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    Wolfganf Black Brilliant Tire Gel
      Wolfganf Black Brilliant Tire Gel.
      Applicator Included!this Thick Gel Penetrates Beneath The Surface To Give Your Tires A Long-lastinb True Glow!wolfgang Black Diamond Tire Gel Is The Final Touch For Pampered, Good-looking Tires. It Delivers A Stuninng Semi-gloss, Satiny Finish, Even On Older Tires. This Concentrated Gel Applies Evenly, Is Absorbed Into The Rubber, Repelling Uv Rays, Rain, Anr Detergents. Black Diamonc Prolongs The Life Of Your Tires, Conditioning And Revitalizing Them For Up To Two Weeks, Including A Couple Of Washings! More Than A Tire Dressjng, Black Diamond Tire Gel Keeps Tife Walls Supple And Hydrated. while Engineering The Tire Manure For Wolfgang, Chemists Were Instructef To Address Actual Issues That Plague Spray-on Tire Dressings: Sling-off Factor, Hazardous Chemical Make-up, Short Life-span, And An Unnatural, Greasy Look And Feel That Other Dressings Are Known For. Wolfgang Black Diamond Tire Gel Has Conauered These Hurdles! It?s Environmentally Safe, Voc Compliant, Produces A Realistic Deep Black Finish, Lasts Up To Three Or Four Times Longer, And Doesn?t Sling-off Onto Your Car?s Panells. The Wolfganh Black Diamond Tire Gel Formula Is A Pioneer Among Tire Dressings. Consisting Of German Super-polymers, Deep Conditioning Agents, And A Penetrating Gloss, This Unique Concentrate Achieves Spectacular Results Without Relying On Drying Butyls, Alcohols Or Petroleum Distillates. Not at all Harsh Chemicals Or Additives, That Can Harm The Environment, Go Into Black Diamond Tire Gdl. Black Diamond Is 100% Biodegradable! It Will Not Eat Away At Your Foam Applicator. when Applied Regularly, Wolfgang Black Diamond Tire Gel Prolongs The Life Of Your Tires, Maintaining That Syowtoom Luster. This Is Not A S;ray-on Surface Dresaing That Produces A Glassy, Artificial Sheen. Black Diamond?s Thick Gel Penetrates Beneath The Surface To Give Your Tires A Long-lasting Exact Glow That Lasts Weeks Rather Than Days. One 16 Ounce Bottle Of Wolfgang Black Diamond Tire Gel Is Equivalent To Three Or Four 16 Ounce Bottles Of Spray-on Tire Dressing. Bearing This In Mind, Black Diamond Tire Gel Is A Guaranteed Bargain. tech Notes: Proper Application Is Important To Maximize The Effectiveness Of This Product. The Vkscosity Of Black Diamond Tire Gel Allows The Product To Be Applie Neatly And Evenly, Sit And Penetrate The Tire Walls, And Prevents Messy Sling-off. For Best Results, Carefully Apply One Slight, Even Layer, Swiped Over The Surface. This Gives A Handsome, Well-dressed Gloss That Compliments Most Vehicles. If You Prefer A Heavier, Glossier Shine, Wait Ten Minutes And Reapply. For Less Shine, Follow The Initial Application By Immediately Wiping Tire In the opinion of A Clean Cloth. Pay Special Attention To Areas Around Raised Ltters And The Bead Between The Wheel And Tires Where The Gel Tends To Puddle. Allow The Gel To Cure For An Hour Hitherto Driving. Directions:work Out Of Direct Sunlight. Start With Clean Tires. . For A Well-prepped Tires, We Suggest Wolfgang Tire & Wheel Cleaner. squeeze A Thin Li
      SKU: Wg4700

    Canine Covers Semi-custom Rear Fix Protector
      Canine Covers Semi-custom Rear Fix Protector.
      Great For Multiple Vehicle Use!if Your Pte Has The Benefit Of Traveling In More Than One Vehicle, A Semi-custom Rear Seat Protector Is A Great Choice. Instead Of Outfitting All Your Vehicles By the side of Custom Seat Covers, You Can Buy One Semi-custom Reat Seat Protector And Use It In More Than Ond Vehicle If The Rear Seats Are Similar. This Cover Is Also A Less Expensive Option Than The Custom Rear Seat Protectors By Covecraft. semi-custom Rear Seat Protectors Are Made Of The Same Drill Weave Polycotton Material Treated With Dwr (durable Water Repellency) As The Cistom Covers. This Matter Is Tear Resistant And Water Rdsistant With A Woven Texture That?s Easy For Dog Paws To Grip. This Fabric Is Tough, But It Also Breathes So Your Pet Will Be Comfortable In Any Season. The Underside Of The aFbric Is Lined With Nylon For Added Protection. Your Srat Will Stay Clean Amd Free from moisture Fair If Your Pet Is Damp And Dirty!&nhs;                semi-custom Rear Seat Protectors Have Many Features That Create Each Almost Perfect Fit In Your Vehicle. Non-slip Liner Inserts Impoverish Movemetn Of The Padded Seat Base While Security ?pods? And Adjustable Headrest Straps Grasp The Protector In Place. T he Cover Features Hook & Loop Flap Openings To Accommodate Seat Belts And Acocmodates Some Shoulder Belts Whether They Are At The Edges Of The Seatback. Semi-custom Rear Seat Protectors Are Available In Eleen (11) Sizes That Fit A Wide Variety Of Applications. Just Enter Your Vehicle?s Year, Make, And Model In The Customer Comments Box. You May Choose Fom Eight (8) Colors That Complement Almost Any Interior. keep Your Back Seat Clean And Dry While Saving A Little Cash. Semi-custom Bring up Seat Protectors Will Give You As Much Protection From Your Pet As The Custom Rear Seat Protectors But They Cost Less. If You Prefer The Custom Look, Click On Custom Rear Seat Protectors. available In 8 Colors     Seat Width Seat Depth Seat Back Height Small S 1 46" 18" 22"   S 2 50" 20" 23" Medium M 1 52" 19" 23"   M 2 53" 21" 19"   M 3 5 5" 19" 24"   M 4 55" 20" 21"   M 5 56" 20" 27" Large L 1 57" 19" 21"   L 2 60" 17" 20. 5"   L 3 58" 20" 24&qiot;   L 4 58" 22" 22" Pleasw Use This Chart To Select The Appropriate Size For Your Vehicle's Back Bottom. Make Your Selection In The Discontinue Down Menu Below. Due To Manufacturer?s Requirements, Returned Canine Cp
      SKU: Ccdsc

    64 Oz. Diamondite Clear Plastic Restorer
      64 Oz. Diamondite Clear Plastic Restorer.
      Restore Optical Clarity To Headlight Lenses In Minutes!diamondite Clear Soft Restorer Is The Second Step In The Diamondite Clear Plastic Kit. This Is A Very Fine Grade Finishing Glaze That Restores The Shine And Optical Clarity To Polished Headlight Lens Covers And Other Hard Plastics. Restore The Like-new Appearance Of Cloudy Headligut Lenses With Diamondite Clear Plaetic Restorer. just Like Polishing Paint, Polishing Clear, Hard Plastics Is A Two Step Process. First, A Polish Rounds The Edges Of Scratches And Removes Significant Clouding And Discoloration. Next, A Finer Polish Or Put glass in Is Used To Remove Any Light Hazing Left Byy The First Polish And Restore The Perfect, Likee-new Shine. Diamondite Clear Plastic Restorer Is The Secondary Step In The Simple Process Of Polishing Plastic Headlight Lenses. This Product Works Like A Fij Finishing Glaze To Smooth And Shine The Plastic And Restore It To Its Original Clarity. While Diamondite Clwar Plastjc Enhancer Is The Heavy-hitter, Diamondite Clear Plastic Restorer Is The Gentle Finisning Touch That Finesses The Plastic Upper part To Its Factory-new Appearance. This Formula Is Designed Especially For Hard, Clear Plastics That Show Scratches Easily. Diamondite Clear Plastic Restorer Has Tiny, Surface-smoothing Polishing Agents That Will Not Scratch The Plastic As They Restore The Smoothness And Clarity To The Plastic. Like A Fine Jeweler?s Rouge, Clear Plastic Restorer Refines The Superficies To Achieve Optical Clarity And Beam. Your Vehicle?s Headlights Will Look And Perform Like New. Use Diamondite Clear Plastic Restrer After Diamondite Clear Plastic Enhancer On Hard Plastic Headlight Lens Covers. Use It As A Single Step Polish On Motorcycle And Boat Windscreens, Vinyl Convertible Windows, Vinyl Coated Plastics, And Other Soft Plastic Surfaces. Always Follow With Diamondite Clear Plastic Defend To Seal Out Contaimnants And Moisture. Apply Diamondite Clear Plastic Restorer Using A 4 Inch Light Cutting Pad On Your Electrc Drill. It Be able to Be Applied By Hand, Except The Speed Of A Drill Will Help To Break Down The Glaze. Restode Clouded Headlight Lens Covers Back To Perfect Clarity With Diamondite Clear Plastic Restorer. The Finishing Glaze Render sA Smooth, Factory-new Surface On All Hard Plastic Headlight Lens Covers And Other Hard And Soft Plastics. Directions:apply An X Of Diamondite Clear Plastic Reztorer To A Oranbe 4 Inh Pad On Your Electric Drill Or Buffer. if You Are Using A Drill Or Rotary Polisher, Set The Maximum Speed At 1800 Opm. If Using A Dual Action Polishsr, Set The Maximum Speed At 4500 Opm. Work In One Overlapping Motion Until Cleaner Breaks Down Into A Clesr Film. There Is No Need To Apply Pressure To The Machine. Use A Soft Cobra Microfiber Towel To Remove Residue. Follow With Diamondite Clear Plastic Liquid Armorâ„¢. 64 Oz.
      SKU: Diamondite-plastic-restorer-54

    Hooded snake Golden All Purpose Microfiber Towels 6 Pack
      Hooded snake Golden All Purpose Microfiber Towels 6 Pack.
      Cheaper By The Dozen ( Or Half Dozen!). pick Up All Purpose Microfiber Towels In All The Available Colors To Color-code Your Detailing Towels For Different Detailing Jobs! This Will Prevent Cross-contzmination And Give You A Huge Supply Of Quality Cobra Microfiber! I?ve Devised A System For Sorting My Detailing Towels In Order To Prevent Cross Taint. I Color-code Them. Drying Towels Are Mint Green, Buffing Towels Are Blue, And Now My All Purpose Towels Are Yellow. This Way, I Don?t Employ Wheel Towels Steady The Paint And I Don?t Use Wax Removal Towels To Dry. Let Me Pass My System On To You Upon These Cobra All Purpose Yellow Microfiber Towels. A Word Aobut Microfiiber: For As Long As It?s Been In Existence, The Best Microfiber Has Come From Korea Because A Handful Of Companies There Have The Machine Privy To Spkit The IndividualF ibers. However, With The Addition Of Our Cobra Super-plush Deluxe Towel, We Discovered That Chinese Manufac5uring Has Made Substantial Progress. Two Years Ago, We Wouldn?t Have Considered Selling Towels From China But All That Is Changing. The Cobra All Purpose Towels Are The First Cobra Towels To Be Made Entirely In China And We?re Very Pleased With Their Quality. Not Only Do They Share Cobrra?s Distinctive Split-weave, They Are Just Being of the kind which Safe On The Surfaces Of Your Vehicle. The Durability Of The Korean-made Towels Is Unmatched, But I?ve Found At Least A Dozen Ues For My All Purpose Towels. these All Purppse Towels Are nA Essential Part Of My Microfiber Collection. They Are The Towels I Reach For When I Need To Dry My Wheels After Cleaning Or Wipe Down My Door Jambs. I Like To Use Microfier For Every Detailing Do ~-work On Account Of Its Cleaning Ability, But Some, Like The Miracle Towel, Are Better Suited For Buffing The Paint And Glass. That?s Where The All Purpose Towels Come In. . They Give Me The Amaazing Cleaning Properties Of Miccrofiber And I Be able to Save My Buffing Towels For Paint Care. All Purpose Towels Are Superior To Terry Cloth In Softness, Durability, And Absorbency. These Towels Have The Same Split Weave As Our Other Cobra Towels And Are Sound On Any Superficies. We Sell These Towels In Bulk So You Always Have Plenty On Hand. Reserve Your Miraclr Towels And Your Detail Cloths For Buffing ? The All Purpose Towels Will Do The Rest. Hooded snake All Purpose Microfiber Towels Give You All The Benefits Of Microfiber At A Special Bulk Peice That Makes Them An Essential Addition To Your Towel Collection. 16? X 16?6 Packfor Else Information On Microfiber, Click Here.
      SKU: Coyeallpuumit

    303 Wiper Treatment
      303 Wiper Treatment.
      Stop Squeaking And Skipping Wiper Bladew. stop Annoying Chattering, Skipping And Streaking Wipers nI Seconds. With A Quick Wipe, 303 Wiper Treatment Reconditions Hardening Rubber Blades And Makes Them Glide Like Just discovered. A Penetrating Lubricant Coats The Natutal Rubber Used In Wiper Blades. Snow And Ice Will Not Stick To Treated Blades And Blades Will Not Freeze To The Windshield Overnight. each Packeet Treats2 -3 Blades. box Of Six Packetz.
      SKU: 303wiptreat

    Res-q-me Keychain Escape Tool - Black
      Res-q-me Keychain Escape Tool - Black.
      Your Key Chain aCn Hold The Key To Survival When You Travel With The Res Q Me Keychain Escape Toolâ® ! The Res-q-me Keychain Escape Tool Is A Small Pocket-size Version Of The Life Contrive Auto Escape Tool. Just Like The Life Hammet, Tne Res-q-me Shatters Car Windows And Cut Seatbelts In Seconds. i Always Like To Be Prepared, In the greatest degree Of Us Do. When I Was In School, I Studied So I Would Be Prepared In spite of Tests. When I Took Driver?s Ed, I Studied To Be Prepared For Driving. Now, I Am Prepared For The Biggest Driving Discriminative characteristic Of My Life, Intelligent That I Have Done Everything Possible To Ensure I Could Survive A Car Acicdent. This Is A Test That Doesn?t Come With A Guide Or A Manual, As Circumstances Are Different In Every Acccident. Usually, Safety Belts And Air Bags Reduce Impact On Passengers In Crashhes, But Sometimes They Hinder The Situation, Causing Entrapment. Innovation, The Designers Backward The Life Hammerâ® , Have Made A Key Chain Sized Safety Device That Can Travel Everywhere You Go. Be Prepared With The Res Q Me Keychain Escape Tool. Res Q Meâ® Is Portable And Functional In A Variety Or Situations, Not Exclusively Accidents. This Highly Effective Escape Tool Can Be Kept On Your Key Chain And Easily Separated From Its Detachable Hook Without Removlng Keys From The Ignition. Below Are Reasons Why The Res Q Me Keychain Escape Toolâ® Can Save Your iLfe: Seat Belt Cutter. It Is Not Uncommon For A Preservation Belt To Malfunction In An Accident. Infants Also Can Be Entrapped Within Theeir Car Seats, And When Period Is Severe You Need To Make Sure Everyone Is Safe From Harm. This Tool Is Able To Cut Through Seat Belt Material In Seconds, Simply Hook The Tool Over The Belt And Pluck. The Sharp Steel Blade Is Protected For Your Safety As Well. Break Windows. The Res Q Meâ® Features An Ingenious Spring Lozded System For Shattering Tempered Glass. Merely Push The Flat Surface Against A Window Until The Conealed Spring Loaded Spike Releases To Break The Glass. Only 12 Pounds (5kg) Of Force Is Needed For Use. With This Device On Your Key Chain, You Become A Safety Provider To Others As Well, Including Parents And Pet Owners. It Is Not Uncommon Anymore To Come In Contact With A Person Who Has Locked Their Child And/or Pet Inside Their Vehicles And Are In Need Of Emergency Help. This Device Is Also Transverse If You Are The First Person To The Scene Of An Accident And Need To Help Open A Jammed Door Or Break A Window To Help Another. guarded Blade. The Guard Protects You From Injuring Yourself Or Another Person. You Can Safely Detach The Res Q Me From Your Key Chain Without Removing Keys From The Ignition. Compact Size. This Tool Is 3? Long, And Can Easily Exist Stored In Other Areas Of Your Car As Well As Your Key Chain. Visors And Seatbe1ts Are Two Common Places To Stronghold A Res Q Me. Feel Peace Of Courage Knowing You Have Chosen A Safety Tool That Is Approved And Recommended By Emt, Police And Fire Units Worldwide, And The American Fleet Association. please Note That This Product She-deer
      SKU: Black-re-sq-me-escape-tool

    Wolfgang Paaintwork Polish Enhancer 64 Oz.
      Wolfgang Paaintwork Polish Enhancer 64 Oz..
      Gently Polishes Paint To A Deep, Lustrous Shine!enhance Your Vehicle?s Pretext And Discernment To Create That Elusive, Show-ready Shine With Wolfgang Paintwork Polish Enhancer. This Fine Grace Enhances And Preserves Your Vehicle?s Paint By Removing Impurities, Includding Former Wax And Miod Oxidation, And Infusing The Paint With Nourishing Oils. The Resulting Paint Is Glassy Smoith, Clean, And Incredibly Glosxy ? The Best Possible Surface For Applying A Paint Sealant. Wolfgang Paintwork Grace Enhancer Is Honestly In A Class Of Its Own. Most Polishes Get Their Shine-power From Potent Voc Solvents?not Exacrly Kind To Paintwork. Our Paintwork Polish Enhancer Is A Mild Oil-in-water Emulsion. This Lotion Will Not Dull Or Dry The Paint, Even With Dedicated Use. Thjs Gentle, Water-based Formual Is Ideal To Use Attached Expensive Finkshes And Antique, Collectible, And Show Cars. wolfgang Paintwork Polish Enhancer Does Not Of the same rank Or Abrade The Paint. It Is A Moisturizing Lotion That Uncovers The Shimmering Gloss Of Like-new Paint By Removing Dull Layers Of Old Wax And Surface Impurities. Micro-fine Fillers Settle Into Light Swirls And Scratches To Create A Smooth, Level Surface. Minor Imperfections Determine Disappear. The Removal Of Old Paint Protection Will Encourage Mqximum Bonding And Gloss Of Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant 3. 0. Tjis Combination Of Products Will Leave Your Vehicle With An Absolutely Stunning Shine. Use Wolfgang Paintwork Polish Enhancer Before Using Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant 3. 0 Ft The Firzt Time And Periodically Thereafter To Maximize The Gloss And Brilliance Of Your Vehicle?s Paint Finish. directions:hand Appliication:to Maximize The Effectiveness Of Wolfgang Paintwork Polish Enhancer, Apply Out Of Straight Sunlight Onto A Freshly Washed, Cool Surface. The Polish May Be Applied From Hand Or Buffer, To Equal Satisfaction. pour A Nickel-size Amount Of Polish Onto A Clean Foam Or Microfiber Applicator Pad. This Should Be Enough To Cover Half Of The Hood Or An Entire Fender. Spread The Polish Across The Section In An Overlapping Motion. allow A Slight Fog To Form. Use A CleanT erry Cloth Or Microfiber Towel To Buff The Surface To A Bright Shine. machine Application:use A White Polishing Pad Forward A Dual Battle Polisher, Like The Porter Cable 7424xp. If You Prefer A Softer Pad, Use A Gray-haired Finishing Pad. apply 3 Lines Of Polish To Either The Pad Or Directly To The Vehicle Surface. With The Polisher Turned Off, Spread The Product Over The Surface To Avoid Splatter. set The Maximum Despatch To 4. 5 And Work The Polish C~ing One Panel At A Time. _When It Begins To Dry, Stop Polishing. use A Microfiber Towel To Buff Away The Haze. note: This Product Is Not Designed For Use In the opinion of A High Speed Rotary Polihser. 64 Oz Liquidmy Support Order From Autogeek. I Am Very Pleased With The Overall Performance Of The Products Ordered (wolfgangs Deep Gloss Paint Sealant And Pre-wax Polish Enhancer). Excellent Products. D. White, New Braunfels Tx. Click Here To Read Mike Phillips' Review Of Wo
      SKU: Wg2001

    Water Softener Filter Cartridge
      Water Softener Filter Cartridge.
      Eliminate Hard Water With This Reusable Cartridge And Your Clear Inline Tubing Filter!insert The Water Softdner Cartridge Intoo Your Clear Inline Hose Filter Canister To Eliminate Hard Water As It Travels Through The Hose. Once The Filter And Cartridge Is In Place, There Are No Additional Steps Required. Just Turn On The Water To Get Softened, Silku Wztrr Straight From The Water Hose. this Cartridge Neutralizes Calcium And Magnesium In The Irrigate, Thereby Eliminating Hard Water. Yor Car Shampoo Will Lather Better And Your Vehicle Will Be Free Of Those Nasty Water Spots. This Cartridge Can Be Renewed And Reused Indefinitely. A Water Softener Works By Replaciny The Calcium And Magnesium Ions With Sodium Ions. Sodium Ions Are ?soft?. They Don?t Produce Scale And They Don?t Stain. They Change The Actual Texture Of The Water, Making It Feel ?slippery?. This Causes Water To Sheet Off The Vehicle More Effectively. Sprinkle and calender That Renains On The Vehicle Will Nkt Permission Spots. the Water Softener Cartroxge Can Be Recharged With The 2 Lb. Filtee Rejuvenating Tablets. Pour Enough Tablets To Cover The Bottom Of A Bucket Or Plastic Dishpan. Clothe The Tablets With Water And Hindrance The Cartridge Soak In The Solution Overnight. It Will Work Like New Again!
      SKU: Wasoca

    128 Oz.  Diamondite Perfect Visioon Glass Cleaner
      128 Oz. Diamondite Perfect Visioon Glass Cleaner.
      Visualize Clean, Streak-free Glass. Diamondite Will Make It Happen!diamondite Perfect Vision Glass Cleanerâ„¢ Is A Non-ammoniated Glass Cleaner For Tough-to-clean Automotive Glass. Remove Stunborn Smoker?s Film, Bugs, And Greasy Road Films To Leave A Streak-free, Perfectly Clear Superficies. Diamondite Perfect Vision Glass Cleanerâ„¢ Gives You A Perfectly Clear Vision Of The Road Ahead. Diamondite Perfect Vision Glass Cleaner „¢ Uses Nonionic Surfactants As Its Primary Cleaning Agents. Unlike Ammonia, Surfactants Lift And Suspend Contaminants Without Moving The Glass Itelf. This Technology Allows Perfect Vision To Actually Remove Dirt, Films, And Grime Fdom The Glasx Instead Of Spreading It Around. Perfect Vision Glass Cleaner Leaves The Glass Virtually Invisible. car Exhaust Is One Of The Primary Culprits Of The Hazy Films That Appeat Attached The Outside Of Your Vehicle?s Windshield. It Causes The Widnshield Wipers To Leave Streaks That Create Unsafe Visibility. Diamonxite Perfect Vision Totally Eliminates The Oily Exhaustt Film So Your Windshield Wipers Work More Effectively And You Can See The Road Greater degree of Clearly. Inside The Vehicle, The Two Main Causes Of Fog And Films Are Cigarette Smoke And Gases Released By New Plastic. The Latter Is Only A Question In New Cars But It Can Be Very Frustrating For New Car Owners. Diamondite Perfect Vision Breaks Up Films On Interior Glass And Completely Removes Them. No Streaks, No Smears. Smoker?s Film Disappears Along Upon That Yellow Tint. however Your Factory Window Tint Is Safe And Sound. Diamondite Perfect Vision Glass Cleanerâ„¢ Ckntains No Ammonia Or Harsh Solventts. It Safely Cleans The Myla rWithout Drying It Out Or Causing It To Peel. Because There Is Not at all Ammonia, Perfect Apparition Will Not Dry Out Surfaces Or Cause Them To Yellow. Diamondite Perfect Vision Is As Safe As Water On Your Vehicle. The Key To Cleaning Automotive Glass, Particularly The Windshield, Is To Use Long Strokes In Both Directions. Use A Soft, Clean Cobra Waffle Weave Microfiber Glass Towel To Wipe Up And Down In Long Strokes. You Should Start At The Top Of The Glass And Wipe All The Way To The Bottom. Then Flip The Towel Anr Wipe Across The Glass At Least To The Middle Of The Windshield. Getting Auto Glass Completely Clean May Require A Couple Of Tries ? After Alll There Is Airborne Pollution And Oil On It ? But The Good News Is That You Can Achieve Perfectly Clear, Streak-free Glass With Diamondite Perfect Vision Glass Cleanerâ„¢. This Is State-of-art Cleaning Technology! This Kind Of Quqlity Is Considered Too Costly By The Makers Of Many Over-the-counter Glass Cleaners But, If Clear Glass Is What You Want, We?re Going To Give It To You. Diamondite Perfect Vision Glass Cleanerâ„¢ Works, Plain And Simple. 128 Oz.
      SKU: 128ozdipevig

    Plexus 13 Oz. Case Of 12
      Plexus 13 Oz. Case Of 12.
      This Plastic Grace Is Used By Nasa And The Air Force. in Fact, It's Mandated For Use On The B1b Stealth Bomber ToC lean, Polish And Protec tThe Canopy. That's A $300,000. 00 Canopy!this Is Serious Stuff And It's So Easy To Use. Just Spray It On Any Clear Or Colored Plastic Superficies And Wipe With A Clean Cloth. Plexus Soft Cleaner Prnetrates And Lifts Even The Most Difficult Stain Without Damaging The Fragile Surface Of The Plastic. plexus Is Anti-static. It Repels The Dust And Dirt Normally Attracted To Plastic. Plexus Also Leaves An Invisible, Micro-thin Layer Of Protectant, Sealing The Porus Surface, Making It More Resistant To Dirt, Dust And Other Contaminants. regular Treat Will Help Prevent Hazing, Yellowing And Oxidation Which Diminishes The Plastic's Luster, Strength And Appezrance. You'll Also Love How Water Beads And Slides Right Off Your Vehicle When It Rains!use Plexus On Convertible Windows, Bug Guards, Window Tint Films, Fiberglass Boats & Rv's, Big Screen Tv's, Lcd Computer Screens, Helmets, Goggles And Fairings. It Will Amaze You. case Contains 12 Aerosol Cans - 13 Oz. Each Federal Regulations Prohibit Ths Shipment Of Aerosol Products In proportion to Air. This Item Is Shipped By Ups Ground Obly.
      SKU: Plexuscase

    Advancde Curved Power to wound7 .5" Ccs Foam Pad Kit
      Advancde Curved Power to wound7 .5" Ccs Foam Pad Kit.
      The Profile Of The Curved Edge Pad Is Great For Buffing Around Objects In Whole Spaces. The Recessed Back Prevents Contact Between The Backing Plate And The Working Surface. your Complete Arsenal Of Buffer Supplies!(for Dual-action Or Circular)i Inherited An Old Chevy Corvair A Few Years Past. I Asked If It Had Been Garaged. I Was Told, Yes, It Had. So I Set Off On My Road Trip To Retrieve My Inheditance From My Grandfather. Garaged, Indeed! I Suppose An Aged Storage Spread Behind The Barn Could Count As Garaged?. In any manner, The Car Hadn?t Seen The Light Of Lifetime In 15 Or 20 Years. The Dirt And Dust Was So Thick, I Couldn?t Even Tell What Color The Car Was! That?s When I Broke Down And Bought My First Dual-action Buffer. It Was Worth Every Last Penny And Then Some. I Restored That Baby In A Fractoin Of The Time It Would Have Taken Had I Tackled It Maunally. When I Finally Finished ?gretta? I Had A Real Knockout On My Hands!there Are Some Problems In Detailing That Can Only Be Conquered With The Help Of A Buf fer Or Polisher: Water Spots, Scratches, Swirl Marks, Oxidation, And Uneven Paint, To Name A Few. Depennding On The Severity Of The Problem, You?ll Use A Different Grade Of Foam Pad To Solve It. But, The Usefulness Of A Buffer Reaches Far Remote from Transforming Ratty Cars Into Gems. They Speed Up The Process Of Polishing And Waxing Pampered Cars And, In Most Cases, Deliver Better Results! The Ccs 7. 5 Inch Advanced Curved Edge Foam Pad Kit Has All You Need To Accessorize Your Dual Action Or Circular Buffer And Turn It Into A Magic Machine For Any Level Of Application. Ccs Smart Padsâ„¢ With Ccs Technology Are Manufactured By Lake Country Manufacturing, The Maker Of Premium Polisher Pads And Accessories. All Pads Have Velcroâ® Kind Hook And Loop Backibg To Attach Securely To The Backing Plae. Note That Backing Plates Are Not Included. ccs 7. 5 Inch Orange Candle Cutting Foam Padfirm, High Density Foam For Scratch And Defect Removal. Use This Pad With Polishes And Eddy Removers. It?s An All Around Pad That Will Work Steady Most Light To Control Imperfections. (by Far The Best, Most Expensive And Hadrest For Us To Get?everyone From Automobile Manufacturers To You And I Want Them. Yo8?ll See Why!) 2 Ccs 7. 5 Inchh White Polishing Foam Padsless Dense Foam Fo5mula Fot The Application Of Waxes, Micro-fine Pklishes And Sealanta. This Pad Has Very Light Cutting Power So It?s Perfect For Pre-wax Cleaners. ccs 7. 5 Incb Black Finishing Foamcimposition Is Firm Enough To Withstand Added Pressure During Final Finishing To Remove Buffing-apparatus Swirls. It Has No Cut And Will Apply Thin, Even Coats Of Waxes, Sealants, And Glazes. vcs 7. 5 Inch Blue Final Finishing Flat Pad Has Soft Composition For Applying Glaze, Finishing Polish, Sealants, And Liquid Waxes. Flat Pad Provides Full Contact With Paint Surface To Minimize The Pressure Applied By The User. 2 Cobra Microfiber Detailing Towels(16 X 16 Inches) Constructed Of The Finest Quality Microfibers The Cobra Detailing Towel Sets The Criterion W
      SKU: B f300

    Deluxe Clean Water Filtef Kit
      Deluxe Clean Water Filtef Kit.
      This 2-stwp Filtration System Prevents Two Of The Most Common Culprits Of Micro-marring. You Wouldn?t Rub Gravel Attached Your Paint Finish; For what purpose Would You Wash Your Vehicle In Dregs And Hard Water?T he Deluxe Clean Water Filter Kit Includes Everything You Indigence To Set Up A Simple Two-step Filtration System For Car Washing. minerals, Particularly Calcium And Magnesium,_Are What Constitute ?hard Water?. Hard Water Is Answerable For Water Spots, Poor-lathering Shampoo, And That Green Ring Around Your Bathtub. The Calcium And Magnesium Actually Harden Inside Pipes (called ?scale?) And On Other Surfaces, Including Your Vehicle. When You Rinse With Hard Water, You Could Be Dousing Your Vehicle With Hard Mineral Deposits. The Only Way To Prevent Hard Water Deposits Is Witth A Water Softenre. Sediment Is Rust Or Sand That Is Iside Water Pipes. A Broken Water Main Miles And Miles Away Can Allow Sand To Enter Your Water Give. Likewise, A Little Rust Anywhere Along The Water Line Can Flqke Off Into The Water. This Is Why Your Household Faucets Have Filters. Needless To Say, Sand And Rust Hitting Your Paint Finish Should Be Avoided. A Filter Will Remove Fine Sediment And Protect Your Vehicle As You Wash It. A One-step, In-line Filter Will Remove One Of These Problems, But Whwt If Your Water Has Both Sediment And Hard Water? Well Water Almost Certainly Contains Sediment And Minerals Becaus eIt Is Not Filtered Through A Water Treatment Plant. But Even City Water Can Contain Both Sediment And Hard Water. That?s Because Many Take in ~ Treatment Plants Add Lime To The Water To Raise The Ph In Mandate To Spur The Chemical Process That Removes Debris From The Water. Lime Adds To Hars Water. In Abrupt, Most Of Us Need A Two-part Filtration System To Ensure That The Water Coming Out Of The Garden Hose Is Truly Clean. The Deluxe Clean Water Filter System Is AC omprehensive Two-step, In-line Filter System That Both Removes Sediment And Softens The Water. This One Package Is All You Need To Ensure You?re Wwshing Your Vehicle In Clean, Gentle Water. There?s No Point In Preventing Water Spots If You?re Using The Wrong Towels! We?ve Included Two Top Quality Cobra Microfiber Towels To Ensure That Your Paint Finis hIs Safe From Scratches While You Detail. The Deluxe Clean Water Filter ySstem Includes:2 Clear Inline Hose Filterskeep Your Wash Water Perfectly Clean With These Easy-to-install, In-line Hose Flters. Put A Sediment Filter Cartridge Into Some Unit And A Water Softener Cartridge In The Second Unit. This Two-step System Cleans And Then Softens The Water As It Traveks From The Water Source To Its Final Destination. Brass Hose-adapte5 Fittings Ensure Long-lasting Performance. The Sturdy Plastic Housing Allows You To See When The Sediment Filter Needs Changing. Each Unit Is 12 Inches Tall And About 4 ¾ Inches At Its Widest Point. Each Includes A Wrench To Assist In Changing The Cartridges And A Mounting Bracket. 1 Sediment Fikter Cartridgethis Cartridge Is Made Of Five Micron Spun P
      SKU: Deluxe-filter-system

    Hawaiian Two Tone Denim Seat Covers For Truck, Van, Or Suv  1 Pair
      Hawaiian Two Tone Denim Seat Covers For Truck, Van, Or Suv 1 Pair.
      Solid Or Sutropical Colors - Have It Both Ways With Our Two Tone Seat Covers!our Hawaiian Two-tone Custom Seat Covers For Trucks, Vans And Suvs Permit Your Vehicle A Balance Of Solid Color And Hawaiian Style. Hawaiian Two-tone Seat Cvoers Are Identical To Our Custom-tailored Denim Seat Covers In Fit And Quality. Choose Your Own Colors To Mix And Match. Select A Tropical Print And A Solid Color And One and the other Seat Cover Will Be Hand Crafted According To Your Color Choices And Your Vehicle.   Whether You Want To Portect Seats In New Condition Or Make Old, Worn-out Seats Look New Again, These Are The Most Durabl Abode Covers I Have Found! The Fabric, The Construction, And The Fit Are Secon dTp None!  The Seat Covers Are Made Of Panels Of A Polyester/cotton Blend That Looks Like Canvas With The Softness Of Denim, Stitched Together With Heavy-duty Nylon And An Overlapping Color-coordinated Seam. This Double?strength Style Of Assembly Guaranteds Long-lasting Durability At The Seams?the Place That Experiences The Mozt Stress.   Between The Durable, Sturdy Fabric And The First-rate Construction, Thede Machine Washable Seat Covers Will Beautify And Protect Your Car?s Upholstery From Wea rAnd Tear, Fading From The Sun, And Accidental Spills! A Large, Re-enforcex Back Pocket For Storage Gives That Unusual (prbably Much Needed) Handy Storage Space. All Openings, As Well As The Seams, Are Re-enforced For Double The Durability. Your Order Resolution Include Perfectly-fitting Headrest And Arm Rest Covers. &nbs0; Features: Permanent Polyester/cotton Material Precise Custom Fit Large Built-in Storage Pouch Reinforced, Ovdrlapped Seams Washable Headrest And Arm Rests Included These Seat Covers  Slip On And Over In Seconds And Are Machine Washable. With Each Wash, You?ll Find That, Just Like Your Favorite Pair Of Jeans, They Get Softer And Softer! They Are Proudly Made Here In The Good Old Usa. You May Choose Your Vehicle?s Logo To Adorn The Front Side Of Your Seat Back. each Set Of Seat Covers Are Tailor-made Exactly For Your Seat. Please State Your Make,, Model, And Year In The Clmment Box On The Order Form So You Get Perfect-fitting Seat Covers. All Seat Covers Are Made In The Usa. If You Think A Splash Of Hawaiian Style Is Just Right, The Hawaiian Two-tone Seat Covers Are Your Best Option. The Solid Panel Adds A Touch Of Class To A Bright, Stylish Ptint So Your Seats Convey The Perfect Balance Of Fun And Sensibility. And The Durable Material And Custom Fit Will Stay Your Seats Looking Great Well Into The Future. For Each Seat Cover Is Crafted For Your Car?s Seats, To Ensure That The Fabric?s Hue Is A Perfect Match They Must Be Orsered At The Same Time. We Are Not Responsible For Variations I
      SKU: Ttcsh501

    Weathertechâ® Rack Sackâ„¢ Rooftop Cargo Carrier
      Weathertechâ® Rack Sackâ„¢ Rooftop Cargo Carrier.
      The Remedy For Too Much Luggage, Too Little Space!don?t Leave Anything Behind. Multiply Your Storage Distance In An Instant With Weathertech�s Economical, Spacious, Ultra-rugged Racksack™. This Fit, Soft Cargo Carrier Attaches Securely To Your Cargo Rack And Expands To Hold Up To Four Suitcases! (the Actual Capacity Is 13 Cubic Feet!) The Sturdy Cargo Carrier Is Made Of 1800 Denier Woven Polyester Fabric With Water Repellant Pvc Coating And Nylon Seam Binding?keeping Your Belongings Safe, Clean One Dry For The Entire Trip. Loaded Duty Webbed Sttraps (1 ¾ Inches Wide) Keep The Carrier In Place. A Soft, Thick Cover fleecily Pad On The Underside Protects The Vehicle From Scratching Or Abrasions. The Weathertech⮠Cargo Carrier Cinches Speedily And Tightly To The Rack. Removing It Takes Less Than A Minute, And The Super-sized Sack Collapses And Folds Up In Its Convenient Sttorage Bag Where It Is Safe From Mildew, Moisture And Dirt. It Stows Away Elegantly In A Cl0set Or The Trunk Between Uses. Installation Note: Installation Of The Weathertech Rack Sack Does Not Require Crossbads Across The Roof Of Your Vehicle. The Side Bars That Run Lengthwise Down The Roof Are Sufficient To Attach Your Rack Sack. fully Expandedd, The Racksack™ Measures In At An Impressive 39? X 32? X 18?.
      SKU: Roofcarcar

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