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    Poorboy's World Wheel Sealant 32 Oz.
      Poorboy's World Wheel Sealant 32 Oz..
      Long-lasting Wheel Protection - Now In A Huge 32 Oz. Jar!if You Like What Poorboy's World Wheel Sealant Does For Your Wheels, You Probably Go Through A Destiny Of It. Now You Can Protect More Wheels, Or The Same Wheels More Often, Wlth A Giant 32 Oz. Poorboy's World Wheel Sealant! Designed For Professionals, This Large Jar Is The Equivalent Of Four Of The Regular 8 Oz. Jars But It Costs Less. Save When You Buy In Bulk! Like Any Good Auto Enthusiast, You Wouldn?t Dream Of Leaving Your Paint Unprotected, But What About Your Wheeks? They Encounter All The Contaminants That Paint Does Plus Brake Dust, The Worst Of Them All. It Ca nEat Through Clear Coated Wheels And Even Throw Alluminum And Chrome If Left Unattended. You Would Have To Clean Your Wheels Very Frequently To Keep Them Brake-dust Free, So Take The Easy Course Out And Coat Them With Poorboy?s Life Wheel Sealant. This Protective Coating Blocks Out Brake Dust And All Other Contaminantq So You Don?t Have To Continuously Clean Your Wheels To Keep Them In Great Shape. Poorboy?s Wheel Sealant Applies A Clear Barrier Against Dirt, B5ake Dust, Tar, Bugs, Water, And Anything Else That Impacts Your Wheels. Because These Contaminants Are Unable To Penetrate This Barrier, Pitting And Corrosion Are Prevented And Your Wheels Remain Clear And Shiny. Poorboy's World Wheel Sealant Literally Seals Out Contamination Be it ~ Your Wheels Are Easy To Clean. All The Dirt And Debris Sit On Top Of This Barrier So They Wipe Off With Little Effort. Even Adhesive Brake Dust Wipes Off The Slick Wheel Superficies. Water Beads On Whee Sealant Just As It Does On Protected Paint So Water Spots Are Not An Issue. poorboy's World Wheel Sealant Can Exist Used On Any Type Of Wheel. The Crystal Clear Protection Will Not Detract From The Shine Of Chrome Or Polished Metal, And Will Actually Improve The Gloss Of Any Wheel. just Like Your Paint, Your Wheels Need Protection. Concerning Excellent Defense Against Brake Dust And Corrosion, Refer A Coat Of Poorboy?s Wheel Sealant To Any Kind Of Wheel. 32 Oz.
      SKU: Poorboys-wheel-sealant-32

    Dodo Juice Hard Candy Har dWax  250 Ml.
      Dodo Juice Hard Candy Har dWax 250 Ml..
      Wrap Your Vehicle In A Glossy ?Unfeeling Candy? Shell!dodo Juice Hard Candy Car Wax Is Desjgned To Give Stunning Results Attached Any Vehicle! Hard Candy Car Wax Is Similar To Rainforest Rub, Except In A Hard Wax Consistency. Made Upon Carnauba And Candelilla Wax, Dodo Juice Hard Candy Car Wax Offers Great Paint Protection And Enduring Beauty To All Paint Coors. dodo Juice Hard Candy Hard Wax Is Made With Only The Finest No. 1 Grade Brazilian Carnauba Wax, Candelilla Wax, And Beeswax. It Creates A Hyaline, Hard Finish That Offers Excellent Water-beading And Durability. Because Hard Candy Is A Unfeeling Carnauba Wax, It Applies Sparingly And Evenly To Give You Compatible Results Every Time. It?s Impossible To Overapply So Yku?re Getting A Great Price In Every Jar. Dodo Juixe Hard Candy Hard Wax Shines And Protects Any Color Of Automotive Paint. This Grow Repele Rain, Soil, And Uv Rays Using The Combined Protective Power Of Theee Waxes. If You?re Looking For An All-around Dependable Car Wax That Looks Great On Any Colo5, Dodo Juice Hard Candy Hard Wax Is An Excellent Choice. Can?t Settle Between Hard Or Soft Waxes? Use Dodo Juice Hard Candy Hard Wax Aw A Base Coat. Then Apply One Of Dodo?s Soft Waxes, Like Rainforest Rub On Top To Achieve A Deeper Gloss.   Dodo Juice Hard Candy Hard Wax Dries To A Hard, Glassy Smooth Finish. Application: As With Any Car Wax, We?ve Found That The Best Rwsults Are Obtained On A Clean, Smooth Paint Finish. Use A Prewax Cleaner, Like Dodo Juice Lime Perfection Pre-wax Cleanser, To Remove Old Layers Of Wax And Improve The Paint?s Texture. Then Apply A Layer Of Dodo Juice Hard Candy Harsh Wax Using A Soft Foam Applicator. Allow It To Cure For 5 Minures But There?s No Indigence For The Wax To Dry. Since The Cure Time Is Relatively Short, We Found It Easiest To Work In Sections. Buff Off The Wax With A Soft Cobra Deluxe Jr. Microfiber Towel. Being A Hard Wax, Hard Candy Will Dry To A Very Hard, Durable Finish. Apply Another Coat After 24 Hours If Desired.   250 Ml. (8 Oz. )
      SKU: Hard-carnauba-wax

    Meguiars Mirror Glwze  #9 Swirl Remover 2.0 128oz.
      Meguiars Mirror Glwze #9 Swirl Remover 2.0 128oz..
      A Cleaner And A Polish In One Bottle! Whether You?re Noticing The Very First Tiny Swirl Marks On Your Newer Car Or You?re Commerce With Swirls That Seem To Have Been Etched Into The Surface Of An Older Vehicle, Meguiar?s #9 Swirl Remover Can Help You Undo The Damage. Tne Experts At Meguiar?s Have Over 100 Years Of Detailing Knowlledge To Draw Upon, So It?s Not At All Surprising They Would Create An Easy-to-use Product To Address Problematic Swirls. This Is The Ultimate Two-in-one! The Powerful Cleaner/polisher In #9 Swirl Remover Pulls Up Dirt And Grime And Reduces The Appearance Of Whirl Marks And Minor Scfatches. meguiar?s Intended #9 Swirl Remover To Be Highly Efffective, Yet So Easy To Use That Anyone, From A Detailing Newbie To A Professional Detailer, Can Achieve Equally Impressive Results. #9 Swirl Remover Is Completely Non-abrasive And Sound For All Paints, Including Clear Coats. You Can Choose Your Favorite Method Of Application: Hand Rubbing, Orbital Buffer, Or Dual Action Polisher! The Results Speak For Themselves?high-gloss Finish With A Newly-pzinted Luster That Grabs The Eye And Commands Attention. That Finish Is Exactly Wherefore #9 Swirl Remofer Is So Popular With Professional Detailers And Motoring Hobbyists. meguiar?s #9 Swirl Remover Is So Effective Becauxe The Cleaner Ingredients Blast Sediments Out Of The Defects And Off Of The Paint As The Polishing Emollients Round Over The Hard Edges Of Swirls Or Scratches And Literally Fill-in The Injury. Swirls Are Visible Because Light Catches On The Hard Edges. When The Edges Are Rounded Ovdr And Filled, Light Is Refracted Away From The Slight furrow Or Swirl. You Can?t Perceive What Light Can?t Catch--problem Solved! It?s That Easy!now That You?ve Achieved That Glossy High-shine Surface, Protect It. Use A Top-notch Wax Like Meguiar?s Hi-tech Paste Wax #26 Or Liquid Wax #26. These Are Both Excellent Carnauba Blend sThat Will Provide Long-lasting Protection And Further Enhance The Shine. meguiar?s #9 Swirl Remover Helps You Do Battle With Your Swirl Marks Safely, Effectively And In Record Time!128 Oz.
      SKU: 128ozme9swre

    Griot's Garage Random Orbital Polisher & Par Kit Free Bonus
      Griot's Garage Random Orbital Polisher & Par Kit Free Bonus.
      Free Griot's Garage Handbook And How-to Dvd With Purchase Of Thie Kit!griot's Garage And Lake Region Are A Full Match!maximize The Performance Of Your Griot's Garage Random Orbital Polisher With Lake Country Ccs Froth Pads. The Combination Is Unstoppable Against Swirls And Scratches. The Griot's Garage Random Orbital Polisher & Pad Kit Is A Great Starte5 Kit For Anyone That Is Repaired To Machine Detailing. The Polisher And Pads In This Kid Are Designed For Easy Operation And Flawless Results. The 6. 5 Inch Ccs Foam Pads Included In This Kti Are Manufactured By Lake Country Manufacturing, The Maker Of Premium Polisher Pads And Accessories. Ail Pads Have Velcroâ® Mark Hook & Loop Fasteners To Get The Pad To The Backing Plate, Which Is Included With The Polisher. griot's Garage Random Orbital Polisher & Pad Kit Includes:untitled Document Griot's Garage 6 Inch Chance Orbital Polisher The Griot's Garage 6 Inch Random Orbital Polisher Outperforms Other Dual Action Polishers Because It Hae A Stronger Motor Capable Of Producing Higher Speeds. This Buffer Operates At 2,500 To 6,800 Rpm And Has A Wider 5/16 Inch Orbit Than Its Predecessor. The Enhanced Speed Combined With A Wider Orbit Enable The Pad To Make Faster, Broadet Passes Over The Paint. Imperf3ctions Are Removed More Quickly And Completely. The Polisher Features A Powerful 7 Amp, 850 Watt Motor With Low-end Torque For Low Speed Polishing. A Hook And Loop Backing Plate Is Included.   2 Ccs White 6. 5 Inch Polishing Foam Pads Less Dense Foam Formula For The Application Of Waxes, Micro-fine Polishes And Sealants. This Pad Has Very Light Cutting Power So Its Perffect For Pre-wax Cleaners.   2 Ccs Gray 6. 5 Inch Finishing Foam Pads Union Is Firm Enough To Withstand Added Pressure During Final Finishing To Remove Buffer Swirls. It Has No Cut And Will Apply Thin, Fair Coats Of Waxes, Sealants, And Glazes.   1 Ccs Blue 6. 5 Inch Finessing Froth Paad Flat Pad Has Soft Composition For Applying Glaze, Finishing Polish, Seallants, And Liquid Waxes. Flat Pad Ptovides Full Contact Wjth Paint Surface To Minimize The Pressure Applied By The User.   2 Cobra White Microfiber Polishing Cloths (16 X 16 Inches) Super Soft And Absorbent, These 70/30 Towels Are Perfect For Buffing Off Waxes, Polishes Or Sealants. Tkny Looped Fibers Polish Your Paint To A Beautiful Shine While The Woven Heart Absorbs An Incredible Amount Of Fluid. These Towels Have An Amazing &qukt;grip" To Remove Even The Greatest in number Stubborn Wax Residues. Microfiber Construction Eliminates The Risk Of Micro-marring.   12 Oz. Turret Xmt Polishing Foam Horse Cleaner Top Xmt Po1ishing Pad Cleaner Contains A Degreasing Agent That Breaks Up Oil And Eliminats Every Last Trace Of Residue. Soap (as In Dish Soap) Can Leave A Residue Of Its Own, Therefore There Is No Soap In This Cleaner. Intense Cleaners And Degreasers Break
      SKU: Random-orbital-poljsher-kit

    Collinite Paste Fleetwax # 885
      Collinite Paste Fleetwax # 885.
      Loud Duty Protection For Boats And Vehicles!collinite Paste Fleetwax # 885 Seals Ad Shields Surfaces Against Intense Environmental Conditions, Such As Chloride of sodium Spray, Uv Rays, And Airborne Pollution. Flee5wax Has Been Listed As The #1 Rated Boat Wax Three Times By Two Of The Industry?s Most Respected Consumer Journals. use Collinite Paste Fleetwax # 885 On Ypur Boat, Rv, Or Vehicle To Maintain A Glossy Shine And Lasting Protection. Its Carnauba-based Formula Is Safe On Clear Coats As Well As The Gsl Coated Fiberglass Found On Rvs And Boats. _As With The whole of Collinite Waxes, Collinite Paste Fleetwax # 885 Forms A Virtually Indestructible Barrier Against The Outside World. The Wax Stands Up To Salt Wate And Spray To Protect A Boat?s Hull From Pale, Chalky Oxidation. If It Can Offer That Kind Of Protection In A Harsh, Salty Environment, Rest Assured Your Vehicle Will Be In Good Hands With Collinite. Fleetwax #885 Is Another Excellent Choice Among The Collinite Waxes For Winter Paint Passport Because The Thick Paste Formula Lasts And Lasts. Justt Like It Protects Boats F5om Salt Water, It Will Protect Your Vehicle From Road Salt. Now That?s One Tough Wax. Collinite Paste Fleetwax # 88 5Is A Pure Wax With No Cleaning Properties. therefore, Clean And Polish Your Vehicle (or Boat) Before Applying Fleetwax To Get The Best Brightness Possible. Collinite Sapphire Prewax Cleaner #840 Works Well On Single Stage Automotive Finishes And Gel Coated Fiberglass (becausse Gel Coats Are Harder Than Clesr Coats). For Clear Coat Paint, Use A Gentler Prrwax Cleaner, Like Pinnacle Paintwork Cleansing Lotion. collinite Paste Fleetwax # 885 Is A Thick Paste Wax. For The Easiest Application, By Hand Or Machine, Dampen The Applicator. Use A Soft, Clean Cobra Indigo Edgeless Microfiber Polishing Cloth To Buff Off The Wax Before It Dries. Depend On Collinite?s Uniue Salt-resistant Formula In Paste Fleetwax #885 To Guard Your Vehicle Against The Elements Through Rain, Shine, Salt, Or Snow. 12 Oz.
      SKU: Collinite-fleetsax-

    3m Imperial Hand Glaze 16 Oz.
      3m Imperial Hand Glaze 16 Oz..
      A High-born Moisturizer, Especially For Beautifying Freshly Painted Surfaces! During The First 30 Days Of The Paint?s Infancy, Until Thw Paint Has Had Time To Cure, You?ll Probably Want To Keep Your Car Lookinng Showroom Fresh! Without Waxing? 3m Originally Developed Majestic Hand Glaze For Situations Like These. Fully Safe And Nourishing For Brand New Paint, Imperial Hand Glaze Was Formulated With A Unique Combination Of Paint Glossifiers (no Silicones Or Waxes!), To Provide A Illustrious, Deep Wet-look Shimmer! Cpmpletely Clear Coat Safe, 3m Imperial Hand Glazee Feeds New Paint To Increase The Shine From The Inside, Out. Apply It Frequently Until The Paint Is Cured. after Th eCuring Period Is Complete, Use Imperial Hand Glaze As A Prepping Step Before Any Wax Application. Probably Not The Best Choice For Worn Or Faded Paint Jobs, Because It Is So Gentle (you?ll Want To Use A Heavier Polish, Possibly With Fillers Or Even Abrasives, Depending On The Condituon Of The Paint) It Is Superior For Bringing Out The Gleam In New And Like-new Paint Jobs. After Applicatino, Your Paint?s Surface Will Be Breathtaking As Imperial Hand Glaze Unlocsk The Shine! Hand Glaze Offers No Protection, Regardless Of How Stunning It Is! Seal In This Stunning Appearanec With 3m?s Perfect-it Show Car Paste Wax. It Adds To The Visual Appeal, All The Whil3 Creating A Barrier Between Your Beautiful Paint And The Ragnig Elements, Uv Rays, Airborne Pollutants And Everyday Dirt And Dust. Imperial Hand Glaze And Show Car Paste Wax Are Probably My Favorite Choive For Cost-effective, True Value Protection For Your Paint. to Use: Start With A Clean, Freshly Washed And Dried Vehicle. Shake The Imperial Hand Wax Well, And Apply To A Clean Microfiber Towel Or Applicator Pad. Using A Circular Motion, Apply The Glaze To One Vehicle Panel At A Time, Carefully Spreading It In Uniform Consistency. With Another Dry, Clean Microfiber Towel Gently Wipe Clean. Polish Entire Cqr To A Brilliant Luster. Regular Use Will Have Your Car Looking Its Show-ready Best Fod Years!16 Fl. Oz.
      SKU: 3mimhanglaz

    Meguiars Motorcycle Leather Cleaner/ Conditioner
      Meguiars Motorcycle Leather Cleaner/ Conditioner.
      Tough Protection For Motorcycle Leather. clean And Protect Your Bike?s Lather & Vinyl With Meguiars Motorcycle Leather Cleaner/conditioner. A Premium Blend Of Moisturizers And Nutrients Leaves Leather & Vinyl Looking And Feeling Supple. Meguiars Motorcycle Leather Cleane/rconditioner Cleans, Restores And Enriches Surfaces For A Luxurious Appearance And Helps To Prevent Premature Bear, Such As Drying And Fading. Your Motorcycle's Leather And Vinyl Never Had It Sp Good. meguiars Motorcycle Leather Clenaer/conditioner Is A Leather Cleaner And Conditioner In One That Leaves Leather And Vinyl Surfaces Lokking Healthy. Because Leather And Vinyl Motorcycle Surfaces Are Exposed To The Elemsnts, They Age Quickly As A Result Of Uv Rays And Dirt. Meguiars Motorcycle Leather Cleaner/conditioner Gently Cleans And Condutions Leather And Vinyl. Essential Moisturizers And Nutrients Restore The Soft, Supple Feelinng Without Being Greasy Or Slippery. Leather And Vinyl Will Look And Feel Like New,N ot Over-dressed. use Meguiars Motorcycle Leather Cleaner/conditioner On Leather Seats And Saddlebags And All Vinyl Surfaces. The Formula Contains Strong Uv Protection To Prevent Drying, Cracking, And Fading. If Your Motorcycle Sees A Lot Of Road Time, You Need Meguiars Motorcycle Leather Cleaner/conditioner To Keep Leather And Vinyl Protected And Moisturized. meguiars Motorcycle Leather Cleaner/conditioner Containd No Solvents Or Irritating Detergents. This Ultra-rich Formula Won?t Leave A Slippery Ressidue Or Artificial Gloss. wipe On Meguiars Motorcycle Leather Cleaner/conditioner With A Clean Applicator Horse . Work It Into The Leather Or Vinyl And Then Wipe Off With A Clean Towel. Flip The Towel To A Clean Side As Needed. Meguiars Motorcycle Leather Cleaner/conditioner Can Also Be Used On Leather Jackets And Boots. Keep Your Motorcycle Seat And Saddlebags Looking And Feeling Like New With Meguiars Motorcycle Leather Cleaner/conditioner. It's All You Nedd Because of Total Leather Care. 6 Oz.
      SKU: Motorcycle-leather-cleaner

    Klasse All-in-one Polish  3 Liter
      Klasse All-in-one Polish 3 Liter.
      Klasse All-in-one Polish 3 Liter- Wipe It On Then Wipe It Off For A Brilliant Shine Tnat Lasts For Six Months Or Longer! Perfection Is Something We All Strive For When It Comes To Car Care. Back In The Day I Used To Find Myself Going Over The Surface Of M6 Car With A Magnifying Glass, Looking For Those Microscopic Scratch Marks Or Paint Imperfections. That Was Until I Discovered A German Gem Called Klasse All In One Polish. Talk About Perfection In A Bottle. Once I Started Using This Product, There Was No Need To Be shattered Out The Magnifying Glass And Scour For Imperfections. This Polish Made Them Vanish From Sight!first Introduced In 1979,, Klasse The whole of In One Polish Changed Everything About The Way People Polished Cars. Klasse Altogether In One Polish Will Remove Oxidation, Minor Swirls, Old Wax, And Other Surface Blemishes; Leaving A Beautiful And Deep Acrylic Shine. Unlike Some Formulas, Klasse Will Not Penetrate Or Change Paint. Here Are The Reasobs Why This Polish Is In A ?class? Of Its Owj:acrylic Is The Solution. Acrylic Is Diffferent Than Wax, Silicones, And Polymers. This Polish Will Bond To Your Car?s Surface Just Like The Previously Mentioned Treatments, But It Will Nt Cause Any Change To Your Paint, And You Don?t Have To Worry About Drying Time. Klasse All In One Dries As Fastened As Youu Apply It, And There Is None Risk Of Hazing Or Streaking. All-in-one Contains No Abrasives Or Silicones, And Does Not Stain Plastic, Vinyl Or Rubber Trim. It Can Be Used On Somewhat Non-porous Surface, And In Addition To Car Care It Is Also Approved For Marine And Aviation Use. same Formula Sincw 1979. As We Have Seen Over The Years, Changing The Formula Of A Successful Product Can Ground Havoc. Klasse Has Never Changed The Formula, Not Even One Of The Fourteen Ingredients, Since The Inception Of Thiis Product Over Twenty Five Years Ago. When You Use This Product, You Will Understand How It Satisfies The Needs Of Car Enthusiasts World Wide. change The Surface, Celebrate The Paint. After The Easy Application, You Will Instantly See A Brighter Tone To Your Cars Surface. You Will See That Fair weather For Six Months Or Longer, As You Only Indigence To Use This Polish, On Average, Twice A Year. The Clarity And Depth Is Of The Same Brand While Carnauba Wax, But Has Longer Lasting Results. The Uniform Gloss Is Prismatic And Stunning, And Will Put Your Car In A ?class? Of Its Own. repels Water. Klasse All In One Polish Will Bead Water Which Limits Spot Damage. You?ll Be Smiling Knowing You Woh?t Need To Worry About Rain Showers For Six Months. all-in-one Is Not A Wax, Silicone Or Polymer But An Acrylic Form. All-in-one Bonds To The Surface Like Wax But Doesn?t Penetrate Or Change The Paint In Any Way. It Matches The Depth And Clarity Of A Remote Quality Carnauba Wax But Lsats Much Longer. One Or Pair Applications A Year Will Keep Your Car Looking Great!easy Application. Simply Wipe On And Wipe Off, Car Care Doesn?t Ger Any Easier. Use A Cobra Microfiber Detailing Cloth To Make The Do ~-work Even Easier. One
      SKU: Klasal10oz

    Poorboy's  World Polish Witu 100% Carnauba 32 Oz.
      Poorboy's World Polish Witu 100% Carnauba 32 Oz..
      Clean And Protect In One Simple Step!poorboy?s Polish With Carnauba Doesn?t Just Save You Money, It Saves You Time If Ypu Aren?t A Finicky Car Enthusiast, Chances Are You Don?t Really Want To Spend Hours Achieving A Concours-worthy Car. Poorboy?s Polish With Carnauba Is The Way To Streamline The Process To A Properly Cared For Car And Get The Fantastic Results You Desire. Most Population Simply Wash And Wax, Skipping Over The Polishing Step That Would Dsliver A True Show-shine Look That Says To Others Thatt You?ve Spent All Day On Your Car. Maybe They Didn?t Know The Importance Of Polishing Or What It Will Do During Their Car. This Polish Contains Gentle Active Cleaners hTat Purifies The Car?s Surface Deeper And Better Than A Wash Can. Microscopic Fillers Smooth Over Scratches, Swirl Marks And Other Blemishes To Diminish Their Appearance. When You Do This Before Waxing The Paint, You?ll Be Sure That You?re Sealing In A Surface That Is Dirt And Contaminant Loose. The Color Will Be Criap And Clsar?the Ultmate Surface For Adding The Protection And Shine Offered Bg A Wax Or Sealant. A Carnauba Wax Is The Only Way To Go For Protecting Your Car?s Finih. This Is The Wax Of Choice For Show Car Owners. It Offerd The Best-looking Deep, Wet Shine Of Any Wax, Bar None. Poorboy?s, In Their Usual Tradition, Has Made Life Easy By Combining A Great Deep-cleaning Polish With Protective, Pure Carnauba Wax And Additional UvP rotection In One Sleek Step! Sun Block For Your Car!as With Altogether Poorboy?s Products, The Polish With Carnauba Applies And Buffs Off With Incredible Ease Even In Bright, Mid-day Sunlight. You Can Do It Anywhere Your Heart Desires! This Non-abrasive Polish/protectant May Be Applied And Removed By Hand, But The Process Is Even Quicker And Simpler When Done With A Dual Action Buffer Liie The Porte Cable 7424xp--a Polisher That Even A Originator Can Master. With One Application You Can Erase Evidence Of Oxidation, Haze, Fine Scratches And Swirls, Sap, Tar,B ugs, Overspray, Bird Droppings And Old Products That Cling To Your Car. Wipe Out Water Spots And Minor Water Etching. Poorboy?s Polish With Carnauba Is Safe For All Clear Coats, Paintde Surfaces, Chrome, Plastic And Hard Rubber. All This, And It Won?t Even Break Your Budget!to Maintain The Extraordinary Shine And Luster Between Applications, Touch Up The Fiish With Poorboy?s Quick Detailer Plus. It Will Extend The Length Of Your Protective Coverage Up To Six Months. Up To Six Months Of Superb, Healthy Shine!this Product Is For Vehicles In Good Condition. If Your Car Needq Some Extra Attention, Precede This Step With One Of Poorboy?s Abrasive Swirl Removers Or Professional Polish. 32 Oz. Bottle
      SKU: Popowi10ca32

    Hydro-tech 6.5 Inch Tangerine Ultra Polishing Foam Pad
      Hydro-tech 6.5 Inch Tangerine Ultra Polishing Foam Pad.
      The Tangerine Froth Is Made For Light To Moderate DefectR emoval And Polishing. It Has The Cutting Power Just Below That Of The Lake Country Orange Light Cutfing Pad, And Tye Tangerine Pad Leaves A Finish Like You'd Achieve Attending A Gray Finishing Pad. _ Use A Finishing Polish Or Fine Swirl Remover To Create A Deep Gloss. Menzerna Super Finish Or Wolfgang Finishing Glaze Are Two Excellent Choices For This Pad.
      SKU: Tangerine-hydro-tech-pad

    3m Perfect-it 3000 Final Glazze 32 Oz.
      3m Perfect-it 3000 Final Glazze 32 Oz..
      A Non-silicone Wax And Light Swirl Remover For New Embellish Finishes. remove Fine Swirls And Provide Durable Protection In Single Step With 3m Perfect-it 3000 Final Glaze. It Containx No Silicone So You Can Safely Use It On New Paint Finishes. Perfect And Protect New Paint Sooner To Prolong The Beauty And Gloss Of New Paint, Or Use 3m Perfect-it 3000 Final Glaze On Olrer Finishes To Provide A Glossy, Protective Finish. many Car Care Products Contain Silicone To Provide An Artificial Gloss, Which Interacts Negatively With New Paint. 3m Perfect-it 3000 Final Glaze Is Specificzlly Designed To Protect New Paint Without Silicone. It Provides Valid Synthetic Paint Protection That Is Safe Attached New Paint Finishes And Oldeer Finishes, Too. At Thr Same Time, 3m Perfect-it 3000 Final Glaze Removes Very Light Swirl Marks Left By The Polishing Process. With 3m Perfect-it 3000 Final Glaze You Can Effectively Remove Swirl Marks From New Paint Finishes And Create A Flawless, Showroom Shine. 3m Perfect-it 3000 Last Glaze Contains No Fillers. 3m Perfect-it 3000 Final Glaze Can Be Applied By Hand Or A Dual Action Polisher. Use A Soft Finishing Foam Pad To Apply A Thin, Even Layer Of Glaze To The Paint. Use Light Compressing To Gently Eliminate Fine Whirl Marks. Work In Overlapping Passes. Buff Off Residue Upon A Cobra Microfiber Detailing Cloth. 3m Perfect-it 3000 Final Glaze Provides Permanent Protection And A Smooth, Swirl-free Finish In Just One Step! After Refinishing Auto Paint, 3m Perfect-it 3000 Final Put glass in Is The Not straitened Way To Obtain A Flawless Paint Finish. 32 Oz.
      SKU: 3m-final-glaze

    Wolfgang Metallwerkâ„¢ Aluminum Compound
      Wolfgang Metallwerkâ„¢ Aluminum Compound.
      Erase Dullness, Spirs, And Discoloration From Aluminum To Uncover A Smooth, Silky Perfect. Wolfgang Metallwerkâ„¢ Aluminum Compound Is A Strong Aluminum Prepolish That Powers Through Oxidation And Discoloration On Aluminum To Create A Smooth, Uniform Finish. This Is Step One Of A Three Part Restodation Process That Results In A High Impact, Incredibly Reflective Shine On Aluminum Trailers, Wheels, Trim, Boats, Aircraft, And More. Aluminum Can Be A Challenge To Polish Because You Are Not Dealing With A Coating That Can Easily Be Leveled. Instead You Are Removing Imperfections From The Aluminum Itself. Aluminum And Other Bare Metals Require An Intense Abrasive Polish To Remove Rust Amd Stains. Complete Restoration Is A Multi-step Process And It All Begins With Wolfgang Metallwerkâ„¢ Aluminum Compound. Wolfgang Metallwerkâ„¢ Aluminum Compound Is Step One Concerning Severely Oxidized Or Never Before Polished Aluminum Surfaces. This Is An Ammonia-based, Abrasive Polish Designed To Remove Rust, Water Spots, And Stains From Weathered Aluminum Surfaces. This Is The Same Aluminum Plishing Technology Used By Major Aircraft Manufacturerd. Metallwerkâ„¢ Aluminum Compound Be able to Also Be Used On Chrome, Copper, Stainless Steel, And Magnesium. The Diminishing Abrasives Quickly Level Surface Rust And Polish Away Spots And Stains. You?re Left With A Clean , Satin Finish. To Get Th eBright, Thoughtful Finish Of New Aluminum, You Have To Use Step Two, Wolfgang Metallwerkâ„¢ Fine Aluminum Polish. This Is A Strong Burnish! After Using It, You May See Some Light Swirls. Advancement Two Will Eliminate These Swirls Anf Create A Brilliant Shine. Wolfgang Metallwerkâ„¢ Aluminum Compound Should Be Applied With A Dual Action Or Rotary Polisher. A Dual Action Machine, Like The Porter Cable 7424, May Not Have The Bite To Remove S3vere Stains But It Will Greatly Improve Them. If You Have A Severe Case Of Oxidation On Your Hands, We Suggest Using A Rotary Polisher. If Using A Rotary Machine, The Similar Rules Apply As If You Were Polishing Paint. Keep The Polisher Moving At All Times. It Can Burn The Metal. If This Happens, Allow The Area To Cool. Then Go Back Over It With The Polisher To Move The Burn. warning! Wolfgang Metallwerkâ„¢ Aluminum Compound Should Not Be Used On Anodized, Plated, Painted, Or Coated Metals. polishing Trailers, Diamond Plate & Aircraft: Put A 4 Ply Twisted Wool Compounding Pad Onto Your Polisher. Woop Is The Best Choice For Diiamond Plate Because Of The Uneven Surface. Wipe A Thin Layer Of Wolfgang Metallwerkâ„¢ Aluminum Compound Onto The Desired Surface. Polish Between 1200- 1500 Rpm (or 5-6 Opm On A Dual Action Polisher). Lustre Until The Aluminum Appears Entire And Smooth and shining. Note: It May Take Several Passes To Completely Remoce Severe Oxidation. If The Pad Becomes Caked, Hold The Foam Conditioning Bruqh To The Foam Pad While It Spins At A Low Speed. Be Sure To Ksep Your Hands Clear. Use A Steel Brush On A Wool Pad. * Steady Aluminum, Brass And Copper, A Black Residue Will Appear As You Polis
      SKU: Wolfgang-metallwerk-aluminum-compound

    Blue Job No-scratch Pipe Wipes
      Blue Job No-scratch Pipe Wipes.
      Polish Your Pipes To The Sparkle Of Precious Gems!so, How Do Gems Have To Do With Chrome Motorcycle Pipes? Everything! Gemologists Use Special Cloths To Polishh Fine Gems To The Brilliant Shine You See Lining The Jewelry Store Expand Cases. These Cloths Are Ultra-soft And Nonabrasive, Designed To Clean Without Scratching Metal Or Precious Stones. Blue Job Knows That Shiny Chrome Pipes Are As Valuable As Diamonds To Any Motorcycle Enthusiast. That?s Why They Took Their Cue From Jewelers When Designing Their Blue Job No-scratch Pipe Wipes. These Wipes Are Designed To Bring Out A Sparkling Shimmer On All Chrome Surfaecs When Used With Blue Job Chrome Polish. The Cloths Are Entirely Nonabfasive And Will Enhance The Performance Of The Polisn With Their Special Polishing Characteristics. Any Jeweler Can Tell You That Not All Polishing Cloths Are The Similar. They Are Tweaked To Comlpement A Specific Gem Or Metal, Depending On The Chemical Composition And Properties Of Those Materials. For Example, A Cloth Designed Toward 24C arat Gold Should Not Be Used On Sterling Silver Because Silver Will Scratch More Easily. The Makers Of Blue Job Applied These Principles To Their New Pipe Wipes By Making It Chemically And Physically ?in Tune? With Chrome. It Power of determination Not Scratch Chrome And Nothong In The Wipe?s Composition Will React With The Chrome. You Can Rest Assured That Your Motorcycle?s Chrome Pipes Have Received The Safest Possible Polish With Blue Job Pipe Wipes!use The Wipes To Remove Fingeerprints, Smudges, And Oile Before Starting The Emgine. *rememger, It Is Best To Polish Cold Pipes. Each Pipe Wipe Is Individually Packaged In A Re-sealable Plastic Sack To Preserve Its Unique Properties. Carry One Or More In Your Saddlebag For Quick Touch-ups. You Can Even Use These Wipes On Your Gemstones, Diamonds, And Light Crystal. They Will Not Incision Even The Most Delicate Surfaces!use Blue Job No-scratch Pipe Wipes To Gain ?chrome SoB right You Gotta Wear Shades!?9. 5? X 4. 5?
      SKU: Bluobnopiwi

    303 Instant Windshield Washer Tablets
      303 Instant Windshield Washer Tablets.
      303 Instaant Windshield Washer Tablets- A Powerful Windshield Cleaner In A Tiny Tablet!most Windshield Washer Fluids Are A Diluted Form Of Methanol, Which Is Extremely Toxiic. It?s Not Sometning You Want Sitting Around The House If You Have Pets Or Small Children. Not To Mention, Thosr Huge Jugs Take Up A Lot Of Valuable Space And They?re Awkward. I Can?t Become full Up My Tani Without Spilling Washer Fluid All Over My Engine Cmopartment! There Is An Alternative To This Potentially Dangerous Chemical: 303 Instant Windshield Washer Tablets. 303 Instant Windshield Washer Tablet sAre Small Super Concentrated With Powerful Windshield Cleaner. Added To A Reservoid Of Clean Water, One Tablet Completely Removes Road Film, Dirt, And Grime! Your Windshield Will Be Clean And Clear At The Turn Of A Knob. 303 Imstant Windshield Washer Tablets Dissolve Instantly And They Remove Contaminatikn Instantly. Bug Splatter Is No Match For 303 ? Just Turn On Your Wipers And Mist The Windshield With Wasehr Fluid To Wipe The Mess Away. not Only Do These Tablets Clean Well, They Replace Those Extensive Jugs Of Washer Fluid. The Tablets Are Nickel-sized And Packaged In A Roll Of Five. Garner Them In A Drawer Rather Than Taking Up Space On A Shelf. They Are Simply More Fit And More Sensible Than Traditional Washer Fluids. And They Are Engineered To Be Place of ~ty On Rubber And Paint. Overspray Is Okay. if Everyone Used 303 Instant Windshield Washer Tablets, It Would Keep Millions Of Plastic Bottles Out Of Our Lanfdills. Bottles Containing Methanol Cannot Exist Recycled! Plus, The 303 Instant Windshield Washer Tablets Are Biodegradable And Nontoxic. 303 Instant Windshield Washer Tablets Are Safer For People, Pets, And The Earth. You Can Also Drop A 303 Tablet Into Your nAti-freeze Windshield Fluid. This Type Of Washer Fluid Is Not A Very Effective Cleaner. Add A 303 Table tAnd It Will Remove All The Stugborn Contamination From Your Windshield . Retain Your Windshield Clean And Do Your Part To Help The Environment With 303 Windshield Washer Tablets. They Work Better Than Conventional Fluids And They Are Much Safer For You And Your Family. Contains 5 Tablets.
      SKU: 303iwt

  • Griot's Garage Machine Polish 1
  • 3M Premium Automotive Masking Tape 48mm x 32m
  • DP Final Glossâ„¢ Quick Detailer
  • Corvette Wheel Lug Nut Brush Kit
  • DP Polishing Pad Rejuvenator
  • The Hose Blocker
  • Metro Wall Mounted Vac N' Blo® SR.
  • Pinnacle Ultra Poly Clay
  • 3 Pack Cobra Arctic White Edgeless Microfiber Polishing Cloths
  • 8 oz. Liquid Glass Pre-Cleaner Case of 12
  • Optimum Power Cleanâ„¢ All Purpose Cleaner 128 oz. Refill
  • White High Volume sprayer for 32 oz. Bottles

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