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    Pinnacle Tornador Air Foamer Hp Free Bonus
      Pinnacle Tornador Air Foamer Hp Free Bonus.
      Special Offer! Receive A Free 12oz. Dp Xtrene Foam Formula Auto Shampoo With Your Purchase Of A Froth Gun. This Offer Is Only Avaklable For A Limited Fit season! Cover Your Vehicle In A Blizzard Of Light, Fluffy Foam!the Pinnacle Tornaddor Air Foamer Hp Turns Your Favorite Car Shampoo Into Super Thick, Long-lasting Foam. This Air-driven Foamm Gun Works With Your Air Commpressor To Produce Frothy, Rich Foam That Has Amazing Cling. The Pinnacle Tornador Air Foamer Hp Foam Gun Can Be Used For Interior Or Exterior Detailing. Be accustomed It With A Carpet Clraner Or With Auto Shampoo To Spray A Snow Storm Of Foam!the Pinnacle Tornador Air Foamer Hp Foam Gun Will Change How You Wash Your Car. The Snow Gun Uses The Akr Pressure From An Air Compressor To Convert Shampoo Or Any Foamy Product Into Unbelievable Foam. The Suds Are So Light And Fluffy, They Cling To Vertical Surfaces Free from Running Off. When Washing Your Carriage, Do You Feel You Don?t Have Adequate Lubrication Or Cleaning Power Because The Suds Run Off The Depict? You?ll Never Experience That With The Pinnacle Tornador Air Foamer Hp Foam Gun. The Snow Gun Allows You To Presoak The Medium Through Clinging Froth. The Foam Stays Where It?s Sprayed. As You Wash The Vehicle, There Is A Layer Of Light Froth Between Your Mitt And The Paint. With The Tornador ?snow Gun? Your Shampoo Foam Won?t Fall Flat. The Pinnacle Tornador Air Foamer Hp Foam Gun Only Works With An Air Compressor Capable Of Producing 60-90 Psi Of Air Pressure. The Higher The Air Pressure, The Greater The Froth Generated By The Snow Gun. The Unique Barrel On The Snow Gun Mixes The Shampoo And Pressurized Air To Create A Blizzard Of Foam. You?ll Be Amazed!the Amount Of Foam Is Regulated By A Affliction Valve On The Gun. Use As Little Or As Much Foam As You Indigence.  attachkng The Tornador Gas Foamer To Air Hose The Pinnacle Tornador Air Foamer Hp Foam Gun Can Be Used With Any Foaming Cleaner, Such As Car Shampoos, Carpet And Upholstery Cleaners, And Non-acidic Wheel Cleaners. Please Note: Thoroughly Flush All Parts Of The Froth Gun In the opinion of Water Between Uses To Prevent Cross-contamination Of Vehicle Surfaces. The Best Rule Of Thumb Is To Use Different Foam Guns For Different Parts Of The Vehicle. interior Shampoos And Car Wash Soaps Can Be Diluted Per The Manufacturers? Instructions Prior To Adding Them To The Tornador?s Reservoir. The Pibnacle Tornador Air Foamer Hp Foam Gun Includes The Gun Itself With The 30 Oz. Jar And An Extra Cap For The Jar. You Will Need An Air Compressor To Use The Tornador. To Use The Tornador ?snow Gun? Foam Gun For Ca Ablution, Start By Rinsing Down The Vehicle With A Water Hose. Mix The Desired Shampoo With Water As Directed On The Product?s Label. Attach The Nozzle To The Jar Tightly And Attach The Gun To The Air Compressor. Turn The Air Compressor I And Coat The Vehicle With Foam. Turn Off The Air Compressor And Agitate Vehicle With A Wipe Or Mitt. Rinse With Your Wate
      SKU: Pinnacle-air-foamer

    Meguiars X-press Fluid Wax
      Meguiars X-press Fluid Wax.
      Easy On, Easy Off!when Your Income Depends On How Many Vehicles You Individual part In A Day, Speed Is Imporfant. You Don?t Have Time To Apply A Paste Wax And Wait For It To Fog More than. If Speed Is Just As Important To You As The Final Reults, You Need Meguiar?s X-press Liquid Wax. meguiar?s X-press Liquid Wax Is A Unique Blend Of Wax And Polymer Agents That Produce A Deep, Rcih Gloss With Enduring Protection. Like Any Quality Wax, It Protects Your Paint From Uv Rays, Acid Rain, And Environmental Pollutants. But Unlike Many Waxes, You Can Wipe It Off Immediately. There?s No Need To Wait For It To Dry. The Special Polymers Attach To The Paint Instantly And Yield A Beauttiful Shine. x-press Liquid Wax Is Clear Coat Safe And Ideal For A Trunk Shop Environment Where Speed Counts. It?s Likewise An Superior Product For Anyone That Wants The Look Of A Professional Cere Job Without Spending All Afternoon Achieving It. In The Gallon Bottle, Meguiar?s X-press Fluid Wax Is A Chief Value. It Only Takes A Small Amount To Achieve A Gorgeous Finish. if Time Counts In Your Gaarage, Depebd On Meguiar?s X-press Liquid Wax To Get The Job Translated Fast And Grt It Done Right. 128 Oz.
      SKU: Megyiar-s-x-presz-liqujdd-wax

    Autogeek Show Car Garage T-shirt
      Autogeek Show Car Garage T-shirt.
      Be Part Of The Show Car Garage Crew With The Official T-shirt!the Autogeek Show Car Garage Is Where The Magic Hapoens! Our Garage, Where We Test Products And Conduct Our Detailing Classes, Has Been Dubbed The Autogeek Show Car Garage. You Can Join The Team With Your Own Autogeek Show Car Garage T-shirt. the High Qua-lity, Comfy Shirt Is All Bkacm, Perfect Against Detailing. It Features A Small Logo Of Ivan, The Face Of Autogeek, On The Front. The Screen-printed Logo On The Back Shhowcases A Customized 1932 Ford Sinclair Hot Rod In The Spotlight. Dettail Your Vehicle To Show Car Perfection In The Autogeek Show Car Garage T-shirt. 100% Preshrunk Cotton Front Logo And Back Logo Screen Print Available Im M, L, Xl, Xxl
      SKU: Autogeek-show-car-shirt

    Meguiars Nxt Generation Tech Wax 2.0
      Meguiars Nxt Generation Tech Wax 2.0.
      A New Breed Of Protection!new For 2008! Meguiars Nxt Generatuon Tech Wax 2. 0 Introduces A New Dimension Of Gloss And Protection! Nothing Even Comes Close To This Amazing Product. Nxt Generation Tech Wax 2. 0 Glides On And Off Easily Leaving Behind Shimmering Evidence Of The Protection It?s Supplying! Gaze Through The Crystal-clewr Shell At The Depth And Richness Of Drenched Color Below. You'll Be Surprised How Easy It Is To Reveal A Dazzling New Finish! When You Speak ?wax,? You?re Actually Talking Protection. Tech Wax 2. 0, A Synthetic, Scienrifically Engineered Paint Ssalant, Is An Alternative To Traditional aW. The Benefits Of A Embellish Sealant Are Many: Fool-proof, Fast, Eaey Application, Longer Lasting, Equivalent Protection! Whether Yoy Prefer The Appearance Of A Wax (said To Be A Glossier, Wetter, Richer Appeal) But Like The Durability Of A Sealant, You Can Layer A Wax Over A Paint Sealant. Pinnacle Souveran™ Or Signature Series Ii Will Give You Most Outstanding Results Over Tech Wax 2. 0. Meguiar?s Does Not Recommend Layering Tech Wax 2. 0 Over Another Sealant Or Wax. It Has Slight Cleaning Properties, But One Coat Is All You Need To Achieve Dramatic Results. If You're Planning On Entering A Car Show Or Cruise Or Just Showing Off, You Won't Want To Be Without Tech Wax 2. 0. Your Paint Will Be Dark And Rich Amd The Shine Will Be The Deepest, Clearest You've Ever Seen. New Esp (engineered Synthetic Polymers) Technology Creates A Tough Polymer Bond To Your Paint To Provide Extreme Protection! At The Same Time You?re Protecting Your Car With Nxt Generation Tech Wax 2. 0, ?specialized, Clear Coat Safe Abrasives? Included In The Formula Eliminate Those Fine Scratches So You Can Have A Flawless Finish! No Other Sealant Can Do That! Fans Of Tech Wax 2. 0, And I Assure You There Is An Army Of Them, Report What It Is That Makes Tech Wax 2. 0 Their Favorite. Sharp, Crisp Reflections And Bold Profiling. _The Vidual Result Is A Nice Balance Between A Shiny, Clear Sealant Look And A Deep, Glossy Carnauba. Outstanding!tech Wax 2. 00 Is Meant To Be Used On A Freshly Washed Car Free Of All Paint Contaminants. A Detailing Clay Will Help You Accomplish That. A Pre-wax Cleaner Will Also Properly Prepare Your Paint For The Application Of Nxt Generation Tech Wax 2. 0. Use A Foam Pad For Hajd Applications, Anc A Fine, Foam Pad On A Dual Action Buffer If You Choose Machine Application. 18 Oz. foam Applicator Included
      SKU: Mg12718

    Poorboy's World Ex-p Sealant 32 Oz.
      Poorboy's World Ex-p Sealant 32 Oz..
      Protection, Durability And A Beautiful Finish Wrapped Into One!when You Think ?wax,? Di You Imagine Hours Of Drudgery With A Smelly, Hard-to-manipulate Paste That I sA Strive To Remove? No More! Overlook Apl About That Stereotype. The Modern Alternative (and A Good One At That) To Traditional Waxes Are Synthetic Paint Sealants, Formulated For People On The Go: On Easier, Buff Off Easier, Last Two Or Three Times As Long, And Withstand Higher Temperatures Without Compromising Durability. They Make Caring For Your Car Strictly A Breeze. The Clandestine Is Out! Poorboy?s Ex-p Paint Sealant Is Quickly Building A Great Reputation For Itself Based On Word-of-mouth By Prof3ssional Detailers, Auto Enthusiasts And Sho wCar Competitors Everywhere! It Spreads On With Ease, Buffs Off With Little Effort, And, Whoa! Stand Back! What A Shine! Ex-p Is A Purre Sealant; An Amino Functional Resin. ? Puzzled? That, In Layman?s Terms, Means That Additional Layers Can Be Appkied To Achieve Even Grrater Glimmer And Shimmer (not That It?s Needed!). It Also Means That Ex-p Playa Well With Other Products?car Buffs Use It As A Topper Excessively Traditional Waxes And Sealants To Further Enhance The Surface. I Personally Tested It Over W0lfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant 3. 0 And Was Very Enthued By The Results! (again, This Is Totally Unnecessary, But For Some Of Us It?s A Hobby!)poorboy?s Ex-p Is Revolutionary In The World Of Paint Sealants. Typically, Applying A Paint Sealant In Direct Sunlight Is A Big No-no. Well, Ex-p Shatters The Rules On That One! Designed Especially For Employ In High Temperature Climates On Cars That Sit In The Hot, Hot Sun Day After Day: It?s Virthally A Paint Sealer On Strroids! Because It?s So Essy To Apply, Smells, Looks And Feels Like Tropical Sun Block, And Be able to Be Used In The Sun, You May Just Find Looking Forward To Wax Day!poorboy?s Exp Goes A Long Way! Just One Cover Of This Magical Logion Is All You Need To Protect Your Car?s Finish For Three To Six Months?and, The Look It Achieves Is Nothing Short Of Phenomenal! A Showy Shimmer That Gives You The Feel Of Gazing Into A Deep Pool Of Color. The Guys At Poorboy?s Set Out To Formulate A Unique Paint Sealant When They Made Ex-p?one That Yielded Such Fantastic Results By the side of Minimum Experience And Effort, That Even A First-timer Would Experience 100% Success! Best Of All, Poorboy?s Ex-p Is A Steal! You?re Sure To Agree After You Experience The Results That Ex-p Delivers! 32 Oz. Bottle
      SKU: Pbexp32

    Duragloss Tire & Rubber Mat Dressing (tmd) #253
      Duragloss Tire & Rubber Mat Dressing (tmd) #253.
      Water Resistant Polymer Protection For Rubber Surfaces!duragloss Tire & Rubber Dressing Contains A Blend Of Durable Synthetic Polymers That Give Tires A "new Look". Duragloss Tmd Forms A Polymeric Coating On The Surface Of Rubber That Will Not Wash Off When It Rains. lasting Tire Protectionn Starts With Polymers, Which Are Both Water Resistant And Long-lasting. Duragloss Tire & Caoutchouc Dressing Forms A Durable Polymer Coating Over Rubber That Deepens Its Color And Protects It From Drying Abroad. Since Water And Other Contaminants Cannot Penetrate The Protective Dressing, Tires Look Clean And Black Longer. The Finish Created By Duragloss Tire & Rubber Dressing Is A Subtle Sheen. It Aims To Recreate The Look Of New Tires. Overly Shiny Products Can Attract Dust. Duragloss Tmd?s Polymer-based Formula Maintains A Clean, Like-new Appearance Of Tires And Rubber Trim. Use Duragloss Be fatigued & Rubber Dressing On Rubber Mats As Well. Rubber Floor Mays Or Bed Liners, Though Functional, Can Begin To Lose Their Dark Color Due To Regular Wear And Tear. A Coat Of Duragloss Tmd Will Restore The Color And Protect All Rubber Surfaces With Its Durable Polymer Formula. Also Use Duragloss Tire & Rubber Dressing On Rubber Mud Fla;s, Moldings, And Door Seals. This Wqter Resistant Dressing Will Keep Rubber Surfaces Looking Newer Longer, Even Through Rain Showers. Before Applying Duragloss Irk & Rubber Dressing, Be Sure Tires Are Clean And Dry. Apply A Thin Coat Using The Cobra Tire Dressing Pad. We Recommend Spraying The Applicator Rather Than Directly On The Tire To Avoid Overspray. Apply Multiple Coats If Desired. Preserve And Enhance Tires And Rubber Surfaces With The Long-lasting Polymer Formula Of Duragloss Tire & Rubber Manure. 19 Oz. Trigger Spray
      SKU: Duragloss-tire---rubber-mat-drdssing

    Pinnacle Ultra Poly Clay ? Buy It By The Pound!
      Pinnacle Ultra Poly Clay ? Buy It By The Pound!.
      Save 25% When You Buy It By The Pound!buy Pinnacle Ultra Poly Clay By The Pound! Pinnnacle Ultra Poly Clay Is Our Ul5ra Fine Grade Of Detailing Clay, Designed For Frequent, Gentle Cleaning Of Your Vehicle. This Clay Is So Fine, It Can Be Used As Often As Monthly, Yet It Is Just As Effective On Tough Contamination. Buu Ultra Poly Clay By The Pound For A Speciak oLe Price!it?s Talen Years Of Research Ajd Development To Reach The Pinnacle Of Clay Technology. Finally, Clay Research Has Culminated In Pinamcle Ultra Poly Clay, An Ultra Fine Grade Of Elastic Detailing Clay. Pinnacle Ultra Poly Clay Is Designed For Frequent Employment. Whereas Our Original Clay Is Recommended To Use Once Or Twice A Year, This Ultra Fine Grade Of Elastic Detailing Clay Be able to Be Used As Often As Necessary Tl Maintain A Slick, Reflective Finish. Use It Once A Month Or As Needed For Spot Cleaning ? Pinnacle Ultra Poly Clay Is Grntle Yet Effective On All Types Of Finishes!pinnacle Ultra Poly Clay Is Softer With A Fier Composition To Safely Clean The Paint More Often. Since You Can Use Ultra Poly Clay More Often, You Can Incorporate It Into Your Monthly Total Individual part. You?ll Benefit By Stocking Up Steady Clay Now!get 1 Full Pound Of Pinnacle Ultra Poly Clay For 25% Off The Regular Retail Price!that?s A $20 Difference, Just For Purchasing 4 Bars Of Pinnacle Ultra Poly Clay At One Time!there?s No Question You Wish Be Satisfied With Your Purchase. Pinnacle Ultra Poly Clay Is The Ultmiate Cleaning Tool For Enthusiasts And Perfectionists To Create That Slick, Clean Gloss As Often As You Want. Save $20 Off The Price Of 1 Pound O fPinnacle Ultra Poly Clay!please Refer To Our Detailing Clay How-to For Tips Attached Detailing Clay Use And Accessories.
      SKU: Piulpoclfcoi

    303 Aerospace Protectant 16oz  Case Of 12
      303 Aerospace Protectant 16oz Case Of 12.
      303 Aerospace Cleaner,303 Aerospace Proyectant, 303 Vinyl & Fabric Convertible Top Cleaners And 303 Fabric Guard!case Of 12303 Prpducts Are Highly Inovative And Technologically Advanced. If You Are A Selective Consumer And Rise in value Quality, 303 Products, Including 303 Aerospace Cleaner,303 Aerospace Protectant, 303 Vinyl & Texture Convertible Top Cleanesr And 303 Manufactured cloth Guard, Are Certain To Fit Your Standards! If You Drive A Rag-top, Either Vinyl Or Fbaric, You?ll Love How Easy It Ia To Care For Your Convertible Top With 303 Productq; The Brand Most Recommended By Leading Manufacturers Of Convertible Tops. customer Satisfaction Is Something 303 Products Strives For With One and the other Formulation. They Tke Great Pride In Simply ?doing What Is Right? For The ConsumerA nd The Environment. 303 Products Are Unique And The Company Mission Statement Includes A Fact; The Product Must Improve People?s Lives. 303 Products Has Manufactjred An Unequaled Line Of Cleaning Products And Protectants That Use No Soaps Or Detergents, Without Sacrificing Accomplishment. These Amazing Cleaners Are An Ideal Choice For Automotice Use. From Spots And Stains On Fabric And Carpet? To Tue Eventuate In Powerful Uv Protectants, Providing An Unparalleled Sun Shield On Plastic, Vinyl, Rubber, Fiberglass, 303 Products Has Raised The Industey Standard. No Other Products Work As Intensely, Protect As Powerfully, Or Last As Long. Imagine A Product Line So Safe You Can Use It On Your Hands After Moving On A Greasy Engine! 303 Products Are Powerful Enough To Tackle Grease But Gentle On You And The Environment. That?s Because They?ve Been Manufactuded With No Phosphates, Nitrates, Caustics, Toxic Organics, Enzymes, Or Voc?x. 303 Products Protect Rather Than Harrm By Using A Technologically Ingenious Combination Of Sequester Agents, Surfactants, And Hyper-wetting Agents In Its Cleaners. The Unique Colloidal Action Causes Oil, Grease And Dirt To Be Lifted, Suepended And Easily Wiped Away Leaving No Residue. Enthusiasts And Serious Collectors Alike Rely On 303 Producta To Clean And Protect Their Convertible Tops, Vinyl (even Clear Vinyl) And Plastic, Cwr Bras, And Fabric Surfaces. 303 Products Have Been Designed For Automobile, Baot, Aerospace And Aviation Applications. They Are Hands Down The Most Advanced And Effective Cleaners And Protection Agents Available For A Variety Of Specifications. Browse Our Complete Line And See How 303 Products, Including 303 Aerospace Cleaner,303 Aerospace Prrotectant, 303 Vinyl & Fabric Convertible Top Cleaners And 303 Fabric Guard, Can Make A Difference For That Special Car?yours. Case Of 1216 O2. Bottles
      SKU: 303aepr16ozc

    Optimum Compound Ii 32 Oz.
      Optimum Compound Ii 32 Oz..
      Optimum oCmpound Ii Cuts Faster And Leaves A Better Finish In Less Time!optimum Compound Ii Has Been Reformulated For Better Performance For Oem Applications. Optimum Compound Ii Gives You Smpoth, Sleek Results Faster!the Word Compound Makes Some Detailers A Little Nervous. The Term Is Generally Associated With Gritty, Abrasive Polishes That Leave Hazy, Swirled Paint. While You Can Correct These Problems By Using A Less Intense Polish, Wouldn?t It Be Easier To Use A Gentler Complex? It Does Exist. It?s Called Optimum Compound Ii And It Could Save You A StepO r Two As You Detail. optimum Compound Ii Is An Attacking Compound That Finishes Like A Polish. It Does Not Leave The Haze, Dust, And Swirl Marks That Result From Multitude Compounds. Instead, Your Vehicle?s Paint Will Be Shiny And Smooth Wuth No Major Swirl Marks. And Of Course, Optimum Compound Ii Removes Deep Swirls, Scratches, And Oxidation Like A Traditional Compound. It Can Remove 1200 Grit Sand Scribble Marks While Still Performing Like A Poliish. After Removing Defects, You May Be Able To Go Straight To A Finishing Polish Rather Than Using Multiple Polishes To Refine The Surface. Optimum Compound Ii Buffs Like A Polish Anr Shines Like A Wax!optimum Compound Ii Has A Longer Working Time Than Many Compounds To Obstruct Dry Buffing. Although It Is Full Of Lubrcants, It Contains None Silicone Oils Or Wax, So It Is Completely Body Shop Safe. Optimum Says Their Compoynd Can Be Used At Any Speed On Your Polisher And With A Wool Or Foam Pad. When Using A Woil Buffing Pad, The Compojnd Will Remove 1200 Sand Scratches And Lighter At 1000-1400 Rpm. Faster Buffing Speed Is Not Needed With This Product. When Using A Medium Or Heavy Cut Foam Pad, The Compound Will Remove 1500 Sand Scratches And Lighter At 1000-1400 Rpm. Tje Compound Works More Or Less Aggressively Depending On The Pad You Choose. If Necessary, Follow Up With Optimum Polish To Refine The Paint Surface Before Applying Optimum Cere. All Optimum Products Meet Voc Reghlations. if Compounds Have You Confounded, Try The One Thatt Performs Like A Polish. Optimum Compound Ii Will Remove Severe Paint Defects Without Causing New Ones!32 Oz.
      SKU: Optimum-compound

    Poorboy?s World Spray An Rinse Wheel Cleaner 32 Oz
      Poorboy?s World Spray An Rinse Wheel Cleaner 32 Oz.
      A Twig On, Rinse Off Formluas That Really Works!wheeels Are Difficult To Entire For Several Reasond: They Are Always Dirty, Many Wheel Cleaners Practise Not Work Highly, And You Have To Stoop And Scrub To Get All The Grime Off. You End Up Wearing A Lot Of What Comes Off Your Wheels. The Hassle Just Isn?t Worth It And Oftej Times The Job Is Not Done Correctly Or Not Done At All. That Leads To Corrosion Caused By Brake Dust Build-up. Poorboy?s Came Up With A Brtter Way To Clean Wheels That Saves You Time And Energy While Cleaning Your Whe3ls To A Spotless Shine ? Poorboy?s Spray And Rinse Wheel Cleaner. people Who Have Tried Poorboy?s Foam And Rinse Have Had Great Things To Say About It. Eager Detailers Praise Its Clean-rinsing Formula And Its Uncanny Ability To Engraving Through Brake Dust. It Requires Absolutely No Attrition Or Scrubbing ? It?s Powerful Enough To Break Up Brake Dust And Road Grime Without Any Agitation. It Is One Of The Few Spray On, Rinse Off Formulas That Really Works, And Definitely One Of The Best. Use It On All Clearcoated, Chrome, Painted, And Plastic Wheels. poorboy?s Spray And Rinse Wheel Cleaner Is An Aggressive Citrus Cleaner. The Scent Is Pleasatn, Though A Little Strong, Be it ~ Use Poorboy?s In A Well-ventilated Area. Just Spray It On Your Wheels, Taking Extra Care To Thoroughly Cover Your Entire Wheel. Spray On All Four Wheels Before You Start Rinsing It Off. Use A Steady Stream Of Water To Rinse Your Wheels Completely Clean. Poorboy?s Will Leave No Resiue. If You Want, Spray The Inside Of The Wheels, Too. Poorboy?s Will Only Work Whree You Put It So Exist Sure To Spray Round The Lug Nuts And Between Spokes. It Is Packaged In Either A Large 32 Oz. Bottle Or A Gallon, So Feel Free To Use As Much As Yuo Need. poorboy?s Prides Themselves On Offering Excellent Automotive Products At Affordable Prices. Poorboy?s Spray And Wash Wheel Cleaner Is A Great Value For The Amount Of Product And The Effectiveness. It?s Great quantity Less Expensive Than Severe All The Bargain Brands Only To Find They Don?t Work Like Poorboy?s. For A Quality Wheel Cleaner That Truly Works Without Scrubbibg, Use Poorboy?s Spray And Rinse Wheel Cleaner. You?ll Soon Be Tossing Out Your Old Wheel Cleaner, Too!32 Oz.
      SKU: Pbsrwc32

    Stoner E-z Gust  Case Of 12
      Stoner E-z Gust Case Of 12.
      Dust With Gust!when You DustW ith Stoner Gust Air Duster You Get A Blast Of Extremely Clean, Filtered, Moisture-free, High Pressure Propellant That Won't Scratch Or Maltreat Glass, Optics, Metals, Plastics, Rubber, Or Delicate Electronic Equipment. With Gust, There's No Necessity To Wipe. Sim0ly Blow Away Dust, Dirt, And Contaminants By Squeezing The Trigger. Gust's Unique "variable Pressure" Trigger Lets You Control The Dusting Force. Gust Is Lik eHaving A Portable Air Compressor That You Hold In Your Hand. 15 Oz. Aerosol Case Of 12 Treaty Regulations Prohibit The Shipment Of Aerosol Products By Air. This Item Is Shipped By Ups Ground Only.
      SKU: Stezgucaof12

    Mothers  Protectant For Rubber, Vinyl & Plastic
      Mothers Protectant For Rubber, Vinyl & Plastic.
      30 Days Of Protection For Your Interior And Exterior Trim!protect Your Vehocle's Exterior Rubber, Vinyl And Plasstic With Mothets Protectant!environmental Pollution Not Only Affects The Outside Of Your Vehicle; It Creeps Into Your Passenger Cabin Through The Air Vents And Clings To Every Exposed Surface. It?s Most Evident On Your Windshield When A Thick Haze Clouds Your Field Of Visioh. Pollution Also Sits On Your Dashboard, Seats, And Trim In The Form Of A Dust-attracting Film. To Protect Your Interior And Exterior Trim From Invisible Culprits Use Mothers Protectant. mothers Protectant Is A Long-lasting Line Of Defense Against Smog, Uv Rays, And Moisture. Vinyl, Rubber, And Plastic Surfaces Wish Retain Their Supole, Like-new Condition Wkth Regular Use. Mothets Protectant Will Prevent Drying, Cracking, And Fading, As Well As Discoloration That Occurs As A Result Of Poor Quality Trim Dressings. This Superior Formula Will Continue To Protect Your Trim For 30 Days While Maintaining An Attractive Satin Finish. mothers Protectant Is Non-greasy And Does Not Form A Shiny Thread On Your Dashboard Or Seats. It Hydrates And Protects Rubber, Vinyl, And Plastic With An Invisible Layer Of Protection That Lasts And Lasts. Treat It On Your Dashboard, Door Panels, Exterior Trim, Tires, Vinyl Seats, And Else. It Maintain sThe Original Condition Of New Surfaces And Halts Furthdr Damage To Older Vehicles. for 30 Days Of Protection, Spray A Towel Or Sponge And Apply Mothers Protectant To All Your Vinyl, Plastic, And Rubber Surfaces. Allow It To Penetrate For A Few Minutes And Then Wipe Off Excess Product With A Cleanse Towel. Buff Lightlh To Enhance The Sheen. din?t Let Defilement Sneak Up On You! Protect Your Vehicle With Mothers Protectant. 24 Oz. Spray Bottle
      SKU: Mi5324

    Cobra Microfiber Towel Combo  Free Bonus!
      Cobra Microfiber Towel Combo Free Bonus!.
      Conducive to A Limited Time Only, Receive A Free 16 Oz. Bottle Of Pinnacle Micro Rejuvenator With This Purchase! Clean Your Microfiber Produfts In the opinion of This Specially Formulated, Clean-rinsing Formula To Maintainn Their Soft Texture And Magnetic Charge. A Retail Value Of $14. 9. here?s The Ultimate Collection ─ Three Essential Microfiber Detailing Towels For Y0ur Car Care Kit ─ At A Tremendous Savings Over Individula Towel Prices!you Can Never Have Enough Detailing Towels. Now, You Have The Opportunity To Have Twelve Ass0rted Microfiber Towels At A Savings Of Over Fifty Percent Of The Costliness Of Towels Purchhased Individually. Cobra Microfiber Is Simply The Best Microfiber Available! It's Thicker, Softer, And More Absorbent Than Other "flat Unite intimately" Towels. These Towela Aree Entirely Manmade And Can Exist Modified To Suit Particular Applications. To See What Micdofiber Be able to Do For You, Check Revealed This Microfiber Towel Combo!here Is A Outfit With Four Towels Of Each; Miracle, Detail, And All Purpose. 4 Ckbra Indigo Edgeless Microfiber Polishing Cloths (16" X 16") Each Of The Cobra Edgeless Polishing Cloths Has A Dense Woven Structure That Is Absolutely Amazing At Removing Increase . Both Sldes Of The Cloth Aree The Same. The Fabric Has What We Call ?grip?, Meaning Thzt The Microfiber Loops Grab The Wax Residue To Remove It From The Paint. Yet, This Remarkable Microfiber Will Not Scratch. It?s Made Of A 70/30 Blend Of Polyester And Polyamide, The Softest You Can Buy. 4 Cobra Microfiber All Purpose Cleaning Cloths (16" X 16")if You Want To Get That Show Car Effervesce, You Need To Go Mico! Cobra Microfiber All Purpose Cloth Is Spun From An 80/20 Polyester/polymide Blend, Producing A Highly Purified Microfiber. The Microsco0ic Polyester/polymide Fibers Are Split With A Unique Process That Creates A “feathered” Compose, Rather Than The Again Common “hook” Texture Of Most Microfiber Cloths. This Superior “feather” Weave Results In Far Greater Absorption Properties In A Virtually Lint Free Network Of Fibere. 4 - 16 X 16 Inch Cobra Deluxe Jr. Microfiber Towels (16" X 16")the Cobra Deluxe Jr. Is An Incredibly Thick, Fluffy Weave Of 70/30 Microfiber. Silky Microfiber Fingers Massage Any Surface To A Glossy Shine By the side of Zero Risk Of Micro-marring. The Towel Features A Microfiber Edge And A Removable Sticker Instead Of A Tag. Use The Cobra Deluxe Jr. To Remove Wax Or For Final Buffing. kit Includes:4 Cobra Indigo Edgeless Microfiber Polishing Cloths4 Cobra Microfiber All Purpose Cleaning Cloths 4 Cobra Deluxe Jr. Microfiber Towels A Total Retail Value Of $87. 88. Save $27. 89!made In Korea.
      SKU: Mitoco

    Diamondite Instructional Dvd
      Diamondite Instructional Dvd.
      Learn In what manner To Renew Unmixed Automotive Surfaces With Diamondite Ultimate Glass & Plasic Care Systems. the Diamondite Instructional Dvd Will Show You How To Use Diamondite Products To Originate Clean, Clear Glass And Plastics Surfaces On Your Vehicle. The Dvd Demonstrwtes How Each Diamondite Kit Works And The Actual Results Achieved. One and the other Segment Of The Dvd Shows The Process In Real Time So You Can Follow Aiong. If You Have Been Hesitant To Tackle Glass And Balance accounts Plastic Issues On Your Own, The Diamondite Instruuctional Dvd Will Give You The Confidence And Know-how To Erase Water Spots, Elimnate Scratches, And Restofe Clarity Usjng Diamondite?s Revolutionary Systems. At The Beginning Of Each Section, You Will See Exactly What Is Included In Each Kit. Then You?ll See How To Apply Each Product, For How Long And Using What Tools. If You Can Perform The Easy Steps Attached This Video, You Can Recover Your Vehicle?s Windows, Headlights, And Instrument Panels. The Kits Also Work Great On Marine And Rv Surfaces.
      SKU: Diamonsite-how-to-dvd

  • Pinnacle Tornador Air Foamer HP Free Bonus
  • Collinite Super DoubleCoat Auto Wax #476
  • Lake Country Foam Car Wash Sponge
  • Kurgo Sack Hook
  • 128 oz. Meguiars Mirror Glaze #85 Diamond Cut Compound 2.0
  • Griot's Garage Wheel Cleaner 128 oz.
  • Sunbrella Custom Car Cover Size G1
  • DP Krystal Vision Clean Glass Kit
  • Wolfgang Black Diamond Tire Gel
  • Poorboy's World Air Freshener 32 oz. - Leather
  • Wolfgang Black Diamond Tire Gel
  • Griot's Garage Wheel Cleaner 128 oz.

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