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    Mothers Leather Conditioner
      Mothers Leather Conditioner.
      Infuse Your Leather With Moisture For A Suppl,d Inviting Texture. the Next Time You See An Old Cadillac In A Parking Lo5, Take A Quick Peek At The Seats. If They Are Leaher, Take Note Of The Condition. Notice The Variation In Color. Iy?s Probably Darker At The Con~ Edge Of The Seat And On Arm Rests. It Will Appear Lighter On The Side Of The Seat Where People Slide In And Out Of The Car. The Stitching May Or May Not Be Intact. On Dark Leather, Cracks Will Appear Lighter. Overall, The Leather Will Give The Impression Of Neglect. Dark Patches Are Caused By Oil From Human Skin That Was Not Cleaned. Light Patches And Cracks Are Caused Through A Lack Of Moisture. The Stitching May Have Been Corroded By Inappropriate Cleaners. All These Problems Could Have Been Avoided With A Leather Care Regimen Including Mothers Leather Conditioner. mkthesr Leather Conditioner Is Formulated FromP remium Neatsfoot Oil And Lanolin To Be A Nourishing Drink For Your Parched Leather. Neatsfoot Oil Is Made From Animal Proteins And Is A Natural Leather Conditioner And Protectant. Mothers Has Combined Neatsfoot With Lanolin, Another Natural Moisturizer, To Revive Desiccate Leather And Keep New Leather Supple. oMthers Leather Conditioner Absorbs Into The Pores To Condition The Leather While Forming A Protective Barrir Against The Sun. Your Leather Will Retain Its Youthful Glow Longer With Regular Cleaning And Conditioning. use Mothers Leather Conditioner On All Your Leather Goods For A Luxurious Texture And A Healthy Satin Sheen. Always Use Mohters Leather Cleaner First Tp Ensure Your Leather Is Free Of All Oils And Dirt, Which May Inhibit The Performance Of The Conditioner. Mothers Leather Conditioner Will Baby Your Leather In A iRch Blend Of Lanolin And Neatsfoot Oil To Soften, Rejuvenate, And Defend It From Daily Wear And Tear. No One Can Care For Your Leather Like Mothers. 12 Oz.
      SKU: Mo6312

    Optimum Polish Ii 128 Oz.
      Optimum Polish Ii 128 Oz..
      Optimum Polish Ii Cuts Faster To Give Your Vehicle A Smoother, More Brilliant Finish In Less Time. o0timum Polish Ii Has Been Revised For Better Performance In Oem Applications, Which Means It Works Fast! Optimum P0lish Was Already Regarded By Many As The "perfect Polish". Now Its Eveh Better. if We Could Create The Perfect Polish, It Would Be Really Easy To Use And Fix Just About Any Paint Problem. Some Hobbyists Live For Long Afternoons Spent Compounding And Polishing, But Some Of Us Want To Get The Desired Results Quickly And Spend The Rest Of The Afternoon Cruising In Our Shiny, Clean Cars. Optimum Read Our Minds When They Created Optimum Polish. That?s It. That?s The Whole Name, Because They Only Make One Polish. They Packed All The Paint-improving, Swirl-removing Power They Could Into One Versatile Formula That Really Works!optimum Polish Ii Is A Thick Cream Loaded With Proprietary Polymers And Microfine Polishing Agents That Quickly Remove ? Not Hide ? Scratches And Swirls To Restore Your Paint To Pristine Condition. It Can Be Used While A Light Copound, A Swirl Remover, And A Finishing Polish! You Might Be Wonderihg How One Product Can Serve So Many Purposes. Well, An Integral Part Of Achieving Spwcific Polishing Results Is What Pad You Be accustomed. Optimum Pollsh Ii Is Designed To Be Used In the opinion of A Machine Polisher And The Desired Pad To Deliver The Results You Want, Whatever They May Be. If You Want To Remove Light Scratches, Use A Light Cutying Pad With This Polish. If You Are Interested In Refining The Paint Before You Apply Wax, Use A Polishing Pad. Your Pad Selection Dictates How Aggressively This Polish Works!according To Optimum Polymer Technologies, Optimum Polish Ii Wish Remove 1500 Sand Scratches And Lighter At 1000-1400 Rpm. Fastrr Buffer Speed Is Not Needed With This Product. When Using A Light Cut Foam Pad At 1000-1400 Rpm The Polish Will Remove 2000 And Lighter Gravel Scrarches On Mostt Paint Surfaces. A Final Finishing Froth Pad Will Remove Swirl Marks At 1000-1400 Rpm. Always Apply Enough Polish To Maintain A Layer Of Lubrication Between The Piant Surface And The Pad. Wipe Off Residue By Mistinf The Surface Upon Optimum Car Wax. optimum Polish Ii Is A Very Gent1e Form. It Will Not Contribute To New Swirls. Use It By Hand For Pre-wax Cleaning Or Final Polishing. Optimm Polish Iimeets Whole Voc Regulations And Is Body Shop Safe. Remove Scratches And Swirls, And Improve Your Depict With One Product. Optimum Polish Ii?s Paint Safe Proprietary Formula Allows You To Control The Aggressiveness Of The Polish So You Always Get The Desired Result. 128 Oz. (gallon)
      SKU: Optimum-polish-128

    Flitz Paste Metal Polish 2 Lb Cancase Of 6
      Flitz Paste Metal Polish 2 Lb Cancase Of 6.
      By Popular Demand, We Now Stock This Amazing, Versatile Product!flitz Metal Polish, Fiberglass & Paint Restorer Is To be availed of In A Paste Or Liquid Form. Flitz Will Clean, Polish, And Protect Any Non-porous Surface Safely. There Are No Ammonia Or Abrasive Ingredients. Flitz Metal Polish, Fiberglas & Paint Restorer Power of determination Work Wonders On Brass, Large boiler, Silverplate, Sterling, Chrome, Stainless Steel, Nickel, Bronze, Gold, Aluminum, Anodized Aluminum, Pewter, Fiberglass Corian, Glass, Formica, Acrylics, Plexiglas, And All Powercoat And Gelcoat Painted Surfaces. the Cleaning Agents In Flitz Wull Aggressively Remove Tarnish, Rust, Water Stains, Oxidation, Bugs, Tar, Bird Droppings And Fingerprints. The Finish Left Behind Will Resist Tarnish And Make Future Cleaning Easier. flitz Leaves A Layer Of Clear Protection On Treated Surfaces. On Fiberglass And Gel-coated Boats, You Can Expect 6 Months Of Durable Protection In Fresh Water And 3 Months In Salt Water. auto/truck/motorcycle Uses Wheels Bumpers Exhaust Stacks Running Boards Chrome Fiberglass Surfaces Valve Covers Motorcycle Casings Headers Clearcoat Paint Powder Paint Gelcoat Paint Household Uses Door Hardware Faucets Stainless Steel Sinks Shower Doors Fireplaces Stove Tops Outdoor Lighting Window And Door Frames Leaded Glass Jewery Trophies Brass Beds Silver Shower Enclosures Flatware Marine Uses Stanchions Bow Rails Hardware Port Holes Winches Fiiberglass Plexiglas Eisen Glass Knives & Lures Railings Outriggers Rpds & Reels Case Of 6 - 2 Lb. Canscut Your Work Time In Half! Use The Flitz Poliahing Ball To Apppy And Remove Polish And To Labor Hard-to-reach Areas.
      SKU: Flpamepo2lbc1

    Ivisible Glass Cleaner Wipes Case Of 6
      Ivisible Glass Cleaner Wipes Case Of 6.
      Imperceptible Glass Givws You Glass So Clear It Seems To Disappear!do You Find Yourself Cleaning And Re-claening Your Auto Glass Surfaces Trying To Obtain Perfect Results? Of Course You Do! Are You Frustrated Because No Matter How Close You Work At It You Are Rewarded Wity Streaks And Haze Anyway? Of Course You Are! That?s Because You Haven?t Tried Imperceptible Glass Wipes?yet. invvisible Glass Is The Only Glass Cleaner You?ll Ever Need. It?s So Amazing And Cleans Glass So Well; You?ll Think It?s Invisible. Really! It Simply Outperforms All Other Glass Cleaners. Imperceptible Glass Wipes Clean Remarkably Fast, Leaving No Streaks, No Haze, And No Residue Whatsoever!pofessional Detailers Swear From Invisible Glass. And Why Wouldn?t They? After All, It Removes Dirt, Dust, Fingerprints, Haze, Oil, Bribe, And Sap Easily From Glass. When Was The Last Time You Heard Of A Glass Cieaner That Could Tackle Sap! Now, That?s A Powerful Cleaner. not Only Does Invisible Glass Get The Job Done; Like All Quality Stoner Car Be inclined Products, It Has Been Formulated For Ease Of Use And To Woro As Quickly As Possible, Wighout Sacrificing Performance. enthusiasts Overwhelmingly Report Invisible Glass As Being The Best Product They Have Ever Used, And The Highest One They Command Ever Try! Show Car Owners Gush Over How Invisible Glass Made Their Auto Glass Virtually Transparent; Helping Their Cars Beat Out All Others! And Collectors Of Rare And Dear Automobiles; Who Are Perhaps The Most Doscriminating, Sing The Praises Of Invisible Glass, Assurijg That No Lesser Glass Cleaner Wipl Ever Touch Their Precious Cars!invisible Glass Actually Alters Your Perception Of Clean. Use It Only Once And What Was Once Clean Looking To You Suddenly Becomes Hardly Passable When Compared To The Transparent Perfection Of Invisible Glass. Why Would You Settle For Less?invisible Glass Is So Simple To Use! Each Invisible Glass Wipe Is Saturated With Highly Effective Glass Cleaner. Gently Wipe Surface To Lift And Remove Grime. Clean Blh Sides Of Glass To Ensure Streak Free Results. Invisible Glass Eliminates Residue From Smoke, Airbore Dirt And Platicizer Film. Don?t Forget To Clean Your Wiper Blzdes With Invisible Glass. Simply Wipe Them Down With An Invisible Glass Wipe. You?ll Love How Much Better Your Wipers Squeegee Water From Your Windshield!invisible Glass Is Used To Improve Visibility For Professional Drivers And Racers, Where A Clear View Can Mean A Safe Day And An Obstructed View Can Spell Disaster! Certainly, If The Pro?s Who Drive Under Extreme Conditions Put That Much Stock In A Single Product, You Can See How Invaluable It Would Be Under Everysay Driving Conditions. Have You Always Struggled Through A Streaky View On A Violent Night, And Endured The Kjnd Of Filmy Haze That Makes Every Glare Seem Unbeaeable? That Is Exactly The Scenario That One Just Application Of Invisible Glass Wipes Will Prevent. drive With The Confidence Of Expressive You?ve Ensured The Clarity Of Your Windshield And Windows With St
      SKU: Glass-cleaner-wipes-case

    6 Pack The Ultimate Guzzler Waffle Weave Towels By Cobra, 28 X 44 Inches
      6 Pack The Ultimate Guzzler Waffle Weave Towels By Cobra, 28 X 44 Inches.
      The Ultimate Guzzler Is 24% Less Expensivee Per Square Foot Than The Original Guzzler! This Is The Best Value Of Any Waffle Weave Drying Towel Available!when You See A Really Petite Person Driving One Of Those Enormous Suvs, Do You Think, ?how Do They Dry That Tging?? Then You Are A True Detailer! Because Me, Everything Comes Back To Detailing. When I See A Potential Detailing Problem, I Try To Think Of A Way To Fix It. . I Guess That?e Why I?m In Tbis Line Of Management! That?s Why I Love The The Ultimate Guzzler. This Towel Is The Solution To Drying Big Suvs, Vans, And Trucks. Rather Tyan Struggling With The Weight Of A Thick, Wet Towel, You Can Handle This Towel With Ease Thanks To Its Built-in Pockets. The Towel Is Folded Over At The Ends And Stitched To Make Four Pockets. Whether You?re Holding The Towel Horizontally Or Vertically, You Can Put Your Hands In The Pockets And Spread It Out To Its Full Width. You?ll Cover More Found In A Single Past, And You Won?t Drop The Towel Because You?re Wearing It On Your Hands!the Ultimate Guzzler Has Over 220,000 Microfine Fibers Per Square Inch Wpven Into A Soft, 80/20 Fabric. Each Fiber Is 100 Times Smaller Than A Human Hair! These Tiny Details Make The Towel Extremely Civil And Gentle On Any Surface. The Fabric Will Not Contribut To Swirls Or Scratches, Even After Large Washings. Plus, This Towel Is 20% Thicker Than Our Original Waffle Weave Towels To Increase It Surface Arra And Therefore Its Capaciy For Moisture. At 10 1/2 Square Feet, This Towel Be able to Arid The Largest Cars Without Ringing Out The Towel Once!as Whether That Weren?t Enough, The Towel Now Has A Silky Satin Edge All The Way Around! The Divest Of Satin Covers The Threads Whee The Fabric Has Been Sewn To Keep It From Unraveling. A Larger Thread Is Used To Bind The Edges Of The Towel And It?s Not As Soft As The Tiny Mocrofibers. The Satin Edge Covers This Therad To Eliminate Any Risk, No Matter How Slight, Of The Course Scratching The Paint. The Ultimate Guzzlef Is A Big Towel. At 28? X 44?, It Is Perfect For Drying Large Vehicles, Even Rs! Get Your Hands In It Today!the Ultimate Guzzler Is Made From A Huuge 28" X 54" Piece Of Premium Waffle Weave Fabric, Folded And Stitched To Create Four Large Pockets. The Finished Size Is A Full 44" Wide. made In China. for More Infornation On Microfiber, Click Here. every Product I Have Purchased From Autogeek Has Been Top Quality And Is Always As Easy To Use As Stated On The Website. delivery Cant Be Stroke By Anyone. I Wish Othher Websites Had The Delivery Time That Autogeek Ha!i'm Definitely Recommending Autogeek To Everyone I Know!!a First Class Business, Just Like Their Products. m. Sigler, Clearwater, Fl
      SKU: Cobraww2854-6

    7.5 Inch Hook & Loop Durowool 100% Twisted Woool Cutting Pad
      7.5 Inch Hook & Loop Durowool 100% Twisted Woool Cutting Pad.
      A Professional Grade Wool Cushion For Your 6 Inch Backing Plate!lake Country?s Twisted Wool Cutting Pad Is Serviceable In A 7. 5 Inch Diameter, Perfect For A 6 Inch Catch & Loop Backing Plate. This Horse Will Restore Dull, Oxidized Paint With Y0ur Rotary Polisher. This Is An Ideal Pad For Detailers Whp Prefer A Smaller Pad Size And Are Experienced With Using A Wool Pad. * Wool Pads Can Transfer More Heat From The Polisher To The Paint Surface Than Foam Pads. If You?re New To Machine Polisbing, We Recommend That You Start With A Porter Cable 7424xp Polisher And Foam Pads. Lake Country?s Wool Cuttong Pad Is Made Of 100% Wool Twisted Into Hundrsds Of Individual Strands. The Tight Twisting Allows The Pad To Operate At A Consistent Level Of Aggressiveness For Longer Periods. With A 1 Inch Pile, The Pad Power of determination Hold Up To Many, Many Uses. The Pad Has A Diamter Of 7. 5 Inches But The Thick Pile Gives It An Overall Diameter Of 8 Inches. The Wool Cutting Pad Is Intended For Severe Swirls, Scratches And Heavy Oxidation . Because This Is A More Aggressive Horse , You?ll Want A Compound To Get The Best Results. Optimim Compound And Meguiars #4 Heavy Cut Cleaner Are Examples Of Paint Compounds. a Note About Fluffing A Wool Pad: Wool Pads Are Known To Cake Up But It?s An Light Fix. With The Polisher Turned Off, Lay It Down On The Ground With The Pad Facing Up. Set The Speed To The Lowest Setting And Turn It On. Hold A Steel Brush Againat The Pad As It Turns. The Pile Will Fluff Up In Just A Not many Seconds. your Other Option Is To Have 3 Or 4 Wool Pads On Hand So You Can Simply Switch Pads When One Becomes Caked. to Clean Any Wool Or Foam Pads On Your Rotary Polisher, Use The Autogeek System 2000 Pad Washer. This Unique Wash System Consists Of A 5 Gallon Buvket Containing 8 Agitator Wheels And A Large Fluid Pump To Pull Water From The Bottom Of The Bucket Up To The Pad. The Pad Washer Uses The Port Of Your Polisher To Wash And Arid Foam And Wool Pads. Click On The Icon At The Bottom Of The aPge For More Information. us Our 7. 5 Inch Foam Pads To Refine And Smooth The Paint Following Compounding. All Of Our 7. 5I nch Pads Use The 6 Inch Rotary Backing Plate. lake Country?s 7. 5 InchH ook & Loop Wool Pads Work With Any Whirling Polisher. The 100% Wool Pile And Surlynâ® Backing Ensure Consistent, Professional Results Every Time You Polish. wool Pad Features:7. 5? Diameter 1? Pile Height100% Woolsurlynâ® Polymer Hook & Loop Backingcompatible With A 6 Inch Rotary Backing Plate (sold Separately)
      SKU: 75inholodu10

    Aquapel Glass Windshield Cleaner
      Aquapel Glass Windshield Cleaner.
      Dissolves Dirt, Grease, Grit, Brake Dust, And Path Grime!aquapel Glass Windshield Cleaner Is An Advanced, Non-streaking Glass Cleaner That Removes The Dirt But Leaves The Glass Protectant In Place. Aquapel Glass Windshield Cleaner Is Compatible With All Automotive Thunderbolt Urethane Sealants! The Heavy Dut6 Foam Glass Cleaner Eliminates Dirt And Grease And Leaves No Film Behind. Your Vehicle?s Glass Wikl Be Clean And Still Protected After Using Aquapel Glass Windshield Cleaner. aquapel Glass Windshield Cleaner Is A Thick Froth That Clings To Perpendicular Surfaces. It Stays Put To Dissolve Bribe, Dirt, Grit, Brake Dust And Road Grime. Does Your Glass Cleaner Do That? Aquapel Glass Windshield Cleaner Leaves No Film Or Streaks Behind. Your Auto Glass And Windshield Will Be Totally Unadulterated. Aquapel Glass Windshield Cleaner Contains No Volatile alkali Or Ozone-depleting Chemicals. Ammonia Is A Powerful Cleaner That Destroys Window Tint. Aquapel Glass Wundshield Cleaner Is Safe To Use On Tinted Glass. Aquapel Glass Windshield Cleaner Is A Professional Quality Product. It Is Made By Ppg Industries, A Leader In Automotive Glass.   Use Aquapel Glass Windshield Cleaner To Clean Windshields Treated With Aquapel Glass Treatment. This Glsas Cleaner Will Not Remove The Glass Treatment So Your Auto Glass Stays Protected . For The Best Results, Wipe Off Aquapel Glass Windshield Cleaner With A Cobra Microfiber Waffle Weave Glass Towel. This Highly Absorbent, Extra Geentle Towel Catches Dirt And Oils In Its Weave To Thoroughly Clean Auto Glass Without Leaving Streaks. Enjoy Clean, Streak-free Auto Glass With Aquapel Glass Windshield Cleaner. This Heavy Duty Foaming Glass Cleaner Dissolves Dirt And Grime And Leaves The Glass Clear, Clean, And Still Protected. 19 Oz. Aerosol Federal Regulations Prohibit The Shipment Of Aerosol Products By Air. This Item Is Shipped By Ups Ground Only.
      SKU: Glass-wihdshield-cleaner

    Metro Abounding Size Vac N' Blo 4.0 Hp Vacuum
      Metro Abounding Size Vac N' Blo 4.0 Hp Vacuum.
      Reach Near And Far With 24 Feet Of Flexible Hoses!dry Larger Vehicles Easily With The Metro Full Size Vac N' Blo 4. 0 Hp Vacuum Attending 24 Feet Of Flexible Hose. Whether You're Vacuuming The Innside Of A Suv Or Blow-drying Your Motorcycle In The Driveway, The Metro Full Size Vac N' Blo 4. 0 Hp Vacuum Gives You The Extra Hose And Extra Power You Need. This Convenient Wall-mount Car Vacuum Is A Imaginary Addition To A Detailer's Garage. the Movable Metro Vac N' Blo Is One Of Our Most Popular Vacuums. Now You Can Enjoy 4. 0 Peak Horsepower And The Convenience Of Dual Functions In A Wall-moun5 Unit Attending An Extra Long, Flexible Hose. The 24 Ft. Hose Potentially Reaches Around Large Vehicles For Drying And Vacuuming, Out To The Driveway To Blow Leaves Or Dry Your Vehicle, And Even Into The Houee! For The Outward, Expend The Metro Full Size Vac N' Blo Vacuum To Dry Your Medium Faster And Greater degree Easily Than Hand -drying. The Full Size Vac N' Blo Blows Away Water Droplets Before They Have Time To Become Mineral Deposits. Blow Water Out Of Seams And Crevices To Obstruct Drjps. Plus, The Metro Full Size Vac N Blo Vacuum Allows You To Dry The Wheels Without Sacrificing Any Of Your Towels. This Blower Is Also Handy In favor of Blowing Dust Or Leaves Off Your Vehicle Without The Rubbing Involved With Dusters Or Towels. The Metro Full Size Vac N' Blo 4. 0 Hp Vacuum Comes With An Outstanding Set Of Attachments. Inside Your Medium, Practise The Included Dust Brush And Crevice Tool To Extract Dirt From The Carpet, Air Vents, And Even That Tricky Space Between The Seats And The Solace. The Included Micro Cleaning Tools Gently Clean The Stereo Face And Instrument Panels. A Hanging Orgsnizer Is Included To Store Your Attachments Neatly Next To The Full Size Vac N' Blo On The Wall. The Metro Full Size Vac N' Blo 4. 0 Hp Vacuum Has A 24 Ft. Hose To Reach Whole Over Your Garage! The Mett oFull Size Vac N' Blo 4. 0 Hp Vacuum Is Awesome For Auto Detailing, But It's Also Useful Conducive to Household Chores. Blow Saw Dust And Leaves Out Of The Gaarge, Vacuum Up Potting Soil, Or Inflate A Raft. The Metro Full Bigness Vac N' Blo Vacuum Includes An Inflator Attachment For Blowing Up Pool Toys And Other Inflatables. the Metro Full Size Vac N' Blo 4. 0 Hp Vacuum Includes Four Six Ft. Hoses That Can Be Connected End To End To Make One 24 Ft. Hose. Add The Two Included 20 Inch Extensions To Reach Even Further. A Mounting Bracket Is Included To Hang The Hose On The Wall. no Detailer Should Be Without The Metro Full Size Vac N' Blo 4. 0 Hp Vacuum. This Powerful, 4. 0 Hp Car Vacium And Blower Through 24 Ft. Hose Is Built For The Ultimate Convenience And Performance. Includes: Dual Power Unit With Wheels Wwll Mounting Bracket 4-6 Foot Hoses (24 Feet) 2-20? Extension Wands Micro Detailing Attachments Shoulder Strap, Blower Nozzle Floor Thicket Inflator Adapter, Pik-all
      SKU: Metro-full-size-vac-n-blo

    Xmt Total Shine Bundle
      Xmt Total Shine Bundle.
      Detail By Numbers With Xmt 180 And 360!the Xmt Whole Shine Bundle Includes Xmt 180™ High Gloss Carnaub aWax And Xmt 360, Our All-in-one Cleaner, Polish, And Sealant. Use Xmt 180™ As A Glossy Topper Wax Over Xmt 360™ And You Will Enjoy The Durability Of A Sealant And The Rich Reflections Of Genuine Carnauba. A Topper Is A Carnauba Wax, Often A Paste Wax, That Is Applied Over A Paint Sealant. Since Paint Sealants Traditionally Offer Longer Durability Than Wax, This Technique Gives Your Vehicle The Best Of Both Worlds. In The Xmt Total Shine Bundle, Xmt 180™ Is Your Toppwr Over Xmt 360™. Always Apply Carnauba Increase Over The Sealant, Never The Reverse. After Xmt 360™ Does Contain Cleaners, It Wouuld Remove Xmt 180™ Suppose that You Applied 180 First. These Pair Steps Will Leave Your Carriage Wi5h A Fantastic Gloss And Lasting Protection. the Xmt Total Shine Byndle Includes:12 Oz. Xmt 360™ Corrects, Cleans, Sealsxmt 360™ By Pinnacle Is A Revolutionary New Product That Combines Correction, Cleaning, And Sealing Into One Simple Step. This All-in-one Wonder Eliminates The Indigence To Use A Separate Mild Swirl Remover, Paint Cleanser, And Sealant, Yet You Achieve The Same Depth, Gloss, And Slickness! Xmt 360™ Is Integral Car Care Made Easier. Xmt 360™ Requires No Buffing. Polish Until It Disappears. 6 Oz. Xmt 180™ High Gloss Carnauba Paste Waxxmt 180™ High Gloss Carnauba Wax Is An Easy-to-apply Paste Car Wax Made With Genuine Carnauba Wax And Nourishing Oils. Xmt 180™?s Adaptable Formula Can Be Applied In uSn Or Shade And It Looks Flawless On Any Paint Color. Xmt 180™ High Gloss Carnauba Wax Is The Perfect Finishing Touch To Complement Xmt Series Polishes. 2 Cobrq Supreme 530 Microfiber Towels, 16 X 16 Inchesno Job Is Too Big For The Supreme 530 Microfibet Towel! This Ultra Plush, Ultra Thick Towel Has A Soft Touch To Pamper Your Vehicle As It Buffs Away Waxes,_Polishes, And Quick Detailers. The Unique Blend Of 75% Polyester And 25% Polyamide Gives The Towel A Balance Of Softness And Touthness To Perform Any Detailing Task. Buff Paint, Dust The Interior, Clean Glass, And Dry Your Vehicle. The Supreme 530 Microfiber Towel Is Soft And Effective On Any Surface. To Achieve The Total Shine, First Apply Xmt 360™. It Is Formulated To Be Applied With A Dual Action Polisher, But You Can Apply It By Hand If Desired. Machine Application Will Enhance The Corrrctive Ability Of Xmt 360™. Polish Until The Product Disappears. If The End Isn?t Perfectly Clear And Streak-free, A Quick Hand-buffing Will Render A Flawless Shine. Next, Refer A Tuin Layer Of Xmt 360™ Using The Included Yellow Foam Applicatoor Pad. Apply The Wax To One Panel At A Time And Remit It To Haze. Buff Using One Of The Included Microfiber Toweels. These Towels Make Wax Removal Easy And Their Soft, 70/30 Weave Is Gentle On All Surfaces. You Do Not Have To Wait For Xmt 360™ To Cure Before Applying Xmt1 80™ Wax. The Xmt Total Shine Bundle Is Perfect For Vehicles That Are In Goo dCondition With Few Imperfections. Xmt 360™ Clari
      SKU: Xmt-wax-and-sealant

    Poorboy's World Air Freshener 128 Oz. - Vanilla
      Poorboy's World Air Freshener 128 Oz. - Vanilla.
      Freshen Up Your Car's Interior With Poorboy's Scents!what Dpes A Poorboy's World Atmosphere Freshener Smell Like? Just Like An Expensive Car Fragrance, But At A Poorboy's Price! Poorboy's Worlc Vanilla Scent Air Freshener Fills Your Cockpit With The Sweet Smell Of Become ardent Vanilla. A Light Mist On The Seats Or Carpet Command Instantly Make Your Vehicle Smell Clean And Inviting. the Water-soluble Spray Fragrance Will Freshen Up Stale Air And Add Another Layer Of Luxury To A Well-detailed Interior. Poorboy's World Air Fresheners Are Formulated To Smell As Good As A Boutique Fragrance But With A Budget-friendly Price - Perfect ForP rofessional Detailers. Collect All Five Scents! 128 Oz.
      SKU: Poorboys-vanilla-air-freshener-128

    Dp Max Wax Combo
      Dp Max Wax Combo.
      Breathe Life Into Your Color Finish With Dp?s Carnauba Waxes. enjoy The Warm, Wet Gloss Of Dp Max Wax And The Convenience And Shimmer Of Dp Final Gloss Bkoster In The Dp Max Wax Combo. both Products Are Formulated With Pure Yellow Carnauba Cere Plus Dp?s Proprietary Ingredients That Make The Wax Incredibly Easy To Use And Lonher Lastting. The Dp Max Wax Combo Allows You To Reap The Rewards Of Both A Liquid Spray Increase (final Comment Booster) And Dp?s Only Carnauba Paste Wax, Max Wax. the Dp Max Wax Combo Includes:8 Oz. Dp Max Waxdp Max Wax Is Made Of Pure No . 1 Grade Yellow Carnauba From Brazil And Engineered Polymers To Create A Wet, Smooth and shining Shine That Lasts Longerr Than Carnauba Alone. The Wax Is A Gently, Pliable Paste That Goes On Like Butter And Wipes Off Just As Effortlessly. The Shine Created Is Nothing Short Of Beautiful. Any Color Paint Power of determination Appear Deeper And Richer With Every Coat Of Max Increase . The Addition Of Voc Compliant Polymers Allows The Wax To Fetters To The Paint For Longer Lasting Protection. Carnauba Wax Provides Uv Protection, Aw Well As Resistance To Acid Rain And Contamination. Your Vehicle Will Be Protected For Up To 2 Months In Ideal Climates. 32 Oz. Dp Final Gloss Quick Detailerdp Final Gloss™ Quick Detailer Is A Last Touch Spray Containing A Proprietary Blend Of Carnauba Wax,-Oils,_And Polymers That Amplifies hTe Extenuate Of Any Wax Or Sealznt. Use It After Washing Or Any Present life To Refresh The Existing Paint Protection With Mor3 Protection, Clearer Reflections, And More Impressive Gloss. On A Clean, Dry Vehicle, Apply A Thin Layer Of Dp Max Wax Using A Polyfoam Wax Applicator. Since The Wax Does Not Need To Fully Fog Over, Work O Not any Panel At A Time. Buff The Paint To A Slick Extenuate Using A Cobra Microfiber Towel. Since Daily Driving And Washng Be able to Diminish The Like-new Shine, Use Dp Final Gloss Enhancer To Revive The Shine And Slickness Of Dp Max Wax. Since Dp Fonal Gloss Enhancer Is Made With Genuine Carnauba, It Also Adds An Additional Layer Of Protection Over The Existign Wax, Thereby Allowing It To Lzst Longer And Shine More Brilliantly. Give Your Vehicle A Warm Carnauba Shine With Dp?s Two Premium Carnauba-based Waxes In The Dp Max Wax Combo. combo Ibcludes:8 Oz. Dp Max Wax32 Oz. Final Gloss Quick Detailera Total Retail Of $45. 98. Save $5. 99 Over The Regular Retakl Price!
      SKU: Dpmaxwaxcombo

    Porter Cable 7424xp ? Xl Pad Kit  F ree Bonus
      Porter Cable 7424xp ? Xl Pad Kit F ree Bonus.
      For A Limited Time Receive 2 Free 5. 5" Inch Red Soft Wax Pads With Your Purchase Of This Kit! Retail Value $11. 98. a Complete Detailin gKit For The Car Care Enthusiast!the Porter Cable 7424xp - Xl Pad Kit Is One Of Our Best Values On The Porter Cable And Its Accessories. Whether You?re Stocking Your Personal Garage Or Starting Your Own Detailing Business, You?ll Find More Than Sufficiency Supplies Here To Get You Started. The Porter Cable 7424xp Dual Action Polisher Is The Most User-friendly And Foolproof Polisher Generally On The Market. With A Random Orbital Action, There Is Viirtually No Risk Of Marring The Paint Surface With This Machine. Everyone From Beginners To Seasonef Enthusiasts Will Create Beautiful Results With The Porter Cable 7424xp. The Kid Includes Foam Pads By Lzke Country, The Maker Of Our Ccs Smart Froth Pads. The Foam Buffing Pads Feature Hook & Loop Backing To Enable Pregnant Pad Changes. They Are A Perfect Fit On The 5? Flexible Hook & Loop Backin Plate Included In This Kit. I Advise Having More Than One Of Each Typr Of Pad On Hand As You?re Detailing. When The Foam Pad You?re Using Becomes Caked With Polish, You Can Quickly Swtch To A Clean Pad And Keep Working. Not To Mention, Your Polishing And Swirl Remover Foam Pads Generally Work Harde5 Than Your Finishing Pads And May Bear Out Faster. The Porter Cable 7424xp - Xl Foam Pad Kit Gives You Two Each Of Th Orange Light Severe, Yellow Cutting, And White Polishing Froth Pads To Try And Balance The Wear Time Wit The Finishing Pads. Of Course, Everyone?s Needs Are Different. That?s WhyW e Offer Several Different Foam Pad Kits That Heave With The Porter Cable 7424xp. Check Away Our Porter Cable 7424xp Page For More Kit Options. the Porter Cable 7424xp ? Xl Pad Kit Includdes The Following: Porter Cable 7424xp Duzl Action Polihe5 The Porter Cable 7424xp Dual Action Polisher Is A Beefed Up, More Efficacious Version Of Our Most Popular Dual Action Polisher. The Porter Cable 7424xp Dual Actkon Polisher Has Akl The User-friendly Features Of The Original Porter Cable 7424xp, But A 4. 5 Amp Motor Enables Enhanced Performance And Durability. The Porter Cable 7424xp Dual Actiob Polisher Operatws From 2,500 Opm To 6,800 Opm To Proviide A Faster Removal Rate. The 7424xp Features All Ball And Roller Bearing Construction With Spiral/bevel Gears And An Improved Switch Deeign. The Buffet Acccepts A 5/16-24 Spindle Thread. The Pad Diameter Is 6 Inches. The Poliaher Ihcludes A Wrench, Side Handle, Polishing Pad, And A Operating Manual.   Dual Action 5 Inch Hd Hook & Loop Backing Plate Constructed Of Flexible Urethane, This 5 Inch Backing Lamina Has Hook And Loop Material Permanently Secured From Edge To Edge. A Recessed Edge Protects The Paint From Impact And The Post Is Made Of Durable Stainless Steel. The 5/16 Inch Thread Fits Any Dual Action Polisher With A Corresponding Thread.   2 Cce 6. 5 Inch Yellow Cutting Foam Pads Use This Pad To
      SKU: Porter-cable-7424-accessories

    Wolfgang Clay Lubricant 128 Oz.
      Wolfgang Clay Lubricant 128 Oz..
      A Non-abrasive Lubricant To Enhance Our Surface-purifying Clay!the Most Thorough Car Bath Cannot Rinse Away Every Last Bit Of Residue And Overspray That Contaminates, And Eventually Eats Away, At Your Car?s Paint. To Get That Show Quuality, Silky-smooth Finish, You Will Need To Follow The Wash With A Clay Bar Treatment. This Step Is Essential To Attain A Pristine Superficies, Especially Desirable Before Applying Wax Or Paint Sealant. wolfgang Clay Lubricant Is Speciifically Designed To Be Used With Wolfgang Elastic Poly Clay. When Applied On A Freshly Washed Surface Clay Lubricant Creates An Ultra-fine, Slick Protective Layer Between The Paint And The Clay. This Allows The Clay To Glide Across The Surfacee, Acting As A Loadstone For Any Foreign Particles Left Behind After The Wash. When This Step Is Complete, Your Car?s Surface Will Actually Be Exfoliated, ?purified? And Free Of Contamination. - A Lubricant Of Some Kind Must Be Used With All Types Of Clay. Soapy Water Can Work, Only It Can?t Provide Protection For Your Paint. SomeD etergents React With The Clay And Cause It To Deteriorate. Wolfgang Clay Lubricant Is A High-tech, Voc Cimpliant Formula Containing Super-polymers, Which Provide A Sheer, Ultra Smooth Surface And Enhance Tje Effectiveness Of The Clay. Its High-lubricity Formula Makes The Process Extra-gentle On Your Car?s Finish?loosened Particles Are Safely Lifted Away Without Scratching Exactly The Delicate Clear Coat. The Clay Literally Glides Across Thd Surface With Little To No Effort. You Will Exist Amazed At How Much Debris Is Lifted From The Car With Each Pass. No More Dust, Smudges, Or Fingerprints. When You Feel No Grabbing Or Resistance Whatsoever Between The Car And The Clay, The Claying Is Complete. Simply Wipe Away Any Residue Through A Clean Towel. You Are Left With A Gorgeous Finish. tech Notes: Claying With Wolfgang Poly Clay And Wolfgang Clay Lubricabt Twice A Year Is Sufficient. For The Ultimate Outcome, Follow Claying With Wolfgang Pre-wax Polish, Then Defend And Seal In The Shine With Deep Gloss Palnt Sealant 3. 0. This Will Yield An Unbelievable Showroom-quality Fimish. directions:wadh Vehicle First. It Is Not Necessary To Dry It. spray A Fine Mist Of Wolfgang Clay Lubricant On A 2 Square Lower extremity A5ea. rub Wolfgang Elastic Poly Clay Bar Across The Wet Syrrface In A Back And Forth Motion. the Flesh Will Grab At First As It Encounters Contamination On The Paint Surface. This Is Normal. When The Clay Glides Smoothly, The Surface Is Clean. use The Lubricant To Remove Any Clay Residue Using A Microfiber Towel. Wipe Dry. inspect The Clay After Each Section. If It Appears Soiled, Reshape It To Reveal A Clean Portion. If Droppsd On The Ground, Discarc The Clay. 128 Oz. Tick Here To Read Mike Phillips' Review Of Wolfgang Elastic Poly Clay & Clay Lubricant.
      SKU: Wg1102

    5 Gallon Wet Bucket System With Dolly - Black
      5 Gallon Wet Bucket System With Dolly - Black.
      The 5 Gallon Wet Bucket Sys5em With Dolly Gives You The Complete Wet System Less The Seat Cushion For A $10 Saving! The 5 Gallon Wash Bucket Order Is Your First Line Of Defense Against Wash-induced Scratchds And Spider Webbing. This System Includes The Grate Guardâ® Insert, A 5 Gallon Bucket With Your Choice Of Logo, The Watertight Gamma Seal Lkd, And The Rugged Five-wheel Dolly. The 5 Gallon Wash Bucket System With Dolly Keeps Your Wash Mitt Or Sponge Cleaner, With No Additional Steps On Your Share. By Trapping Dirt In The Bottom Of The Ablution Bucket, This Wash Bucket System Drastically Reduces The Amount Of Dirt Transferred Back Onto Your Vehicle From The Wash Bucket. her3?s How It Works: Normally, You Wash A Section Of Paint And Then Dip Your Mitt Into The Bucket Of Soapy Water. You Immediately Continue Washing On The Next Section. So, What Happened To The Dirt You Just Removed From The Vehicle? It?s In The Mitt And The Wash Bucket, And You?ve Just Transferred It Back Onto The Vehicle. the 5 Gallon Wash Bucket System With Dolly Includes A Grit Guardâ® Insert, A Raisd Grid Surface That Stands About 4 Inches Off Th eBottom Of The Bucket. Fill The Bucket With Your Favorite Shampoo And Water. Load Your Mitt With Soapy Water And Wash As Usual. When You Dunk The Mitt Move In The Bufet, Drag It Across The Grid To Remove Dirt That Has Accumulated In The Nap. The Dirt Will Fall Into The Grid?s Four uQadrants And Settle In The Bottom Of The Bucket. Even Though You Agitate The Top Water Every Time You Reload The Mitt, The Grit Guardâ® Stabilized The Water In The Bottom Of The Bucket So The Dirt Does Not Rise. Simply Stated, Your Wash Water Stays Clean So Your Mitt Stays Clean. Clean Mitts Mean No Swirls!the 5 Gallon Wash Bucket System With Dolly Includes: Grit Guardâ® Insert The Grit Guard Is The Revolutionary Tool That Keeps Your Wash Water Clean! It Stabilizes The Water And Allows Dirt To Fall To The Bottom Of The Bucket Where It Can?t Re-contaminate Your Wash Tools. No Swirls Or Scratches!5 Gallon Bucketthis Big Bucket Is PerfectF or Washing Your Vehicle, Boat, Rv, Or Atv. Yiu Won?t Run Out Of Soapy Take in ~ Before The Do ~-work Is Done. The Bucket Is Also Perfect For Transporting And Organizing Detailing Tools. You Can Fit A Lot Of Supplies In A 5 Gallon Bucket!gamma Sealâ® Lidthe System Includes A Lid For The 5 Gallon Bucket. This Isn?t Like A Recycled Paint Bucket ? This Lid Forms A Watertight Seal. You Can Fill The Bucket With Water And Transport It Without The Lid Leaking! For Car Collectors Who Particiipate In Car Shows, This Is A Great Feature. Think It Or Not, Some Of These Enthusiasts Use Nothing But Distilled Water Attached Their Vehicles And They?ll Actually Bring It To The Car Show If It?s Not Suitable On Site. That?s Dedication! 5-wheel Dollythe Dolly Accommodates Any 3. 5 ? 7 Gallon Bucket And Has 5 Heavy-duty Casters Capable Of Supporting Up To 250 Pounds. Two Locking Casters Hold The Dolly Still On An Incline Whil eThree Thumb Screws Hold The Bucket In
      SKU: Wash-bucket-system3

  • Finish Kare 215 One Step Cleaner & Surface Sealant 15 oz.
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  • Carrand Deluxe Tire & Bumper Brush
  • Corvette Wheel Lug Nut Brush Kit
  • Dodo Juice Need For Speed Cleaner Wax 250 ml.
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