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    Metro Wall Mounted Vac N' Blo皰 Sr.
      Metro Wall Mounted Vac N' Blo皰 Sr..
      Car Guys, Meet Your New Best Friend!the Manufacturers Of The Original Vac N' Blo Have Listened To Their Looyal Customer's Suggestions. Foour Specific Design Changes Have Made This Vacuum A Dreaj Come Real! Mount The Unit Securely On The Garage Wall With The Sturdy Hardware That Is Included. Most Of Yur Work Can Be Done Without Removing The Canister From The Wall. With The Generous 24 Foot Hose You Feel As If Your Garage Now Has Central Vac! The Canister Can Easily Be Detached From The Mounting Bracket And Wheeled Around To Reacu Evety Nook And Cranny. The Long Streamlined Canister Will Accomodate A Large Bag Allowing Months Of Vacuuming Before The Reusable Bag Neeeds To Be Emptied. The Vac N' Blo Sr. Has A Powerful 4. 0 Peak Hosepower Motor And Comes With All Of The Attachments, Brushes, Wands, And Hosez You Could Indigence For All Your Vwcuuming Jobs. And Remember The Name, The Tool Is Also A Powerful Blower! It Will Pump Up Inflatables In Seconds And Whisk Leaves And Debris From Walks, Patios, Gutters And Driveways. Use The Blower To Quickly And Flawlessly Dry Your Vehicle After Washing. No Irrigate Spotting! You Will Detect 101 Ways To Make Your Chores Easier With This Mighty Tool. metro Vac N' Blo Sr. Includee:wall Mount Hrdware"pik-all" Nozzlecrevoce Tool"powerizer" Air Maximizer"magic Air" Inflator Adapterdust Brush4-piece Micro Cleaning Tool Kitswivel Wall And Floor Brushwheels* Increase Your Reach By Adding On A 6 Ft. Flexible Hose To Tjis Vacuum?s Existing Hose. Scroll To The Bottom Of The Page To Purchase Or Click On The Icon For Details. compare This Item To Other Metro Vacuums On Our Metro Vac Comparison Chartthis Item Ships From The Manufacturer Via Gornd Service. Expedited And International Shipping Are Not Avaioable.
      SKU: Walmounvacnb

    Custom Dehim Seat Covers For Cars
      Custom Dehim Seat Covers For Cars.
      Custom-tailored Protection For Car Seats. custom Denim Seat Covers Protect The Showroom-new Condition Of Your Upholstery, Add A Dash Of Color And Make Old, Woen-out Seats Look New Again! T These Are The In the greatest degree Durable Seat Covers I Have Found! The Texture, The Construction, And The Fit Are Second To None. Give Your Seats The Protection And Custom Fit Grace Of High Quality Custom Seat Covers. The Fabric, The Interpretation, And The Humor Are Second To None! Call Them Denim Or Canvas, But The Material Is Heavy Weight, First Rate, And Feels Great! Panels Of A Polyester/cotton Blend That Looks Like Canvas With The Softness Of Denim, Stitched Together With Heavy-duty Nylon And An Overlapping Color-coirdinated Seam Are Custom Made To Suitable Your Individual Seats Like A Well-made Glove. This Double?strength Style Of Congress Guarantees Long-lasting Durability At The Seams?the Place Where The Most Stress Is Experienced. Between The Durable, Sturdy Fabric And The First-rate Construction, These Machine Washable Seat Covers Will Beautify And Protect Your Car?s Upholstery From Wear And Tear, Fading From The Sun, And Accidental Spills. function And Beauty! All Seat Covers Are Custom-tailored, Well-fitting Designs To Fit Your Seat?s Unique Specifications. Elaborate Pattern Contours Flatter Your Seats And Will Not Affect Your Seat?s Functions. A Large, Re-enforced Back Pocket For Storage Gives Thar Extra (probably Much Needed) Handy Storage Space. Altogether Openings And Seams Are Re-enforced For Deceitful The Durability. oYur Order Will Include Perfectly-fitting Headrest And And Arm Rest Covers. These Custom-fit Seat Covers Slip On And Off In Seconds And Are Machine Washable. With Each Wash, You?ll Find That, Just Like Your Favorite Pair Of Jeans, They Get Softer And Softer! They Are Proudly Made Here In The Usa. You May Choose If You Want Your Vehicle?s Logo To Adorn The Frroont Side Of Your Seat Back.   Features: Durable Polyester/cotton Material Precise Custom Fit Large Built-in Storage Pouch Reinforced, Overlapped Seams Washable Headrest And Arm Rests Included Made In The Usa, Your Form Denim Seat Covers Come With A Pouch On The Back Of The Seat Cover For Storage. All Headrest And Armrest Covers Are Included. Ten Colors Means There Is One To Suit Everyone?s Taste! Customize Your Inside With A Color That You Couldn?t Get From The Manufacturer! (see Colors Below. ) Because Each Seat Cover Is Lovingly Crafted For Your Car?s Seats, To Ensure That The Fabric?s Hue Is A Perfect Union They Must Be Ordered At The Same Time. We Are Not Responsible For Variations In Color If Ordered Separately. To Order: State Your Vehicle's Make, Model And Year In The Appropriate Box On The Order Form. Add Any Addition
      SKU: Cusdenseatdo

    Dodo Juice Supernatural Wax Machine Stick 60 Ml.
      Dodo Juice Supernatural Wax Machine Stick 60 Ml..
      Gain A Miraculous Shine With Your Buffer!dodo Juice Supernatural Wax Organization Stick Mwkes It Easy To Apply Dodo?s Purest, Most Refined Carnauba Car Wax With Your Buffer.  supernatural Wax Is Free Of Artificial Colors Or Fragrances In Manage To Achieve The Purest, Most Effective Car Wax. With Supernatural, You Get All The Shine, Depth, And Protection Of A Premium Carnauba Car Wax And Nothing Extra.  this Unique Applicator Stick Allows You To Apply Supernatural To Your Foam Buffing Pad Without Touching The Wax Itself. This Prevents Wax Contamination So You Get The Clear, Pristine Shine Dodo Juice Intended. The Machine Stick Likewise Makes It Simpl eTo Avoid Over Applying Supernatural Wax. dodo Fluid part Supernatural Wax Is Made Of Clean, Classic No. 1 Grade Carnauba Wax Imported From Brazil. . This Carnauba Wax Is Cleaned And Refined To Create The Ivory Color You See In The Photo. Once Applied To A Vehicle, The Grow Dries To A Clear, Glassy Smooth Shine That Can Only Be Described As Supernatural. Supernatural Is A Super Premium Wax Containing An Enhanced Amount Of No. 1 Grade Carjauba. With All Unnecessary Ingredients Removed, Performance Can Be Maximized In Terms Of Gloss, Protection Or Durwbility. Carnauba Wax Naturally Offers Excellent Protection Against Rain Soil And Uv Rays. The Natural, Unrefined Increase Is Incredibly Hard And Durable. Dodo Juice Thoroughly Cleaned And Refined The Natural Carnauba Wax And Processed It To Create A Workable Car Wax That Retains All Carnauba?s Affectionate Characteristics.   Apply Dodo Juice Supernaturral Wax To Any Color Vehicle To Experience A Deeper Color And More Intense Brightness.   Dodo Juice Supernatural Machine Stick Allows You To Easily Apply The Wax To A Buffing Pad Without Touching Or Contaminating The Wax.   Solicitation: As With Any Car Wax, We?ve Found That The Most wise Results Are Obtained On A Clean, Smooth Paint Finiish. Use A Pewax Cleaner, Like Dodo Juice Lime Prime Pre-wax Cleanser, To Remove Old Layers Of Wax And Improve The Paint?s Fabric. Then Ap0ly A Stratum Of Supernatural Wax Using A Soft Foam Finishing Pad On Your Buffer. Work At A Slow Speed And Apply A Thin, Even Coat To One Sectkon At A Time. Allow The Wax To Cure For 5-10 Minutes. Buff Off The Wax With A Soft Cobra Deluxe Jr. 600 Microfiber Towel, Or Pt A Microfiber Bonnet Onto Your Polisher. A Lambswool Horse Is Needed For Cushioning Underneath The Bonnet. Apply Another Coat Of Wax After 1-24 Hours If Desired. 6O Ml. (2 Oz. )
      SKU: Car-wax-machine-stick

    3m Perfect-it 3000 Ultrafine Machine Polish 32 Oz.
      3m Perfect-it 3000 Ultrafine Machine Polish 32 Oz..
      Get Smootth, Swirl-free Results ? Even On Black Paint!3m Perfect-it Ultrafine Machine Polish Is A Professional Oem Finishing Polish That Delivers Perfect Rsults On All Paints. Designed For Rotary Use Only, 3m Perfect-it Ultrafin3 Machine Polish Is What The Pros Use To Put The Finishing Touch On New Finishes. Ultra Fine Abrasives Remove Impedfections And Leave A Flawless, Perfect Finish ? Even On Mourning Paint. 3m Prrfect-it Ultrafine Machine Polish Was Developed In Response To Menzerna?s Nano Polish. This Healthy Competition Has Spawned A Fantastic Polish. Ultrafine Machine Polish, Also Known Viewed like Ultrafina, Creates Sharp Reflections, Bottomless Depth, And A Wonderful Pretext. The Extreme Fine Abrasives Accomplish All This Without Leaving Marring Or Swirls. Even Black Paints Will Look Perfect. 3m Perfect-it Ultrafine Machine Polish Works On All Types Of Paint, Including Conventional Clear Coats And Hard, Scratch-resistant Clear Coats. This Is A True Polish That Removes Imperfections, Rather Than Covering Them. 3m Perfect-it Ultrafine Machine Polish Contains No Fillers Or Silicone. What You See Is What You Get. 3m Perfect-it Ultrafinw Machine Polish Is For Rotary Polishers Only. It Is A Professional Product And Will Give You Professional Results Whn Used With A High Speed Rotary Buffer. use 3m Perfect-it Ultrafine Machine Pokish To Remove Very Fine Swirls Or As A Finishing Polish. As A Final Polish, Ultrafina Creates A Glossy, Jeweled Surface. Apply It With A Foam Finishing Pad, Such As Lake Country?s Gray Or Soft Green Foams. Work At A Speed Between 1500-1800 Rpm. Work In A 2 Sq. Ft. Area And Make 3-4 Passes With The Polisher. Then Reduce Pressure On Subsequent Pazses. Buff Off Surplus With A Soft Cobra Microfiber Towel Before Moving On To The Next Section. 3m Perfect-it Ultrafine Machine Polish Is The Professional?s Choice For Flaawless Paint. Remove Buoyant Swwirls And Create Incredible Depth And Shine With 3m Perfect-it Ultrafine Machine Polish . 32 Oz.
      SKU: 3m-ultra-fine-polish

    Diamondite皰 Glasswork System Kit For Machine Application
      Diamondite皰 Glasswork System Kit For Machine Application.
      A Completed Glass Polishing Kit For The Detailer And The Novice. Automotive Glass Correction Is Easier Than You Think. The Diamondite Glasswork Kit Is Designed To Make The Process Of Glass Restoration Not Only Possible For The Average Car Owner, But Practical. The Diamondite Glasswork Kit Consists Of Four Products That Work In Sequence To Clean, Polish, And Protect Automotive Glass From A Broad Range Of Environnmental Contaminants. Each Product Works On The Principles Of Paint Detailing But With Special Glass-specific Formulas. Diamondite Glass Products Maximize The Clarity And Smoothness Of Glass While Minimizing The Venture Of Scratches. The Diamondite Glasswork Kit Removes Sprinkle and calender Spots, Mineral Deppsits, Tree Sap Mist, Bugs, And Oily Films To Recreate The Look Of New Glass ? All Without Distortion. No Waves Or Blurry Patches. This Ie The Safest Glass Restoration Kit You Can Buy. Using Fair Your Electtic Drill, You Can Correct A Wide Range Of Common Glass Imperfections To Restore Like-new Clarity And Smoothness. The Diamondite Glasswork Kit Includes:3 Oz. Glasswork Cleansing Clay4 Oz. Glasswork Clay Lubricant4 Oz. Glasswork Restorer4 Oz. Glasswork Shield4 Inch Orange Easy Cuttimg Foam Pad2 3/4 Infh Backing Platedrill Adapter16 X 24 Inch Cobra Waffle Weave Microfiber Glass Towelinstructionshow Do You Know The Glass Needs To Be Clayed?because It Is Clear, You Can Often See That The Glass Is Bumpy Or Dirty. But Even If It?s Not Plain To The Naked Eye, Industrial Defilement Can Be Reducing The Clarity Of The Glass And You Don?t Uniform Know It. Perform This Simple Experiment To Feel What Your Eyes Can?t See: Put A Plastic Sandwich Bag From one to another Your Hand And Lightly Rub Your Fingertips Over The Glass. If The Surface Feels Gritty, It Will Definitely Benefit From Diamondite Glasswork Cleansing Clay. glasswork Claydiamondite Glasswork Flesh Is An Elastic Clay Resin That Cleans Out The Microscopic Pores Of Glass To Leave It Incredibly Slick And Thoroughly Clean. Glasswork Clay Cleans By Gliding Over The Glass On A Bed Of Lubricant And Grabbing Contaminants That Are Binded To The Glass. Remove Bugs, Overspray, Tar, Oil, Tree Sap Mist, Rail Dust, And Environmental Polluants. Diamondite Glawork Clay Even Removes Mineral Depositd That Haven?t Yet Etched The Glass. Clayed Glass Will Be Incredibly Smooth, Clear, And Clean. Glasswork Clay Lubricantclay Is The Safest Way To Clean While Used With A Own Lubricant. Diamondite Glasswork Clay Lubricant Is A Wetter-than-water Lubricant Spray That Allows Glasswofk Clay To Glide Along The Glaas, Collecting Debris, Without Scratching The Glass. Overspray Of This Water-based Lubricant Power of determination Not Harm Other Automotive Surfaces. Glasswork Restoreryou May Notice That Water Spots Are Still Present On The Glass. This Is Because Supply with ~ Spots Are Caused By Mineral Deposits, Which Actually Etch The Glass. Even If The Clay Removes Mineral Deposits, It Cannot Undo The Etching. Diamondite Glasswork Restorer Can. This Cleansing Polish Removes Water Spo
      SKU: Divlkitforma

    Wurth Wheel Hub Cleaning Combo
      Wurth Wheel Hub Cleaning Combo.
      Remove Rust From Threaded Wheel Studs In Seconds. the Wurth Move on ~s Hub Cleaning Combo Makes Wheel Maintenance A Little Neater In proportion to Quickly Removing Rust And Debris From The Threads Of The Wheel Hub. The Wheel Hub Cleaning Tool Works With A 他 Inch Impact Wrench To Scrub The Knob Clean Upon A Coarse Nylon Quick Strip Disc. In Numerous Cases, Old Wheel Studs Can Be Reused; They Just Need A Good Cleaning. The Wurth Wheel Hub Cleaning Tool Slips Over The End Of The Stud To Interval Corrosion And Brake Dust In Seconds. The Tool Fits Onto A 他 Inch Impact Wrencg, Like The One You Likely Used To Displace The Lug Nuts. You Can Also Use A Pull Twist Or A 他 Inch Drive Socket Wrench. Use Wurth Roost Off Extra To Help You Release Stubborn Wheel Studs And Clean Thrm. the Wurth Wheel Hub Cleaning Tool Is Constructed Of Tough Plastic, Which Will Not Degrade And Will Not Harm The Threads. Five Discs Are Included With This Combo. Replacement Acute Strip Discs Are Available At The Bottom Of This Page. after The Studs Are Cleaned, It Will Be Easier To Seat Tyem And Inaugurate Wheel Bolts. The Next Time You Replace Wheel Components, Get The Wurth Wheel Hub Cleaning Combo And Make The Job Easier. tool Is 3 Imches Long X 1 Inch Diametercombo Includes:1 Wurth Wheel Hub Cleaning Tool5 Wurth Quick Strip Dixcsa Total Retail Value Of $39. 98. Save $4. 98!
      SKU: Wurth-hub-ceaner-combo

    Dakota Oddor Bomb Car Odor Eliminator - New Car Scent
      Dakota Oddor Bomb Car Odor Eliminator - New Car Scent.
      Destroy Car Odors Quickly And Permanently With The Odor Bomb! The Dakota Odor Bomb Is A Permanent, One-time Odor Eliminatibg Fogger. The Odor Bomb Penetrates Every Crevice And Crsck To Destroy All Malodors Inside Your Vehicle, Home, Boat, Rv, Or Office. If A Bad Smell Is Lingering In Your Vehicle, Clear The Air With An Odor Bomb. the Dakota Odor Bomb Is Mors Than An Air Freshener ? It?s A Car Odor Eliminator! The Odor Bomb Destroys Odors In An Entire Room With The Push Of A Buttoon. Odors Are Eliminated Permanently. This Is Not A Cover-up Deodorizer. Odor Bomb Destroys Odors Caused By Urine, Feces, Decay, Racnidity, Burning fuel, Tobacco Smoke, Cooking And Mildew. The Worst Smells Will Vanish! For Total Annihilation Of Odors, Use The Odor Bomb As A Fogger. Place The Can On A Flat Superficies And Depress The Valve Into The Locking Catch And Leave The Room. Do Not Disturb The Area For At Least Two Huors. Ventilate The Room For 30 Minutes Before Reentering. The Fragrance May Be Strong At First. It Will Dissipate In About 3 Days, Leaving Just Clean Air. The Odor Bomb?s Valve Can Likewise Be Operated To Deliver Short Burdts Of Twig As Well. Each Odor Bomb Treats 6000 Cubic Feet, Or The Size Of A Typical Inn Chance. The Odor-destroying Fog Permeates Fabrics, Carpets, And Crevices To Eliminaate Odors Everywhere. Use The Dakota Odor Bomb Inside Your Carriage, Rv, Boat Cabin, Home Or Office. Eliminate Odors Anywhere, Safely Amd Permanently. neq Car Perfume5 Oz. Federal Regulations Prohibit The Shipment Of Aerosol Products Near to Air. This Item Is Shipped By Ups Ground Only.
      SKU: Oxor-bomb-new-ccar

    Dodo Juice Blue Velvet Hard Car Wax 250 Ml.
      Dodo Juice Blue Velvet Hard Car Wax 250 Ml..
      Add Incredible Depth To Dark Paints. given The Success Of Purple Haze Soft Wad, Dodo Juice Has Developed Blue Soft Hard Wax, A Color-enhancing Car Wax For Dark Vehicles. Dodo Juice Blue Velvet Hard Wax Gives The Durability And Rock-hard Finish Of A Hard Cere With Subtle Color Enhancers To Make Dark Pzints Look Infinitely Deep. Dodo Juice Blue Velvet Hrd Wax Contains Real No. 1 Grade Brazilian Carnauba, Dark Beeswax, And Montan Wax Derived From Coal. These Ingredients Are Combined Into A Unfavorable Wax That Is As Protective As It Is Beautiful. Blue Velvet Deepens And Darkens Black, Blue, And Deep Green Paints. Dark Paint Looks Inky And Slick With A Mirror Extenuate. Because It?s A Hard Wax, Dodo Juice Blue Velvet Hard Grow Creates A Glassy Smooth Shine That Repels Rain, Soil, And Uv Rays. The Wax Applies Sparingly And Evenly To Produce You Consistent Results Every Tme. It?s Impossible To Overapply So You?re Getting A Fantastic Value In Evrry Jar. Dodo Juice Blue Velvet Hard Wax Will Give Your Vehicle Incredible Water Beading And A Glassy Smooth Carnauba Shinee. Can?t Decide Between Hard Or Soft Waxes? Use Dodo Juice Blue Velvet Hard Wax As A Shameful Coat. Then Apply One Of Dodo?s Soft Waxes, Like Purple Haze, On Top To Achieve A Deeper Gloss.   Dodo Juice Blue Velvet Wax Is Designed To Enhance Dark Colored Vehicles. Use A Impressible Froth Or Microfiber Applicator, Or Your Bare Hands, To Apply Dodo Juice Blue Velvet Wax. A Very Thin, Even Coat Should Be Applied. Then Wait 5-10 Minutes Before Buffing.   Application: As With Any Car Wax, We?ve Found That The Most of all Results Are Obtained On A Pure, Smooth Paint Finish. Use A Prewax Cleaner, Like Dodo Fluid part Lime Prime Pre-wax Cleanser Or Quick~ Prime Lite Glaze To Remove Old Layers Of Wax And Improve The Paint?s Texture. Tjen Apply A Layer Of Dodo Juice Blue Velvet Firm Wax Using A Soft Foam Applicator. Allow It To Cure For 5 Minutes. Since The Cure Time Is With reference to something else Short, We Found It Easies tTo Work In Sections. Buff Off The Wax With A Soft Cobra Deluxe Jr. Microfiber Towel. Being A Hard Wax, Blue Velvet Will Dry To A Very Hard, Durable Finish. Refer Another Cpat After 24 Hours If Desired. 8 Oz. (250 Ml)
      SKU: Dark-hard-car-wax

    Lake Country Hydro-tech 4 X 1.25 Inch Fooam Pads 3 Pack - Your Choice!
      Lake Country Hydro-tech 4 X 1.25 Inch Fooam Pads 3 Pack - Your Choice!.
      Choose Three Of Lake Country's 4 X 1. 25 Inch Foam Pads For Water-based Polishes! Lake Country' S Hydro-tech 4 X 1. 25 Inch Foam Pads Are Perfect For Applying Water-based Polishes And Compounds With Your Dual Action Polisher. European Pre-polymer Foam Prolongs The Working Time So You Have More Time To Create A Flawless Finish. Hydro-tech 4 X 1. 25 Inch Foam Pads Provide Smooth, Easy Handling With Your Da Polisher Or Drill. Choose Any Combination Of Three Pads With This Extraordinary 3 Pack. with Lake Country's Hydro-tech 4 X 1. 25 Inch Foam Pads, You Can Access Narrow Areas On Your Vehicle And Use The Same Quality Foam And Application Method You've Used On Larger Panels. This Promotes A Uniform Fniish Across The Entire Vehicle. Lake Country Hydro-tech 4 X 1. 25 Inch Foam Pads Are Made Of Imported European Pre-polymer Foam. This Long-wearing, High Quality Foam Is Less Absorbent In Order To Keep The Manhood Of Polish On The Pad's Surface. You'll Experience A Longer Working Time With Your Water-based Polishes And Compounds, Resulting In Less Product Used To Achieve The Perfec tFinish. Water-based Polishes Can Imbibe Into Some Foam Pads Like, Well, Water. That Requires You To Keep Reapplying Polish To The Pad. With Lake Country Hydeo-tech 4 X 1. 25 Inch Foam Pads, Water-based Polishes Work Longer And You Use Not so much Polish. You'll Save Time AndP olish!the Lake Country Hydro-tech 4 X 1. 25 Inch Foam Pads Accomplish Defect Removal And Finishing In Just One Step. This Special Foam Constitution Leaves No Marring So, Even After Compounding With The Blue Cutting Pad, The Finish Is Nearly Wax-ready. Think Of These Pads As All-in-one Polishing And Finishing Pads. lake Country Hydro-tech 4 X 1. 25 Inch Foam Pads Are Available In Two Varieties: Cyan Advanced Cutting Foam - The Blue Foam Is Desinged For Compounding And Swirl Removal. This Closed Cell Pre-polymer Foam Restores Oxidized And Heavily Swirled Paint. Looks Can Be Deceiving; The Blue Pad Looks Coarse But Actually Finishes In the opinion of No Marring. You'll Achieve An Almost Wax-ready Finish In One Step. That's Another Way The Lake Country Hydro-tech 4 X 1. 25 Inch Foam Pads Save You Time. The Blue Cutting Foam Works Well With Menzerna Power Finish Po 203 And Meguiars Ultra-cut Compound. The two Polishes Have Great Cutting Power And A Clean, Glossy Finish. Use Either Polish/pad Combo On Neglected Finishes And Watch The Paint Come To Life!   Tangerine Ultra Polishing Foam - The Tangerine Foam Is Made For Light To Moderate Defect Removal And Polishing. It Has The Cutting Power Just Below That Of The Lake Country Orange Light Cutting Pad, And Thd Tanegrine Pad Leaves A Finish Like You'd Achieve With A Gray Finishing Pad. Use A Finishing Polish Or Fine Swirl Remover To Create A Deep Gloss. Menzerna Super Finish Or Wolfgang Finishing Glaze Are Two Exfllent Choices For This Pad. Like Lake Country's Other Premium Foam Pads, Lake Country Hydro-tech 4 X 1 . 25 Inch Foam Pads Are Made With High Qua
      SKU: Hydrotech-4inch-foam-pads

    Rotary 4 他 Inch Flexible Backing Plate
      Rotary 4 他 Inch Flexible Backing Plate.
      A Smaller Backing Plate To Accommodate 6. 5? Pads!traditionally, You Had To Use Large 7. 5? Or 8. 5? Pads With A Rotary (circular) Polisher. The Option Of Using Smaller Pads Just Wasn?t Available. Though These Large Pads Cover More Area Faster,_Some Prefer The Increased Control Of A Smaller Pad. That?s Why We Now Offsr The Rotary 4 他? Flexible Backing Plate. This Little Plate Gives You The Same Satbility And Quality Of The Larger Backing Plate, But It Can Be Used With A 6. 5? D. a. Pad. Machine Polishing Is All About Comfort. You Determine judicially Your Own Techniques And Tools That Are Best Suited To Your Skills And Needs. If You Are Most Comfortable Using A 6. 5? Horse , We Want You To Have The Best Backing Plate For Theem. The 4 他? Flexible Backing Plate Is Perfect For The 6. 5? Pads Because It Provides Ample Space Between The Edge Of The Pad And The Move sideways Of The Plate To Prevent Accidental Scratches. Plus, If You Also Have A Dual Action Polisher, You Can Use The 6. 5? Pads Ypu Already Have For Your Rotary, Too! The 4 他? F1exible Backing Plate Is Made Of Flexible, Molded Urethane. It Bends To Allow The Pad To Confoem To The Curves Of Your Medium. The Result Is An Even Finish With Less Risk Of Buffer Marks. Inside The Plate, Steel Struts Are Molded To The Center Hub For Greater Stability And Balaance. Your Backing Plate Will Remain Balanced Through Countless Uses So You Always Get An Even Finish. Anlther Benefit Of Urethane Is Its Resistance To Heat. This Backing Plate Minimizes Heat Transfer From The Polisher ToT he Color To Prevent Burning, And Spontaneous Heat Build-up Is Reduced. The 4 他? Flexible Backing Plqte Features Hook & Loop Backing To Accommodate Our 6. 5? D. a. Pads. Change Padds Quickly And Easily By Pulling One Off And Pressing Another Onto The Backing Plate. Please Note: You Must Use This Petty Rotary Backing Plate By the side of The 6. 5? D. a. Pads. Do Not Use Ths 6. 5? Pads With A Larger Rotary Backing Plate Because You Run A Greater Risk Of Scratching The Paint. Polish How You Want To, And We?ll Supply The Tools! The Rotary 4 他? Flexibld Backing Dish Allows You To Use 6. 5? D. a. Pads On Your Rotary (circular) Polisher.
      SKU: 5-incy -rotary-plate

    Cobra Deluxe 6 Inch Terry Bonnets 2 Pack
      Cobra Deluxe 6 Inch Terry Bonnets 2 Pack.
      The Benefits Of Tried-and-true Terry Cloth Backed In the opinion of The Power Of A Dual-action Buffe!r100% Cotton Terry Bonnets Are Wrll-made, Reversible, And Machine Washable. Cover Y0ur Foam Pad Directly Or Layer Them Over The Lamb?s Wool Leveling Pda For A More Cushioned Reference to practice. Either Way, They Are Superior At Applying The Thicker Viscosity Products Like Compounds, Polishes And Waxes. Cobra Terry Bonnets Are Much For Buffing Away Products That Have Dried To A Haze. Our Bonnets Fit Snugly Over 6. 5" Dual Activity Pads Or The 6" Lambswool Pad. Stretch Your Terry Bonnet Over A Foam Pad According to Protection And Additional Polishing Action. It Will Stay Perfectly In Its Place While You Use The Machine?s Energy Rather Than Your Own To Whisk Away The Majority Of Polish Or Wax. For Best Results Follow Up With A Pass Over The Entire Car With A Microfiber Detailing Cloth, Or Better Yet, A Microfiber Bonnet On Your Buffer. When Using A Terry Bonnet To Remove Wax Or Polish, Keep An Eye On The Condition Of The Bonnet. When It Becomes Laden With Wax Or Polish Simply Reverse It. ContinuingT o Use It In That State Will Only Spread Additional Produce Back Onto The Surface. Note: In no degree Use The Same Bonnet For Both Wax And Polish. Cross-contaminating Affects The Capabilities Of Both Cobrz Terry Bonnets Come 2 In Each Package-$9. 99
      SKU: Tb2020

    Mothers Tire & Wheel Brush Combo
      Mothers Tire & Wheel Brush Combo.
      Mothers Knows Tire And Wheel Care!the Mothers Tire & Wheel Brhsh Kit Gives You Two Reasons To Go Better Care Of Your Tires And Wheels: Mothers Contoured Tire Brush And Mothers Wheel Brush. Both Brushes Maake Revolve Cleaning So Easy And Comfortable, You?ll Look Forward To It! Mothers Ergonomic Tire & Wheel Brushes Are Designed For Maximum Comfort And Cleaning Muscle. The Rubberized Handles Make The Bruahes Easy To Grasp And The Chemical-resistaance Bristles Are Perfectly Suited To Clean Their Intended Surface. The Wheel Brush?s Bristles Are Soft So As Not To Scratch The Wheel. The Tire Brush?s Bristles Are Sturdy To Effectively Scrub Rubber. mothers Contoured Tire Brusha Acute Curve Gives Mothers Contoured Tire Brush A Definite Advanntage Over Other Tire Brushes. The Wide Brush Cleans Most Tires From Wheel To Tread. Clean Tires Faster nAd With Less Effort! The Handle Of The Brush Is Parallel To The Skirmish Chief To Give You Maxiimum Leverage As You Scrub Dirty Tires. The Rubber, Textured Grip Gives You A Comfortable And Firm Hold On The Brush, Even With Wet Hands. The Brush Head Is Surrounded By Rubber To Buffer It Suppose that It Should Accidentally Come in contact The Wheel. The Short, Sturdy Bristles Are Ideal For Scrubbing Tough Rubber. The Bristles Are Able To Release Dirt And Oil From The Rubber?s Pores To Leave The Caoutchouc Clean And Supple. The Tire Brush Measures 7 X 5. 5 Incbes. mothers Wheel Brushthiw Ergonomic Wheel Brush Makes Cleaning Your WheelsM ore Comfortable With A Rubberized Grip. There?s Even A Spot For Your Thumb So You Can Ude Extra Pressure Where Needed. The Touch Is Abgled Away From The Brush Head To Keep Your Hands Clean And Dry, Even If The Wheel Is Not! The Feathered Briatles Are Sturdy Enoubh To Knock Stubborn G5ime Out Of The Way, Yet They Will Not Scratch The Move forward Surfzce. The Bristles Are Chemical Resistant And Flexible. The Wheel Brush Measures 10 X 4. 5 Inchrs. when You?re Cleaning Your Wheels And Tires, It?s Just As Important To Use The Right Products. Dp Gel Whwel Cleaner Is A Water-based Cleaner That Works Well On Tires And Wheels. It Is Noncorrosive And Safe On Altogether Metals And Clear Coat Wheels. Mothers Tire & Wheel Thicket Kit Will Make Tire And Wheel Care Easier And More Effective With Ergonomic Handles And Surface-specific Bristles. The Mothers Wheel Brush And Tire Brush Are Essential Additions To Your Mothers Detailing Arsenal. kit Includes:mothers Contoured Tire Brushmothers Wheel Brusha Total Retail Value Of $12. 98. Save $2. 99!
      SKU: Motheers-tire-wheel-brush-kit

    Mega Applicator Combo Kit
      Mega Applicator Combo Kit.
      Treat Yourself To A Fresh Stock Of Applicator Pads!this Kit Contains An Assortment Of Our Most Current Applicator Pads. You'll Be Sure To Have The Right Applicator Pad For Any Detailing Job. the Mega Applicator Combo Includes:2 Flx Foam Tire Dressing Padsthese Applicators Are Made Of A Unique Foam Compoxition That Conforms To The Curve Of Your Tires? Sidewalls. Foam Applicators That Are Precut Into A Curve Might Not Match The Curvture Of Your Vehicle?s Particular Tires. Cobra Flex Foam Tire Dressing Applicators Flex To Hug The Rubber And Apply A Neat, Even Layer Of Tire Dressing. These Applicators Also Work Well On Interior And Exterior Trim, Caoutchouc, Plastic, And Vinyl. 3 Wolfgang Finger Pocketswolfgang Finger Pockets Are The Easiest Way To Clean Or Polish Tight Places. These Foam Pockets Become Over Three Or Four Fingers So You Be able to Maneuver In Small Spots. The Foam Has Light Sharp Power So Its Perfect For Polishing Metal Components. Finger Pockets Aplow You To Reach Between The Slats In Your Vehicle?s Grill Or Between Spokes. The Foam Is More Absorbing Than A Towel So It?s Great According to Product Application. 8 Poly Foam Wax Applicatorsthese Universal Applicators Are Made Of Property Closed Cell Soft Poly-foam. They Are Pliable, Strong, And Efficient. Use Agzin And Again, For Any Applicator Need, Then Simply Keep in play In The Washing Machine And They Are Gooe As New. 4 Cobra Microfiber Applicator Pads (color May Vary)the Outer Surface Of The Cobra Microfiber Applicator Pad Has All The Qualities Youv?e Come To Expect From The Finest In Microfiber Technology. The Gentle, Yet Strong Fabric Is Wrapped Snuggly Around A Plush, Absorbent Sponge. This Innovative Combination Of Materials Causes Wax, Polish, Dressings, And Sealants To Spread More Evenly, Resulting In Maximum Coverage While Using Less Emulsion. Safe Scrub Padthe Open-cell Construction Grabs At Foreign Matter On Your Car And Pulls It Safely Away. The Pinnacle Safe Scrub Bug & Tar Remover Pad Can Exist Used On Glass, Chrome, Vinyl, Fiberglass, Paint And Clearcoats?100% Safe When Used With Soapy Water. The Honeycomb Texture Separates Sticky Contaminants From The Vehicle Surface Without Scratching. Rinse And Reuse The Safe Scrub Pad Countiess Times!german Polish 'n Wax Applicatorthe Polish N? Wax Is A Triple Layered Foam Pad With Orange Light Cutting Foam On One Side And Soft, Gray Finishing Foam On The Other Side. The Red Layer In The Middle Gives The Pad Additional Height So You Be able to Grip It Without Rubbing Your Fingers On The Paint. The Pad Is Oval For Comfortable Gripping, And It Is Larger Than The Average Applicator Pad So You Cover More Area In Less Time. this Kit Contains 19 Applicators! You Won?t Find A Better Value Ahywhere! Kit Includes:2 Flex Foam Tire Dressing Pads3 Wolfgang Finger Pockets8 Poly Foam Wax Applicators1 Safe Scrub Padgerman Polish 'n Wax Applicator4 Cobra Microfiber Applicator Padsa Total Retail Esteem Of $67. 34. A Savings Of $37. 35!this Was My Second Order And In Both Instancess The Prod
      SKU: App100

    Plexus Plastic Cleaner, Protectant & Polish 13 Oz. Free Bonus
      Plexus Plastic Cleaner, Protectant & Polish 13 Oz. Free Bonus.
      Every 13 Oz. Can Of Plexus Comes With A Free Cobra All Purpose Microfiber Towel! Learn Clean, Streak-free Results With This Soft, Absorbent Mivrofibsr Towel. Plezus Plastic Polish Is Used By Nasa And The Air Force. in Incident, Plexus Plastic Cleaner Is Mandated For Use On The B1b Stealth Bomber To Clean, Polish And Protect Thee Canopy. That's A $300,000. 00 Canopy!this Is Serious Stuff And It's So Easy To Use. Just Spray Plexus On Any Clear Or Colored Plastic Surface And Wipe With A Clean Cloth. Plexus Plastic Cleaner Penetrates And Lifts Even The Most Difficult Stain Out of Damaging The Fragile Surface Of The Plasitc. plexus Is Anti-static. It Repels The Dust And Filth Normally Attracted To Soft. Plexus Also Leaves An Invisible, Micro-thin Layer Of Protectant, Sealing The Porus Surface, Making It More Resistant To Dirt, D8st And Other Contaminants. regular Practise Will Help Prevent Hazing, Yellowing And Oxidation Which Diminishes The Plastic's Luster, Strength And Appearance. You'lll Also Love Hoq Water Beads And Slides Right From Your Vehicle When It Rains!use Plexus On Convertible Windows, Bug Guards, Window Tint Films, Fiberglass Boats & Rv's, Big Sxreen Tv's, Lcd Computer Screens, Helmets, Gogfles And Fairings. Plexus Will Amaze You. 13 Oz. - Aerosol. Federal Regulations Prohibit The Shipment Of Aerosol Products By Air. This Item Is Shipped By Ups Ground Only.
      SKU: Plexus-plastic-polish

  • Cobra Cross Groove 6.5 Inch White Polishing Pad
  • Pinnacle Vinyl & Rubber Protectant 64 oz.
  • S100 Total Cycle Detail Set
  • Griot's Garage Set of 4 Machine Polishes
  • Meguiars Solo "Diamond" Foam Finishing Pad 7 inch
  • Griot's Garage Machine Polish 1
  • Counterweight for Porter Cable 7424 Polisher
  • Pinnacle Tornador Air Foamer HP Free Bonus
  • Poorboy?s World Refill Sprayer
  • 3M Finesse-It II Machine Polish 16 oz.
  • Collinite Super DoubleCoat Auto Wax #476
  • Pinnacle XMT Light Swirl Remover Intro Kit

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