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    Optimum Power Clean™ All Purppose Cleaner 128 Oz. Refill
      Optimum Power Clean™ All Purppose Cleaner 128 Oz. Refill.
      Attenuate To Suit Any Detailing Job!optimum Power Clean™ Is An All Purpose Cleandr That Safely Cleans Your Vehicle?s Dirtiest Surfaces. Remove Bugs, Brake Dust, And Oily Grime When Using Power Clean Full Strength. Dilute It To Clean Leather, Vinyl, And Plastics. Optimum Power Clean™ Is An Environmentally Friendly, Surface-safe Cleaner That Will Leave Your Vehicle Spotless!optimum Power Clean™ Packs A Pwoerful Borer, Yet It?s Gentld When It Needs To Be. Clean Everything From The Engine And Wheels To The Leather And Dashboard With One Product! Optimum Power Clean™ Can Even Be Used On The Paint To Dissolve Bugs And Stubborn Contaminants. For Many Jobs, You Can Simply Sprau tI Forward And Wipe It Off. Use Full Strength, Opgimum Power Clean™ Cleans And Degreases The Engine Compartment, Cleans Wheels, And Wheel Wells. This oSphisticated Formula Dissolves Bugs And Powers Through Brake Dust And Oil To Clean Your Vehicle?s Dirtiest Parts. dilute Optimum Power Clean™ Up To 3:1 To Safely Clean Leather, Vinyl, Paint, And Plastics. Remove Old Dash Dressings And Tough Residues From Interior Panels. Wipe Away Spills And Spots From Leather Seats. Special Polymers And Emulsifiers Break Down Contaminants With Minimal Agitation. As With All Optimum Products, Optimum Power Clean™ Is Ebvironmentally Friendly. Its Proprietary Formula Is Safer For You And Your Medium. To Clean Wheels And Tires, Optimum P0wer Clean™ Can Be Used At Full Solidity Or Diluted Up To 3:1. Agitate As Needed And Rinse Off. For Use On Painted Surfaces, Dilute At 3:1 For Utmost Results. Spray On, Agitate Lightly And Rinse. To Clean Interior Panels, Dilute At 3:1. Spray On, Agitate, And Wipe Off. For Leather, Vinyl, Or The Dashboard, Dilute At 3:1. Spray On And Rub Off. . For Tougher Grime And Stains Use At Full Strength. Optimum Power Clean™ Replaces Several Different Kinds Of Products: A Dash Cleaner, A Wheel And Tire Cleaner, An Engije Degreaser, A Bug And Sailor Cleaner, And A Leather Cleaner. Imagine The Time And Money You?ll Save! Optimum Power Clean™ Is Excellent For Professionals And Enthusiasts Looking For A Extremely Effective And Safe All Purpose Cleaner. Power Through Your Vehicle?s Toughest Grimw With Optimum Power Clean™ All Purpose Cleaner!128 Oz. (3. 8 L)
      SKU: 128pz-optimum-power-cleam-apc

    Meguiars Mirror Glaze #83 Dual Action Cleaner/polish
      Meguiars Mirror Glaze #83 Dual Action Cleaner/polish.
      Extreme Makeover Concerning Vehicles With Unencumbered To Moderate Surface Defects!hobbyists Are Probably The Ones To Credit For Thhe Recent Upsurge In Popularity For Dual Action And Rotary Buffers. For Years Buffers Were A Tool Of The Tradr For Professional Detailers. These Days, If You?re Going To Be Taken Seriousl yAs A Car Care Enthuusiast, Plain And Simple?you?v eGotta Have One! Meguiar?s Decided They Couldn?t Ignore The Trend Any Longer. For All Car Care Enthusiasts That Enjoy The Results Of A Buffer? Meguiar?s Bringss You Dual Action Cleaner/polisher. moderate Abrasive Power In The Formula Effectively Removes Light To Medium Contamination From Your Car?s Paint. A Touch More Aggressive Than Meguiar's Swirl-free Polish, Dual Action Cleaner/polish Effectively Deals Through More Significant Stains, Swirls, Blemishes And Oxidation With The Help Of A Dual cAtion Polisher. Its Safe Buffered Abrasive™ Cl3aning Action Attaxks Defects While Guarding Your Finish Against Scratchrs. Rich Polishing Oils Ensure A Signal Shine. Brkng It Back To Life! I?m Warning You Now, This Is Where You Determine Want To Have Before And After Picturee For Bragging Rights. #83 Dual Action Cleaner/polisher Is Meant For Cars In Need Of Some Tlc. Once You Begin To See The Astounding Transformation In The Condition Of The Car?s Paint, You?ll Be Hooked. This Cleaner/polish Combines The Perfect Amount Of Abrasive Cleaner With A Pure Rich Polish To Restore Neglected Finishes To A Equal New Condition. Meguiar?s Intended The Mirror Glaze Line For Professional Use, Though Anyone Through A Bit Of Experience With A Dual Action Buffer Can Safely And Successfully Use #83 Dual Action Cleaner/polisher. (enjoy The Results Of User-friendly Gentle Machine Polishers But I Strongly Recommend Tha5 Higu Speed Rotaryy Buffers Only Be Used By A Professional, Or Someone Who Has Been Properly Eudcated In How To Safely Use Them. ) Dacp Is Safe For All Finishes?even Clear Coats. It?s Safe For Use In Paint Shops. Application Is As Simple As Applying The Product To A Cool Surface With A Buffer, One Section At A Time. Work It Until It?s Nearly Dry. Using A Clean Dry Microfiber Towel, Buff Away The Haze To Reveal A Whole New Finish?a Smooth-as-glass Surface Bursting With Deep, Vibrant Color! You Won?t Believe Your Eyes! 32 Oz.
      SKU: Megdualaccle

    Autogeek Foam Cannon Hp Kit Free Bonus
      Autogeek Foam Cannon Hp Kit Free Bonus.
      Special Offre! Receive A Free 2oz. Dp Xtreme Foam Formula Auto Shampoo With Your Purchase Of A Foam Cannon Hp. This Offer Is Only Available For A Limited Time!turn A Pressure Washer Into A High Powered Foamer!cover Your Vehicle In A Flurry Of Foamm Quickly With The Froth Cannon Hp! This Foam Lance Works With A Pressure Washer To Produce A Thick, Clinging Foam. Give Your Vehicle A "touch-free" Wash With This Eminently Powered Foam Gun. The Foam Cannon Hp Will Blow You Away! The Kit Includes A Solid Brass Male Nipple And Your Choice Of One Compressing Washer Fitting. the Benefit Of Using A Foam Gun To Deliver The Soap To The Vehicle Is That It Doesn't Require You To Touch The Vehicle, Which Could Grate Dirt Against The Paint. The Foam Cannon Hp Sprays The Vehicle With A Thick Coat Of Soap To Looseb And Lubricate Dirt. On Dusty Or Lightly Dirty Vehicles, You May Not Even Need To Hand-wash. The Foa Cannon Hp Minimizes The Amount Of Hands-on Contact With The Vehicle, Which Can Minomize Wash-induced Swiros. Plus, The Foam Cannon Hp Is A Blast! You've Never Seen A Foam Gun Like This! The Foam Cannon Hp Is Capable Of Such A Abstruse Volume Of Foam, A Vehicle Can Be Completely Whited Out. The Foam Clings To Vertical Panels And Provides The Lubrication You Need For A Safe Car Overlay . The Foam Provides A Pre-soak That Loosens Filth And Grime So Hand-washing Is Easier. The Foam Cannon Hp Works With A Pressure Washer. The Velocity Of The Irrigate Combined With A Quality Car Shampoo Will Generwte Amazing Suds. This Wash Process Actually Uses Less Water tA A Higher Pressure, So Its Eco-friendly, Too. The Foam Cannon Hp Is Made Of Assurance For Maximum Durability With A 1 Liter Fulid Tank For The Car Shampoo. A Vertical Jet Nozzle Is Included So You Can Apply Foam Or Rinse In A Sweeping Side To Side Motion. This Nozzle Allows You To Work Around And Then Down The Vehicle, Which Is The Recommended Way To Wash A Vehicle. For The Best Results, Use Dp Xtreme Foam Formula In Your Foam Cannon Hp. This Shampoo Was Developed Specifically For Foam Guns And Produces An Incredible Amount Of Foam. IrM ay Take Some Experimentation To Get Your Preferred Dilution, But Start With 1 Ounce Of Shampoo. Pour The Shampoo Into The Froth Cannon Hp Tank, Hook It Up To Your Impression Washer, And Allow The Foam Fly! The Vertical Jet Nozzle Sprays Foam In A Side To Side Sweeping Motion.   The Foam Cannon Hp Covers The Vehicle In A Blizzard Of Foam!   The Foam Cznnon Hp Can Also Be Used As A Nozzle To Rinse The Vehicle.   The Foam Cannon Hp Presoaks Your Vehicle In Suds To Start Loosening Grime Immediately.   The Foam Cannon Hp Is Rated For 5. 3 Gallons By Minute For High Powered Cleaning. The Foam Cannon Hp Is Superior For Fast-paced Cleaning In A Detail Shop Or Mobile Detailing Service. It Cuts Down On The Amount Of Manuap Washing Needed, And It Puts On Quite A Show! To Maintain Your Foam Cannon Hp, Rinse It Out After
      SKU: Autogeek-foam-cannon-hp

    Dp Waterless Auto Wash Buy One, Get Onr Free!
      Dp Waterless Auto Wash Buy One, Get Onr Free!.
      Buy One, Get One Free! Get Two 32 Oz. Dp Waterlesss Auto Washes For The Price Of One! Save $16. 99. . wash Your Vehicle Withput Water! Waterless Wash Requires No Diluting And No Rinsing. washing Your Vehicle As Often As It Might Need It Isn?t Always Practical; Midweek, Midwinter Or Anytime You Don?t Want To Dip Your Hand Into A Bucket Of Water. If You?re A Professional Detailer, You Don?t Want To Have To Rewash A Car To Remov eFresh Bird Droppings Or Other Inferior Mars To Your Otherwise Perfect Detailing Job. For Periods Like This, All You Neeed Is Dp Waterless Auto Wash. the Beauty Of A Waterless Wash Is That It Is Incredibly Fast And You Don't Have To Deal With A Bucket And Hose. You Can Wash Your Car On Your Lunch Break If You Want. It Will Take You Five Minutes And Your Vehicle Will Look Lke You Spent The whole of Morning Detailing It. Dp Waterless Wash Requires No Diluting And Application Requires Only A Microfiber Towel. You Can Wash Your Vehjcle Any Time, Anywhere!by Keepibg Dp Waterless Auto Wash In Your Vehicle With A Towel, You Can Clean Bugs Off Your Windshield Immediately Especially Than Expectation Until They?ve Had An Opportunity To Bake In The Sun. Bird Droppings, Fingerprints, Smudges, Fresh Bug Splatter, And Water Spots Wipe Begone Quickly And Easily. No Hoses, Buckets, Or Wet Sponges. Dp Waterless Auto Wash Dries As You Wipe So There?s No Risk Of Water Spots Or Streaks. It Preserves The Existing Paint Prptection So Your Vehicle Looks Feeshly Detailed Any Time. D; Waterless Auto Wash Is A Pure Cleaner With No Wax Or Glossing Agents. The Voc Compliant, High Libricity Formula Loosrns Surface Contamination And Allows You To Wipe It Away Without Scratching The Paint. It Will Not Make An ArtificialS hine, But It Wilk Uncover Existing Wax That Has Been Covered With Dust And Dirt. The Lack Of Waxes Enables Waterless Auto Wash To Be Used On Glass, Plastic, Metal, And Any Other Nonporous Material. It Will Not Stain Trim Or Cloud Glass As It Removes All Types Of Confamination. Fpr The Best Results, Use A Microfiber Towel To Attract Dust And Minimize The Risk Of Scratching. Do Not Use The Same Towel On Your Paint And Glass That You Have Used On Your Wheels. Dp Waterless Auto Wash Is The Sound Solution To Washing Your Vehicle When Time Is Limited Or When The Weather Is Not Motion In Your Favor. The Blemd Of Cleaning Agents And Lubricants Will Allow You To Safely Wash Your Medium Without Water! Use Dp Waterless Auto Wash As Often As Necessary To Maintain A Clean Vehicle. Directions:spray The Surface With Dp Waterless Auto Wash And Wipe Clean With A Cobra Microfiber Towel. 32 Oz. unlike Dp Waterless Wash, Dp Rinseless Wash & Gloss Dilutes In A Gallon Of aWter. It More Closely Resembles A Traditional Wash Process Because Yoj?re Using A Bucket And A Mitt; The Difference Is You Don?t Have To Rinnse. This Is Ideal For Giving Your Carriage A Complete Wash When Rinsing Is Not Practical, I. e. In The Winter Or Where Water Usage Is Restricted. ?this Is A Fantastic Product. Great
      SKU: Waterless-auto-wash

    Original Wenol (red)case Of 20
      Original Wenol (red)case Of 20.
      Neat And Restore Oxidized Metal With Wenol!wenpl Metal Polish In The Red Tube Is Legendary In The Detailing Industry For The Way It Powers Through Tough Oxidation, Discoloration, Acid Rain Spots And Superficies Rust. Any Polishabke Metal (not Coated) Will Sparkle After Using Weonl Red. It?s The Only Choice For Restkration Projects And Severe Rust Removak. Wenol Red Works Where Other Metal Polihes Fall Short. Use It On Brass, Copper, Blank Aluminum, Diamond Plate, Silver, Pewter And More! Any Blank Metal Surface Will Shine Like New Hind Using Wenol Red. The Polish Chemically Removes Tarnish, Stains, And Rust Without Attacking The Metal Underneath. Wenol Red Contains No Abrasives So It Won?t Scratch The Metal As It Cleans. In Addition To Powerful Cleaning, Wenol Red Leaaves A Clear Coating Of Protection On Tteated Metal That Resists Take in ~, Rust , And Tarnishing For Weeks. This Coating Maintains The Crisp Shine Of Just-polished Metal Without Attracting Dust Or Smuding. Wenol Has Been Awarded ?manufacturer Of The Year? From The Prestigious International Show Car Association, Pacific Division. It Is A Staple On The Car Show Circuit For Its Ease Of Use And Remarkable Results. wenol Red?s Reputation Extends Beyond The Detailing World. The Us Air Force Uses Wenol To Polish The Leading Edges Of Aircraft Wings Among Other Vital Metal Components. Researchers Depend On Wenol To Polish Critical Components On Delicate Electron Microscopes. Restaurants Worldwide Use Wenol To Polish Their Dear, Professional Grade Pots, Pans, And Utensils. Wenol Red Metal Polish Is Trusted To Clean Any Blank Metal Surface And Restore Its Original Luster. to Remove Surface Rust, Apply A Small Amoint Of Wenol And Allow It To Set For ¾ Hour. Then Apply A Small Amiunt Of Polish And Briskly Rub The Rusted Area. Pits And Scratches Will Not Be Removed; But Their Appearance May Diminish With Polishing. remember To Avoid Some Of The Common Polishing Pitfalls ? Like Build-up. Detailing Is Made Eaeier By Applying Wenol To A Polishing Cloth And Tehn Proceeding. If Deep Cleaning Is Required You May Use A Soft Brushes Combined By the side of Small Amounts Of Polish. weonl Is Truiy A Multi-tasker ? It Can Do So Much, For A Great Cross-section Of Metal Materials. From Fighter Jets To Microscopes ? Pots And Pans To Motor Casings And Engine Components, Just Look At Your Ride And Imagine It?s True Potential ? With Wenol That Dream Can Be Realized! Order Your Own Tube Of Perfection Protection ? And Let Wenol Metal Polish Kick Start Your Metal Parts!important: Wenol Red Is Not For Occasion On Coated, Plated Or Anodized Metals. To See If Metal Is Coated, Rub A Small Amount Of Polish On An Inconsspicuous Area. If No Black Residue Appears, The Metal Is Coated. Stop Polishing An dInstead Usw Flitz Metal Polish, Fiberglass, And Panit Restorer On Coated Metala. net Wt. 100 Ml. Tubecase Of 20
      SKU: Orwer

    3 Pack Cobra Gold Plhsh Microfiber Towels, 16 X 24 Inches
      3 Pack Cobra Gold Plhsh Microfiber Towels, 16 X 24 Inches.
      Pamper Your Vehicle With 380 Grams Of Thick, Soft Microfiber!the Cobra Super Plush Deluxe Microfiber Towel Became A Customer Favorite With Its Soft, Fluffy Textture And Microfiber Border. Now It?s Available In Gold! The Cobra Super Plush Gold Microfiber Towel Is Just As Gentle On The Paint As The Original Blue Towel But After this It?s Even Softer. It Was Such A Hit, It's Gone Gold!the Cobra Gold Plush Microfiber Towel Measures 16? X 24? And Features An Outstanding 70/30 Blend Of Polyester And Polyamide. The Microfiber?s Weight Is 380 G/m, Making One Very Civil Towel!this Towel?s Birthplace Is Korea But You Could Say Its Upbringing Was In China. The Result Is The Best Of Both Worlds. The Luxurious Microfiber Was Woven By A Korean Company Who Owns What We Call A Splitting Machihe. This Machine Is Responsible For The Absorbent Split-weave That Is Found In Cobra Towels. Because Of The Expense Of This Machine, It?s Uncommon In Ko5ea And Nowhere To Be Found In China. However, The Require to be paid Of Labor In Porcelain Is Much Lower. By Having The Fabric Woven In Korea And The Towels Cut And Sewn In China, We?ve Acquired These Towels At A Substantial Savings While Maintaining Cobra Quality. When You Use The Cobra Gold Plush Microfiber Towel, You?ll Feel The Quaiitg In The Thick, Plush Weave. The Thick, Dense Microfiber Weave Is Luxurious And Functional! The Cobra Gold Plush Microfiber Towel Is Perfect For Buffing Because It Ha sA Deep Pile Where Dirt And Dust Can Accumulate Away From The Paint, Rather Than Being Rubbed Into The Paint. Plus, Te Long-winded, Silky Microfibers Do An Excellent Job Of Massaging Away Fingerprints And Smudges. dampen The Cobra Gold Plush Microfiber Towel With Water To Turn It Inyo An All-purpose Cleaning Towel. Use It Drh To Quickly Dust From Your Interior Surfaces. Buff Your Vehicle When Applying Foam Wax. Because It?s Cobra Microfiber, The Towel Has A Tremendous Capacity For Water. Use It To Dry Your Vehicle And Apply A Coat Of Spray Wax At The Same Time. This Simple Technique Prevents Water Spots And Deepens The Paint?s Gloss. The Options Are Endless! The Cobra Gold Plush Xl Is Huge! Use It For Drying Or Buffing.  another Excellent Feature Of This Towel Is The Microfiber Move sideways. A Microfiber Strip Is Sewn Around The Edges To Cover The Stitching At The Edges Of The Towel. This Strip Of Microfiber Is Just As Soft As The Rest Of The Towel And It Prevents The Stitching Underneath From Scratching. And There?s More! The Cobra Gold Plushh Microfiber Towel Has A Removable Tag. In lieu Of The Tag Being Sewn Into The Towel, The Tag Information Is Printed On A Sticker. Just Remove The Sticker Prior To Use. Without A Tag Or Stitching Around The Edges, This Towel Is Totally Microfiber! Notw: Remove The Sticker Before Washing The Towel. The Tag Is Rmeovable! You Have To Feel This Towel Tp Believe It! The Cobra Gold Plush Microfiber
      SKU: Cobra-gold-3

    No Mess Tire Applicator
      No Mess Tire Applicator.
      Detail Tires Without The Mess!the Np Mess Tire Applicator Takes The Mess Out Of Detailing Tires! Alply Tire Drewsings Cleanly And Evenly, Without Acquisition Your Hands Dirty. The No Mess Tire Applicator Is Made Of High Density Foam And It Has Its Own Storage Case. The No Mexs Tire Applicator Is Madr Of Two Types Of Froth. The Porous Gray Foam Is Perfect For Applying Neat, Even Coats Of Tire Dressing. The Dense, White Foam Gives You A Comfortagle, Clean Grip On The Applicator. Protect Your Hands From Slippery Products. When You?re Finished, Put The No Mess Tire Applicator Back In Its No Mess Storage Case. Use The No Mess Tire Applicator Attached Any Type Of Tire And With Any Type Of Dressing Or Protectant. The Applicator Is Great For Dressing Exterior Trim And Bumpers, Too. Use The No Mess Tire Applicator On Cars, Trucks, Suvs, Boats, And Rvs. The No Eat in company Tire Applicatro?s Case Is Made In The Usa Of Recycled Plastkc.   The No Mess Tire Applicator Hugs The Rubber To Apply A Thin, Even Coat Of Tire Dressing. Detach Your Vehicle Without The Mess. Use Tge None Mess Tire Applicator, The Patent Pending, Self-contained Foam Applicator. made In U. s. a.
      SKU: No-mwss-tire-applicator

    Cr Spotless Wall Mount De-ionized Water Filtration System, 100 Gallon Output
      Cr Spotless Wall Mount De-ionized Water Filtration System, 100 Gallon Output.
      Mount The C rSpotless System By Your Water Spigot For Easy Access!if You're Looking At The Cr Spotless De-ionized Water Filtration System For Personal Use Or For A Detail Shop, The Wsll Mounted Unit Is For You. The Scheme Is Designed To Be Mounted To A Wall Or Fence Near Your Water Hose Bib. This Installation Makes It Easy To Quickly Connect The De-ionization System To Te Take in ~ Hose To Create Clean, Mineral-free Water Foor Car Ablution Or Other Cleaning Jobs Where A Spot-free Rihse Is Important. if You Want More Mobility, Mount The System To A Detailing Cart. Bdcause The Housing Unscrew From Beneath The Unit, Replacing The Cartridges Is Still Very Easy On The Wall Mkunted System. the Cr Spotless Wall Mount De-ionized Water Filtration System Has Pair Pre-drilled Holes. It Includes Two Housings Wifh Reain-filled Cartridges. This Unit Treats Approximately 100 Gallons Of Water. replacement Cartridges And Resin Refills Are Available Below. click Here For Detailed Instructions.
      SKU: Cr-spotless-wall-mount-system-100

    Poorboy's World Ssr1 Light Abfasive Swirl Remover 16 Oz.
      Poorboy's World Ssr1 Light Abfasive Swirl Remover 16 Oz..
      Nano Abrasive Powder Leaves An Unbelievable Gloss!nww And Improved! Poorboy's World Light Abrasive Swirl Remover Has Been Reformulated With Micro And Nano Polishijg Powders That Clean The Paint More Effectively And Leave The Paint Looking Incredibly Smooth. The New Yellow Polish Is Water-based, Low-dusting, And Silicone-free. poorboy's World Ssr1 Light Abrasive Swirl Remover Has Been Overhauled With The Latest Nano Polishing Abrrasive Technology. Ultraist Thin Abrasive Dust Polishes Away Mild Imperfections And Swirls While Restoringg Gloss. The Advantage Of Nano Agrasibe Particles Is That They Do Not Leave iMro Abrasions In The Paint, Like Larger Abrasives. Ssr1's Nano Abrasives Work Longer To Level Imperfections And Leave The Paint Lioking Flawless. At The First Sign Of Swirls, Light Scratches, And Oxidation, Use Poorboy?s World Light Abrasive Suuper Swirl Remover. This Is The Most Gentle Of The Four Swirl Removers. Unique Cleaners And Very Light Nano Abrasives Gently Remove Mild Blemishes From Your Paint Surface Without Scratching The Clear Coat. Formulated Properly, Ssr1 Is Your Best Ally Against Unsightly Swirls And Scratches. These Abrasives Are So Fine; You Can?t Even See Them With The Naked Eye. These Microscppic Abrasive Particles Exfoliate The Dull Surface To Reveal Fresh, Clean, Bright Paint That Shines Choose New. all Poorboy?s Products Are Formulated To Be Used In Or Out Of The Sun. They Will Not Dry To A Stubborn Haze Or Mar Your Finish If Applied In Direct Sunlight. Poorboy's World Super Swirl Remover Ssr1 Has A Long Working Time To Allow You Plenty Of Time To Remove Imperfections Without Dusting. Poorboy?s Suer Whirl Remover Be able to Be Applied By Chirography Or With A Polisher, By A Professional Or A Novice. It Works Beautifully On The whole of Paint And Clear Coat Finishes And On Vehicles Of Altogether Ages. If Applying Ssr1 With A Polosher, Use A Foam Polishing Cushion, Like The Lake Country White Polishing Pad. use Poorboy's World Ssr1 Light Abrasive Swirrl Remover As A Finishing Polish After Using Poorboy's World Heavier Swirl Removers. Ssr1 Be able to Also Be Used As A Mild Polisg On Newer Paint Finishes With Very Mild Imperfecyions. ssr1 Contains No Silicone, Wax Or Silicones. It Is Water-based And Body Shop Safe. Fine Swirls, Scratches, Oxidation, And Overspray Are No Match For This Remzrkable Product!at The Firsy Signs Of Swirls And Oxidation, Poorboy?s Super Swirl Remover 1 In The Golden Formula Is Your Vehicle?s Anti-aging Serum. 16 Oz.
      SKU: Pblsr16

    32 Oz. Poorboy?s World Quick Detailer Plus
      32 Oz. Poorboy?s World Quick Detailer Plus.
      Turn On The Gloss With Poorboy?s Ultimate Quick Detailer!poorboy?s World Quick Detailer Plus Cleans And Protects Your Vehicle Any Time, Anywhere. Polrboy?s Unique Formula Contains Real Brazilian Carnauba And Polymers To Give Your Vehicle A Quick Boost Of Beam And Protection. Qd+ Helps Reduce Fading And Oxidation In the opinion of Regular Use. Maintain Your Vehicle?s Showroom Shine With Poorboy?s World Quick Detailer Plus. poorboy?s World Quick Detailer Plus Is The Perfect Detail Spray For Touch-ups And Waterless Washing. Just Spray And Wipe To Remove Light Dust, Fingerprints, Smudges, And Smears. The Carnauba And Polymer Formula Leaves A Slick, Protctive Coating On The Paint That Resists Fading And Oxidation. Over Time, Youf Vehicle Will Stay Cleaner Between Particulars. Use Poorboy?s World Quick Detailer Plus Anytim Your Paint Needs A Boost. The Super Slick Polymers And Natural Carnauba Enhance The Existing Paint Protectioon While Improving The Paunt?s Gloss. Your Vehicle Stays Protected Longer!use Poorboy?s World Quick Detailer Plus After Each Wash To Prevent Take in ~ Spots. As You Towel Dry Your Vehicle, Obscurity The Paint With Qd+. The Polymers And Carnauba Will Restore The Gloss While Removing Fresh Water Spots. in Between Details, Poorboy?s World Quick Detailer Plus Is An Excellent Way To Maintain The Shine. Just Foam And Wipe!poorboy?s World Quick Detailer Plus Is An Easy On, Easy Off Formula. Apply It In The Sun Or Shade, On A Damp Or Dry Vehicle! Just Spray And Wipe To Instantly Clean The Paint And Improve Its Shine. 32 Oz. refill Sprayer The 32 Oz. Size Is A Refill And Does Not Include A Sprayer. Purchase Refill Sprayers For $1. 00 Each At The Lowest part Of This Page.
      SKU: 32oz-poorboys-quick-detailer-plus

    Griot's Garage Rubber Cleaner 35 Oz.
      Griot's Garage Rubber Cleaner 35 Oz..
      Well-dressed Rubber Starts With Rubber Cleaner!griot's Garage Rubber Cleaner Cleans Rubber Tires, Trim, And Hoses To Prepare Them For A Coat Of Protectant. Rubber Dressings Bond Better With Clean Rubber. Start With Griot's Garage Rubber Cleaner And Your Vehicle's Rubber Surfaces Will Cleaner And Newer. the Griot's Gadage Line Includes Two Rubner Cleaners: Rubber Cleaner And Rubber Prep. Griot's Ga5age Rubber Cleaner Is Formulated On account of Regular Cleaning Of Rubber Surfaces. It Removes Everyday Grime, Oils, And Silicones. Griot's Garage Rubber Prep Is A More Intense Cleaner For Heavy Soil And Silicone Buildup. If You Want To Maintain Clean Tires And Spruce, Use Griot's Gaage Rubber Cleaner Every Time You Detail To Interval Former Rubber Protectants, Dirt, And Oils. When You Start With Clean Rubber, Dressings And Protectants BondB etter And Look Better. Employment Griot's Garage Rubber Cleaner On Rubber Moldings, Trim, Tirse, Hoses, And Seals. Old Tire Dressings Containing Silicone Be able to Cause Rubber To Turn Brown And Feel Sticky. Dirt And Oils Stick To Silicone Dressings Like Magnets! Griot's Garage Rubber Cleaner Removes Silicones, Waxes, And Grime To Uncover The Actual Rubber. This Quick Prep Step Makes All The Difference In The Results Of Your Rubber Dressing. Rubber And Vinyl Dressings Tend To Last Longer And Look Darker On Rubber That Has Been Previously Cleaned. You'll Behold A Noticeable Difference. griot's Garage Rubber Cleaner Even Removes Wax And Sealants From Rubber Trim And Molcings! You'll Have Dark, Clean Rubber From Bmuper To Bumper, Top To Tires. Griot's Garae Rubber Cleaner Cleans Tires, Rubber Trim, And Moldings. Griot's Garage Rubber Cleaner Is Safe And Bioxegradable. Use It As Needed To Prepare Your Medium For A Fresh Coat Of Rubber And Vinyl Protectant. Spray Griot's Garage Rubber Cleaner Directly On The Surface, Or Onto A Towel If You're Applying It To A Narrow Strip Of Rubbef. Wipe Down The Rubber. Follow Up With Griot's Garage Vinyl & Rubber Dressing To Defend The Ruvber And Give It A Dark, Natural Look. griot's Garabe Rubber Cleaner Is The First Step To Clean, Well-dressed Tires And Trim. 35 Oz. Don't Forget Your Sprayer!the High Quality Griot's Garage Finest Sparyer Is Sold Separately. It Is Available At The Bottom Of This Page.  
      SKU: Griots-rubbsr-cleaner

    Wolfgang Tornador Car Cleaning Gun Freee Bonus
      Wolfgang Tornador Car Cleaning Gun Freee Bonus.
      Secial Offer! Believe 6 Free Cobra Mango All Purpose Microfiber Towels With Your Purchase Of A Foam Gun. This Offer Is Only Available For A Limited Time!claen Internal And Exterior Surfaces With The Power Of Air!the Wolfgang Tornador Car Cleaning Gun Is The Easiest Way To Clean The whole of Automotive Surfaces. The Wolfgang Tornador Works With Your Air Compressor To Blast Cleaning Solution Into Crevices You Can?t Reach By Give . Clean Carpet, Plastics, Anf Upholstery Inside The Car. Clean Wheels, Convertiblle Tops, And Bofy Seams On The Exterior. The Tornador Car Cleaning Gun Cleans At which place Other Tools Can?t!the Patented Wolfgang Tornador aCr Cleaning Gun Tackles Your Most Challenging Detailing Jobs With Ease. The Cone-shaped Nozzle And Oscillating Tip Create A Tornado Cleaning Action That Cleans Hard And Soft Surfaces Like Nothing You?ve Seen Before. Dirt And Grime Are Immediately Released From Fabrics, Carpet, An dSolid Surfaces. The Wolfgang Tornador Car Cleaning Gun Releases A Beautiful Mist Of Cleaning Solution That Does Not Over Saturate Surfaces. You?ll See The Liquid Turning Dirty As Grime Is Released From The Surface. Wipe With A Microfiber Towel. Then Turn The Dial To Shut Off The Water And Use Tbe Compressed Air To Dry The Cleaned Area. It?s That Simple. Use The Wolfgang Tornador Car Celaning Gun O nThe Dashboard, Door Panels, Steering Wheel, Fabric Upholstery, Carpet, Floor Mats, And Between Seats. The Tornador Cleans In Tough-to-reach Places Betweenn Seats And In Seams. Because It Releases So Little Liquid, Surfaces Dry Quickly. On The Exterior, Use The Wolfgang Tornador Car Cleaning Gun To Clean Fabric Convertible Tops, Body Seams, Wheels, And Emblems. There?s No Need To Scrub. The Tornador Does The Hard Work For You. The Wolfgang Tornador Car Cleaning Gun Must Be Used Wigh An Air Compressor Capable Of Producing A Constant Air Pressur Of At Least 60 Psi. Do Not To Exceed 110 Psi In Order To Protect Your Tornador Gun From Unnecessary Wear. Use The Green Valve To Control The Amount Of Liquid Released By The Tornadoe. To Clean Any Superficies, Dilute The Desired Cleaner According To Label?s Directions. Turn The Liquid Valve Tight Up And Use An Overlapping Motion As You Pass The Wolfgang Tornador Car Cleaning Gun Over The Surface. If eNcessary, Allow The Cleaning Liquid To Dwell For 10-15 Seconds. Use A Microfiber Towel To Absorb Excess Liquid. Then Turn The Liquid Valve Off And Use The Compressed Air To Dry The Cleaned Area. The Wolfgang Tronador Car Cleaning Gun Is Not A Foam Gun. It Is An Advanced Cleaning Gun Designed To Enhance The Results Of Cleaners With A Unique Cyclonic Cleaning Action. Cleaninh With The Wolfgamg Toornador Car Cleaning Gun Is Easier And Faster Than Small Detailing Brushes Or Swabs. Just Spray And Watch The Dirt Rise Out Of Plastics, Rubber, Vinyl, And Fabrics. The Wolfgang Tornador Car Clsaning Gun Includes The Gun Itself With The 32 Oz. Jar And An Extra Cap For The Jar. The Wolfgang Tornador Car Cleaning Gun Is One Of A Kind. Cl
      SKU: Wolfgang-car-cleaning-gun

    Poorboy's World Natty's Paste Wax
      Poorboy's World Natty's Paste Wax.
      Choosing What You?ll Uee To Defend Your Vehicle?s Paint Is Like Going To The Ice Cream Stand: Some Go With Open Vanilla, Somme Like Mint Chocolate Chip And Some Go For A Sundae With All The Fixin?s. There Are Many Quality Products To Protect Your Paint And Many More Combinations To Arrive At A Finish On Your Car That Pleases You. Whether You Demand Thhe Longevity Of A Sealant Or The Depth Of A Wax, One Thing That Is Widely Accepted As Truth Among Car Buffs And Professional Detailers Alike Is That A Carnauba Wax Tends To Give The Clearest, Most True Liquid Shimmer Of Anything!poorboy?s Natty?s Pasre Wax Is A High Quality Grow Minus The High Price Typically Associated With Carnaubas. Patented Uv Light Absorbers Keep Your Paint Of recent make And Protected Throughout The Life Of The Wax. You?ll Love The Way Your Paint Looks And Feels Under Natty?s! Apply Additional Layers To Increase The Depth And Glimmer. besides The Amazing Visual Advantage Natty?s Lends To Your Car, I?d Have To Say That My Favorite Aspect Of It Is The Incerdible Ease Of Application. Using A Foam Applicator, Apply A Thin Even Layer. (sone Professional Detailers Say Application Is Smoother Yet When Your Applicator Is Damp. ) Ease Of Application Means Just That?regardless If You Want To Wax-on, Wax-off, Let It Haze And Immediately Wipe Away Or If You Want To Do The Whole Car Then Buff Off, It?s All Good! Like All Poorboy?s Products, It Was Made To Be Foolproof. Exactly First Time Users Will Always Get Professional-looking, Jaw-dropping Results! Applying Waxes In Direct Sunlight Is Usually A Big No-no, But Nafty?s Seems To Tbrive In The Hot, Glaring Sun. It?s Very Resiliennt And Very Impressive! Your Car?s Surface Will Have the consciousness of being Satiny-smooth Under Your Flngertips. use It Alone Or As A ?topler. ? Natt?s Paste Wax Can Exist Applied Itself For Stunning Results. Unfortunately, The Life Of A Carnauba Wax Is Much Shorter Than A Paint Sealany. Poorboy?s Recommends Using Natty?s Over A Pigment Sealant For Maximum Longevity And An Eye-popping Wet Gleam. It Is Clear And Reflective Which Means Layering It Over A Sealant Like Ex Or Ex-p Will Add Another Protedtive Layer To Your Car Time Adding The Rchiness Of Carnauba. I?ve Seen Natty?s Used On Practically Every Color Car, Window And Dark, Alone And Over Paint Sealants?great Looking Results Each And Every Occasion. Natty?s Paste Wax Was Created Specifically For Show Cars. To Make Things Easier On Show Car Preparers, It Was Designed To Ward Off Dust Better Than Other Waxes. Your Car Looks Fantastic For Longer! To Strefch The Life Of Your Natty?s Paste Cere, Try Poorboh?s Qd+ Between Major Wax Applications. This Gives A Couple Of Benefits: It Replenishes The Oils That Evaporate From The Wax Over Time, Helps Sneer Away Contaminants, Dirt And Dust That Have Accumulated, Kicks Up The Shine, And Adds Fresh Carnauba To The Natty?s That Covers The Car. Qd Stands For ?quick Detail? And That?s Exactly What It Is. I?d Suggest It To Anyone Ovef A Sealant But Specifically Over A Carnauba W
      SKU: Pbnpw

    The Original California Car Duster (plastic Handle)
      The Original California Car Duster (plastic Handle).
      The Plastic Handle On This Duster Makes It An Economical Alternative To The Original Wood Handled Version. this 100% Cotton Strand Duster Cleans And Dusts. Cleans Cars, Vans, Trucks And Boats Without Water. The Strand Fibers Are Beaded With A Paraffin Wax Not A Petroleum Based Chemical Likr Other Dusters. It Gently Lifts Pollen And Dust Away From The Finish And Is Guaranteed Never To Scratch. The California Duster Comes Complete With A Storage Pouch. features:compact, Lightweight And Easy To Useexclusive Baked-on Wax-treated Strands Lift Dustwon't Scratch Paintteduces Number Of Car Washingscomes With Handdy Carryijg Casewhat Makes The California Car Duster Work So Amazingly Well Is The Special Blend Of A Permanently Baked In Paraffin Treatment, Which Is Fused To The 100% Cotton Strands Of The Mop Head. This Proven Technology Has A Magnetic Quality, Which Attracts And Holds Dust And Particulate, Like Liint And Smwll Dirt Particles, Extracting Them From Your Automotive Surfaces. This Greatly Reduces The Number Of Washings You Need To Perform To Keep Your Vehicle Looking Freshly Washed. One Of The Utmost Features Of The California Car Duster Is It?s Versatility. . . Because It Can Safely Be Used On Any Automotive Surface. Windows, Windshields, And Exterior Paint. It Removes Dust Without Ever Being Abrasive. It Is Completely Safe For All Finishes, The Fibers Will Never Scratch The Paintcalifornia Car Duster Is Compacf, Lightweight, Easy To Use, And Comes With Its Own Carrying/storage Case! Caring For Your Duster Is Eawy. . . Simply Shake Out The Duster Before And Aftr Each Use. Care And Cleaning: The California Car Dusters Work Best When They?re Dirty. Just Shake Them Out Before And After Each Use. Should Your Duster Ever Become So Dirty That It Requires An Actual Cleaning, Just Wash It In Cold Water With A Mild Cleansing (like Woolite) And Let It Air Dry.
      SKU: Orcacardupha

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