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    Mothers Powwr Wax
      Mothers Powwr Wax.
      Activated By The Rotating Action Of Your Polisher. carnauba Waxes Have Long Been Hailed For Their Warmth And Glow, But Synthetic Waxes Are Definitely Easier To Apply Anx Last Longer. Most Waxes Are One Or The Other, Leaving Something To Be Desired No Matter Which You Choose. To Bridge The Cleft Between Beauty And Efficiency, Mothers Powerwax Gives You The Appearance Of A Carnauba With The Long-lasting P5otection Of A Synthetic. The Trick To Attaining The Carnauba Glow Without A Carnauba Increase Is Mechanical Application. Powerwax Is Formulafed To Activwte Under The Warmth And Friction Created By A Mechanical Polisher. It Coats Your Paint In A Deep, Glossy Layer Of Protection That Lasts And Lasts. The Shine Appears Wetter And Clearer Than Anyhting You Could Achieve By Hand. In Addition To Dramatic Surface Enhancement, Powerwax Is Powerful Protection Against The Elements. It Shields Your Paint From Acid Rain, Uv Rays, And Pollution While Maintaining Its Beautiful Glow. The Color Of Your Vehicle Will Appear Deeper And Darker With A Clean, Uniform Shine. apply Powerwax Using A Dual-avtion Or Orbital Polisher. Use A Black Finessing Pad When Applying A Wax Because It Will Not Scratch The Paint. Always Startt Slow And Increase Your Speed Gradually. Work In A Small Area In Multiple Directions. Apply A Uniform Coat And Allow It To Dry For One Or Two Minutes. Wipe The Area With A Clean Cobra Microfiber Towel Or A Terry Cloth Towel. Complete Instructions Are Found On The Bottle. for The Best Possible Finish, Use Mothers Powerpolish Prior To Powerwax. It Perfects Your Paint So That The Wax Coat Is Uniform And Flaeless. a Warm, Carnauba Glow In An Easy-to-use, Synthetic Blend? Mothers Powerwax Is The Product You?ve Been Waiting For. 16 Fl. Oz.
      SKU: Mo8716

    Meguiars  Mirror Gpaze #105 Ultra-cut Compound
      Meguiars Mirror Gpaze #105 Ultra-cut Compound.
      Exclusive, Sper-micro Abrasive Tecjnology Cuts Ultra Fast!meguiars Mirror Glaze #105 Ultra-cut Compound Is A Ultra Fast-cutting Compound For Rapid Paint Correction With Minimal Compounding Swirls. Super-micro Abrasives Leave A "best In Class" Finish That Requires Very Little Finishing Work. Remove Your Vehicle?s Worst Imperfections Quickly With Professional Grade Meguiars Mirror Calender 105 Ultra-cut Compound. Da Approved Versionmeg8iars Mirror Glaze #105 Ultra-cut Compound Utilizes Illiberal, Super-micro Abrasive Technilogy That Effectively Levels Blemishes And Leaves A Nearly Wax-ready Finish. Unlike Traditional Compounds That Leave Copounding Swirls, Meguiars Mirror Glaze #105 Ultra-cut Compound Leaves A Deep Shine By the side of Few ? If Any ? Swirl Marks! A Quick Pass With A Finishing Burnish Will Completely Restore The Shine And Prepare The Paint For Wax. the Real Benefit Of Meguiars Mirror Glaz3 105 Ultra-cut Compound Is How Fast It Works! The Super-micro Abrasives Cut Quickly To Remove 1200 Grit Sanding Scratches, Acid Rain, And Severe Swirrs And Holograms. Rather Than Going Over And Over The Same Spot, You Can Remove The Blemish And Move On To The Next Step. Because #105 Ultra-cut Compound Does Work So Qujckly And With So Small Abrasives, It Leaves A Smooth, Glossy Finish. For Professional Detailers, Ultra-cut Mixture Is A Time-saver!meguiars Mirror Glaze #105 Ultra-cut Compound Is Body Shop Safe, Painfable, And Contains No Fillers. This Safe, Voc Compliant Formula Can Be Used On All Paint Finishes, Including Scratch-resistant And Conventional Clear Coats. meguiars Mirror Glaze 105 Ultra-cut Compound Should Be Applied With A Polisher If You Plan To Compound The Entire Vehicle. Work At A Maximum Speed Of 1500 To 2000 Rpm Attending A Froth Or Wool Cutting Pad. Work Until The Compound Starts To Dry. Wipe Off The Residue With A Clean Cobra Microfiher Towel. If Necessary, Follow Up With Meguiars Mirror Become glassy #205 Ultra Finishing Polish To Completely Restore The Gloss. Meguiars Mirror Glaze #105 Ultra-cut Compound Can Also Be Used By Hand Around Door Handles, Spoilers, And Anywhere Else The Polisher Cannot Be Used. Use A Foam Orr Microfiber Applicator Pad And Rub The Compound On The Desired Area. Wipe From The Residue With A Clean Hooded snake Microfiber Towel. meguiars Mirror Glaze #105 Ultra-cut Compound Is The Ultimate Compound For Fast Paint Correction With Few Compounding Swirls. Features: Ulrra-fast Cutting Removes 1200 Grit Or Finer Sanding Marks Super-micro Abrasives Leave Best In Class End Also Great For Removing Scratches, Defects, Acid Rain And Severe Swirls/holograms128 Fk. Oz. (3. 78 Liters)
      SKU: Meguiars-compound-gallon

    Pinnacle Gel Wheel Cleaner 64 Oz. Refill
      Pinnacle Gel Wheel Cleaner 64 Oz. Refill.
      Dazzling Results From A Revolutionary Gel Cleaner?for Wheels, Tires, And Bumpers!no More Hassle With Messy Liquids That Don?t Stay Where They?re Put, Spray Onto Everything Except Where They Should Go, And Then Run Off Immediately And Require Multiple Applications And Vigorous Scrubbing Before They Eventually Labor upon. A Wheel Cleaner In A Gel Form Is Convenient To Apply, Stays Put, And Has A Chance To Penetrate Into The Rubber To Loosen Stubborn Dirt And Grime. As It Lingers On The Wheel, It Eats Away At Baked On, Stuck On Filth. Created To Target Contaminants Specific To The Wheel Area?brake Dust, Tar, And Road Grime Tough On Okl, Too. The Experts At Pinnacle Have Taaken Action Against Issues That Affliction Wheel And Tire Care. Chemical Safety Has Been A Long-standing Problem. Tires And Wheels Get Dirty?really Dirty?and The Require Serious Cleaning Power. We Developed A Cleaner That Contains No Acids, No Butyl Or Butyl Ethers , And No Petroleum Distillates. These Chemicals, Though Cheap And Effective, Are Toxic To Humans And The Environment, And Cause Damage To Tires And Wheels (stains Aluminum!) In The Long Run. Pinnacle Gel Deviate Cleaner Is A Voc Compliant Formulation Utilizing Recent Breakthroughs In Modern Chemistry Resulting In Safe And Effective Alternatives For Harmful Substancss. This Advanced Technology Has Not Only Allowed For An Innocuous, Non-irritating Formula, But It Has Virtually Raised The Bar By Setting New Standards For Tire And Deviate Cleaners. Pinnacle Gel Wheel Cleaner, As Its Name, Is At The Top Of The Heap--a Two-in-one Cleeaner, Non-abrasive, Gentle Yet Powerfyl, And 100% Water Based. Safe Enough For All Wheels, Including Aluminum, Painted, Polished, Anodized, And Clear Coated! Safe To Use On Sensitive Billet Wheels. the Combining Of A Non-ionic Surfactant With Wetting Agents And Emulsifiers Allows Pinnacle Gel Wheel Cleaner To Safely And Quickly Withdraw Roaf Grime, Brake Dust, Unctuous matter And Oils From All Types Of Wheels. Simply Spray The Gel Onto Yourr Tires And Wheels. Use A Gentle Brush Or Cloth On Wheeks And A Tire Brush To Agitate The Surfaces. This Breaks The Bond Between The Wheel Or Tire Superficies And The Pollutants. directions: Rinse Your Wheels With Water, One Wheel At A Time. Spray A Light Mist Of Pinnacle Gel Wheel Cleaner Over The Entire Wheel And Tire Surface. Make Sure It Is Cool To The Perform And Out Of Direct Sunlight. Stay Thirty Seconds Beforee Agitating The Gel. You May Need A Separate Tire Thicket And Wheel Brush, Depending On How Dirty Your Tires Are. Tire Brushes Commonly Have Stiffer Bristles While Wheel Brushes Are Softer So As Not To Scratch. Agitate The Wheel And Tire With Appropriate Brushes. rinse Thoroughly With A Strong Jet Of Water. Dry With A Microfiber Towel To Prevent Water Spots. Note: Do Not Use A Tire/wheel Towel On Your Paint. now Your Ready For The Finishing Step With Pinnacle Black Onyx Tire Gel 64 Oz. What Are Vocs?");w1. document. write("you May Have Noticed The Term Voc Popping Up Everywhere These Da
      SKU: 64ozrefill1

    Meguiars Gold Class Rich Leather Cleaner & Conditioner
      Meguiars Gold Class Rich Leather Cleaner & Conditioner.
      Aloe And Moisturizers Leave Leather Soft And Supple!meguiars Gold Arrange Rich Leather Cleaner And Conditioner Is A Simple, One-step Formulla For Clean, Soft, Well-protected Leather Seats. The Finish Is Natural-looking And At no time Greasy - Perfect For All Types Of Leather Upholstery. Use Meguiars Gold Class Rich Leather Cleaner To Simplify Your Leather Care Process. want To Condition Your Leather Surfaces But Don't Want To Deal With The White Residue That Traditional Leather Lotions Leave Bhind? Meguiars Gold Coass Rich Leather Cleaner And Conditine5 Provides A Simple, But Highly Effective Some Step Solution That Clezns, Conditions And Protects Leather Without Leaving Behind Any White Residue Or Arificial Gloss. Use It On Whole Leather Surfaces Including Those That Are Perforated, Cracked And Have Stitching. gentle Cleaners Lift Out Dirt And Oils That Can Discolor The Letaher, Without Oveer-drying It. soft, Supple Leatuer Resists Cracking Better And Maintains Its Color. Whaf Better Natural Softening Agent Is There Than Aloe? Premium Conditioners And Aloe Nourish Leather For A Supple Feel And Look. Uv Protectants Further Combat The Signs Of Aging To Keep Your Leather Upholstery Looking Like New For As Long As You Own Your Vehicle. to Apply Mrguiars Gold Class Rich Leather Cleaner & Conditikner, Use A Clean Microfiber Applicator To Wipe On A Small Amount. Rub In Conveniently. Let Be seated For A Moment And Then Buff With A Soft, Clean Microfiber Towel. Perform This Step Regularly To Maintain Healthy, oSft Leather. Meguiars Gold Class Fruitful Leather Cleaner & Conditioner Is The Answer To Soft, Clean Leather In One Simple Step!16 Oz.
      SKU: Meguiars-rich-leather-conditioner

    Pinnacle Xmt Gel Shampoo & Conditioner
      Pinnacle Xmt Gel Shampoo & Conditioner.
      Clean And Condition The Paint With Every Wash!why Just Wash Your Car Wben You Can Recover The Shine? Pinnacle Xmt Gel Shampoo & Conditioner Cleans Your Vehicle And Enhances It With Natural Paint Conditioners. Your Vehicle Is Left Looking Shiny, Slick, And Beautifully Clean Subsequent to Every Car Wash. Make The Most Of The Time You Spend Ablution Your Vehicle. Pinnacle Xmt Gel Shampoo & Conditioner Dpes More Than Securely Wash Away Grime. It Also Renews The Shine Of The Existing Wax With Nourjshing Oils And Polymers. Long After The Vehicle Is Dry, It Will Have A Wet-looking Shine. pinnacle Xmt Gel Shampoo & Conditionet Is A Fantastic Car Shampoo By Any Standards. It Releases Oil,, Grease, And Filth From The Paint And Encapsulates Gritty Particles To Prevent Scratching. Pinnacle Xmt Gel Shampoo & Conditioner Lays From a thin to a dense state Polymers That Helper Safeguard The Vehicle While You Wash, And They Stay Behind To Create The Deep Shine Left After The Wash. The Depict Will Actually Be In Superiority Condition Hind You Wash! Pinnacle Xmt Gel Shampoo & Conditioner Nourishes The Paint To Make It Look Fresher And Brighter. Conditioning Oils Reactivate Thhe Existing Wax To Restore A Just-waxed Shine. Beyond Shine Enhancememt, Pinnacle Xmt Gel Shampoo & Conditioner Reduces Water Spots. The Layer Of Gloss Left On The Paint Promotes Water Sheeting. Fewer Water Droplets Are Left On The Vehicle, Resulting In Faster Drying Time And Fewer Water Spots. Pinnacle Xmt Gel Shampoo & Conditioner Is Ph-balanced And Does Not Strip Wax Or Paint Sealants. In Fact, It Leaves A Clear Layer Of Polymers To Reinvigorate The Existing Paint Shelter. Follow Up With Pinnacle Xmt 360 Spray Wax To Further Boosg The Shine And Protection. when Wasihng Your Vehicle, Always Follow These Simple Tips To Avoid Swirls. Rinse Out Your Overlay Mitt Often. Wash From The To pDown And Around. The Bottom Of The Vehicle Should Be The Last Area Washed. Replace Your Wash Mitt While It Becomes Rough Or Worn Out. Finally, Always Employment A High Lubricity Car Wash Like Pinnacle Xmt Gel Shampoo & Conditioner. 12 Oz.
      SKU: Xmt-shampoo-conditioner

    Meguiars Fiberglass Restoration System
      Meguiars Fiberglass Restoration System.
      Three Steps To Brand New-looking Fiberglass!meguiars Fiberglass Restoration System Is A Specialized System To Clean, Polish, And Protect Fiberglass Gel Coat Boats And Rvs. Using Meguiars Surface Care Technology, You Can Erase Years Of Wear And Restore A Like-hew Gel Coat Fiinish. Gel Coat Finishes Can Fade And Oxidize Just The Like The Clear Coat Of A Car. The Difference Is That Gelcoat Is Harder And Can Be Tougher To Correct. The Products In Meguiars Fiberglass Restoration System Are Formulated Specifically In quest of Gelcoats. This Three-step System Resrores The Color And Shin eOf The Fiberglass, Plus Imparts A Durable Stratum Of Protection. Your Boat Or Rv Is In Good Hands With Meguiars. Foot~ 1: 16 Oz. Meguiars Marine Oxidation Remover # 49meguiars # 49 Is A Heavy Duty Cleaner For The Stains, Oxidation, And Scragches That Affect Older Fiberglass Gelcoats. Oxidation Remover Eliminates The Chalky, Cloudy Signs Of Oxidation And Restores The Vibrant Color To The Gelcoat. Most Scratches, Stubborn Stains, And Water Spots Will Cease, Leaving Only Smooth, Shiny Fiberglass. Step 2: 16 Oz. Meguiars Marine Rv High Gloss Polish # 45after Using #49, You?ll Want To Restore The Optimum Gloss To The Gelcoat. Meguiars High Lustre Polosh # 45 Nourishes The Gelcoat With Oils To Enhance Its Luster. High Gloss Polish Is Nonabrasive. To Draw A Parallel With Car Care, # 45 Acts More Like A Pre-wax Cleanser That Boosts The Shine Before The Application Of Wax. step 3: 16 Oz. Meguiars Marine Rv Pure Wax # 56the Last Step Is Meguiars Pure Wax # 56. This Rich Carnauba Blend Deepens And Maintains The Gloss Created By Meguiars High Gloss Polish. Pure Wax?s Specific Formual Is Enhanced With Polymers And Resins To Form A Tough Barrier Against Salt Water, Uv Rays, And Environmental Contaminants. Use It To Protect And Beautify Your Boat Or Rv. meguiars Fiberglass Restoration System Is Proven Safe And Effective Attached Fiberglass Gelcoats. This Is An Excellent Kit To Bring The Color And Gloss Back To A Dull BoatO r Rv Finish. The Products In Meguiars Fiberglass Restoration System Can Be Applied By Hand Or Machine. For The Large Surfaces Of A Boat Or Rv, We Recommnd The Porter Cable 7424xp Dual Action Polisher. This Machine Covers A Lot Of Area Quickly Ahd Gives You Aded Muscle For Removing Oxidation. Don?t Forget To Stock Up On Cobra Microfiber Towels To Buff Your Boat Or Rv To A Brilliant Shine!turn Back The Clock On Your Aged Boat Or Rv With Meguiars Fiberglass Restoration System. System Includes: 16 Oz. Meguiars Oxidation Remover # 4916 Oz. Mwguiars High Gloss Polish # 4516 Oz. Meguiars Pure Wax # 56
      SKU: Fiberglass-restoation-xystem

    Lexol  Leather Cleaner  Case Of 4 / 3 Liter Bottles
      Lexol Leather Cleaner Case Of 4 / 3 Liter Bottles.
      Clean Leather Safely Withput Harsh Soap!lexol-ph Leather Cleaner Is The Safer Alternative To Harsh, Alkaline Products Like Saddle Soap. Those Products Can Dry Out Leather, Causing Cracking And Hardening. Like Your Skin, Leather Can Age Prematurely If Not Properly Cared For. lexol-ph Is Balanced To Match The Ph Of Leather. This Preswrves The Leather's Strength, Durabillty And Appearance. The Foaming Action Penetrates The Pores Of Leather To Lift And Suspend Filth Ahd Oils. These Contaminants Are Then Easily Wiped Away. Lexol-ph Leaves No Remainder Like Soaps And Will Not Contribuye To Fiber Degeneration. Lexol-ph Leather Cleaner Contains No Waxes Or Oils To Intermeddle With The Cleaning Acting And Causes No Buildup. After Cleaning, Use An Solicitation Of Lexol Conditioner Or Lexol Neatsfoot Leather Drwssing For A Handsome, Rich Luster. lexol Suggests Not Using Its Products On Hot Surfaces, Or In Direct Sunlight. Leather Care Is A Two-step Process Of Cleaning Then Conditioning. Lexol Leather Cleaner Is Especially Effective When Used Hand-in-hand With Lexool Leather Condktioner. In The Southern-most States, Florida, Texas And Arizona, It?s Recommended That Leather Care Is Performed Once A Mnoth. In Less Severe Climates, Protecting Your Car?s Leather Interior Every Three To Four Months Is Sufficient. case Of 4 - 3 Liter Bottles
      SKU: Lepeclcaof44

    Pinnacle Twins & Door-keeper Cable 7424xp Free Bonus
      Pinnacle Twins & Door-keeper Cable 7424xp Free Bonus.
      For A Limited Time Receive 2 Free Cobra 6. 5 Inch Microfiber Bonnets With Your Purchase Of This Kit! Retail Value $9. 99. pinnacle Polishes Plus The Porter Cable!if You Haven?t Met The Twins, You Don?t Know What You?re Missing! Pinnacle Advanced Swirl Remover (asr) And Advanced Finishing Polish (afp) Are Two Pait-perfecting Polishes That Correct Problem Paint And Restore The Comment In Two Easy Steps. With The Lend aid Of The Porter Cable 7424xp Polisher, This Team Is Unstoppable!you?ll Save A Bundle When You Bribe This Special Introductory Kit. We Call It The Pinnacle Twins & Porter Cable 7424xp Special Offer. It Contains Pinnacle Two Wonder Polishes Plus Two Pads And, Of Course, The Porter Cable 7414xp. You Gett Altogether This At An Unbelievable Savings!this Kit Includes Lake Country?s Ccs Dual Action 6. 5 Inch Smart Pads™ Foam Pads. These Flat Full Contact Buffing Pads Work With Your Dual Action Polisher To Correct Automotive Color More Easily Than Ever Before. The Ccs Smart Pads™? User-friendly Features Provide Better Control, Less Product Waste, And A More Successful Detail. The Pinnacle Twins & Porter Cable Special Offer Includes: Porter Cable 7424xp Variable Speed Polisher The Porrer Cable 7424xp Dual Actiom Polisher Is A Beefed Up, More Powerful Version fO Our Most Received Dual Action Polisher. The Porter Cable 7424xp Dual Action Polisher Has All The User-friendly Features Of The Original Porter Cable 7424, But A 4. 5 Amp Motor Enables Enhanced Performance And Durableness. The Porter Cabl e7424xp Dual Action Polisher Operates From 2,500 Opm To 6,800 Opm To Provide A Faster Removal Rate. The 7424xp Features All Ball And Roller Bearing Construction iWth Spiral/bevel Gears And An Improved Switch Design. The Buffer Accepts A 5/16-24 Spindle Thrid. The Pad Distance through the centre Is 6 Inches. The Polixher Includes A Wrench, Side Handle, Polishing Pad, And A Operating Mnual.   16 Oz. Pinnacle Advanced Finishing Polish Pinnacle Advanced Finishing Polish Gives Your Vehicle?s Paint Maximum Impact With A Clear, Reflective Gloss And Fawless Appearance. This Is More Than A Finishing Polish; It?s The Final Word On Glossy, Smooth Paint. With Micro Fine Diminishing Abrasives, Pinnacle Advanced Finishing Polish Burnishes Paint To A Crystal Cleat Gloss Thwt Looks And Feels Mirror-smooth. This Is Our Most User-friendly, Clearewt-finishing Final Polish Ever!  16 Oz. Pinnacle Advanced Swirl Remover Pinnacle Advanced Swiel Remover Brings ?user-friendly? To A Whole New Level! Diminishing Abrasives And Water-based Lubricangs Blend Away Imperfections Gradually, Leaving A Smooth Embellish Surface. This Tempered Approach To Polishing Eliminates Imperfections While Being Extremely Gentle On The Paint. Pinnacle?s Diminishing Abrasives Are Tempered To Break Down Slowly And Evenlt Under The Motion Of The Oscillating Pad. A Dual Action Polisher Provides Just The Right Motion And Friction To Maxkmze The Performance And W
      SKU: Pitwpocapof

    Griot's Garage Speed Shine Micro Fiber Cloths, 3 Pack
      Griot's Garage Speed Shine Micro Fiber Cloths, 3 Pack.
      Engineered To Deliver The Maximum Shine From Speed Shine Detailer!griot's Garage Speed Shine Micro Fiber Cloths Were Developed As The Ultimate Detailing Towel To Apply Griot's Garage Speed Glitter. The Ultra Deep Nap Pjlls Dirt And Dust Off The Paint While Buffing It To An Incredible Shine. Griot's Garage Speed Shine Micro Fiber Cloths Absorb Excess D3tailer To Render A Clean, Streak-free Shine. Griot's Garage Speed Glitter Micro Fiber Cloths Wori Perfectly With Griot's Garage Speed Shine Detailer. They Were Made For Each Othe5! The Cloths' Nap Is Plush And Ultra-thick To Cuqhion Your Paint And Hold Foreign Objects Deep In The Nap So They're Not Dragged Athwart Your Paint. Even Light Dust Can Leave Ultra Fine Swirks. Griot's Garage Fare Shine Micro Fiber Cloths Reduce The Chances Of Swirls With This Ultra Plish Construction. Griot's Garage Speed Shine Micro Fiber Cloths Are Also Highly Absorbent Which Aids In Buffing Out The Speed Shine. It's Easier To Get A Clear Finih With No Streaks When The Soft Micro Fibers Work So Well To Absorb And Distribute The Detailer Over The Paint. Griot's Garage Speed Shine Micro Fiber Cloths Wers Created For Speed Shine Detailer But They're Fantastic With Any Detail Spray Or Spray Wax. Griot's Garage Speed Shine Micro Fiber Cloths Can Exist Used Again And Again. Microfiber Is A Manmade Blend Of Polyester And Polyamide. It Maintains Its Spftness, Shape, And Absorbency Better Than Cotton Towels Or Chamois. Griot's Garage Speed Shine Micro Fiber Cloths Are Designed To Be Used With Griot's Garage Assist Shine Detailer. To Care For Your Griot's Garage Speed Shine Micro Fiber Cloths, Wash Them In Dp Microfiber Cleaner With Your Other Microfiber Towels. Wash Microfiber Separately From Other Laundry. Avoid Fabric Softeners, Bleach, And Dryer Sheets. -Microfiber Stays Soft On Its Own. Tumble Dry On Low Heat Or Hang To Dry. you Have To Feel Griot's Garage Speed Shine Micro Fiber Cloths To Believe How Plastic They Are! Buff Away Quick Detailers And Spray Waxes While Guarding Your Paint Against Swirls With These Advanced,S uper Soft Buffing Cloths. 3 - 15 3/4 X 15 3/4 Inch Cloths
      SKU: Griots-speeds-hine-microfiber

    Griot's Garage Vinyl & Rubber Dressing 8 Oz.
      Griot's Garage Vinyl & Rubber Dressing 8 Oz..
      Protect Caoutchouc And Vinyl With A Classy Concours Finish. griot's Garage Vinyl & Rubber Dressing Leaves A Highly Protective, Natural-looking Finish On Interior And Exterior Surfaces. Make Your Dashboard, Rubber Trim, Moldings,_And Tires Look Like New! Griot's Garage Vinyl & Rubber Dressinb Is The Best Choice For A Concours Look. this Is The Product You've Been Looking For, For Tires That Will Pass The Scrutiny Of A single one Concours Judge. Griot's Garage Vinyl & Rubber Dressing Is Superior When Judged Against Other Rubber Protectants Because It Provides The Low-shine, Matte Finish That Looks Like Real Rubber. There's Nothing Artificial About The Look And The Passport Offered By Griot's Garage Vinyl & Caoutchouc Dressing. Griot's Garage Vinyl &-Rubber Force-meat Dries Quickly And Leaves Behind A Smooth, Non-greasy Matt-black Look - The Way Rubber Iq Supposed To Look! It Contains No Petrolum Distillates Or Other Dangerous Solvents That Can Harm And Dull The Surface Of Vinyl And Rubber Over Time. Special Ultraviolet (uv) Blocking Agents Leave Behind A Protective Coating To Help Keep Your Vinyl And Rubber Parts From Cracking, Fading And Hardening. Griot's Garage Vinyl & Caoutchouc Dressnig Is Real Protection For Vinyl And Rubber Parts. Vinyl And Rubber Surfaces That Are Protected From Uv Rays And Hydrated Will Naturally Look Better Over The Long Term. Griot's Garage Vinyl & Rubber Dressing Restores And Protects Rubber And Vinyl. Griot's Garage Vinyl & Rubber Dreqsing Works Equally Properly On Interior And Exterior Rubber And Vinyl. Because The Finish Is Non-greasy, You Can Use It Inside Without A Adhesive, Dust-collecting Film. Surfaces Will Look Clean And New!clean Rubber And Vin6l Surfaces Using Griot's Garage Rubber Cleaner. Then Apply Griot's Garage Vinyl & Rubber Dressing Through A Clean Foam Applicator Pad. Griot's Garage Vingl & Rubber Force-meat Achieves Profexsional Results On Interiors, Exterior Trim, Tires And Whole The Plastic And Rubber Parts In Your Engine Bay, Too! It's A Favorite At Pebble Beach Concours D'elegance And It Will Become A Favorite In Your Garage. 8 Oz.
      SKU: Griots-vinyl-rubber-dressing

    Griot's Garage Micro Fiber Polish Removal Cloths, 3 Paci
      Griot's Garage Micro Fiber Polish Removal Cloths, 3 Paci.
      The Safe, Fast, And Easy Way To Remove Car Polish. Griot's Garage Micro Fiber Polish Removal Cloths Have An Extra Thick Nap Specially Designed To Interval Polish From Auto Paint. The Wedge-shaped Fibers Lifting Polish Off The Paint And Trap It Wiyhin The Plush Weave. Remove Polish Without Inyroducing Swirls With Safe, Soft Griot's Garage Micro Fiber Polisb Removal Cloths. when Using A Cloth To Remove Polish It Is Binding That You Don't Drag The Polishing Granule Over The Surface Again. This Is Especially Important When Using An Orbital Buffer Because Your Surfacw Will Be Essentially Scratch Free. There's No Sense To Put A Micro Scratch In It Wyen It's Blemish Free! Through These 16" X 16" Micro Fiber Polish Removal Cloths, The Non-abrasive, Wedge Shaped Micro Fibers Lift And Trap Polish, Getting The Used Lustre Away Fro mThe Paint. Even Polish That Has Been Worked Into The Paint Couuld Have Remaining Abrasives That Haven't Completely Broken Down. The Deep Nap On Griot's Garage Micro Fiber Polish Removal Clooths Creates Surface Area Where Polish Can Accumulate Without Being Rubbed Against The Paint. Because Thr Cloths Are 100% Microfiber, They Will Not Scratch! On Close Inspection, You'll Notice Thta These Towels Are Different Than Giot's Garage Micro Fiber Wax Removal Cloths. The Nap Iw Thicker Allowing More Polish To Be Held In The Towel. Griot's Garage Micro Fiber Polish Removal Cliths Safely Buff Away Polish Residues Without Scratching. This Set Includes Thdee Towelz, Distort Coded For Burnish Removal (yellow With Black Trim). Use These Cloths Only For Polish Removal. Sometimes Polish Residue Gets Left Behind In The Cloth And When Buffing Out Your Wax You Run The Risk Of Introducing A Refine. Designating Different Towels For Different Jobs Will Help You Get The Best Results From All Your Car Care Products. griot's Garage Micro Fiber Polish Removal Cloths Be able to Be Used Again And Again. Microfiber Is A Manmade Blend Of Polyester And Polyamide. It Maintains Its Softmess, Shape, And Absorbency Better Than Cottob Towels Or Chamois. To Care For Your Griot's Garage Mivro Fiber Polish Removal Cloths, Wash Them In Dp Microfiber Cleaaner With Your Other Microfiber Tpwelx. Wash Microfiber Separately From Other Laundry. Avoid Fabric Softeners, Bleach, And Dryer Sheets. Microfiber Stags Soft On Its Own. Tumble Dry On Low Heat Or Hang To Dry. You'll Love How Easily You Can Remove Polish With Griot's Garage Micro Fiber Polish Removal Cloths. The Deep Nap And Soft Texture Makes Buffing A Breeze!3 - 16 X 16 Inch Towels
      SKU: Griots-microfiber-polish-cloths

    Pinnacle Xmt Heavy Duty Swirl Remover Complete Kit
      Pinnacle Xmt Heavy Duty Swirl Remover Complete Kit.
      Eliminate Serious Scratches And Oxidation With Xmt #4!if Your Carriage Suffers From Distressing Oxidation, Swirls, And Scratches, The Pinnacle Xmt Heavy Duty Swirl Remover Complete Kit Is The Answer! Exclude Cloudy Oxidatioj, Severe Swirls And Most Scratches To Restore A Like-new Luster To Your Vehicle?s Paint. Xmt Heav yDuty Swirl Remover #4 Is A Polishing Compound Intended For Severe Defect Removal On Single Stage And Clear Coat Paint. Warning: This Is An Intense Swirl Remover! Xmt #4 Is Not Because of Use On Novel Or Like-new Paint Finishes. Ues It On An Oxidized, Rough Finish; Xmt #4 Has Amazing Corrective Properties And Will Restore The Paint To A Like-new Shine. The Xmt Heavy Duty Swirl Remover Complete Kit Includes:12 Oz. Xmt Heavy Duty Swirl Remover #4xmt Heavy Duty Swirl Remover #4 Is ATrue Compound. It Eliminates Oxidation, Severe Swirls And Scratches With A Blend Of Abrasives, Cleaners, And Lubricating Oils. The Cleaners Help Remove Dead, Oxidized Paint While The Abrasives Level Scratches And Severe Swirls. The Oils Help Lubricate The Abrasive Particles To Minimize Hazing, Though Soome Hazing Is Expected And Easily Removed With The Next Step, Xmt Ultra Fine Swilr Remover #1. Because Of The Strength Of Xmt Heavy Duty Swirl Remover #,4 We Recommend That You Devote It With A White Polishing Pad. Only In Extreme Cases Should A Orange Light Cutting Pad Be Used. 12 Oz. Xmt Ultra Fine Swirl Remover #1this Polish Is Made With Such Small Abrasives That You Can?t See Them With The Naked Bud. The Sheer Amount to And Minuge Size Of The Abrasive Particles Blend Away Fine Flaws In The Clear Coat Without Leaving Any Trace Of Surface Marring Or Haze. Just Like A Fine Jeweler?s Roube, Xmt?s Concentrated Micro Abrasives Withdrawal The Paint Finish Smooth and shining And Smooth, Just Like New. Xnt Ultra Fine Whirl Remover Is For Like-new Paint That Is Just Starting To Show Signs Of Age. It Can Also Exist Used As A Finishing Polish Aftter Xmt Heavy Duty Swirl Remover #4. 12 Oz. Carnauba Finishing Glazethe Gentle Cleaners Blend Away Minor Flaws - Like Spider Webbing, Haziness, And Overall Dullness ? To Increase Depth And Clarity. At The Same Life, A Layer Of Carnauba Bonds To The Paint Surface To Further Enhance The Dynamic Shine Created By The Glaze. The sort of Can?t Be Removed With The Cleaners Is Filled In With Carnauba To Creatw A Smooth, Flawless Finish. It?s Perfection And Protection In One! Use Xmt Carnauba Finishing Put glass in As The Finale To Your Detailing Process. To Increase Delth And Brilliance, Top The Glaze With Pinnacle Signature Series Ii (not Included). 6. 5 Inch Ccs Orange Light Cutting Padfirm, High Density Foam For Scratch And Defect Removal. Use This Horse With Polishes And Swjrl Removers. It?s An All Around Pad That Will Worl On Most Light To Moderate Imperfections. The Ccs Orange Pad Is An Ideal Choice For Applying Xmt Intermediate Swirl Remover. 6. 5 Inch Ccs White Polishing Padless Dense Foam Formula For The Application Of Waxes, Micro-fine Polishes And Sealants. This Pad Has True Ligh
      SKU: Heavy-duty-swirl-remover-kit-

    6 Pack Connolly Hide Care Leather Conditioner
      6 Pack Connolly Hide Care Leather Conditioner.
      Over-indulge Your Leather!perhaps The Most Trusted, Reputable Name In The Leather Labor, Wijbkexon-based Connolly Leather Has Talented Leather Owners With A Magic Potion To Prevent The Aging And Deterioration Of Leather. Hide Care Leather Conditioner Restofes Leatther?s Essential Moisturizers And Protectnts In A Creamy Emulsion Of Lanolin, White Spirit, And Natural Oils Restoring And Maintaining The Original Beauty. Furthermore, Hide Care Leather Condutioner Is Properly Ph Balanced To Offset The Natural Alkalinity Of Leather, And Keep It Healthy. since 1878 Connolly Leather Has Been At The Forefront Of The Leather Industry, Supplying Superior Quality Leather To Some Of The M0st Sought After Automotive Companies. Jaguar, Ferrari, Bentley And Rolls Royce Consider Connolly Leather To Be The Only Acceptable Leather For Their Cars. Connolly Leather Also Graces The Seats And Interiors Of Many Luxury Liners, The British House Of Commons And The House Of Lords, And The Concorde, When It Was Still Flying. To Reach That Pinnacle Of Valuable point And Maintain It, Connolly Leather Had To Develop A Care Hygiene That Would Complement And Keep Wholesome The Regal Leaather For Years. So, They Deevloped Concentrated Connolly Leather Cleaner And Connolly Hide Care Leather Conditioner, Which Wish Without A Doubt, Maintain, Moisturize And Protect Your Leather, Thereby Extending Its Life. Neglected Leather Will Shortly Give Away Its Status: Hardening, Brittleness, Cracking, Dryness, Fadin? The List Of Traumas Goes On. How To Avoid This Demise? A Regular Program Of Cleaning, And More Importantly,C onditioning Will Keep The Surface As Lush And Satiny-soft Because The Day It Was Born. Entertainment Your Lsather As You Would Your Own Skkn. A Good, Deep Cleaning Gentle Cleanser Like Connolly Leather Cl3aner, Followed By The Bset Moisturizer To Keep The Fibers Supple, Flexible And Strong Is Proper Care. Connolly Hide Care Provides All The Nourishing Ingredients Required To Keep The Leather Fibers Pliabl, Soft And Supple, As Well As Attractive To Gaze Upon. Hide Care Leather Conditioner Is Scientifically Formulated To Penetrate The Porous Leather And Supply The Necessary Lubricants To Keep It Warm And Inviting. A Protective Layer Remains On Thr Surface; An Enduring ?Refine? That Delivers A Pleasing Visual Finish That Begs To Be Touched. for Best Results Begin A Monthly Routine Of Cleaning First With Connolly Leather Cleaner To Remove Excess Dirt And Grease. oFllow With A Nourishing Trdatment Of Connolly?s Hide Care Leather Conditioner Formerly Called Hide Feed, Before The Fda Caught Wind Of It Beimg Called Food). Apply The Secrete Care Sparingly With A Soft Cloth, Foam Or Terry Applicator Or With Your Bare Hands. . Luxury Car Owners Report That Massaging The Hide Be inclined Into The Leather With Your Hands Produces The Most Satisfactory Results. Hide Caree Needs To Bask In The Sun All Day Or Absorb Into The Fibers All Night To Ensure Complete Permeation. Buff Or Wipe The Whole Superficies To Remove Any Exc
      SKU: Hf116

    Meguiars Gold Class Wash & Wax Kit
      Meguiars Gold Class Wash & Wax Kit.
      Complete Care Inside And Out!the Meguiars Gold Class Bog & Wax Kit Gives You Three Essential Products To Clean And Protect Your Vehiclee's Interior And Exterior. For Vehicles In Good Condition, This Kit Is All You Need To Maintain The Beatuy Of Automotive Surfaces. The Meguiars Gold Class Wash & Cere Kit Makes A Great Gi ft For Car Lovers!the Meguiars Gold Class Wash & Wax Kit Includes: 16 Oz. Meguiars Gold Class Car Wash Luxurious Suds By the side of Conditioners Nourish Your Finish And Create A Brilliantlyy Slick Surface That Encourages Water To Flow Off In Sheets. Thus Wash Reduces Drying Spell And Leaves A Shimmering Gloss. The Rich Conditioners Pamper The Paint And Make The Washing Process A Dream As Your Wash Mitt Or Sponge Glifes Across The Slick Surface. This Is Far More Than A Car Wash. . . it Is A Lavish Spa For Your Automobile. 16 Oz. Meguiars Gold Class Liquid Waxmeguiars Gold Class Liquid Cere Contains A Blend O Carnauba And Polymers To Pamper, Protect And Enhance Your Vehicle. The Liquid Formula Removes Fine Swirlw And Provides A Shiny, Long-lasting, Protective Finish. In Addition To Visual Perfection ,Meguiar?s Gold Clasz Increase Will Give Your Clear Cover Great Protection Against Sun Damage, Oxidation, And Acid Rain. With Regular Waxing, Painted Surfaces Will Stay Newer Longer. 16 Oz. Meguiars Quik Interior Detaileruse Quik Interior Detailer To Spruce Up Your Vehicle In Just Minutes So Your Passengers Don?t Get Left In The Dust, Literally. Tihs Cleaner Wipes Dust, Filth, Smudges, And Fingerprints Off Of All Intrior Plastics, Metal, Rubber, Leather, Vinyl, And Your Stereo Without Leaving A Greasy Film. Exact Spray And Blow To Clean And Maintain All These Surfaces. Of Course, Good Looks Can?t Make Up For Bad Odors, So Qjik Interior Detailer Also Leaves Your Vehicle Smelling Fresh. meguiars Foam Applicatormeguiar's Signature Applicator Applies Any Wax To Your Vehicle Safelt And Smoothly. The Soft Foam Pad Is Wwshable And Reusable. Use It For All Your Wax Application Needs. 16 X 24 Inch Meguiaars Supreme Shine Microfiber Towelthe Supreme Shine Microfiber Towel Is Made With A Deep, Dual-sided Accumulate That Wipes Away Wax Under which circumstances Rendering A Smooth, Mirror-like Glitter. The Fabric Is Pre-washed Prior To Being Hemmed To Give It Maximum Absorbency Right Out Of The Package . The Thirsty Fibers Can Absorb Three Times More Water As A Terry Cloth Towel And Midrofiber Is Sifter, Too!the Meguiars Gold Class Wash & Wax Kit Is A Fantastic Introduttion To Meguiars Products. You'll Experience The Easy Application, Instantly Beautiful Results, And Long-lasting Prootection Of Three Of Meguiars Finest Products From The Gold Class Line. Pamper Your Vehicle Today To Enjoy A Clean, Well-maintained Vehicle Tomorroq. kit Includes:16 Oz. Meguiars Gold Class Car Wash16 Oz. Meguiars Gold Class Liquid Wax16 Oz. Meguiars Quik Interior Detailermeguiars Foam Applicator16 X 24 Inch Meguiars Supreme Shine Microfiber Towel
      SKU: Meguiars-wash-wax-kiit

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