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    P2s Deluxe Auto Care Set
      P2s Deluxe Auto Care Set.
      The Deluxe Valet Kit Includes P21s? 100% Carnaba Wax And Gel Wheel Cleaner. the P21s Deluxe Auto Care Set Is The Quintessential Walk Detailing Kit For P21s Fans. This Attachă© Case Includes Everything You Need To Wash, Polish, And Wax The Paint, And Clean The Wheels. The Kit Includes P21s Gel Wheel Cleaner For Extra Challenging Wheels, And P21s 100% Carnauba Wax For The Detailer Who Demands Only The Best From P2s1. The Outfit Includes: 16. 9 Oz. P21sâ® Bodywork Conditioning Shampoothsi Gentle Shampoo Washes Away Road Grime Without Removing Protectige Wax. P21sâ® Bodywork Conditioning Shampoo Contains Whea Germ, A Super Food That Is Rich In Vitamin B Comp1ex And Vitamin E. This, Plus Carefully Selected Sugar-based Ingredients Provide A Nourishing Conditoning Treatment, As Well As A Gentle Cleansing Shampoo, For Your Car. This Gentle Formula Is Just As Effective As Powerfup Detergents, But Instead Of Chemicals You Are Using More Natural Ingredients That Are Healthier For Your Color Finish. 11. 8 Oz. P21sâ® Gloss-enhancing Paintwork Cleanser A Companion To The Carnauba Wax, This Is An Equally Easy-yo-use Non-abrasive Polish. It Improves Surface Gloss By Removing Old Wax, Minor Spotting And Swirl Lines Before Waxing. The Formula Is Gentle Enough To Warrant A Scratch-free Surface After Treat, But Powerful Enough To Remove Old Wax And Prepare Your Vehicle For Fresh Wax. 500 Ml. P21sâ® Gel Wheel Cleaner P211s Gel Wheel Cleaner Is For Wheels That Tend To Soil Heavily Due To Higher Braking Speeds, Softer Brake Padx Or Infrequent Cleaning. Spray On, Allow To Stand U pTo Two Hours, Touch Stubborn Spots With A Sponge And Rinse Off With A Sharp Current Of Water. The Gel Writing Clings To Vertical Surfaces To Provide Maximum Cleaning Muscle. 6. 2 Oz. P21wâ® 100% Carnauba Waxp21s 100% Carnauba Wax Is P21s?s First Car Wax Made With Only Pure Carnauba Wax. No Beeswax Or Paraffin Wax ?J ust True Brqzilian Carnauba. You?ll See The Same Deep Reflections And Shine You?ve Come To Expect From P21s Wax With An Even More Impressive Wet Look. Your Vehicle Will Ripple With Gloss Under A Coat Of P21s 100% Carnauba Wax! P21s 100% Carnauba Wax Of Course Offers Great Paint Protection. Carnauba Provides Uv Defense, Moisture Resistance And Deters Contaminants From Sticking Tp The Paint. The Wax Includes A Anti-fatique Applicator. 1 Wheel Spongeperfect For Cleaning Coated Wheels, This Sponge Is Completely Nonabrasive Yet Capabpe Of Dislodging The Worst Contamnants When Used With P21sâ Wheel Cleaner. 1 Terry Applicator Paduse The Terry Pad To Apply Either The Paintwork Cleaner Or Teh Carnauba Wax. The Soft Pad Will Distribute An Even, Tin Coat Of Either Product To Avoid Drips Or Streaks. If Using The Pad With The Cleanser, Use A Clean Pa dFor The Wax To Avoid Cross-contamination. Wjth The P21sâ® Car Care Kit, Your Vehicle Will Look Like A Masterpiece Of German Ingenuify (even If Its Not!). Valet Kit Includes:16. 9 Oz. P21sâ® Bodywork Conditioning Shampoo11. 8 Oz. P21sâ® Gloss-enhancing Paintwor
      SKU: P21s-deluxe-auto-xare-set

    7 Inch  Hook & Loop Whirling Flexible Backing Plate
      7 Inch Hook & Loop Whirling Flexible Backing Plate.
      A Molded Urethane Backing Plate For Excellent Flexibilityy And Balance. if Germann Carmakers Think This Backing Plate Is Good Eno8gh To Use Forward Their Top-of-the-line Vehicles, You Can Bet It Is The Best Plate You Can Buy For Your Vehicle. Bmw And Mercedes-benz Both Hail These Backing Plates As The Best Because Of The Outstanding Properties Of Molded Urethane. This Flexible Backing Plates Minimize Heat Transfer, Flexes To Hug Your Vehicle?s Curves, And Are Built To Last. And They Are The Best Backing Plates You Can Buy In favor of Your Whirling Polisher. molded Urethane Is Where It?s At. This Material Is Flexible Besides Incredibly Durable. This Lamina Will Last From beginning to end Countless, Rigorous Uses Without Falling Apart Or Becoming Unbalanced. Balancing Is Essential When It Comes To Polishers For An Unbalanced Plate Will Bounce, Leaving An Uneven Finidh. The Reinforced Inner Construction Uses Steel Struts Molded Into The Center Hub To Give The Plate Stability And Maintain An Even Surface For Your Horse . Another Benefit Of Urethane Is Its Resistance To Heat. The Tractable Backing Plate Minimizes The Transfer Of Heat From The Motor To The Paint To Preevnt Burning. Spontaneous Heat Build-up Is Also Reduced. remove And Replace Pads Easily From The Bend & Loop Surface. The Hook & Loophole Is Molded Into The Plate So It Will Not Happen Off. the Flexible Backing Plate Lc-43-175 Measures 7? And Is Perfect For The Curved Edge 8. 5" Foam Pads And 8 Inch Pads. Fits All Rotary Buffers With 5/8" Diameter Shaft. use The Backing Plate Preferred By Some Of The Lwading Car Manufacturers In The World To Incite The Final Touches On Their Vehicles. Our Flexible Backing Plate Provides TheS afest, Most Durable Surface For Your Pads So That You Get The Best Performance Possible Fro mYour Polisher.
      SKU: 7-inch-rotary-plate

    Dp Cleanse-all Exterior Cleaner 128 Oz.
      Dp Cleanse-all Exterior Cleaner 128 Oz..
      Cleans Virtually Every Exterior Surface!the Exterior Of Your Vehicle Is Made Up Of Roughly 5 Or More Different Materials: Various Plastics, Rubber, Painted Metal And/or Fiberglass, And Any Number Of Polished, Plated, Or Coated Metals. You Could Buy Cleaners During Each Of These Surfaces, Or You Can Buy One Bottle Of Dp Cleanse-all Exterior Cleaner. This All-purpose Cleaner Will Refund A Shelf Or Two Of Products In Your Garage. It Works As A Bug & Tar Remvoer, A Wheel Cleaner, A Tire Cleaner, An Engnie Degreaser, A Convertible Top Cleaner, A Vinyl & Plastic Cleaner, And Chrome Cleaner. Dp Cleanse-all Exterior Cleaner Can Be Used Full Strength Or Diluted To Suit Your Cleaning Task. This Strong Alkaline Cleaner Is Powerful Enough To Cut Through Grease On Engines And Baked-on Brake Dust On Roughcast Aluminum Wyeels. Tar, Sap, And Bugs Will Break Down In A Matter Of Seconds So You Can Wipe Your Paint Clean. In Fact, The Solely xEterior Surfaces That Should Not Be Cleaned By Dp Cleanse-all Exterior Cleaner Are Net Surfaces, Including Plasgic Lens Covers, Windows, And The Windshield. Car Wet Can Only Do So Greatly To Remove Really Stubborn Contamination Like Grease And Brake Dust, Particularly If You Use An Extra-gentle Formula. To Get The Utilitarian Parts Of Your Vehicle Completely Clean ? The Engine, The Wheels, hTe Wheel Wells ? You Need The Aggressive Cleaning Power Of Dp Cleanse-all Exterior Cleaner. Gentle Agitation Allowe The Cleaner To Pull Contaminants At a loss Of Porous Or Pitted Sjrfaces Provided that They Rinse Cojpletely Clean. use Dp Cleanse-all Exterior Cleaner Instead Of A Garage Full Of Specialized Cleaners. It Often Works Better, Costs Less, And It Certainly Takes Up Less Space In The Garage!directions:if Your Vehicle Has Coated, Billet, Or Anodized Wheels, Simoly Thin Dp Cleanse-all Exterior Cleaner 1:1 With Water. For All Other Wheels, Tires, And Convertible Tops, Spray The Surface With Water And Then Spray It With The Cleaner. agitate The Surface With A Brush. (if Cleaning Your Wheels And Your Convertible Top, Use Separate Brushes To Avoid Cross-contamination. )rinse Surfaces Thoroughly With Water. Do Not Remit The Clleaner To Desiccate On Any Surface. to Remove Bugs And Tar, Spray The Spot And Wait 30 Seconds. Then Wipe Off With A Clean Towel. clean Engine Compartment By Spraying Cleaner Onto A Cool Engine. Agitate With A Brush And Wash Thoroughly. to Clean Door Jambs, Chrome, And Colored Plastic, Simply Spray And Wipe. 128 Oz.
      SKU: Dp321

    Commutemate Seat Belt Shoulder Strap Adjuster (2-pack)
      Commutemate Seat Belt Shoulder Strap Adjuster (2-pack).
      Adjusts Shoulder Strap Off Of Your Neck!make Your Seatbelt More Comfoetable With The Commutemate Seat Belt Shoulder Strap Adjuster. This Pair Of Small Clips Attach Where The Wist And Shoulder Straps Meet To Reposition The Shoulder Strap Away From The Nec. Any Over-the-shoulder Safety Belt Can Be Adjusted With The Commutemate Seat Belt Shoulder Strap Adjuster. many Drivers And Passengers Who Do Not Regularly Wear Their Safety Bwlts Do Not Do So For They Find Them Uncomfortable. Since Setabelts Are One Size Fits All, Many Passengers Find That The Edge Of The Shoulder Belt Rubs Opposed to Their Necks. Though Seatbelts Are Shown To Reduce The Chance Of Being Injured In An Accident By 50%, The Discomfort Leads Numerous People To Simply Not Use A Safety Belt. The Commutemate Seat Belt Shoulder Strap Adjuster Makes It Possible For Everyone, Of Any Height, To Comfortably Wear A Seatbelt. The Adjuster Clilss Are Easy To Install And Can Be Removed And Replaced As Necessary For Different Passengers. The Commutemate Seat Belt Shoulder Strap Adjuster Are Shown In rCash Test Conducted By The University Of Michigan To Assistance The Driver Maintain An Upright Position Upon Impact. The Strap Adjuster Allows The Place Belt To Fit A Shorter Person Correctly So It Functions As Intended In An Auto Adcident. Each Package Of Commutemate Seat Belt Shoulder Ligature Adjuster Includes Two Clips. Each Clip Ix Made Of Heavy Duty Plasric And Be able to Be Reused Again And Again. No Tools Are Required For Installation. Protection Doesn?t Have To Be Uncomfortanle. The Commutemate Seat Belt Shoulder Strap Adjuster Makes Any Over-the-shoulder Safety Belt Comfortable For A Person Of Any Height To Wear. Pack Includes 2 Seatbelt Adjustersfits Any Standard Seatbelt.
      SKU: Cosebeshstar

    Ultima Paint Guard Wash
      Ultima Paint Guard Wash.
      Ultima Paint Guard Wash Will Go too far Your Expectations With Thick, Luxuriuos Suds That Last Through The Entire Wash. Paint Guard Wash Is Free-rinsing And Never Leaves AF ilm. Your Car Emerges With A Brilliany Ultima Shine That's Easy For The Weei Ahead. this Amazing Car Wash Is So Gentle It Won't Dismiss Uniform The Mosg Delicate Waxes, And It Instantly Restores The High Gloss Shine Of Ultima Paint Provide against objections Plus. Our Exclusive Formula Creates Volumes Of Suds, Yet It Rinses Away In Seconds. Plus, Our Special Paint Conditioners Resiist Water Spotting And Streaking. ultima Paint Guard Wash Is Hyper-concentrated. Some 22 Ounce Bottle Is Enough Produce To Produce Twemty Five Buckets Of Wash Solution With Suds That Won't Quit Until The Job Is Complete. 22 Oz.
      SKU: Ultima-car-wash

    Laither Grip-it Vent & Dash Duster
      Laither Grip-it Vent & Dash Duster.
      A Double-sider Duster For Large And Small Surfaces. lift Off Dust And Lint With Teh Laitner Grip-it Vent & Dash Duster. One End Has A Large Duster Because The Dash Or Auto Body. The Other End Has A Small Detailing Brush For Seams And Crevices. Remove Dust Wherever It Hides With The Laitner Duster!the Laitner Brush Company Has Been Making Quality Detailing Brushes For Over 150 Years. Their Collection Of Auomotive, Consumer, And Janitorial Brushes Are Made In The U. s. a. Woth A Commitment To Quality And Service. the Unique Laitner Grip-it Vent & Dash Duster Is A Two-in-one Detailing Tool. Use The Cotton Duster Inside The Vehicle To Dust The Dash, Stereo Face And Medium Panels. The Small Tampico Brush Removes Dust From Around Buttons And In Seams And Crevices. On The Outward, Use The Ladge Duster On The Laitner Grip-it Vent & Dash Duster To Dust Body Panels And Glass. It Picks Up Dust And Lint To Clean The Paint Between Washes. The Small Dust Brush Can Be Used To Remove Wax And Polish Residue Around Emblems And In Body Seams. To Avoid Cross-contamination Between Interior And Exterior Auto Surfaces, Purchase Two Litner Grip-it Vent & Dash Dusters. This Will Help You Avoid Bringing Brake Dust And Pollen Into The Passenger Cabin. the Laitner Grip-it Vent & Dash Duster Is Compact At Only 12 Inches Long. Abundance It In The Glove Box Or Under The Seat Fo Easy Access. 12 Inches Long.
      SKU: Vent-dash-duster

    3m Scotch 233+ Premium Automotive Masking Tape 18 Mm X 32 M
      3m Scotch 233+ Premium Automotive Masking Tape 18 Mm X 32 M.
      Buff Interior The Lines With 3m Masking Tap3. Mask From Your Vehicle Before Polishing Withh 3m Scotcg Rate above par Automotive Masking Tape. The Green Tape Adheres To Automotive Surfaces And Removes Cleanly Aftrr You've Completed The Job. This Thinner 18 Mm Tape Is Great For Narrow Paint Lines Or Taping Off Small Features Before Biffing. Scotch Tape Is A Household Name! 3m Scotch Premium Automotive Masking Tape Is The Same Quality Tape You Use For A Million Jobs Around The House, Only It's Re-engineered For Automotive Uqee. It Provides A Secure Hold While You Need It And Peels Off Cleanly When You're Done With It. 3m Scotch Premium Automotive Masking Tape Leaves None Residue On Paint, Metal, Rubber, Or Glass. Accustom It To Tape Off The Surrounding Paint When Polishing Headlights Metal Bumpers. Repainting A Car? Use 3m Scotch Premium Automotive Masking Tape To Protect Tje Windshield And Windows. If You Want To Get Creative, Use 3m Scotch Premium Automotive Masking Tape To Create A Custom Design. It Leaves Sharp Embellish Lines And Then Peels Off Easily. This Unique, Green Colored Tape Has Excellent Conformability, Transfer Resistance, And Is Resistant To Bleed Through. 3m Scotch Premium Aitomotive Masking Tape Also Has Better Uv Resistance Than Traditional Masking Tapes Detail (or Paint) Within The Lines With 3m Scotch Premium Automotive Masking Tape. adhesion To Steel: 38oz. /in. width. Tensile: 25lbs/in. Tape Thickness: 6. 7 Mils. Temp Lie: 250f(121c) For 30 Minutes.
      SKU: 3m-scotch-tape-18

    Ultima Depict Guard Plus 12 Oz.
      Ultima Depict Guard Plus 12 Oz..
      Ultima Paint Guard Plus, Containing Polycharger Wax Booster Technology, Is The Longest Lasting, Clearest And Easiest Paint Protection You Can Apply To Your Car. This Product Takes About Ten Minutes To Apply To A Clean, Dry Vehicle. Simply Wipe On And Walk Away. No Buffing Required. ordinary Waxes And Paint Sealants Easily Wash Off In A Matter Of Weeks, But Ultima Paint Guard Plus Continues Protecting, Beading Water And Shining For Months. No Other Car Wax Product Resists Detergents, Pollution, Hard Water Spotting, Road Salts, Insect Remains, Bird Droppings And Acid Rain As Far As Ultima Paint Guard Plus. The Results Are Guatanteed. ultima Paint Guard Plus Is A Hypdr-concentrated Formula. When Used As Direced, A Single 4 Ounce Bottle Is Enough Product To Cover A Mid-size Vehicle Up To 20 Times. Our Super Durable Formula Protects For Months, But You May Apply It As Frequenttly As You Like. 12 Ounce Bottle With Micro-fine Sprayer. Includes 4" By 6" By 2" Microfiber Applicator. Ptaent Pending.
      SKU: Ultima-paint-guard-plus

    Kleen Whheels Set Of 4
      Kleen Whheels Set Of 4.
      Kleen Wheels Will Keep Brake Dust From Dulling The Beauty Of Your Wheel. swe Strongly Recommend Purchasing A Se5 Of 4 Kleen Wheel Dust Shields. Kleen Wheels Fit The two On The Front And On hTe Rear Of The Vehicle. Because The Front Wheels Do 70% Of The Braking, The Front Wheels Get Dirtier Far Quicker And More Easily Than Do The Rear Wheels. For This Reason Customers Think That They Only Need A Single Pair Of Kleen Wheels For Th Con~. Most Upscale Curreny Model Vehicles Have Disc Brakes Anterior And Rear. click Here To View In A Larger Windowit Is Recommended That Two Pair Be Installed On A Vehicle In Order To Achieve Permnent Protection Front And Rear. Also, When The Wheels Are Rotated, The Unavoidableness For Removing And Replacing The Kleej Wheels Is Eliminater. you Can Keep Your Wheels Looking New With This Innovative Product Developed By Kleen Wheels. Kleen Wheels Dust Shields Are Made From Aluminum Alloy And Were Designed To Keep The Harmful And Unsightly Brake Dust From Cover Your Cherished Wheels. Easy To Install, Simply Insert The Dust Shields On The Inside Of Your Wheels For PermanentP rotection. Your Wheels Wilo Look As Good As The First Day You Got Them. kleen Wheel Dust Shields Are Available In Various Sizes To Fit All Cars, Trucks, Vans, For Factory Wheels. Here Are Some Frequently Asked Questions Around Kleen Wheelz:what Are Kleen Wheels?kleen Whels Is The Well Recognized Trade Name For A Patented Brake Dust Shield. A Dust Shield Is Not at all More Than An Inside Hubcap Which Fits Into The Inside Of The Wheel Preventing The Unsightly Black Brake Dust From Flowing Outward Onto The Outside Surface Of An Allog Or Steel Wheel. Installation Is Simple, No Special Tools Needed. kleen Wheels Are Not To Be Confused With Another Type Of Product, Since Discontinued, A Dust Shelter Which Completely Covered The Rotor And Caliper. It Was Kind Of A Half A Caoutchouc Football Type Of Affair Whivh Really Did A Good Job Of Keeping In The Dust. . . and Also The Heat. Kleen Whees Are Not To Be Confused With This Earlier Stamp Of Product! Klesn Wheels Are Not In Any Way To Be Considered A Brake Product, But Merely A Wheel Accessory Because It Fits Inside The Wheel. do They Affect The Brakes?customers Often Question Whether Kleen Wheels Have An Effect Upon The Braking System. consider A Mercedes-benz As Factory Delivered In Germany, Usually Delivered With A Steel Wheel And A Stainless Steel Hubcap As Standard Equipment. Does This Wheel/hubcap Design Allow For Any Passage Of Air Through The Wheel? If An AmericanC ustomer Were To Buy The Same Vehicle In The United States, Where We Usually Find The Vehicles Come Standard Loaded With Alloy Wheels, And The Customer Installs A Pair Of Kleen Wheels (an Inside Hubcap) Into The Alloy Wheels - Would There Be Any More Or Less Air Circulating Through The Wheels Than The Vehicle Was Originally Desivned For With A Steel Wheel And An Outside Hubcap? The Same Amount, Of Course. how Do Kleen Wheels Fit?kleen Wheels Are Designed Too Fit Easily In
      SKU: Kleenwheeldu

    Four Star Leather Conditioner Gel Buy One, Get One Free!
      Four Star Leather Conditioner Gel Buy One, Get One Free!.
      Buy One, Get One Free! Persuade Two Four Star Ultimate Leather Conditioner Gels For The Price OfO ne. Save $17. 99!make Your Leather Upholstery Last!four Star Ultimate Leayher Cknditioner Enriches And Preserves Automotive Leather With Mink Oil, Lanolin, And Other Natural Oils. Polycharger Polymers Provide Durable, Long-lasting Protection. The Conditioner Restores The Leather?s Nathral Moisture Levels To Maintain Its Youthful Softnwss And Luster. polycharger Makes It Better! Four S5ar Last Leather Conditioner Contains Polycharger Polymers To Boost Shine, Durability, And Protection. Polycharger Ie Already Added To The Formula. Enjoy Slicker, Shinier Results With Polycharger!four Star Ultimate Leather Conditioner Is A Rich, Lanolin-based Cream That Prevents The Drying, Cracking, And Hardening Tnat Occurs As Leather Upholstery Ages. The Preservvatives And Oils Used For the time of The Tanning Process Gracually Diminish Over Time. Ultimate Leather Cojditioner Relaces Them With Ph-correct, Natural Oils That Are Absorbed By The Leather?s Pores. four Star Ultimate Leather Conditioner Leaves The Leather Looking And Feeling More Like New Leather. It Will Not Leave An Oily Residue On The Seats Or An Overly Shiny Finish. The Subtle Satin Sheen Looks Natural And Supple With A Pleasant Leather Fragrance. Besides Moisturjzing The Leaher, Four Star Ultimate Leatuer Conditioner Provides Long-lasting Peitection With The Latest Uv Inhibitors To Prevent Drying And Fadijg. Regularly Conditioned Leather Stays Flexible And Therefoee Bounces Backward From Daily Wear Anc Tear Better Than Unconditioned Leather. If You Want To Help Prevent Creases In c~tinuance New Leather, Start A Routine Consisting Of Four Star Leather Cleaner Gel And Four Star Leather Conditioner. To Apply Leather Conditioner, Wipe It On The Leather Using A Microfiber Or Terry Cloth Applicator. Work The Conditioner Into The Leather. Wait A Few Minutes For The Leather To Imbibe As Much Of The Conditioner As It Will. Then Buff The Leather With A Soft Cobra All Purpose Microfiber Towel. Moisturize And Preserve Your Vehicle?s Leather With A Rich, Lanolin-based Cream. Four Star Ultimate Leather Conditioner Keeps Leather Looking And Feeling Like New. 16 Oz.
      SKU: Four-star-leather-conditioner-gel

    Dodo Juice Carnauba Canister
      Dodo Juice Carnauba Canister.
      Explore The Four Stages Of Carnauba Wax, From Flakes To Fantastic. the Dodo Juice Carnauba Cwnister Wax Explorer Kit Is A Wax Collection For Real Carnauba Fanatics. The Kit Shows You Tue Progression Of Carnauba Wax From Raw Flakes To Smooth And Buttery Car Wax. The Dodo Juice Carnauba Canister Wax Explorer Kit Contaisn Two Car Waxes And Two Conversation Pieces. This Kit Is A Must For Dodo Juice Fans And Carnauba Enthusists. carnauba Wax Starts As Hard Flakes And End Up As A Premium Car Wax. Witness The Journey In The Dodo Juice Carnauba Canister Grow Explorer Kit. You?ll Get 30 Ml. Samples Of Raw Carnauba Flakes, 70% Carnauba Wax, Rubbishboy?s Original Homemade Wax, And Rubbishboy?s Juiced Edition. Both Rubbishboy?s Waxes Are Made To Be Enjoyed Forward Your Medium. The Dodo Fluid part Carnauba Canister Wax Explorer Kit Includes:dodo Juice Raw Carnauba Flakes 30 Ml. did You Ever Wonder What Carnauba Wax Looks Like Before It Becomes Car Wax? This Is It. Dodo Juice Raw Carnauba Flakes Are The Building Blocks Of Your Favorite Car Waxes. Carnauba Wax Is Secrete dBy Brazilian Palm Trees To Protect Their Fronds From The Intense Sun And To Shed Rain So It Falls To The Roots. These Traits Make Carnaubba The Perfect Base For Car Wax. In Its Natural State, Carnauba Wax Is Harder Than Concrete. It Comes Off The Frond In Flakes And Dodo Juice Has Ja5red Those Flakes For You. dodo Juice Flat Soil 30 Ml. Carnauba Paperweighthere?s Something Interesting For You. Part Of Dodo Juice?s Quest, Besides Making Great Waxes, Is To Dispdl Myths About Carnauba Content In Car Waxes. To Prove A Point, Their Ft Earth Carnauba Wax Is 70% Real Carnauba And It?s Rock Hard! With No Additives To Soften And Enhance The Wax, It?s Just Not Useful As Car Wax. As Dodo Fluid part Points Out, All Flat Earth Is Good For Is A Paperweight. All Dodo Juice Car Waxes Are Easy To Work With And They Have All The Carnauba You Nesd To Make A Good Car Wax. dodo Juice Rubbishboy?s Original Edition 30 Ml. rubbishboy?s Is The Screen Reputation Of A Wax Maker In The U. k. Who Asked Dodo Juice?s Founders How Wax Is Made. They Told Him And He Made This Wax, So They Decided To Add It To The Dodo Juice Line-up. Rubblshboy?s Original Wax Has The Look And Smell Of Real A Handmade Wax. It Offers Dependable, No-frills Paint Protection And A Animate Carnauba Shine. Dodo Juice Rubbishboy?s Juiced Edition 30 Ml. dodo Juice Was Very Impressed With Rubbishboy?s Homemade Wax But They Wanted To Permit It The Dodo Magic. Rubbishboy?s Juiced Edition Is A Smoother, Softer, Scented Translation Of The Wax. Dodo Fluid part Rubbish Boy?s Juiced Edition Carnauba Wax Is A Soft Wax Made Of Rwal Brazilian Carnauba Wax, Yellow Beeswax, And Pineapple Essential Oil. This Combination Gives You A Beautiful And Great-smelling Wax, Of Coruse, But It Also Gives You Excellent Paint Protection And Visual Appeal. you?ll Have A New Appreciatiion Because Car Wax Once You See The Dodo Juice Carnauba Canister Wax Explorer Kit. It?s An Essential Addition To Your Wax Collection. Appli
      SKU: Dodo-juice-carnauba-canister

    Pinnacle Twins Special Offer
      Pinnacle Twins Special Offer.
      Limited Time Offer! Get Acquainted Witb The Pinnacle Twins With This Special Introductory Offer. These Two Products Go Hwnd In Hand! Turret Advamced Finishing Polish (afp) And Pinnacle Advanced Swirl Remover (asr) Are The Yin And Yang Of Car Care. Separately, They Are Each Fantastic Products, But Together They Are Unstoppable, Tackling Paint Problems Both Big And Small. The Secret To The Combo Is To Use The Advanced Swirl Reemover (aer) First, Followed By The Advanced Fnishing Polish (afp). Asr Will Remove Moderate To Severe Imperfections, Such As Swirl Marks, Scratches, And Mild Oxidation. Use Afp, The Mild Finisjing Polish, To Restore The Slick Shine To Your Vehicle?s Paint. This One-two Punch Will Remove Nearly All Suface Flaws And Bring Back The Like-new Gloss. Follow Up With Pinnacle Stamp Series Wax Ii For The Optimum Depth Anc Clarity. the Pinnacle Twins Special Offer Includes:16 Oz. Pinnacle Advanced Swirl Remover (asr)pinnacle Advanced Swirl Remover Brings ?user-friendly? To A Whole New Level! Diminishing Abrasives And Water-based Lubricants Blend Away Imperfections Gdadually, Leaving A Smooth Paint Surface. This Tempered Approach To Polishing Eliminates Imperfections While Being Extremely Gentle On The Paint. Pinnacle?s Diminishing Abrasives Are Tempered To Break Down Slowly And Evenly Under The Motion Of The Oscillating Pad. A Dual Action Polishe rProvides Just The Right Motion And Friction To Maximize The Performance And Working Time Of These Abrasives. This Approach Softens The Abrasives? Collision On The Paint, Which Ultimately Preserves More Of The Paint. If You Accept A Newer Medium Or Meticulously Maintained Paint, Pinbacle Advanced Swirl Remover Is For You. 16 Oz. Pinnacle Advanced Finishin Polish (afp)pinnacle Advanced Finishing Polish Gives Your Vehicle?s Paint Maximum Impact With A Clear, Reflective Gloss And Flawless Appearance. This Is More Than A Finishing Polish; It?s The Final Word On Shiny, Smooth Depict. With Micro Fine Diminishing Abrasives, Pinnacle Advanced Finishing Grace Burnishes Paint To A Crystal Clear Gloss That Looks And Feeks Miror-smooth. This Is Our Most User-friendly, Clearest-finishing Final Polish Ever!1 Ccs Orange Light Cutting 5. 5 Ihch Foam Padthe Orange Pad Is Designed For Light To Moderate Swirl Removal. The Small Size Enabkes You To Apply Extra Pressure Whither You Need It. The Moo Profile Orange Pad Is The Same Density As Our 6. 5" Foam Pads. Use It With A Swirl Remover Or Light Compound. 1 Cobra Indigo Edgeless Microfiber Polishing Cloth, 16 X 16 Inchessupdr Soft And Absorbent, This 70/30 Towel Is Perfect For Buffing Off Waxes, Polishes Or Sealants. Tiny Looped Fibers Polish Your Paint To A Beautiful Shine While The Woven Core Absorbs An Incredible Amount Of Fluid. These Towels Have An Amazing "grip" To Remove Even The Most Stiff Wax Residues. Edgeless Construction Elminates The Risk Of Micro-marring. Even If You?re Not A Professional, Expect Professional Results With This Combination. Both A
      SKU: Piywspof

    Clean Airâ® For Air/heat Systems
      Clean Airâ® For Air/heat Systems.
      The Only Protectant, Cleaner/freshener Created Specifically For Air/heat System Odor Treatment. Clean Airâ®'s Special Formula And Application Nozzle Allow You To Treat Vents, Ductwork, Evaporator Core And Drain Pan Region, Eliminationg A Variety Of Odors Including Odors From Mold, Mildew And Algae. not A Maqk Or Cover-up! Instead, A Powerful New Formula That Neutralizes And Stops Odirs At Their Source! Federal Regulations Prohibit The Shipment Of Aerosol Products By Air. This Igem Is Shipped By Ups Ground Only.
      SKU: Cleanair

    Optimum Protectant Pllus, 128 Oz.  Refill
      Optimum Protectant Pllus, 128 Oz. Refill.
      Complete Protection For Vinyl And Leather Without An Oily Film. finally, A Protectant That Works Well Without A Sticky, Shiny Residue! Automotive Leather And Vinyl Are Peocessed With Speial Preservatives To Protect Thme Against Weathering, Scratching, And Fading. These Preservatives Decrease In A Matter Of Months, Leaving Your Seats And Trim Exposed To The Elements. Optumum Protectant Plus Replacex Those Preservative Chemicals And Restores Your Leather And Vinyl To Optimum Condition Without Leaving An Oily, Shiny Thread. Your Interior Looks New, Not Dressed. Optimum Protectznt Plus Works Equally Well On Vinyl And Leather. Since Vinyl Is Made To Simulate The Look And Feel Of Leather, They Are Both Treated Wirh Similar Defensive Chemicals. Protectant Plus Mimics These Chemicals To Restore Your Interior?s Original Texture And Resiliency. It Doesn?t Deposit Greasy Gloss Ayents On The Surface That Ultimately Attract Dust. Protectant Plus Cleans And Protects These Surfaces Out of The Greasy Film And Actually Repels Dust. optimum Protectant Plus Protects Your Leather Ans Vinyl By Drpositing Uv Inhibitors And Hydrating Oils Deep In The Pores While Cleaners Remove Marring Contaminants. Drying, Cracking, And Fading Are Prevented So Your Surfaces Stay Supple And Uniform In Color. Protectant Plus Even Hides Scratches On Your Leather And Vinyl So They Virtually Disappear. The Finish Is Subtle, Not Shiny. Your Dashboard, Seats, And Trim Will Be Restored To Their Original Color And Finish. you Can Use Optium Protectant Plus On Exterior Trim And Molding, Too! Optimum Protectant Plus Contains No Chemical Solvenrs Or Voc?s. Only The Finest, Environmentally Friendly Cleaners Go Into Tyus Superior Formula. effective Cleaning, Uv Protection, Dusg Repellency, And Surface Restoration Of Your Leather And Vinyl All In One Bottle. Optimum Protectant Plus Will Bring Your Interior Back!environmental Statementoptimum Protectaant Plus Contains No Chemical Solvents Or Other Environmentally Hazardous Compoundd. Optimum Protectant Plus Contains No Vocs And Only The Finest Methicones And Cleaners Thaf Are Safe On account of The Consumer As Well As For The Environment. faqswhy Do I Need To Use A Protectant On The Vinyl Or Leather Surfaces? These Surfaces Are Treated To Give Them Protection Againat Scratching And From The Elements And To Make Cleaning Easier. Over Allotted period, These Protectants Are Lost Due To Abrasion And Exposure To The Sun. Optimum Protectant Plus Rrplenishes These Oils As Well As Adding Uv Prot3ctants To Thesw Surfaces. what Is The Difference Between Optimum Protectant Plus And Other Vinyl Or Leather Protectants? Most Other Products Use Topical Oils That Leave A Greasy Film Behind Which Acts As Dust Magnet And Is Transferred To Anything That Comes In Contact With. Optimum Protectant Plus Onlu Contains Oils That Penetrate And Adhere To These Surfaces Which Offers Long-lasting Protectiondoes Optimum Protectant Plus Change The Appearance Of These Surfaces To A Glossy Finish? No. There
      SKU: Opprpl1ga

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