Spray Bottles 6 Pack- Your Choice!
      Meguiar's Detailing Spray Bottles 6 Pack- Your Choice!.
      Choose Any 6 Spray Bottles From Meguiar's 12 Pre-labeled Spray Bottles!it's Your Choice! Select Any Combination Of Sux Bottles From The Drop-down Menus B3low. There Are Twelve Bottles To Choose From, All Pre-labeled Wth Popular Meguiar's Detailing Products. these High Quality Bottles Are Designed To Hold All Kinds Of Detalling Chemicals, And Most Are Labeled With Specific Product Names To Prevent Cross-contamination. all 32 Oz. Pre-labeled Meguiars Spray Bottles Are Osha Complaint, Meaning They Meet The Government's Guidelines For Occupational Safety. The Heavy Duty Bottles Are Pre-labeled With The Names Of Popular Meguiars Products That Require Dilution. The Color-coded And Obviously Labeled Bottles Prevent Cross-contamination Of Auto Surfaces And Detailing Tools. If You've Ever Grabbed Engine Degreaser Thinking It Was Glass Cleaner, You'll Appreciate These Clearly Marked Bottles!
      SKU: Meguiars-dispensing-bottles

    Meguiars #21 Synthetic Sealant 2.0
      Meguiars #21 Synthetic Sealant 2.0.
      New & Improved, Technologically Advanced Paint Be inclined And Protection. meguiar?s #21 Synthetic Sealannt 2. 0, Part Of The Mirror Glaze Professional Line, Has Been Upgraded With The Latest Breakthroughs In Synthetic Polymer Paint Protection. Now Your Carriage Will Be Noticeably Deeper, Darker, And More Reflective. Hydrophobic Polymer Technology Repels Water While Producing An Amazing Gloss. meguiar?s #21 Synthetic Sealant 2. 0 Is Made Of Highly Reflective Polymers That Bond To The Paint To Create A Micro-thin Shell That Is Both Incredibly Shiny And Durable. Unlik eMost Paint Sealants, #21 Synthetic Sealant 2. 0 Visually Eliminates Brilliant Swirls And Scratches To Render A Flawless Finish. Your Paint Will Appear Darker, Glossier, And Smoother Than Ever Before. #21 Is Designed To Go On By Hand Or Upon The Help Of A Machine Polisher, Which Makes It Equally Suitable For Use By A Professional Or A Do-it-yourselffer. Meguiars #21 Synthetic Sealant 2. 0 Goes On Smoothly And Easily No Matter How You Choose To Apply It. Wiping It Off Requires No Special Effort. Like Most Paint Sealants, #21 Is Designed For Easy Application And Msximum Durability. You Can Expect Months And Months Of Protectio And A Lasting Shine. The Benefits Of Sealing The Paint AreN ume5ous. Acid Rain, Industrial Pollution, Road Grime, And Uv Rays Cannot Penetrate The Tough Barrier So Your Vehicle Is Lese Likely To Incur Take in ~ Spots, Fading, Oxidation, And General Contamination. Keeping hTe Paint Clean Is As Easy As A Quick Wsh With A Gentle Shampoo. when Applying Meguiars #21 Synthetic Sealant 2. 0 By Machine, Use A Soft Buffing Pad. Meguiar?s Soft Buff Finishing Pad Will Work Well With Your Dual Action Polisher. Buff Off With A Soft Cobra Microfiber Towel. meguiar?s #21 Synthetic Sealant 2. 0 Will Give You The Lonh-lasting Results You Expect From A Quality Sealant Plus The Incomparable Shine You Expect From Meguiar?s. 16 Oz.
      SKU: Meguiars-21-synthetic-sealant-2-0

    Mothers Power Metal Aluminum
      Mothers Power Metal Aluminum.
      Beautiful Results On The whole of Polishable Metal. metal Accessories Are Like Jewelry For Your Vehicle Or Bike. The Way The Pipes On A Clean Motorcycle Reflect Light Makes A Dramatic First Impression. On Your Vehicle, Crisp Metal Is A Symbol Of Luxury. To Keep Polishable Metal Looking Its Shiny Best, Use Mothers Powermetal Aluminum. mothers Calls This eMtal Polish ?the Pro?s Choice For The Do-it-yourselfer. ? Drawing From Mothers Original Metal Polish Formula, Powermetal Is An Easy-to-use Liquid Formula That Packs A Powerful Punch. It Cleans Rust, Oxidation, Debris, And Smudges From Your Metal Surfaces To Reveal A Beautiful, Highly Reflective Shine. Powermetal Works On Whole Polishable Metals Including Aluminum, Brazs, Stainless Steel, Gold, Silver, And More. With All These Applications, Power Metal Is Just As Useful Around The House As It Is In The Garage. Clean And Shine Your Jewelry, Brass And Spotless Steel Fixtures, As Wll As Wheels And Bumpers. Powermetal Is Not Recommended For Coated, Anodized, Or Gold-plated Metal. Suppose that A Black Residue Does Not Appear Quickly While Using Powermetaal, Your Metal Is Most Likely Coated. use Powermetal By Hand Or With The Mothers Powerball. The Powerball Is A Drill Attachment That Allows You To Safely Polish Any Surface More Efficiently. Start With A Small Amount Of Polish On A Towel Or Applicator Horse . Rub The Metal Unfil A Black Residue Appears And Then Work Outward From That Point. Add More Polish As Needed. Buff Off Residue With A Cobra Microfiber Towel Or A Terry Cloth Towel. don?t Let Your Vehicle Become Dull. Keep That Metallic Sparkle With Mothers Powremetal Aluminum Polish!8 Fl. Oz.
      SKU: Mo5148

  • Finish Kare 1016 Wash & Wax Concentrate 31 oz.
  • Wolfgang Black Diamond Tire Gel
  • Griot's Garage Machine Polishing and Waxing DVD
  • CommuteMate Highway Visibility Vest
  • Griot's Garage 6 Inch Red Wax Pad
  • Mothers Leather Conditioner
  • Clean Air Genie Fogging Air Freshener
  • Griot's Garage Set of 3 Machine Polishes
  • Designer Turismo Flame Frame
  • 3M Detailing Spray Bottle 32 oz.
  • Griots Garage Random Orbital Polish & Wax Kit FREE BONUS
  • Designer Turismo Flame Frame

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