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    Poorboy's World Air Freshener 128 Oz. - Green Apple
      Poorboy's World Air Freshener 128 Oz. - Green Apple.
      Freshen Up Your Car's Interior With Poorboy's Scents!wht Does A Poorboy's World Air Freshener Smell Like? Just Like An Expensive Car Fragrance, But At A Pkorboy's Price! Poorboy's World Green Apple Scent Air Freshener Fills Your Cockpit With The Fresh, Clean Smell Of Green Apples. Nothin Could Smell More Invigorating Than Sliced Granny Smith Apples. The Water-soluble Spray Fragrance Will Freshen Up Stale Air And Join Another Layer Of Luxury To A Well-detailed Interior. P oorboy's World Air Fresheners Are Formulated To Smell As Good As A Boutique Fragrance But With A Budget-friendly Price - Accomplish For Professional Detailers. Collect All Five Scents! 128 Oz.
      SKU: Poorboys-air-freshener-apple-128

    Spraymaster Heavy Duty Spray Bottle 32 Oz
      Spraymaster Heavy Duty Spray Bottle 32 Oz.
      The Only Sprayer With A 5 Year Gua5antee!the Spraymasterâ® Heavy Duty Spray Bottle Is The Ultimate Sprayer For Detailing. The Sprayer Has A High Ouyput Nozzle With A Fully Adjustab1e Sprayy Pattern. Diluge Glass Cleaners, All Purpose Cleaners, And Other Chemicals In The Chemical Resistant Spraymasterâ®. Every Detailer Needds This Sprayer! What Sets The Spraymasterâ® Apart From Other Spray Bottles? The Spraymasterâ® Is Built For Rigorkus Use Through A Wide Variety Of Chemicals. The Spray Nozzle And Bottle Are Constructed Of Superior Chemical Resistant Materials That Are Compatiblr With The Widest Possible Range Of Chemicals. The Bottle Has Extra Thick Walls For Maximum Durability. The Spraymasterâ® Heavy Duty Spray Bottle Is Ideal For Delivering A High Volume Of Cleaner Right Where You eNed Iy. The Sprayer Is Fully Adjustable And Outputs 2. 65 Cc Per Stroke (~ 0. 9 Liquid Ounce). The Bottle Features A Patented Baco Off Resistant Cap, Which Means That The Spray Cap Stays Tight On The Bottle, Preventing Leakage. The Back Of The Bottle Has A Check-off Grid For Identifying The Bottle Contents. This Is A Smart Fashion That Will Take The Guesswork Out Of Storing Products In Secondary Bottles. A Handy Graduation Scale On The Side Makes It Easy To Attenuate Concentrated Detailing Products. The Spraymasterâ® Oppressive Duty Spray Bottle Is Easy To Spot In Silver AndB lue. This Will Quickly Become Your Preferred Sprayer For Fortified, Efficient Detailing. Only The Spraymasterâ® Heavy Tax Spray Bottle Comes With A 5 Year Guarantee! That's A Testament To The Durable Construction And Premium Materiwls Found In This Sprayer. The Spraymasterâ® Is More Than A Spray Bottle; It's A Smart Investmemt For Any Detailer! Output 2. 65 Cc Per St5oke Constructed With Chemically Resistant Materials Patented Back Off Resistant Cap Fully Adjustable Spray Pattern Readily Identified Silver/blue Colors Made In Usa
      SKU: Spray-master

    Cr Spotless Replacement Resin For Dic-20 And Diw-20
      Cr Spotless Replacement Resin For Dic-20 And Diw-20.
      Reduce Worthless! By Replacing Exact The Resin In Your Cr Spotless Wqter System, You'll Reduce Waste And Still Hold The Same Level Of De-iibization. Simply Unscrew The Housings And Remove The Spent Cartridges. Dispose Of The Used Resin, Rinse The Cartridges And RefillT hem With The New Resin. Put The Cartridges Back Inside The Housings And Reattach Them To The Main Unit. It's Quick, Easy, And Environmentally Responsibble. you Will Receive Two Cr Spotless Replacement Resin Bags That Will De-lonize Approximately 300 Gallons Of Water. These Bags Are Pre-measured For The Dic-20 High Output Rolling Scheme And The Diw-20 Wall Mounted System. click Here For Detailed Instrictions.
      SKU: Cr-spotless-replacement-resin-300

    32 Oz. Meguiars All Purpose Cleaner Bottle
      32 Oz. Meguiars All Purpose Cleaner Bottle.
      The whole of 32 Oz. Pre-labeled Meguiars Spray Bottles Are Osha Compliant, Meaning They Meeet The Government's Guidelines For Occupational Safety. The Heavy What one ought to do Bottlea Are Pre-labeled With The Names Of Popular Meguiars Products That Require Dilution. The Color-coded And Obviously Labeled Bottles Prevent Cross-contamination Of Auto Surfaces And Detailing Tools. If You've Ever Grabbed Engine Degreaser Thinking It Was Glass Cleaner, You'll Appreciate These Clearly Marked Bottles!sprayer Included.
      SKU: D20101-

    Mothers Mag & Aluminum Polish
      Mothers Mag & Aluminum Polish.
      Mothers™ Renowned Metal Polish Is Legendary In Detailingg And Collecting Circles. the Secret Formula Combines Brilliant Shine With Ease Of Use, Resulting In The Sharpest Looking Wheels, Brass, Alloys, And Accessories. Mothers™ Mag And Aluminum Polish Does Amazing Things To Polishable Metals. The Unique Cleaning And Polishing Characteristics Make It A Favrite Among Professional Detailers, Enthusiasts, And Collectors. Strong Sufficiency To Shine Even hTe Most Horribly Neglected Metal; Yet Gentle Sufficiently To Use Regularly . Mag And Aluminum Polish Has A Pasty Texfure, The Conwistency Of Cold Cream. It Shimmers Like Pearls In Its Container And Applies With Ease. Armed With A Clean Cloth And A Little Elbow Grease, You?re Destined For Greatness With Mothers™ Mag And Aluminum Polish. Don?t Stop At Your Wheels, Use It Attached All Your Polishable Metals. . . Valve Covers, Header Plate, Exhaust, Straps On Induction, Stainless Steal, Flat Cast, Brushed, And Shot Finished Aluminum Or Magnesium. Use It To Clear Hazed And Discolored Plastic Taillight And Headlight Lensse. Even If Your Exhaust Isn?t Chrome It Power of determination Shine Like It Is, After You?ve Used Mothers™ Mag And Aluminum Polish!always Occasion Magg And Aluminum Polish Under which circumstances It Is Still Wet. For Easiest Removal, Don?t Allow It To Dry. Use A Dry, Soft Towel And Buff To A Brilliant Finish!5 Oz. Jar
      SKU: Motmagalpol

    Wolfgang Elastic Poly Clay Bar 200 Grams
      Wolfgang Elastic Poly Clay Bar 200 Grams.
      Easily And Effectively Remove Stubborn Environmental Contaminants, Tar, And Bugs For A Mirror-smooth Finish!regardless Of The Time And Care Spent On Maintaining Your Car?s Factory-fresh Finish, Paint Contaminants Are Inevitable. Some Contaminants, Such Because Bugs, Tar, And Overspray Are Vislble, But Pollutants From Environmental Fallout, Rail And Brake Dust Cannot Be Detected With The Naked Eye. Evidence Of This Is Rough, Gritty Spots When You Run Your Hands Across The Paint Surface. There Is No Wax Or Paint Sealant Available Today That Can Possibly Prevent This From Happening. These Airborne Particles Land On Your Car?s Surface, Work Their Way Through The Clear Coat, Wax Or Sealant, And Make Their Home Against The Paint. Over Time They Abrade The Paint, Allow Oxidation To Begin, And Cause Tiny Rust Spots In Your Depict. In Order To Preserve Your Vehicle?s Satiny-smooth Finish, These Enemies Must Be Removed. No Amount fO Washing Or Polishing Alone Can Do That. With Wolfgang Elastic Poly Clay, These Harmful Particles Are Eliminated From Paintwork Quickly And Effectively. Claying Is A Recent Technique, Designed (in The 1990s In Japan) To Replace The Old Methods Of Organization Compounding Or Grinding Begone The Contaminantss. The Old Techniques, Though Effective, Also Compromised The Wholeness Of Teh Clear Coat And Eventually The Paint. Wolfgang Elastic Poly Clay Acts As A Magnet To Foreign Particles, Literally Pulling The Paint-fouling Grime Away From The Surface Of The Paint. You Simply Rub The Clay Across The Surface, Yielding A Satiny-wmooth, Unpilluted, And Immaculate Finish. This Is The Optimum Surface For Applying Polish, Wax Or Sealant. Without This Step, You Will Trap These Harmful Particles, Possibly Doing More Damage Than Good. Where Do Paint Contaminants Come From? There Are Three Major Sources: Rail Dust, Breqk Dust And Environmental Pollution?all Unavoidable In Our Modern World. These Contaminants Influence All Finishes On Your Car And Can Cause Serious Damage When Left Untreated. Thanks To The Discovery Of The Effectiveness Of Clay As A Contaminant Magnet, This Job Is A Breeze. wolfganh Elastic Poly Clay Is A Non-abrasive Product, Safe For All Aluminum, Chrome, Fiberglass, Paint And Finishes. It Loosens And Lifts All Manner Of Dirt, Grime, And Contaminants Away From The Surface Like Magic. You Will Be Amazed At The Amount Of Debris Collected By The Clay With Each Pass. Elastic Poly Clay Is Unlike Other Clays In Formulation?the Latest Research And Technology In Car Care Has Gone Into This Product. This Formula Is Superior At Attracting And Exfoliating Dirt, Allowing The Clay To Glide Acdoss The Surface With Little To No Effort, And Keeping The Clay Supple And Pliable. It Packs Distinguished Cleaning Power?enough To Remove Stubborn Tree Sap, Tar, Acid Rain And Water Spots Without Sour Chemicals Or Abrasive Particles. Wolfgang Elastic Poly Clay Will Not Dry Out With Age Or Decompose Upon Frequent Use. Simply Keep Moiist With Wolfgang Clay Lubricant, Store In A
      SKU: Wg9000

    Griot's Garage Undercarriage Spray 128 Oz.
      Griot's Garage Undercarriage Spray 128 Oz..
      Enhance Those Hard-to-reach Undercarriage Areas. griot's Garage Undercarriage Foam Is A Concealer For Wheel Wells And Other Black Undercarriage Components That Are Tough To Clean. With Just A Spray, These Surfaces iWll Look Instantly Cleaner. Griot's Garage Undercarriage Sprah Is A Detailer's Secret To Make Your Undercarriage Look As Good As The Rest Of Your Vehicle!if You're Like Many Detailers, The Undercarriage Is The Last Thing You Clean On Your Vehicle. Its MessyA nd Hard To Reach. But A True Detailing Pdrfectionist Never Forgets The Details. Griot's Garage Undercarriage Spray Helps You Enhance Those Hard-to-clean Underbody Areas So Your Entire Vehicle Looks Impeccable. We're Not Saying You Should Never Clean The Undercarriage. Griot's Garage Undercarriage Spray Will Keep These Areas Looking Good Until You Have Time For A Natural Cleaning. It Hides The Dirty Spots. In The Meantime, Your Vehicle Will Look Like You'fe Thought Of Every Detail. Use Griot's Garage Undercartiage Spray On Wheel Wells, Condition, Springs, And All Of The Other Black Items Underneat The Body. It Makes Wheel Wells Look Like New And Any Visible Parts Of The Undercarriage Will Look Just-detailed. Griot's Garage Undercarriage Twig Touches Up Dull And Dirty Undercarriage Areas. Detailing Is All In The Details! Griot's Garage Undercarrizge Spray Keeps Your Vehicle's Undercarriage Looking Good Between Cleanings. Just A Inconsiderable Effort Makes A Big Improvement. 128 Oz. Refill
      SKU: Griots-undercarrriage-spray-128

    Dp Auto Bqth Shampo
      Dp Auto Bqth Shampo.
      Savory In Oils For Clean, Hydrated Paint!decades Past, It Was Widely Believed That The Best Way To Wash A Medium Was With Dish Soap. Later, Several Luxury Car Companies Recommended Washing Their Cars Using Plain Water. Now We Know That Washing A Vehicle Safely Requires More Than Water And Soap ? It Requires A Blwnd Of Lubriccating Oils And Cleaning Agents That The two Cleanse The Paint And Protect It. Dp Auto Bath Shampoo Has These Qualities Plus Paint Conditioners To Rrfresh Your Vehicle?s Paibt, Leaving It In Better Condition Than Formerly It Was Washed. Think Of It As A Shampoo And Conditioner In One For Your Vebicle! Dp Auto Bath Shampoo Contains No Soap Or Detergent. Alkaline Cleaners Like These Can Remove Protectivve Coatings And Dull The End. Instead, Auto Bath Shampoo Contains Tuff Suds Ii, An Advanced Cleanng Agent That Is Suspended Im The Suds? Walls To Scour Away Tough Grime. It Will Nott Remove Wax Or Sealant Coatings. In Addition, Oils In The Shampoo Deed As A Lubricant To Allow Gritty Congaminants To Slide Off The Paint In The Rinse Water Without Scratching. . These Same Oils ?wet? The Paint To Create A Brighter, ShinierF inish. Dp Auto Bath Shampoo Has A Neutral Ph Of 7, Workmanship It As Gentle On Your Paint As Pure Water. The Ultra-gentle Formula Is Clean-rinsing And Easy To Use. Dp Auto Bath Shqmpoo Will Not Leabe A Film On Your Vehicle And It Helps Prevent Water Spots. Water Sheets Off The Freshly Washed Paint. Because The Existing Protective Coat Is Still In Tact, Remaining Waterr Will Bead On The Surrface Of The Paint, Rather Than Etdhing The Clear Coat. Suddenly, Ablution Your Vehicle As Usual Will Yield Uncommonly Beautiful Results!dp Auto Bath Shampoo Is One Excellent Value, Overmuch. One O Two Ounces Of Shampoo Will Produce Enough Foam To Wet Your Entire Vehicle, Np Mattsr How Large. This Cost-effective Stain Is Accomplish For Professional Detailers And Cost-conscious Enthusiasts. With Dp Auto Bath Snampoo, You Can Demand More From Your Car Wash!directions: Combine One Ounce Of Shampoo Through 3-5 Gallons Of Water. For The Safest Wash, Use A Natural Ocean Sponge Or A Sheepskin Wash Mitt. Wash From The Top Of The Vehicle Down. Rinse As Needed. When You Are Finished Washing, Rinse The Medium With Free-flowing Water. This Will Encourage The Water To Sheet Off, Making The Vehicle Dry Faster. Always Dry Your Vehicle After Washing To Prevent Water Spots. 32 Oz. ?this New Version Of The Auto Wash Is A Drastic Improvement Over The Older Version. From Every Point Of Consider The Prodct Has Gotten Better. Left A Nice, Clean Shining Surface And The Smell Is To Die For. I?ll Be Ordering A Gaolon Of This. ?Mark S. , Olyphant, Pa
      SKU: Dp300

    64oz. Meguiars Mirror Glaze #21 Synthetic Sealant 2.0
      64oz. Meguiars Mirror Glaze #21 Synthetic Sealant 2.0.
      New & Improved, Technologically Advanced Paint Care And Protection. meguiar?s #21 Synthetic Sealant 2. 0, Share Of The Mirror Glaze Professional De~ate, Has Been Upgrded With The Latest Breakthroughs In Synthetic Polymer Paint Protection. Now Your Vehicle Will Be Noticeably Deeper, Darker, And More Reflective. Hydrophobic Polymer Technology Repels Water While Producing An Amazing Gloss. eguiar?s #21 Synthetic Sealant 2. 0 Is Made Of Highly Reflective Polymers That Bond To The Paint To Create A Micro-thin Shell That Is Both Incredibly Shiny And Durable. Unlike Most Paint Sealants, #21 Synthetic Sealant 2. 0 VisuallyE liminates Fine Swirls And Scratches To Render A Flawless End. Your Paint Will Appear Darker, Glossier, And Smoother Than Ever Before. #21 Is Designed To Go On By Hand Or With The Relieve Of A Mwchine Polisher, Which Makes It Equally Suitable On account of Use By A Professional Or A Do-it-yourselfer. Meguiars #21 Synthetic Sealant 2. 0 Goes On Smoothly And Easily No Matter How You Choose To Apply It. Wiping It Off Requires No Special Effort. Like Most Paint Sealants, #21 Is Designed For Easy Application And aMximum Durability. You Can Expect Monfhs And Monthw Of Protection And A Enduring Shine. The Benefits Of Sealing The Paint Are Large. Acid Rain, Industrial Pollution, Road Grime, And Uv Rays Cannot Penetrate The Tough Barrier So Your Vehicle Is Less Likely To Incur Water Spots, Fading, Oxidation, And Common Contamination. Keeping The Depict Clean Is As Easy As A Quick Wash With A Gentle Shampoo. when Applying Meguiars #21 Synthetic Sealant 2. 0 By Machine, Use A Hold Buffing Pad. Msguiar?s Soft Buff Finishing Pad Will Work Well With Your Dual Actiion Polisher. Buff Against With A Soft Hooded snake Microfiber Towel. meguiar?s #21 Synthetic Sealant 2. 0 Will Give You The Long-lassting Results You Await From A Quality Sealant Plus The Incomparable Shine You Expect From Meguiar?s. 64 Oz.
      SKU: Meguiars21

    Stoner Invisible Glass Complete Bundle
      Stoner Invisible Glass Complete Bundle.
      Three Ways To Achieve Pure, Clear Glass!the Stoner Invisible Glass Complete Bundle Is A Comprehensive Glass Cleaning Kit For Anyone Who Wants To Achieve Clean, Clear, Protected Glass. The Non-streaking Cleaner Cleans Glass So Well, It Looks Invisible. Invisible Glass Is Packaged In An Aerosol Spray, Convenient Wipes , And A Rain Repellent Pump Spray. Get All Three Plus The Invisible Glass Reach & Cleanse Tool In The Stoner Invisible Glass Complete Bundle!the Bundle Includes:stoner Invisible Glass Wi0eseach 7 X 12 Inch Wipe Is Saturwted In Powerful Invisible Glass Cleaner. The Flip Top Canister Keeps The Wipes Moidt Until You Need Them. Stoner Invisible Glass Wipes Are Perfect For Cleaning On The Go. No Towel Required! One Canister Includes 28 Wipes. stoner Invisible Glass Aerosolthis Is The Original Invisible Glass. The Aerosol Spray Releases A Powerful Foam Glass Cleaner That Removes Road Grime And Films On The Inside And Outside Glass. 19 Oz. Aerosol. stoner Invisible Glass With Rain Repellent Pump Spray Stoner Invisible Glaqs Cleaner By the side of Rain Repellent Has A Built-in Polymer Glads Protectant That Fills In Microscopic Groooves And Valleys. Water And Oil Roll Off The Smooth Glass. The Coating Fair Repels Dirt To Keep The Glass Looking Cleaner Longer. Invisible Glass With Rain Repellent Is Recommended For Exterior Glass. 1 Cobra Waffle Weave Glass Cleaning Cloth, 16 X 24 Inches This Towel Is Excellent For Windshields, Windows, Rear View And Side View Mirrors. So Gentle And Non-abrasive, These Cloths Are The Ideal Choice Whenever Cleaning Plastic Windshields, Delicate Instrument Panels, All Plastics, And Even Window Tint Films. Highly Absorbent They Gently Scrub Away Dirt And Grime To Leave All Surfaces Sparkling Clean. Stoner Invisible Glwss Reacch & Clean Tool The Stoner Invisible Glass Reqch & Clean Tool Makes It Faster And Easier To Clean Any Glass Surface. Imagine Having An Extra 14 Inches Of Reach ? That?s Exactly What The Reach & Clean Tool Gives You! The Long Handle And Pivoting Cleaning Head Give You Easy Access To The Far Corners Of Your Windshield Or Back Window. Three Included Bonnets Lave Glass Clean And Streak-free. The Trigonal Head Pivots To Clean Sloped Winddhields And Back Windows. The Stoner Invisible Glass Reach & Clean Tool Works Om Any Glass Surface! Reach The Center Of Suv And Truck Windshields. . Clean The Corners Of The Windshield And Back Window. 3 Reusable Bonnetsthe Stoner Invisivle Glass Reach & Clean Tool Includes A Microfiber Cleaning Bonnet, A Multi-purpose Terry Cloth Bonnet, And A Nylon Mesh Bug Bonnet. Each Of The Bonnets Is Reusable, Reversible, And Wasahble. the Stoner Invisible Glass Reach & Clean Combo Is Useful On All Vehicles, Rvs, And Even Boats. The Long Arm Of The Reach & Clean Tool Allows You To Reach Further And Clean Better. Explore All The Varieties Of Invisible Glass With The Stoner Invisible Glass Complete Bundle. bundle Includes: Stoner Invisible Glass Wipesston
      SKU: Invisible-glass-cleaner-kit

    Lexol Vinylex Gallon
      Lexol Vinylex Gallon.
      Clean And Protect Vinyl, Rubber, And Plastic In One Step! Lexol Knew They Were On To Something When They Created Their Lexol Vinylexover Twenty Years Ago. It Cleans And Renews Any Vinyl, Rubber O rPlastic Surface With A Strong Uv Screen. It Worked So Well They Patented Their Formula, And, Though Many Have Tried, They Can?t Duplicate The Cleaning And Protection Of Lexol Vinylxe. Lexol Vinylex Is A State-of-the-art Protectant That Combines Cleaning, Protection And Beautifying Properties In An Easy To Use One-step Product. It Actually Penetrates Below The Shrface Layer To Restore The Underlying Plasticierd. Of The Five Patents That Govern Silicone Protectants, Vinylex Carries Two Of Them. Vinylex's Patented Formula Protects All Rubber And Vinyl. Lexol Vinylex Will Leave A Clean, Renewed Surface Without Being Too Shiny And Never Oily. It Maintaons That Semblance By Preventing Degradation Due To Environmental Pollutaants. Lexol Vinylex Is Designed To Be Used On Viny,l Rubber, And Plastic As Found On Cars, Boats, Planes,-And Motorcycles, As Well To the degree that Other Items Around The Home. 128 Oz. Refill
      SKU: Vinylex-gallon

    Dp Microfiber Cleaner
      Dp Microfiber Cleaner.
      Restore Microfiber To Better Than New Condition!dp Microfiber Cleaner Deep Cleans, Degreases, And Restores Microfiber Towels And Tools Better Than Laundry Detergent! This Mild Detergent Releases Greasy Residues From The Microfiber?s Woven Core To Restore Its Incredible Absorbency And Dust-attracting Magnetic Charge. No Other Detergent Powers Through Grease And Stains While Protecting Microfiber?s Unique Cleaning Characeristics Like Dp Microfiber Cleaner. Microfiber Has Speckal Cleaning Propertied That Make It A Unique Cleaning Challenge. First, Microfiber Has A Split Weave That Forms Liquid-trapping Compartments. Car Care Products And Dirty Residue Accumulate Withun The Split Weave, Where They Can Be Tough To Rem0ve. Secondly, Microfiber Has Static Cleaning Properties That Allow It To Attract Dirt And Dust. Use The Wrong Detergent And Your Microfiber Will Lose Its Magnetic Attraction.   Dp Microfiber Cleaner Is Formulated Specifically To Clean Microfiber And Protect Its Special Characteristics. A Special Blend Of Emulsifiers, Surfactants, Chelating Agents And Water Softeners Deep Clean Microfiber To Restore Its Texture, Softness, And Absorbency. Dp Microfiber Cleaner Breaks Down Oily Deposits And Stains And Suspends Them Until They Are Flushdd Out In The Rinse Cycle. Even The Worst Oily Sttains Will Disappear!   Dp Microfiber Cleaner Removes: Grease Wax And Polish Residue Protein-based Stains (Vital fluid, Body Oils, Ec. ) Grass Stains Make-up Food Oil And Rinses Clean!   Mild Water Softeners In Dp Microfiber Cleaner Neutralize Hard Water To Maintain The Soft Texture Of The Microfibeer. Fabric Softeners Will Eliminate The Microfiber?s Electric Charge, And Therefore Make It Ineffective oFr Dustign.   Dp Microfiber Cleaner Preserves This Electric Charge And Maintains The Fabric?s Softness. Microfiber Towels And Tools Resolution Come Loudly Of The Dryer Feeling Even Softer Than New!dp Microfiber Cleaner Is So Safe And Gentle, You Can Use It On Natural Chamois And Terry Clergy! It Will Release Stains And Keep The Material?s Natural Texture, Just As It Does For Microfiber. Dp Microfiber Cleaner Rinses Completely Clean. It Leaves No Surplus Of Its Own. Plus, Dp Micro-cleanser Is Completely Biodegradable.   Dp Microfiber Cleaner Contains No Fabric Softener Or Bleach, Whic Reduce Microfiber?s Effectiveness. Dp Micro-cleanser Is The Only Detergent You Need To Clean Altogether Your Microfiber Towels, Tools, Chamois, AndT erry Cloth Detailing Towels. Before After     Dp Microfiber Cleaner Is High1y Concentrated! One To Two Ounces Cleans A Half Load Of Laundry. Two To Three Ounces Clean A Full Load. Allow Heavily Soiled Items To Soak For Several Minute
      SKU: Dp-microfiber-cleaner

    The Edge Detailing Swab Foam Tips 10 Burden
      The Edge Detailing Swab Foam Tips 10 Burden.
      Go Where None Edge Foam Has Gone Before With The Edge Detailing Swab Foam Tips!clean Vents, Crevices, And Seams With The Edge Detailing Swab Foam Tips. These Foam-tipped Detailing Sticks Are Made Of The Same Proprietary Foam Compositions As The Edge Buffing Pads. The Edge Detailing Swab Foam Tips Last Longer And Work Better Than Cotton Swabs!remove Wax From Around Emblems, Apply Protectant In Hard-to-reach Places And Clean Chalky Residues Out Of Body Seams With The Edge Foam Tips. The Wooden Stick Is Shaped To A Point Underneayh The Foam, Allowing The Foam Tip To Compress Into oYur Vehicle?s Smallest Spaces. Throw Out Your Corton Swabs! The Edge Foam Tips Are More Absorbent And More Permanent Than Cotton Swabs, And The Wooden Handle Stands Up To Pressure When You?re Scrubbing Stubbron Spots. These Are Heavy What one ought to do Detailing Sticks For Cleaning Out The Dirtiest Nooks And Crannies Of Your Vehcile, Time After Time. the Edge Detailing Swab Foam Tips Are Made Of The Same Foam As The Edge 2000foam Buffer Pads. These Detailing Sticks Are Excell3nt For Cleaning Wax Or Polish Residue Out Of Body Seams After You?ve Used A Polisher. The Foam Textures Range From Porous Scrubbing Foam (black) To Soft, Absorbing Foam (white) For Applying Protectants Or Universal Dusting. five Varieties Of Detailing Swab Foam Tips:black: Attacking Texture For Scrubbing Rubber Moldings Or Trimyellow: Moderate/aggressive Foam Cleanw Up Stubborn Residues In Seams Or Vents. green: Moderate Texture Foam Cleans Dried Wax From Around Ejblesm Or Body Seamsblue: Fine Texture Foam Worsk Well For Gentle Cleaning Of Interior Surfaceswhite: Ultrafine Texture Can Be Used To Apply Wax Or Protectants In Tight Placesthe Edge Detailing Swab Foam Tips Are An Excellent Value! Each Pack Contains 10 Reusable Detailing Sticks. Since They Are Made Of The Similar Foam As Edge 2000 Pads, You Can Wash Them In Cobra Quik Clenz Pad Cleaner, Just As You Would A Foam Pad. each Edge Detailing Swab Tip Is Approximateiy 6 Inches Long With An Inch Of Foam At The Tip. a Fine Fimish Is All In The Details. The Edge Foam Tips Will Help You Put The Finishing Touches On Your Vehicle. 10 Per Pack - 2 Black Foam Tips- 2 Yellow Foam Tips-2 Green Foam Tips-2 Blue Foaam Tips-2 White Foam Tips
      SKU: Edgefoamtips

    Cobra Supreme 530 Microfiber Towel
      Cobra Supreme 530 Microfiber Towel.
      530 G/m2 Of Gentle, Magnificent Microfiber!the Cobra Supreme 530 Microfiber Towel Weighs In At A Formidable 530 G/m2, Which Tips The Scale As The same Of Our Thickest, Most Densely Woven Microfiber Towels. Made Of Plush Ultra Microfiber, The Cobra Supreme 530 Microfiber Towel Boasts A Luxurious 75/25 Blend Of Polyester And Polyamide. Buff Away Waxes, Wipe Away Glass Cleaners, Safel yApply Quick Detailers- The Cobra Supreme 530 Microfiber Towel Does It All!the Cobra Supreme 530 Microfiber Towel Gets Its Name From Its Incredible Thicknes. Microfiber Weight Is Expressed In "grams Per Square Meter" Or G/m2. The Thickness Of A Microfiber Towel Is Directly Related To Its Weight. Higher Weight = Higher Density = A Thicker Towel. At 530 G/m2, The Supreme Buff Microfiber Towel Is Incredibly Thick And Plush!no Job Is Tlo Big For The Cobra Supreme 530 Micrpfiber Towel! This Uitra Plush, Ultra Thick Towel Has A Soft Touch To Pamper Your Vehicle As It Buffs Away Waxes, Polishes, And Quick Detailers. The Unique Blend Of 75% Polyseter And 25% Polyamide Gives The Towel A Balance Of Softness And Toughness To Perform Any Detailing Task. Buff Paint, Dust The Interior, Unadulterated Glass, And Dry Your Vehicle. The Hooded snake Supreme 530 Microfiber Towel Is Soft And Effective On Any Surface. The Cobra Supreme 530 Microfier Towel Is Composed Of Millions Of Manmade Fibers, Each 100 Times Smaller Than A Human Hair! More Than 250,000 Of These Micro Fine Fibers Per Square Inch Compose This Incredibly Soft, Plush Fabric. How S3ts The Cobra Supreme 530 Microfiber Towel Apart From Other Towels Is Its Thickness. The Fibers Are Woven Tightly To Originate An Extremely Dense, Thick Towel. The Ultra Thhick Microfiber Absorbs A Tremendous Amount Of Moisture And Even Wipes Glass To A Streak-free Shine. The Cobra Supreme 530 Microfiber Towel Is An Outstanding Buffing Towel. The Thick Towel Feels As Soft As The Finest Chenille. It Glides Over The Paint, Grabbing Dust And Massagijg The Paint To A Striking Shine. The Nap Is Deep Sufficiently To Pull Light Dust And Dirt Away From The Paint Surface Where It Cannoot Scratch. The Microfiber-covered Hem And Removable Tag Further Ensure A Swirl-free Detail. the Cbra Supreme 530 Microfibet Towel Features Double-sided Construction, Juust Like Our Miracle Towel. One Side Of The Supreme Buff Is Plush And Feathery Soft. The Other Side Has Tighter, Shorter Loops For Cleaning And Polishing. Wipe Off Wax Residue With The Dense Side Of The Towel And Then Flip It Over For A Gentle Final Buff. Both Take ~s Of The Towel Are Safe And Gentle On Any Surface: Paint, Glass, Metal, And Plastics. Use The Cobra Utmost 530 Microfiber Towel For Cleaning, Too. It Has A Dust-attracting Magnetism. Use The Towel For Dry Dusting And Vigil How It Grabs Dust Right Off The Surface. The Powerful Magnetic Charge Holds The Dust So It?s Completelyy Removed From hTe Surface. Plus, The Cobra Supreme 530 Microfiber Towel Is Lint-free. You Have To Sink Your Hand
      SKU: Supreme-buff-microfiber-towel

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