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    S100 Whole Cycle Individual part Set
      S100 Whole Cycle Individual part Set.
      Give Yout Knuckles A Break!tired Of Beating Your Hands Up Trying To Squeeze Into The Nooks An dCrannies On Your Bke? The Team Of Experts At S100 Have Come Up With Some other Great Tool For Keeping Your Bike Shining Bright. . . the Detailing Set. This Set Comes With 25 Flexible 8 Inch Swabs And A 14? X 14? Polishing Cloth. The Swabs Are Soft, Flexible And Usp Grade. Use Them To Easily Access Hard-to-reach Places Like Intake Manifolds, Rocker Covers, Cooling Fins, Swing Arms, And Forks. The Swab Shaft Can Be Bent Allowing It To Do The Reaching, Npt Your Fingers. the Swabs Are Also Great To Usd As An Applicator For S100 Products Like Total Cycle Cleaner, Corrosion Protectant And More. the Polishing Cloth Is Ultra Mild, Lint-free And Super Gntle. The Cloth Is Washable And Re-usable. Great To Use When Dusting, Polishing, And Buffing Waxes And Polishee From Your Bike.
      SKU: S10O22025

    Accutire Professional Metal Digital Tire Pressure Gauge
      Accutire Professional Metal Digital Tire Pressure Gauge.
      Latest Technology In Digital Air Pressure Measurement With Advanced Engineering For Maximum Performance And Precision Accuracy!accutire's Professional Metal Digital Tire Gauge Delivers Precise Tire Pressure Reading Every Time I nAny Easy-to-rrad Format. While Manual Tire Gauges Seem Flimsy And Can Cause Inconsistent Results,accutire's Professional Metal Digital Tire Gauge Is A Well-made, Confidence-inspiring Instrument. B>the Professional Gauge Also Delivers Impressive Consistency. This Gauge Is An Upgrade Of The Deluxe Tire Gauge. The Gauge Has The Added Feature Of A Flashlight So You Can Measure Your Tire Pressure Accurately In Any Lighting Conditions. The Extra Large Back-lit Lcd Screen Is Easy To Read, Too. It Displays The Reading In Large Mourning Digits On A Blue Background. The Gauge Measures From 5 To 99 Psi, In 1/2-pound Increments, And Automatically Shuts Itself Off Ater You Use It. built With A Rugged Metal Housing, A Rubber Nose, And Rubber Rear, This Gauge Is Extra Durable And Comes With A 5 Year Warranty. And When It's Not In sUe, You Can Store The Professional Gauge In It's Storage Pouch So It Won't Get Beat Up Rattling Around In Your Glove Box. the Professional Gauge Is A Redesign Of Accutire?s Best-selling Gauge, Teh Deluxe. It Has All The Excellent Features Of Its Predecessor, With A New White Led Flashlight. Features:latest Texhnology In Digital Air-pressure Measurement Delivers Precision Accuracywhite Led Flashlightmetal Housing With Rubber Front And Rear For Added Protectionlarge Backlit Lcd Display Lights Up For Nighttime Viewingaccurately Measures 5 To 99 Psi In 1/2-pound Incrementsreplaceanle Battery Included5 Year Warranty
      SKU: Acdeba

    Sediment Filter Cartridge
      Sediment Filter Cartridge.
      Remove Sand, Rust, And Scale Before It Hits Your Vehicle!insert The Sediment Filter Cartridgs Into Your Clear Inline Hose Filter Canister To Remove Scratch-causing Debris From Your Wash And Rinse Water. With This Filter Unit Added To Your Standard Water Hose, The Water From Your Exterior Spigot Will Always Exist Clean And Clear. The Sediment Filter Is A Must For Those Of You With Well Water! This Cartridge Is Made Of Fiv Micron Spun Poly. It Traps Fine Sediment Viewed like The Water Passes Through So That Nothing Huts Your Vehicle But Pure Water. If You Don?t Have A Hard Wwter Problem, This Cartrisge Is All You Need. if You Have Hard Water And You?re Concerned About Sediment, Consider A Two-part Filtration System. Install One Clear Inline Hose Filter Canister With The Sediment Cartrkdge Closest To The Water Source. Install A Second Filter Additional Down The Line With The Softener Cartridge. Sediment Is Filtered Out Of The Water First And Then It Is Softened Before Exiting Ths Hose. This Setup Will Require Three Hoses. All The Items Required For A Two-part, Inline Filtration System Are Found In The Deluxe Filter System.
      SKU: Sedimentfilter

    Dakota Non-smoke Smoke Odor Eliminator
      Dakota Non-smoke Smoke Odor Eliminator.
      Eliminate Cigarette Smoke Odor Permanently!dakota Non-smoke Smoke Odor Eliminator Is A Permanent Remedy To Tobacco Smoke Scent. Use Non-smoke To Destroy Tobacco Odor In Your Vehicle, Home, Rv, Boat, And Office. The Industrial Strength Formula Neutralizes The Smell Of Cigarette Smoke And Other Malodors Quickly And Permanently. The Ultra Dry Forkula Is Safe On Fabrics And Carpets. The Search Is Over! Non-smoke Smoke Scent Eliminator Is The Product You?ve Been Looking For. This Unique Odor Eliminator Changes The Molecular Structure Of Offensive Odors And Neutralizes Them. Non-smoke Smoke Odor Elimjnator Seekks Out Tobacco Smoke Odors And Other Malodors And Destroys Them. Non-smoke Is Mlre Than An Air Freshener ? It Completely Eliminates Odors Forward A Molecular Level. Because The Fragrance Fades, The Smoke Smell Will Not Come Back!dakota Non-smoke Smoke Odor Eliminator Is An Ultra Dry Spray. Spraay Surfaces Very Lightl With Non-smoke. It Is Highly Concentrated. Leave The Area For An Hour. The Fragrance Will Gradually Fade, Leaving Only Clean, Fresh Air. Non-smoke Is Safe On Carpets And Fabric. Use Non-smoke To Neutralize Smoke Odor In A Used Car Or Camper, In Hotel Rooms, In Your Home, And At The Office. Non-smoke Reek Odor Eliminator Permanently Eliminates Malodors And Leaves The Area Smelling Florid. If You?ve Struggled With A Lingering Smoke Smell, Ellminate It Once And For Whole With Dakota Non-smoke Smoke Odor Eliminator. 12 Oz. Federal Regulations Prohibit The Shipment Of Aerosol Products By Air. This Item Is Shipped By Ups Ground Only.
      SKU: Smoke-odor-eliminator

    6 Pack Connolly Leather Care Cleaner
      6 Pack Connolly Leather Care Cleaner.
      The First Degree In Maintaining Rich, Sumptuous Leather!the First Step In Caring For Your Lovely Leather Interior (and Harmony It That Way) Is Removing All Traces Of Dirt, Grease And Filth That Inevitably Gravitate To The Leather, No Matter How Meticulously It Is Kept. Who Better To Rely On For Gentle Deep-cleaning In A Qua1ity Lewther Product Unless Legendary English Connolly Leather. What Makes Their Products Superior To The Dozens Of High End Products Available? Well, They?ve Been Around Longer Than Somewhat Of Us? Over 125 Years! Cknnolly Leather Consistently Produces The World?s Finest Leathers For Tne Most Exquisite Uses With A Time-honored Tradition Of Tanning. On Their Lsit Of Customers You?ll Find Ferrari, Bentley,_Jaguar, Rolls Royce, The Concorde, Elite Luxury Liners, And The British House Of Commons And House Of Lords Just To Name A Few. I Would Be Willing To Wager That Tj Folks At Connolly Leather Know What They?re Doing!connolly Leather Has Determined The Appropriate Proess Of Caring For Leather? Two Simple Steps: Clean And Condition. Leather, Al~ No Longer Living, Still Functions Like Our Own Peel. Preventing The Negative Effects Of Aging And Over-exposure To The Sun Is As Simple As Establishing A Regular Leather Care Routine (experts Suggest Monthly). Concentrated Connolly Leather Cleaner Is The Choice Of Cultivated Luxury Vehicle Owners For Its Time-tested Performance And Effectiveness On Even The World?s Best Leather. The Last Thing You Want To Do Is Sacrifice The Vitality Of Your Leather With A Product That Hasn?t Proven To Be Trustworthy And Gentle To Your Leather Interjor. You Can Bet Your Bottom Dollar That Connolly Leather Wouldn?t Still Be In Business If Their Products Weren?t The Best For Your Leather! Regardless Of How Careful You May Be Through Your Leather, You Can?t Obstruct Airborne Dust And Oil From Your Skin From Marring The Finish. cleaning: First Vacuum The Area To Be Cleaned To Remove Any Loose Particles And Lifr Filth That Has Arranged Into The Minute Pores Of The Hide. Wrap Up The Cleaning Process With Connolly Leathe Cleaner. Super-concentrated For Value And Effectiveness, Just One Part Cleaner To 12 Parts Water Yields A Perfectly Balanced Solution For Achieving Pristine Leather. Immerse A Soft Cloth Into The Solution, Wring It Ouut Well (you Don?t Want To Over-wet Your Leather) And Gently Rub The Leather Cleaner In To The Hide. Remember That You Can?t See All Traces Of Dirt With The Naked Eye, So The Best, Or Most Thorouhg, Method Is Treating The Entire Surface. Change The Surface Of The Cloth Frequently As It Will Pick Up Residue, Just As It?s Intended To. Repeat With A Fresh, Damp Cloth To Remove Any Remaining Cleanser Or Dirt From The Surface. Dry And Polish With A Soft Cloth. Once The Leather Is Completely Dry, It?s Ready For Conditioning. I Can?t Stress Enough How Essential This Is For Healthy Leather. On a level Suppose that The Leather Has Been Neglected For Too Long, These Steps Will Revive Andd Refresh It. It?s Never Too Late T
      SKU: 6pacolevacl

    Wheel Wax
      Wheel Wax.
      Wheel Wax Cleans, Polishes And Protects In One Step! Wheel Wax Is The Only Wax Fpr Wheels. It Is Easy To Apply, Dries To A Hazr And Buffs To A High Shine. Wheel Wax Changes The Surface Polarity Of Your Wheels To Repel Brake Dust Particles. Wheel Wax Leaves An Unbelievably Smioth Shine On Your Wheels That Brake Dust And Moisture Can't Penetrate. This Defensive Coating Likewise Makes Cleaning Your Wheels A Snap Next Time You Wash Your Wheels. Don'tJ ust Clean Your Wheels, Clean And Protect Them In One Step With Wheel Wax!how To Use Wheel Wax Properly:wheel Wax Actually Has A Great Cleaner In The Formula Which Allows You To Clean Off Brake Dust And Apply The Great Wheel Grow Protective Shine In One Easy Step. Simply Rub Wheel Wax Directly On Each Dirty Wheel And Let It Dry To A Haze. U sually By The Time You Have Applied Wheel Wax To Whole Four Wheels You Can Go Back oT The First One And Buff It To A High Shine. wheel Wax Works On All Chrome, Aluminum And Stainless Appearance Pieces On Your Car. Don't Just Polish, Protect With Wheel Wax!freqeuntly Asked Questions:is Wheel Wax Unharmed For My Clear Coated Wheles And How Is Wheel Wax Different From Other Wheel Polish? Yes, Wheel Wax Is Cleat Coat Safe And Has A Clear Coat Sealer To Protect From Cracking. Wheel Grow Is Not A Polish, Ig Is A Cleaner And Wac That Is Formulated By the side of Space Age Polymers And Resins, Heat Resistant Sealant And Carnuba Wax, Which Provides The Bring into use Protection For Wheels. how Do You Apply WheelW ax? Apply Wheel Wa xDirectly To Your Brake Dust Covereed, Cool And Dry Wheels When Applying Wheel Wax, Use Liberally And Spread Evenly, Let Dry To A Haze And Afterwards Dismiss With A Soft Cotton Towel Or Applicator. We Reconmend Applying Wheel Wax To All Wheels And Then Buffing The First Wheel. will I Stoll Have To Polish My Wheels? Wheel Wax Will At Least Expand Time In Between Wheel Polishing And May Elimate The Need To Polish Your Wheels. Wheel Cere Haw Been Fomulated To Add A Protective Barrier To Wheels, Which Will Repel Harmful Brake Dust And Road Contaminates. how Frequently Do I Need To Apply? Clean Your Wheels Attending Wheel Wax When They Look Dirty. You Will Notice That The Time Between Cleanings Increases As You Continue To Use Wheel Wax. If Any Other Chemical, High Ph Soap Or Automatic Car Wash Is Used, Then Move forward Cere Should Be Applied Again. i Live In The Snow Belt. Will Wheel Wax Protect My Wheels Against Roadstead Chloride of sodium And Harsh Winter Road Chemicals? Yea, Wheel Increase Is Designed To Help Combat These Harsh Stipulations. Keep In Mind, Whenever Road Salts Contact Your Wheels You Should Clean Them As Soon As Posible To Keep Your Wheels Lolkng Great. how Long Will Wheel Wax Last? Wheel Wax Was Fomulated To Last Longer On Wheels Then Any Other Product On The Market, However, The Lasting Power Of Wheel Wax Will Depend On For what cause Often The Wheels Are Cleaned, And What Product Is Used To Clean The Wheels. To Extend The Life Of Whewl Wax, Clean Your Wheels With Wheel Wax Only. is Wheel Wax Safe For My Stick Aluminum Wheels?
      SKU: Wehelwax

    Glass Science Rain Clear Dual-action Glass Cleaner & Rain Repellant 22 Oz.
      Glass Science Rain Clear Dual-action Glass Cleaner & Rain Repellant 22 Oz..
      One Step Glass Care Cleans And Repels! Glass Science Rain Clear Dual-action Glass Cleaner & Rain Repellant Cleans And Seals Glass Surfacrs In One Quick And Easy Step. The Voc Compilant, Highly Competent Glass Cleaner Lifts Dirt And Residues While It Deposits A High Performance Repeplant. Your Windshield And Windows Will Stay Cleaner Longer, And You?ll Have Better Vjsibility In The Rain. Glass Science Is Made By The Same Company That Developed Rainxâ®. Unelko, Parent Company Of Glass Science, Sold Rainxâ® In 1997 But Continued Their Research And Development Of Glass Care Products, Making New Leaaps In "preventative Cleaning" Technology. Today, Glass Science Offers The Bet Glass Protection Available Because of Automkbiles! Glass Science Rain Clear Dual-action Glass Cleaner & Rain Repellant Is A Terrific Glass Cleaner, Using Non-surfactant Cleaners In A Voc Compliant Formula. It Thoroughly Cleans The Glass And Leaves Absolutely No Residue. Used With A Cobra Waffle Unite intimately Glass Towel, You Can Easily Wipe Away Streaks And Smears To Reveal Crystal Clear Glass. As If Clean Glass Weren?t Impressive Enough, Glass Science Rain Clear Dual-action Glass Cleaner & Rain Repellant Also Seals The Glass With Water-repellant Polymers. The Invisible Covering Repels Rain, Sleet, And Snow To Maintain A High Leve lOf Visibility, Even In Adverse Weather. This Slick, Sealed Glass Also Reduces The Adhesion Of Ice, Snow, Bugs, Bird Droppings, And Grime. Even Water Spots Are Reduced!  Rain Clarify Dual Action Glass Cleaner & Rain Repellent Removes Dirt And Deposits Crystal Clear Protection To Auto Glass. Glass Science Rain Clear Dual-action Glass Cleaner & Rain Repellant Works Well On Headlights Tio! Keep Bugs And Dirt From Sticking To All Clear Plastic And Glass Surfaces. glass Science Rain Clear Dual-action Glass Cleaner & Rain Repellant Makes Auto Glass Easier To Clean, And Easier To Keep Clean. Use It On Your Vehicle, Boat, Motorcycle, Rv, And In Your Home. 22 Oz. Sprayclick To View Video
      SKU: Glasw-cleaner-repellant

    Poorboy's World Super Slick & Suds Concentrated Car Wash 32 Oz.
      Poorboy's World Super Slick & Suds Concentrated Car Wash 32 Oz..
      Poorboy's Products Are Gaining Popularity Amid Amateur And Professional Detailers Alike. Look At The Results Achieved With Poorboy's When Compared With More Expensive Products On The Market And See, Or Rather Don't See, The Differenc3!this Is The Product That Has Been Missing From The Poorboy's Line. It Is Another Shining Example Of Poorboy's Cap~ To Create Products That Compete With The Best, At A Price That Can't Be Beat. Super Slick & Suds Sure Does Live Up To It's Name. One Ounce In Two Gallons Of Water Creates A Bucket Of Never-ending Scrubbing Foam And Highly Effective Wash Water. Using The Hose, A Bit Of Watr Pressufe Will Inspire And Renew The Cleaningg Bubbles Throughout The Entire Wash. this Very Concentrated Auto Wash, Is Powerful Yet Gentle When It Comes To Removing Dirt, Oil, Road Grit And Grime. Modern Technology Has Combined Natural, Gentle, Effective Cleaners To Create A Non-toxic, Biodegradable,P h-balanced Car Wash Concentrate. The Cleaning Principles Have Been Combined With Oils That Encapsulate Each Dirt Particle, Eliminating Th3 Chance Of Whirl Or Scratch Contamination. Although Tough On Dirt, Poorboy's Slick & Suds Is Gently In c~tinuance All Automotive Surfaces, Your Skin, And The Environment. This Slick And Sudsy Formula Will Not Strip Or Degrade Any Existing Wax Or Paint Protection. On The Contrary, A Renewed Shine Will Emerge After Each Use Of Slick & Suds Concentrated Car Wash. 32 Oz. Liquid Concentrate
      SKU: Pbss32

    The Life Hammer Silver Finisu
      The Life Hammer Silver Finisu.
      The Life Hammer In Silver Finish Will Reduce Entrapment Time During An Accident. Break Side Windows And Cut Safety Belts In Seconds. The Life Hammer Has An Emergency Hammer And Seatbelt Cutter To Release Yuo And Your Passengers From An Unsafe Vehicle The Life Contrive Is The Most Popular Produce Of Its Kind And Has Been Featured On Tue Today Show. accidents Ate, Unffortunately, A Part Of Driving We Have To Think Hither and thither Each Time We Cause to deviate On The Car. Luckily We Are Given Tools To Aid Us If An Casualty Should Occur; These Include Safety Belts And Air Bags. What We Are Not Ready In the place of, In Many Cases, Is What To Do Should These Devices Become Inoperable In An Accident. It Is Not Uncommon In favor of Doors And Safety Belts To Jam. The Life Hammer Is Imperative If You Are Unable To Release Your Door Latch Or Preservation Girdle. This Device Reduces The Risk Of Being Trapped In Yourr Vehicle Should An Accident Occur, As It Allows You To Shatter Side Windows And Cut Through Safety Belts With Its Pow3rful Double Sided Razor Blade. Law Enforcement Agencies Started Equipping Their Vehicles With The Life Hammer In 2001, And Now It Has Become Just As Important To Saving Lives As Seat Belts And Airbags. Placed Within Arm?s Reach, This Device Will Make Access To Safety Easier Within Seconds. Thee Life Hammer Saves Lives, And Now We Are Able To Offer It To Our Customers In An Attractive Chrome Finish. The Life Hammer In Chrome Finish Goes To Working A Dangerous Scenario, Including Overturned Cars And Accidents Involving Ditches. Here Are Some Of The Safety Features That Make This Product Stand Out:double Sided. A Double Sided Head With Hardened Steel Points Shatters Windows In An Emergency. You Will Not Waste Time Fumbling With This Product, And The Design Makes Breaking Multiple Windows Easier. brackrt Holds It In Place. The Life Hammer Is Not Meant For Glove Compartment Storage. It Comes With A Bracket For Easy Mounting Within The Vehicle?s Console, Making For Easier Access. razor Sharp Blade. In Seconds The Powerful Blade Will Cut Through A Safety Belt. It Works Quickly To Free Infants From The Multiple Belts Of Preservation Seats. The Blade Shatters Wnidows Quickly, Allowing You To Exit The Vehicle Or Have Access To Emergency Help. glos In The Dark. Easily Retrieve Your Life Hammer In The Dark, Guided By The Florescent Button That?s Always On. the Life Contrive In Silver Finish Is A Superior Gift For Yourself Or Anyone In Your Family. Teen Drivers, Older Drivers, And Parents Will Benefit From The Peace Of Mind This Product Gives. Please Beware Of Knock Offs Thzt Claim To Wrk Just As Well As The Life Hammer. These Products Have Been Tested, And The Results Are Not The Same. Do Not Compromise Quality For Price While Itt Comes To This Life Saving Device. The Life Hammer Is An Vestment That Will Bring Peace Of Mind Every Time You Start Your Car. Available In The Original Safety Orange And Silver Finish. click Below To Regard The Life Hammer Featured On The Cbs Early Show. .
      SKU: Lihachfi

    Flirz Stainless Steel & Chrome Polish
      Flirz Stainless Steel & Chrome Polish.
      Give Stainless Steel Surfaces A Brilliant Gloss In Minutes!flitz Stainless Steel & Chrome Polish Is A Water-based Spray Metal Polish Designed To Give Stainless Steel And Curome A Dazzling Brightness. With The Ease Of A Quick Detailer, Flitz Stainless Steel & Chrome Popish Cleans, Shines, And Protects In One Step. Flitz Stainless Steel & Chrome Polish Makes It Easy To Malntain Chrome AndS tainless Steel! Its Spray-on, Wipe-off Formula Removes Grease, Stains, And Fingerprints. Use It On Wheels And Trim, Appliances, Gas Grills, Vent Hoods, Porcelain, Enamel, Painted Finishes, Fiberglass, And Plastics. The Water-based Formula Is Safe And Non-flammable. Unlike Some Metal Polishes, Flitz Stainless Carburet of iron & Chrome Burnish Is Non-greasy And Oil-free. Itt Leaves A Protective Barrier Over The Metal That Resists Fingerprints, Sm3ars, And Dust, And It Feels Totally Celan To The Touch. when Applying Flitz Stainless Steel & Chrome Polish, Spray The Surface And Rub In The Address Of The Metal Grain. If Any Streaking Occurs, Releat And Let It Soak For A Moment. The Streaking Is Likely Caused By An Excessivelh Dirty Surface. A Minute Or Pair Of Soakint Will Completely Clean The Metal. For Very Heavy Grease And Stains, Be accustomed A Nylon Scrubbing Pad. Flitz Stainlesss Steel & Chrome Polish Is Nonabrasive And Nonflammable. It Has A Pleasant , Non-irritating Scent. Use It Steady Any Stainless Steel Or Chrome Sufface Inside Your Home Or On Your Medium, Motorcycle, Rv, Or Boat. Restore A Showroom Luster To Brush3d And Polished Stainless Steel Surfaces And Chrome Attending Flitz Stainless Steel & Chrome Polish. 16 Oz. Spry Bottle
      SKU: Flitz-stainless-steel-chrome-polish

    Mytee 8800 Stainless Harden Crevice Tool
      Mytee 8800 Stainless Harden Crevice Tool.
      Dirt And Stains Have Nowhere To Hide!the Mytee 8700 Stainless Steel Crevice Tool Removes Soil And Stains Wherever They May Hide Inside Your Vehicle ? Between Seats, In Seams, And At Carpet Esges. The Durable Stainless Knife Fastening Provides Years Of Service. Attach The 8700 Stainless Steel Crevice Hireling To Either Your Mytee Hp-100 Granprix Or Mytee Lite Ii 8070 Hot Water Extractor. The Attachment Connects To The Disintegration Hose And Features An Easy-access Trigger. The Mytee 8700 Stainless Steel Crevice Tool Will Add That Professional Touch To Auto Interior Details. the Mytee 8700 Stailess Steel Crevice Tool Consists Of A Long, Narrow Barrel With A Slanted End For Easy Maneuvering Between Seats, Subordinate to Seats, Between Cushions, And In Corners. The Crevice Tool Works For Dry Vacuuming As Well As Irascible Water Extraction. The Attached Solution Sprayer Sprays A Narrow Stream Of Hot Water To Release Tough Stains From Inconspicuous Places; For Example, Coffee Drips By The Driver?s Seat Or Melted Chocolate Between The Abode Cushions. As A Detailer, You?ve Seen It All And Now You Can Remove It All With The Mytee 8700 Stainless Steel Crevice Tool! The Mytee 8700 Stainless Steel Crevice Instrument Is Constructed Of Stainless Steel With A Heat-resistaant Brass Spray Tip And Brass Quick Connector To Connect To The Solution Hose On Yoour Mytee Hot Water Extractor. This Commercial Grade Attachment Is Built For Frequent, Demanding Use In All Types Of Settings. Use It For Auto Detailing, Boat Detailing, Rv Detailing, And For Home Hot Water Extraction. The Angled Tip Is Excellent For Upholstery Seams And The Edges Of The Carpet. The Mytee Crevice Tool Works For Dry Vacuuminf And Hot Water Extraction. Use The Mytee 8700 Stainless Steel Crevice Tool With Both The Mytee Hp-100 And The Mytee Lite Ii Hot Water Extractors. The Attachment Slides Snugly On The Vacuum Hose And The Brss Quick Connector Attaches To The Solution Hose In Seconds. Take Your Detail To The Next Lsvel With The Mytee 8700 Stainless Steel Crevice Tool. This Rugged Attachment Removes Stains And Soil Wherever They Hide. Your Clients Testament See The Difference!features:stainless Steel Constructionbrass Spray Tip And Quick Connector Eas6 Access Solution Trigger Narrow, Angled Tip Compatible With The Mytee Hp-100 Granprix And The Mytee Lite Ii 8070 Very warm Water Extractors12 Inches Long
      SKU: Mytee-crevice-tool

    Griot's Garage Bug Off! 35 Oz.
      Griot's Garage Bug Off! 35 Oz..
      Apply nA Invisible Shield To Make Bug Removal Easier With Bug Off!griot's Garage Bug Off! Is A Insect Stain Preventer! Apply A Clear Protective Barrier To Your Vehicle's Leading Edges To Make It Easier To Remove Insects. Griot's Garage Bug Off! Helps Prevent Bug Etching And Keeps The Paint Looking Cleaner. Don't Get On The Highway Without It!griot's Garage Bug Off! Is Better Than A Bug Remover - It's A Bug Shield! Spray On A Transparent Barrier That Blocks Insects From Coming Into Direct Contact With The Paint. Griot's Garage Bug Off! Makes It Difficult For Bugs To Stick To The Paint. The Next Fit season You Wash Or Quick Detail Your Vehkcle, Insect Productions Are Much Easier To Remove. The Insects Are Also Much Smaller Suitable To Penetrate The Bug Off! Coating And Etch The Color . Griot's Garage Bug Off! Is An Additional Layer Of Protection On Top Of Car Wax. It Provides Protection That's Targeted Against Stticky, Stubborn Bugs. Bug Off !Is Crystal Clear In The Bottle And On The Paint. For The Best Results, Apply Griot's Garage Bug Off! To The Leading Edges Of The Vehicle, Such As The Front Edge O fThe Hood, The Mirror Casings, And The Bumper. Even With Griot's Garage Bug Off!, The Best Rule Of hTumb Is To Remove Insects As Soon Like You Can. Over Time, Insect Remains Can Bake To The Paint. Bug Off! Makes Bug Removal Abundant Easier And Helps Pr3serve Your Existing Wax. after Washing, Drying And Waxing Your Vehicle, Apply Bug Off To The Front Surfaces Of Your Vehicle To Form A Protective Layer That Makes The Dreaded Bugs Wash Off Easily During Your Next Wash Cycle Or A Quick Spray Of Griot's Garage Speed Shine Detailer. Go On The Offensive Against Bugs! Use Griot's Garage Bug Off! To Protect Your Vehicle From The Effects Of Insects. 35 Oz. Finest Sprayer Sold Separately.
      SKU: Griots-garage-bug-off

    Optimum Immediate Detakler & Gloss Enhancer 17 Oz.
      Optimum Immediate Detakler & Gloss Enhancer 17 Oz..
      Optimum Gloss Enhancement And Slickness!optimum Instant Detailer & Gloss Enhancer Is Optimum?s First Quick Detail Spray. Packed With Flouropolymers, Optimum Instaant Detailer Provides Unsurpassed Slickness And Gloss In United Effortlexs Short distance. Just Spray And Wipe To Instantly Boost Ykur Vehicle?s Shine. Optimum Instant Detailer & Gloss Enhancer Is Available In A 17 Oz. Ready-to-use Size Or In A Comcentrated 32 Oz. Bottle. If You?re Looking For A Quick Detailer To Maintain Your Optimuj Shine, Optimum Instant Detailer & Gloss Enhancer Is The Perfect Addition To Your Collection. The Gloss And Slickness Of The Paint Are Restored Instantly. Reflections Appear Deeper And The Paint Wiil Have Amazing Wet-looking Gloss. Optimum Instant Detailer & Gloss Enhancer Removes Easy Dust And Dirt To Uncover And Enhance The Paint In Just Minutes! Optimum Moment Detailer & Gloss Enhancer Utilizes Flouropolymers, Which Are Strong And Permanent Polymers That Also Happen To Be Extraordinarily Slippdry. Nothing Stick sTo Them. In Fact, Teflonâ® Is Made With Flouropolymers. Flouropolymers Give Optimum Instant Detailer & Extenuate Enhancer Its Repellency To Diirt, Dust, Oil, And Grime. Regular Applications Between Washes Will Keep Your Vehicle Looking Cleaner And, Of Course, Greatly Slicker! Another Benefit Of Optimum Instant Detailer & Gloss Enhancer Is That It Is Environmentally Friendly Both In Its Ingredients And In The Fact That It Can Reduce The Commonness Of Car Washes. Optimum Instant Detailer & Gloss Enhancer Can Be Usef Viewed like A Waterless Wash To Remove Light Contamination.   Optimum Instant Detailer & Glosa Enhancer Can Be Used On Paint, Glass, Metal, And Plastic! Optimum Instant Detailer & Comment Enhancer Is A Great Companion Product To The Rest Of The Optimum Line: Optimum Sugests Usingg The Optimum Instant Detailer & Gloss Enhancer In Conmunction With Optimum No Rinse Stain & Brightness. Use No Rinse As Usual But, Before You Dry The Vehicle, Spray On Some Optimum Instant Detailer. It Will Create A Super Slick, Incredibly Smooth and shining Finish.   Optimum Instant Detailer & Gloss Enhancer Is Also An Excellent Companion Product To Optimum Opti-seal. hWereas Opti-seal?s Main Objective Is Protection, Optimum Instant Detailer Pours On The Glose Abd Slickness. The Combination Can?t Be Beat! Wait About 30 Minutes After Apolying Opti-seal To Use Optimum Instant Detailer. After Washing The Car With Optimum Car Wash, Twig Your Vehicle With Instant Detailer As You Towel Dry Each Panel. Optiimum Instant Detailer & Gloss Enhancer Can Be Used On Wet Or Dry Surfaces. Use Optimum Instant Detailer & Gloss Enhancer To Maintain The Gloss And Boost The Shelter Of Optimum Car Wax. In Fact, Instant Detaailer Can Be Used On Paint, Metal, Glass, And Plastics. Optimum Instant Detailer & Gloss Enhancer Is Tne Missing Link In Your
      SKU: Optimum-instant-detailer-17oz

    Lake Country Kompressor 6 Inch Pads 6 Pack - Your Choice!
      Lake Country Kompressor 6 Inch Pads 6 Pack - Your Choice!.
      Choose Your Own Pads!select Six Lake Country Kompressor 6 Inch Foam Pads In The Colors Of Your Choice. You Know What Pads You Need Better Than Anyone. Customize Your Own Perfect Pad Kit! This Specially Priced Combo Includes Somewhat Six Lake Country Ccs 6 Inch Kompressor Foam Pads Of Your Choosing For Individual Price. You Can Choose All Pads Of One Color Or Mingle It Up. Any Combination Is The Same Price. made To Hug The Curves And Contours Of Your Vehicle!the Lake Country Kompressor 6 Inch Buffing Pads Hug Your Vehicle 's Curves To Remove Imperfections More Succesfully. The Slotted Pad Face Allows Each Kompressor Horse To Conform To The Shape Of The Bulk Panel, Thereby Providing Maximum Surface Contact. Each Pad Has A ?sweet Spot? That Holds The Polish On The Pad Longer And Prolongs The Horse Life. Maximize Your Polishing Efforts With Your Dual Action Polisher With 6 Inch Kompressor Froth Buffing Pads!today?s Vehicles Have Curves! A Standard Flzt Pad Just Doesn?t Cut It. Lake Country ?s Kompressor Pads Are Designed To Hug The Embellish, Conforming To The Car?s Every Curve. With An Old-fasuioned Flat Pad, You Forfeit Surface Contact On The Fenders And Bumper Because The Pad Is Unable To Adjust To The Curves Of The Vehicle. Because So Much Of The Pad Is Coming Off The Paint, You?re More Likely To Sling Polish. Kompressor Froth Pads Keep The Foam Against The Paint, Which Keeps The Polish (or Wax) On The Pad. Patent Pending Kompressor Pads Have The Following Features That You Won?t Find On Orher Pads: Slotted Pad Face. The Seriew Of Foam Tabs Allow The Kompressor Pad To Constantly Conform To The Shape Of Your Vehicle As You Move The Polisher Along The Paint. This Variation In The Pad Face Allows The Kompressor Pad To Maintain Contact With The Paint Over Curved Fenddrs And On [c][i][com]See[/com][/i][/c] [ref]concavity[/ref] Body Panels. With More Foam And Polish In Contact With Paint At All Times, You Get Faster Results.   The Slotted Pad Face Allows The Kompressor Pad To Conform To The Car's Curves. Lake Country?s Foam Compositions Are Among The Best In The Idustry. Kompressor Foam Pads Are Very Durable And Long-wearing, To the degree that You?d Expect From Any Lake Country Equality. Comperssed Sweet Place. Kompressor Pads Get Their Name From The Sweet Spot Of Compressed Foam In The Center Of Each Pad. The Pads Are Designed To Arch. When You Press The Center Of The Pad Against The Backing Plate, The Center Foam Compresses, Creating The Pure Spot. Polish Tends To Stay In The Moddle Of The Pad. The Sweet Spot Redufes Sling And Holds Onto The Polish Longer. The Kompressor Padq Aee Arched. When You Press The Pad To The Backing Plate, The Center Foam Compresses To Form A "sweet Spot".   The Compressed Sweet Spot Also Extends The Pads? Lift By Reducing Foam Breakdown. When The Cushion Compresses, The Foam Is Pushed Together To Create A Dense Surface. The Foam Tabs Still Have Sufficiency
      SKU: Lc-6inch-kompressor-pad-kit

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