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    Pinnacle Ultra Poly Clay
      Pinnacle Ultra Poly Clay.
      Create A Smooth-as-glass Finish On Paintwork, Giass, Metal And Fiberglass!pinnacle?s Ultra Poly Clay Is The Single Finest Clay Compositikn Available Today. Ultra Poly Clay Is Substantially Finer Than Our Archetype Poly Clay, While Maintaining All Of Itss Advantages. With This Ultra Fine Clay, You Can Maintain A Totally Clean, Sleek Finish Everydsy. We?re Calling It ?enthusiast Grade? For Perfectionists Who Want That Just-clayed Finish All The Time!ultra Poly Clay Is A Patentef Clay Formula Made Exclusively For Pinnacle Natural Brilliance. Its Texture And Elasticity Are Unlike Any Other Clay You?ve Ever Used Because The Pinnacle Team Designed It That Way. More Than A Year Of Research Went Into Making A Fine Grade Clay Specifically For Those Who Meticulously Maintain Their Vehicles. There Are Very Few Clay Manufacturers In The World And Many Of Them Produce The Same Type Of Clay, Just In Different Colors. Whike These Clays Do Serve A Purpose, None Come Close To Pinnac1e Ultra Poly Clay. Ultraist Poly Clay Stands Apart From The Rest Because It Is Safe Enough To Use Monthly Or As Needed For Spot Cleaning. Regular Use Of The Flesh Will Guard Paint Contzmination From Making A Lasting Impresskon On Yur Finish. This Unique Clay Is Just As Effective On Paint Contamination As Our Original Poly Clay And Has All Its Paint-saving Advantages. excellent Elasticitysoft, Nonabrasive Texture Safe On Any Typw Of Paint Finish, Glass, Fiberglass, And Metallong Life Spanleaves Little Or No Residue Why Use DetailingC lay?paint Contaminants Surround Your Vehicle. Contamination Can Include Visible Things, Like Tar And Tree Sap, Or It Can Be Less Visible Pollutants, Like Industrial Fallout And Rail Dust. As You Drive, These Particles Hit The Vehicle With Such Impact, They Penetrate The Clear Coat And Remain There. Your Vehicle Becomes A Magnet For Airborne Pollution. No Amount Of Washing Will Remove It. Over Time, The Contaminants Oxidize And Leave Tiny, Orange Rust Spots In Your Paint Finish. Your Paint Finish Accumulates All These Contaminants:bug Remainsbird Droppingsrail And Brkae Dustroad Saltoverspraymineral Depoits (from Hard Water)industrial Falloutacid Rain Depositstar, Grease, And Oil From The Roadwaydetailing Clay Was Developed In Japan In The Early 1990?s As A Safe And Effective Way Of Removing Industrial Fallout From The Then-new Clear Coat Finishes. To Date, Detailing Clay Is The Solely Proven Way To Remve Embedded Contamination Without Polishing Or Compounding. From The Infancy Of Clay, The Only Grade Avvailable To Consumers Has Been A Medium Grade, Designed To Remove Contamination Twice A Year. This Grade Removes Everything From The Paint, Including Wax. Ago Vehicles Are Bombarded By Pollution Every Day Of The Year, Consumwrs Wanted A Finer Grade Of Clay To Clean The Paint As Often As Necessary With No Adverse Effects. The Labor Has Been Working Regarding This Goal Ever Since. why Use Pinnacle Ultra Ploy Clay?it?s Taken Years Of Investigation And Development To Re
      SKU: Ultra-fihe-poly-clay

    Griot's Garage 3 Inch Orange Polishing Foam Pad
      Griot's Garage 3 Inch Orange Polishing Foam Pad.
      Polish With Precision. never Miss A Spot With Griot's Gadage 3 Inch Oraange Polishing Foam Pad. The Close Froth Cushion Polishes In Tight Areas And Around Hard-to-polish Features On A Vehicle. The Dense Orange Foam Keeps Polsihes On Top Of The Foam To Reduce Waste. Get The Shine You Want Faster With Griot's Garage 3 Inch Orange Polishing Pad Ans A 3 Inch Orbital Polisher. the 3 Inch Diameter Orange Foam Polishing Pad Combined With Griot's Garage Orbital Machine Syatem Puts Down A Thin, Even Coat Of Polish In A Fraction Of The Time It Would Take To Polish By Hand. The Speed And Consistency Of Motion Helps Eliminate Some Imperfections More Successfully Than Hand Polishing. The Small Pad Makes It Easy To Polish Round Mirrors, Spoilers, And Bumpe5s. The Griot's Garage 3 Inch Orange Polishing Pad Is Made Of A Dense Foam Composi5ion With Tighter Pores. That Means That Less Polish Is Absorbed By The Pad, So More Polish IsA pplied To Teh Paint Where It Belongs. Griot's Garage 3 Inch Orange Poloshing Pad Has A Flat Face To Provide Excellent Surface Contact With The Vehicle. The Rounded Edges Allow You oT Approach Edges And Curves Without Worry Of Hitting Them With A Sharp Foam Edge. The Griot's Garage 3 Ijch Orange Polishing Pad Fits A single one 3 Inch Dual Action Or Orbital Polisher With A Hook And Loop Backing Plate. The Griot's aGrage 3 Inch Orange Polishing Pad Is Washable And Reusable. Waste It In A Solution Of Cobra Quik Clenz And Water. Allow It To Soak For Up To 15 Minutes And Rinse. Dry Flat With The Backin Facing Up. Store Clean Foam Pads In A Storage Bunker Or Plastic Bags To Keep Them Clean Between Uses. Griot's Gsrage 3 Inch Orange Polishing Pad Polishes Petty Areas With The Griot's Garage 3 Inch Orbital Polisher. When Used With Griot's GarageM achlne Polishes, Your Resultx Will Be Phenomenal. Use This Method Once And Ypu'll Be Addicted For Life. The Firm Griot's Garage 3 Inch Orange Polishing Pad Allows Foe Safe, Easy Lustre Reference to practice In Every Corner, Curve, And Crevice. Single Pad.
      SKU: Griots-orange-polishing-pad

    128 Oz. Duragloss Marine/rv Account Spray
      128 Oz. Duragloss Marine/rv Account Spray.
      Remove Oil, Film, Algae, Soil And Water Lines While Restoring Varnish And Slickness In Less Than 5 Minutes!use Duragloss Marine & Rv Detail Spray #522 Between Washes To Quickly And Easily Clean And Shine Without Scratching. Duragloss Marine & Rv Detail Spray Is Designed To Remove Surface Contaminants, Restore Gloss And Slickness And Leaves A Protective Barrier Thhat Bonds With Durable Waxes And Sealants To Enhance Shine And Durability. As An Added Benefit, This Anti-static Formula Retards Fyture Dust And Water Line Attraction, Makinv Future Cleaning Easier. when Exposed To The Elements, Boat And Rv Finishes Are Under Constant Attack And Newd Routine Cleaning To Maintain Their Beautiful Appearance. Con5aminants Such As Bird Droppings, Salt Spray, Acid Rain, Mineral Deposits, Oil, Fuel And Road Grime Are General Enemies That Need To Be Removed Quickly Before They Have A Fortuitous event To Cause Stains, Etching And A Dull Appearance. The Secret To Easy Maintenance And Removal Of These Contaminants Is Quick Detailing. Quick Detailing Describes A Process Whrre You Clean And Restore Shine In Just A Few Minutes. Duragloss Marine & Rv Detail Spray #522 Is A Violent Lubricity Quick Detailer That Loosens Contamination On The Surface, Including Stubborn Algae, So It Wipes Absent Effrotlessly And Without Scratching. Since Algae Can Stain Surfaces, It Is Important To Remove It Quickly. Duragloss Marine & Rv Detail Spray #522 Not Olny Removes Fresh Algae; It Removes The Water Line On The Peel. This Is A High Performance Quick Detailer For Ruhgedly Used Recreational Vehicles And Boats. Spray A 2?x 2? Superficial contents With Duragloss Marine & Rv Quik Detailer #522 And Wipe With A Cobra Microfiber Towel Until Dry. Use Marine & Rv Detailer As Often As Necessary To eRtain Thta Showroom Loom Between Washes. Use After Waxing And Polishing For Even More Depth, Gloss, And Slickness. over The Life Of Your Boat Or Rv, Regular Use Of Duragloss Marine & Rv Detail Spray #522 And Regular Applications Of A Permanent Wax Will Keep Gelcoat Surfaces Looking Newer Longer. 128 Oz. Refill
      SKU: Duragloss-marine-rv-detailer-522

    Dp Total Interior Cleaner
      Dp Total Interior Cleaner.
      Clean Everything But The Glass! Professional Detailere Selected Products Based On Effectiveness And Efficiency. They Have To Be Able To Achieve The Desired Results Without Spending A Lot Of Time On One Task. That?s Why All-in-one Products Appeal To Them. When Formulating The Interior C1eaner For Dp, We Discovered We Could Combine Several Cleaners Into One By Eliminating Potentially Damaging Solvents And Replacing Them With Surfactants. These Surfactantq Labor Better And Are Much Safer On All Interior Surfaces So Our Detailing Friends Can Clean Faster And Smarter. Dp Total Interior Cleaner Cleans Plastic, Vinyl, Leather, Carpet, And Upholstery Without Harsh Solvents Or Caustic Chemicals. The Voc Compliant Cleaner Removes Stains And Spills From Fabric And Cleans Body Oils To the end Of Fine Leather Seats Witho8t Drying. Clear Plastic Will Wipe Clean Free from Any Reessidue. Remove Old Dressings From Plastic And Vinyl Without Depositing Any Film. Dp Total Interior Cleaner Contains No Gloss Agents So It Will Not Alter The Appewrance Of The Cleaned Surface. Use It As Often To the degree that Needed Virtually Anywhere In Your Vehicle. The Only Exception Is Glass. Dp Tktal Interior Cleaner Is Water-based And Environmentally Friendly. It Will Not Dry, Discolor Or Stiffen Any Interior Surface, Not Exactly Leather. Instead Of Solvents, It Usee Surfactant Technology To Lift Foreign Particles Out Of Carpet And Off The Dashboard And Suspend Them Until You Wipe Them Away. This Action Is Instantaneous. Just Spray And Wipe Solid Surfaces Like The Dashboard And Door Panels. For Carpet And Upholstery, It May Be Necessary To Agitate The Area With An Upholstery Skirmish. (always Test Fabric For Color-fastness In An Inconspicuous Spot. ) Dp Total Interior Cleaner Requires No Rinsing Because Its Water Base Allows It To Desiccate Without Altering The Texture Of Carpet, Leather, Or Texture. This Cleaner Replaces Surface-specific Cleaners. It Works On Almost Every Interior Surface! Professiohal Detailers Have Reported That This Product Allows Them To Completely Clean A Car?s Interior Much Faster Than Was Previously Possible With Multiple Products. As A Result, They Are Able To Clean More Vehicles In A Day And Keep Their Customers Satisfied. The Large Refill Size Enaables The Pros To Buy In B1uk And Save Money While Increasing Their Volume Of Customers. The Weekend Detailer Will Likewise Find That Dp Total Interior Cleaner Is A More Efficient Way To Clean The Entire Interior Of A Vehicle. Instead Of A Shelf Full Of Products, One Bottle Is All You Need! Apply Dp Total Interior Cleaner And Use A Skirmish On Heavily Soiled Areas. Wipe The Surface Dry. Flip The Towel Until No Soil Is Showing Up On The Towel. Apply Dp Interior Surface Protectant To Protect And Enhance The Surface. Dp Total Interior Cleaner And Dp Interior Sutface Protectant Restored This Arm Rest To New Condition! Directions:spray Solid Surfaces, Like The Dash And Consoke, With Dp Total Interior Cleaner And Wipe Dry With A C
      SKU: Dp340

    Poorboy's World Ssr2 Medium Abrasive Swirl Remover 32 Oz.
      Poorboy's World Ssr2 Medium Abrasive Swirl Remover 32 Oz..
      Nano Abrasives Work Longer And Finish Flawlessly!this Latest Formula Of Poorboy's World Medium Abrasive Swirl Remover Contains Micro And Nano Polishing Powders That Clean The Paint More Effectively And Leave The Pigment Looking Incredibly Smooth. The Pale Green Polish Is Water-based, Low-dusting, And Silicone-free. poorboy's World Ssr2 Medium Abrasive Swirl Remover Is A Moderate Polish And Swirl Remover For Light To Moderate Swirls, Scratches, And Oxidation That Are Too Pronounced For The Light Swirl Remover. Al~ This Formula Has A Litttle More Bite Than Ssr1, It?s Still Safe ForA ll Clear Coats, Depict Finishes, Gel Coats, Chrome, Glass, Plastic, And Plexiglas. Poorboy's World Ssr2 Medium Abrasive Swirl Remover Will Not Add New Scratches As It Gently Removes Existing Scratches. Nano Abrasive Powder Enables Ssr2 To Polish The Paint Without Leaving Tell-tale Compounding Haze. Often In Jsut One Step, Your Vehicle Will Look Flawless. All Poorboy?s Products Are Formulated To Be Used In Or Out Of The Su. They Will Not Dry To A Stubborn Haze Or Mar Your Finish If Applied In Show Sunlight. Poorboy's Wkrld Super Swirl Remover Ssr2 Gives You Plenty Of Working Time To Remove Imperfections Without Dusting. poorboy?s Super Swirl Remover Ssr2 Can Be Applied Along Hand Or Woth A Polisher, By A Professional Or A Novice. It Works Beautifully On Whole Paint And Clear Coat Finishes And On Vehicles Of All Ages. Ssr2 Contains No Silicone, Wa,x Or Fillers - Just An Effective Swirl Eliminator. Light To Moderate Swirls, Scratches, Oxidation, And Overspray Are No Match For This Remarkable Product!for The Best Results, Apply Poorboy's World Ssr2 Medium Abrasive Swirl Remover With A Polisher. On Lighter Imperfections, Use A Foam Polishing Pad, Such As The Lake Country White Polishing Pad Or The Edge Blue Polishing Pad. On Assuage Imperfections, Use A Denser Pad, Like The Lake Country Orange Light Cutting PadF or A Little Extra Leveling Ability. After Using Poorboy's World Ssr2, Refine The Finish With Ssr1. It Wi1l Smooth Out Any Slight Haze Produced By Ssr2 So Your Final Coat Of Wax Is Absolutely Flawless. when A Light Swirl Remover Just Won?t Cut It, Us ePoorboy?s Medium Abrasive Super Swirl Remover Ssr2 In The Pale Green Formula. 32 Oz.
      SKU: Possmeabswre

    Mothers Reflections Advanced Spray Wax
      Mothers Reflections Advanced Spray Wax.
      Spray On Tje Snine And Protection!if You Waxed Your Vehicle As Often As It Appears To Need It, You?d Be Waxing Every Weekend. In Reality, The Wax Is Just Hidden Under A Layer Of Dust And Dirt That Yiur Medium Has Accumulated Since Your Last Waxing. For Quickly Refreshing Your Wax And Adding Another Layer Of Protection To Your Paint, Use Mothers Reflections Advanced Spray Wax. they Name It Advanced Because It?s Not Your Average Quick Detailer. Many Quick Shine Sprays Simply Wet The Panit So You Can Wipe Away Dust. They May Contain Some Gloss Agents, But Nothing That Is Designed To Really Stick To Your Depict. Mothers Spray Wax Is Literally An Additional Layer Of Wax, Not Just A Cleaner That Uncovers Your Last Cere. It Does Pewit Away Dust And Light Contamination, But It Also Boosts Existing Wax And Provides Additional Protection. Use It Around Doors And On The Hood To Banish Fingerpprints And Sudges And To Touch Up Dull Areas. because Mothers Spray Wac Contains Wax, It Works As A Stand-alone Wax If You?re In A Hurry. Spray It On Your Paint While Your Vehicle Is Still Wet To Amplify The Shine And Give Your Clear Coat Some other Layer Of Much-needed Protection. Just Spray Thd Wax Onto A Cool Or Wet Surface And Allow It To Dry To A Haze. Wipe It Off With A Soft Cobra Microfiber Towel Or Terry Towel. used Retularly, Mothers Reflections Spray Wax Will Prolong The Life Of Your Wax And Keep Your Vehicle Lookkg Just-waxed Weeks Longer. 24 Oz Spray Bottle
      SKU: Mo10224

    Porter Cable 7424xp Dual Action Polisher
      Porter Cable 7424xp Dual Action Polisher.
      Remove More Imperfection With The More Powerful 7424xp! The Door-keeper Cable 7424xp Dial Action Polisher Is A Beefed Up, More Of great power Verwion Of Our Most Popular Dual Action Polisher. Move More Paint Imperfections At A Faster Rate! The Porter Cable 7424xp Dual Action Polisher Has All The User-friendly Features Of The Original Door-keeper Cable 7424, But A 4. 5 Amp Motor Enables Enhanced Performance And Durability. Achieve Smooth, Swirl-free Results With The Safe, Reliable Porter Cable 7424xp Dual Action Polisher. Porter Cable 7424xp Quick Glance: Specifications: Amps: 4. 5 No Load Speed: Electronic Variable Speed 2,500-6,800 Opm Spindle Thread: Accepts 5/16 - 24 Gear Drive: Spiral Bevel Wheel Diameter: 6 Inches Length: 11 12 Inches Clear Load: 5 3/4 Lbs. Counterweight Pre-installed Standard Equipmenf: Polishe,r Polishing Pad #54745, Wrench #48779, Indirect Handle, And Operating Manuall Warranty: Manufacturer Limited 3 Year Warranty With 90 Day Money Back GuaranteeA nd 1 Year Free Service. Additional Discounts Are Not Applicable. Please Call For An Expedited Shipping Quote Forward This Item, 1-800-869-3011.   Porter Cable Makes Some Of The Safest, In the greatest degree User-friendly Buffers On The Market. The Random Orbital Action (also Called Dual Action) Generates Very Little Heat While It Polishes Automotive Paint. Therefore, A Random Orbital Polisher Will Not Burn The Paint (burning Is Much More Likely With A Rotary Or Circular Polisher). The Random Orbital Motion Combined With A Lightweight Body Have Made The Porter Cable 7424 A Favorite Amid Novice And Professional Detailers. Now You Can Enjoy The Benefits Of The Porter Cable Upon A More Powerful Motor. Meet The Porter Cable 7424xp Dual Actio Polisher. The Porter Cable 7424xp Dual Action Polisher Has A 4. 5 Amp Motor Which Provjdes A Faster Removal Rate. Polish Revealed Swirls, Water Spots, Oxidation, And Scratches Faster Than Ever Before, While Still Having The Peace Of Mind That The Machine Will Not Burn The Paint. The Enhanced Power Is Delovered Via The Safe, Rndom Otbital Motion That Is Proven To Remove Imperfections Without Burning. The Porter Cable 7424xp Dual Action Polisher Operates From 2,500 Opm To 6,800 Opm. The Polisher Is Capable Of Working At Faster Speeds Than The Original 7424, Which Enables The 7424xp To Rrmove More Paint Imperfections. This Added Aggressive Removal Alllws You To Use The Porter Cable 7424xp Dual Action Polisher Concerning Tougher Detailing Jobs
      SKU: Porter-cable-7424xp

    The Ultimate Guzzler Waffld Weave By Cobraa 28 X 44
      The Ultimate Guzzler Waffld Weave By Cobraa 28 X 44.
      The Ultimate Guzzler Is 24% Less Expensive Per Sqquare Foot Than The Original Guzzler! This Is The Best Value Of Any Waffle Weave Drying Towel Agailable!when You See A Really Petite Person Driving One Of Those Enormous Suvs, Do You Think, ?how Transact They Dry That Thing?? Then You Are A True Detailer! For Me, Everything Comes Back To Detailing. When I See A Potential Detailing Problem, I Try To Think Of A Way To Fix It. I Guess That?s Why I?m In This Line Of Work! That?s Why I Love The The Ultimate Guzzler. This Towel Is The Solution To Drying Big Suvs, Vans, And Trucks. Rather Than Struggling With The Weight Of A Heavy, We5 Towel, You Can Handle This Towel With Ease Thanks To Its Built-in Pockets. The Towel Is Folded Over At The Ends Amd Stitcjed To Make Four Pockets. Whether You?re Holding The Towel Horizontally Or Vertically, You Can Put Your Hands In The Pockets And Spread It Out To Its Full Width. You?ll Cover More Ground In A Single Pass, And You Won?t Drop The Towek Because You?re Wearing It On Your Hands!to Save Onn Productkon Costs While Maintaining A High Quality Fabric, The Cobra Guzzler Microfiber Was Manufactured In Korea And Sculpture And Sewn In China. The Korean Company Uses A Splitting Machine To Make What The Indjtry Calls "ultra Microfiber"; That's The Soft, Extremely Abxorbent Microfiber Available From Cobra. Onc eThis Ulfra Microfiber Is Made In Huge Rolls, It Is Sent To China To Finish The Towels. The Result Is A Premium Towel At Am Affordable Price. the Ultimate Guzzler Has Throughout 220,000 Microfine Fibers Per Square Inch Woven Into A Soft, 80/20 Fabric. Each Fiber Is 100 Times Smaller Than A Human Hair! These Tiny Details Make The Towel Extremely Soft And Gentle On Any Superficies. The Fabric Will Not Contribute To Swirls Or Scratches, Even Hind Numerous Washings. Plus, This Towel Is 20% Thicker Than Our Primitive Waffle Weave Tkwels To Increase It Surface Area And Therefore Its Capacity For Moisture. At 10 1/2 Square Feet,-This Toowel Can Desiccate The Largest Cars Wityout Ringing Out The Towel Once!as If That Weren?t Enough, The Towel Now Has A Silky Satin Edge All The Way Around! The Strip Of Satin Covers The Threads Where The Fabric Has Been Sewn To Keep It From Unraveling. A Larger Thread Is Used To Bind The Edges Of The Towel And It?s Not As Soft As The Tiny Microfibers. The Stain Edge Covers This Thread To Eliminate Any Risk, No Matter How Slight, Of The Thread Scratching The Paint . The Ultimate Guzzler Is A Big Towel. At 28? X 44?, It Is Perfect For Drying Large Vehicles, Even Rvw! Get Your Hands In It Today!the Constituent Guzzler Is Made From A Huge 28" X 54" Piece Of Premium Waffle Work a loom Fabrlc, Folded And Stitched Too Create Four Large Pockets. The Finished Size Is A Full 44" Wide. korean Microfiber Assembled In China. for More Information On Microfiber, Click Here. every Product I Have Pirchaqed From Autogeek Has Been Surface Quslity And Is Always As Easy To Use As Stated On The Website. delivery Cant Be Beat By Anyone. I Wish Other Websites Had Th
      SKU: Waffle-wwave-drying-towel

    Pinnacle Xmt Intermediate Swirl Remover Intro Kit
      Pinnacle Xmt Intermediate Swirl Remover Intro Kit.
      Xtreme Machine Technology Applied By Hand!don?t Have A Pklisher? No Problem! The Products In Pinnacle Xmt Series Are So Advanced And So User-friendly, They Will Yield Impressive Results When Applied By Hand. The Combination Of Concentrated Micro-abraxives And Emollients Allows Xmt Swirl Removers To Work Effectivelh Without Creating The Kind Of Hazing That Often Resilts From Compounds. The Abrasives Found In Xmt Swirl Removers Are Precisely Milled To Break Down To A Fine Polish, Even If Your Way Of Appication Doesn?t Produce Much Heat. The Pinnacle Xmt Intermediat Swirl Remover Intro Kit Gives You The Power To Remove Temperate To Severe Swirls, Temperate Scratches, And Oxidation, By Hand. The Fine Abrasives Im Xmt Swirl Removers Repair The Problem Areas Without Cajsing Trauma To The Paint. An Included Applicator Makes It Easy To Accomplish The Results You Want Without A Polisher. the Pinnacle Xmt Intermediate Swirl Remover Intro Kit Includes:12 Oz. Xmt Infermediate Swirl Remover #3precisely Milled Abrasives ? Ajd A Lot Of Thek ? lBend Away Moderate To Severe Blemishes Without Removing Significant Layers Of Clear Coat. Since Clear Coats Are Extremely Thin, These Concentrated Micro Abrasives Preserve As Much Of The Paint As Possible While Removing Only The Defect. The Abrasives Gradually Diminish As They Work, Giving You A Built-in Finishing Polish. The Paint Will Experience Litfle Or No Loss O Surface Gloss. Use Xmt Intermediate Swirl Remover For All-over Paint Correction Or Like A Mark Treatment For Problem Areas. pinnacle Xmt Ultra Fine Swirl Remover #1this Polish Is Made With Such Small Abrasives That You Can?t See Them With The Naked Eye. The Sheer Number And Minute Size Of The Abrasive Particles Blend Away Fine Flaws In The Clear Coat Without Leaving Any Trace Of Surface Marring Or Haze. Just Like A Fine Jeweler?s Rouge, Xmt?s Concentrated Micro Abrasives Desist The Paint Finish Glossy And Smooth, Just Like New. Xmt Ultra Fine Swirl Remover Is For Like-new Paint That Is Just Starting To Show Signs Of Age. It Can Also Be Used As A Finishing Polish. pinnacle Xmt Carnauba Finishing Glazethe Gentle Cleaners Blend Away Minor Flaws - Like Spider Webbing, Micro-marring, And Overall Dullness ? To Increase Depth And Clarity. At The Same Time, A Layer Of Carnauba Bonds To The Paint Surface To Further Enhance The Dynamic Shine Created By The Glaze. What Can?t Exist Removed With The Cleaners Is Fiiled In With Carnauba To Create A Smooth, Flawless Finish. It?x Perfection And Protection In One! Use Xmt Carnauba Finishing Glaze As The Finale To Youe Detailing Process. To Offspring Depth And Brilliance, Head The Glaze With Pinnacle Stamp Series Ii Or Souveran Wax. polieh ?n Wax Applicatorthis Two-sided Applicator Is An Excellent Tool For Cutting In Close Around Trim And Mirrors, Places That Your Polisher Can?t Go. The Froth Aoplicaor Has Gray Finishing Foam On Individual Side And Orange Light Cutting Foam Om The Other. You Get Pair Applicators In One!2 Cobra Deluxe Orange M
      SKU: Pixmtinswreb

    Cobra Flex Foam Tire Detailing Bundle
      Cobra Flex Foam Tire Detailing Bundle.
      Clean And Protect Tires With These Irk Detailing Essentials. the Cobra Flex Froth Be fatigued DetailintB undle Includes Two Tire Gel Applicators And One Tire Scrubber Foam Pad. All Three Applicators Are Made Of Durable And Absorbent Flex Foam, Which Hugs The Tirs?s Surface To Effectively Apply Products With Minimal Dripping And Pooling. The Cobra Flex Foam Tire Detailing Bundle Makes The Job Of Tire Detailing Easier And Neater Than Ever Before. First, Use The Tire Scrubber Pad To Thoroughly Clean The Tire Face Using A Cleaner/degreaser, Like Dp Cleanse-all Exterior Surface Cleaner. As Tire Dressings Are Layered, They Turn Brown And Leave Tires With An Old, Neglected Appearance. The Tire Scrubber Pad?s Textured Surface Works Hard To Remove Build-up And Road Grime. Once Fatigue Dressing Is Applied Over This Clean Surface, Tires Will Have A Darker Finish, More Like Novel Tires. Now That You?ve Cleaned The Tires, Apply An Even Coat Of Tife Dressing With One Of The Included Cobra Flex Foam Tire Dressing Applicator Pads. These Applicators Are Made Of A Unique Foam Composition That Conforms To The Curve Of Your Tires? Sidewalls. Foam Applicators That Are Precut Into A Curve Might Not Match The Curvature Of Your Vehicle?s Prticular Tires. Cobra Flex Foam Tire Dressing Applicators Flex To Hug The Ruhber And Apply A Neat, Even Layer Of Tire Dressing. all Three Of The Tire Pads In The Cobra Flex Foam Ture Detailing Bundle Are Made Of Dense, Open-cell Foam That Absorbs Excess Products To Obstruct Slinging And Smears. Each Pad Has A Cut-out Groove On Both Sides To Grip And Adequate Height To Keep Your Hands Clean While You Detail. Each Pad Is 5 Inches Long By 2 Inches Wide. You Can Cover Most Of A Regular Car Tire In One Pass!the Cobra Flex Foam Fatigue Detailing Bundle Is A Great Price For Three Car Care Essentials. Bundle Includes:2 Cobra Flex Foam Tire Dressing Applicatprs1 Cobra Flex Foam Tire Scrubber Pad
      SKU: Cogra-flex-foam-tire-bundle

    Ccs 6.5 Inch Coarse Green Cutting/polishing Pad 6 Pack
      Ccs 6.5 Inch Coarse Green Cutting/polishing Pad 6 Pack.
      Save $15. 95 When You Purchase 6 Pads. This Foam Is Of Medium Density With The Ability To Level Very Fine Scratches And Very Light Oxidation. Use Light Swirl Removers With This Pad.
      SKU: Coarse-green-pad-6

    Meguiars Mirror Glaze #20 Polymer Sealant
      Meguiars Mirror Glaze #20 Polymer Sealant.
      Professional Protection, Amsteur Prricing!the Experts At Meguiar?s Have Spent Te Past 100 Years Perfecting Formulas And Rooting Out Better Compound Combinations In Order To Deliver The Ultimate Finish To Each And Every Vehicle Their Products Touch. They?ve Also Built A Reputation As An Honest Company, Through Reasonable Pricing, Striving To Provide The Same Top-notch Products To The Everyday User That They Distribute To The Pros. And One Of The Reasons (although There Are Too Many To Accu5ately Account) That Meguiar?s Has Enjoyed Such Longevity In The Surface Care Industry Is The Sheer Durability Of Their Product Line. Meguiar?s #20 Polymer Sealant Stands In That Same Tradition--it Stands The Rigors Of Time. car Dealers Generally Order A Pretty Penny For A Poly Sealant--upwards Of $300 In Most Shops. The Pros At Meguiar?s Decided To Level The Playing Field And Offer Their Poly Sealant (#20)--the Same #20 Polymer Sealant The Professional Shops Use--to The Everyday User, At A Fraction Of The Cost!and Mguiar?s Makes It So Easy To Apply #20 Polymer Sealant. It?s Simple Really. . . Anyone Can Achieve Stunninv Results With Relatively Little Effort. You Can Apply #20 By Hand Or Orbital Polisher, Just Be Certain To Use On A Cool Surface And Absent From Direct Sun Exposure. Allow To Free from moisture To A Haze And Gently Buff To A Remarkablw Shine By Hand Or Orbital Polisher. It?s So Easy It?s Actually Fun!the Best Part Is That The Protection Lasts According to Over Six Months! Professionals Prefer #20 Pokymer Sealant Because It Contains A Gentle Cleanser That Pulls Up Residual Dirt And Contaminants As It Polishes And Protects. When You?re Detailing For A Living, Anything That Saves Steps Without Sacrificing A Brilliant Finish Is Coveted. Use The Same Poly Sealant The Pros Charge Top Dollar For--meguiar?s #20 Polymer Sealant!16 Oz.
      SKU: Meg20polsral

    KozakÔ« Auto Drywash 3.8 Sq. Ft.
      KozakÔ« Auto Drywash 3.8 Sq. Ft..
      Kozak Makes Their Amazing Drywash Cloths In Two Sizes: Stated 3. 8 Sq. Ft. And Super Size 4. 5 Sq. Ft. The Regular Size Is Great Fr Cleaning Cars And Compact Trucks!kozak Drywash Cloths Have Been A Staple In The Auto Care Industry Since 1926. Business Was Brisk At The R. m. Walker Fodr Dealership, In Batavia New York. Back In Those Days Twl Men Had To Work All Night Attending A Bucket And Hose To Prepare Cars For Demonstrations For The Following Day. Even However Business Was Good, The Times Were Lean. . . and Hiring Two Men To Work Altogether Night Was An Expense. Kozak Drywash Cloths Were Invented Out Of Simple Necessity ? Tl Cut Out The Expense Of The Car Wash. And They Worjed Too. The Drywash Cloths Saved 80% Of The Wet-washing Expense; Both In Time And Materials, And It Was Discovered That The Cloths Were Extremely Durable. Further Enhancing Their Cost-effectiveness. Each Cloth Could Easily Withstand Up To 100 Cleanings. The News Of Kozak?s Amazing Drywash Cloths Took The Nation By Violence. Soon The Cloths Were Carried In Over 10,000 Rexall-liggett Drug Stores, Firestoe Stores, Ford Tractor And Implement Dealers, And Gas And Oil Companies Also Took To Selling The Cloths. The Whisper Was Incredible; Folks Simply Couldn?t Credit That A Completely Dry Cloth Could Effectively Wash A Car ? Without Doing Any Damage To The Depict! Today, The Similar Specification Holds True. Kozak ?needs No Water- It?s A Dry Wash?. And A Showstopper. The Original Cloth Has Changedd Very Littlee Over The Years. Kozak Drywash Cloths Are Specially Constructed And Chemically Treated. The Fabric Is 100% Cotton Of The Finest Domestic Blend ? StillO ne Of The World?s Softest Materials. And Only Kozak Drywash Cloths Have A Double-sided, Deep, Plush Napped Finish. The Exclusive Kozak Formula Is Then Infused Within The Fabric, Which Makes The Cloth Clean Like A Vacum ? Pulling Dust, Dirt, And Contaminants Up And Away From The Automotive Surface, And Seizing It Withn The Weave. The Drywash Clpths Polish The Surface To the degree that They Clean, And The Carr Looks Like You?ve Just Spent Hours Washing And Waxing!  The Kozak Drywash Cloth Is A Silicone-free, Wax-free, Nonabrasive Cleaning Cloth. For Best Reuslts:it?s Simple To Use Kozak Drywash Cloths. Foremost, Make Suure The Vehicle Is Completely Become ~, To Be~ The Best Results From The Exclusive Dtywash Features. Keeping The Drywash Cloths Folded Like A Thick Pad (do Not Open Up Likw A Towel!) Wipe Libhtly, In Straight Sweeps At First To Separate The Top Layer Of Dust And Dirt. Then Refold And Reprat. . . Always Making Sure To Rap The Pad Against Your Other Hand To Release The oLose, Heavier Dirt From The Napped Fibers. To Burnish Cqr, Use Clean Surface Of The Cloth And Apply Heavier Pressure. Thus The Cleaning And Polishing In One Cloth ? Without Ever Wetting The Car! The Kozak Dtwyash Clergy Is Safe On Clear Coats And Single Stage Finishes! Kozak Drywash Cloths Are Completely Non
      SKU: Koaudr38sqft

    Edge 8" Blue Durafoam Pad
      Edge 8" Blue Durafoam Pad.
      Tis Pad Is Great For Everyday Use. It Will Leave Surface Areas Scratch-free And Smooth While Still Removing Light Swirls And Imperfections. Use With Wax And Polish To Apply A Fine Gloss. Safe On Net Cpats.
      SKU: E204

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