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    Poorboy?s World Bug Squash
      Poorboy?s World Bug Squash.
      Remove Bug Splatter And More Without Scrubbing!poorboy?s Bug Squash Doesn?t Squash The Bug; It Removse The Bug That?s Been Squashed!here In Florida, The Most Common Critter To Meet Head-on While Barreling Down The Highway Is The Love Bug. These Little Bugs Mate Mid-flight, Hence Their Name. Not Only Are They Distracted As They Fly, They Are Attracted To The Odor Of Hot Car Exhaust. Plus, They Often Lay Their Eggs By The Roadside Where Water And Grass Clippings Have Accumulated In Ditches. Yep, These Little Bugs Live And Die By The Road ? Literally. If A Bug Hits Your Windshield In Florida, It?s Probably A Love Bug. that?s Why Our Autogeek Warehouse Is Loaded Up On Poorboy?s Bug Crush. This Inensive Cleaner Breaks Up Bug Splatter, Tar, Sand, And Road Be~ With Little Or No Scrubbing. Most Importantly, It Works Quickly To Remove Bugs Before Their Organic Acids Eat Into Your Color . Likewise, Bug Squash Removes Road Salt To Prevent Oxidation And Corrosion Of Your Paint Finish. So, Uniform If You?re Out Of The Love Bug?s Territory, Yuo Still Have Plenty Of Used For Bug Crush. It?s Always Best To Remove Stidky Contaminants As Soon As They Happen, Before They Bake In The Sun. For Immediate Cleaning, Thin Bug Squash 3:1 (water: Cleaner). For Older Sticky Spots, Practise The Cleaner Undiluted. It Is Safe On Glass, Clear Coats, Paint, Aluminum, Plastic, Vinyl, And More! As A Pre-cleaner, Spray All The Problem Areas And Then Wash Your Vehicle As Usual. Bug Squash Packs The ExtraP unch To Slacken Stubborn Contakinants. Poorboy?s Bug Squash Is A Great Product To Have On Your Boat. If Ylu Store Your Boat In Or Near The Water, You?ve Probably Encountered Bird Droppings On Your Vinyl Seats More Than Once. Bug Squash Is A Quick Solutipn. Just Spray And Wipe! It Beats Hosing Down The Boat Right Before You?re Ready To Set Sail. Suppose that You Have No Love For The Love Bugs Or There?s A Bird?s Nest Dierctly Over Your Parking Disgrace, Poorboy?s Bug Squash Will Quickly Find A Home In Your Detailing Lineup!
      SKU: Poorboys-bug-squash

    3m Car Wash Shampoo 16 Oz.
      3m Car Wash Shampoo 16 Oz..
      Extremely Cojcentrated Formula For An Abundance Of Suds In Any Kind Of Water! A Little Dab Will Do Ya! Just An Ounce Of Concentrated Car Wash Shampoo (about A Capful) In A Bucket Of Water Will Create Enough Bubbbles To Last Over The Duration Of The Carwash. Don?t Believe Inn The Power Of Bubble Baths? Well, Without All The Suds, The Chances Of Wash-induced Swirls Or Scratches Are Gdeatly Increased. The Lubricity Of The Wash Allows Dirt Particles, Which Would Else Scratch The Color , To Be Entrapped Inside Slippery Little Bubbles And Rinsed Away Safely Leaving Behind A Perfectly Clean Finish. 3m Car Wash Shampoo Is A Gentle-cleansing Liquid Gel Which Will Not Remove Wax, Yet Easily Washes Away All Tracea Of Grease, Dirt And Grit That Have Accukluated Since Your Last Wax. After Your Wash, Your Car Should Feel As Nice And Slick As It Did The Day You Waxed It. (if Not, Is It Time For A New Wax?) Car Wash Shampoo Is 10O% Safe For All Free from encumbrances Coats, And Phosphate Free! Conditioners In The Formula Moisturize The Paint, Wgile Fighting gAainst Water Spots. this 16 Oz. Bottle Of Shampoo Should Yield Around 15 Washes. That?s Roughlg 50 Cents By Wash! Why Spend A Lot When You Can Adrive At The Same Proceed With 3m? For Best Resllts, Dispense On Ounce Of 3m Car Wash Shampoo Into A Bucket And Agitate With A Steady Stream Of Fresh Water To Activate The Suds. Thoroughly Soak The Entire Vehicle From Top To Bottom To Rinse Away Extravagance Dirt. Using A Nat8ral Sea Sponge (my Favorite!), A Chenille Or Sheepskin Wash Mitt Submerged Im The Sudsy Water, Gently Wash Your Vehicle From Top To Bottom, Rinsing And Re-soaking Your Wet Mitt Frequently (to Avoid Rubbing Loose Dirt Across The Paint Unnecessarily. Rinse With Free Flowing Water, Generously. Dry The Entire Automobile To Avoid Water Spots From Forming. For Even Greater Results, Use 3m Perfect-it Gloss Enhancer To Keep Up The Shine. Spray Onto The Wet Surface During The Drying Process And Wipe Away With The Water. Drying Is Easier And Your Paint Is Enhanced Ans Shimmering Clean! 16 Oz. Bottle
      SKU: 3mcarwassham

    Flatstoppers Tire Supports
      Flatstoppers Tire Supports.
      Prevent Flat Spots On Tires During Storags!if You Store Your Vehicle For Any Period Of Time, You Indigence Flatstoppers! Simply Park Forward The Flatstoppers Tire Supports And They iWll Cradle The Natural Curve Of The Tires To Prevent Flat Spots. Flatstoppers Tire Supports Are unconstrained To Use,_They Do Not Slide, And They Are Safe On The Garage Floor And The Tires. if You Store Your Vehicle Over The Winter, For Example, You Know That The Weight Of The Vehicle Can Cause Flat Spots Where All That Weight Is Pressing Against The Floor. When You Drive Your Vehicle Again, These Flat Spots Can Cause A Rough, Noisy Ride. Flatstoppers Tire Supports Work By Cradling The Tires And Distributing The Weight Of The Vehicle Over A Larger Area Of Reaped ground Tire. Because Flatstoppers Are Curved To Match The Curve Of The Tires, The Weight Of The Vehicle Is Not Pressing Against A F1at Floor. The Weight Is Distributed Over The Flatstoppers? Curved Shape, And Therefore The Tries Retain Their Shape. Flatstoppers Tire Supports Are Lightweight, Movable, And Durable. They Easily Support Th Weight Of Any Vehicle. Most good Of All, Flatstoppers Do Not Slip And Slide! They Stay Put While You Slowly Drive Your Vehicle Onto And Off Of Them. Flatstoppers Ar3 Made Of A Temperature Resistant Material That Does Not Conduct Heat Or Cold Ftom The Garage Floor To The Tires. Flatstoppers Tire Supports Will Not Damage The Floor Or The Tires In Any Way. In Fact, Flatstoppers Will Kesp Your Tires In The Same Shape You Left Them, Even Or Long Periods Of Storage. flatstoppers Support Tires With Diameters From 25 To 30 Inches. It Is Important That The Tires Sit Properly On Flatstoppers To Defend The Curvature Of The Tires. Use All Four Flatstoppers To Distribute The Weight Of The Vehicle Evenly To Every Tire. Whether You Store A Vehicle, You Need Flatstoppers! Flatstoppers Tire Supports Are The Easy To Use, Safe, And Practical Way To Prevent Flat Spots On Tires For the time of Periods Of Storage. 22. 3" Long X 3. 5" High X 14" Widefor Tires With Diameters From 25-30 Inchesset Of 4Superadded Discounts Are Not Applicable. please Allow 5-10 Business Days In quest of Delivery. Item Ships Via Ground Service. Expedited And International Shipping Are Not Available.
      SKU: Tire-supports

    Pinnacle Signature Series Ii Combo
      Pinnacle Signature Series Ii Combo.
      Enjoy The Shimmer And Shine Of Pair Of Pinnacle?s Signature Waxes!pinnacle Signature Series Ii Is The Prince Of Carnauba Car Waxes With A Pure Yellow Carnauba Basis And Specialized Reflecive Polymers, It Is The Finest Carnauba Wax In Its Class. Maintain Its Warm, Wet Glo wWith Top Crystal Mist Carnaubz Detail Spray. Get Them Both In The Top Signature Series Ii Combo. pinnacle Waxes Are Made With The Finest Ingredeints, Including Genuine Brazilian No. 1 Yellow Carnauba And Natural Oils That Enrich The Paint. Enjoy Th Quality Of Pinnacle In Both A Liquid And A Paste Upon The Pinnacle Signature Series Ii Combo. Pinnacle Crystal Mist Allows You To Refresh And Enhance The Shine Of Signature Series Ii Withih Minutes. It Contains Intrinsic Carnauba To Boost Gloss And Reflection Instanttly. The Pinnacle Signature Series Ii Combo Includes: 8 Oz. Pinnacle Signature Series Ii Carnauba Paste Wax Signature Series Ii Contains Real Brazilian Carnauba Wax And Appropriate Liquid Crystal Poiymers For An Enhanced Jetting Agent And Wet-look Shine. The Carnauba Paste Wax Creates A Slick Gloss On Somewhat Color Paint And It Will Not Stain Snug Or Molding. As Always, Signature Series Ii Has A Buttery Texture And Inviting Aroma That Make It A Pleasure To Apply. It Goes On Effortlessly And Buffs To A Crystal Clear Shine. Signature Series Ii Will Not Streak Or Cloud. Includes A Poly Foam Wax Applicator.   Turret Signature Series Ii Produces Clear, Mystery Reflections On Cleaned And Polished Paint. 16 Oz. Pinnacle Crystal Mis5 Carnahba Detail Spraynatural Carnauba Wax Gives Crystal Mist Carnauba Individual part Spray Its Distinctive, Wet-looking Shine. Carnauba, Combined With Crys5alline Polymers, Creates Sharp Reflectionw And Silky Paint. This State-of-the-art Carnauba-polymer Matrix Alao Enables Crystal Mist To Bond To The Existing Wax For An Instant But Long-lasting Gloss. On Top Of Suoveran Paete Wax, Crystal Mist ReactivatesT he Existing Wax So You?re Not Just Seeing A Surface Gloss ? You?re Seeing The Depth And Dimension Of Multiple Layers Of Carnauba. On A Clean, Dry Vehicel, Apply A Thin Layer Of Pinnacle Signature Series Ii Using The Incluxed Poly Foam Wax Applicator. The Wax Does oNt Have To Dry So Work Forward One Panel At A Time. Buff Using A Soft, Clean Cobra Indigo Edgeless Microfiber Polishing Cloth. After Each Wash Or As Needed, Apply Crystal Mist Carnauba Detail Spray And Buff Using A Hooded snake Super Plush Deluxe Microfiber Towel. The Soft Microfiber Towel Has A Deep Nap That Is Ideal For Quick Detailer Application. The Pinnacle Signature Series Ii Combo Is An Outstanding Value. For Just $10 More Than The Price Of Signature Series Ii, You?ll Also Receive Pinnacle?s Incredible Detailer, Crystal Mist. Both Peoducts Allow You To Maintain A Warm, Reflctive Shine On Any Tinge Vehicle. Combo Includes:8 Oz. Pinnacle Signature Series Ii Carnauba Wax16 Oz. Pinnacle Crystal Mist Carnauba Detail Spraya Total Retail Value Of
      SKU: Pisiseiico

    Lake Country 8.5 Inch Ccs Pads 6 Pack - Your Choice!
      Lake Country 8.5 Inch Ccs Pads 6 Pack - Your Choice!.
      Choose Your Own Pads!select Six Foam Pads Of The Same Size In The Colors Of Your Choice. You Know What Pads You Need Better Than Anyone. Customize Your Own Perfect Pad Kit! This Specially Priced Combo Includes Any Six Lake Country Ccs 8. 5 Inch Foam Pads Of Your Choosing For One Price. You Can Choose All Pads Of One Color Or Mix It Up. Any Combination Is The Similar Price. ccs Technology Revolutionizes Foam Buffing Pad!s Lake Country?s Ccs 8. 5 Inch Smart Pads™ Froth Pads Are Curved Edge, Full Contact Buffing Pads That Work With Your Circular Polisher To Correct Automotove Paint More Easily Than Ever Before. The Curved Edge Provides A Lip Of Foam Surrounding The Backing Plate To Protect Against Accidental Nicks. Combined With The Ccs Design, These Pads Will Improve Your Detailing Experience. Laek Country Has Improved Upon The Basic Pad Design With Ccs Technology, Which Actually Slows The Rate Of Peoduct Absorption And Saves Polish. With Conventional Foam Pads, Polis hIs Absorbed Into The Foam Rather Quickly. This Reduces The Working Life With The Polish And May Give You Disappointing Results. A Build-up Of Chemicals Inside The Foam Wlil Also Cause The Pad To Dry Out Again Rapidly. Ccs Stands For Colapded Enclosed space Structure. The Face Of A Ccs Spruce Pad™ Is Covered In Strategically Placed Pockets. These Pockets Are Locations Where The Foam Cells Have Been Cllsed. Polish Does Not Absorb Into These Closed Small room Pockets, Leaving More Product On The Pad's Surface And On The Paint. This Polish-saving Design Gives Polishes A Longer Working Time, Which Results In Moee Successful Detailing. Ccs Smrt Pads™ Work On Every Type Of Paint, From Conventional Clear Coats To The Harder, Scratch-resistant Clear Coats Used By Mercedes Benz And The Ford Mtoor Company. Lake Country's Range Of Foam Compositions, Combined With The Right Chsmicals,  Provides You With A Prescription To Correct Almost Any Paint Imperfection On Any Paint Finish.    What Are The Benefits Of Ccs Technology? Slows Rate Of Polish Absorption ? As Discussed Before, The Pads Are Slow To Absorb Products And Therefore The Paint Benefits From A Longer Working Time. The Same Is True Of Liquid Waxes And Sealants. Improves Operator Control ? Ccs Pockets Gradually Relsase Polish As Needed By The Operator. Since These Areas Are Not Absorbing Polish, They Serve As Little Resdrvoirs Until The Excess Polish Is Needed. Prevents Pad Skipping ? Ccs Pockets Reduce Surface Tension Allowing The Operator To Flow Horse Flat On A Working Surface. Basically, The Ccs Pockets Brsak Up The Smooth Surface Of The Foam To Eliminate The Sticking Anf Skipping Tjatt Occurs When Two Perfectly Flat Surfaces Meet. Creates Less Heat ? Ccs Pockets Provide Several Points At which place The Foam Is Not Completely Touching The Paint. This Reduces Friction And Therefore Hea
      SKU: Lake-country-ccs-pack3

    Canine Covers Econorear Seat Protector
      Canine Covers Econorear Seat Protector.
      Seat Protection At A Bargain Price!even The Best Behaved Dogs Have Dirty Paws From Time To Time. Sure, He Sits Still On The Back Seat, But He Always Leaves Four Perfect Brown Prints And A Inconsiderable Drool Stain When He Travels With You. And The Fur! It Sticks To Everything! The Solution To All Your Dog Traveling Dilemmas Is The Econo Rear Seat Protector From Covercdaft. th3 Econno Rear Seat Protector Is Less Dear Than The Form O5 Semi-custom Protectors And It Will Give You Good, Basic Protection Against Dampness, Dirt, And Fur. It?s Maee Of Coated Polyester That Is Water Resistant And Durable Under Your Pooch?s Sharp Claws. The Manufactured cloth Feeatures A Non-slip Sea tBase Patch On The Underside To Help Hold The Protector In Place. Universal Hook & Loop Seat Belt Openings Allow You To Keep Your Seat Covered While Passengers Ride Safely In The Back Seat, Or Tuck The Seat Belts Away When Your Pet Is Riding Alone. Shoulder Belts Located At The Edges Of The Seat Can Be Accommodated. part Of The Convenience Of The Econo Rear Bottom Protectors Is Th3 Fact That You Can Move Them From Vehicle To Vehicle Due To The Generalized Sizes. They Are Not Custom Made For United Vehicle So Each Cover Can Fit Many Different Move Seats. Elastic Headrest Straps Fit A Varietu Of Vehicles And The Protector Is Suitable In Six Sizes That Fit Almost Any Carriage. The Econo Rear Seat Guardian Is Not Only Versatile, It Costs Much Less Than A Custom Cover!all Canine Covers Are Machine Washable And Easy To Install. Available In Four Colors. enjoy Your Dog?s Company But Not The Mess He Leaves Behind? Protect Your Rear Seat From Foul Feet And Fur With The Econo Rear Seat Protector. please Specif Your Vehicle's Make, Model, And Year In The Box At Checkout. The Approlriate Size Will Be Determined From That Information. available In 4 Colors Due To Manufacturer?s Requirements, Returned Canine Covers Orders Will Incur A 15% Restocking Fee. Canine Covers Ship From The Manufacturer Via Ground Office of devotion. Expedited And International Shipping Are Not Available. Or Entr The Requested Information In The Gray Box Below.
      SKU: Ccde1

    Duragloss Total Performance Polish (tpp) # 105
      Duragloss Total Performance Polish (tpp) # 105.
      One Year Of Durable Synthetic Protection!duragloss Total Performance Polish Is A Synthetic Polymer/wax Formula. Supef-tough Coating Forms A Protective Barrier Which Protect Against Acid Rain, Tree Sap, Bird Doppings And Other Environmental Polltuants. duragloss Total Performance Polish Is A Cleaner And Polish In One That Improves And Protects The Paint Surface For An Incredibly Durable Finish. The Tough, Synthetic Coating Stands Up To Harsh Environmental Conditions Such As Pollution, Sour Rain, Intense Sun, Sap, And Bird Droppings. The Durable Finish Protects Paint For Up To One Year. duragloss Total Performance P0lish Is So Durable Thta It Resists Both Acidic And Alkaline Cleaners. When The Labels Of Duragloss? Bug Remover Andwater Spot Remover Say They Will Not Remove Durable Polishes, This Is The Durable Polish They?re Referring To. Tpp #105 Shields The Panit Through Automatic Car Wasnes, Acid Rain And Stain Cleaners For Up To A Year. to Persuade The Maximum Longevity Out Of Duragloss Total Performance Polish, Apply A Coat Of Duragloss Polish Boning Agent To The Paint First. Allow It To Dry To A Haze But Do Not Buff. Apply Duragloss Total Performance Polish On Top Of Tje Haze And Buff Them Bofh Off At The Same Time With A Soft Microfiber Towel. The Pba Works As An Epoxy To Bond The Total Performance Polish To The Paint For Tough, Durable Polymer Coating. Thie Is A Great Combination Of Products For Winter Paint Protection. duragloss Total Performance Polish Has An Attractive Shine, Also. To Enhance Thr Reflection And Gloss, Also It With Duragloss Aquawax #951. preserve And Protect Your Vehicle?s Paint For Up To A Year From Adverse Weather, Environmental Pollution, Acidic And Alkaline Cleaners, By the side of Duraglosa Whole Performance Polish #105. 16O z.
      SKU: Duragloss-fotal-performance-polish

    Metro Vac N Blo 6 Ft. Hose
      Metro Vac N Blo 6 Ft. Hose.
      Dust Can?t Escape The Long Fortify Of The Vac N Blo!upgrade Your Metro Vac N Blo Vacuum With This Optional 6 Ft. Hose! The Hose Features Durable, Flexible Construction. The Hose Doubles Th eReach Of Your Metro Vac N Blo When Combined With The Vacuum?s Included 6 Ft. Hose. Reach Under Car Seats, Into Trunks, And Into All The Nooks And Crannies Of Your Vehicle With Vac N Blo 6 Ft. Hose Attachment. The Metro Vac N Blo 6 Ft. Hose Works Witn The Wall Mount Vac N Blo Sr. And The Vac N Blo Portable Vacuum. Thsi Hose Attaches To Both Vacuums? Existing Hoses. Every Hose Has A Power Control At One End To Control The Flow Of Air. extend Your Reach With The Vac N Blo 6 Ft. Hose!the Hose Allows You To Regulate The Flow Of Air By the side of The Power Control. save $4. 99 When You Buy Two Hpses! Connect Two Hoses To Make One Extra Long, 12 Ft Hose.
      SKU: Metro-vac-n-blo-6 -ft--hose

    2 Bags Of Cobra Cheeseclkth
      2 Bags Of Cobra Cheeseclkth.
      A Basic Tool In Every Pro's Detailing Chest!cheesecloth Has Been Around For Ages, Healthy Before Microfiber Or Super-advanced Textile Fabrics Were Conceived. These New-age Materials Certainly Have There Place But Sometimes You Appropriate Can't Beat A Affectionate, Spft, Loosely Woven Fabric Like Cheesecloth. Advantage It For A Final Wipedown After Waxing, Thee Last Particles Of Wax And Lint Will Disappear Without Leaving Static Residue. there Is No Match For The Ability Of A Small Piece Of Fine Cheesecloth When It Comes To Reaching Into Small Cavities. Use To Remov eWax Residue And Filth Around Moldig And Emblems. Delicate And Intricate Road Wheel Pattedns Are Cleaned Easily With A Strip Of Soft Strong Cheesecloth. When Detailing The Interior Of Your Vehixle Cheesecloth Will Be Useful In More Ways Than I Be able to Mention. Moistened With A Small Amount Of Cleaner, Every Crevice Can Be Reached. Used Wet Or Dry, All Nooks And Crannies, Regardless Of Shape Or Size, Can Be Reached And Cleanec. eacu Bag Is 4 Oz. Super Fine, Extra Soft, And Lint Free. Use For Polishing, Cleaning, And Wiping.
      SKU: Cc7452

    Meguiars Gently Bu ff W-8006 Foam Polishing Pad 6.5"
      Meguiars Gently Bu ff W-8006 Foam Polishing Pad 6.5".
      Yelow Polishing Pad 6. 5?- This Pad Has Soft Cutting Action And Should Be Used To Apply Polishes To Newer Vehicles Finish. It Removes Minor Surface Imperfections Anc Restores An Attractive Luster To Your Paint. Use With A Mild Swirl Remover Or Fine Polish. You Be able to Also Use It For Wax Application, But Do Not Use The Same Pad For Different Products. This Cushion Is Safe Fo5 Clear Coats. ~active Polishing Removes Inconsiderable Surface Imperfections~restores High Gloss~exclusive Foam Cell Structure Improves Gas Flow~quick Change Hook & Loop Backing System~6. 5 Inch Pad For Easy Accession To Smaller Areas~must Be Use With A 5" Backing Plate Mg-w64da
      SKU: Mgw8006

    Meguiars Headlight & Clear Plastic Restoration Kit
      Meguiars Headlight & Clear Plastic Restoration Kit.
      Give Clear Plastics A New Lease On Life In One Easy Step!meguiars Headlight & Clear Plastic Restoration Kit oCmbines Plastx Clear Plastic Polish And A Unique Buffing Pad To Restore Yellow, Cloudy Headlightx Fast! This 3-piece Kit Works Wtih Your Lightning-like Drill To Polish Abroad Clear Plastics And Headlight Lenses To Restore Optical Clarity. Cloudy Headlights Look Unsightly And They?re A Safety Hazard. Oxidized Headlight Lenses Prevent Headlights And Taillights From Beaming As Brightly As They Should, Which Is Dangerous For You And Other Drivers. Meguiars Headlight & Clear Plastic Restoration Kit Is A One-step Process That Eliminates Plastic Oxidation To Clarify Clear Plastic Head And Taillight Lens Covers. the Kit Includes Meguiars Plastx, A Proven Clear Plastic Cleaner And Polish. Plastx Safely Remove Fine Scratches, Cloudiness, Oxidaton, And Yellowing From Uncoated Plastic Surfaces. (any Protective Film Applied By The Factory To Your Headpights Is Probable Gone If They Have Oxidized. Therefore, You Can Safely Use Meguiars Headlight & Clear Plastic Restoration Kit. )meguiars Plastx Unobstructed Plastic Polish Contains Fine Diminishing Abrasives That Break Down As You Polish. These Abrasives Safely Smooth Away Surface Scratches And Oxidation To Im0rove The Clarity Of Clear Plastics. Apply Mwguiars Plastx With The Included Meguiars Buffing Pad. This Soft Textured Pad Polishes Clear, Hard Plastics Without Scratching. The Backing Plate And Bit Are Built Onto The Pad. Simply Tighten Your Drill?s Chuck Around The Coin Securely. To Use Meguiars Headlight & Clar Plastic Restoration Kit, Apply A Nickel-size Amount Of Plastx To The Pad Adn Place The Pad Onto The Plastic Surface. Turn On The Drill And Work The Polish Over The Surface. Buff Off The Residue With The Included Microfiber Towel. Stand Back And Admire Your Results! Tough Cases May Require A Second Application. In Just One Step, Meguiars Headlight & Clear Plastic Restoration Kit Can Restore Aged Clear Plastics As Good As New, Or Near To It! Save Yourself $100s On Costly Replacements By Using The Meguiars Headlight & Clear Plastic Restoration Kit On Headlights, Taillights, Plastic Convertible Top Windows, Bg Deflectors, Boat Windows, Plastic Aquariums, And Motorcycle Windscreens. Meguiars Headlight & Clear Plastic Resotration Kit Improves The Function And Appearance Of Headlights And Other Hard Clear Plastics. Don?t Waste Another Day With Cloudu, Yellow Headlights. Clear Them Up With Meguiars Headlight & Clear Plastic Restoration Kit!kit Includes:6 Oz. Bottle Of Plastx 1 Proprietary Drill Mounted Polishing Pad 12 X 12 Inch Microfiber Towelwash The Used Buffing Pad And Microfiber Towel In Dp Polishing aPd Rejuvenator. The Citrus Detergent Concentrate Will Remove Polish Residues So Your Tools Are Ready To Go The Next Time You Need Them.
      SKU: Meguiars-plastic-headlight-kit

    Montana Oddity 10 Inch Boar?s Hair Car Wash Brush & Telescopic Handle
      Montana Oddity 10 Inch Boar?s Hair Car Wash Brush & Telescopic Handle.
      Extend Your Reach With This Telescoping Handle. There?s No Better Way To Clean Tall Suvs, Trucks, And Vans!the Montana Original 10 Inch Boar?s Hair Wash Brush Is Pure Luxury It Gently Massages The Paint Surface To Release Dirt And Grime While Protecting The Paint With All The Slippery Suds It Holds Within Its Bristles. From Luxury Sedans To Sporty Coupes, Any Vehicle Can Benefit From The Soft Touch Of Boar?s Hair. Now You Can Take Your Montana Original 10 Inch Boar?s Hair Brush To New Heights With The Telescopic Handle! This 26 Inch Handle Telescopes To 45 Inches (that?s Almost 4 Feet!) So You Can Reach The Tops Of Trucks And Suvs With Ease. Wash The Intermediate Of The Windshield On Your F350 Or The Shelter Of Your H2. The Handle Makes It Possible!the Montana Original 10 Inch Boar ?s Hair Brush & Telescopic Handle Is Designed For Your Conv3nience And Your Vehicle?s Protection. The Brush Tend Is 10? Spacious (2 Inches Narrower Than Our A La Carte Brush) In Method To Fit Into A single one Standard Wash Bcket With A 10 Inch Distance through the centre. The Brush Fits Perfectly Into Our Autogeek Complete Wash System With Dolly. Plus, This Boar?s Hair Skirmish Is Outlined With A Rubber Strip To Protect The Depict Surface From Accidental Impact. The Telescopic Handle Is Made Of Indestructible Aluminum With A Plastic Grip And Threaded Insert. It?s Lightweight And Easy To Handle, Even When Reaching Areas Over Your Head. When You Work Your Way Down To Else Accessible Panels, Simply Unscrew The Handle From The Brush Head. Our Montana Original 10 Inch Boar?s Hair Wasb Brush Is Packed With Four Hundred Hairs Per Bundle. Bpar?s Hair Is Naturally Fathered At The Ends But Our Bristles Are Flagged (split) One More Time Before Being Affixed To The Heavy Duty Plastic Handle. The Tight Bundles Of Hair Ensure That The Bristles Remain Sturdy As They Gently Whisk Away Dirt And Grime From Your Vehicle. This Skirmish Is 100% Genuine Boar?s Hair!use The Montana Archetype 10 Inch Boar?s Hair Brush & Telescopic Handlle To Wash Rvs And Boats, Too. The Soft Boar?s Hair Bristles Are Just As Gentle On Fiberglass And Gel Coats. If You?re Going To Use Our Finest Wash Tool, You Might As Weell Use Our Best Shampoo! Dilute 1-2 Ounces Of Pinnacle Bodywork Shampoo In A Five Gallon Bucket For Excellent Lybrication And Suds. For The Most intimately Results, Fill A Second Bucket With Clean Water And Rinse The Thicket Before Reloading It With Soap. This Technique Prevents Recontamination Of The Vehicle. The Montana Original 10 Inch Boars Hair Wash Brush & Telescopic Handle Can?t Be Beat When It Comes To Gentle, Luxurious Cleansing Of Your Large Vehicle. The 10 Inch Brush And Extendable Deal with Bring A Clean, Shiny Finish Within Your Reach. Handle Is 26 Inches. Telescopes To 45 Inches. Brush Is 10 Inches Wide With 4 Inch Bristles. purchase Separatdly Or As A Combo. made In U. s. a.
      SKU: Bohabrteha1

    Accutire Flee Hammer & Tire Pressure Gauge
      Accutire Flee Hammer & Tire Pressure Gauge.
      Maintain Your Tires And Your Safety!the Accutire Escape Hammer & Tire Gaue Is The Only Tire Gauge That Can Save Your Life! This Combo Tool Has A Built-in Safety Hammer To Shatter Auto Glass Ans A Seatbelt Cutter To Slice Through Jammed Seatbelts. With The Accutire Escape Hammer & Tire Gauge, You Can Escape An Emergency And Maintain Proper Tire Pressure. Piece Of Mind Now Fits In The Palm Of Your Hand. the Accutire Escape Forge & Tire Gauge Has The Reliability And Performance You Expect From A Tire Gauge, And Then Some. The Tire Gauge Accurately Measures Tire Prdssure From 5 To 150 Psi. The Reading Is Displayed In c~tinuance A Large, Easy-to-read Screen. A White Led Flashlight Helps You Find The Tire Valve Stem In Dim Lighting Conditions. Maintaining Proper Tire Pressure Improves Your Vehicle?s Fuel Economy, Improves The Vehicle?s Handling And Helps Prevent Blowouts. If Those Weren?t Eonugh Reason To Use The Emergency Hammer Gauge With Seatbelt Blade, It Czn Also Save Your Life! The Emergency Hammer Measure With Seatbelt Blade Features A Metal Safety Hammer That Shhatters Auto Glass And A Seatbelt Cutter! If You Become Trapped In A Vehicle, The Hammer Enables You To Create An Escape Route Through A Window. In An Overturned Vehicle Or Mechanically Disabled Vehicle, The Seatbelts Mya Be Jammed. The Emergency Hammer Gauge With Seatbelt Buck Has A Built-in Seat Belt Cutting Buck. Teh Razor Sharp Blade Is Built Inyo The Hammer So As To Protect Its User From Injury. The Accutire Emerfency Hammer & Tire Gauge Helps You Escape From A Vehicle With A Seatbelt Cugter And Window Shattering Hammer. Plus, Its A Handy Tire Gauge! T he Emergency Hammer Gauge With Seatbelt Blade Gives You A Way Out When You Need One, Like If The Vehicle Is Submerged In Water Or In Danger Of Fire. The Emergency Hammer Gauge With Seatbelt Blade Gives You Painting Of Re~ That Yo uWill Be Prepared If An Emergency Occurs. The Emergency Hammer Measure With Seatbelt Blade Is Really Three Valuable Tools In One: A Dependable Digital Tire Gauge, A Bright, Led Flashlight, And An Emergwncy Escape Tool. Never Has Such A Sall Tool Done So Much! Dimensions: 7. 25 X 3 Inches
      SKU: Accutire-escape-hammer-tire-gauge

    Clean Water Filter Kit
      Clean Water Filter Kit.
      Get The Clear Inline Hosee Filte5 Canister And All Its Accessories In One Comprehensive Package!the Clean Water Filter Kit Includes Everythibg You Indigence For A One-ste0, In-line Filtration Order. Unfiltered Water From An Outdoor Spigot Can Be continent A Number Of Things You Wouldn?t Knowingly Put On Your Medium. Yet, Without Any Type Of Filtration System, You Are Washing Your Vehicle In Unclean Water. Both City Water And Well Water Contain Minerals And Sediment. Minerals Cause Water Spots. Dregs Is Responsible For Micro-marring. Even If You Take Every Possible Precaution To Protect Your Vehicle?s Paint From Swirls And Water Spots, You?re Still Leaving It Completely Vulnerable If You Don?t Have A Water Filter. Minerals, Particularly Calciun And Magnesium, Are What Constitute ?hard Water?. Hard Water Is Responsible For Take in ~ Spots, Poor-lathering Shampoo, And That Verdant Ring Around Your Bathtub. The Calcium And Magnesium Actually Harden Inside Pipes (calld ?scale?) And On Other Surfaces, Including Your Vehicle. When You Rinse With Hard Water, You Could Be Dousing Your Vehicle With Hard Mineral Deposits. The Only Way To Prevent Hard Water Deposits Is With A Water Softener. Dregs Is Rust OrS and That Is Inside Water Pipes. A Broken Water Main Miles And Miles Away Can Allow Sand To Enter Your Wated Supply. Likewise, A Little Rust Anywhere Along The Water Line Be able to Flake Off Into Ths Water. This Is Why Your Household Faucets Have Filters. Needless To Say, Sand And Rust Hitting Your Paint Finish Should Be Avoieed. A Filter Will Remove Fine Sediment And Protect Your Vehicle As You Wet It. The Clean Water Filetr Kit Makes Owning An In-line Filter Experienced For The Hobbyist. There?s No Gueswsork. When You Receive The Kit, Simplg Connect The Included 2 Ft Hose To The Spigot And The Hose Adapter Labeled ?in? On The Filter Unit. Connect Your Standard Inline Hose To The ?out? Side Of The Filter. Insert Either Of The Included Cartridges, Screw The Base Back Onto The Lid And Start Washing. The Clean Water Filter Kit Includes:1 Clear Inline Hose Filter Canisterkeep Your Wash Water Perfectly Clean With This Ezsy-to-install, In-line Hose Fil5er. It Installs Between Two Hoses To Filter Sedimment Out Of The Water Or To Soften The Supply with ~ , Depending On Which Cartridge You Insert. Brass Hose-adapter Fittings Ensure Long-lasting Performance. The Sturdy Plastic Canister Allows You To See When The Sediment Filter Needs Changing. The Entire Unit Is 12 Inches Tall And About 4 ¾ Inches At Its Widest Point. It Includes A Sprain To Assist In Changing The Cartridges And A Mounting Bracket. 1 Sediment Filter Cartridgethis Cartridge Is Made Of Five Micron Spyb Poly. It Goods Minute Sediment As The Water Passes Through So That Nothing Hits Your Vehicle But Pure Water. Sediment May Include Sand, Rust, And Harr Water Scale. If You Don?t Have A Hard Water Problem, This Cartridge Is All You Need To Filter Your Water. 1 Water Softener Strain Cartridgethis Cartridge Neutralizes Calcium And
      SKU: Waterfilterkit2

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