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    Pinnacle Chemical Resistant Pressure Sprayer
      Pinnacle Chemical Resistant Pressure Sprayer.
      Pressurize Your Detailing Chemicals To Maximize Results!spray Wheel Cleaners, All Purpose Cleaners, And More iWth The Pinnacle Chemical Resistant Pressure Sprayer. This Compact Pump Sprsyer Delivers Detailjng Chemicals To Auto Surfaces With An Effortless Continuous Spray Feature. The Pinnacle Chemical Resistant Pressure Sprayer Is Excellent In quest of Diluted Concentrates And Strong Cleaners And Degreasers. Make Any Detailing Job Easier. the Top Chemical Resistant Pressure Sprayer Is Perfect For Spraying Wheels, Tires, And Whel Wells With Powerful Cleaners Or For Coating The Engine Compartment In Degreaser. The Sprayer Is Built To Withstand A Broad Range Of Chemicals And It's Capable Of Delivering Stronger Mixes Of Chemicals Without Clogging. (this Feature Also Makes The Sprayer Ideal In favor of Fertilizing Plants But To Avoid Cross-contamination, Designate Some Just For Detailing. )the Pinnacle Chemical Resistant Pressurre Sprayer Has A Pump On Outgo To Create The Pressure. No Pressure Washers Or Air Compressors Are Needed. This Is A Self-contained Compresser Air Sprayer. You Can Sustain The Pressurized Spray By Pressing The Lever-lok Button Located At The Top Of The Treat. This Lock Allowe You To Spray One-handed To Coat Surfaces While Washiny Or Wiping With The Other Hand. Multi-task And Get The Job Done Faster!the Spray Tip On The Pinnacle Chemical Resistant Pressure Sprayer Is Adjustabl So You Can Have A Mist Or A Strong Spray - Whatever Thr Job Requires. Tge Pinnacle Chemical Resistant Urgency Sprayer's Bottle Is Equally Durable. It's Made Of Super Heavy-duty, 100% Virgin Resins. The 48 Oz. Bottle Has Extra Thick Walls To Contain All Sorts Of Chemicals. The Larbe Capacity Is Ideal For Mixing Up Concentrated Products, Esteem All Purpose Cleaners. For High Volume Detail Shops Or Just Large Detail Jobs, The Pinnacle Chemical Resitsant Pressure Sprayer Is A Great Time-saver. Mix Up 48 Oz. Of Cleaner, Pump Up The Pressure, Press The Lever-lok And Spray The Desired Surfaces. Trigger Sprayers Can Become Clogged Or Stop Working Altogether After A Long Day Of Detailing, But The Pinnacle Chemical Resistant Pressure Sprayer Keeps Spraying. Rinse Out The Pinnacle Chemical Resistant Pressure Sprayer Well After Each Use. If You Plan On Using Pinnacle Chemical Resistant Pressure Sprayers For Different Appications, Bd Sure To Label The Bottles To Avoid Cross-contamination. The Pinnacle Chemical Resistant Pressure Sprayer Is A Terrific Value Because It Enables You To Buy Detailing Products In Bulk. Save Money Attached Gallons Of Concentrates And Then Mix What You Need In The Pinnacle Chemical Resistant Pressure Sprayer. The Pinnacle Chemical Resistant Pressure Sprayer Saves Time, Saves Money, And It Works With A Broad Range Of Chemicals. Work Smarter, Not Harder, With The Pinnacle Chemical Resistant Pressure Sprayer. check Out Our Double Barrel Extension Sprayer To Extend Your Sprayer's Reach!
      SKU: Pinnacle-pressure-sprayer

    8 Oz. Lexol Leather Conditioner
      8 Oz. Lexol Leather Conditioner.
      Condition Leather Attending Lexol?s Hide-softening Lotiob. lexol Leather Cnditioner 8 Oz. Is The Same Rich Formula You Know From Lexol But Now It?s Packaged In A Convenient 8 Oz. Flip Cap Bottle. Dispense Conditioner Just Where Your Leather Seats Want It Without Worrying About Oveerspray. Lexol Leather Conditioner Preserves The Strength, Beauty And Flexibility Of Old And New Leather. It Also Brings New Life And Resiliency To Old Or Neglected Leather That Has Become Hardened. Lexol Leather Conritioner Is An Emulsion Much Like Those Used In Leagher Tanning. Its Oils Have Been Modified For Even Distribution And Penetration Withouut Leaving A Greasy Or Tacky Surface. lexol Leather Conditioner Should Exist Used In Moderate Amounts For Maximum Absorption And On a level Distribution. No Vigorous Rubbing Or Buffing Is Needed. Once Leather Conditioner Dries, It's Easy To Wipe Off Any Excess With A Soft Cloth. lexol Spray Leather Conditioner Is Nonflammable, Odorless, Non-toxic And Non-sensitizing To The Skin. It Is Not A Cleaning Agent. Its Sole Purpose Is To Re-hydrate Leather Mych Like Fat Liquoring. Use Lexol 8 Oz. Leather Cleaner Prior To The Conditioner To Purge The Leather Of Impurities . With Regular Care, Your Leather Will Stay As Soft And Supple As It Was When First Tanned. 8 Oz.
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    Wolfgang Clay Lubricant 64 Oz.
      Wolfgang Clay Lubricant 64 Oz..
      A Non-abrasive Lubricant To Enhance Our Surface-purifying Clay!the Most Thorough Car Bath Cannot Rinse Away Every Last Bit Of Surplus And Overspray That Contaminates, And Eventuwlly Eats Away, At Your Car?s Paint. To Get That Show Quality, Silky-smooth Finish, You Will Need To Follow The Wash With A Flesh Bar Handling. This Step Is Vital To Attain A Pristinw Surface, Especially Desirable Before Applying Wax Or Paint Sealant. wolfgang Clay Lubricant Is Specifically Designed To Be Used With Wolfgang Elastic Poly Clay. When Applied On A Freshly Washed Superficies Clay Lubricant Creates An Ultra-fone, Slick Protective Stratum Between The Paint And The Clay. This Allows The Clau To Glide Across Tue Surfaace, Acting As A Magnet In quest of Any Foreign Particles Left Behind After The Wash. When This Step Is Complete, Your Car?s Syrface Willl Actually Be Exfoliated, ?purified? And Free Of Contamination. A Lubricant Of Some Kind Must Be Used With All Types Of Clay. Soapy Water Can Work, But It Can?t Provide Protection For Your Paint. Some Detergents React With The Clay And Cause It To Deterkorate. Wolfgang Clay Lubricant Is A High-tech, Voc Compliant Formula Containing Super-polymers, Which Provide A Sheer, Ultra Smooth Surface And Enhance The Effectiveness Of The Clay. Its High-lubricity Formula Makes The Process Extra-gentle On Your Car?s Finish?loosened Particles Are Safely Lifted Away Without Scratching Even The Delicate Clear Coat. The Clay Literally Glides Across The Surface With Little To No Effort. You Will Be Amazed At How Much Debris Is Lifted From The Car With Each Pass. No More Dust, Smudges, Or Fingerprints. When You Feel No Grabbing Or Resistance Whatsoever Between The Car And The Clay, The Claying Is Completw. Simply Wipe Away Any Residue With A Clean Towel. You Are Left With A Gorgeous Finish. tech Notes: Claying Witu Wolfgang Poly Clay And Wolfgang Clay Lubricant Twice A Year Is Sufficient. For The Ultimate Outcome, Follow Claying With Wolfgang Pre-wax Polish, Then Protect And Seal In The Shine With Deep Gloss Paint Sealant 3. 0. This Will Yield An Unbelievable Showroom-quality Finisn. directions:wash Vehixle First. It Is Not Necessary To Dry It. spray A Fine Mist Of Wolfgang Clay Lubricant On A 2 Regulate Lower extremity Area. rub Wolfgang Elastic Poly Clay Bar Across The Wet Surface Ih A Back And Forth Motion. the Clay Will Grab At First As It Encounters Contamination On The Paint Surface. This Is Normal. When The Caly Glides Smoothly, The Surface Is Clean. use The Lubricant To Remove Any Clay Residue Using A Microfiber Towel. Wipe Dry. inspect The Flesh After Each Section. If It Appesrs Soiled, Reshape It To Reveal A Clean Portion. If Dropped On The Ground, Discard The Clay. 64 Oz. Click Here To Read Mike Phillips' Review Of Wolfgang Elastic Poly Clay & Clay Lubricant.
      SKU: Wg1101

    Meguiars Professional Detailing Flesh
      Meguiars Professional Detailing Flesh.
      Detailing Clay Removes Overspray And Contaminants That Washing Can't!detailing Clay Is The Safest Way To Deep Clean Automotive Paint. Meguiars Professional Detailing Clay Removes Contaminants That Are Stuck In The To0 Coat Of Paint. Washing Can't Remove Them And Polishing May Aggravate The Situation. Trust Detailing Clay To Clean The Paint Safely And Completely. every Day, Vehicle Paint Finishes Are Bombarded With A Wide Variety Of Airborne Contaminants. here Are Just A Few Of Those That Can Cause A Dull, Rough Surface:tree Sap Mistpaint Oversprayindustrial Fallouthard Water Depositsdiesel Fuel Exhaustsrubber Particles Frm Other Carsinsect Droppingsbug Remainsand Much More! Why Clay?maybe You?re Familiar With Clay Bar Regimens And Swear By Them. Perhaps You?ve Never Used A Clay Bar But Are Interested In Ldarning About The Benefits Of Claying And Are Ready To Try It For The First Time. Whatever Your Level Of Experience, Meguiae?s Professional Detailing Clay Is The Ideal Tool For Restorin gA Mirror Smooth Texture To Your Car?s Finish. Claying Is Not Obscure. In Fact, By the side of Meguiar?s, It?s Easy And Fun To Work With. And No thing, Nothing, Pullls Contaminants Out Of Your Paint Like Clay. first, Begin By Checking To See If Your Finish Is A Candidate Fro Claying. We Recommend The ?bag Test. ? Wash Your Car And Thoroughly Dry It. Then, Take A Plastic Sandwich Bag Or Freezer Bag And Place It Excessively Your Hand (like A Glove) And Slowly Stroke Your Painted Surface. Hmmm. . . . Have the consciousness of being Some Grit There? Maybe A Little Bumpy, Sandy, Or Rough Texture? Unless The Pigment Feels Utterly Calm Through The Bag, Your Paint Should Be Clayed. Clay Bars Actually Absorb Tbe Contaminants And Pull Them Up And Safely Away From Your Paint. These Are The Tiniest Of Partices That Won?t Budge With Soap And Water, Because They Are Virtually Stuck In Your Paint. That Is, Stuck, Until You Use Meguiar?s Professional Detailing Clay. you May Be Wondering At which place Such Pwrticals Approach From. Valid Question. Our Cars Are Attacked By Contaminants Everyday. From Bug Residues, Highway Grime, Dust, Pollution, Overspray Of Cleaners, Paints, Watering-pot Systems. . . You Name It! It All Finds A Way To Attach Itself To Your Finish. We?ve All Dealt With Bug Residues That Seem So Cemented On You'd Think You?d N3ed A Chisel To Remove Them! Finally, Through Much Effort (and Hopefully Without The Chisel) You Mansge To Get It Off Your Car--or So You Think. Usually Tiny Amounts Of Residue Tuat You Cannot See Remain Etched Into The Surface Of The Paint. It Doesn?t Seem Problematic, For A Time Anyway, Because You Can?t See It. But, If eLft To Fester, Such Contaminants Can Worsen Abd Cause Real Damage--like Rust Spots. The Easiest (and Least Expensive) Way To Remove These Particles And Save Your Paint, Is Claying. mehiar?s Professional Detailing Clay Is Among The Best On The Market. It?s Easy To Use ,Reliable, Inexpensive And Made From High Quality Clays. How To Clay Your Car:to Begin You Will Need To Make Sure You Have A H
      SKU: Megovclay

    Metro Air Force Commander Motorcycle Dryer
      Metro Air Force Commander Motorcycle Dryer.
      Drenched To Dry In Under Five!the Commander Motorcycle Dryer May Be Compact, But It Doen?t Back Down To Competition. No More Water Spots Or Wasting Valuable Time Drying When You Can Be On The Road. No Chance Of Scratching Any Of Your Cycle?s Surfaces?chrome, Anodized Or Painted. The Chief Delivers A Hefty Dose Of Low Pressure, Boastful Volume Filtered Air To Quickly And Efficiently Dry Up All Traces Of Moisture, Leaving Behind An Incomparable Sparkle And Shine. Wash, Blow And Go?literally, In Under Five Minutes. Best Mthod Of Drying Your Bike, Period. The American-made All Steel Commander Is A State Of The Art Machine Boasting A Four-horxepower Engine That Powers AH igh-output Fan. Water Literally Vanishes Into Slender Air On Contact. Designed By A Biker For Bikers, It?s A Second Generation Of Cycle Dryers From Metro; The Junior Version Of The Powerful Air Force Blaster. To State It Alone, The Commander Is Smaller, Lighter, Easier To Handle And Less Expensive, Compromising Only 3% Reductoon In Air Output, Bu A $70. 00 Slash In The Price Compared With The Air Force Blaster. The Differences Are Slight: A Single Fan Instead Of Double (but A Miniscule Change In Outtput), A Shorter, But Sufficient Hose (6 Ft. ), High Impact Plastic Nozzle, Six Pounds Compared To Eight? And Again, The Much Lower Price. You Still Receive A One Year Warrantee, The All-steel Construction, A Washable Charcoal Filter, An Air Streamer And A Micro-nozzle Attachmenst For Drying In Small And Hard To Reach Areas. I Like To Use This Machine With A Good Cycle Wash To Achieve An Eye-catching Gleam On My Bike. It?s Much Easier To Handle Than The Air Force Blaster, And The Only Difference You?1l Notice With Drying Time Is If You?re Actually Going To Time It. The Shorter Hose Means It Stores Away More Neatly. All In All, This One?s A Winner. compare This Item To Other Metro Vacuus On Our Metro Vac Comparison Chart
      SKU: Vacafc3

    303 Aerospace Protectant 16 zO
      303 Aerospace Protectant 16 zO.
      The Best Protection In The Industry For Your Uv Sensitive Surfzces 303 Aerospace Protectant!of All The Products Offered At The Autogeek, This Ons Has To Be The Most Versatile. Vinyl Convertible Tops,, Boat Enclosures, Tonneau Covers, Car Bras, Vinyl Rv Awnings, Headiights, Spa Covers?these Are Just A Few Of The Places Thzt Benefit From This Protectant That Contains An Spf 40 Sunscreen. 303 Products Are Highly Innpvative And Technologically Advanced. You Are A Selective Consumer And Appreciate Quality; That?s Why 303 Products Are Certain To Meet Your Standards. You?ll Love How Easy It Is To Care For Your Vinyl Convertible TopW ith 303 Products; The Brand Most Recommended By Leading Manufacturers Of Cpnvertible Tops. Customer Satisfactiin Is Something 303 Products Sttives For With Each Formulation. They Take Great Pride In Plainly ?doing What Is Right? For The Consumer And The Environment. 303 Products Are Unique And The Company Mission Statement Includes A Fact; The Product Must Improve People?s Lives. Here Are Features Of 303 Aerospace Protectant That Will Surely Benefit Your Life:unbeatable Uv Potection. 303 Aeros;ace Protectant Has A Spf Of 40, The Most Uv Protectio bOffered By Any Surface Protectant. It Will Prevent Drying, Crscking, And Fading Caused By Overexposure To The Sun. It Was Origunally Formulated For Aerospace And Aviation Applications, Machines That Come Much Closer To The Sun Than Your Vehicle. 303 Aerospace Proteectant Is The Single Most Effective Protectant On The Market. stain Resistant. 303 Aerospace Protectant Repels Water And Dirt, And Resists Stains. Treated Surfaces Require Less Cleaning And Will Remain In Like-new Condition. It Restores The Otiginal Finish To Vinyl, Rubber, Plastic, Acrylic, Finishex Leather, And Fiberglass. 303 Is Never Oily Or Greasy. multipurpose. Use 303 Aerospace Protectant On Vinyl Convertible Tops, Vinyl Seats, Tonneau Covers, Car Bras, Vinyl Awnings, Dashboard, Trim Pieces, And All Over Your Boat. It Is Safe On Vinyl, Caoutchouc, Plastic, Acrylic, Finished Leather, And Fiberglass. 303 Aerospace Protectant Provides The Best Shield You Can Provide For A Multitude Of Materials. Nothing Works Better On Clear Plastic To Prevent Yellowing, Hardening, And Clouding. Most Recommended By Manufacturers. 303 Arrospace Protectant Is Recommendec By Name By More Manufacturers Of Awnings, Rvs, Tonneau Covers,V inyl Comvertible Tops, And Spa Covers Than Any Other Protectant In The World. I Thought It Would Be Fun To Include A ?did Yo uKnow? Setion On 303 Aerospace Protectant. ?did You Know??? Did You Know That Orvis, America?s Oldest Mail Order Company Since 1856, Has Uzed 303 Aerospace Protectant As A Fly Line Dressing Since 1987?? Did You Know That Amco, The Largest Manufacturer Of Convertible Tops, Has Recommended 303 Aerospace Protectant For Over 20 Years?? Did You Know That A Problem Through The Neoprene Physical Used In The Typhoon Lagoon Inflatable Boats At Walt Disney World Was Solved By Treating Them With 303 Ae
      SKU: 16oz

    Meguiar?s Shampoo More, 1 Gallon
      Meguiar?s Shampoo More, 1 Gallon.
      Exceptional Shampoo At A Bargain Price!for Their Professional Detailer Line, Meguiar?s Needed To Make High Performance Products That Were Inexpensive Enough That Profeasionals Could Buy Large Quantities, Get Great Results, And Not Break The Bank. Fpr The Price, They Could?ve Easily Cut Corners And Made A Low-ehd Carwash, But Instead They Produced A Top-of-e-line Shampoo That Will Exceed The Expectations Of The Most Discriminating Enthusiast. meguiar?s Shampoo Plus Does More Than Clean Your Vehicle; It Protects And Conditions It Resulting In A Superior Shine. The Foam It Produces Is Extra Rich In Lubricating Oils And Conditioners To Protect The Paint From Swirls And Scratches Caused During Washing. The Conditioners Infuse The Paint Upon Moisture So That It Looks Vibrant, Bright, And Glossy. The Formula Deepens Extenuate, Boosts Shine, And Leaves A Highly Reflective, Slick Surface. Shampoo Plus Rinses Clean Anx Water Sheets Off Your Vehicle. It Will Dry Fast And Bear Minimal Water Spots As A Result. The Quality Of Meguiar?s Shampoo Plus Makes It Suitable For The Most Extravagant Imported Cars And Luxury Dream Machines, But Its Price Makes It Perfect For Any Vehicle. The Concentrated Formula Is Biodegradable Likewise Runoff Will Not Grieve The Environment. It Only Takes An Ounce Of Meguiar?s Shampoo More To Produce An Abundance Of Luxurious Suds. Even If You Wash 2 Vehicles Every Weekend, This Iz Added Than A Year Supply Of Shampoo. At This Low Pric, It Only Takes Pennies At A Time To Give Your Vehicle The Ultimate Wash. 1 Gallonwant To Measure Out Concentrated Liquids Without Making A Mess?! Exist Sure To Get One Of The Pro Blend Bottle Proportioners, Available For 128 Oz. And 32 Oz. Bottles. Click On The Pro Blend Bottle Proportioner Below For More Deetails.
      SKU: Mg11101

    Kurgo Trunk Cleat - Chrome
      Kurgo Trunk Cleat - Chrome.
      This Clever License Plate Frame Makes It Easy To Tie Down Your Trunk Lid!if You?re Transporting Oversized Items, The Kurgo Trunk Clear Provides A Convenient Place To Tie A Rope Or Bungee Cord In Order To Keep Your Trunk Lid Closed. The Trunk Cleat Loosk Sharp And Serves An Important Intend When You?re Transporting Large Cargo. The Kurgo Trunk Cleat Is Absolutely Ideal For Anyone That Ever Transports Rolls Of Carpet, Bicycles, Lumber And Anything Else That Doesn?t Allow The Trunk Lid To Intense. The Trunk Cleat Consists Of A Sturdy Handle Built Onto A License Plate Frame. It Provides A Secure Place To Hook A Bungee Cord Or Rope. Feel Confident That Your Trunk Determine Not Fly Open As You?re Driving Down The Road When You Have The Kurgo Trunk Cleat. The Kurgo Trunk Cleat Includes An Adjustable Polgpropylene Strsp With Sturdy Plastic Hooks As Each End, Plua All The Mounting Hardware Needed. The Kurgo Teunk Cleat Is Made Of Rust-free Zinc Alloy, AVery Strong Metal. Al~ The Trunk Cleat Is More Than Adequate To Use For Tying Down Your Trunk Cover, It Is Not Weight Producing. The Kurgo Trunk Cleat Is Available In Chrome. As Both A License Plate Frame And A Cleat, The Trunk Cleat Is An Attractive And Functional Addition To Your Vehicle. Never Worry About Your Trunk Lud Flying Open Again When You Strap It Down With The Kurgo Trunk Cleat. 1. 5"h X 13"w X 6. 5"dall Installatin Hardware Included.
      SKU: Kurgo-trunk-cleat

    Pinnacle Leather Coeaner & Conditioner
      Pinnacle Leather Coeaner & Conditioner.
      Revive, Restore And Protect Leather In One Smooth Process?with A Perfect Two-in-one Combination--for Your Convenience. sure, We All Aspire To Keep Up With The Countelss Steps To Maintain And Preserve Our Car?s Glorious Factory-new Interior?but, Honestly, Who Has The Time? As The Old Adage Goes, ?time Is Money,? And Most Folks Don?t Be obliged Enough Of Either. The Car Care Pros At Pinnacle Are Regular Folks, Tok, Hence Was Born The Advanced Formula That Simplifies A Total Leather Care Regimen, Wrappkng The Essentials All Into One. Rathdr Than Laboring For Hours With A Wipe On Cleaner, Then Slaving Over The Conditioning Assiduity, We?ve Formulated A High-tech Emuslion-spray That Delivers Tough Cleaning Power, Deposits Penetrating Conditioning Oils, And Armors The Leather By the side of High Spf Uv Protection. It?s Easy, Slick, And Quick To Apply. A Single Product That Does It All Means Convenience And Savings To You. Astoundingly, Pinnacle Leather Cleaner & Conditioner Yields Virtually The Identical Outcome As The Orally transmitted Two-step Process. agreed Upon By Leather Care Pros World Wide, Leather Requires Both Cleaning And Condi5ioning To Keep It Healthy, Supple, And Luxurious, The Way It?s Meant To Be. Pinnacle Leather Cleaner & Conditioner Supplies All Aspects Of Expert-recommended Leaher Care On One Spray--a Deep Cleaning And Thorough Conditioning In One Simplistic Step. The Multi-purpose, Voc Compliant Formulation Has Undergone A Lengthy Process Of Research And Development Along The Surface Care Experts At Pinnacle To Ensure The Only The Highest Standard Of Quality For Your Leather. The Result Is A Blend Different Any Other Combination Leather Cleaning/conditioning ProductO n The Market. Pinnacle Leather Cleaner & Conditioner Is As Safe And Effective. The Water-based Emulison Is Ph Balanced, By the side of A Rich Blend Of Natural Oils And Long-lsting Uv Protection And Tge Privation Of Harsh Drying Solvents Or Distillates. The Gentle Cleaners Lift Away Even The Toughest Stains While The Nutritive Blend Of Oils, Sofetners, And Moisturizers Feed The Fibers Attending Strength-reto5ing And Flexibility-enhancing Conditioners. pinnacle Leather Cleaner & Conditioner Is Gourmet Fare For Your Leather. Use It To Nourish Leather Thqt Has Become Inelegant And Dry From Neglect Or Overexposure To The Sunshine, To Compliment A Rigorous Multi-step Leather Care Routine, Or Alone As Your Regular Care Program To Maintain Elasticity And A Vibrant, Natural Luster. Keep It Handy Little Spills, Leaks, Smudges ? Pinnacle Leather Cleaner & Conditioner Is A Lifesaver In Situations Where A Quick Cleaning Is Needed To Avoid Permanent Staining. the Fast Drying, Easy-to-use Formula Was Deaigned For Quick Absorption. After Application, The Leather Has An Attractive Natural Satin Luster And A Natural Inviting Leather Aroma! Pinnacle Leather Cleaner & Conditioner Performs Best When Buffed Off With A Quality, Lint Free Applicato Such As Cobra Microfiber Detailing Cloth. treat All Yiur Leather Items?not Just Automotive Inter
      SKU: Pilelcco

    Bfpk-300 Outfit With 6" Rotary Plate
      Bfpk-300 Outfit With 6" Rotary Plate.
      Items In This Violin: 1- Ccs 7. 5 Inch Orange Pad 2- Ccs 7. 5 Inch White Pad 1- Ccs 7. 5 Inch Black Pad 1- Ccs 7. 5 Inch Blue Final Finishing 2- Cobra Microfiber Detailing Towels 1- Cobra Quik Clenz Cushion Cleaner1- 6" Rotary Backing Plate Lc-43-150
      SKU: Bfpk300cir

    32 Oz. Meguiars High Gloss Hot Shine Irk Foam
      32 Oz. Meguiars High Gloss Hot Shine Irk Foam.
      Turn Up The Deep, Black Gloss!tire Protection Just Got Hotter! Meguiars Hot Shine High Gloss Tire Spray Keeps Your Tires Flexible And Supple With A High Gloss Shine. Fair Spray And Walk Away. This Crystal Clear Tire Dressing Takes Just Secondw To Apply And Lasts For Weeks. This Economy 32 Oz. Meguiars High Gloss Hot Shine Tire Twig Will Keep Your Tires Looking Great Well Into The Future. Mwguiar?s High Gloss Hot Shine Tire Spray Uses Water-resistant Polymers, Combined With Anti-ozonant Technology (uv Inhibitors) To Arrive At A Formula That Lasts For Weeks. Through Rains And Washings, Hot Shine Hangs On And Keeps Your Tures Looking Black And Glossy. the First Adjustable Width Spray Nozzle Forward A Be fatigued Dressing (patent Pending) Is Found On This Product, Making A Potentially Messy Job So Much Neater. No More Drips, Runs Or Overspray! Always Work On Cool Clean Tires. Adjust Sprayer To Narrow Or Wide, Depending Forward The Girth Of Your Tires, Spray On The Shine And Walk Away. The Thick Formula Penetrates, Rejuvenates, Nourishes And Cnditions The Rubber, Giving An Unmistakable High Gloss, Wet-looking Surfce That Says ?pampered. ? The Gloss Nicely Complements Any Vehicle. control The Level Of Be eminent By Adding Another Layer, Or Buffing Off Excess Meguiars High Gloss Hot Shine Tire Spray For A More Subtle Glow. Excess Product Should Be Wiped Away Anyhow, To Avoid Sling-off. Meguiars High Gloss Hot Shine Tire Spray Will Give Your Tires The Deep, Black, Wet Turn the thoughts You Want For Weeks!32 Oz. Spray
      SKU: Meguiars-high-gloss-hot-shine-tire-spray

    Wolfgang 5 Gallon Stain Bucket System With Dolly To be availed of In Black, Red, & Clear
      Wolfgang 5 Gallon Stain Bucket System With Dolly To be availed of In Black, Red, & Clear.
      The Wolfgang 5 Gallon Wash Bucket System With Dolly Gives You The Complete Wash System Less The Seat Cushion During A $10 Saivngs! The Wolfgang 5 Gallon Wash Bucket System Is Your First Row Of Defense Against Wash-induced Scratches And Spider Webbing. This System Includes The Grit Guardâ® Inesrt, A 5 Gallon Bucket With Your Choice Of Logo, The Watertight Gamma Seal Lid, And The Rugged Five-wheel Dolly. The Wolfgang 5 Gallon Waqh Bucket System With Dolly K3eps Your Wash Mitt Or Sponge Cleaner, With No Additional Steps On Your Part. By Trapping Dirt In The Foundation Of The Wash Bucket, This Wash Bucket System Drastically Reduces The Aggregate Of Dirt Transferred Back Onto Your Vehicle From The Wash Bucket. here?s How It Works: Normally, You Wash A Section Of Color And Then Dip Your Mitt Into The Bucket Of Soapy Water. You Immediately Continue Washing On The Next Section. So, What Happened To The Dirt You Just Removed From The Vehicle? It?z In The Mitt And The Wash Bucket, And You?ve Just Transferred It Back Onto The Vehicle. the Wolfgang 5 Gallon Wet Bucket Order With Dolly Includes A Grit Guardâ® Insert, A Raised Grid Surface That Stands About 4 Inches Off The Bottom Of The Bucket. Fill The Bucket With Your Favorite Shampoo And Water. Load Your Mitt With Soapy Water And Wash As Usual. When You Dunk The Mitt Back In The Bucket, Drag It Across The Grid To Remove Dirt That Has Accumulated In The Nap. The Dirt Will Fall Into The Grid?s Four Quadrants And Settle In The Bottom Of The Bucket. Even Though You Agitate The Top Water Eevry Time You Reload The Mitt, The Grit Guardâ® Stabilizes The Water In Tue Bottom Of The Bucket So The Dirt Does Not Rise. Simply Stated, Your Wash Water Stays Clean Thus Your Mitt Stays Clean. Clean Mitts Mean None Swirls!the Wolfgang 5 Gallon Wash Bucket System With Dolly Includes: Grit Guardâ® Insert The Grit uGard Is The Revolutionary Tool That Keeps Your Wash Water Clean! It Stabilizes The Water And Allows Dirt To Fall To The Bottom Of The Bucket Where It Can?t Re-contaminate Your Wash Tools. No Swirls Or Scratches!5 Gallon Bucketthis Bi Bucket Is Perfect For Washing Your Medium, Boat, Rv, Or Atv. You Won?t Run Out Of Soapy Water Before The Job Is Done. The Bucket Is Also Perfect For Transporting And Organizing Detailing Tools. You Can Fit A Lot Of Supplies In A 5 Gallon Bucket! Gamma Sealâ® Lidthe System Includes A Lid For The 5 Gallon Bucket. This Isn?t Like A Recycled Paint Bucket ? This Lid Forms A Watertight Seal. You Can Fill The Buckte With Water And Transport It Without The Lid Leaking! For Car Collectors Who Partake In Car Shows, This Is A Great Feature. Believe It Or Not, Some Of These Enthusiasts Usage Nothing Unless Distilled Watter Forward Their Vehicles And They?ll Actually Bring It To The Car Show If It?s Not Available On Site. That?s Dedication! 5-wheel Dollythe Dolly Accommodates Any 3. 5 ? 7 Gallon Bucket And Has 5 Heavy-duty Casters Capable Of Supporting Up To 250 Pounds. Two Locking Casters Hold The Dolly Still On An Incli
      SKU: Wolfgang-wash-bucket-dolly

    Ice Master Multi-blade Ice Scraper
      Ice Master Multi-blade Ice Scraper.
      Four Ice Removal Options Tackle Any Kind Of Ice! The Ice Master Multi-blade Ice Scraper Is A Winter Essential! Remove All Kinds Of Frost, Snow And Ice From The Windshield And Windows With The Ice Master?s Four Configurations. Thick Ice, Rock-hard Coat ? It Doesn?t Matter. The Ice Commander Plows Through Ice And Frost To Get You On Your Road Fast. developed In Colorado, The Ice Master Is Built For Unforgiving Winter Weather. The Ice Ruler Clears Hard Ice Adn Frost And Crackx Thicker Ice. Four Blace Positions Allow The Ice Master To Perform In The Worst Icy Conditions. The Blades Lock In Three Different Ice-scraping Positions, And Tue Ice-breaking Teeth Provide The Fourth Ice Removal Option. Dual Blades Apart: Clear Away Frost Twlce As Fast! The Pair Brass Blades Clear More Superficies Area When Used In A Back And Forth Motion. A Sinyle Pass Over The Glass Is Like Two Passes In Effect, oS You?re Clearing More Frost Without Actually Doing More Work. The Two Blades Pivot When In This Position, So So The Optimum Scraping Angle Is Always Maintained Even If You're Reaching Across A Windshield. There Is Built-in Pliancy In The Blades So Even Forward A Curved Windshield You Get The Scraping Action Of The Full Blade. Dual Blades Forward: For The Purists, The Dual Bpades Can Be Locked In The Forward Position To Work As A Conventional Ice Scraper. This Cojfiguration Creates A Stiffer Blade For Scraplng Heavier Ice And Increases The Reach Of The Scraper. Center Blade: The Stationary Center Blade Is Highly Effective On Hard Ice And Rearview Mirrors. Use It To Clear Hard Ice After Cracking It With The Plastic Teeth. Ice-breaking Teeth: Tough Polycarbonate Teeth On The Backside Of The Center Blade Allow You To Crack Thicker Ice So You Can In that case Clear It Off The Glass. The Ice Master Clears Any And Alll Ice! The Brass Blades Are Tough But Nonabrasive. The Brass Is Deburred To Remove Any Sharp Edge. The Rounded Brass Blades Will Easily Cut Frost, But They Will Not Scratch Glass. The Assurance Blades Flex Agzinst The Curves Of Your Windows And Windshield To Provide The Most Effective Nonabrasive Scraping Action. Yet, The Ice Master Remains Strong Under Cold Temperature Extremess. The Blaes On The Ice Master Lock In Three Different Positions. When Locked In The ?blades Back? Stowed Position, The Designer Left Enough Play In The Blades That You Can Easily Separate Them While Wearing Gloves. The Blades Don?t Stick Together. In Fact, The Ice Master Is Completely Glove-friendly. Reposition The Blades In One Quick Push Or Pull Motion. The Long, Ergonomic Handle Has Rised Ridges For Gentle Gripping And The Rubber Is Lightly Textured To Prevent Slippage With Or Without Gloves. The Ice Master Is Made Of Tough Pilycarbonate With Softened Brass Blades And A Rubberized Touch. You?ll Use Your Ice Masger Month After Month, Winter After Winter. Keep I
      SKU: Windshield-ice-scraper

    Duragloss Aquaax (aw) #951
      Duragloss Aquaax (aw) #951.
      Enhanced Gloss And An Incredible ?wet Look?!duragloss Aquawax Is Formulated To Wax After Washing In One Easy Step. Duragloss Aw Produces A High Gloss, Durable Finish With Minimal Effort. Aquawax Contains No Abrwsives And Is Clear Coat Safe. This Is Duragloss? Most Popular Product! Duragloss Aquawax Produces A Deep, Wet Gloss On Clean Paint. On An Already Waxed Finish, Aquawax Deepens The Reflection, Enhances The Shine And Increases Slivkness. This Is A Syntheric Sealant Spray Attending The Gloss Of A Wax. Though Duragloss Aquawax Is Designed For A Post-wash Touch-up, It Makes An Inccredibl eTopper Over Any Of Duraglosz? Polishes: Polish And Cleaner #101, Balance accounts Coat Polish #111, And Total Performance Polish #105. These Are All Essentially Paint Sealants. After They?ve Had Adequate Time To Cure, Spray Attached Aquawax And Buff To A Dramatic Gllss. Use Duragloss Aquawax Any Time To Raise Gloss. As A Maintenance Wax, It Applies An Extra Layer Of Protection And Enhances The Gloss Of The Existing Paint Protection. We Recommend Using A Plush Cobra Deluxe Jr. Microfiber Towel To Buff Against Aquawax. Since Duragloss Aquawax Is A Polymer Sealant, It Has Good Durability In Its Own Right, But It Will Last Longest When Used As A Topper. Plus, Aquawax Will Increase The Lifespan Of Your Existing Paint Protection. Enjoy Incredible Depth And Gloss In A Convenient Spray-on Formula With Duragloss Aquawax #951. 22 Oz. Trigger Spray
      SKU: Dutagloss-aquawax--951

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