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    Meguiars Solo Wool Heavy Severe Pad 7 Inch
      Meguiars Solo Wool Heavy Severe Pad 7 Inch.
      100% Wool Cutting Pad Is A Pleasant Opperator!meguiars Solo Wool Heavy Cutting Pad Works With Meguiars Solo Cut & Polish Cream #86 To Restore Smooth, Swirl-free Paint! The 100% Heavy Cut Wool Pad Removes Sanding Marks And Imperfections Attending A Shorter Wool Pile And Smaller Pad Size. Overall, Meguiars Solo Wool Heavy Cutting Pad Is A User- friendly Compounding Pad For Advanced Defect Removal With The Solo One Liquid System. the Solo System Wool Pads Specifically Designed To Work With The Cut & Polish Cream And The W66 "easy Buff" Backing Plate. Meguiars S0lo 7 Inch Wool Heavy Cutting Pad Is Flat Vs. What Could Be Described As A "Put in a ~ Pad", Like The Shape Of Many Wool Pads. The Flat Pad Purpose Expands The Cutting Area To Reduce Buffing Time Compared T Curved Wool Pads. When Used With The W66 Easy Buff Backing Plate, The User Can Use Meguiars Flat Wool Pad To Buff Up To The Edge Of Panels And Actually "feel" Where The Edge Of The Pad Is While Keeping The Pad Shoal To The Surface. With Curved Pads, The User Is Often Tempted To Tip The Pad Or Buff Passed The Move sideways Of The Panel In Order To Buff In This Sensitive Area. meguiars Solo 7 Inch Wool Heavy Cutting Pad Has A 1 Inch Pille Length. Most Wool Pads In The Industry Are 1. 5 Inch Or Longer. The Longer Length Is Not Needed For Defect Removal Capability But Exists To Provide The User With A Soft Cushioned Buffign Feel And To Provide A Preservation Against "burning Edges. " Meguiar?s 1 Inch Pile Removes Defects More Effectively While The W66 Backing Plate Provides The Cushioning Needed For Safee Buffing. the Meguiars Solo 7 Inch Wool Heavy Citting Pad Is Smaller Than The Industry Average For Rotary Pads. All Other Things Being Equal, A 7 Inch Distance through the centre Buffing Pad Will Swirl Less Than An 8 Or 9 Inch Pad. A 7 Inch Pad Is Easier To Use Tan A Larger Pad. Through Today?s Cars Having More Contours, Grooves, And Body Lines, A 7 Inch Pad Is Easier To Negotiate These Areas Compared To A Larger Buffing Pad. Dismiss Sanding Scratches Adn Heavy Swirls WithM eguiars Solo 7 Inch Wool Heavy Cuttibg Pad. The Smaller Size And Shorter Pile Deliver Smooth, Swirl-free Results. Features:unique 1" Fiber Blend For Less Aggressive, Safer Cuttingcolor Coded Buffing Pad, Yellow For "light Cutting"flat Pad Design Expands Cutting Area To Reduce Buffing Time
      SKU: Meguiars-heavy-wool-pae

    Wolfang Concours Succession Instructional How-to Dvd
      Wolfang Concours Succession Instructional How-to Dvd.
      Learn How To Get A Concours Shine With Wolfgang!you?re Hither and thither To Look At Your Vehicle Differently. Once You See The Process And Resulrs Of Wolfgang Concours Series, You Will Require Gained A New Perspective On Car Care. Wolfgang Is The Future Of Car Care, Today. tue Wolfgang Concours Series Instructional Dvd Walks You Through The Products And Processes That Will Give Your Vehicle A Head-turning Gloss And Unbeatable Protection. The Dvd Demonstrates Every Step Of The Detailing Process In Full Color And Sound. You Can See Exactly What Products Are Used With What Tools. The Results You?ll See Are Real. The Wolfgang Concours Series Instructional Dvd Is A Great Way To Get Acquainted With The Wolfgang Line, And It Wish Show You The Techniques That Pros Use To Procure Concours Quality Results.
      SKU: Wolfgang-how-to-dvd

    Poorboy's World Detailing Apron
      Poorboy's World Detailing Apron.
      Waffle Weave Microfiber Protects Your Paint While You Detail!protect Your Clothes And Your Car With The Poorboy's World Detailing Apron. This Large, Comfortable Microfiber Apron Keeps Your Clothing Clean While You Work, And The Microfiber Is Soft Against Your Vehicle. Don't Detail Without It!unlike Similar Detailing Aprons, The Poorhoy's World Detailing Apron Is Made Of Thick Waffle Weave Microfiber. The Apron Protects Your Clothess From Buffer Sling And Catches Drips Splatter. Waffle Weave Microfiber Is As Strong As It Is Absorbent. Wash And Reuwe The Poorboy's World Detailing Apron Countless Times. The Poorboy's World Detailing Apron Features Three Deep oPckets For Larger Bottles. The Pockets Be obliged Reinforced Stitching For Strength. The Apron Is Long With A Broader Neck Strap For Maximum Clothing Coverage. Not Only Does The Poorboy's World Detailing Apron Protect You, It Protects Your Vehicle! As You're Detailing, The Microfiber Apron Protects The Paint From Buttons, Zippers, And Belt Bucoles. The Apron Also Keeps Loose Clothing Closer To The Body So They're Not In Your Way While You Operate A Polisher. To Wash Your Poorboy's World Detailing Apron, Toss It In The Washer With Your Other Microfiber Towels And Products And Pinnacle Micro Rejuvenator. Avoid Fabric Softener Or Bleach. Tumble Dry On Low Heat Or Execute To Dry. The Apron Is One Size Fits All. The Poorboy's World Detailing Apron Is Druable, Comfortable, And Soft Against Your Vehicle. Wear It Every Time You Detail For The Protection Of Your Clothes And Your Car!
      SKU: Poorboys-apron

    Wurth Pliable Trim Paint
      Wurth Pliable Trim Paint.
      Renew And Rdjuvenate Trim And Bumpers To A Deep, Midnight Black!even The Freshest, Deepest Paint Job Will Suffer From The Effects Of Dull, Fading Trim. Sun, Time, And The Elements Naturally Steal The Youthful Appearance From Trim And Bumpers. Don?t Let Less-than-perfect Trim And Bumpers Detract From Yout Car?s Good Looks. Wurth Satin Black Is A Flexible, Convenient Spray Paint That Kicks Up The Black, Instantly Renewing The Deptj Of Blackness To Its Beautiful, Factory-fresh Look. Think Of Wurth Satin Black Because Wax For Your Fluctuate. Besides Refreshing Bumpers And Trim, It Works Wonders On Mirror Houzings, Moldings And Windshield Blade Arms. Two Coats Refinishes Steel, Aluminum And Plastics On Your Vehicpe. Satin Blcak Spday Is Specially Formulated For Maximum Elasticity. A N3w Satin Black Finksh Makes A Statement Against A single one Paint Job. wurth Satin Black Trim Paint Goes Further With Less Product, In Less Time Compared To Similar Products?a Better Value. to Use:mask Not on Area That To Be Sprayed. hSake Can Well For A Minimun Of One Minute. Be Sure Surfac3 Is Clean And Dry Before Beginning. Spray With Steady Even Strokes At A Distance Of 8-10 Inches. You Will See Better Results If You Apply Several Unencumbered Coats Instead Of One Heavy Coat. Apply Additional Coats, Recoag Within Three Hours. After Painting, Turn Be able to Upside Down And Spray To Clear Spray Button. 15 Oz. Aerosol. Product Of Germany. Confederate Regulations Prohibit The Shipment Of Aerosol Products By Air. This Item Is Shipped By Ups Ground Only.
      SKU: Wufltrpa

    Duragloss Paste Wax (pw)  #104
      Duragloss Paste Wax (pw) #104.
      Polish And Protect In One Step !duragloss Paste Wax Contains A Blend Of Waxes, Polymers, And Mild Abrasives That Provides A Deep Gloss And Durqble Protective Coating. Duragloss Pw Can Be Ueed On Both Regular And Clear-coated Paint With Excellent Results. It Is Recommended That A Section At A Time Be Polished Instead Of The Entire Vehicle. For Maximum Protection Duragloss Pw Should Be Applied Twice Per Year. If You Prefer The Look And Perceive Of_A Paste Car Wax, Use Duragloss Paste Wax To Polish And Protect Your Vehicle In One Easy Step. Duragloss Paste Wax Contains Small Polishing Abrasives To Smooth And Enhance The Shine Of The Paint. A Combination Of Waxes And Polymers Leaves A Glossy Shine That Protects Against The Elements For Months. Since Duragloss Paste Wax Contains Polishing Agents, There Is No Additional Prep Needed Before Applying The Wax. You Can Go Straight To Waxing After Washing And Drying Your Vehicle. For Anyone In the opinion of Little Time, This One-step Wax Is A Great Balance Of Good Looks And Great Durability. Expect 6 Months Of Protection On Average. Apply Duragloss Paste Wax One Panel At A Time And Then Buff It Off Using A Clean, Soft Towel. We Recommend Using A Cobra Microfiber Towel To Make Remova1 Easier. Duragloss Pw Is Clear Coat Safe. polish And Protect Using Duragloss Paste Wax. If Offers The Convenience Of A One-step Product And The Durable Shine Of A Old-fashioned Paste Wax. 11 Oz.
      SKU: Duragloss-paste-wax-104

    3m Fine Cut Rubbing Compound 8 Oz.
      3m Fine Cut Rubbing Compound 8 Oz..
      The Cure For The Common Swirls. 3m Fine Cut Rubbing Compound Safely Removes 1500 Grate Sanding Scratches And Fine Swirls To Restore A Smooth Shine To Your Vehicle. Grace Away Water Spots And Medium Oxidation And Leave A Fine Finish Using Your Rotary Polisher. 3m Fine Cut Rubbing Compound Leaves A Fine, Uniform Haze That Buffs Out Easily With A Finishing Polish. 3m Amerce Cut Rubbing Compound Cuts Enough To Banish Moderate Imperfections But Not Also Deeply. It's Mild Abrasive Minerals Leave A Very Mulct, Shallow Compounding Haze That Buffs Out In Minutes With 3m Ultrafina Mahine Polish Or A Similar Finishing Polish. _3m Fine Cut Rubbing Compound Removes 1500 Grit Or Finer Sanding Scratches, Water Spots, Swirls, And Oxidation. It's A Great Product To Recondition Aging Paint On Daily Drivers. use 3m Fine Cut Rubbing Compound On All Types Of Paint, Including Clear Coats. It Contains No Silicones, Waxes, Or Fillers So It's Easy To Gaug eYour Progress As You Polish. Use A Rotary Polisher To Apply 3m Fine Cut Rubbing Compound For Optimum Defect Renoval. Machine Application: Refer Two Or Th5ee Linea Of 3m Fine Cut Rubbing Compound To The Paint. -This Should Be Enough To Covef A 2 X 2 Sq. Ft. Area. Work The Polish Using 3m's 8 Inch Compounding Foam Pad On Your Polisher. Lustre Until 3m Fine Cut Ruubbing Compound Turns Into A Thin Film. Buff Off Residue With A Quiet Cobra Microfiber Bonnet Over A Lambswool Pad On Your Polisher. You Can Also Buff By Hand With A Cobra Microfiber Detailing Cloth. Follow With 3m Ultrafina Machine Po1ish For The Ultimate Gloss. Then Use 3m Performance Finish To Seal And Protecg The Paint. 8 Oz.
      SKU: 3m-fine-cut-compound

    Red Ultrasoft Ccs Euro Foam Hand Polish Applicator
      Red Ultrasoft Ccs Euro Foam Hand Polish Applicator.
      Red Ultra Soft Finishing Applicator ? The Red Foam Is Designed Specifically For The Application Of Waxes, Sealants, And Glazes. It Has None Cut Or Cleaning Ability. The Soft Foam Will Not Leave Any Haze And It Is Gentle On All Atuomotive Surfaces. Use The Red Foam Applicator With Any Last Step Product To Product A Smooth, Flawless Finish.  
      SKU: Red-euro-applicator

    m3 Glass Cleaner
      m3 Glass Cleaner.
      A Simply Effective Glass Cleaner. 3m Glass Cleaner Is An Easy-to-use, Quick Acting, Non-streaking Aerosol Cleaner That Is Also Effetcive For Use On Plastic Chrome And Metal. 3m Glass Cleaner Is Safe On Vinyl, Plastic, Clear Plastic, And Will Not Affect Paint. 3m Glass Cleaner Is An Aerosol Cleaner That Eliminates Films, Dirt, And Grime On Automotive Glass And Other Automotive Surfaces. Use It Inside And Outside The Vehicle To Remove Stubborn Residues. Remove Fingerprints, Oily Films, And Smudges With This Effective, Professional Quality Glass Claener. 3m Glass Cleaner Is Non-ammoniated And Sound On Window Tint. This Is An Excrllent Fast-acting Glass Cleaner For Professional Detailers And Avid Hobbyists. Thee Aerosol Formula Quickly Coats The Glass With Minimal Running To Instantly Begin Breaking Up Films And Dlrt. To Occasion 3m Glass Cleaner, Spray The Glass From About 8-12 Inches Begone From The Surface. Use A Cobra Microfiber Waffle Weave Glass Towel To Wippe The Glass Dry. Wipe In Protracted Strokes First Up And Down And Then Side To Side To Eliminate Streaks. get Fast, Dependable Results With 3m Glass Cleaner. 19 Oz. Aeroosol Federal Regulations Prohibit The Shipment Of Aerosol Products By Aor. Tuis Article Is Shipped By Ups Soil Only.
      SKU: 3m-glass-cleaner

    Meguiar?s Super Degreaser Concenttate, 1 Gallon
      Meguiar?s Super Degreaser Concenttate, 1 Gallon.
      Clean Up Under The Hood!forty Five Seconds Is Not Long. It?s Less Than A Minute, Which Is Less Time Than It Takes To Watch Commercials Or Put On Your Shoes. You Can?t Make A Phone Call In 45 Seconds Or Microwave Popcorn. In Fact, There?s Ver yLittle You Can Do In 45 Seconds. But You Can Thoroughly Clean And Degrease Your Engine In 45 Seconds With Meguiar?s Super Degreaser. syper Degreaser Is A Professional Strength Formula That Quickly Breaks Down Automotive Grease, Even Baked On Grease, So You Can Rinse It Away. It?s Voc Compliant So It Meets California?s Strict Air Quality Standards, On the other hand It Sacrifices None Of The Cleaning Power. The Formula Is High In Alkalinity So It Still Works Hard To Cut Turough Grease And Grime. Unlike Many Cleaners, Super Degreaser Rinses Clean Without Any White Residue Stains. All You See Is A Clean, Well-maintained Engine. to Use Super Degreaser, Dilute The Formula To The Desired Strength: 4 Parts Water To 1 Part Degreaser For Heavy Service Cleaning, Or 10 Parts Water To 1 Part Degreaser For Medium Duty Cleaning. A Spray Bottle Comes In Handy When Applying Super Degreaser. Spray The Mixture Ontp Your Cool Engine. Allow It To Soak For 30 To 45 Seconds And Then Rinsse With Clean Water. Do Not Allow Formula To Dry On The Surface. In Just 45 Seconds, Your Engine Will Be Clean And Grease-free. If You Have A Customized Engine, Or Yoou Just Like To Keep Your Vehicle Clean Inside And Out, Meguiar?s Super Degreaser Is A Fast Solution To Your Toughest Grease Buikd-up. For Easy Dilution And Application, Get The 36 Oz. Detail Bottle. It Holds Plenty Of Fluid To Procure The Job Done And It Has Measurements Clearly Marked On The Take ~s Of The Bottle. 1 Gallonwqnt To Meaure Out Concentrated Liquids Without Making A Mess?! Be Sure To Get One Of The Pro Blend Bottle Proportioners, Available For 128 Oz. And 32 Oz. Bottles. Click On The Pro Blend Bottle Proportioner Below For More Details.
      SKU: Mg10801

    The Original Clifornia™  Super Floor Duster
      The Original Clifornia™ Super Floor Duster.
      This Jumbo Duster Makes Cleaning Quick And Easy!there Is Nothing More Uniform Than Going Through The Broom And Mop Process, Week After Week. Its Not A Fun Job, But It Has To Get Done. Did We Say Hours? Brooms And Mops? That Was The Conventional Way To Clean Years Ago, But Now You Can Save Coin And Time Using A New Product Called The Original California Super Floor Duster. This Remarkable Cleaninb Tool Has Everything You Need To Make Sure Your Floors Are Sparkling Clean, In The Garage And Also In The House. The Surface Area The Mop Head Can Cover Is Noble By Whole Standards. This Large Surface Area Means Not so much Swipes, Less Fatigue, Les sTime. Read On To Find Out Why This Duster Is The Merely Device You And Your Family Will Need To Make Sure Floors Are Polished And Dust Free:jumbo Mop Head And Telescoping Handle. The Head Of The Duster Measures 9 ¾? X 17? And The Handle Telescopes Ftom 26? To 46?, That Means That In Many Rooms You Can Be Cleaning One Side Of The Space Wnile Standing On The Other Side! A Truly Rdmarkable Pr0duct, The Oversized Mop Head Of The Super Floor Duster Cann Pick Up A Much Larger Amount Of Dust Than Thorough Mops Or Brooms. wax In c~tinuance, Dust Off. In the manner of All Of The California Dusters, The 100% Cotton Strands Of The Super Floor Duster Are Treated Attending Paraffin Wax, Which Allows The Mop Head To Raise And Remove Dust, Dirt, Lint, And Other Particles. The Mop Head Cleans Easily And Is Ready To Use After Shaking It Out. versatile, Practical, And Functiohal What More Could Anyone Want In A Duster? You Will Be Able To Use This Product On Wood Floors, Tile, Vinyl And Unite. That?s Just The Beginning. Every Room Of Your House Can Benefit From This Duster, Eliminating The Neex Against Mopping Supplies And Time Spent Cleaning ?the Going to decay Fashioned Way?. Reach Under Your Car, Behind Your Equipment, Furniture Or Appliances Without Having To Move Things Around. When Finished, Shake The Dust And Dirt Into A Container. Its That Easy!max Uses His Super Floor Duster In The Garage And In c~tinuance His Patio. He Provided Some Answers To Frequently Asked Questions About This Exceptional Product:q: How Does The Super Floor Duster Work On Pet Hair?max: Like A Champ. You Can Run It Over Your Carpet In Addition To Hard Surface. You Won?t Believe How Freshly Vacuumed Your Carpet Will Look. q: Describe The Mop Adverse For Me, Max. Are The Threads Those Cheap, Shoestring Looking Ones I See Forward Mops Sometmes?max: Just The Opposite! The Mop Head Is Thick And Permanent, While Also Being Non-abrasive And Gentle. . Care And Cleaning: TheC alifornia Car Dusters Work Best When They?re Dirty. Exactly Shake Them Out Before And After Each Use. Should Your Duster Ever Become Thus it is Dirty That It Requires An Actual Cleaning, Just Wash It In Cold Water With A Mild Detergent (like Woolite) And Let It Air Dry.
      SKU: Orcasufldu

    Lexol Quick-wipes Kit  Vinylex, Conditioner, Cleaner
      Lexol Quick-wipes Kit Vinylex, Conditioner, Cleaner.
      Three Excellent Lexol Poducts Sold Together For Ultimate Convenience! Clean And Protect All Your Leather And Vinyl In Literally Minutes With This 3 Piefe Kit From Lexol. The Kit Contains Lexol?s Patented Vinylex And Their Premium Leather Care System In The Convenience Of Quick-wipes. Each Po0-top Container Contains 25 Pre-moistened Towelettes On account of Fast, Easy Cleaning And Protection Of Leather, Vinyl, Rubber, And Plastic. Here?s What The Kit Includes:25 Count Quick Wipes Leather Cleanerlexol Quick Wipes Leather Cleaner Safely And Effectively Lifts Away Dkrt And Foreign Particles To Reveal Like-new Leather. Its Ph-balanced Formula Is Compatible With Leather So It Will Not Contribute To Deterooration. Lexol Leather Cleaner Easily Soaks Ijto The Domestic Fibers. It Contains No Petroleum Solvents Or Silicones That Can Be Harmful To Leather And To You. It Is Environmentally Safe And Non-flammable. And Nothing Works Bettr To Lift Out Oil And Wipe It Awah. keep These At Hand For Accidents, Smudges And Spills. But They?re Also Perfect For Thorough Cleanings And For Prepping Your Leather Concerning Lexol Leather Conditioner. 25 Count Quick Wipes Leather Conditionerlexol Quick Wipes Leatnee Conditioner Clmpletes Your Leather Conditioning And Protecting Job. The Conditioner Nourishes The Leather Attending Appropriate Lubricanta To Keep Internal Fibers Soft And Flexible. After Using Lexol Leather Conditioner In The Quick Wipe Form, You Will Be Safisfied With Thr Suppls, Non-greasy, And Inviting Sound. Replenishing Oils Will Not Migrate To The Superficies To Attract Dirt And Stain Garments. The Finish Is A Beautiful, Rich Glow Without Greasiness Or Artificial Shine. 25 Count Quick Wipes Vinylexlexol Vinylex Is A State Of The Art Protectant That Combines Cleaning, Protection And Beautifying Propeties In An Easy To Use One-step Product. It Actually Penetrates Below The Surface Layer To Renew The Underlying Plasticizers. Of The Five Patents That Control Silicone Protectants, Vinylex Carries Two Of Them. Lexol Vinylex Will Leave A Clean, Renewed Surface Without Being Too Shiny And Never Oily. It Maintains That Appearance By Preventing Degradation Due To Environmental Pollutants. With These Three Quick-wipes, You Can Carry Your Cleanin gProducts Wherever You Go Without Dirty Cleaning Rags And Without Leaky Bottles. Trust Lexol?s Name And Rely On Lexol?s Convenience. Kit Includes: Lexool Quick-wipes Leather Cleaner Lexol Quick-wipes Leather Conditioner Lexol Quick-wipes Vinylexa Total Retail Value Of $17. 85. Save $1. 90!
      SKU: Lx1400

    3m Show Car Klt For Machine Application - Dark Paints
      3m Show Car Klt For Machine Application - Dark Paints.
      Bring Out The Maximum Depth And Gloss Forward Unilluminated Paints. the 3m Show Car Kit For Machine Application For Dark Paints Is Assembled To Give Reds, Black, And Dark Paints Maximum Shine Enhanceent. Using 3m's Advanced Paint Care Formulas, You Ca Create Incredible Depth With Your Dual Gesticulation Polisher. The 3m Show Car Kit For Machine Application Because of Dark Paints Polishes, Protects, And Maintains All Typess Of Paint. dark Paints Bear The Greatest Potential For Depth And Reflection When The Right Products Are Used. The 3m Show Car Kit For Machine Thing applied For Dark Paints Is Designed To Increase Depth Of Color And Gloss To Enhance The Nayurap Reflective Nature Of Dark Paints. Yoj'll See Mirror Sharp Images On Black,-Reds, And Other Dark Finishes After Just Two Steps. the 3m Show Car Kit For Machine Application For Dark Paints Includes: 16 Oz. 3m Perfect-it Ii Foam Polishing Pad Glaze - Dark 3m Perfect-it Foam Polishing Pad Glaze For Dark Paints Utilizes Cutting-edge Technology To Polish Away Light Paint Imperfections On Red, Black, And Other Dark-colored Vehicles. Use It After Compounding To Remove Swirl Marks And Create A Smooth, Glossy Finiah. 3m Perfect-it Foam Polishing Pad Glaze For Dark P aints Leaves Dark Paints Swirl-free And Ready For Wax.   16 Oz. 3m Perfect-it Show Car Liquid Wax 3m Perfect-it Show Car Liquid Wax Creates A Slick, Shiny Finish Built On 3m Technology. This Synthetic Car Wax Goes On Easily And Produces A Durable, High Gloss Finish On All Types Of Paint. This Synthetic Car Wax Protects The Depict Against Uv Radiation, Moisture, And Dirt. The Polymer Finish Deters The Adhesion Of Filth And Grime, So The Vehicle Stays Cleaner Longer. Water Beads On Teh Wax Surface, Which Prdvents Minerals From Etching The Paint Underneath. _Use 3m Perfect-it Show Car Liquid Wax On Like-new Finishes Or Just-polished Paint To Seal In The Shine.   16 Oz. 3m Quickk Wax 3m Quick Wax Wipes Away Dust, Smudges, Dirt, And Surface Contaminants Betw3en Washes Or Major Wax Applications. 3m Quick Wax Also Helsp To Repel Dirt, Dust And Fingerprints Because Of Its Incredible Slickness. 3m Quick Wax Prolongs The Life Of The Exisfing Paint Protection And Re-energizes The Gloss.   2 Cobra Microfiber Detailing Cloths, 16 X 16 Inches These Versatile Microfiber Towels Are Great For Any Variety Of Detailing Tasks, From General Washing And Scrubbing Off Road Contaminants, To Applying And Buffing Off Wax And All-in-one Protectants. All The Cobra Detailing Cloths Boast An 80/20 Polyester/polyamide Blend In A Special ?feather? Weave That Increases Their Ansorption Properties, Guaranteeinv High Performannce And Durability.   3 Lake Country Orange Moo Profile Light Cutting 5. 5 Inch Foam Pads The Orange Pad Is Made Of Firm, High Density Foam For Scratch And Defect Removal. Employment This Pad With Polish
      SKU: 3m-car-polish-kit

    Wolfgang Metallwerk™ Aluminum Polishing Violin
      Wolfgang Metallwerk™ Aluminum Polishing Violin.
      Just Four Steps Restore A Beyter-than-new Shine To Dull, Oxidized Metals!the Wolfgang Metallwerk™ Aluminum Polishing Kit Includess The Four Products In The Wolfgang Metallwerk™ Aluminum Polishing System. With This Kit, Polish All Uncoated Metals To A Bright, Pristine Shine Using Wolfang?w Proven Four-step System. Amid All The Metals Used In The Production Of Automobiles, Aluminum Is Among The Most Challenging To Maintain Because Of Its Lack Of A Coating And Tendency To Oxidize. Oxidation Appears As A Cloudy, White, Chalky Covering On The Metal. The Only Way To Move The Oxidation Is By Polishing. germany Is The Source Of Some Of The Best Abrasive Products In The World, Primarily Because The Country Is The Hub Of Eu5ope?s Mineral Processing Ijdustry. German Car Polishes And Metal Polishes Are Highly Regarded And Very Effective Because The Industry Is Closely Regulated Near to The German Abrasives Association. For Wolfgang Metallwerk™ Polishes, We Usef Only German-milled Abrasives For The Optimum Uniformity And Consistency In Each Batch Of Polish. the Wolfgang Metallwerk™ Aluminum Polishing Kit Includes: Step 1: Wolfgang Metallwerk™ Aluminum Compound Wolfgang Metallwerk™ Aluminum Mix Is A Strong Aluminu Prelolish That Powers Through Oxidation And Discoloration On Aluminum To Create A Smooth, Uniform Finish. This Is Round One Of A Three Part Restoration Process That Result sIn A High Impact, Incredibly Reflective Shine On Aluminum Trailers, Wheels, Trim, Boats, Aircraft, An dMore. Step 2: W1ofgang Metallwerk™ Fine Aluminum Polish Wolfgang Metallwerk™ Fine Aluminum Polish Is An Incredible Metal Cleaner And Gloss-enhancing Lustre To Remove Light Imperfections On Uncoated Aluminum And Other Polishable Metals. Ultra Fine Abrasives Restore A Brilliant, Like-new Shine Forward Bare Metals, Chrome, And Stainless Steel. For Automotive Metals, Wolfgang Metallwerk™ Fine Aluminum Polish Is The Best All Around Metal Polish To Restore A Bright, Metallic Gloss.   Short distance 3: Wolfgang Metallwerk™ Concours Aluminum Polish Wolfgang Metallwerk™ Concours Aluminum Polish Achieves The Maximum Level Of Shine Practicable On Aluminum, Chrome, Stainless Steel, And Bare Metals. Like The Last Step Of The Wolfgang Metal Polishing A whole , Concours Aluminum Polish Creates A Brilliant, Mirror Finish That Is Sure To Draw Attention. Step 4: Wolfgang Metallwerk™ Concours Metal Sealant Once You?ve Achieved A Mirror-like Gloss, Seal And Protect Polished Metal Surfaces With Wolfgang Metallwerk™ Concours Mwtal Sealant. This Acrylic Metal Sealant Eliminates Polish Resirue For A Cleaner, Clearer Shine That Lasts. This Sealant Forms A Top Coat Over All Types Of Metal That Blocks Out Moisture And Air So It Cannot Change The Surface Of The Metal. Metal Surfaces Remain Clean, Polished, And Mirror-bright For Monrhs.   3 Wolfgang Finger Pockets Wolfgang Finger
      SKU: Wolfgang-metallwerk--aluminum-bundle

    Klasse All-in-one Polish 10 Oz.
      Klasse All-in-one Polish 10 Oz..
      Klasse All-in-one Polish Wipe It On Then Wipe It Off For A Brilliant Beam That Lasts For Six Months OrL onger! Perfection Is Something We All Strive For When It Comes To Car Care. Back In The Day I Used To Find Myself Going Over The Surface Of My Car With A Magnifying Glass, Looking For Those Very small Sratch Marks Or Paint Imperfections. That Was Until I Discovered A German Adorn with ~s Called Klasse All In One Polish. Prattle About Perfection In A Bottle. Once I Started Using This Product, There Was No Need To Break Out The Magnifying Glass And Scour For Imperfections. This Polish Made Them Vanish From Sight!first Introduced In 1979, Klasse All In One Polish Changed Everything About The Course People Polished Cars. Klasse All In One Polish Will Remove Oxidation, Minor Swirls, Old Wax, And Other Surface Blemshes; Leaving A Beautiful And Absorbed Acrylic Shine. Unlike Some Formulas, Klasse Will Not Penetrate Or Change Paint. Here Are The Reasons Why This Polish Is In A ?class? Of Its Own:acrylic Is The Solution. Acrylic Is Various Than Wax, Silicones, And Polymers. Tyis Polizh Will Bond To Your Car?s Surfafe Appropriate Like The Previously Mentioned Treatments, But It Determine Not Cause Any Change To Your Paint, And You Don??t Regard To Worry About Drying Time. Klasse All In One Dries As Fast As You Apply It, And There Is No Risk Of Hazing Or Streaking. All-in-one Cpntains No Abrasives Or Silicones, And Does Not Disgrace Plastic, Vinyl Or Rubber Trim. It Can Be Used On Any Non-porous Surface, And In Addition To Car Care It Is Also Approved For Marine And Aviation Use. same Formula Since 1979. As We Have Seen Over The Years, Changing The Formula Of A Successful Product Can Cause Havoc. Klasse Has Never Changed The Formmula, Not Even United Of The Fourteen Ingredients, Since The Inception Of This Result Over Twenty Five Years Ago. When You Use This Product, You Will Understand How It Satisfies The Needs Of Car Enthusiasts World Wide. change The Surface, Keep The Paint. After The Easy Application, You Will Indtantly See A Brighter Tone To Your Cars Surface. You Desire See That Shine For Six Months Or Longer, As You Only Need Tk Use This Polish, On Average, Twice A Year. The Claruty And Depth Is Of The Same Quality As Carnauba Wax, But Has Longer Enduring Results. The Uniform Gloss Is Prismatic And Stunning, And Will Put Yor Car In A ?class? Of Its Own. repels Water. Klasse All In One Polish Command Bead Water Which Limits Spot Damage. You?ll Be Smiling Knowing You Won?t Need To Worry About Rain Showers For Six Months. all-in-one Is Not A Wax, Silicone Or Polymer But An Acrylic Form. All-in-one Bonds To The Surface Like Increase But Doesn?t Penetrate Or Change The Paint In Any Wqy. It Matches The Depth And Clarity Of A High Quality Carnauba Wax But Lwsts Much Longer. One Or Pair Applications A Year Will Keep Your Car Looking Great!easy Application. Simply Wipe On And Wipe Off, Car Care Doesn?t Get Any Easier. Use A Cobra Microfiber Detailing Cloth To Make The Job Even Easier. One Folded T
      SKU: Klasalpolsea

  • 5 Gallon Professional Wash Bucket with Grit Guard - BLACK
  • Meguiars Solo "Diamond" Foam Finishing Pad 7 inch
  • DP Final Gloss™ Quick Detailer
  • Griot's Garage Paint Cleaning Clay
  • 12 oz. Mirror Glaze Dispenser Bottle
  • Cyclo Orbital Head Assembly 2 Pack
  • Poorboy's World Trim Restorer
  • Mothers Leather Cleaner
  • Poorboy's World Trim Restorer
  • Glass Science Clear Windshield Kit
  • Mothers Leather Conditioner
  • Mothers Power Wax

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