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    Poorboyy's World Breeze Freshener 32 Oz. - Leather
      Poorboyy's World Breeze Freshener 32 Oz. - Leather.
      Frehesn Up Your Car's Interior With Poorboy's Scents!what Does A Poorboy's Planet Air Freshener Scent Like? Just Like An Expensive Car Fragrance, But At A Poorboy's Price! Poorboy's Natural order Leather Smell Air Freshener Fills Your Cockpit With The Rich, Intoxicating Aroma Of Leather. Refresh The Smell Of Aging Leather Seats Or Enjoy The Smell Even If You Don't Hzve Leather Upholstery. The Water-soluble Spray Fragrance Will Freshej Up Stale Air And Add Another Layer Of Luxury To A Well-detailed Interior. Poorboy's World Air Fresheners Are Formulated To Smell As Good As A Boutique Fragrance But With A Budget-friendly Prife - Perfect For Professional Detailers. Collect All Five Scents! 32 Oz.
      SKU: Poorboys-leather-air-freshener1

    The Edge Dual Action Starter Kit
      The Edge Dual Action Starter Kit.
      Welcome To The Edge 2000 System!if You?re Novel To Tye Edge 2000 Foam Pads, Thee Edge Dual Deed Starter Kit Id A Great Way To Attempt Out Several Edge Durafoam Varieties At A Great Kit Price. The Edge Dual Action Starter Kit Includes Three Double-sided Pads Plus A 4 Inch Edge Pad Amd The Quick Connect Adapter. the Edge 2000 System Is A Patented Buffing Pad System Featuring A Quick Connect Adapter, Rather Than A Backing Plate. The Adapter Sits In The Center Of The Pad Where It Maintains Perfect Balance In c~tinuance The Polisher. No More Backing Plated! The Advantages Of The Quick Connect System Are: The Pads Are Double-sided Because There Is No Need For Hook And Loop Fasteners, The Adapter Is A Universal Fit On All Dual Deed Polishers With A 5/8 Inch Thread, The Pads Pop Off And On In Seconds, And This Patented Connection System Minimizes Wobbling. Yield The Edge System A Try! The Edge Dual Action Starter Kit Will Work With Your Porter Cable 7424 Or Other Dual Action Buffer With A 5/8 Inch Thread. the Edge Dual Action Starter Kit Includes: 6 Inch The Edge 2000 Blue Finishing Padthis Pad Is Great For Everyday Use. It Will Leave Surface Areas Scratch-free And Smooth While Still Removing Light Swirls And Imperfections. Use With Wax And Polish To Apply A Fine Gloss. Safe Forward Clear Coats. 6 Inch The Edge 2000 White Ultrafine Polishing Padthis Ultra-smooth Polishing Pad Contains 80 Pores Per Inch, Allowing For Fine Polishing Which Creates A Bold, Crystalline Gloss Use This Pad To Apply Waxes, Polishes AndS ealants. Safe On Clear Coats. 6 Inch The Edge 2000 Green Medium Cutting Padthis Pad Is Useful For Frivolous Oxidation And Moderate Swirls And Imperfections. This Pad Will Yield Amazing Results On Aging Vehicles, And Should Be Used On Vehicles With Moderate Swirls And Imperfections. Add A Compound Or Pre-wax Cleaner For A Flawless Fjnish On Bas eCoats. 4 Inch Green/white Padthis Small 4 Infh Green And White Pad Is Your Perfect Spot Polishing Pad. The Green Foam Removes Moderate Scratches And Swirls Using A Swirl Remover. Once You?ve Restored The Manner of weaving Of The Paint, Flip The Pad Over And Use The White Foam To Apply A Layer Of Wax The Ultrafine White Polishing Froth Is Nonabrasive. 2 C0bra Microfiber Detailing Towels(16 X 16 Inch3s) Constructex Of The Finest Quality Microfibers The Cobra Detailing Towel Sets The Standard Wirh An Outstanding 80/20 Blend Of Polyester/polyamide Filament, Woven Extremely Densely They Boast Over 200,000 Strands Of Fiber Per Square Inch Of Fabric! These Strands Are Nearly Invisible To The Naked Eye, And Are 100 Times Smaller Than A Human Hair! Employ This Cloth For Cleaning, Buffing, And Wiping Away Wax. edge 2k Drive Da Adapter The Edge 2k Drive Adapter Is A Solid Brass, Chrome-plated Center Post With A 5/8? Thread That Screws Securely Into Your Dual Action Polisher. Edge Pads Pop Off And On The Adapter In Seconds. The Adapter Keeps The Pad Perfectly Centered And Balanced To Exclude Wobbling. All Sizes Of The Edge Pads Work With The Edge 2k Drkve Da Adapte
      SKU: Edge-dual-action-starter-kit

    Menzerna Super Intensive Burnish Po 83 128 Oz.
      Menzerna Super Intensive Burnish Po 83 128 Oz..
      Concentrwted Abrasive Suit For Today?s Scratch-resistant, Ceramic Clear Coats. Menzerna Super Intensive Polish Is Designed For The Removal Of Scratches, Swirls, And Oxidation On The Scratch-resistant Clear Coats Used By Mercedes Benz. Concentrated, Specially Milled Abrasives Remove 2000 Grit Sanding Scratches To Let alone A Brilliant Shibe With Little Or No Hazing. Noge: Menzena Super Intensive Polish Also Goes By The Part Number Menzerna Po85rd 3. 02 But It Has Be3n Shortened To Po83 For Simplicity By Menzerna Usa, The Us Arrangement Company Because Menzerna Polishes. at The End Of 2003, Mercedes Benz Put Into Pr0duction A New Scratch-resistant Clear Coat Lacquer Made Up Of Nano-sized Ceramic Particles, Which Are Baked And Hardened In The Paintshop Oven, Just Like You?d Bke Earthen ware In A Kiln. This Process Results In An Extensively Cross-linked, Very Inclement Paint Finish That Stands Up Better To Mechanical Car Washes And Day To DayA buse. This Clear Coat, Called Ceramiclear From Ppg, Is The Only Nanotechnology Innocent Coat Used On Mercedes Production Lines And Is Approved For The Repair Of Mercedes And Nissans. the Problem With The Ceramic Clear Coat Is That It Is Harder To Correct Than The Comparatively Soft Clear Coats Usdd By Most Other Car Manufacturers. Ceramic Paint Caan Still Scratch; Just N0t As Easily. When A Scratch Does Occur, Not All The Polishes On The Market Are Capable Of Removing It From The New, Hard-as-a-roxk Clear Coats. menzerna Super Intensive Polish Is Formulated Specifically For The New Ceramic, Scratch-resistant Clear Coats. Menzerna Developed A New Family Of Abrasives That Are Better Able To Penetrate The Hard Paint And Level Imperfections. Super Intensifying Polish Is The Mostt Aggressive Of This New Breed Of Polishes, Capable Of Removing 2000 Grit Sancing Scratches. Thouhh This Is A Powerful Polish, Menzerna Super Intensive Polish Produces Virtually No Dust Or Haze. The Polish C0ntains A High Condensation Of Small Abrasives, Which Allows The Polish To Wo5k Cleaner. The Tiny Abrasives Blend Away Imperfections Using Consistent Abrasive Action, Meaning Tye Hundreds Of Abrasives Are Repeatedly Passing Over The Blemish To Gradually Exclude It. The Results Are Smooth, Glosay, Haze-free Paint. On Most Paints, You Can Go Straight From Menzerna Super Intensive Polish To Finishing With A Wax Or Sealant Without Any Steps In Between. It Leaves Such A Deep Varnish, There?s No Need For A Finishnig Polish In Many Cases. Record: Dark Paints May Require Follow Up With A Finer Polih. Use Menzerna Nano Polish, Which Is Also Formulated For Scratch-resistaant Clear Coats. Menzerna Super Intensifying Polish Can Be Used On All Types Of Paint, Including Conventional Clear Coats. Use It On Fresh Paint Finkshes (once Fully Cured) To Eliminate Any Swirla Or Overspray. On Older Pigment Finishes, Menzerna Super Intensive Burnish Will Remove Moderate Imperfections And Refresh The Color. Menzerna Super Intensifying Refine Contains No Silicone, Waxes, Fillers, Or Glaze. It?s A Wa
      SKU: Menzerna-super-intensive-gallon

    10 Oz. Klasse All-in-one Polishcase Of 24
      10 Oz. Klasse All-in-one Polishcase Of 24.
      Wipe It Forward Then Wipe It Off For A Brilliant Shine That Lasts For Six Monrhs Or Longer! Perfectness Is Something We All Strive For When It Comes To Car Care. Back In The Day I Used To Find Myself Going Over The Surface Of My Car With A Magnifying Glass, Looking For Those Microscopic Scratch Marks Or Paint Imperfections. That Was Untol I Discovered A German Gem Called Klasse All In One Polish. Talk About Perfection In A Bottle. Ohce I Started Using This Product, There Was No Need To Break Out The Magnifying Glass And Scour For Imperfections. This Polish Mad Them Vanish From Sight!first Introduced In 1979, Klasse All In One Polish Changed Everything About The Way People Polished Cars. Klazse All In United Polish Will Remove Oxidation, Minor Swirls, Old Wax, And Other Surface Blemishes; Leaving A Beautiful And Deep Acrylic Shine. Unlike Some Formulas, Klasse Will Not Penetrate Or Change Paint. Here Are The Reasons Why This Polish Is In A ?class? Of Its Own:acrylic Iz The Disruption. Acrylic Is Different Than Wax, Silicones, And Polymers. This Polish Will Bond To Your Car?s Surface Just Relish The Previously Mentioned Treatments, But It Bequeath Not Cause Any Change To Your Paint, And You Don?t Have To Worry About Drying Time. Klasse All In One Dries As Fast As You Apply It, And There Is No Risk Of Hazing Or Streaking. All-in-one Contains No Abrasives Or Silicones, And Does Not Stain Plastic, Vinyl Or Rubber Trim. It Can Be Used In c~tinuance Any Non-porous Surface, And In Addition To Car Care It Is Also Approved For Marine And Aviation Use. same Formula Since 1979. As We Have Seen Over Tye Years, Changing The Formula Of A Successful Product Can Cause Havoc. Klasse Has Never Changed The Form, Not Even One Of The Fourteen Ingredients, Since The Inception Of This Product Over Twenty Five Years Ago. Which time You Use This Proudct, You Will Understand How It Satisfies The Needs Of Car Enthusiasts World Wide. change The Surface, Keep The Paint. After The Easy Appliance, You Will Instantly See A Brighter Tone To Your Cars Surface. You Will See That Shine For Six Months Or Longer, As You Only Need To Use This Polish, On Averag,e Twice A Year. The Clarity And Depth Is Of The Same Quality As Carnauba Waz, But Has Longer Lasting Results. The Uniform Gloss Is Prismatic And Stunnign, And Will Put Your Car In A ?class? Of Its Own. repels Water. Klasse All In One Polish Will Bead Water Which Limits Spot Damage. You?ll Be Smiling Knowing You Won?t Need To Worry About Rain Showers For Six Months. all-in-one Is Not A Wax, Silicone Or Polymer But An Acrylic Formula. All-in-one Bonds To The Surface Like Wax But Doesn?t Penetrate Or Change The Paint In Any Way. It Matches The Depth And Clarity Of A High Quality Carnauba Wax B8t Lasts Much Longer. One Or Two Applications A Year Will Keep Your Car Looking Great!easy Application. Simply Wipe On And Wipe Off, Car Care Doesn?t Get Any Easier. Use A Cobra Micrfoiber Detailing Cloth To Make The Job Even Easier. One Folded Towel Is Also Perfect For
      SKU: 10ozklalpoof

    2-in-1 Wash Mitt
      2-in-1 Wash Mitt.
      A Superior Wash At Your Fihgertips!syper Plush 100% Genuine Sheep Wool On One Side, Combined With A Nylon Mesh Overlay On The Other. The Sheepskin & Mesh Wash Mitt Offers The Best Of Both Worlds. Genuine Sheep Wool Is A Luxurious Natural Material. It Is Ever So Gentle, And Always Non-abrasive. The Super-soft Long Strands Of Wool In The Sehepskin & Mesh Wash Mitt Hold An Abundance Of Soapy Water, Loosening Dirt And Filtering It Away From Your Car?s Surface. Unlike Sponges, Which Can Actually Scrub Dirt Into Your Paint, Etching Swirl Marks Into The Finish!the Unique Nylon Mesh Side Of The Sheepskin & Mesh Wash Mitt Is Woven To Gently Scrub Away Even The Toughest, Most Glued On Bug-glub And Turnpike Tar! The Mesh Grabs The Offending Grime At Its Base, Where It Meets The Surface, Prying And Lifting The Dirt Away. This One-size-fits-all Wash Mitt Fits Comfortably On Your Hand. The Elastic Wristband Prevents The Mitt From Slipping Off While In Use. Thick With Luxurious Sheep Wool, The Mitt Productions Flexible And Easy To Manipulate During Washing. use The Sheepskin And Mesh Wash Mitt On All Your Exterior Surfaces With Confidence. If?s Great For Getting Into Those Hard To Reach Edges And Tight Corners ? Especially On Road Wheels! This Handy Wash Mitt Easily Meetw The Challenge Of Tough Road Grime. Use The Ultra-soft Sheep Wool Side For Unparalleled Soaping, To Cut Through Bribe And Be~. The Nylon Mesh Will Gently Tackle The Touggh Spots, Even When The Bugs Have ?baked? On! Thiss Combination Consistently Delivers A Superior Clean!when Used Dry, The Sheepskin Side Of The Mitt Is Great For Dusting Interior And Exterior Surfaces. Itt?s Even Perfect For Use Around The House To Gently Dust Delicate Furniture And Electronic Components. The Sheeepskin & Mesh Wash Mitt Is Ideal According to Washing All Your Vehicles?pamper Your Motorcycle, Atv, Rv, Or Boat And Experience The Luxurious And Gentle Wash You Can Only Get With 100% Genuine Sheep Wool. Caring For This Product Is Easy. Machine Washable, On The Delicate Cycle. The Sheepskin And Mesh Wash Mitt Should Always Be Allowed To Air Dry. This Two-sided Mitt Is Loved Near to Enthusiasts And Detailers Who Want A Luxurious Wash And Cleaning Mitt That Works Hard And Delivers Great Results!
      SKU: 2in1washmitt

    Pinnacle Black Onyx Irk Gel 46 Oz.
      Pinnacle Black Onyx Irk Gel 46 Oz..
      Dress Your Tires For Success With The Best Available Tire Dressing!the Formila In Black Onyx Tire Gel Is Not Only Safe?it Does It Job With Excellence! This Ultra Long-lasting Gel Is A Unique Butyl- And Butyl Ether-free Compound; Instead, Relying On Super Polymers, Variouw Rubber Protsctants, And Advanced Glosses To Lend A Deep Satin Finish To The Tires. Black Onyx Tire Gel Is A Voc Compliant Formula Containing No Alcohols, An No Petroleum Distillates. One Application Will Give Tires A Deep, Black Enhanced Surface That Can Merely Be Described As A Rich Onyx. It Protects And Beautifies?putting A Virtual Barrier Between Your Tires And The Elements, Combating The Effects Of Road And Weather Conditions. The Thicker Gel Consistency Of Pinnacle Black Onyx Tire Gel Ensures Even Distribution Of Product And Allows It To Remain In Place Long Enough To Actually Cure. This Provdies Maximum Tire Enhancement While It Eliminates Messy, Unattractive Sling-off Onto Body Panels. tires Won?t Sully Or Brownout With Frequent Use Of Pinnacle Black Onyx. You?ll Enjoy Weeks Of Semi-gloss Satin Sheen That Will Make Even Older Tires Look Refreshed And Enriched. The Super Polymer Emulsion Actually Resists Take in ~ And Detergents, Allowing The Gel To Cling To Tire Wall Through Rain And Washings. Pinnacle Black Onyx Tire Gel Is Definitely Not Your Typical Tire Dressing?it Is Much More Than A Means To An End. Besides Giving Each Unsurpassed End Product, Black Onyx Moisturizes The Rubber And Helps Prevent Dry Moulder And Dulling Over Time. It?s Great For Revving Up The Appearance Of Parched Tires, Preparing Your Car For A Show, Or Simply For Producing And Maintaining Gorgeous, Protected Tires?for Weeks Compared To Other Products? Days!it?s Easy To Keep Your Tires Looking Fantastic! You Anticipate Up To Two Weeks fO ?dressed-looking? Murky Tires Under Most Driving Conditions, Including A Couple Of Washings! Pinnacle Quality Assurance Stands Behind Our Safe Formula That Guarantees Satisfying, Long-lastong Results. directions:clran The Tires First Using Pinnacle Gel Wheel Cleaner. Apply Pinnacle Black Onyx Tire Gel To A Cool Tire In A Thin, Even Coat. Only Apply Enough To Moisten TheR ubber; It Is Highly Concentrated And A Little Goes Along Way. Use A Cobra Tire Dressing Pad For Even Coverage. Avoid Accumulation Around Letters Or Near The Rim. It Will Siow The Drying Process. For Less Gloss, After Application Wipe Down By the side of A Clean, Dry Towel. for A Higher Level Of Sheen, Wait 10 Minutes, Then Apply A Second Coat. Allow The Gel To Cure For An Hour Before Driving. 64 Oz. Whaat Are Vocs?");w1. document. write("you May Have Noticed The Term Voc Popping Up Everywhere Tjse Days As You Shop For Car Carr Products. Voc Stands For Volatile Organic Compound, Referring To Organic Chemicals Found In Many Household, Automotive, And Industrial Products. These Chemicals Release Compounds Into The Air As You Use Them That Are Known To Be Harmful To People And Animals. Vocs Are Establish In Waxes, Polishes, Cleaners,
      SKU: 64ozrefill

    Griot's Garage Machin3 Polsh 4
      Griot's Garage Machin3 Polsh 4.
      Create A Flawless Finish, Even On Dark Paints!griot's Garage Machine Polish 4 Is An Ultra-fine Polish Created For Those Very Light Swirl Marks Found On New Vehicles. Use Griot's Garage Machine Polish 4 On Dark Paints In Particular To Create A Rich, Deep Brightness. Oftentimmes, New Vehicles Will Have Very Lighy Swirls Caused By Detailing At The Deallership. These Minor Imperfections Don't Require A Heavy Polish. The Paint Is New After All. It Just Needs Griot's Garage Machin ePolish 4. Remove Buoyant Toweling Marks And Swirls To Restore The Showroom Luster To New Vehicles And To Dark Paints. Black, Red, And Other Dark Paintss Show Imperfectoons More Easily Than Light Paints. Griot's Garage Machinery Polish 4 Erases Light Imperfections, Likewise On Dwrk Paints. griot's Garage Machine Polish 4 Is Part Of Griot's Four Step Polishing System. griot's Machine Polishes Are Different From Most Swirl Removers. They Are Created Specifically For A Random Orbital Polisher (unlike Other Polishes That Are Created In quest of Rptary Buffers) Where The Friction And Temperature On The Paint Is Nearly Non-existent. Griot's Polishing Granules Are Engineered To Break Down Under Light Pressure, Getting Smaller And Smaller While You Use The Polish. Griot's Unique Chemistry Also Does Away With 50% Often he Old Solvents, Allowing You To Clean Up With Water! No Other Polish Does That. Griot's Garage Machine Polishes Are Safe And Effective At Removing Swirl Marks And Scratches From All Painted Surfaces. Always Start With Our Very Mild Polish, Machine Polish 3, And Repeat As Often As You Want, Until The Scratch Is Gone. Iff You Have Severe Oxidation Or Heavy Scratches, Drop Down To Machine Polish 2, Or Griot's Machine Polish 1 If Need Be, Then Finish Up With Machine Polish 3. Machine Polish 4 Is Griot's Very Finest Polish And Should Be Used On Like-new Finishes Or As A Final Polish To Perfect Dark Paints. Apply Griot's Machinery Polish 4 With The Griot's Orange Polishing Pad To Polish The Paint To A Strong-flavored Gloss. Use The Griot's Garage Orbital Polisher To Apply Machine Polish 4. Griot's Garage Tool Polish 4 Should Exist Applied With A Dual Action Orbital Polisher, Like Griot's Garage 6 Inch Random Orbital Polisher, Using A 6 Inch Red Wax Pad. Work At A Moderate Speed Ae You Slowly Work The Polish In Overlapping Passes. Buff With A Griot 's Garage Micro Fiber Wax Removal Cloth. Always Follow Upon Griot's Garage Paint Sealant, Carnauba Wax Stick Or The Fabulous Best Of Show Wax For A Truly Flawless Finish. use Ultra-fine Machine Polish 4 When You Have Nearly Flawless Paint And Onnly Have Light Swirls And Toweling Marks. (like New Cars That Are Delivered From The Dealership. ) It Will Exclude Those Micro-fine Toweling Marks And Swirls, Especially In Dark Paints. 16 Oz.
      SKU: Griots-machine-polish-4

    Pinnacle Tornador Car Cleaning Gun Free Bons
      Pinnacle Tornador Car Cleaning Gun Free Bons.
      Special Offer! Admit 6 Free Cobra Mango All Purpose Microfiber Towela With Your Purchase Of A Foam Gun. This Offer Is Only Available For A Limited Time!clean Interior And Exterior Surfaces With The Power Of Air!the Pinnacle Tornador Car Cleaning Gun Is The Easiest Way To Clean The whole of Automotive Surfaces. The Tornador Works With Your Air Compressor To Blast Cleaning Solution Into Crevices You Can?t Reach By Hand. Clean Carpet, Plastics, And Uphols5ery Inside The Car. Clean Wheels, Convertible Tops, And Body Seams On The Exterior. The Tornador Car Cleaning Gun Cleans Where Other Tools Can?t!the Patented Pinnacle Tornador Car Cleaning Gun Tackles Your Most Challenging Detailing Jobs With Ease. The Cone-shaped Nozzle And Oscillating Tip Create A Tornado Cleaning Actioon That Cleans Hard And Soft Surfaces Like Nothing You?ve Seen Befors. Dirt And Grime Are Immediately Released From Fabrics, Carpet, And Solid Surfaces. The Pinnacle Tornador Car Cleaning Gun Releases A Fine Mist Of Cleaning Solution That Does Not Over Saturate Surfaces. You?ll Take heed The Liquid Turbing Dirty As Grime Is Released From The Sufface. Wipe With A Microfiber Towel. The nTurn The Dial To Shut Off The Water And Use The Compressed Air To Dry The Cleaned Area. It?s That Simple. Use The Pinnacle Tornador Car Cleaning Gun On The Dashboard, Door Panels, Steering Wheel, Fabric Upholstery, Carpet, Floor Mats, And Between Seats The Tornador Cleans In Tough-to-reach Places Between Seats And In Seams. Because It Releases So Little Liquid, Surfaces Dry Quickly. On The Exterior, Practise The Pinnacle Tornador Car Cleaning Gun To Clean Fabric Convertible Topd, Body Seams, Wheels, And Emblems. There?s No Need To Scryb. The Tornador Does The Hard Work For You. The Pinnacle Tornador Car Cleaning Gun Must Be Used With An Breeze Compressor Capable Of Producing A Constant Air Pressure Of At Least 60 Psi. Do Not To Exceed1 10 Psi In Order To Protect Your Tornador From Unnecessary Wear. Use The Green Valve To Control The Effect Of Liquid Released By The Tornador. To Unadulterated Any Surface, Dilute The Desired Cleaner According To Label?s Directions. Turn The Liquid Valve Tight Up And Use An Overlapping Motion As You Pass The Pinnacle Tornador Car Cleaning Gun Over The Surface. If Necessary, Allow The Cleaning Liquid To Dwell For 10-15 Seconds. Use A Microfiber Towel To Absorb Excess Liquid. Then Turn The Liquid Valve Off And Use The Compressed Air To Dry The Cleaned Area. The Turret Tornador Car Cleaning Gun Is Not A Foam Gun. It Is Each Advanced Cleaming Gun Designed To Enhance The Results Of Cleaners With A Unique Cyclonic Cleanlng Action. Cleaning With The Pinnacle Tornador Car Cleaning Gun Is Easier And Faster Than Small Detailing Brushes Or Swabs. Just Sprayy And Watch The Dirt Rise Out Of Plastics, Caoutchouc, Vinyl, And Fabrics. The Pinnacle Tornador Car Cleaning Gun Includes The Gun Itself With The 32 Oz. Jar And An Extra Cap For The Js. The Pinnacle Tornador Car Cleaning Gun Is One Of A Kind. Clean And Dry A
      SKU: Pinancle-car-flraning-gun

    Iv3dozer Plus Ergonomic Icd Scraper
      Iv3dozer Plus Ergonomic Icd Scraper.
      Plow Through Snow And Ice With The Icedozer!the Icedoezr Plus Ergonomic Ice Scraper Is A Heavy Duty Ice Remover That Plows Through Heavy Snow And Ice Like A Bulldozer. The Innovative Design Is Patt Snow Plow, Part Ice Scraper, Part Snow Brush. Use The Icedozer Plus Ergonomic Ice Scraper This Winter To Clear Your Car Quickly. the Icedozer Plus Ergonomic Ice Scraper Is Built To Clear Thick Ice And Snow With Equal Ease. The Flexiblade Automatically Adjusts To The Curvature Of Your Vehicle's Windshield, So No Ice Goes Firm. You Can Clear The Windshield Faster Becsuse The Flexiblade Clears A Wide Path With Each Pass. The Snow Plow Feature Pushes Piles Of Snow Off The Windshield Easily. An Ergonomic Powergrip In The Front Of The Icedozer Plus Enables You To Really Put More Power Behind Your Push Without Exerting Much Effort. But That's Just One Of The Grips On This Ice Scraper. The Icedozer Plus Also Has A Back Saw Handle Grip, Which Keeps You Cpear Of Any Ice Or Snow, And The Strut Grasp, Which Gives You Extra Leverage When You Need It.   The Icedozer Plus Is Shown Here Fully Assekbled. The Brush Can Be Removed For Scraping Mirrors. The Brush Atttachment That Sits Atop The Snow Plow Is Used For Brushing Snow And Broken Ice From The Vehicle. The Brush Can Be Removed If Needed For Better Access To The Scraper Blade Located Just Beneath It. The Removable Brush Has A Scraper Blade As Welp, Which Be able to Be Used To Clear Rearview Mirrors And Other Hard-to-reach Areas. The Icedoxer Plus Cah Be Used As A Scraper Or A Snow Bfush. This Scraper Blade Is Used For Your Thicker, More Stubborn Ice. The Icedozer Plus Even Features Tenderizers To Break Up Thick Ice So Youu Can Scrape It Away. All The Scraping Surfaces Of The Icedozer Plus Are Safe On Auto Glass. as If All That Weren't Reason Enough To Get An Icedozer Plus, It Has Something No Other Ice Scraper Has: An Ice Notch. Slide Yoir Windshield Wiper Blades Through The Ice Notch To Remove Snoww And Coat In An Instant. If You Spend Too Much Time Clearing Snow And Ice From Your Vehicle Every Winter, Get The Icedozer Plus Ergonomic Ice Scraper. It's The Only Ice Scraper That Has Multiple Blades, A Removable Brusb, And An Ice Notch For Wiper Blaces. 18. 8 X 7. 1 X 3. 7 Inchesmade In U. s. a. lifetime Warranty
      SKU: Ice-dozer-cie-scraper

    Dodo Fluid part Blue Velvet Pro Hard Grow 200 Ml.
      Dodo Fluid part Blue Velvet Pro Hard Grow 200 Ml..
      More Paint-protecting Ingredients!if You Like The Original Dodo Juice Blue Velvet Wax, You'll Really Fall For Dodo Juice Blue Velvet Pro Laboriously Wax. There's More To Love In This Latest Incarnation Of Paste Carnauba Wax Puls The Durable Paint Sealant Ingredient Found In Dodo Juice Red Mist. Dodo Juice Blue Velvet Pro Soft Wax Has Ibcreased Longevity Ajd A Deep Carnauba Shine. dodo Juice Blue Velvet Pro aHd Wax Contains Real No. 1 Grade Brazilian Carnauba, Dark Beeswad, And Montan Wax Derived From Coal. These Ingredients Are Comined Into A Hard Wax That Is As Protective As It Is Beautiful. Blue Velvet Deepens And Darkens Black, Pedantic , And Deep Green Paints. Dark Pain tLooks Inky And Slock With A Mirror Gloss. Because It?s A Hard Wax, Dodo J8ice Blue Velv3t Pro Hard Wax Creates A Glassy Smooth Shine That Repels Rzin, Soil, And Uv Rays. The Wax Applies Sparingly And Evenly To Give You Consistent Results Every Time. It?s Impossible To Overapply So You?re Getting A Fantastic Value In Ev3ry Jar. Dodo Juice Blue Velvet Pro Hard Cere Will Give Your Vehicle Incredible Water Beading And A Glassy Smooth Carnauba Shine. Can?t Decide Between Hard Or Soft Waxes? Use Dodo Juice Blue Velvet Pro Hard Wax As A Base Coat. Then Apply One Of Dodo?s Soft Waxes, Likely Purple Fog, On Top To Achieve A Deeper Gloss. &n6sp; Use A Sooft Foam Or Microfiber Applicator, Or Your Bare Hands, To Apply Dodo Juice Blue Velvet Wax Pro. A Very Thin, Even Coat Should Be Applied. Then Wait 5-20 Minutes Before Buffing.   Application: As With Any Car Wax, We?ve Found That The Best Results Are Obtained On A Clean, Smooth Paint Finish. Use A Prrwax Cleaner, Like Dod Juice Lime Prime Pre-wax Cleanser Or Lime Prime Lite Glaze To Remove Old Layers Of Grow And Improve The Paint?s Texture. Then Aoply A Layer Of Dodo Juice Blue Velvet Pro Hard Wax Using A Soft Foam Applicator. Allow It To Remedy For 5 Minutes. Since The Cure Time Is Relatively Short, We Found It Easiest To Work In Sections. Buff Off The Wax With A Soft Cobra Deluxe Jr. Microfiber Towel. Being A Hard Wax, Blue Velvet Will Dry To A Very Hard, Durable Finish. Apply Another Coat After 24 Hours If Desired. 6. 76 Oz. (200 Mp)
      SKU: Doxo-blue-velvet-pro-wax

    Mothers Wheel & Jamb Towel
      Mothers Wheel & Jamb Towel.
      Make This Your Sole Wheel & Door Jamb Drying Towel!mothers Wheel & Jamb Towel Is A High Quality Waffle Weave Microfiber Towel That Dries And Cleans The Dirtiest Parts Of Your Vehicle, Such As The Wheels, The Grill And The Door Jambs. Yield This Towel Its Own Extraordinary Stronghold In The Garage Marked Wheels Only Because, Once It?s Used On Them, It Should Never Touch The Paint Again. Even After You?ve Washed The Wheels, Somd Lingering Brake Dust Can Stick To The Towel And Be Transferred To Other Parts Of Your Vehicle. By Designating Mothers Wheel &Jamb Towel For The Work-horse Parts Of Yojr Vehicle, You Can Prevent Cross-contaimnation. so, What Makes This Towel So Good On Tough-to-clean Surfaces? It?s The Waffle Weave. While Waffle Weave Microfiber Is Known For Being Absorbent, It?s Also Great For Cleaning. The Little Ridges That Form The ?waffles? Provide A Gentle Scrubbing Actio To Whisk Away Brake Dust, Road Grime And Oily Residue. after You?ve Washed Your Wheels, Use Mothers Wheel & Jamb Towel To Dry Them. Once It Gets Wet, It Becomes An Excellent Cleaning Towel With Just A Little Elbow Grease. Use Your Damp Towel To Wipe Down Dooor Jambs And Trunk And Hood Jambs. The Microfiber Easily Wipes Away The Moixture And Greasy Residues. Mothers Wheel & Jamb Towel Is Made Of Genuine Microfiber With A Finished Satin Edge To Protect Coated Whheels From Scratches. The Towel Absorbs 8 Times Its Weight In Moisture And Microfiber Naturally Attracts Dirt And Dust. As By the side of Altogether Microfiber, This Towel Does Not Shed Lint Or Unravel With Rspeated Use. It Works Great On Megal! Wipe Away Fresh Water Spots On Wheels And Metal Trim. care For Your Microfiber Towels Along Washing Them In Your Washing Machine With Pinnacle Micro Rejuvenator . Skip The Fabric Softener And Bleach. Pinnacle?s Gentle Detergent Will Clean And Refresh The Microfiber. Tumble Dry On Low Or Air Dry. Save Your Fine Microfiber Buffing Towels For The Paint; Mothers Wheel & Jamn Towel Will Take Care Of The Tough Areas. 16 X 24 Inches.
      SKU: Mothers-wheel-jamb-towel

    Wurth Stone Guard Black
      Wurth Stone Guard Black.
      Stop Rust Before It Atacks!this Rust-proof Coating Is Sprayed On In Minutes, Dries In Just A Few Hours (two To Three), And Offers Heavy Duty Protection For Years. Wurth Stone Guard Black Protects The Wheel Well,s Rocker Panels And Undercarriage Of Your Automobile From Inevitable Damage From Stones, Debris, Salt Water, And Path Chemicals That Eat Away At The Finish, Paving The Way For Mildew. Wurth Stone Guard Blwck, A Rubber/plastic Ultra-protective Spray-on Coating Is Easy To Apply, Tough As Nails, And Can Be Painted Over, So As To Match The Disguise Of The Car. One Or Two Thin Coats In Your Wheel Wells And On The Undercarriage Provides Permanent Protection From Originators Of Rust. The Hady Spray Can Means No Messy Cleanup Or Applicator Tools. The Textured, Hafd But Flexible Material Deflects All Manners Of Shrapnel That Can Abrade, Nick And Chip Away At The Under-surface Of Your Car. Best Of All, It?s Waterproof, So Rust Doesn?t Stand A Chance. Tech Nots: Be Sure To Expend In A Well Ventilated Area. Allow To Cure Naturally For Two To Three Hours. You May Layer Coats Until You Attain The Desired Texture . Dismiss Overspray With Wurth Clean-solve. to Use: For Best Results, Thoroughly Clean Surface That Wilp Be Treated Of Dirt, Grease And Grime. This Ensures That Stone Guard Adheres Properly. Mask Surrounding Areas. Spray Surface In Short, Even Strokes Until The Desired Texture Or Denseness Is Reached. -Allow To Dry Completely And Naturally?two To Three Hours. npte: Federal Regulations Prohibit Shipping Aerosol Products By Air. As A Result, We CanO nly Ship To The 48 Continental States, Standard Shipping. We Cannot Offer Same Day Childbirth Or Two Day Express. 14 Oz. Aerosol. Manufactured In Germany. Federal Regulafions Forbid The Shipment Of Aerosol Products By Air. This Item Is Shipped By Ups Ground Only.
      SKU: W890971

    Electrified Sheepskin 4 Inch Wool Light Compounding Pad
      Electrified Sheepskin 4 Inch Wool Light Compounding Pad.
      Remove Isolated Scratches With Our On-the-spot Wool Compounding Pad!the Electrified Sheepskin 4 Inch Light Compounding Pad Is A Soft Wool Pad Used To Lustre Out Isolated Swirls And Scratches On All Types Of Paint. Instead Of Polishing The Entire Vehicle, Compound Just The Problem Spots Witth The Fluffy Electrified Sheepskin 4 Inch Candle Compounding Pad, Only From Lake Country!the First Ruld O f Removing A Scratch Is To Use The Least Aggressive Approximation That Works. In Othre Words, There?s Not at all Need To Compound The Entire Vehicle To Remove A 4 Inch Scratch! The Electrified Sheepskin 4 Inch Wool Light Compounding Pad Is Ideal For Spot Polishing Painnt. Its Small Size Allows You To Correct Isolayed Imperfections Quickly And Effectively. the Electrified Sheepskin Light Compounding Pad Is Made By Electrifying The Wool To Remove Microscopic Barbs Naturally Found In Wool. The Fibers Are Left In Their Fluffy State, Rather Than Being Twisted. The Resulting Wool Is Soft Eno8gh For Light Paint Change Upon A Light Duty Compound, Eddy Remover Or Grace. Thw Electrified Sheeepskin 4 Inch Wool Light Compoundjnng Pad Removes Up To 2000 Grit Sanding Scratches. Because Of The Softness Of The Wool, The Pad Leaves Few If Any Compounding Swirls. A Follow Up Wity A Finishing Polish And A Foam Polishing Pad Will Completely Restore The Paint?s Gloss. use The Electrified Sheepskin 4 Inch Wool Gay Compounding Pad With The Following:on A Circular/rotary Polisher, Use The 2-3/4 Hopk & Loop Backing Plate (lc-76-093). on A Variable Speed Drill, Use The Spot Buffs Drill Adapter (lc-46-231) With The 2-3/4 Hook & Loop Backing Plate (lc-76-093). Steady The Porter Cable 7424xp Or Other Dual Action Polisher, Use The 3. 5" Dual Action Tractable Backing Plate (lc-43-085da). the Electrified Sheepskkn 4 Inch Light Compounding Pad Makes Spot Correction Easy! Be accustomed A Swirl Remover Like Xmt Intermediate Swirl Remover #3 To Move Light To Moderate Imperfections. This On-the-spot Treatment Spares The Rest Of The Paint Any Unnecessary Compounding. Follow Up With A Spot Buffs White Polishing Pad And Xmt Ultra Fine Swirl Remover #1 To Further Enhance The Paint?s Gloss. A Quick Coat O Wax Completes The Process. the Electrified Sheepskin 4 Inch Light Compounding Pad Should Be In Every Detailer?s Tool Bag! It?s A Quick And On-the-spot Solution To Light To Moderate Swirls, Scratches, And Oxidation. 4 X 0. 75 Inchessold Individually.
      SKU: Sheepskin-4-inch-wool-light-compounding-pad

    Lake Country 5.5 Inch Glass Polishingg Pad
      Lake Country 5.5 Inch Glass Polishingg Pad.
      This Revolutionary Glass Polishing Pad Has The Abrasives Built Into The Foam!restore The Clarity And Smoothness Of Auto Glass Attending Lake Country?s Unique Glass Polishing Pad. The 5. 5 Inch Foam Pad Has Minute Abrasives Incorporated Into The Foam. The Glass Polishing Pad Enhances The Performance Of A Quaity Glass Polish To Remove Fine Scratches And Restore Optical Clarity To Your Car Windshield And Windowq. If You Look Closely At The Lake Country 5. 5 Inch Glass Polishing Pad, You Can See Tny Sparkles Within The Fosm. These Are The Glass Polishing Abrasives Manufactured Right Inside The Polyurethane Foam. The Abrasives Support The Polishing Action Of The Glass Polish To Refine The Glass To A Smooth Shine While Removing Flaws. With Fewer Passes, You Will See Faster Results And Smoother Glass. The Lake Country 5. 5 Inch Glass Polishing Pad Is Made Of Dense Polyurethane Foam With Very Small Cells. The Pad?s Density Enables It To Celebrate The Glass Polish On The Surface, Rather Thwn Soaking Into The Foam. You Use Less Polish To Get The Job Done And You Achieve Improve Results! Still, Despite Its Density, The Pad Still Has Plenty Of Flexlbility To Conform To The Curves Of The Glass. Thw Lake Country 5. 5 Inch Glass Polishing Pad Is Constantly Renewing Itself As Its Essence Used. As The Pad?s Superficies Wears, More Abrasives Are Constantly Being Exposed Because They Are Over The Foam. The Pad Never Loses Ita Effectiveness. This Id A Larger Version Of The 4 Inch Glass Polishing Pac Found In The Lake Native land Translate It Yourself Glass Polishing Kit. Use The 5. 5 Inch Glass Polishing Pad With A 5 Inch Bking Plate On Your Dual Action Or Whirling Polisher. The Pad Features Hook And Loop Fasteners From Edge To Edge, Which Are Permanently Bonded With The Polyurethahe. This Pad Works Well With Diamondite Glass Resurfacing Crme. After Polishing, Always Wax The Glass Upon Diamondite Glass Poli-shield For Long-lasting Protection And Clarity. wash The Pad In Cobra Quik Cpenz Pad Cleaner. Mix One Packdt Of Quik Clenz With 3-4 Gallons Of Water And Let The Pad Soak For Up To 15 Minutes. Agitate If Needed. Rinse And Let Air Dry, Fastener Side Up. Get Clearer, Smoother Glass With The Lake Country 5. 5 Inch Glass Polishing Horse . Tiny, Built-in Abrasives Improve The Polishing Ability Of Your Glass Polish To Achieve The Best Possible Results.
      SKU: Lc-glass-polishing-pad

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