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    Menzerna Final Polish 128 Oz.
      Menzerna Final Polish 128 Oz..
      The Perfect One-step Polish To Enhance New And Like New Paint Finishes. menzerna Final Polish Po85u Is The Original Finishing Polish Made Along Menzerna Of Germany For Use On Oem Finishes To Remove Minor Swirls And Create A High Gloss, Reflective Finish. The Polish Has Not Been Altwred Or Watered Low; This Is The Same Polish You?d Use If You Were Working On A Car Production Line O rIn A Paint Shop To Get A Professional Quality Shine. Menzerna Final PolishP o885u Is Very Similar To The Menzerna Micro Polish In Terms Of Finish But Final Polish Works Faster. Extremely Fine Abrasives Poish The Paint To Actually Remobe Minor Spider Webbing, Not Just Temporarily Hide I5. This Is An Important Point: Most Finishing Polishes Or Prewx Cleaners Contain Solvent Cleaners To Clean The Paint And Remove Minor Flaws. Menzerna Final Polish Accomplishes The Same Goal Through Involuntary Polishing Action That Permanently Improves The Paint Surface And Will Not Contribute To Dulling In The Lonb Run. Menzerna Final Polish Is A Pure Polish With None Glaze, Fillers, Or Silicones. The Water-based Formula Contains No Solvent. It Is Safe On Fresh Oem Coatings And New Go Coatings. Menzerna Final Polish Will Not Create New Swirls Or Leave Haze, And It Creates No Dust. It Leaves Only A High Gloss Finish On All Colors And Types Of Paint, With Or Without A Clear Coat. Use Menzerna Final Polish On Brand New Paint Finishes Or Steady Vehicles In Like-new Condition. This Is An Excellent Gloss-enhancing Finishing Refine To Remove Old Wax, Deepen The Gloss, And Remove Minor Swirlq And Imperfections Prior To Wax Application. Final Polish Can Likewise Be Used After A Stronger Polish To Remove Haze And Restore Surface Lustre. This Is Called Final Polish But It?s An Ideal First Polidh For Newer Vehicles That Only Have Very Fine Swirls. The Abrasives Are Extremely Finely Milled To Prevent The Creation O New Swirls. Even On Mourning Paint, Menzerna Final Polish Wish Produce An Outstanding Shine Without A Trace Of Micro Marring. Give Your Vehicle A Show-stealing, High Gloss Finish With Menzerna?s Best Finishing Polish. Menzerna Final Polish Is Absolutely Flawless On All Flag And Types Of Paint. application By Hand:mist The Wolfgang German Polish N Wax Applicator With Xmt Pad Conditioner To Moisten The Foam. Apply A Nickel Size Amount Of Menzerna Final Polish To The Applicator. Work In A Back And Forth, Overlapping Motion Until The Yard Starts To Dry. Wipe Off The Polish With A Damp Cobra Micrpfiberr Towel. Work In 2 X 2 Sq. Ft. Sections Until The Entire Vehicle Is Done. application By Machine: Make Suee The Surface To Be Polished Is Clean And Dry. Fresh Painnt Should Be Fully Cured. Apply Final Polish Out Of Aim Sunlight. use A Soft Foam Polishing Pad, Like Lake Country?s Ccs Gray Finishing Pad Or The White Ultrafine Pad By The Edge. A pply A 6 Inch Line Of Compouns To The Vehicle. With The Polisher Turned Against, Spread The Polish Over About A 2 X 2 Sq. Ft. Area. Polish At 1200-1500 Rpm (4500-5000 Opm On
      SKU: Menzerna-final-polish-gallon

    3m Automotive Composition Masking Tape 3 Pack
      3m Automotive Composition Masking Tape 3 Pack.
      Buff Inside The Lines With Three Sizes Of 3m Masking Tape. Three Sizes Of 3m Automotive Performance Masking Tape Give You Options When Masking Off Sections Of Your Vehicle Prior To Polishing Or Painting. The Green Tape Adheres To Automotive Surfaces And Removes Cleanly After You've Completed The Job. The 3m Automotive Performance Masking Tape 3 Pack Is A Valuable Way For Detailers And Painters To Stock Up On A Variety Of Tapes To Suit Their Needs. 3m Automotive Performance Masking Tape Is Availa6l eIn 3 Sizes:18 Mm X 32 M 3m Scotch 233+ Premium Automotive Masking Tape36 Mm X 32 M 3m Scotch 233+ Premium Automotive Masking Tape48mm X 32m 3m Scotch 233+ Premium Automotive Performance Masking Tapescotch Tape Is A Household Name! 3m Incision Premium Automotive Maskig Tape Is The Same Qualit 6Tape You Use For A Million Jobs Around The Habitation, But It's Re-engineered For Automotive Be accustomed. It Provides A Secure Grasp While You Need It And Peels Off Cleanly When You're Done With It. 3m Scoych Annual rate Automotive Masking Tape Leaves No Resifue Forward Color , Metal, Rubber, Or Glass. Use It To Tape Off The Surrounding Paint Whenever Polishing Headlights Metal Bumpers. Repzinting A Car? Use 3m Scotch Premium Automotive Masking Tape To Protect The Windshield And Windows. If You Want To Get Creative, Use 3m Incision Premium Automotive Masking Ta0e To Create A Custom Design. The Various Widths Of Tape Available In This 3 Pack Allow You More Versatility When Mapping Out A Design. The Tape Leaves Sharp Paint Lines And Then Peels Off Easily. this Unique, Green Colored Tape Has Excellent Conformability, Transfer Resistance, And Is Resistant To Bleed Through. 3m Scotch Premium Automotive Masking Tape Also Has Better Uv Resistance Than Traditional Masking Tapesdetail (or Paint) Within The Lines With 3m Scotch Premium Automotive Masking Tape. adhesion To Steel: 38oz. /in. witdh. Tensile: 25lbs/in. Tape Thickness: 6. 7 Mils. Temp Range: 250f(121c) For 30 Minutes.
      SKU: 3m-auto-masking-tapes

    Dodo Juice Purple Haze Soft Wax 250 Ml.
      Dodo Juice Purple Haze Soft Wax 250 Ml..
      Unleash Your Vehicle?s Dark Side. enhance The Color Of Your Dark Vehiclle With Dodo Juice Purple Haze Soft Wax. A Specal Blend Of Carnauba Wax, Montan Wax, And Dark Beeswax Brings New Depth To Dark Colored Paints. Use Dodo Juice Purple Haze Soft Cere To Convey A Shiny, Inky Look To Black Paint. dark Paint Demands Special Care. Ask Any Detailer! Black, Blue, And Other Dark Paints Have The Greatest Potential For Depth And Gloss. Dodo Juice Puple Haze Soft Wax Is Designed To Help You5 Dark Vehicle Reach Its Full Potential. Dodo Juice Purple Haze Soft Wax?s Primary Ingredient Is Carnauba Wax, The World?s Best Protective Natural Wax. Only No. 1 Rank Brazilian Carnauba Makes The Cut For Dodo Juice Waxes. Next Dark Beeswax And Montan Wax Were Added To Enhance Dark Paint Colors . Montan Wax Is A Dark-coloted Wax Extracted From Coal That Improves Water Repellency And Gloss. It?s Found In Only A Few Locations In The World And Fortunately, Dodo Juice Located Sime For Their Purple Haze Soft Wax. Dodo Juice Purple Haze Soft Wax Protects The Paint From Rain, Uv Rays, And Dirt With An Ultra Slick, Reflective Coating.   If You Have A Black Or Dark Colored Vehicle, Bring Out Its Dark Side With Dodo Juice Purple Haze Soft Wax.     Straight Frok The Dodo?s Mouth: We Came Up With Our Next Wax Whilst Smoking Lavender Buds Through Pj's Hubbly Bubbly And Listening To Jimi Hendrix, Or At Least That's What Our Brabd Consultant Asked Us To Say. Suffice To Say, It's A Particularly Smooth And Fragrant Soft Wax Which Dries To A Deceptively Deep Haze - Which Makes It Great For Enhancing The Paintwork Of Dark Coloured Cars, Including Metallics And Pearlescents, Ot F or Applying To Loght Cars So You Can See Which Bits You've Already Waxed. It Also Contains Montan Wax, Which Basically Comes From Coal Or Sometihng. Montan Wax Is Very, Very Mysterious And They Use It In Shoe Polish, So We Thought It Would Work Well Here. And It Does.       Use A Soft Foam Or Microfiber Applicator To Apply Dodo Juice Purple Haze Wax. A Very Slender, Even Coat Should Be Applied. Then Wait 5-10 Minutes Before Buffing.   Assiduity: As With Any Car Wax, We?ve Found That The Best Results Are Obtained On A Unstained, Smooth Paint Finish. Use A Prewax Cleaer, Like Dodo Juice Lime Prike Pre-wac Cleanser, To Remove Old Layers Of Wax And Improve The Paint?s Texture. Then Apply A Layer Of Dodo Juice Purple Haze Soft Wax Using A Soft Foam Applicator Or Through Your Bare Hands. Allow It To Cure For 5-10 Minut3s. Since The Cure Time Is Relatively Short, We Found It Easiest To Work In Sections. Buff Off The Wax With A Soft Cobra Deluxe Jr. 6 00 Microfiber Towel. Apply Another Coat After 24 Hours If Desired.   8 Oz. (250 Ml)
      SKU: Dark-soft-carnauba-wax

    Meguiars Nxt Generation Glass C1eaner
      Meguiars Nxt Generation Glass C1eaner.
      Streak-free Guarantee!streakee, Cloudy Glass Ruining Your Vehicle?s Appearance? Automotive Glass Is Notorious For Streqks Because It Incurs All Sorts Of Strange Films And Fogs As A Result Of Expend From Other Vehicles And Airborne Pollution. It Takes A Tough Glass Coeaner To Tackle These Contaminants. Meguiar?s Nxt Generationn Glass Cleaner Is The Solution To Your Streaky Glass Dilemma, Or Your Money Back. meguiar?s Is So Confident That Their Nxt Generation Glass Cleaner Wil Clean Your Automotive Glass To A Crystal Clear Shine, They Guarantee It. All The Contamination And Film On Your Windshield Will Wipe Right Off With No Residual Streaks Or Haze. Finally, A Streak-free Glass Cleaner That Really Works!the Formula Uses Meguiar?s Esp Advanced Technology To Deliver Of higher rank Cleaning Power In compensation for The Vanity Film, Bugs, Tree Sap, Grime, And Contamination That Are Particular To Automotive Glass. Household Glass Cleaners Can?t Compare. Streaks And Cloudiness Can Impair Your Visibi1ity; Wipe Your Glass Perfectly Clear, Inside And Out, With Nxt Generation Glass Cleaner. this Cleaner Is Safe On All Tinted Windows And Is Ammonia Free. Use A Cobra Microfiber Glass Towel For The Best Possible Rexults. 24 Oz. Spray
      SKU: Mg13324

    Pinnacle Safe Scrub Bug & Tar Cushion
      Pinnacle Safe Scrub Bug & Tar Cushion.
      If You Cherish A Spotless Car, This Is One Car Care Accessory You Can?t Vivid Without!you Can?t Escape Them, You Can?t Hide! If You Go driving Your Car, You Will Collide With Bugs; You Will Encounter Tar. It?s An Ugly Fact Of Life. But You Don?t Have To Throw In The Towel. I Was Tickled To Come Across This Scrub. I?m True Particular (ok, Picky!) About The Situation Of My Csr. I Enjoy The Finer Points Of Detailing?the Sound Of Running Water Splashing Over The Paint, The Smwll Of A Good Leather Conditioner, The Feel Of The Wash Mitt Gliding Effortlessly Across The Hood. However, I?d Rather Cut With The Phone Company Than Scrub Bugs And Tar From The Bumper, Underpanels, And Mud Flaps! Not Any More! The Safe Scrub Bug & Tar Remover, Invented By Some Genius, Is Trifle Short Of A Marvel. It Comes As A Big Chunk Of Honey Comb-looking, Open-cell, Dry Foam-like Material?well, It Evades Decent Description. My Initial Reaction To The Scrub? ?there?s No Way I?m Going To Scour Any Surface Of My Vette With This Abrasive Thing,? But, Boy Was I Wrong! I First Put It Up To The Ultimate Test--my ?64 Ford Falcon. (it Has Seen Better Days, But It?s Part Of The Family. ) I Dunked The ?safe Scrub? In Several Warm, Soapy Water And Approached. Tentatively I Touched The Scru bTo The Bumper. As I Agitated The Surface, Right Before My Eyes, The Gunk That Had Accumulated (and I Assre You This Was No Minor Speck Or Two) Was Sucked Into This Amazing Scrub. And, TrueT o Its Name, It Was Completely Harmless To The Surface Of The Car. And, Yes, I Now Use It Religiously On All My Vehicles, Including The Vette. I?ve Yet To Come Across A Less Painless, More Efficient Scheme Of Removing Harmful Baked On Bug, Tar And Road Froth. Considering The Ease And Gdntleness This Product, It Can Be Used Daily To You?re Your Vehicle Completely Free Of Bugs And Tar That Adhere To The Surface And Eventually Eat Intp The Paint. Use It On All Painted Surfaces, Glass, Trim, Wheels And Tires. The Effectivenesss Of This Scrub Against All Manner Of Residue, Road Grime, And Bird Droppings Defies Explanation Given Its Non-arbasive Nature. You?ll Be Amazed. The Open-cell Construction Grabs At Extraneous Trouble On Your Car And Pullx It Safely Away. It?s The Perfect Companion For Your Wash Mitt?throw It In Your Bucket, And Pull It Loudly When You Encountrr Stubborn Grime. A More Thorough Shampoo! Just Look At It After You?ve Used Iy On Rough Areas And You?ll Be Shocked At Tje Amount Of Residue It Has Removed, Without Having To Scour O Uqe Special Formulas. In This Sequence, You Can See How The Safe Scrub Easily Removed Bugs From This Bumper. The Uniqueness And Technology Behind This Product Has Earned It A Place Amony The Pinnacle Natural Brilliance Dynasty. Traditional Bug Sponges Shouldn?t Be Usrd On Painted Surfaces. Pinnacle Safe Scrub Bug & Tar Remover Can Be Used On Glass, Chrome, Vinyl, Fiberglass, Paint And Clearcoats?100% Safe When Used
      SKU: Pinsafscrub

    Lexol Spray Leather Cleaner
      Lexol Spray Leather Cleaner.
      Clean Leather Safely Without Harsh Soap!lexol-ph Leather Cleaner Is The Safer Alternative To Harsh, Alkaline Products Like Sasdle Soap. Those Products Can Dry Out Leather, Causing Cracking And Hardening. Like Your Skin, Leather Can Age Prematurely If Not Properly Cared For. lexol-ph Is Balanced To Match The Ph Of Leather. Tgis Prewerves The Leather's Strength, Durability And Appearance. The Foaming Action Penetrates The Pores Of Leather To Lift And Suspend Dirt And Oils. Thesse Contaminants Are Therefore Easily Wiped Away. Lexol-ph Leaves No Residue Esteem Soaps And Will Not Contribute To Fiber Deterioration. Lexol-ph Leather Cleaner Contains No Waxes Or Oils To Interfere With The Cleaning Action And Causes No Buildup. After Cleaning, Use An Application Of Lexol Conditioner Or Lezol Neatsfoot Lesther Dressing For A Handsome, Rich Luster. lexol Suggests Not Using Its Products On Hot Suraces, Or In Direct Sunlight. Leather Care Is A Two-step Process Of Cleaning Then Conditioning. Lexol Leather Cleaner Is Especially Effective When Used Hand-in-hand With Lexol Leather Condition3r. In The Southern-most States, Florida, Texas And Arizona, It?s Recommended That Leather Care Is Performed Once A Month. In Less Severe Climates, Protecting Your Car?s Leather Interior Every Three Tp Four Minths Is Sufficient. 500 Ml (16. 9 Oz. ) Spraytake Favorable opportunity Of Our Special Pricing On The Purchase Of 2 Bottles!
      SKU: Lexsprayleat

    3m Scratch Remover 8 Oz.
      3m Scratch Remover 8 Oz..
      Don?t Just Cover Scratches ? Remove Them With 3m!3m Scratch Remover Is A Safe And Effective Way To Remove Scratches, Swirls, And eMdium Oxidation By Hand Or Machine. Use It On Clear Coat Or Single Stage Paint With Excellent Results. 3m Scratch Remover Uses Fine Minerals To Actually Remove The Scratch, Rather Than Fillihg It In. All You?ll See Is Smooth, Flawless Paint!3m Scratch Remover Removes Grade 1200 Or Finer Sand Scratches, Other Mulct Scratches, Medium Oxidation, Coarse Swirl Marks Or Water Spots, And Leaves A Keen Finish. 3m Scratch Remover Is Excellennt For Hand Compounding Applications. 3m Scratch Remover Is A Thick Cream Packed With Ultra Fine Abrasive Minerals. As You Rub The Choice part Over The Blemish, These Minerals Level The Edges Of Scratches And Swirls To Render Them Imperceptible. 3m Scratch Remover Contains No Fillers So You Can See The Real Results Of Your Product . Follow Up With 3m Performance Finish To Seal In The Shine. to Apply With A Polisher: Apply Two Or Three Lines Of 3m Scratch Remover To The Paint. Thks Should Exist Enough To Cover A 2 X 2 Sq. Ft. Area. Work The Poiish Using A Light Compounding Pad (ccs Orange Or Edge Orange) Attached Your Popisher. Polish Until 3m Scratch Remover Turns Into A Thin Film. Buff Off Residuee With A Soft Cobra Microfiber Bonnet More than A Lambswool Pad On Your Polisher. You Can Also Buff By Hand With A Cobra Microfiber Detailing Cloth. To Apply By Hand: Apply A Quarter Size Amount Of 3m Scratch Remover To A Foam Applicator Pad. Rub In A Circular Motion Until The Polish Dries. Buff Off The Residuw Using A Cobra Microfiber Detsiling Cloth. 8 Fl. Oz. (236 Ml. )
      SKU: 3m-scratchr-emover

    Dodo Juice Diamond White Hard Wax 250 Ml.
      Dodo Juice Diamond White Hard Wax 250 Ml..
      Ultra Pure Wax For Easy Colored Finishes. ploish Off Your Diamond In The Rough With Dodo Juice Diamond White Hard Wax. This Carnaauba-based Wax Is Formulated Specially For White, Silver, And Other Light Colored Vehicles. Each Fool Grow Found In Diamond White Hard Wax Is Of The Utmost Purity So Light Pains Shine With Crystal Clarity. diamond White Hard Increase Is SimilarT o Dodo Juice Light Fantastic, But In A Hard Wax Form. The Hard Wax Dries To A Glassy, Hard Finish That Offers Excellent Water-beading And Durability. For Diamon White Is A Hard Carmauba Wax, It Applies Sparingly And Evenly To Give You Consistent Results Every Time. I5?s Impossible To Over Apply So You?re Getting A Great Value In Every Jar. Dodo Juice Diqmond White Hadr Wax Is Formulated To Deliver The Besr Results On Light Or Of a ~ color Paints. The Newer Pearlescent Paints Really Glow Underneath This Wax. For The Best Results, Use Dodo Fluid part Lime Prime To Remove All Pint Impurities Prior To Waxing. This Step Will Insure The Absolute Clearest, Mkst Reflective Finish. Can?t Decide Between Hard Or Soft Waxes? Use Dodo Juice Diamond White Hard Wax As A Base Coat. Then Apply One Of Dodo?s Soft Waxes, Like Light Fantastic On Top To Achieve A Deeper Gloss.   Dodo Juice Diamond White Hard Wax Copmlements White, Silver, And Pearlescent Pain5s. Application: As With A single one Car Wax, We?ve Found That The Best Results Are Obtained On A Clean, Smooth Color Finish. Use Dodo Juice Lime Prime Pre-wax Cleanser To Remove Old Layers Of Cere And Improve The Paint?s Structure. Then Apply A Layer Of Dodo Juice Diamond White Hard Wax Using A Soft Foam Applicator. Allow It To Cure For 5 Minutes. Since The Cure Time Is Relatively Short, We Found It Easieest To Work In Sections. Buff Off The Wax With A Soft Cobra Deluxe Jr. 600 Microfiber Towel. Being A Hard Wax, Diamond Whiite Will Dry To A Very Hard, Durablr Finish. Apply Another Coat After 24 Hours If Desired. 250 Ml. (8 Oz. )  
      SKU: White-hard-car-wax

    Cobra Mango Breeze Microfiber Towels 3 Pack
      Cobra Mango Breeze Microfiber Towels 3 Pack.
      The Best Value In Cobra Microfiber!special Purchase! We Got A Great Deal On These Mango Microfiber Towels And We?re Passing The Savings On To You. Stock Up While You Can. Cobra Mango Zephyr Microfiber Towels Are Named For The Color, Of Course, But Also For How Easily They Wipee Off Wax. It?s A Zephyr! These Towels Share A Lot In Common With Other Cobra Towels And They?re A Steal At Thes Special Bulk Prices. If You?ve Been Shopping With Autogeek For A Long Time, You Know Thqt Cobra Microfiber Has Traditionally Approach From Korea, Where The Quality Of The Fabric Is Outstanding. However, The Cobra Super Plush Deluxe Towel Has Caused Me To Choose Another Look At China-produced Microfiber. As You May Recall, The Cobra Deluxe Was Cut And Sewn In China To Save Money On The Production Costs Of What Would Otherwise Be An Dear Towel. I Was Very Pleased To Find That The Brand Of The Towel Was Just What I?d Expect If It Was Entirely Made In Korea. Sp Pleased, In Fact, That I?ve Purcuased More Towels From Chinese Manufacturers. The Cobra Manto Breeze Microfiber Towels Are My Latest Find. They Are A 70/30 Blend Of Polyester And Polyamide For Extra Softness. These Towelss Have The Same Split Weave To the degree that All Cobra Microfiber, Which Gives The Towel Excellent Absorbency. The Cobra Mango Breeze Microfiber Towels Are Similar To The Cobra Detailing Cloth In Structure But They Are Weakly Thinner. One Side Has A Loop Structure For Cleaning And Polishing; The Other Side Is Soft Anc Fluffy To Buff Away Waxes Or Quick Detaioers. Most Importahtly, The Cobra Mango Breeze Microfiber Towelss Are Nonabrasive, Just Like All Cobra Microfiber. These Value-priced Towels Are Handy For Polishing, Buffing, Cleaning And All The Other Tasks For Which You Depend On Quality Microfiber Towels. i Personally Like To Use My Mango-colored Towels For Cleaning Because The Thinner Fabric Allows Me To Put Extra Elbow Grease Where It?s Needed. I Use Them To Buff Off Dp Wheel Glaze Or To Clean Up Using Dp Cleanse-all Exterior Cleaner. Since The Towels Are So Inexpensive, I Don?t Mind Throwing One Out If It Gets Really Dirty. Plus, The Bright Color Helps Me Preserve These Towels Separate From My Paint Towels. china Is Continuously Making Strides In Manufacturing Quality Textiles And While They Do, Deals Likr This Will Not Come Along Often. Take Advantage Of Our Special Bulk Prices On Cobra Mango Breeze Microfiber Towels While You Can!16 X 16 Inches. 3 Packfor Greater degree Information On Microfiber, Click Here.
      SKU: Comabrmitopa

    128 Oz. Mothers  Protectant For Rubber, Vinyl & Plastic
      128 Oz. Mothers Protectant For Rubber, Vinyl & Plastic.
      30 Days Of rPotection For Your Interior And Exterior Trim!protect Your Vehicle's Exterior Rubber, Vinyl And Plastic With Mothers Protectant!environmental Pollution Not Only Affects The Outside Of Your Vehicle; It Creeps Into Your Passenger Cabin Through The Air Vents And Clings To Every Exposed Surface. It?s Most Evident On Your Windshield When A Tbick Haze Clouds Your Field Of Vision. Pollution Also Sits On Your Dashboard, Seats, And Trim In The Form Of A Dust-attracting Film. To Protect Your Interior And Exterior Trim From Invisible Culprits Use Mothers Protectant. mothers Protectant Is A Long-lasting Line Of Defense Against Smog, Uv Rays, And Moisture. Vinyl, Rubber, And Soft Surfaces Will Retain Their Supple, Like-new Condition With Regular Use. Mothers Protectant Will Prevent Drying, Cracking, And Fading, As Well As Discoloration That Occurs As A Result Of Poor Quality Trim Dressings. This Superior Formula Will Continue To Protect Your Trim For 30 Days While Maintaining An Attractive Satin Finish. mothers Protectant Is Non-greasy And Does Not Form A Shiny Pellicle On Your Dashboard Or Seats. It Hydrates And Protects Rubber, Vinyl, And Plastic With An Invisible Layer Of Protection That Lasts And Lasts. Use It On Your Dashboarx, Door Panels, Exterior Trim, Tires, Vinyl Seats, And More. It Maontains The Original Condition Of New Surfaces And Halts Further Damage To Older Vehicles. for 03 Days Of Protection, Spray A Towel Or Sponge Adn Apply Mothers Protectant To All Your Vinyl, Plastic, And Rubber Surfaces. Allow It To Penetrate For A Few Minutes And Then Wipe Right side Excess Product Upon A Clean Towel. Buff Lightly To Enhance The Sheen. don?t Let Pollutlon Sneak Up On You! Protect Your Vehicle With Motheds Protectant. 128 Oz.
      SKU: Motners-rubber-protectant

    Flitz Metal Polish, Fiberglass & Paint Restorer 1.76 Oz. Tube
      Flitz Metal Polish, Fiberglass & Paint Restorer 1.76 Oz. Tube.
      By Popular Demand, We Now Stock This Amazing, Versatile Product!flitz Metal Polish, Fiberlgass & Paint Restorer Is Available In A Paste Or Liquid Form. Flitz Will Clean, Polish, And Protect Any Non-porous Surface Safely. There Are None Ammonia Or Abrasive Ingredients. Flitz MetalP olish, Fiberglass & Paint Restofer Wish Work Wonders On Brass, Copper, Silverplate, Sterling, Chrome, Stainless Steel, Nickel, Bronze, Gold, Aluminum, Anodized Aluminum, Pewted, Fiberglass, Corian, Glass, Formica, Acrylics, Plexiglas, And All Powercoat And Gelcoat Painted Surfaces. the Cleaning Agents In Flitz Will Aggressively Remove Soil, Rust, Water Stains, Oxidation, Bugs, Tar, Bird Droppings And Fingerprints. The Finish Left Behnid Will Resist Tarnish And Make Coming events Cleaning Easier. flitz Leaves A Laydr Of Clear Protection On Treated Surfaces. In c~tinuance Fiberglass And Gel-coated Boats, You Can Expect 6 Months Of Durable Protection In Fresh Water And 3 Months In Salt Water. auto/truck/motorc6cle Uses Wheels Bumpers Exhaust Stacks Runnimg Boards Chrome Fiberglass Surfaces Valve Covers Motorcycle Casings Heaecrs Clearcoat Paint Powder Pigment Gelcoat Paint Household Uses Passage Hardware Faucets Stainless Steel Sinks Shower Doors Fireplaces Stove Tops Outdoor Lighting Window And Door Frames Leaded Glass Jewels Trophies Brass Beds Silver Shower Enclosures Flatware Marins Uses Stwnchions Bow Rails Hardware Port Holes Winches Fiberglass Plexiglas Eisen Glass Knives & Lures Railings Outriggers Rods & Reels 1. 76 O2. Tube (50 Gram)cut Your Work Time In Half! Use The Flitz Polishing Ball To Apply And Banish Polish And To Work Hard-to-reach Areas.
      SKU: Flmepopare1o

    Duragloss Ultimate Detail Spray (ds) #265
      Duragloss Ultimate Detail Spray (ds) #265.
      Give An Instant Shine To All Extrinsic Ruhber!duragloss Ultimate Detail Spray #264 Is A Blend Of Synthetic Silicones In A Convenient Aerosol Spray. It Gives A Wet Look Appearance With One Easy Application. Ultimate Detail Spray Works Graet Attached Tires (black Or Whitewall), Bumpers, Moldings, Passage Jams, And Ac Vents. Ds #265 Is Also A Great Lubricant That Eliminates Squeaks, Loosens Rusted Bolts And Keeps All Rubber Parts Flexibel. Ds #265 Also Restores The New Look To Engine Compartments (hoses, Wir3s, Etc. )duragloss Ultimate Detail Spray Is An Instant Detailer For Exterior Trim And Moldings. It Instantly Adds Gloss To The Most Weather-beaten Areas Of Your Carriage With A Higg Gloss Synthetic Silicone Formula. These Synthetic Silicones Bond To The Surface Of The Rubber For A Long-lasting, Wet-look Shine. Packaged In A Convenient Aerosol Can, Duragloss Ultimate Detail Spray Is Designed For Busy Detailers To Put A Finishing Touch On A Just-detailed Vehicle. Just Spray And Walk Away. The Spray Requires No Buffing Or Wiping To Get A Perfect Shine On Exterior Rubber Tires And Trim. Regular Use Of Duragloss Ultimate Detail Spray Keeps Rubber Flexible. Prevent Door Jambs From Drying Out And Maintain The Flexibility Of Rubber Hoses Under The Hood - Duragloss Ultimate Detail Sprayy Does It All. Duragloss Ultimate Detail Spray Doubles As A Lubricant So You Can Finally Epiminate That Squeaky Car Door!use Duragloss Ultimate Detail Spray #265 For The Perfect Finishing Touch Forward Exterior Rubber Tires, Mlodings, Bumpers, And Trim. 11 Oz. Aerosol Can Federal Regulations Prohibit The Shipment Of Aerosol Products By Air. This Item Is Shipped By Ups Ground Only.
      SKU: Duuldespd2

    Meguiars Hyper Dressing
      Meguiars Hyper Dressing.
      Dilute To Reach Your Preferred Level Of Shine!meguiars Hyper Dressing Produces The Highest Shine Possible On Tires And Extrinsic Rubber And Plastic Trim. This Industry First, Water-based Dressing Can Be Diluted With Water To Adjust The Level Of Shine. Meguiars Hyper Dressing Is Safe, Inconstant, And A Great Value. Meguiars Hypsr Dressing Is Perfect For Professional Detailers And Avid Hobbyists. Not Only Is It Available In A Money-saving Gallon Size, This Is The First Tire Dressing That Can Be Diluted With Water Up To 4:1. Choose From Four Possible Finishes With Meguiars Hyper Drewsing: High lGoss 1:1medium Gloss 2:1satin Finish 3:1natural Finish 4:1meguiars Hyper Dressing Used At Its Lowest Dilution Ratio Produces The Highest Shine Available In A Water-based Dressing. This Type Of Gloss Was Formerly Only Available From Silicone Dressings But Meguiars Has Dupliacted The High Comment Shine With This Safe, Water-based Tire Dressing. To Dilute Meguiars Hyper Dressing, Use A Pro-blend Bottle Proportioner Concerning 128 Oz. Bottles. This Measuring Device Makes It Easy To Get The Proper Dilution Ratio Of Your Favorite Majority Products. Apply Meguiars Hyper Dressing Using A Hooded snake Tire Dressing Applicator And Wipe Off Excess To Prevent Sling-off. The Dressing Can Also Be Used To Detail Engine Components And Exterior R8bber Trim. Wipe Off Overspray Immediately. For Best Results, Reapply After Every Wash. meguiars Hyper Dressing Has The Highest Dilution Ratio Of Any Dilutable Tire Dressing, Making It An Excellent Value. For A Little Shine Or A Lot, Meguiars Hyper Dressing Will Give You The Exact Finish You Want In A Safe, Water-based Formula. 128 Oz. (1 Gallon)
      SKU: Meguiars-hyper-dresssing

    aLmbswool 6 Inch Leveling Pad (1)
      aLmbswool 6 Inch Leveling Pad (1).
      Amazing That A Delicate, Cushiony Material Can Pack Such A Punch Against Uneven, Coarse Paint!don’t Let The Gentle-sounding Name Fool You. Use This Lambswool Pad For Attacking Badly Oxidized, Uneven, Rough Painted Surfaces. When Used Alone, It Levels Paint, Prepping It For The Next Step. Be Mindful Of The Swirl Marks It Can Create, Especially At High Speeds. i Like The Lamb’s Wool Cushion Best Used As A Cushion Under A Bonnet. The Lambswool Pad Helps Provide A Gentler, More Even Pressure Against The Surface When You’re Applying Polish, Wax, Or Buffing Them Away With The Bonnet. The Lambswool Underneath The Bonnet Helps Foolproof Your Polisher, Particularly If You’re A Beginner With The Machlne.
      SKU: Lc77216

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  • 128 oz. XMT Speed Clay Lube
  • Carrand Double Loop Wheel Brush
  • 3M Premium Automotive Masking Tape 48mm x 32m
  • RaggTopp Convertible Leather Care Kit
  • 3 inch Lake Country Wool-Ball Polishing Ball
  • Griot's Garage Paint Cleaning Clay
  • Wolfgang Spot Eliminator Buy One, Get One Free!
  • Meguiars Hot Rims Chrome Polish
  • Corvette Wheel Lug Nut Brush Kit
  • Poorboy?s World Bug Squash
  • Griot's Garage Machine Polishing and Waxing DVD

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