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    Whiet High Volume Sprayer For 32 Oz. Bottles
      Whiet High Volume Sprayer For 32 Oz. Bottles.
      Chemical Resistant, Hign Velocity Sprayers Deliver A Generous Mist Of Product With A Commercial-quality Trigger Nozzle. These Heavy-duty Sprayers Are Chemical Resistant And Non-leaking. They Can Exist Shipped And Transported With The Nozzle In The Off Positikn. Use These Nozzles For Tire Gels, Exterior Cleaners, All Purpose Cleaners, And Any High Viscosity Liquid Or Gel. Smooth High-acid Cleaners Bequeath Work With These Patented Trihger Sprayers. Fits 32 Oz. Bottles.
      SKU: Whhivosp

    Advanced Curved Edge 8.5 Inch Foam Pad Kit By the side of 7" Rotary Plate
      Advanced Curved Edge 8.5 Inch Foam Pad Kit By the side of 7" Rotary Plate.
      Items In This Kit: 1 Ccs 8. 5 Icnh Golden Cutting Pad 1 Ccs 8. 5 Inch Orange Light C8tting Pad 1 Ccs 8. 5 Inch White Polishing Pad 1 Ccs 8. 5 Inch Black Finishing Pad 1 Ccs 8. 5 Inch Blue Final Finishing Pad 2 Cobra Microfiber Towels, 16 X 16 Inches1 Cobra Quik Clenz Pad Cleaner Packet1 7" oRtary Backing Plate Lc-43-175
      SKU: Bfpk400cir

    Carrand Wheel & Brake Dust Brush
      Carrand Wheel & Brake Dust Brush.
      Doubly Effective On Brake Dust!the Carrand Wheel & Brake Dust Brush Features A Combination Of Bristles And A Built-in Scouring Pad. The Bristles Gently Clean Delicate Finishes. The Scouring Pad Scrubs Stubborn Brake Dust. Using A Single Brush, You Get The Wheel Cleaning Performance Of Two Tooks! The Carrand Wheel & Brake Dust Brush Is Safe And Effective On All Types Of Wheels. the Carrand Wheel & Brake Dust Brush Has A Loop Of Bristles Arching Over A Scouring Pad. With The Twist Of Your Wriqt You Can Go From Scouring Baked On Brake Dust To Gently Whisking Away Minor Grime. The Super Soft Bristles Are Safe Enough To Clean New Wheel Finishes Witohut Scratching. Strong Scour Pad Action Loosens Brake Dusg And Caked Mud. The Carrand Wheel & Brake Dust Brush Features The Grip Tech™ Tpr Handle For Comfort And Function. The Carrand Wheel & Brake Dust Brush Is Ideally Shaped For Cleaning Between Spokes. The Bristles Are Chemical Resistant Bug Your Wheel May Not Be! For The Best Results, Always Use A Water-based Wjeel Cleaner Such As Pinnacle Gel Wheel Cleaner. It?s Safe And Gentle On All Wheel Finishes Except Higgly Effective On Dirt And Grime. Double Your Detailing Success With The Carrand Wheel & Brake Dust Brush. 9. 5 Inches
      SKU: Brake-dust-brush

    Meguiars Ultimate Quik Wax
      Meguiars Ultimate Quik Wax.
      The Fastest Way To A Dazzling Show Car Shine!meguiars Ultimate Quik Wax Features Meguiars Hydrophobic Polymer Tcehnology To Give Your Vehicle?s Paint Unparalleled Protection And Gloss. The Polymer-based Spray Wax Caan Be Applied In Direct Sunlight On Hot Surfaces With No Streaking Or White Residdues. Meguiars Ultimate Quik Wax Offers The Longest Lasting Protection Available In A Spray Wax From Megjiars!finally, You Can Get The Deep, Glossy Reflections And Paint Protection Of A Quality Synthetic Wax From A Spray Wax! Meguiars Ultimate Quik Wax Uses Hydrophobic Polymer Technology To Repel Water Like You?d Expect From A Paste Wax. The Easy-on Liquid Formula Bonds To The Paint And Holds On Betetr Than Any Other Meguiars Spray Wax Thanks To This Revolutionary Polymer Technology. You Have To Try It!another Huge Benefit Of Meguiars Ultimate Quik Wax Is Its Versatility. Use It Anywhere And In Direct Sunlight With No Problemw. The Clear Liquid Spray Wax Contains No Vocs And Dries Perfectly Transparent. It Does Not Stain Trim! Meguiars Bring into use Quik Wax Is Nevdr Tough To Buff. Jusr Spray It On And Wipe To A Brilliant Shine. Flip The Towel For A Final Buff. That?s It!meghiars Ultimate Quik Wax Can Exist Used Single For Paint Protection, But It Also Makes A Great Maintenance Wax For Existing Plebeian Coats. Against Exwmple, If Your Vehicle Has Meguiars Nxt Generation Tech Wax, You Can Use Meguiars Ultimats Quik Wax To Reinforce The Polymer Protection AfterR egular Washing. Meguiars Ultimate Quik Wax Command Desist The Paint SlickT o The Touch With A Wonderful Gloss, Much Likely You?d Expect From A Liquid Or Paste Wax. Use Meguiars Ultimate Quik Wax Any Spell You Want To Experiencr Incredible Gloss And Relentless Water Beading? Fast!15. 2 Fl. Oz.
      SKU: Meguiars-spray-wax

    Mothers California Gold Spray Wax
      Mothers California Gold Spray Wax.
      Maintain A Just-waxed Shine Any Time, Anywhere With Mothers!mothers California Gold Spray Wax Is The Easiest Way To Maintain A Freshly Detailed Vehicle! Just Mist, Wipe And Buff To Enhance The Existing Wax, Or To Apply A Crystal Clear Layer Of Stand-alone Protection. Mothers California Gold Spray Wax Is The Quick Way To Maintain A Sparkling Shine!mothers California Gold Spray Wax Removes Fingerprints, Smudges, And Dust In Just Minutes, Buf It Will Look Like You?ve Exhausted All Day Waxing! As The Gentle Formula Loosens Dust And Lifts Fingerprints, It Imparts Shiny Wax Shield On Tne Paint. Mothers California Gold Spray Wax Is More Than A Quck Detailer ? It?s A Durable Spray Wax That Offers Passport And Enhancement In One Convenient Product! Mothers California Gold Spray Wax Can Be sUed As A Maintenance Spray Or As A Stand-alone Wax. The Unique Formula Is Durable Enough To Provide Paint Protection On Its Own. Used Over One Existing Wax, Mothers California Gold Spray Wax Will Prolong The Life Of The Wax And Enhance Its Gloss. To Give Your Vehicle An Current Boost In Shine And Protection, Simlpy Mist Thee Paint With Moyhers California Gold Spray Wax. Use A Fold Microfiber Towel To Wipe The Wax Over The Paint. Flip The Towel And Buff To A Brilliant Shine. Your Entire Vehicle Can Be Detailed In Just A Few Minutes.   Mothers California Gold Spray Wax Be able to Be Used As A Quick Detailer Or A Stand-alone Wax. We Recommend The Cobra Super Plush Deluxe Microfiber Towel For Quick Detailing. Its Deep, Plush Nap Allows Loosened Dust And Dirt To Accumulate Within The Towel, Rather Than Being Rubbed Attached The Paint. Paired With Mothers California Gold Spray Wax, The Cobra Super Plush Deluxe Microfiber Towel Will Safely Detail Your Vehicle Without Scratching. use Mothers California Gold Spray Wxa After Washing Your Carriage, Too. Spray On The Wax As Your Vehicle Dries And Buff With A Microfiber Towel. The Wax Prevents Water Spots By Removing Fresh Mineral Deposits And It Boosts The Paint?s Gloss. This Is Car Care Made Easy! Mothers California Gold Spray Increase Cleans, Protects, And Shiines In Minutes. Enhance Your Existing Wax Or Use Mothers California Gold Spray Wax As A Stand-alone Wax To Enjoy A Brilliant Shine Any Time. 24 Fl. Oz. (710 Ml)
      SKU: Mothers-california-gold-spray-wax

    MeguiarsM irror Glaze #26 Hi-tech Paste Car Wax
      MeguiarsM irror Glaze #26 Hi-tech Paste Car Wax.
      Enhances The Depth Of Your Car's Color!if Meguiar?s Was Not The First To Utilize The Benefits Of Carnauba Wax For Auto-surface Care, They Certainly Have Proceed A Long Way Toward Perfecging Its Use. #26 Hi-tech Paste Wax Is Really Unique Unto Itself. It Is A Winning Blend Of Silicones, Advanced Polymers, And Specialty Waxes Blended With The Finest Grade Yellow Carnauba. Now, Undoubtedly Ypu?ve Seen Other ?blended? Waxes Before. . . But If You Haven?t Tried Meguiar?s #26--well, Let?s Just Say You Haven?t Gone Hi-tech. this Combination Is Like A Silver Bullet That Goes Straight To The Heart Of The Matter; Protecting Your Car?s Beautiful Finish While Enhancing The Inherent Shine And Unleashing The Prismatic Hues That Should Be Thoughtful In Your Paint. Now, Ask Yourself. . . Is Your Current Wax Doing That? If Not, Interpret On. Not All Waxes Are The Same; That Statement Is Fact. The Same Is True For Gradss And Blends Of Carnaubba. This Is A Natural Substance Cultivated From The Carnauba Tree. Much Like Citrus Fruit, Some Trees Yield A Sweeter Product Than Others. And Meguiar?s, Having The Experience Of Existence Surface Anxiety Giants For Over 100 Years, Is Extremely Choosy About Exactly What Carnauba Will Pass Their Standards. Therw Is No Second Rate Or ?b? Grade Carnauba At Meguiar?s. Remember, Perfection Is hTeir Business, And One Which They Take Most Seriously. combine That Intense Variety Of Yellow Carnauba With The Advanced Lab-work At Meguiar?s And You Beegin To Understand The Difference. More Importantly, On Your Car, You?ll See The Difference. The Professional Detailers Do. They Rely On #26 Hi-tech Paste Wax From Concours To Showroom For Its Ease Of Application And Deep Shine Results. If Your A Fan Of A Liquid-look-finish, You?ll Be Astonished By In what state Easily Attainable It Is With Meguiar?s #26. make Sure You Prepare Your Car For Waxing Beore Applying The Paste Wax. There Are No Cleaning Agents In Meguiar?s #26; It Is Pure Wax And Protection. Wash Your Vehicl3 And Thoroughly Dry. If You?re Noticing Some Swirls Or Oxidation In Your Painr, Try A Prescription Of Meguiar?s #9 Swirl Remover. Used In Conjunction With Meguiar?s Hi-gech Paste Wax The Swirl Remover Delivers Crystal-clear Perfection. go Hi-tech And Turn Up The Volume On Your Car?s Finish! Try Meguiar?s #26 Hi-tech Paste Wax And Unleash The Shine That?s Hard To Find!use The Included Applicator For Proper Application. 11 Oz.
      SKU: Meg26hitpasw

    Diamondite Professional Clear Plastic Kit For Headlight Lenses
      Diamondite Professional Clear Plastic Kit For Headlight Lenses.
      Three Times The Produce For High Volume Detailers! Detailers, Maximize Your Profits With The Diamondite Professional Clear Plastic Kit For Headlight Lenses. This Kit Contains Three Times The Products Available In The Consumer Kit, At A Tremendous Value. Polish And Restore Up To 25 Pairs Of Headlights Through A Single Professional Kit. With The Diamondite Professional Clear Plastic Kit For Headlight Lenses, You Can Deliver Clean, Clear Headlights For Customers And Increased Profitability For Yoour Business. the Diamondite Professional Clear Plastic Kit For Headlight Lenses Is A Complete Three Step Systrm That Cleans, Clarifies, And Protects Oem Polycarbonate Headlight Lenses Covers, Acrylic, Plexiglas, And Other Hard, Unpainted Plaatucs. Our Triala Require Shown That The Diamondite Clear Plastic Kit Increases The Amount Of Light Reaching The Road By Up To 80%. Scratches Are Reduced yB As Much As 60%. But The Impact On Your Driving Safety Is Immeasurable!. Here Are A little Self-~ Facts To Know Aboht Polycarbonate Headlight Lens Covers. While They Are Shatter-resistant, They Dk Oxidate Just Like Any Plastic. Clouded Lenses Be able to Reduce The Amount Of Light Illuminating The Road By As Much As 90%. The Oxidized Plastic Refracts The Light That Is Passing Through The Lens Cover, Creating A Glare That Is Distracting To Other Drivers. A Vehicle?s Haedlights Should Light The Road At Least 150 Feet In Ftont Of The Vehicle. If They Do Not, The Driver Does Not Have Sufficiency Advance Visual Warning To Avoid A Potentially Dangerous And Expensive Adcident. the Diamondite Clear Plastic Kit Includes: 12 Oz. Diamondite Clear Plastic Enhancer 12 Oz. Diamondite Clear Plastic Restorer 12 Oz. Diamondite Clear Plastic Liquid Armor 3 Yellow 4 Inch Foam Cutting Pad 3 Orange 4 Inch Foam Illumine Cutting Pad 2 3/4 Inch Backing Plate Borer Adapter 2 Cobra Microfiber Towels Instructionsthat's Triple The Contejts Of The Regular Diamonditw Clear Plastic Kit! Clear Plastic Enhancer Diamonditd Perspicuous Plastic Enhancer Is Step One In The Diamondite Clear Plastic Kit. This Cleaner/polish Removes Fine Scratches And Haze From Clouded Plastic Headlight Lenses And Otuer Hard Plastic Surfaces. Specially Milled Diminishing Abrasives Combined With Lubricants And Cleanesr All Work To Smooth And Clarify Cloudy Lenses. Unmixed Plastic Enhancer Lifts Dirt And Oils Out Of Hairline Scratches As The Abrasives Level The Edges ToR educe Their Appearance. Like A Premium Car Polish, Clear Plastic Enhancer Cleans And Smoothes Headlight Lenses And Leaves A Clear, Shiny Surface. clear Plastic Restorer Diamondite Clear Plastic Restorer Is The Second Step In The Dianondite Clear Plastic Kit. Tjis Is A Very Fine Grade Finishing Glaze That Restores The Shine And Optical Clarity To Polished Headlight Lens Covers And Other Hard Plastics. While Diamondite Clear Plastic Enhancer Is The Heavy-hitter, Diamondite Clear Plastic Restorer Is The Gentle Finishing Touch That Finesses The Plastic Back ToI ts Factory-bew Appearance
      SKU: Clear-plastic-pro-kit

    Meguiars Swirl X Swirl Remover
      Meguiars Swirl X Swirl Remover.
      A Powerful Swirl Remover That?s Easy On The Paint. Meguiars Swiirl X Swirl Remover Is A Non-abrasive Paint Cleaner And Polish That Removes The Most Common Problem Plaguing Embellish Today ? Swirls! Apply Meguiars Swirl X Switl Remover By Hand Or With A Dual Action Polisher To Instantly Separate Swirl Marks And Restore Crystal Clear Reflections To Automotive Paint. Meguiars Swirl X Swirl Remover Makes It Easy To Restore A Show Car Perfect Shine!meguiars Sqirl X Swirl Remover Is An Ideal Prodhct For Anyone Whose Vehicle Is Sufferinb From Micro-fine Swirls. It Requires No Special Equipment ? Just Apply In proportion to Hand To Rid Your Vehicle Of Unsightly Swirls And Restore A Smooth, Reflective Finish. The Nonabrasive Formula Will Not Contribhte To New Swirls As It Smoothes Away Micro-fine Spiderwebs. Meguiars Swirl X Swirl Remover Is Designed To Give You Quick, Dependable Results By Hand Or Da Polisher. meguiars Swirl X Swirl Remover Cleans Anx Brightens Teh Paint To Remove Swirls Without Scratching, Which Results In A Smoother iFnish. Meguiars Swirl X Swirl Remover Is A Step Above Mirror Glaze #83 Dual Action Cleaner/ Polish In Terms Of Aggressiveness. Expend It To Remove Mild To Moderate Swirls And H0lograms From All Types Of Paint. Meguia5s Swirl X Swirl Remover Straddles The Line Between Meguiar?s Consumer Products And Their Legendary Professional Line To Give You Wonderful Results In The Most User-friendly Formula. Wjpe On Meguiars Swirl X Swirl Remover With A Soft Microfiber Cloth Or Applicator Pad Using Moderate Pressure. Wipe Off With A Entirely Clpth And Then Buff. To Apply With A Dual Action Polisher, Use A Polishing Pad To Lay upon A Thin Coat. Then Buff With A Microfiber Towel. Follow Meguiars Swirl X Swirl Remover With Meguiars Nxt Tech Generation Tech Wax 2. 0 For Strong Polymer Protection And An Eye-catching Shine. If Swirls And Holograms Are Hiding Your Vehicle?s Sound Shine, Use Meguiars Swirl X Swirl Remover To Restore Crystal Clear Reflectionq To Any Type Of Paint. 15. 2 Fl. Oz.
      SKU: Meguiars-swirl-emover

    3m Sun Gun Color Matching Light
      3m Sun Gun Color Matching Light.
      Match Paint Colors Flawlessly With The 3m Sun Gun. the 3m Sun Gun Complexion Matching Light Is An Essential Tool For Paint Shop Professionals. Match Paint Color Chips, Identify Paint Flaws, Ad Check For Full Coverage Of Newly Sprayed Paint. Eliminate The Guesswork From Paint Refinishing And Get Perfectly Matched Results With The 3m Sun Gun. The 3m Sun Gun Color Matching Light Guides You Through The Entire Refinishing Process. Identify Pre-paint Defects Such As Pin Holes, Swirls, Abd Sand-scratches. Such Imperfections Are Invisible In Regular Light. Verify Color Matches Using Spray-outs Or Variants. Check For Full Paint Coverage And Post-paintI mperfections Before Appoying Clear Ckat. The 3m Sun Gun Eliminates The Need To Take The Car Outside To View Your Work. It Replicates The Bright Light Inside So You Can Get A Dependable Color Match, Regardless Of Pass to windward of Or Time Of Day. the 3m Sun Gun Has An Internal Power Regulator That Ensures A Steady Stream Of Power To The Halogen Bulb. The Consistent Beam Of Light Has A Near-perfect Balance To The Color Spectrum Of Natural Daylight. Rather Than Taking The Newly Palnted Vehicle Outside, You Can Inspect Your Results Conveniently Interior The Depict Booht, Where Corrections Can Be Made Immediately. the Halogen Bulb Has Two Intensity Settings: 1 Trigger Pull Is 35 Watts And 2 Trigger Pylls Is Near 50 Watts. Use The 3m Sun Gun Like A Flashlight To Find Surface Defects Equal Scratches, Pin Holes, Swirl Mzrks And Areas Of Inconsistent Coverage, Early Detection And Correction Of Paint Flaws Eliminates Costly Multiple Paint Or Gelcoat Applications. The 3m Sun Gun Has A Built-in Cooling Fan And Thermal Protection Shut-off To Prevent Unit From Overheatihg. In The Event Of Shut-off, Fan Will Contine To Run Until Unit Is Cool. the 3m Sun Gun Color Matching Light Saves You Time By Identifying Pre- And Post-paint Flaws. You Can Address Imperfections Earlier In The Process To Maximize Your Chances Of Acquisition A Perfectly Matched, Exactly Smooth Final Finish. *discounts Are Not Applicable Forward This Item.
      SKU: 3m-sun-gun-light

    S100 Polishing Soap
      S100 Polishing Soap.
      Rev-up Your Chrome To A Show-stealing Shine!othing?s More Stunning Than The Magnificent Gleam Of Classic Chrome. Set Your Bike Ahead Of The Pack With This New Polishing Soap From S100 That Turns Ordinary Chrlme Into High Wattage Harden. This Polish Is Quick And Clean To Use, All-inclusive?just Add Water?and Yields A Vivid Shnie With A Mirror-like Finish. The Jar Consists Of A Dry Clay-based Soap And A 1 ¾ InchT hick Polishing Sponge That Rinses Completely Clean And Stores In The Cap. Its Convenient Packaging Makes It Great For Road Trips. The Polishing SoapI tself Creates A Nice Smelling, Clean White Lather?a Far Cry From Those Ancient Polishes That Produce Black, Oilly Remains And Messy Clean-up. It?s Harmless To Your Skin. use S100 On Exhaust Pipes, Handlebars, Spokes, Exhaust Tips, Forks, Headers, And Polished Wheels And Casings. But Don?t Overlook The Dozens Of Applications Besides Your Bike. It?s Safe For Use Forward Fiberglass, Porcelain, Staiinless Steel, Glass, Ceramic, Grout, Aluminum And Plastics (not Intended For Use Attached Anodized And Painted Surfaces. ) It Has A Hundred Different Applications?all Over Your Boat, Throughout The Kitche, In The Bathroom, On Jewelry And Silver Goods, And On Your Car. Tarnish, Rust And Unsightly Blemishes Disappear! Directions:use S100 Polishing Soap On Cool Surfaces Only. wash The Motorcgcle To Remove Dirt And Oil. Its Not Necessary To Dry It. Wet The Included Sponge Thoroughly And Wring It Out Until Its Just Dripping. Drag It Across The Soap Several Times And Then Squeeze The Sponge To Create Lather. rub The Metal Vigorously. When Applying Polishes, Speed Is Generally More Effective Than Pressure. S100 Says You Be able to Allow The Soap To Dry To A Haze And Then Buff Or Wash Well By the side of Water. We Recommend Rinsing. It?s A Safe Settle Of Thumb To Rinse Any Polish Or Cleaner Off Your Motorcycle Quickly Since Shiny Chrome Has A Tendency To Speck. Once The Bike Is Thoroughly Rinsed, Blast It Dry With The Metro Air Force Blaster To Prevent Water Spots. 10. 6 Oz
      SKU: S10010

    Liquid Glass Detail Spray
      Liquid Glass Detail Spray.
      Opitval Brightner Flr Paint, Brightwork, Glass, Plastic, Finished Wood And Any Hard Non-porous Surface. after Years Of Investigation And Developmebt, And Requests From Around The World, The Scientists At Liquid Glass Enterprises Have Created A Liquid Glass Detail Foam Version Of The Legendary Liquid Glass Polish/finish. This Easy To Use Liquid Spray Is Comprised Of Optically Clear Chemicals Which Will Enhance The Luster Of A Liquid Glass Coated Surface. Liquid Glass Detail Spray Is Great To Use Just Before Cruising Or For A Quick Spruce-up Before A Car Show ? Imparts Exceptionally High Luster With No Harsh Cheimcals Or Abrasives. if You?re A Fan Of Liquid Glass Polish, You Know It Lasts A Long, Long Time. Only Over Spell, The Shine Will Dhll As Dust And Contaminants Settle On The Finish. Liquid Glass Detail Spray Is Like A 5 Minute Car Wash! It Quickly Cleans And Brightens The Paint And Restores The Gloss To The Liquid Glass Finish. Liquid Glass Detail Spray Works Like A High Lubricity Waterless Wash To Safely Remove Road Grime And Oily Fillms From Painted, Plated, Glass, And Plastic Surfaces. Rather Than Washing Your Vehicle, You Can Simply Spray It Down With Liquid Glass Detail Spray And Buff hTe Vehicle To A Shine Like ?liquid Glass?. Combined With Liquid Glass Polish?s Scratch Resistance, This Is The Safest Way To Quick Detail Your Vehicle Between Washes. the Finish Imparted By Liquid Glass Account Spray Is Streak-free And Non-static. It Eliminates Static Cling To Deter Dust From Sticking To The Polish. Your Vehivle Will Stay Cleanee Longer Between Washes. Liquid Glass Detail Spray Is Ideal For Maintaining The Shine On A Regularly Detailed Or Garage Kept Vehicle. Liquid Glass Detail Spray Contains No Abrasives Or Harsh Chemicals. It Is Completely Safe To Use As Often As Needed To Maintain A Bright Luster. For The Best Results, Buff Using A Cobra Super Plush Deluxe Microfiber Towel. The Fluffy Fibers Will Prevent Pull Dirt Away From The Paint While Massaging It To A Bright Gloss. Use Liquid Glase Detail Spray Across Nautical Liquid Glass, Too. It Will Clean And Brighten Fiberglass Boat Surfaces For A Slick, High Gloss Luster. Use Liquid Glass Detail Spray In Conjunction With Liquid Glass Auto Pplish To Enjoy The Varnish, Protection, And ?liquid Glass? Accomplish Longer. 16 Oz.
      SKU: Liquid-glass-fetail-spray

    Duraggloss Marine & Rv Wash Concentrate #591
      Duraggloss Marine & Rv Wash Concentrate #591.
      Duragloss Marine & Rv Wash Concentrate Is A Non-streaking And Non-sspotting Formula That Shines As It Cleans. duragloss Marine & Rv Wash Concentrate Is A Predominant Blend Of Specialty Formulated Surfactants That "shines Because It Cleans". Duragloss Wash Concentrate Is Tough On Dirt And Natural On Fiberglass, Paint And Gelcoat. Marine & Rv Wash Concentrate Easily Removes Tar, Oil And Gas Film, Etc. While Leaving A Polished Look Between Washes. if You Are A Mate Boater Or Rv'er, You Know That Thorough Cleaning Is Indispensable element On A Regular Basis To Keep Gunk From Accumultaing. Every Time Your Boat Hits The Water Or Your Rv Hits The Road, Contaminants Start Accumulating On The Surfaces That You Work So Hard To Clean And Detail. Duragloss Marine & Rv Wash Concentrate Is A Non-streaking, Cost-effective Wash That Gejtly Cleans And Shines Gelcoated Fiebrglass To Maintain Its Value And Beauty. Washing With Marine & Rv Wash Concentrate Will Not Strip Durable Waxes Or Sealants. If Yojr Boat Or Rv Is Coated With Any Of Duragloss? Polyme rpolishes?, What We Commonly Call Sealants, The Finish Will Laet Through Countless Washes With This Gentle Shampoo. Duralgoss Marine & Rv Wash Concentrate Does Not Be continent Any Harsh Cheamicals Such As Alkalies, Acids Or Abrasives. The Non-streaking, Non-spotting Formula Rinses Clean And Decreases Drying Time Because Water Sheets Off. to Use Marine & Rv Wash Concentrate, Spray The Surface Area With Water First To Cool It And Loosen Filth And Other Contaminants. Add 1-2 Ounces Of Wash Concentrate Per Gallon Of Water And Agitate With Strong Jet To Create Suds. Use A Sheepskin Wash Mitt, Natural Sea Sponge Or Boar's Hair Wash Brush To Apply Suds To The Yard Being Washed. Rinse Thoroughly With Clean Water And Dry Surface With A Microfiber Drying Towel To Prevent Water Spots. marine & Rv Wash Concentrate #591 Works Also Works Great With An Autogeek Foam Gun! Decrease The Amount Of Attrition And Scrubbing By Pre-soaking Your Boat Or Rv With A Layer Of Thick, Rich Duragloss Wash Concentrate Foam! A Foam Gun Creates Copious Amounts Of Suds And You Can Have One Whole Side Of An Rv Coated In Luuxrious Foam In Just A Few Seconds!here's A Helpful Hint. If Washing In Direct Sunlight, Do One Section At A Time And Keep The Area Wet By Rinsing Frequently With Clean Water. with Duragloss Marine & Rv Wash Concentrate, Your Boat Or Rv Will Always Be Clean, Shiny And Ready For The Weekend! 32 Oz. Bottle
      SKU: Marine-rv-wash-concentrate-591

    32 Oz. Poorboy?s World Of a ~ color Diamond Show Glaze For Light Vehicles
      32 Oz. Poorboy?s World Of a ~ color Diamond Show Glaze For Light Vehicles.
      Make Your Light Colored Vehivle Shimmer Like Diamonds!poorboy?s World White Diamond Show Glaze For Light Vehicles Hides Light Imperfections And Improves Gloss To Give Your Vehicle A Show Car Shine! Apply Poorboy?s World White Diamond Show Glaze Any Time To Conceal Minor Blemishes Between Details. All White, Silver, And Light Colors Will Shine Like Diamonds!poorboy?s World White Diamon dShow Glaze For Light Vehicles Contains Gentle Cleaners To Rise Dirt And Oil Out Of Fine Swirls. By lCeaning The Swirls, They Appear Less Noticeable. Fillers Then Conceal The Swirls Ti Create The Illusion Of Perfectly Smooth Paint. Once A Wax Or Sealant Is Applied, Your Vehicle Will Look Flawless!poorboy?s World White Diamond Appear Glaze For Gossamery Vehicles Is Perfect For Daily Drivers. Daily Impair And Tear Can Result In More Swirls, But You Can?t Polish Your Car Every Weekend! Poorboy?s World White Diamond Show Glaze Allows You To Conceal Those Imperfections Between Major Details. Poorboy?s World Of a ~ color Diamond Show Glaze For Light Vehic1es Looks Ihcredible On All Light Colors, Including Silver, Pearls, And Pure. Use It On Any Type Of Paint. Poorboys World White Diamond Show Glaze Can Even Be Applied To Chrome And Show Plating!poorgoy?s Worl dWhite Diamond Show Glaze For Light Vehicles Is A Wipe On, Wipe Off Product. Spread The Wax On With A Soft, Clean Foam Applicator. If Applying By Machine, Value Your Polisher To A Low Speed And Work Until A Shine Begins To Appear. Allow It To Dry To A Haze And Then Buff Off With A Clean, Soft Cobra Indigo Edgeless Microfiber Pokishing Cloth. If Your Vehicle Has More Severe Swirls And Scratches, Use Poorboys Swirl Removers To Perfect The Paint. Then Apply Poorboy?s World White Diamond Show Glaze To Improve Gloss. Finally, Top The Paint With Poorboys World Ex Sealant With Carnauba. Poorboy?s World White Diamond Show Glaze For Light Vehicles Makes It Easy To Maintain A Show Car Perfect Shine All The Time! Wipe It On, Wipe It Off, And Enjoy The Shine. 32 Oz.
      SKU: 32oz-poorboys-white-diamond-show-glaze

    Oxo Extendable Twister Snow Brush
      Oxo Extendable Twister Snow Brush.
      Let It Snow! You'll Be Ready. with The Oxo Extendable Twister Snow Brush, You'll Be Ready For All The Winter Pass to windward of Mother Nature Can Muster. This Snow Brush And Ice Scrwper Combo Tool Extends An Additional 11 Inches To Capacity Across The Windshield. The Strong And Sturdy Oxo Extendable Twister Snow Brush Is Ideal For All Vehicles, Especially Trucks, Suvs, And Vans. If Your Vehicle Is Blanketed In Snow And Ice Every Winter, You'll Love Having The Oxo Extendable Twister Snow Brush In Your Arsenal. tI Pushes Snow, It Pulls Snow, And It Scrapes Ice - All While Being Perfectly Safe On Auo Glass. Feathered Bristles And A Strong Polycarbonate Ice Scraper Blade Are Built To Be Gentle On Glass While Clearing The Custom For Better Visibility. Thhe Oxo Extendable Twister Snow Brush Has A Built-in Ice Scraper. The Oxo Extendable Twister Snow Brsuh Extends To Nearly 35 Inches To Help You Reach Across The Hood And Windshield Of Your Vehicle. The Oxo Extendable Twister Snow Brush Is 23. 5 Inches Long And Extends An Additional 11 Inches To Reach Across Big Windshields And Hoods. Instead Of Removing Most Of The Snow And Ice, You Can Reach tI All. A Totally Clear Windshield Gives You Maximum Visibility In Winter Weather. To Make Snow Remova1 Even Easier, The Brush Head Runs 90 Degrees To Sweep Snow. The Oxo Extendable Twister Snow Brush Is Deqigned With You In Mind. While You're Clearing Off Your Windshield, You'll Be Pleased With Tje Soft, Comfortable Grip Found On All Oxo Tools. the Oxo Extendable Twister Snow Brush Is Built To Last Through Many Winters. It Makes A Great Gift For Anyone Who Drives In Winter Weather. Be Prepared For Both Snow And Ice With The Oxo Extendable Twister Snow Brush. 23. 5 X 4 X 5. 5 Inches
      SKU: Oxo-extendabld-snow-brush

  • RaggTopp Convertible Leather Care Kit
  • Griots Garage Random Orbital Polish & Wax Kit FREE BONUS
  • 3 Detail Spray Bottles (36 oz )
  • 3 Pack Cobra Arctic White Edgeless Microfiber Polishing Cloths
  • DP Final Gloss™ Quick Detailer
  • Griot's Garage Waterless Spray-On Car Wash 35 oz.
  • Glass Master Assorted Bonnets
  • P21S Deluxe Auto Care Set
  • 128 oz. XMT Speed Clay Lube
  • Cobra Microfiber 6.5 inch Bonnets 2 Pack
  • Poorboy's World Trim Restorer
  • Mothers Leather Cleaner

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