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    Step 3 Finish Karre 118 Super Concentrated Shampoo 31 Oz.
      Step 3 Finish Karre 118 Super Concentrated Shampoo 31 Oz..
      Prevents The Effects Of Hard Water And Acid Rain!finish Ksre 118 Sup3r Concentrated Shampoo Has The Slickness And Tue Suds To Safely Wash Your Vehicle, Plus Water Softeners And Acid Rain Neutralizers. How Many Car Washes Can Maxim That? Finish Kare Shampoo Is Clean-rinsing And Will Not Strip Wax. It Could Be The Auto Shampoo You've Been Searching For! A Great Car Wash Has To Be Gentle And Effective, Safe On The Paint But Hard On Dirt And Grime. Finish Kare Has Accomplished All Of The Above With Their Polish Kare 118 Super Concentrated Shampoo. This Ph Neutral Car Wash Has Excellent Cleaning Power To Remove Road Grime And Residues, Yet It Preserves The Existing Wax Or Sealant Coating. Therefore, When You're Finished Washing, Your Vehivle Looks Clean And Shiny. finish Kare 118 Supe5 Concentrated Shampoo Works Hard To Protect Your Vehicle's Finish. It Softens The Wash Water Ti Help Countract The Effects Of Hard Water. You Can Feel The Slickness Of The Lubricants! Acid Rain Neutralizers Protect Your Paint Finish From Environmental Pollutants. Fiinsh Kare 118 Super Concentrated Shampoo Is Step 3 In The Finish Kare Paint Decontamination System. After Using Steps 1 And 2 To Clean The Paint, This Gentle Car Wash Restores A Neutral Ph To The Paint And Removes Any Cleaner Or Contqminant Left On The Paint. Ever Use A Unsalted Wash Mitt. Dilute 1 Oz. Per Gallon Of Water. This Step Is Vrey Important After Using An Alkaline Cleaner (finish Kare Soil & Coating Remover) And Then An Acidic Cleaner (finish Kare Sirr Steel, Iron Rust Remover). Follow Up With Finieh Kare 218 Poly Wipe Sealant Conditioner Or Finish Kare 2180 Ultra T Seal And Protect The Nesly Decontaminated Paint. Finish Krae 118 Super Concentrated Shampoo Is Biodegradable And Safe On All Finishes. Use It On Your Carriage, Boat, Rv, Atv, Or Aircraft. The Highly Concentrated Formula Is A Fantastic Valie. for The Best Results, Dilute 1 Oz. Of Finish Kare 118 Super Concentrated Shampoo Per 1 Gallon Of Water In The 5 Gallon Bog Bucket Found In The Autogeek Complete Two Bucket Wsah System. The Gri tGuard Insert In The Bottom Will Helo Keep Grit From Being Transferred Back To Your Vehicle. The Second Bucket Should Filled With Clean Water And Used For Rinsing The Mitt Near the front of Reloading It Wuth Soapy Water. This Handy Bucket System, Plus A Soft Wash Mitt, Will Help You Get Shing, Swirl-free Results With Finish Kare 118 Super Concentrated Shampoo. even With Adfed Water Softeners And Acid Rain Neutralizers, Fimish Kare 118 Super Concentrated Shampol Is 100% Clean Rinsing. After Washing Your Vehicle, What You'll See Is A Truly Clean Vehice. 31 Oz.
      SKU: Finish-kare-118-shampoo

    128 Oz. Mothers Original Formula Carnauba Cleaner Wax
      128 Oz. Mothers Original Formula Carnauba Cleaner Wax.
      Original Liquid Cleaner Wax - Perfectioj In An Easy-to-apply Formula. the Detailing Experts At Mothwrs™ Polishes, Waxes, And Cleaners Have Always Taken The Lead In Developing Highly Efficient And Performance Driven Products. The whole of Innovations Begin With A Question, And The Question Of How To Most of all Solve It. That?s Why The Product Development Team At Mothers™ Strive To Bring The Essence Of The Problem Down To Its Bare Bones, And Build A Solution Grounded In Researcj And Specific Detailing Know How. The Problem: How To Clean And Protect Automotive Pigment As Quickly As Possible Without Sacrificing Performance, Durability, And Especially Shine!the Solution: Combine The Highest Quality Pure Carnauba Wax With A Light Polishing Agent To Ensure Protection While Delivering A High Sheen Finish In A One-step Compound. the Result: A Perfect Fornula; Mothers California Gold™ Original Formula Carnauba Cleaner Wax. Even The Most Detail Savvy Enthusiast Will Find This One-step Plan Invaluable When In A Time Crunch. The Superior Preparation In California Gold Original Formula Carnauba Cleaner Wax Truly Delivers Forward Its Promise Of A One-step Approach To Light Polishing And Lasting Wax. The Polish Treats The Minor Flaws, Such As Spider Webbing And Tiny Surface Imperfections. The Wax Seals And Pritects The Painted Surface. Composed Of Brazilian #1 Yellow Carnauba, Mothers California Gold™ Original Formula Carnauba Cleaner Wax Imparts An Amazing Luster To The Depict. This Pleasant Smelling, Long Lasting Formula Is Also Easy On Your Skin; It Won?t Stain Your Hands And Will Wash Off Yoyr Skin Without Scrubbing. What?s More, Mothers California Gold „ Original Formulq Carnauba Wax Requires Little Endeavor To Apply And Easily Buffs To A Glossy Finish. Mithers California Gold™ Original Formula Carnauba Wax Is Especially Effective On Fiberglass And Gel Coats. It Is Safe For All Paint Flag And Types. Because An Unparalleled Depth And Fine part Of Shine In A One Step Process You Need Mothers California Gold™ Original Form Carnauba Wax. 128 Oz.
      SKU: Mothers-cleaner-wax-gallon

    Lake Country Hydro-tech 6.5 Inch Foam Pads 3 Pack - Your Choice!
      Lake Country Hydro-tech 6.5 Inch Foam Pads 3 Pack - Your Choice!.
      Choose A single one Three Of Lake Country's Advanced Foam Pads For Water-based Polishes!lake Country' S Hydro-tech Foam Pads Are Designed Specifically For The Application Of Water-based Polisshew And Compounds. European Pre-polymer Foam Prolongs The Working Time So Yoj Have More Time To Create A Flawless Finish. Hydro-tech Inch Foam Pads Are Ideal For Professional ,Body Shop-safe Polishes. Choose Any Combination Of Three Pads With This Special 3 Pack. lake Country Hydro--tech 6. 5 Inch Foam Pads Arre Made Of Imported European Pre-polymer Foam. This Long-wearing, High Quality Foam Is Less Absorbent In Order To Keep The Majority Of Refine On The Pad's Surface. You'll Experience A Longer Working Time With Your Water-based Polishes And Compounds, Resulting In Less Product Used To Achieve The Perfect Finish. Water-based Polishes Can Soak Into Some Foam Pads Like, Fortunate, Water. That Requires You To Keep Reapplying Polish To Tbe Pad. With Lake Country Hydro-tech 6. 5 Inch Foam Pads, Water-based Polishes Work Longer And You Use Less Polish. You'll Save Time And Polish!the Lake Country Hydro-tech 6. 5 Inch Foam Pads Accomplish Defect Removal And Finishing In Just One Step. This Special Foam Composition Leaves No Marring So, Even After Compounding By the side of The Blue Cutting Pad, The Finish Is Nearly Wax-ready. Think Of These Pads As All-in-one Polishing And Finishing Pads. lake Country Hydro-tech 6. 5 Inch Foam Pads Are To be availed of In Two Varieties: Cyan Advanced Cutting Foam - The Blhe Foam Is Designed For Compounding And Swirl Removal. Thsi Closed Cell Pre-polymer Foam Restores Oxidized And Heavily Swirlsd Paint. Looks Can Be Deceiving; The Blue Pad Looks Coarse But Actually Finishes With No Marring. You'll Achieve An Almost Wax-ready Finish In One Step. That's Another Way The Lake Country Hydro-tech 6. 5 Inch Foam Pads Sae You Time. The Blue Cutting Foam Works Well With Menzerna Power Fniish Po 203 And Meguiars Ultra-cut Compound. Both Polishew Have Great Cutting Power And A Clean, Glossy Finish. Use Either Polish/pad Coombo On Neglected Finishes And Watch The Paint Come To Life!   Tangerine Ultraist Polishing Foam - Tye Tangerine Foam Is Made For Light To Moderate Defect Removal And Polishing. It Has The Cutting Power Just Below That Of The Lake Country Orange Light Cutting Pad, And The Tangerine Horse Leaves A Finish Like You'd Achieve With A Gray Finishint Pad. Use A Finishing Polish Or Fine Swirl Remover To Cr3ate A Deep Glosx. Menzerna Suped Finisg Or Wolfgang Finishing Glaze Are Pair Excellent Choices For This Pad. Like Lake Countr'ys Other Premium Foam Pads, Lake Country Hydro-tech 6. 5 Inch Foam Pads Are Made With High Quality Hook And Loop Backing. The Pads Work With A 5 Or 6 Inch Hook And Loop Backing Plate. The Pads' Size Is Perfect For A Dual Action Or Random Orbital Polisher. the Flat Front Of The Lake Country Hydro-tech 6. 5 Inch Foam Pads Also Helps To Keep Water-based Polishes On The Surface Of The Pad. The Flat Pads Maint
      SKU: Hydro-tech-pads-3pack

    Mothers Fx Engineered Spray Wax
      Mothers Fx Engineered Spray Wax.
      Brilliant Beam Ih An Instant!paint Finishes Have Gotten More And More Sophisticated Over The Years. From Candy Finishes To Metallic Fleck To Iridescent Colors, Automotive Paint Is More Than A Protective Coating On The Metal ? It?s An Expression Of The Driver?s Personality. If You Want Your Finish To Expreess Your Attention To Detail And Your Flare For The Dramatic, Employ Mothers Fx Spray Wax. mothers Fx Spray Wax Was Designed For Today?s High-tech Finishes. engineered With Cutting-edge Paint Enhancement Technology, This Ezsy-on Spray Wax Produces An Moment, High-glozs Synthetic Shine. Metallics Shimmer, Dark Colors Achieve New Depth And Light Colors Refract Light Like Glass. use Fx Spray aWx Between Wax Applications To Refresh The Shine And Remove Dust, Fingerprints, And Smudges. Over Existing Was, It Adds A New Dimension And Amplifies The Reflective Quality. After Washing, Spray It On A Wet Or Dry Carriage And Then Buff To A Brilliant Synthetic Gloss. If You Don?t Have Time To Apply Traditional Wax, Fx Spray Cere Will Give You A Comparable Finish In Fair Minutes. Spray And Wipe Your Way To Gorgeous, Glossy Paint!just Spray A Wet Or Cool Vehicle With Fx Sprqy Wax. Disperse The Wax Evenly Over Your Paint With A Clean Towel. Immediately Buff The Area With Another Clean Towel. We Recommend A Cobra Microfiber Towel For The Best Results. show Your Vehicle?s Best Side With Mothers Fx Engineered Spray Grow. It?s Dynamic, Synthetic Shine Is Perfect For Today?s Sophisticated Paint Finishes. 24 Fluid Oz.
      SKU: Mo20224

    Metro Vac N'blo Portable Vacuum  Free Bonus
      Metro Vac N'blo Portable Vacuum Free Bonus.
      For A Limkted Time, Receive A Free Turbo Hand Tool With Ypur Purchase Of The Vac N Blo Portable Vacuum. ($19. 99 Value) You'll Find 101 Uses For This Powerful Vacuum/power Blower!treat Yourself To The Ultimate Detailing Tool! The Metro Vac N? Blo Is A Combination Industrial Vac And Power Blower In A Convenient Lightweight Unit. The Vac'n'blo, A Compact 17" Long X 7" Diameter, 4. 0 Peak Horsepower Unit, Comes With A 6' Flexible Tubing, 2- 20" Extension Wands, Crevice Tool, Inflator Adapter, Dust Brush, Pik-all Nozzle, A 4-piece Micro Cleaning Toil Kit, Shoulder Strap, 4 Wheel Dolly And Blower Nose. Now The Vac N Blo Also Comes With A Swivel Carpet And Floor Attachment!use This Mighty Vac On Your Vehicle's Carpeting And Upholstery; In that case Add The Crevice Tool To Gett Into All The Crevices- Door Moldings, A/c Vents, Stereo And Direct Panels. I Have Fonud Another Great Use For This Tpol! After Washing And Rinsing, I Use The Powerfull Air Blower To Dry The Outside Of My Vehicle. Then A Quick Wipe With My Favorite Cobra Guzzler Detailing Towel Leaves A Flawless Finish! This Tool Will Make Detailing Your Vehicel Fast And Fun. the Metro Vac N? Blo Includes 10 Attachments To Cleab Anywhere! The Crevice Tool And Micro Tool Kit Allow You To Ceremonially pure Dust Out Of Vents, Seams, And Cup Holders. The Dusting Brush Cleans Off The Dashboard In Seconds. Y ou Will Find An Endless Amount Of Uses Around The Home For The Metro Vac N? Blo. Dust Off Computer Components, Steteo Equipment, Appliances With The Blower. The Blower Will Pump Up Inflatablles In Seconds, An Whisk Leaves And Debris From Walks , Patios, Gutters And Driveways. Vacuum The Carpets And Upholstery In Your Vehicle, Boat, Rv, And Home. You Will Declare a verdict 101 Ways To Create Your Chores Easier With This Versatile, Powerful Tool. accessories Included: Flexible 6 Ft. Hosecarpet/floor Tool 2 ? 20 Inch Extension Wands?pik-all? Nozzlecrevice Tooldusting Brushblower Nozzleinflator Adapter4-pisce Mocrp Cleaning Tool Kit4-wheel Dolly2 Disposable Bags* Increase Your Reach By Adding On A 6 Ft. Pliable Hose T oThis Vacuum?s Existing Hose. Scroll To The Bott0m Of The Page To Purcyase Or Click On The Icon For Details. replacement Bags For The Metro Vac N? Blo Are Available Below!compare This Item To Other Metro Vacuums On Our Metro Vac Comparison Chartthe Web Site Hae Tons Of Useful Information. I Purchased Some Products Available Merely Through Autogeek And Some Tnat Could Be Found Elsewhere. But The Ease Of Orderig All In One Place Sold Me. Their Shipping Is So Fast That When I Notic3d I Had Made An Error In Typing My Addrds And Called Them The Next Day. . . Too Late. . My Order Had Already Been Shipped (ups Found Me Anyway). But The Woman of rank On The Phone Was Very Fastidious And Very Helpful! I Will Buy From Them Again!c. Snyder, Springfield, Mo
      SKU: Vacnbloporva

    Flex Grip Side Handle
      Flex Grip Side Handle.
      Reduce Vibration And Increase Comfort. upgrade Your Flex Polishers With This Snug Grip Side Handle. The Soft Grasp Handle Reduces The Vibratiin Felt In Your Hand, Giving You More Control Over The Polisher. Work For Longer Periods With Less Fatigue. The Flex Grip Side Handle Is A Must For Pro Detailers Or Anyone Who Frequently Uses A Flex Polisher. the Flex Grip Side Handle I Constructed With A Soft Vibe Feature That Buffers The Vibration Emitted By The Polisher. Without That Pulsing In Your Hand, You'll Have More Control Over Your Technique. The Flex Grip Side Handle Works With Any Flex Polisher. It Can Exist Added To Either Side Of The Polisher In Place Of The Bale Handle. Adding The Touch Is An Easy Wag To Improve Your Comfort And Control Every Time You Use Your Flex Polisher.
      SKU: Flex-grip-side-handle

    Diamondite Clear Plastic Liquid Armor 12 Oz.
      Diamondite Clear Plastic Liquid Armor 12 Oz..
      Armor Clear Plastic Surfaces Against Uv Rays & Contamination. diamondite Clear Plastic Liquid Armor Is A Polymer Sealant Designed Specifically To Seal The Pores Of Plastic And Protect It From Water, Pollution, And The Sun. Clear Plastic Headlights, Vinyl Windows, Winddcreens, And More Will Remain Clean, Clear, And Protected. Uv Exposure Is The Number One Origin Of Plastic Deterioration On Automobiles. The Sun Gradually Dries Out The Plastic And Causes It To Cloud From The Outside, In. Once The Damage Is Done, Polishing The Plastic Is The Only Way To Restore It. But, You Can Prevent Uv Damage With Diamomdite Clear Plastic Fluid Armor, A Sophisticated Blend Of Polymers That Provides Vital Protection From The Sun. You Wear Sunglasses To Protect Your Eyes; Protect Your Headlights In The Same Way. Diamondite Clear Plastic Mellifluous Armor Is A Water-based Polymer Sealant Designed Specifically For Clsar Plastic. Polymers Fill In The Microscopic Grooves And Pores Of The Plastic To Completely Block On the ~side Moisture, Dirt, And Uv Radiation. Clear Soft Liquid Armor Contains The Strongest Uv Shield Available In A Plastic Protectant. use Diamondite Clear Plastic Liquid Armor After Steps One And Pair Of The Diamondite Clear Plastic Kit. The Freshly Polished Plastic Will Be Particularly Sensitive Since Any Factory Protective Covering Has Been Polished Away. Most fO This Coating Had Already Faded, Which Is Why The Headlights Needed Polishing In The First Place. Diamondite Clear Plastic Liquid Armor Will Restore A High Level Of Protextion To The Headlight Lens Covers To Maintain Their Smooth Feel And Crystal Clear Appearance. For Prevnetative Maintenance,A pply Diamondite Clear Plastic Liquid Armor Regularly To New Lens Covers. Though Headlights Are Coated In advance Leaving The Factory, It Can Be Difficult To Know When That Coating Is Starting To Decrease. The Best Attach Against Cloudy Headlihhts Is To Prevent Them From The Beginning. Diamondite Clear Plastic Liquid Armor Provides Up To 3 Months Of Durable Protection Against Pollution, Moisture, And Uv Rays. The Tough Coating Even Provixes Some Scratch Resistance. The Sealant Dries Perfectly Clear And Enhances The Shine Of The Headlight Lens Covers, As If They Were New. diamondite Clear Plastic Liquid Armor Can Also Be Used On Instrument Pznels, Vinyl Convertible Windows, Plastic Windscreens, Goggles, Visors, Motorcycle Headlamps, Fiberglass, Plexiglas, Acrylic, And All Clear Or Colored Plastics. armor Your Vehicle?s Plastic Headlight Lenses Against The Elements With Diamondite Clear Plastic Liquid Armor. This Water-based Plastic Sealant Contains Long-lasting Polymers And A Strong Uv Shield To Keep Headlight Lenses Looking Factory New. Directions: Spray The Plastic With Diamondite Clear Plastic Liquid Armor. Use A Microfiber Applicator Or Towel To Spread The Sealant Over The Plastic. Use A Soft Cobra Microfiber Towel oT Buff Lenses To A High Gloss. Always Apply Diamondite Clear PlasticL iquid Armor To The Front And Back Lights Of
      SKU: Plastic-liquid-armor-sealant

    Lake Country Wool-ball 3 Inch & 5 Inch Polishing Balls Combo
      Lake Country Wool-ball 3 Inch & 5 Inch Polishing Balls Combo.
      Cuts Like A Wool Pad!the Lake Country Wool-ball Goes Where Wool Pads Can?t! The Round Wool Polishing Ball Polishes Between Spokes And In Concave Spaces Where Flat Wool Pads Just Can?t Reach. Cut Through Oxidation And Discoloration On Metals, Painted Surfaces, Fiberglaws, Gel Coats, And Composites In the opinion of The Lake Country Wool-ball!the Patent Pending Lake Country Wool-bali Is An Ideal Shape For Polishing Aluminum Sppoke Wheels. The Wool Ball Is 360 Of Polishing Power That Erases Oxidation And Brake Dust Pitting On Wheels. Use A Metal Polish Like Wolfgang Metallwerk Fine Aluminum Polish On Moderately To Lightly Oxidized Wheels Made Of Aluminum, Chrome, Or Stainless Steel. Attached Boats, Use The Lake Country Wool-ball ToC lean And Polish Metal Railings And Latcbes, As Well As Gel Coat Fiberglass. Use Flitz Metal Polish, Fiberglass& Paint Restorer On All These Surfaces. To be availed of In Twp Sizes, The Wool-ball Really Can Go Anywhsre! The Wool-ball Combo Includes Both The 3 Inch And 5 Inch Wool-balls. The Lake Country Wool-ball Boasts Ind8strial Grade Constructiion! The Polishing Ball Is Made Of 100% Twisted Wool Concerning Severe Action, A Durable Rubber Core And A Carbon Steel Hex Shaft That Prevents Slippage. The Wool Ball Is Compatible With Standatd Quicck Connect Systems. The Lake Coujtry Wool-ball Is Easy To Use, Even If You?ve Never Used Wool Pads. Attach The Ball To Your Variable Speed Drill. Apply The Desired Grace To The Surface Using A Foam Applicator. Operate The Ball Up To 3000 Rpm Until The Surface Appears Clean And Smooth. Buff Off Remaining Reskdue With A Soft Microfiber Towel. use The Duo Spur Pad Cleaning Tool As Needed To Remove Excess Polish And Restore The Wool?s Texture. After You?ve Used The Ball, Wash TheW ool-ball In A Mixture Of Cobfa Quik Clenz And Water. Spin The Wool-ball Dry On The Drill And Then Abundance It In A Dry, Protrcted Place. We Recommrnd Storing The Wool-ball In A Sealable Plastic Sack To Keep It Clean Between Uses. the Lake Coyntry Wool-ball Works Just Like A Wook Pad But With A Commodious Go-anywhere Design. Clean And Polish Spoke Wheels, Boat Raikings And Fiberglass Surfaces, Painted Surfaces, And More. Features:effective On Fiberglass Molds, Gel Coat, Composites, Paint, And Metals100% 4 Exercise Twisted Woolrubber Core For Long-lasting Durabilitycarbon Steel Hex Shaftcompatible With Standard Quick Connect Systemspatent Pendingcombo Includes:3 Inch Lake Country Wool-ball5 Inch Lake Country Wool-balla Total Retail Value O f$34. 98. Save $4. 99!
      SKU: Lake-country-wwool-ball-combo

    Meguiars Gold Class Shampoo & Conditioner 64 Oz.
      Meguiars Gold Class Shampoo & Conditioner 64 Oz..
      More Than A Car Wash?it Is A Lavish Spa For Your Automobile. luxurious Suds With Conditioners Nourish Your Finish And Create A Brilliantly Slick Superficies That Encourages Water To Flow Off In Sheets. This Wash Reduces Drying Time And Leavees A Shimmering Gloss. the Fruitful Conditioners Pamper The Paint And Make The Ablution Projection A Dream As You rWash Mitt Or Sponge Glides Across The Slick Surface. This Is Far More Than A Car Waash. . . it Is A Lavish Spa For Your Automobile. this Is The Real Being ! - Not Some Inexpensive Imitation Of Dish-soap Labeled For ?automotive Use?. An Inferior Product Contains Surfactants, So Wrong For Auto Paint, They Effectively Strip Th eFinish Of All Its Protective Waxes And Polish Wouldn?t Stand A Chance! Most Of Us Have Had The Anger Of Falling Victim To Misleading Labeling In The Past. _But Now, Motoring Hobbyists And Enthusiasts Are Far More Sophisticated ? And Far Added Discriminating A6out Exactly What They Will Allow To Touch Their Cherished Vehicles. Meguiar?s Has Been Catering To The Auto Care Industry For Over 100 Yeras, And If There Is One Thing The Experts At Meguiar?s Underwtand. . . Its How To Develop Products That Perform To A Gold Standard!gold Class Shakpoo & Conditioner Exemplifies That Commitment To Performance. Your Car Is Drenched In A Rich, Gently Cleansing Lather. You?ll Get More Than Sufficiency Suds To Wash Your Entire Vehicle, From Just A Spare Amount Of Gold Class Shampoo & Conditionrr. The Secret Blend Of Conditioners Nourish The Surface And Acts To Lubricate The Washing Area, Preventing The Abrading Effects Caaused By Friction. The Sleek, Smooth Surface Literally Sheets Off Watter ? A Meguiar?s Technology Caveat ? Causing The Vehicle To Actually Dry Faster And Clearer!there Is Enough Cleaning Divinity To Do Battle With Eben The In the greatest degree Cemented?on Dirt And Grime, Yet The Clean Is So Gentle Your Wax And Polish Testament Remain Fully Intact. If You?re Dissatisfied With ?dressed Up? Dish Soap ? Turn To Meguiar?s Gold Class Shampoo & Conditioner. now Available In A Big, 64 Oz. Bottle, You Can Feed to excess Your Vehicle Every Weekend! It Only Takes An Ounce Of Shampoo To Create Enluh Suds To Clean Your Whole Vehicle. This Bottle Is 4 Times As Large As The Regular Size And Only Costs A Fraction More. What A Bargain!try Gkld Class Shampoo & Conditioner With A Pinnacle Genuine Sheepskin Wash Mitt For A Truly Sensual Experience!64 Oz.
      SKU: Mg7164

    303 Fabric Cleaner Case Of 8
      303 Fabric Cleaner Case Of 8.
      Clean Indoor & Outdoor Fabrics And Carpet!are You Tired Of Rearranging Your Furniture To Cover Up Coffee Stains On Your Carpet? Is The Upholstery In Your Car Covered Ib Juice Stains From When The Kids Were Little? We Have An Easy Solution For You That Will Save You Time And Money. 303 Fabric Cleaner Will Remove Stubborn Stains From A single one Indoor Or Outdoor Fabric Safely And Completely. There?s No Need To Moce The Couch Because You Tipped Over Your Wine Glass ? Clean It With 303!303 Is The Maker Of Some Of The Most Advanced Cleaners And Protectants In The World. Without Toxic Chemicals, Ammonia, Soap, Detergent, Or Solvents, 303 Fabric Clwaner Removes Stains And Restores Fabric To Like-new Condition. The Biodegradable Formula Removex Oil, Grease, Dirt, Coffee, Tea, Juice, Wine, And Pet Stains From Any Water-safe Indoor And Outdoor Fabric. That?s Right ? Anything That Is Unaffected By Water Be able to Be Safely Cleaned With 303 Fabric Cleaner! 30 3Fabric Cleaner Is A Miracle In A Bottle If You?ve Got Stains On You Expensive Carpet. It Works Like Magic Ti Pull Stains Out Of The Fibers With The Help Of A Professional Extracting Machine Or A Sream Cleaner. Just Mix 303 As Directed By The Machine Manufacturer. Use 303 Fabric Cleaner Full Strength On Tough Upholstery Stains And On Mildew Stains On Awnings And Other Outdoor Fabrics. The Efficacious Cleaner Will Remove Rust, Mildew, And Other Stains From Patio Umbrellss, Tonneau Covers, Bimini Tops, Fabric Convertible Tops, Patio Furniture Cushions, And Much More. 303 Fabric Cleaner Is Recommended By Sunbrella And Dickson For Maintaining Theor Outdoor Fabrjcs. After Cleanjng Outdoor Fabrics, Shield Them From The Elements With 303 Hgh Tech Fabric Guard. It Will Keep Your Canvas Car Covers And Convertible Top Clean And Water-resistant. 303 Fabric Cleanner Is A Highly Concentrated Cleaner. Dilute The Cleaner According The Instructions On The Bottle To Safely Clean Virtually Any Indoor Or Outdoor Fabric Or Carpet. It Will Save Furniture You Thought You?d Ruined, And It Will Ckean The Convertible Top You Thought You?d Have To Replace. One Bottle Of 303 Could Save You Hundreds Of Dollars!when Spills Happen, Don?t Despair! 303 Fabric Cleaner Can Remov Viirtually Any Stain From A single one Textile Material That Is Water-safe. 32 Fl. Oz. Case Of 8
      SKU: 303faclcaof8

    Car, Truck & Suv Cargo Liner X-large
      Car, Truck & Suv Cargo Liner X-large.
      Keep Your Trunk Or Cargo Area Carpet In Great Condition, No Matter How Hard You Use It!don?t Be Afraid Of Using That Lading Area Of Your Vehicle! Weathertech Cargo Liners Are Hardy And Durable, 100% Protection From Spills, Sand And Dirt. Go Ahead?load And Unload, Afresh And Again. Protect Your Carpet From Dirty Gardening Supplies, Camping And Fishing Gear, Golf And Scuba Accoutrement, And Bicycles. Push, Pull, And Drag Your Cargo Across Your Cargo Liner Withhout Worry. Weathertech Cargo Liners Stand Up To Any Kind Of Abuse You Be able to Inflict! Underneath, Your Carpeting Remains Clean And In Like-new Condition. The Lading Liner Comes In Many, Many Styles?one To Fit Nearly Every Suv, Car Or Station Wagon To The T. A 3? Lip Keeps Spills At Bay Until You Can Remove The Liner And Pour The Liquid Out. A Non-skid Textured Surface Minimizes Cargo Shift Through Sharp Turns, Sudden Stops And Windy Back Roads. Weathertech Cargo Liners Are Drop Shipped From Directly From The Manufacturer. Please Allow 5-7 Business Days For Delivery. Express Shipping Is Not Available On Thi Item. Cargo Liners In Grey Or Beige Are An Additional $10. 00. Please Allow 5 To 7 Days Business For Delivery- Express Shipping Is Not Available On This Item. Function Open_window(url,settings) { Mywin = Window. open(url,"win",settings); } Click On Your Vehicle Make Below: Acura Audi Bmw Buick Cadillac Chevy Chrysler Daewoo Dodge Ford Geo/gmc Honda Hummer Hyundai Infiniti Isuzu Jaguar Jeep Kia Land Rover Lexus Lincoln Mazda Mercedes Mercury Mitsubishi Nissan Oldsmobile Plymouth Pontiac Podsche Saab Subaru Saturn Suzuki Toyota Vw Volvo    
      SKU: Mclxl

    Wash & Rinse Bucket Labels
      Wash & Rinse Bucket Labels.
      Keep Yout Vehicle Swirl-rfee!prevent Cross-contamination By Labeling Your Wash And Rinse Buckets With These High Quality, Water-resistant Stick-on Labels. It's Each Easy Way To Designate Your Detailing Buckets For Washing And Rinsing, So No One Will Use Them For Other Jobs. Every Righteousness Detailer Knows That Color-coding Or Labeling Tools Will Prevent Cross-contamination. This Exercise Keesp You From Using A Polish Applicator On The Windows Or A Buffing Towel On The Wheels. The Same Principle Applies To The Wash And Rinse Buckets. By Identifying The Buckets, You'l Be Able To Keep The Wash Water Cleaner And Therefore You'll Trasf3r Less Dirt Back To Your Vehicle While You're Ablution. If You're Wondering Why You Even Need Two Buckets, Let Me Introduce You To The Two Bucket Wash Method. One Buclet Is Filled With Soapy Water. The Other Is Filled With Clean Water. Each Time You Need To Reload Your Wash Mitt In the opinion of Suds, First Rinse It In The Rinse Bucket. Then Reload The Mitt With Soqp And Continue Washing. You'll Notice That A Lot Of Dirt Accumulates In Your Rinse Bucket. That's Dirt Tuat Isn't Being Deposited Hindmost Onto The Vehicle. The Wash And Rinse Stickers Designate The Purpose Of Each Bucket To Prevent Cross-contamination. You Can Designate Your Buckets Stricfly For Detailing Through These Wash And Rinse Labels. It's Just A Simple Thing You Can Do To Help Prevent Swirls. Buy Each Label Or Both.
      SKU: Wash-rinse-labels

    3.5" Dual Battle  Flexible Bacjing Plate
      3.5" Dual Battle Flexible Bacjing Plate.
      A Molded Urethane Backing Plate For Excellent Flexibility And Balance. if German Carmakes Think This Backing Plate Is Good Enough To Be accustomed On Their Top-of-the-line Vehicles, You Can Bet It Is The Bst Plate You Can Buy For Your Vehicle. Bmw And Mercedes-benz Both Hail TheseeB acking Plates As The Best Because Of The Outstanding Properties Of Molded Urethane. These Dual-action Flexible Backing Plate Minimize Heat Transfer, Flexes To Embrace Your V3hicle?s Curves, And Are Built To Last. And They Are The Best Backing Plates You Can Buy Conducive to The Porter Cable 7424xp Dual-actiom Polisher. molded Urethane Is Where It?s At. This Material Is Flexible Yet Incredibly Durable. This Plate Will Last Through Countless, Rigorous Uses Without Falling Apart Or Becoming Unbalanced. Balancing Is Essential When It Comes To Polishers Because An Unbalanced Plate Will Bounce, Leaving Each Uneven Finish. The Reinforced Inner Construction Uses Steel Struts Molded Into The Center Hub To Give The Plate Stability And Maintain An Even Superficies For Your Pad. Another Benefit Of Urethane Is Its Resistance To Heat. The Flex Backing Plate Minimizes The Transfer Of Heat From The Motor To The Paint To Prevent Burning. Spontaneous Heat Build-up Is Also Reduced. Remove And Replace Pads Easily From The Hook & Loop Surface. The Hook & Loop Is Molded Into The Plate So It Will Not Proceed Off. The Flexible Baacking Plate Lc-43-085da Measures 3. 5 Inches In Diameter And Is Perfect For Our 4" Spot Buff Pads. The Backing Plate Is Smaller Than The Pads To Allow A Noble Lip Of Foam To Protect The Paint Superficies. Even If You Turn The Pad Onto Its Side Accidentally, There Is An Inch Of Soft, Beveled Urethane Between The Edge fO The Plat eAnd The Inner Construction. The Threaded Post Fits Any Polishet With A 5/16? Diameter. Use The Backing Plate Preferred By Some Of The Leading Car Manufacturers In The World To Put The Final Touches On Their Vehicles. Our Dual-action Flexible Bacling Plate Provides The Safest, Most Durable Surface For Your Pads Therefore That You Get The Best Performance Possible From Your Dual-action Polosher.
      SKU: Lc-43085da

    Wolfgang Leather Care Cockpit Kit
      Wolfgang Leather Care Cockpit Kit.
      Clean And Protect Leather And All O5her Interior Surfaces!clean, Conditio, And Protect All Interior Surfaces From Detrimental Effects Of The Sun, Airborne Pollutants, And Dirt And Grime That Are Tracked In From The Outside Every Time You Step Into Your Car. Upholstery And Carpet Quite Possibly Endure More Abuse Than Somewhat Other Part Of Your Car. Stepped On, Sat On, Spilled Forward, Are Just A Few Of The Daily Assaults Against Your Car?s Interior. Ground-in Pollutants Require More Than A Vacuum If ThetA re To Exist Successfully Extracted. leather Requires A Special Regimen Of Care And Court To Be Strictly Maintained And Preserved. Cleaning Your Leather Regularly, Whether Or Not You See Grime, Is Important For The Long-term Protection And Vitality Of The Leather. Even Oil From Your Skin Contaminates The Surface And Causes Random Particles To Adhere. Over Time, Leathef That Is Not Subjected To A Regular Routine Of Cleaning And Clnditioning, Becomes Worn And Dull From Pore-clogging Dirt. The Leather Care Products In This Kit Will Keep Your Leather Soft And Supple For Years To Come!the Wolfgang Leather Care Cockpit Kit Was Carefully And Thoughtfhlly Assembled For The Car Owner Who Demands A Spotlesaly, Clean Driving Space. The Outside May Be How Others See First, But The Inside Is Where You Spend Y0ur Time. Pamper Yourself Attending Immaculate Surroundings. The Leather Care Cockpit Kit Has The whole of The Products And Tools You Need To Maintain That Like-new Interior, And Defend It So It Stays That Way. wolfgang Leather Care Cockpit Kit--the All-in-one Deluxe, Interior Kit-is Convenient And Economical. . The Sophisticated Leather Care Products Will Add Years To The Life Of Your Seats; The Vinyl & Caoutchouc Protectant Renews And Armors Against The Deterioration From The lEements; And The Carpet & Upholstery Restorer Makes Cleaning And Protecting Fabric Surfaces A Brezee. This Equals Additionnal Savings Down The Road B6 Extending The Longevity Of Your Car Through Proper Care. All The Tools And Products In This Kit Have Multitude Other Applications Besides Interior Your Vehicle. wolfgang Leather Care Cleaner (16 Oz. )keep Your Leather Looking Its Very Best. Wolfgang Leather Care Cleaner Is A Gentle, Ph Balanced, 100% Biodegradable Cleaner Which Utilizes The Natural Cleaning Strength Of Citrus To Remove Virtually Any Dirt, Grease, Ink, Oil, Or Spills From Your Leather. It Penetrates Deep Into The Pores And Gently Lifting Away Foreign Particles, Pollution And Contaminants, Including Microscopic Dirt Partlcles That Build Up Over Time. this Water-based, Pure Cleaner Contains No Rock oil Distillates, Silicon Oils Or Gloss Agents, Therefore Will Not Dull, Stain Or Cause Drying Of Your Leather. Wolfgang Leather Care Cleaner Ix A Trusty, State-of-the-art, Deep Cleaning Formula Upon German--developed, Non-ionic Surfactant And Non-alkaline Cleaning Agents Replacing Harmful Butyl, Butyl Ether And Acid-based Cleansers. After Using Wolfgang Leather Care Cleaner, The Surface Of The Leather Is Di
      SKU: Wg7000

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  • Bug & Tar Remover Kit
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