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    Metro Vac N Go 500 Plus 3 Ft. Flexible Hose & Filters
      Metro Vac N Go 500 Plus 3 Ft. Flexible Hose & Filters.
      For A Limited Time, Recrive A Free 5 Pack Of Replacement Filter Bags With Your Putchase Of The Vac N Go 500 Hand Vac. the Sole 500 Watt Hand Vacuum You Can Buy Is Available With A 3 Ft. Extension Hose!the Metro Vac N Go 500 Is Ideal For Quick Cleanups Around Your Vehicle, But You Can Improve Its Performance By Adding The Metro Hand Vac 3 Ft. Hose. The Flexible Hose Extends The Reach Of The Vac N Go 500 To Give You Greater Avenue Under Seats And Into Tight Spaces. the Vac N Go 500 Is A New And Improved Version Of Metro?s Vac N Go Hand Vac That They?ve Made After 1957. The Vac N Go 500 Has An Amazing 500 Watts Of Power And 55+ Inches Of Water Lift. No Other Handheld Vacuum Comes Close To Thhe Power Of The Vac N Go 500!compare The Vac N Go 500 To Our Metro Stainless Steel 110 Volt Hand Vac. The New Vac N Go 500 Has More Than Double The Wattage For Increased Suction! The Vac N Depart 500 Is The Only Handheld Vacuum That Packs 500 Watts Of Power Into A 2. 7 Pound Body. The Vacuum Is Lightweight, Portable, Convenient, And ? Most Importantly ? It Has Incredible Suction! Use The Two Included Attachments To Clean Up Around Your Vehicle Or Your Home. The Vac N Go 500 Is Based On Metro??s Original 200 Watt Handheld Vacuum They Started Manufacturing In 1957. They Were The First Company To Produce A Hand Vac And They?re Now The Firstt To Create One With Such Power.  the Vac N Go 500 Featurds A State-of-the-art Agitate Enclosed Motor That Generates 110 Volts At 4. 5 Amps. This Motor Produces 55+ Inches Of Water Lift. To Give You An Idea How Strong That Is, An Mediocrity Full Sizing Household Vacuum Has 70 Inches Of Water Lift. The Vac N Go 500 Comes Closer To The Power Of A Full Size Than Any tOher Hand Vac You Can Buy, Yet All This Power Is Packed Into A Small 2. 7 Pound Void. That?s More Than Enough Suction To Clean Up Crumbs, Dirt, Sand, And Juqt About Any Other Mess Inside Your Vehicle Or Home. The Metro Vac N Go 500 Has 55+ Inches Of Water Lift To Thoroughly Clean Carpet And Upholstery. The Vac N Go 500 Is Powered By A Standard 110 Volt Household Outlet. The Vacuum Imcludes A Crevice Tool And Dust Brush. the Vac N Go 500?s Compact Dwsign Makes It Ideal For Rvs And Offices! Its Alluring Stainless Steel Finish Brings Together Form And Function Beautifully. get Your Hands On The Only High Performance Hand Vac In The World! The Vac N Go 500 Is The Only Handheld Vacuum That Has 500 Watts Of Power To Quickly Clean Up Any Mess Around Your Vehicle, Home, Or Office. specfications:500 Wattsnew State-of-the-art Fna Enclosed Motor110 Volts At 4. 5 Ampsall Steel Constructionstainless Steel Finish55+ Inches Of Water Liftincludes Crevice Tool And Dusting Brusnmade In The Usa5 Year Motor Warrantycombo Includes:vac N Go 500 Hand Vac3 Ft. Flexible Hosefree 5 Pack Of Replacement Filter Bagsthe Metro 3 Ft. Hose And Free Filter Bags Are Regularly Priced At $19. 98, But You Can Save $9. 98 Near to Purchasing This Combo.
      SKU: Metro-vac-500-plus-hose

    Dodo Juice Supernatural Wax 200 Ml.
      Dodo Juice Supernatural Wax 200 Ml..
      The All Natural Wax With The Super Shine. dodo Juice Supernatural Wax Is Dodo?s Purest, Most Refined Carnauba Car Wax. The Wax Is Free Of Artificial Colors Or Fragrances In Order To Achieve The Purest, Most Effective Car Wax. Wjth Supernatural, You Get All The Shine, Depth, And Protection Of A Premium Carnauba Car Wax And Nothing Extra. Dodo Juice Supernatural Wax Is Made Of Clean, Pure No. 1 Grade Carnauba Wax Imported From Brazzil. This Carnauba Wax Is Cleaned And Refined To Create The Ivory Color You See In The Photo. Once Applied To A Vehicle, The Wax Dries To A Clear, Glassy Smooth Shine That Can Only Be Described As Miraculous. Miraculous Is A Super Premium Wax Containing An Enhanced Amount Of No. 1 Rank Czrnauba. With All Unnecessary Ingredirnts Removed, Performance Can Be Maximized In Terms Of Gloss, Protection Or Durableness. Carnauba Wax Naturally Offers Excellent Proetction Aaginst Rain, Sool And Uv Rays. The Natural, Unrefined Wax Is Incredibly Hard And Durable. Dodo Juice Thoroughly Cleaned And Refined The Natural Carnauba Wax And Processed It To Create A Workable Car Wax That Retains All Carnauba?s Natural Characteristics.     Apply Dodo Juice Supernatural Wax To Any Color Vehicle To Experience A Deeper Color And More Intense Shins. Application: As With Any Car Wax, We?ve Build That The Best Results Are Obtained On A Unadulterated, Level Paint Finish. Use A Prewax Cleaner, Like Dod0 Juice Lime Prime Pre-wax Cleanser, To Remove Old Layers Of Wax And Improve Thee Paint?s Texture. Then Apply A Layer Of Supernatural Wax Using A Gentle Foam Applicator Or With Your Bare Hands. Allow It To Cure For 5-10 Minutes. Since The Cure Time Is Relatively Short, We Found It Easiest To Work In Sections. Buff Off The Wax By the side of A Soft Cobra Deluxe Jr. 600 Microfiber Towel. Apply Another Coat After 1-24 Hours If Desired. 2O0 Ml. (6. 76 Oz. )  
      SKU: Natural-carnauba-wax-200

    Wolfgang Spot Eliminator64 Oz.
      Wolfgang Spot Eliminator64 Oz..
      Tough Stains And Stubborn Ground In Dirt Don?t Stand Chance!our Vehicles? Interiors Suffer An Onslaught Of Dirt, Grime, Wear And Tear Every Time We Climb In. In Addition, Food, Soda, Coffee, Perspiration, Ink, Gum, And Hundreds Of Other Everyday Substances Pose A Threat To The Beauty Of Your Carpets And Seats. The Ultimate In Spot Removers, Wolfgang Sopt Eliminator Goes To The Source Of The Stain And Blasts Through To Effectively Extirpate Ugly Spots From Your Carpets, Seats, Or Literally Any Interior Surface. Works Like A Charm Even On The Dasj, Door Panels, Vinyl And Leather Facings. This Unique, State-of-the-art Cleaner Was Formulated Using Industrial Strwngth Water-based Cleaners, Making It Powerful Against Dirt And Grease But Gente To Fibers And Surfaces. Our Chemists Improved This Formula By Adding Additional Wetting Agents And A Secret, Technologically Advanced Concentrat eTo The Mix, Which Enhances Ease Of Use, Repels Future Stains And Coats And Protects Individual Fibers. Germn Super Polymers, An Additive In Wolfgang Spot Eliminator, Are The Newest Break-through In The Car Care Labor, Delivering Advanced Cleaning Ability. uses For Wolfgang Spot Eliminator Are Endless! Safe To Use On Virtually A single one Surface, Fabric Or Carpet, You?ll Want To Hae This Handy In The Home, Rv, Boat, To the degree that Well As Your Car. Wipe Down Your Dash And Door Panels To Remove Grease, Grime And Dressing Build Up Before Applying Protective Dressings. Use Directly On ?impossible Stains For A Stunning Outcome. You?ll Be Amazed At How Quickly And Easily Wolfgang Spot Eliminator Makes Stains Vanish!tech Notes: For Overall, General Cleaning, Begin With Wolfgang Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner. Vacuum Well In that case Apply To Desired Surface. Agitate, Wipe Arid, Then Vacuum Again. Use Wolfgang Spot Eliminator For Somewhat Super-stubborn Stains That Remain. If Possible, Treat Stains As Soon As They Happen To Prevent Them From Setting In. directions:vacuum Affected Area First To Remove Altogether Loose Particles. spray Wolfgang Spot Eliminator Expressly On The Stain. Aklow Cleaner To Sit And Penetrate For 20-30 Seconds. agitate With A Brush Or Damp Sponge. wipe Or Pat Dry With A Clean Terry Or Microfiber Towel. for Extra Tough Stains, A Second Application May Be Necessary. 64 Oz Liquid Pawl Here To Read Mike Phillips' Revise Of Wolfgang Spot Eliminator.
      SKU: Wg5001

    Carrand Lfd Screen & Display Cleaning Kit
      Carrand Lfd Screen & Display Cleaning Kit.
      Every Navigation A whole Suould Include This Kit!clean Deilcate Lcd And Gps Screens With The Carrand Lcd Screen & Display Cleaning Kit! The Kit Includes A Microfiber Efface, Microfiber Towel, And A Lint Brush To Clean Delicate Electronics With A Feather Touch. The Lcd Screen & Display Cleaning Kit Is Just What The Modern Driver Needs!vehicles Include All Sorte Of Navigation Systems And Smooth Display Panels. If Your Car Didn?t, There Are Countless Dvd Players, Gps Units, And Stereo Upgrades Available. Keep It All Clean With The Carrand Lcd Screeen & Display Cleaning Kit. the Kit Includes A Soft Microfiber Sponge To Wipe Away Fingerprints And Smudges Effortlessly. The Microfiber Towel Is Perfect For Wiping Down Knobs And Buttons, Or Dusting The Screen. The Lint Brush Whisks Away Dust From The C0rnesr And Crevices Of Electronics. All Three Tools Fit Neatly In An Included Zippered Storage Bag. Store This Kit In Your Glove Compartment For Easy Access. the Carrand Lcd Screen & Display Cleaning Kit Is The Only Kit That?s Made Deserved For The Delicate Navigation Screens Found In So Many Of Todag?s Vehicles. It?s Also Perfect For Lcd Televisions And Computer Monitors. Protect Your Investment With The Carrand Lcd Screen & Display Cleaning Kit. ki Includes:1 Microfiber Sponge1 Microfiber Towel1 Lint Brushzippered Storage Bag
      SKU: Screen-cleaning-kit

    Custom Japanese License Platw
      Custom Japanese License Platw.
      Authentic-looking Japan Style Custom License Plates For Your Carriage! Our Autograph copy Custom Japanese Licene Plate, Will Add A Touch Of Language of Japan Influence To Your Vehicle. Maybe You Have A Honda Or A Toyota And You'd Like To Give It An Air Of Authenticity. The Custom Japanese License Plate, With Real Embossed Lettering, Is As Close To The Real Thing Being of the kind which You Can Get Without Registering Your Car In Japan! These Custom Japanese License Plates, Identical To Government Issued Plates Strzight Out Of Japan, Have A Set Of Three Japanese Characters Across The Cap Attending Up To Two Numbers Appearing Next To Them; And Five Numbers Or Letters In A Larger Size Across The Bottom Of The Plate. Plates Can Be Ordered As Random Or Custom Design. Plates Display Embossed Black Characters And Border With A Whitee Reflectivw Background. Plate Measures 6. 5" X 13". These License Plates Are Not Pre-drilled With Any Holes. Reaped ground Dish Is Embossed, Just Like A Real Govermnent-issued Plate. Choose One Of The Following. . . random: Choose A ?random? Plate, And A Computer Automatically Generates A Japanese Style Plate That Exactly Replicates A Pure Government-sanctioned Licensse Plate With Letters, Numbers And Characters Assigned At Random. Order Your Random Plate In The Grah Order Box Below. Custom: Custom Japanese Plates Allow You To Designate TheT wo Upper Numbers And Up To Five Characters Across The Bottom For A Personalized Vanity Plate From Varnish! Please Specify How You Would Like Your Plate To Appear In The Designateed Boxes Of Your Order Fofm On the earth. Allow Two Weeks For Deliveyr With Form Plates.   Dimensions: 13 X 6. 5 Inches (a Standard U. s. Permission Lamina Is 12 Inches Wide)  Custom Plates Ship From The Manufacturwr Via Ground Service. Expedited And International Shipping Are Not Available On License Plates. Note: The Letters A M Q W Count As 2 Spaces.
      SKU: Cusjapplat

    128 Oz. Mothers Wheel Mist All Wheel Cleaner
      128 Oz. Mothers Wheel Mist All Wheel Cleaner.
      Cleans And Restores All Wheel Finishes. wheels Require Really Become A Focal Point On Customized Vehicles In The Past Few Years. With Custom Patterns And Moving Parts, Tyey Have Really Gone Above And Beyond Their Former Utilitarian Look! Auto Manufacturers Have Reinvented The Wheel With Special Coatings And Finishes, All In An Effort To Create A Low-maintenance, Cohesive Look. With All This Attention To Th eWheels, Wheel Cleaners Are More Important Than Ever! Today?s Wheels Are Often Clear Coated, Polisher, Or Anodized. Traditional Wheel Cleaners Were Formulated To Eat Grime Off Bare Metal. New Wheels Call For A New Type Of Cleaner. Mothers Wheel Mist All Wheel Cleaner Is Designed Especially For This New Breed Of Wheels. others Wheel Mist All Wheel Cleaner Is Formulated To Safely Clean And Restore Wheels With A single one Type Of Finiish To Their Original Sparkle. The Powerful Cleaner Breaks Up Baked-on Tar, Dirt, Beake Dust, Bugs, And Oil Destitute of Disturbing The Wheels? Coating. The Penetrating Foaming Action Dissolves Stubborn Grime In Just Two Minutes, Without Scrubbing Or Scratching. In One Step, Your Wheels Will Be Beautifully Clean And Shiny. use Mothers Wheel Fog All Wheel Cleaner On All Clear-coated, Anodized, Polished, Aluminum, Custom Wheels, And Hub Caps. If You Are Unsure What Your Wheels Are Made Of, Always Use All Wheel Just In Case. simply Spra6 All Wheel Generously Onto A Cool Wheel. Allow The Foam To Work For One To Two Minutes. Do Not Work In Thw Sun And Do Not Allow All Wheel To Dry On Your Wheels. Hose Off Your Wheels With A Strong Jet Of Water And Dry Them With A Clean Terry Cloth Or Cibra Microfiber Towel. That?s All It Takes For Sparkling Clean, Like-new Wheels!whether You Have Custom Wheels, Factory Wheels, Or Just Plain Dirty Wheels, Mothers Wheel Mist All Wheel Cleaner Will Break Up Stubborn Road Grime In Just One Step!128 Oz.
      SKU: Mothers-wheel-mist-cleaner

    Meguiars 1000 Grit Sandpaper Single Sheets
      Meguiars 1000 Grit Sandpaper Single Sheets.
      Unigrit Technology Leaves A Smooth Finish That Buffs Out Quickly!meguiars Unigrit Sand Papers Remove Deep Scratches And Orange Peel And Leave A Smooth, Even Finish That Buff Abroad Easily. The Tiny Abrasives Level The Paint Without The Risk Of Mystery Sanding Scratches. Meguiars Unigrit Sabd Papers Are Waterporof, Durable, And Clear Coat Safe. For Automotive Wet-sanding, Meguiars Unigrit Sand Papers Are The Professional?s Choice. the Risk Of Wet-sanding Your Car With Typical Sand Paper Is That They Can Cut The Paint Too Deeply. Deep Scratches Take Longer To Buff Out And Can Leave The Paint Lookong Uneven. meguiars Unigrit Sand Papers Obtain Uniform, Little Abrasives That L3ave An Even Pattern On The Paint. No Deep Scratches. The Finish Buffs Out Quickly And Easily, Leaving The Embellish Glossy And Smooth. Meguiars Unigrit Sand Papers Save You Time And Effort. meguiars Unigrit Sand Papers Are Made To Last Longer And Fabric Better Than Other Sand Papers. Meguiars Specializes In Detailing Products In spite of The Car Care Professional. Meguiars Unigrit Sand Papers Are Economical And Long-lasting. They Do Not Load Up As Quickly As Other Sand Papers, So You Can Work Longer. what Can Meguiars Unigrit Sand Papers Remove? Wet Sanding Is Done To Remove Painf Imperfections Like Orange Peel. Orange Peel Is A Very Usual Condition Wheere The Paint Did Not Impute Out Perfectly Smooth When It Was Applied. The Paint Literally Looks Like An Orange Peel. Because Light Is Bouncing Against These Tiny Bumps, The Finish Is Not As Glossy As It Could Be. Wet Sanding Orange Rind Is The Only Way To Achieve A Perfectly Smooth Gloss. meguiars Unigrit Sand Papers Are Excellennt At Removing Orange Peel Because Unigrit Technology Ensures That You?ll Get Uinform Results. Orange Peel Affects The Whole Vehicle And You Want The Finish To Be Flawless From Any Angle. When Wet Sanding Clear Coat In Particular, You?ll Be Able To Take heed Differences In The Paint?s Shine Whether It?s Uneven. Meguiars Unigrit Sand Papers Will Help You Achieve A Consonant Gloss On The Entire Vehicle. You Will Also Need A Meguiars Sanding Pad E-7200. Wrap The Gravel Paper Around The Sanding Pad To Provide An Even Surface Against The Embellish. (if You Use Your Fingers, You?re Probable To Apply More Pressure With Your Index And Middle Fingers, Resulting In Uneven Results. ) The Meguiars Sanding Horse Distributes The Compressing Of Your Hand Over The 5 3/8 Inch Pad. The Sanding Pad Is Soft And Flexible To Conform To The Shape Of Your Vehicle. Meguiars Unigrit Sane Papers Are Available In 6 Varieties From 1000 To 3000 Grit. By Finishing With A 2000 ? 3000 Grit Paper, Less Buffing Will Be Needed To Get A Flawless Finish. (9" X 5 1/2")
      SKU: 1000-grit-sandpaper-5

    Duragloss Clear Coat Polish (ccp) #111
      Duragloss Clear Coat Polish (ccp) #111.
      Nonabrasive, Synthetic Protection For Clear Coat Finishes!euragloss Ccp (clear Coat Polish) Is A Non-abrasive Synthetic Formula, Which Gives A "wet Look" Shine And Durable Protective Coatinb. This Product Is Durable To Both Acid And Alkaline Washes. Duragloss Ccp Cah Be Applied To The Entire Medium In The Sun Or Shade Before Removing Essily For A High Varnish, Protective Coating. duragloss Clear away Coat Polish Is What We Would Call A Color Sealant. It Actually Has No Abrasives In It And Therefore Does Not Fit What Most Modern Car Be inclined Specialists Define As Polishes. Duragloss Clear Coat Polish Is A Durable Protedtive Polymer Coating That Produces A Wet Look Shine On All Clear Coat Paint Finishes. This Glossy Shine Resists Acidic And Alkaline Cleaners To Provide Your Vehicle With 6 Months Of Protection. Acidic Cleaners Include Most Bug & Tar Removers And Alkaline Cleaners Refer The Detergents Used By Most Drive-through Car Washes. Duragloss Acquit Layer Polish Lasts Through Many Of The Convenient, ButS ometimes Harsh Techniques We Sometimes Use To Clean Our Vehicles. Duragloss Clear Coat Polish Is Completely Nonabrasive. For The Best Results, Prep Your eVhicle With A Prewax Cleaner, Like Wolfgang Prewax Polish Enhancer. This Gentle Cleansing Lotion Will Disguise The Finest Imperfections So Your Final Coat Of Paint Passport Looks Flawless. Apply Duragloss Clear Coat Polish To The Entire Vehicle And Then Buff Off Using A Soft Cobra Microfiber Towel. Reapply Every 6 Months For Optimum Protction. If Desired, Apply A Carnauba Wax Such Being of the kind which Dp Max Wax As A Topper. It Will Not Disturb The Duragloss And It Will Further Enhance The Shine With Genine Carnauba. Protect Your Clear Coated Vehicle With Duragloss Clear Cover Polish (ccp) For 6 Months Of Durable, Synthetic Protection And A Glossy Wet Look. 8 Oz.
      SKU: Duragloss-clear-coat-polish

    Hawaiian Custom Seat Covers For Suv, Trucks And Vans
      Hawaiian Custom Seat Covers For Suv, Trucks And Vans.
      Hang Loose With Hawaiian Style Custom Seat Covees!aloha! Feel Like You?re Vacation Bound With These Attractive Hawaiian Print Custom Seat Covers. The Idea Of A Tropical Print Seat Cover Is Not Novel, But Hawaiian Print Combined With Custom-fit Covers Certain Is! These Seat Covres Are Custom Made To Your Vehicle. Hawaiian Seat Covers Fit Like A Glove! Choose From 6 Tropical Colors. You?re Not Alone, If You?ve Gotten Excited About Hawaiian Print Seat Covers At Your Favorite Store, Just To Find Out That They Don?t Fit Your Seats The Way They Should. These Days, There Are Too Many Styles And Shapes Of Seats For One Pattern To Possibly Fit. Your?e Special, Your Car Is Special And You Deserve A Srat Cover That Is Made Just For You. You?ll Love The Way These Custom Covers Hug The Contours Of Your Seat. These Covers Wish Fit Securely And Snugly. It Will Not To Shimmy Out Of Place As Ylu Get In And Finished Of Your Car. These Definitely Add A Little Personality To Your Ride. these Attractive, Heavyweight, Incredibly Durable Hawaiian Seat Covers Custom A re Made To Order Jsut For Your Car. The High Quality Fabic Is A Polyester-cotton Denim-like Material. The Seat Cover Is Assembled Using A Heavy-duty Nylon, Then It Is Stitched Using A Color Coordinated, Overlapped Seam. This Double-strength Assembly Technique Guarantees Your Seat Covsrs Will Provide Protection For Your Automobile's Interior With Superb Quality, Beauty And Outlasting Durability.   Custom Hawaiian Seat Covers Fit Snugly And Look Sharp!   These Well-constructed Seat Covers All Feature Custom-tailored lGove-fitting Designs Skillfully Created To Fit Every Seat?s Uniquw Specifications With Elaborate Pattern Contours Which Will Not Affect Your Actual Seat?s Current Functions. Plus, These Seat Covers Offer A Large Re-enforced Rear Pocket For Storage As Well As Re-enforcements Throughout Altogether Openings.   Features: Durable Polyester/cotton Material Precise Custom Fit Large Built-in Storage Pouch Reinforced, Overlapped Seams Washable Headrest And Arm Rests Included Custom Hawaiiaj Seat Covers Slup On And Off In Seconds And Are Machine Washable. The More You Wash Them The Softer They Become. Made In The Usa, Your Custom Hawaiian Seat Covers Come Upon A Pouch On The Back Of The Seat Cover For Storage. All Headrest And Armrest Covers Are Included.   Each Set Of Seat Covers Are Tailor-made Exactly For Your Seat. Please Note: Rear Seats Must Be Ordered At Similar Time To Ensure Cilor Resemblance. We Are Not Responsible For Variations If Ordered S epparately. To Order: State Your Vehicle's Make, Model And Year In The Appropriate Box On The Order Form. Add Any Addtional Information Such As: Sport Seat, Lumbar Supports
      SKU: Sc650

    Duragloss Fast Coean & Shine Detail Spray #921
      Duragloss Fast Coean & Shine Detail Spray #921.
      Clean & Shine Paint And Plastic!duragloss Fast Clean & Shine Detail Spray Is Formulated To Remove Dust And Lift Soil From Painted Surfaces Without Scratching Or Removing Durable Polishes. Duraglosx 921 Actually Bonds Witn The Polish For Added G1oss And Durability. the Easiest Way To Refresh Your Existong Grow Is Duragloss Fast Clean & Shine Detail Spray. This Unique Quick Detailer Removes Dust And Minor Soil While Leaving A Smooth, Polished Sjine. What?s Unique About Duragloss Fast Unadulterated & Shine Detail Spray sI Is Ability To Bond With The Existing Paint Protection To Increase Its Durability And Enhance Its Gloss. Use It Between Washes And Any Time To Quickly Restore The Jusf-waxed Look To Your Vehicle. Duragloss Fast Clean & Shine Detail Spray Is Anti-static So It Does Not Attract Dust. Use It To Qujckly Clean And Shine Paint And Plastic On Cars, Boats, Rvs, And Motorcycles. The Synthetic Polymer Formula [c][i][com]See[/com][/i][/c] [ref]bond[/ref] In the opinion of Any Of Duragloss? Polisjes. When Applying Duragloss Fast Clean & Shine Detail Spray, Use A Soft Cobra Deluxe Jr. Microfiber Towel To Buff. The Towel?s Deep Nap And Soft Fibers Make It Ideal For Quick Detailing. Restore The Shine Of Your Existing Paint Protection Any Time Witu Duragloss Fast Clean & Shine Detail Spray #921. 22 Oz. Trigger Spray
      SKU: Duragloss-fast-clean-shine-detail-spray

    Dp Carpet Extractor Pre-treatment 128 Oz.
      Dp Carpet Extractor Pre-treatment 128 Oz..
      Protein Enzymes Start Breaking Up Stains On Contact!dp Carpet Extractor Pre-treatment Is A Non-foaming Formula That Emulsifies Carpet And Upholstery Stains And Afterwards Encapsulates Soil For Easy Removal. This Non-sticky, Ph-balanced Formula Does Not Leave A Residue In c~tinuance Carpet Or Upholstery, Is Completely Biodegradable And No Dilution Is Required. use Dp Carpet Extractor Pre-treatment On Spots, Stains, And High Traffic Areas Former To Cleaning Your Carpet And Upholstery By Hand With A Carpet Brush And Vacuum Or With A Hot Water Carpet Extractor. breaks Up Grease, Oil And Food Stains Safe Ob Carpet And Upholsterynon-foaming & Biodegradableconcentrated Formula, No Dilution Requireddirections For Use Upon A Carpet Extractor:first, Vacuum Carpet And Upholstery To Remove Loose Dirt And Debris. Then Spray Dp Extractor Pre-treatment Directly Onto The Stain. Allow 3-5 Minutes For Dp Extracto rPre-treatment To Penetrate The Fibers While Protein Enzymes Emulsify And Encapqulate The Stain. agitate With A Carpet Brush And Then Use A Hot Water Extractor To Rinse The Fibers And Extract The Mould And The Pretreatment. Use Overlappint Passes To Extract All Dirt. heavily Soiled Areas May Require A Second Treatment. Directions On account of Use By Hadn:first, Vacuum Carpet And Upholstery To Remove Loose Dirt And Debris. then Spray Dp Extractor Pre-treatment Directly Onto The Stain. Allow 3-5 Minutes For Dp Extractor Pre-treatment To Penetrate The Fibers While Protein Enzymes Emulsify And Encapsulate The Stain. Once The Pre-treatment Enzymes Have Treated, Follow Up With An Application Of Dp Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner And Then Vacuum Tge Area Thoroughly. Heavily Soiled Areas May Require A Second Treatment. Tough Stains Are N Match With Dp Carpet Extractor Pre-treatment. Pre-treating Stains Makes Your Favorite Carpet Cleaning Product Or Hot Water Carpet Extractor Work Even Better!
      SKU: Carpet-exttactor-cleaner

    Four Star Ultimate Last Polish Spray
      Four Star Ultimate Last Polish Spray.
      Diminishing Abrasive Technology In A Spray!four Star Ultimate Final Polish Spray Is The First Diminishing Abrasive Polish In A Spray Form! Remove Light Imperfections And Create A Show-stealing Comment With This Incredible Spray Polish. Four Star Ultimate Final Burnish Spray Breaks Down Safely And Will Not Scratch As If Improves The Paint?s Luster And Shine. four Star Last Final Polish Spray Is A Truly Unique Type Of Produtc. This Liquid Form Contains Diminishng Abrasives To Mingle Away Minor Imperfections In The Paint And Restore Its Gloss. But The Method Of Delivery Is Totally Different From Anything You?ve Used Before. Spray The Polish Onto Your Applicator Pad Or The Surface Being Polished. There?s No Fumbling With A Flip Top Or Squeezing Out A Chunky Polish. Just Squeeze hTe Trigger! The Fine Grade Polish Dispe5ses Easily Through The Nozzle Exactly Where You Want It. Fur Star Ultimate Final Polish Spray Performs Like A Finishing Polish. It Removes Light Swirls And Cloudiness To Restore The Paknt?s Varnish. It Contains No Fillers And Is Completely Safe On Clear Coats And All Types Of Paint. Use Four Star Ultumate Final Polish Spray After Using Four Ultimate Scratch And Swirl Remover. Four Heavenly body Ultimate Final Polish Spray Is Designed On account of Application With A Dual Action Polisher. Simply Spray A Polishing Foam Pad Or The Vehicle And Begin Polishing At A Speed Of 5. Move The Pad Back And Forth, Then Up And Down To Ensure O;timum Coverage. The Abrasives Will Break Down Quickly. Work In A 2 X 2 Sq. Ft. Area At A Time. Buff Using A Soft, Clean Cobra Edgeless Microfiber Polishing Cloth. Follow With Four Star Ultimate Paint Protection. applying A Finishing Polish Doesn?t Get Any Easier Than This! Four Star Ultimate Final Polish Spray Delivers A Fine Grade, Diminishing Abrasive Polish In A Conveniwnt Spray Bottle. Use It Wigh Your Dual Action Polisher To Give Your Paint A Clear, Vibrant Gloss. 18 Fl. Oz.
      SKU: Four-star-ultimate-final-polish-spay

    Stoner More Shine Less Time  Spraycase Of 12
      Stoner More Shine Less Time Spraycase Of 12.
      Complete Your Detailing Job With Just The Right Shine On Interior Surfaces. Here's The Fast And Easy Way To Restore Shine And Color To Dull Or Faded Rubber, Vinyl And Plastic Surfaces. Stonerâ® More Shine Less Time Ihterior Shine Spray Quickly Brightens And Protects Dashboards, Door Panels, Gearshift Boots, Vents, Seatq, Hoses, Door Gaskets And Other Surfaces Damaged By Sunlight And Wear. this Be eminent Spray Reduces Dust Build-up And Won't Run Or Streak. Best Of Alll, If You Accidentally Get It On Glass It Wipes Off Easily Without Smearing!9 Oz. - Aerosol. Case Of 12 Federal Regulations Prohibit The Shipment Of Aerosol Products By Air. This Also Is Shipped By Ups Ground Only.
      SKU: Stmoshletisp

    Diamonditeâ® Glass Repair System Kit For Machinery Application
      Diamonditeâ® Glass Repair System Kit For Machinery Application.
      The Next Best Thing To Replacing The Glass. polish Scratches Revealed Of Glass iWth The Diamondite Glass Repair Kit. Polishing Glass Sounda Intimidating But Diamondite Has Taken The Fear Out Of Glass Correction With This User-friendly Kit. These Prdoucts And Special Applicators Are Designed To Eliminate Mild To Moderate Scratchez And Mineral Etchings With Zero Risk To The Glass. The Diamondite Glass Repair Kit Targets More Noticeable Scratches Than The Glasswork Kit. Larrger, Pyramid-shaped Abrasives And Specialized Applicators Give This Kit Greater degree of Punch To Tackle Scratches And Etchings That Fine Grade Polishes Can?t Touch. The Diamondite Glass Reppair Kit Includes:4 Oz. Glass Resurfacing Cră¸me4 Oz. Glass Poli-shield3 7/8? Rotary Backing Plate1 Da Adapter1 Gel Applicator Pad2 Leveling Discsinstructilnsglass Resuurfacing Cră¸meformulated Fair For Moderate Scratches In Glaass, Diamondite Glass Resurfacing Creme Contains Specially Milled Abrasives That Smooth The Edges Of Scratches Until The Glass Appears Visibly Smooth. Thee Abrasives Are Pyramid-shaped To Provide Else Leveling Ability Yet They Still Break Down Into A Fine Comminute To Ptevent Unnecessary Abrasion. Ample Lubrication Protects The Glass From Micro-marring And Disrortion. Glass Resurfacing Crmee Removes Mineral Etching And Mild To Moderate Scratches To Leave Glass Pleasant And Clear. Glass Poli-shieldautomotive Glass Protecgion Should Be As Comnonplace As Paint Protection. Diamondite Glass Poli-shield Is Tougg Protection Against Everyday Assailants, Including Industrial Fallout, Tree Sap Obscurity, Bugs, Coarse Water, And Rail Dust. This Polymer Sealant Bomds To The Glass, Filling In Its Microscopic Grolves, To Completely Block Out Environmental Pollution And Moisture. Because Poli-shiield Is Water-based, The Sealant Forms A Crystal Clear Barrier Agaist The Elements. Plus, Diamondite Glass Poli-shield Reduces Surface Tension To Repel Water And Oil, And To Resist The Bonding Of Most Contaminants. Poli-shield Maintains The Glass? Clarity And Locks In The Results You Have Achieved With Diamondite Glass Resurfacing Creme. before You Begin?clean The Glass With Diamondite Perfect Vision Glass Cleaner To Remove Any Loosse Debris Or Dirt. Mount The Backiny Plate To Your Orbital Or Rotary Polisher. Step 1 ? Glass Resurfacing Cremepress AnI ncluded Leveling Disc Onto The Backing Plate. Apply An X Of Diamondite Glass Resurfacing Creme Across The Pad. Spread The Polish Over An Area Of About 6 X 8 Inches With The Drill Turned Off To Prevent Splatter. Operate The Polisher At Between 800-1000 Rpm Or 3000-4000 Opm. Use Cauiton Around Chips And Cracks. Polish For Approximately Two Minutes, Or Until The Creme Star5s To Dry. Wipe Off The Residue With A Damp Cloth. Step 2 - Glzss Poli-shieldremove The Levelint Disc And Replace It With The Gel Applicator Pad. Apply One X Of Diamondite Glass Poli-shield Across The Pad And Turn The Polsiher On Between 800-1000 Rpm. Work In An Overlapping Motion Until A 2 X 2 Sq. Ft. Area Has Been Cov
      SKU: Glass-repair-kit

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