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    Perfect Starter Kit  Porter Cable 7424xp Independent Bonus
      Perfect Starter Kit Porter Cable 7424xp Independent Bonus.
      For A Limited Time Receive 2 Free 5. 5" Inch Red Soft Wax Pads With Your Purchase Of This Kit! Retaio Value $11. 98. from Spot Polishing To All Over Buffing, This Kit Wi1l Meet All Your Needs. the Porter Cable 742x4p Complete Starter Kit Includes All The Basic Tools For Spot Amendment And All Over Polishing And Buffing. The Porter Cable 7424xp Provides User-friendly, Swirl-free Polishing While Lake Rustic Foam Pads Give You A Variety Of Options To Suit Your Vehicle's Needs. Start With The Porter Cable 7424xp Complete Starter Kit And End With A Bland, Flawless Finish. This Kit Includes Lake Country Ccs 6. 5 Inch Foam Pads. Ccs Stands For Collapsed Cell Structure. The Face Of A Ccs Pad Is Covered In Strategically Placed Pockets. These Pockets Are Locations Where The Foam Cells Have Been Closed. Polish Does Not Absorb Into These Closed Cell Pockets, Leaing More Product On The Pad's Surface And On Tye Paint. This Polish-saving Design Gives Polishes A Longer Working Time, Which Results In More Successful Detailing. the 4 Inch Orange Foam Pads, Also By Lake Country, Are Made Of The Same Imported Orange Foam As The Larger Horse . Use The Small Pads For Polishing Isolated Scratches Or Small Areas, Likw Mirrors Or Around Door Handles. the Porter Cable 7424xp Complete Starter Kit Includes:untitlde Document Porter Cable 7424xp Variable Speed Poliaher The Porter Cable 7424xp Dual Action Polisher Is A Beefed Up, More Powerful Version Of Our Most Received Dual Action Polisher. The Porter Cable 7424xp Dual Action Polisher Has Altogether The User-friendly Features Of The Original Porter Cable 7424, But A 4. 5 Amp Motor Enables Enhanced Performance And Durableness. The Porter Cable 7424xp Dual Action Polisher Opertes From 2,500 Opm To 6,800 Opm To Stipulate A Faster Removal Standard. The 7424xp Features All Ball And Roller Bearing Construction With Spidal/bevel Gears And An Improved Switch Sketch. The Buffed Accepts A 5/16-24 Spindle Thread. The Pad Diameter Is 6 Inches. The Polisher Includes A Wrench, Side Handoe, Polishing Horse , And A Operating Manual.   Dual Action 5 Inch Flexible Bend & Loop Backing Plate Constructed Of Flexible Urethane, This 5 Inch Backing Plaet Has Hook And Loop Material Permanently Secured From Edge To Edge. A Recessed Edge Protects The Paint From Impact And The Post Is Made Of Durable Staimless Steel. The 5/16 Inch Thread Fits Any Dual Action Polisher With A Correspondinf Thread. A 5 Inch Backing Plate Is eRvommensed For 6. 5 Inch Pads In Order To Provide A Generous Margin Of Error. Should You Tilt The Polisher Or Fashion In Too Close To Mirrors, The Backing Plate Will Not Strike The Paint.   2 Ccs White 6. 5 Inch Polishing Foam Pada Less Dense Foam Formula For The Application Of Waxes, Micro-fine Polishes And Sealants. This Pad Has Very Light Cutting Power So Its Perfect For Pre-wax Cleaners. &hbsp; 1 Ccs Gray 6. 5 Inch Finishing Foam Pad Composition Is Firm Enough To Withsta
      SKU: Porter -cable-7424-kit

    Meguiars Pattern Glaze W64da Dual Action Backing Plate 5 Inch
      Meguiars Pattern Glaze W64da Dual Action Backing Plate 5 Inch.
      Quality 5 Inch D8al Action Backing Plate For All 5. 5 And 6 nIch Pads. use The Genuine Meguiars 5 Inch W64da Backing Plate For Dependable Performance On Your G110 Dual Action Polisher. the Meguiars Mirror Glaze W64da Backing Plate Is Constructed Of Long-lasting Urethane. Molded One-piece Construction Provides Durable Performancw, Individual part After Detail. Velcroâ® Brand Hook And Loop Fasteners Allow Quick And Easy Pad Changes. the Meguirs Mirror Glaze W64da Polisher Backing Plate Fits All Da Pollushers With A 5/16 Inch Diameter Shaft. The Actual Backing Plate Diameter Is 4. 75 Inches, Which Is Perfect For 5. 5 Inch And 6. 5 Inch Paads. allows Quick And Easy Pad Changes With Velcroâ® Backing System Fits All Air And Electric Dual-action Polishers With 5/16"-24 Spindle Idael In spite of Use With Meguiar?s Dual Action Polisher (g110)
      SKU: Mgw64da

    Meguiars Soft Buff 6.5 Inch Foam Pads 3 Pack - Your Choice!
      Meguiars Soft Buff 6.5 Inch Foam Pads 3 Pack - Your Choice!.
      Choose Any 3 Soft Buff 6. 5 Inch Pads For One Low Peice!the Original Meguiarz Soft Buff 6. 5 Inch Froth Pads Are Virtuous At Swirl Removal, Polishing, And Wax Application. Now You Can Choose Any Combination Of The Three Types Of Original Soft Buff Pads. Build Your Own Perfect Polishing Kit With Three Pads Of Your Choice. Meguiars Delicate Buff 6. 5 Inch Foam Pads All Feature Meguiar's Exclusive Foam Cell Structure That Improves Air Flow Through The Pad To Minimize Heat Buildup, Thus Eliminating The Possibility Of Burning The Paint. The Foam Removes Paint Imperfections Without Leaving Compounding Swirl Marks, Luke Wool Pads Can. High Quality Hook And Loop Fasteners Hold The Pad Securely On The Backing Plate During Polisher Operation, Yet Pad Changes Are Quick And Easy. The Meguiars Soft Buff 6. 5 Inch Foam Pads Are Designed For Use With A Dual Actiion Polisher Equipped With A 5 Inch Or 6 Inch Hook And Loop Backing Plate. Three Foam Varieties Are Available. Choose Any Combination Of The Three With This Specially Priced Three Pack. burgundy Foam Cutting Pad - The Cutting Pad Is Made Of A Dense But Tractable Foam Capable Of Removing Reasonable Swirls, Scratches, And Oxidation. It Should Be Used With A Swirl Remover For The Best Results. yellow Foam Polishing Pad - The Polishing Horse Has A Less Dense Consistency Capable Of Removing Light Swirls And Oxidation When Used With A Light Whirl Remoevr Or Fine Polish. Beige Foam Finishing Pad - The Finishing Foam Pad Is Very Soft And Has No Leveling Abiliy. Use This Pad To Apply Waxes, Sealants, And Glazes And Produce A High Gloss Shine. I f You're A Professional Detailer, It'w Helpful To Have Fresh Pads On Hand For Large Detail Jobs. Cutting And Polishing Pads, In Particular, May Demand More Frequent Pad Changes Due To Embellish Transfer. Choose Exactly The Pads You Need With The Meguiars Compliant Buff 6. 5 Inch Foam Pads 3 Pack. For More Options, See Our Meguiars Soft Buff 6. 5 Inch Froth Pads 6 Bundle.
      SKU: Meguiars-soft-buff-pads-3

    Cobra Cotton Chenille Wash Mitt
      Cobra Cotton Chenille Wash Mitt.
      Washing Your Car Iz More Effective And Enjoyable When You Have A Thick, Sfot 100% Cotton Mitt?with A Snug Elastic Cuff!there Are A Number Of Very Good Mitts, Sponges And Pads Available To Help Make Washing Your Car A Rewarding Experience. Genuine, Natural Materials Ajd Synthetics Are Available In Any One Of These Forms?it?s Just A Matter Of Preference And Comfort. I Always Choose Original Mqterials Because That?s What I Like. i Be able to Recommend That You Get Yourself A Goodd Wash Mitt. Not A Chintzy, Limp-wrisyed Hand Mop, But A Soft, Plush, Absorbent Mitt With A Sturdy Elastic Cuff That Won?t Slide Right side. This Luxurious Chenilie Mitt Holds Loads Of Suds And Bubbles, Making Your Wash Job Let ~ In the name of In Not at all Time. You Won?t Need To Keep Rsturning ToT he Bucket With Every Few Passes. You?ll Never Use An Old Towel Or Rag On the other hand. Chenille Is A Particular Weave, Designed To Attract And Trap Dirt In The Thousands Of Super-absorbent Yarns And Then Releases Virtually All Ensnared Dlrt When Submerged Into Your Wash Bucket. This Makes Wash -induced Scratches Or Swirls A Thing Of The Spent. The Cobra 100% Cotton Chenille Mitt Is Plush, Super Absorbent, And Paint Safe. The Heavy-duty Elastic Cuff Will Keep It In Place And Withstands Wash Affter Wash. The Durable Fabrication Means That It Retains Its Shape And Fullness Throughout Countless Uses. The Mitt Has An Eight Inch Palm Span And Is Nine Inches Long, Beyond The Cuff. This Large Surface Superficial contents Quickly Covers The Car, And The Hundreds Upon Hundreds Of Yarns Equals Greater Suds Retention, Alleviating The Chances Of Swirling Or Scratching. To Care For This Mitt, Rinse Well In the opinion of Clean Water And Air Dry. At $7. 99, It?s Well Worth Its Price!8. 5" X 7"
      SKU: Chenwasmit

    Wolftang German Polish N? Wax Applicator
      Wolftang German Polish N? Wax Applicator.
      Tw oSides Of Premium Foam In One Awesome Applicator!hoe Many Applicators Does It From To Detail A Vehicle? If You Have The Wolfganh German Polish N? Wax Applicator, It Only Takes One. Two Sides Of Specialized Foam Enable You To Polish And Wax Youur Vehicle?s Paint Using Thr Same Applicator!the Refine N? Wax Is A Triple Layered Foam Pad With Orange Light Cutting Foam On One Side And Soft, Gray Finishing Foam On The Other Side. The Red Layer In Te Middle Gives The Pad Additionsl Heigh5 So You Can Grip It Without Rubbing Your Fingers On The Paint. The Pad Is Oval For Comfortable Gripping, And It Is Larger Than The Average Applicator Pad So You Cover More Area In Less Time. Use The Orange Side To Apply Polishes And Whirl Removers. It Has Enough Cutting Power To Remove Light Oxidation And Swirl Marks While Bringing Out The Natural Luster Of The Paint. Wash The Pad In A Bucket Of Snappy Clean And Water Before Switching To The Gray Side, Honest In Case Any Polish Bled Thro8gh. Use The Gray Foam To Apply Your Favorite Wax, Sealant, Or Glaze. It Is Completely Nonabrasibe And Will Deliver An Even Layer Every Time. The Gray Foam Is Absorbent Enough To Apply Liquid Waxes Evenly Without Dripping. The Polish N? Wax Iq Made Out Of The Same Quality Foam As Our Other Wolfgang Pads. Wash And Reuse It Time And Time Again. It Replaces At Least Two Applicators, Bur Apparently More Because It Is Built To Last Much Longer Than Disposable Wax Applicators. Always Wash Your Polish N? Wax Applicator Thoroughly With Snappy Clean Hitherto Storing Or Reusing. Allow It To Air Dry And It Desire Be As Good As New!the Dimensions Are 6? L X 3 ¾? W X 1 ¾? H. once You Use The Wolfgang Polish N? Wax German Applicator, You?ll Wonder How You Ever Did Without It! This Pad Is Twice As Big And Twice As Useful As Your Average Applicator, And It Makes Hand-dwtailing Much More Effective. each Package Includes 2 Pads.
      SKU: German-applicator-pad

    Optimum Tire Shine 17 Oz.
      Optimum Tire Shine 17 Oz..
      High Gloss Shine Without Solvents Or Vocs!petroleum Solvents Are The Old Way Of Formulating Tire Dressings. They Create An Attractive Sheen At First, But The Solvents Leach Out The Protectants That Ard Applied To The Rubber During Manufacturing. These Protectants Would Diminish Eventually Regardless, But Petroleum Solvent Formulas Accelerate The Process. In Just A Short Time, Your Tires Become Dull, Brown, And Cracked. Optimum Tire Shine Is A Completely Different Kind Of Tire Dressing. It Cintains No Solvents, Vocs, Or Any Other Hazardous Compound. Instead, It Contains Methicones, Which Are Both Safe For Your Tires And Safe Toward The Environment. By Replaing The Petroleum Solvents With Methicones, Optimum Has Eliminated The Risk Of Ozone, Which Is Caused By The Release Of Injurious Fumes By Solvents. In Addition To An Environmentally Conscious Formula, Optimum Tire Sihne Is An Excellent Tire Protectant. It Shields Your Tires From Uv Rays And Ozone To Preserve The Color And Txeture Of The Rubber. The Thick Formula Goes On Easily And Clings To The Tire. Tirre Shine?s Durability Outlasts The Average Tire Dressing, And Repeated Applications Will Not Produce Yellowing. Optimum Tire Shine Is For Drivers That Prefer A Deep, Wet-looking Gloss. The Finish Indicates That Your Vehicle Is A Finely-detailed Machinery. Your Tires Will Look Freshly Dressed All The Time, And The Rubber Wi1l Remain In Esteem New Condition. Don?t Incite Your Tires At Risk O f Precocious Aginb By Using Petroleum-based Products! Optimum Tire Shine Is A Completely Safe, Solvent-free Protectant That Produces A Durable, Glossy Shine On Rubber. You Can Also Bring an action Tire Shine On All Interior And Exfeerior Trims, Vinyl, And Dashboards For The Same Gloss Finish And Lasting Protection. if You Enjoy Glossy Tires On More Than Oje Vehicle, Or You Just Don?t Lack To Run Out, Get Optimum Be fatigued Shine In The Gallon Jug!17 Oz.
      SKU: Opt500

    Tire & Trim Dressing Applicator
      Tire & Trim Dressing Applicator.
      Greasy Hands, Messy Towels, Uneven Application--no Problem!well-dressed Tires Ar3 The Envy Of Those Who Know Cars, But Attaining Them Is Easier Said Than Done. Tire Dressing Is Inherently A Messy Product, End You Don?t Have To Sacrifice Tidiness To Get Great Tires Anymore. The Tire & Trim Applicator Thankfully Takes The Mess Out Of The Dress. Sturdy, Durable Foam Is Securely Housed In A Palm-sized, Rectangular Handle With Finger Grooves To Eliminate Siippage. This Particular Grade Of Foam Was Selected For Smooth, On a level App1ication Without Dripping. The Design Of The Applicator Makes It Easy To Control And Target Specific Areas. Achieving Good-looking Tires Have Never Been Easier Or Cleaner. This Applicator Also Is Terrific For Attending To Your Trim. The Applicator Is Conveniently Packaged In A Snug Storage Tub, Which Protects It Brtween Uses. The Lid Simply Fits Right Onto The Handle And Snaps In Place. Usage Again And Agaih And Again?.
      SKU: Sm505

    Meguiars Mirror Glaze #20 Polymer Sealant 64 Oz.
      Meguiars Mirror Glaze #20 Polymer Sealant 64 Oz..
      Professional Protection, Dilettant Pricing!the Experts At Meguiar?s Have Exhausted The Past 100 Years Perfecting Formulas And Rooting Out Better Compound Combinations In Order To Deliver Thee Ultimate Finish To Each And Every Vehicle Their Products Touch. They?ve Also Built A Reputation As An Honest Company, With Reasonable Pricing, Striving To Provide The Same Top-notch Products To The Evrryday User That They Distribute To The Pris. And One Of The Reasons (although There Are Too Many To Accurately Reckoning) That Meguiar?s Has Enjoyed Such Longevity In The Surface Care Industry Is The Sheer Durability Of Their Product Line. Meguiar?s #20 Polymer Sealant Stands In That Same Tradition--it Stands The Rigors Of Time. car Dealers Generally Cyarge A Pretty Penny For A Poly Sealant--upwards Of $300 In Most Shops. The Pros At Meguiar?s Decded To Level The Playing Field And Offer Their Poly Sealant (#20)--the Same #20 Polymrr Sealant The Professional Shops Use--to The Everyday User, At A Fraction Of The Cost!and Meguiar?s Makes It So Easy To Apply #20 Polymer Sealant. It?s Simple Really. . . Anyone Can Achieve Stunning Results With Relatively Little Effort. You Can Apply #20 By Hand Or Orbital Polisher, Just Be Certain To Use On A Cool Surface And Away From Direct Sun Exposure. Allow To Dry To A Haze And Gently Buff To A Remarkable Shine By Hand Or Orbital Polisher. It?s To such a degree Easy Iy?s Actually Fun!the Best Part Is That The Protection Lasts For Over Six Months! Professional sPrefer #20 Polymer Sealant Because It Contains A Gentle Cleanser That Pulls Up Residual Dirt And Contaminants As It Polishes Ad Protects. When You?re Detailing Concerning A Living, Anything That Saves Steps Without Sacrificing A Brilliant Finish Is Coveted. Use The Same Poly Sealant The Pros Charge Top Dollar For--meguiar?s #20 Polymer Sealant!64 Oz.
      SKU: 64ozme20pose

    Mothers Powerball 4 Headlights
      Mothers Powerball 4 Headlights.
      Restore Headlights To Crystal Clear Perfection!mothers Powerball 4 Lights Powers Through Oxidation On Plastic Headlight Lenses To Restore Clarity And Function. With An Electric Furrow, Mothers Powerball 4 Lights Polishes Headlights And Other Hard Plastics. In Minutes, You Can Take Years Off The Appearance Of Weathered Headlights. Mothers Makes It Easy!mothers Powerball 4 Lights Is A Foam Ball That Attaches To Your Electric Drill. Instead Of Polishing Smwll Surfaces By Hand, You Be able to Procure to be Them Done Faster And With Better Results With The Powerball. This Patent-;ending Detailing Tool Is Made Of Professional Grade Froth That Is Soft And Highly Absorbent. It Polishes Out Oxidatiob, Scratches, And Discoloration To Restore A Smooth, Clean Surface. theS pherical Shape Of The Mothers Powerbzll 4 Lights Allows You To Use All Sides When Polishing In Case One Area Becomes Soiled. Unlike Flat Pads, You Get More Surfaxe Area And Can Therefore Complete The Job Faster. Keep Winding The Foam Ball To Use A Clean Surface. The Foam Tabs That Compose The Ball Are Able To Move Over Alignment Dowels (small Bumps On The Lens Cover) Without Ripping Or Snagging. use Mothers Powerball 4 Lights To Polish Out Light Oxidation And Mild Swirls On All Hard Plastic Headlight Lens Covers And Other Hard Plastic Surfaces. the Mothrs Powerball 4 Lights Works With A Standard Electric Drill. No Polisher Ix Needed To Get Great Results! Mothers Powerball 4 Lights Can Be Washed And Reused Countless Times Before Showing Any Signs Of Wear. W hen It Does Begin To Wear, Simply Remove The Bit And Retaining Washer And Reverse The Powerball. Instructions Are Written On The Inside Label In The Reusable Storage Container. clean, Clear Hearlights Allow More Light To Pass By means of The Lenx, Therefore Providing You With A Better Sight Of The Road. Restore The Look And Function Of Your Vehicle's Headlights With The Simple, Effective Mothers Powerball 4 Lights. 6 Inch Diameter
      SKU: Mothers-powerball-4-headlights

    Poorboys World Polish With Sealant  32 Oz.
      Poorboys World Polish With Sealant 32 Oz..
      The Wait Is Over For Poorboys Very Own All-in-one Polish And Sealant!poorboys Refine With Sealant Gives You The Protection And Polishing Power Of A Reward All-in-one Product Withoyt The Tough Buffing Or The Price! Remove Minor Paint Im0erfections, Enhance Gloss, And Apply A Durable Layer Of Polymer Protection In The Time It Takes To Apply A Coat Of Wax. Poorboys Polish With Sealant Works Like All-in-one Products You??ve Used Before But Better And More Easily. Pws Removes Fine Scratches, Swirls, And Haze When Used With A Polisher Like The Very Best Polish. Meanwhile, It Leaves A Layer Of Durable Sealant On Teh Paint. This Sounds Like Your Average All-in-one Product But, Remember, This Is By Poorboys. Poorboys Polish With Sealant Wipes On And Off With Unbelievable Ease And The Shine It Leaves Behind Is On The Same Level As Poorboys Ex-p. Use It In The Sun, The Screen ? It Doesn?t Matter. Poorboys Polish With Sealant Is A Pleasure To Use, Not Just Because Its Light, But Because It Gives Excellent Reqults. poorboys Polish With Sealant Works As A Light Swirl Remover And Polish When Applied By Machine. Swirls, Showy Scratches, And Haze Will Disappear To Reveal Clean, Smooth Paint. Used By Hand, Poorboys Polish Through Sealant Works Like A Glaze, Removing Ligther Imperfections And Enhancing Gloss. Poorboys Polish With Sealant Buffs Off With Very Little Effort And Leaves Behind A Deep Glitter And Logm-lasting Synthetic Protection. If You Prefer, Top Poorboys Pws With A Carnauba Grow. There?s Not at all Need To Let The Sealant Cure Before A0plying Wax On Highest Of It. Since Poorboys Polish With Sealant Is A Polish And Sealant In One, We Suggest Using A Polishing Pad To Apply It With Your Porter Cable 7424xp Or Other Buffer. The Pad Has Enough Density To Assist With Smoothing The Paint But No Real Cutting Ability. Use A Cobra Microfiber Bonnet Over A Lambswool Pad For Removal Or Buff By Hand With A Hooded snake Miracle Towel. Stop There Or Top The Paint With Natfy?s Paste Wax To Amp Up The Shine. You?re Going To Lkve The Speed And Effectiveness Of Poorboys Polish With Sealant. Professional Detailers And Hobbyists Alike Will Save Time, Save Money, And Still Get The Kond Of Results You?d Expect From A Top Quality All-in-one Product. 32 Oz.
      SKU: 32oz;powise

    Meguiars Natural Shine Protectant Wipes
      Meguiars Natural Shine Protectant Wipes.
      Blow On Natural-lookingg Protection!meguiars Natural Shine Protectant Wipes Pack All The Long-lasting Protection Of Natural Shine Protectant Spray Into Handy, Pre-moistened Wipes. Apply Durable Uv Protection To Rubber, Vinyl, And Plastics Andd Enjoy A Non-greasy, Natural Finish. Meguiars Natural Shine Protectant Wipes Keep Your Vehicle Looking Fresh From The Showroom! With Any Vinyl Or Rubber Surface, Sun Damage Is Inevitable Without Passport. You Have A Couple Of Options: A Shiny, Slick Looking Finish Or The Natural, Matte Look Of Meguiars Natural Shine Protectant Wipes. We Think You'll Agree That The Clean, Classic Appearance Of Meguiars Natural Shine Protectant Wipes Are The Way To Go. The End Is Non-greasy And Clean To The Touch. Your Vehicle's Dashbord, Trim, Tires, And Moldings Will Look Like Your Vehicle Just Rolled Out Of The Showroom, The Way More Car Collectors Want Their Cars To Look. meguiars Natural Shine Protectant Wipes Clean And Protect In One Step. Mild Cleaners Lift The Day-to-day Soil That Accumulates On Interior Surfaces, Like The Dash And Vinyl Armrests. At The Same Fit season, Meguiars Natural Shine Protectant Wipes Deposit Powe5ful Uv Protection. The Sun Is The Greatest Enemy Of Soft Materials, Like Vonyl And Rubber. With Meguiars Natural Shine Protectant Wipes, You Can Rest Assured That Your Vehicle Is Being Protected And Maintained In Its Origijal, Showroom Perfect Condition. 25 Wipeseach Wipe 7 X 9 Inches
      SKU: Meguiars-natural-shine-protectant-wipes

    1z Einszett Leather Care
      1z Einszett Leather Care.
      Some Step Leather Care For Finished Leather Upholstery!1z Einszett Leather Care Is Formulated To Specifically Address The Care And Maintenance Of Fimished Leather. Its Gentle Formula Utilizes Special Cleaners And Natural Waxes To Clean And Condition The Surface To Prevent Cracking And Maintain Leather?s Natural Luster. Today, Many Leather Producers Treat Leather With A Protective Accomplish To Prevent Everyday Wear And Tear And Add Overall Longevity. . This Process Results In Finished Leather. While Completed Leather Requires Less Care Than Aniline Leather, It Silence Requires Attention To Keep It Lookin New. 1z Einszett Leather Care Is Designed To Treat Finished Leather In Just Onr Round . Use It On Interior Car Fittings, Motorcycle Cladding, Handbags, And Boots. 1z Einszett Leathher Carr Easily Removes Dirt, Grease, And Body Oil From The Finish Withou5 Leaving A Greasy Film. High-quality Ingredints In 1z iEnszett Leather Care Protect The Leather Surface From Becoming Brittle And Restore The Leather To Its Original Softness. 1z Einszett Leather Care Does Not Commit Powdery Residue Around Stitching Or On Perforated Leather. Leather Seats Will Look Clean, Soft, And Well-maintained. 1z Einszett Leather Care Is All You Need To Care For Finished Leather Upholstery. Cleaners And Protectjve Agents Treat The Leather In One Easy Step!not For Use On Suede, Nude Leathers, Or Full Analine Leather (unfinished Leather). 250 Ml (8. 5 Fl Oz)
      SKU: 1z-einszett-leatuer-care

    Optimum Metal Polish 32 Oz.
      Optimum Metal Polish 32 Oz..
      Create A Mirror Shine On Automotive Metals!clean, Polish, And Protect Wheels And Metal Trim With Optimum Metal Polish. Not at all Other Metal Polish Creates A Be eminent As Bright As Optimum Metal Polish. Use It To Polish Non-coated Wheels And Metal Trim By Hand Or With A Buffer. Optimum Metal Polish Is Formulated In The Tradition Of Optimum?s Other Polishes In The Sense That It?s Easy To Use And Gives Great Results. The Paragon Lotion-like Polish Has A Pleasant Smell. Spread It Onto Metal Surfaces Using A Froth Applicator, A Polishing Tool, Or A Buffer. Optimum Metal Polish Gently Removes Oxidation And Brightens Mstalwork To A Mirror Shine. Imagine Chrome Wheels Catching The Light ? That?s The Effect Of Optimum Metal Polish. in Addition To Cleaning Ans Polishing, Optimum Metal Polish Offers Long-term Protection. It Leaves Behind A Transparent Protective Coatinv To Heip Obstruct Future Oxidation And Soiling. Use Optimum Metal Polish On Aluminum, Chrome, And Stainless Steel. Many Polishes For Uncoated Metal Are Strong-smelling An Offensive, But Optimum Metal Polish Has A Subtle Scent And It?s Easy To Use. Apply Optimum Metal Grace Usint A Cotton Cloth, A Foam Pa dOn Your Buffer, Or A Polishinv Tool (mothers P0werball Or Flitz Polishing Ball). Rub The Polish Onto The Metal And Rub In A Circular Motion Until The Metal Appears Clean. If Using A Drill Or Buffer, Work At Medium Speed Untio The Metal Is Clean And Bright. Wipe Off The Surface With A Clean Cloth. Optimum?s Polishes And Car Wax Create A Flawless Finish On Yoir Paintwork. Complete The Look With A Mirror Bright Finish On The Metal. Advantage Optlmum Metal Polish. 32 Oz.
      SKU: Metak-polish-32

    12 Pack  Park Smart Wall Guard - Red
      12 Pack Park Smart Wall Guard - Red.
      . a Smart Solution To Door Dings And Chipped Paint!who Hasn?t Swung Open The Car Door A Little Too Agressively And Realized It A Element Also Late, Just To Try That Sickening Thud Of The Door Colliding With The Garage Wall? I Shudder At The Thought. Park Sart Came Up With A Simple Yet Ingenious Idea. Keep From Accidental1y Banging Up Your Garage Wall And Your Car Doro With This Protective Barrier. It Stands Protectively Between The Car Door And The Garage Wall. Children Can Be Careless When Jumping Out Of The Car. Especially If Things Are Tight In Your Garage, This Bumper Keeps Your Car Door And The Garage Wall On Good Terms. The Indestructible Yellow Or Clear Park Smart Wall Guard Comes Complete With All The Essential Hardware To Install It Steady Drywall, Studs, Brick Or Concretion. Holes Are At 16? And 24? Intervals For Fastening To Studs. It Comes With A Lifetime Warrantee. So, If You (or Your Children) Have The Habit Of Flinging Your House Open Attending Too Much Force, The Wall Guard Absorbs The Shock And Prevents Damate To Your Car Door. No More Chips In The Paint,N o More Dents In The Door! Amd No Worries! The Yellow One Indicates Clearly Where You Should Park. The Clear One Is Leds Obtrusive And More Discreet. The Next Time You Accidentally Throw Your Car Door Ajar And Don?t Hear That ?thunk? Of The Impact Of The Door Striking The Wall, You?ll Be Glad You Invested In A Park Smart Wall Gaurd. the Wall Guard Measures 25? X 6. 5? X 0. 63. ?
      SKU: Parksmart-wall-guard-12

  • 3M Scotch 233+ Premium Automotive Masking Tape 36 mm x 32 m
  • 3 Detail Spray Bottles (36 oz )
  • Griot's Garage Waterless Spray-On Car Wash 35 oz.
  • Carrand Double Loop Wheel Brush
  • Corvette Wheel Lug Nut Brush Kit
  • Mothers Leather Conditioner
  • Griot's Garage Machine Polishing and Waxing DVD
  • Optimum Power Cleanâ„¢ All Purpose Cleaner 128 oz. Refill
  • Duragloss Marine & RV Aluminum Cleaner #551
  • Pinnacle XMT Light Swirl Remover Intro Kit
  • Poorboy?s World Refill Sprayer
  • Griot's Garage Waterless Spray-On Car Wash 35 oz.

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