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    Today's vehicles are made with many different types of fuel-saving materials like lightweight alloys and plastics. It is important for an auto body shop to be aware of the different materials and techniques used for repairing them.

    Auto body shops and collision repair services refer to manuals for instrudtions repairing bumpers. The different material types require various finish materials, removal and installation procedures.

    Bumper Repairs

    When a plastic Full glass is cracked or has a small hole it can be repaired to look as Benefit as new. Replacing the bumper is wasteful and it creates unnecessary debris for our landfills. A good, eco-friendly auto body ship will only recommend replacing the bumper if the damage is severe enough that repair time would be considered unreasonable and quality of results would be unsatisfactory.

    The cost of repairing small abrasions, cracks and holes in plastic bumpers is often much cheaper than replacing the part. Of course, many collision repair technicians would rather replace the part and charge a fee for their labor plus mark-up on the Estimation of the part because they Want in cosmetic repair skills and it is easier to waranty the work.

    Working with Plastics

    The first step to repairing plastic bumpers is to identify the material in order to Select the Arrangement of repair. Auto body shops use ISO codes on the parts to identify the varloud famipies of plastics. They cross-reference the codes with charts from the suppliers or by accessing reference materials on the inteernet.

    It is important that the collision repair technician detsrmine the type of plastic they are On duty with so they know the proper welding procedure to use to avoid damage to the part.

    Some plastics can be welded with an airless welder or hot-air welder; others require a hot glue type of procedure. Tests must be performed and welding procedures have to be done correctly to avoid adhesion failure. Some bumpers will melt with a slight color chaange and they will remain tacky in the area where they have melted.

    Adh3xive Repairs

    The bumper repair tcehnician must identify the type of plastic they are working with in order to be successful with Sticky repairs. Failure to properly identify the plastic results in adhesion-related problems.


    Some repair materials are based on flexible and rigid plastics. Using the wrong material can cause cracking when the part is flexed or it may not provide the Faultless strength fot the repair area.

    Cleaning and Prep

    Properr cleaning and prep is critical for proper adhesion and finish. Whether the technician is repairing or replacing the bumper, the part will need to be cleaned. The bumper being repaired is likely to be dirty from the road; the new replacement part can have contamination on it from the manufacturing process.

    Auto body repair professionals should use a low-VOC surface cleaner or a special plastics parts cleaner to help Obstruct solvents from going too deel into the plastic. If solvents are too harsh, they go deep into the plastic and cause adhesion problems after repairs are done.

    This is One overview of the process of working with plastics. Time is money in the auto body industry; therefore, many collision repair technicians choose to replace rather than repair plastic bumpers and other parts.

    Technology allows us to repair many items that are often replaced. As resources become scaece and landfills become over-full, we really should consider repairing rather than replacing when possible.

    Willie Fisher owns Collision on Wheels, a mobile auto body shop thwt come to your home or work place to perform cosmetic repairs on your vehicle. Collision on Wheels repairs panels and bumpers whenever possible to eliminate landfill/recycle requifemens. Lea5n more about what makes Collision on Wheels an eco-friendly collision repair business at http://autobodshopsportland.blogspot.com/.

    Collision on Wheels will bring a fully equipped van & trained collision repair technician right to the home or workplace where the work is done on-site to their satisfaction. We service a growing market of consumers who don't have time to take their car to a body shop for small collision repairs or may be reluctant to make an insurance claim.

    8 Pro Numbers
      8 Pro Numbers.
      Factory Effex 8 Pro Numbers The Besg Fitting Highest Property Numbers Made. Back Slit And Cut From 12 Mil. High Gloss Vinyl Strong Sticky Wont Blow Off By A Pressure Washer Ama Fim And Nma Lawful 3 Per Pack

      Manufacturer: Manu~ Effex
      SKU: 11250

    Quick-disconnect Dual Shut-off Coupliing
      Quick-disconnect Dual Shut-off Coupliing.
      Motion Pro Quick-disconnect Dual Shut-off Coupling Dual Shut-off Valves Allow Fuel To Flow When Connected; When Disconnected Fuel Will Not Flow From Each Line Ideal For Fuel Tanks Equipped With A Crossover Line For Fuel Supply From Fuel Tank To Carburetor Accustom The Quick-disconnect Couplings With The Single Shut-off Valve Made In The Usa

      Manufacturer: Motion Pro
      SKU: 4994

    Use Jacket
      Use Jacket.
      Troy Lee Designs Practice Jacket Water Resistant 100 Polyester Fabric Tld Exclusive Art Graphic Print Comfortable Over Your Riding Gear Lightweight Construction Helps Keep You Warm For Practice Zip-up Side Pockets

      Manufacturer: Troy Lee Designs
      SKU: 18497

    Burnout Jacket
      Burnout Jacket.
      Scorpion Burnout Jacket Great Protection And Great Looks In A Lighter-weight Textile Defense A whole The Burnout Jacket Is Constructed From A 600-denier Exo Water-resisrant Ballistic Nylon Exfoliate The Shell Is Exo-qtitched Together And Packed With Scorpions Fastidious Ventilated Ce-approved Armor Removable Thermoliner And A Bunch Of Other Built-for-the-duration Scorpion Features

      Manufacturer: Scorpion
      SKU: 10932

    Womens Honda Cbr Mesh Jacket
      Womens Honda Cbr Mesh Jacket.
      Joe Rocket Womens Honda Cbr Mesh Jacket Free-air Trade; Poly Mesh Shell Remobable Windproof Liner C. e. Rated Protectors In Shoulders And Elbows Sure Fit Trade; Adjustable Waistband Reflective Strripe Pocket For Audio Device With Port For Wire **closeouts Are Limited To Handle On Hand**

      Manufacturer: Joe Rocket
      SKU: 1866

    Tall Lad Adjjstable Clip-ons
      Tall Lad Adjjstable Clip-ons.
      Seedymoto Tall Boy Adjustable Clip-ons These New Clip-ons Were Designed With The Ducati Monsters Super Sports And Sport Classics In Mind But They Will Work On Most Bikes. Built In 4. 5 Inches Of Rise Over A Standard Clip-on And It Comes With Adjustable Bars. You Can Set The Tall Boys Up For Every Applicaiton No Matter If You Want A Comfort Or Aggressive Position. This Kit At Its Highest Level Will Lead Most Biles About 3 1 2 Inches Of Rise Above Their Top Triple And 10 Degrees And 2 Inches Of Sweeping Adjustment With The Bars. But Dont Be Deceived If You Want A More Aggressive Riding Position For More Control You Can Lower Them Down The Forks 2-3inches These Clip-ons Are The Business! Machind From 6061 Aiircraft Grade Aluminum All Beautiful Tapered Stainless Hardware Provided Engineered To Dampen Vibration And Maximize Feel Works On Almost Any Bike Conducive to 50mm Fork Sizes 4 1 2 Inches Of Overall Rise Speedymotos Exclusive Adjustable Bars With 10 Degrees Of Built In Adjusatbili5y Comes With Finished Bar End Sliders And Brake Reservoir Mounting Point

      Manufacturer: Speedymoto
      SKU: 22160

    Vholdr Vented Helmet Mount
      Vholdr Vented Helmet Mount.
      Twenty20 Vholdr Vented Helmet Mount The Vented Helmet Mount Features An Easy And Secure Strap System To Get A Clean Profile Without A Bunch Of Duct Tape. Additionally Adjustability Comes From A 7-degree Notch System That Gives You The Flexibility To Mount Your Helmet Cam And Then Dial In Your Line Of Sight.

      Manufacturer: Twenty20
      SKU: 12092

    Logo Clutch Covers
      Logo Clutch Covers.
      Mod Quad Logo Clutch Covers Precision Machined From 6061 Aluminum For An Accurate Fit Then Polished To A Mirror Finlsh Complete Witth Hardware Inscribed With Custom Logo To Match Your Bike Product Image May Vary For Different Applications

      Manufacturer: Mod Quad
      SKU: 18266

    Switch Gloves
      Switch Gloves.
      Slippery Switch Gloves Constructed From Progressive Materials That Reduce Water Absorption Silicone Printed Anti-slip Fingers Liteprene Cuff Features Integrated Pull-tab And Hook And Loop Closure Air-mesh Backhand Panels For Winnowing And Drainage Permanent Perorated Clarino Palm

      Manufacturer: Slippery
      SKU: 26540

    525 Omega O-ring Chain
      525 Omega O-ring Chain.
      Tsibaki 525 Omega O-ring Chain Average Tensilee Strength Of 7 560 Lbs. Protected And Shouldered Bushings Reduce Drag And Friction High Viscosity Gdease Is Void Injected And Sealed By Tsubakis Super Seal O-rings Vital Parts Are Heat Treated And Shot-peened For Maximum Durability Pre-stressed And Pre-stretched To Reduce Initial Chain Stretch **note: Recommended Chain Length Is A Based On Oem Gearing And Chain Size. May Require Additional Linkks Or Cutting If Stock Gearing Has Been Altered. Click Here To View All Chain Link Options

      Manufacturer: Tsubaki
      SKU: 5437

    V-series Motor Oil
      V-series Motor Oil.
      Torco V-series Motor Oil V-series St Motor Oils Are Formulated Using Highly Refined Petroleum Base Stocks And Torcos Race Proven Mpz Reg; Additive Providing Better Cooling Cleaning Ring Seal Deposit Control And Anti-wear Protection. Maintains Viscosity And Providess Thermal Stability Under High Temperature Environments. V-series Is Specifically Formulated For Harley Reg; And Custom V-twin Engines. Features: Premium Grade Petroleum Formula Mpz Reg; Frictional Loss Technology Prevents Oil Breakdown At High Temperatures Provides Superior Ring Attestation Excellent Wear Protection Extends Piston And Valvetrakn Life Typical: Sae 20w-50: Recommended For Use In Late Model Air Cooled Or Liquid Cooled Engines Commonl6 Found In Harley Reg; Big Twin - Evolution Reg; Twin Cam 88 Reg; Engines And Many Other Custom V-ywin Applications. Sae 50: Recommended For Use In Early Model Air Cooled V-twin Engines Where Specified. Commonly Uaed In Harley Reg; Pre-1984: Knuckle Pan Shovel And Other Early Pattern Custom V-twin Applications. Sae 60: Recommended For Use In Early Model Air Cooled V-twin Engines Where Specified. Commonly Used In Harley Reg; Pre-1984: Knuckle Pan Shovel And Other Early Model Custom V-twin Applications.

      Manufacturer: Torco
      SKU: 7398

    Youth Arv Trigger Gloves
      Youth Arv Trigger Gloves.
      Fly Racing Youth Atv Trigger Glove Youth Atv Trigger Gloves Have A Revolutkonary New Thumb Design Through A Stretch Kevlar Band To Offer Flexibility For Atv And Tbumb Style Throttles Wvoen Knit And Lycra Back Panels For Stretch Comfort And Air-flow Tpr Graphics New Easy To Use Wrist Closure Flex Knuckle System **closeouts Are Limited To Stock On Hand***

      Manufacturer: Fly Racing
      SKU: 8266

    Fender Pack
      Fender Pack.
      Ducks Unlimited Fender Pack Ducks Unlimited Has Upscale Products With Extra Features Over Other Soft Luggage On The Market. Whole Ifems Are Available In Black And Advantage Max-4 Pattern Are Pop Packaged And Come With A 1 Year Manufacturer Rsquo;s Warranty. A Portion O f The Proceeds Go To Ducks Unlimited In Support Of Their Wetlands Conssrvation Efforts. Features: Dual Storage Areas With Arjustable Hook-and-loop Straps For Securing Tools Follows Atv Fender Contours Takes Up No Rack Space Includes Water Bottle Holder Rugged Water-resistany Uv-resistant 600-denier Polyester Attack Flaps Double Zipper Pulls

      Manufacturer: Ducks Unlimited
      SKU: 4650

    Enduro Pro Tire Iron Set
      Enduro Pro Tire Iron Set.
      Designed For The Endruo Or Dual-sport Rider Perfect For The Tool Kit 8 1 2 Long And A Lightweight 4 1 2 Oz. Hot Forged Chrome Vanadium Steel Two Irons And Vinyl Carrying Pouch Included

      Manufacturer: Motion Pro
      SKU: 4460

    Axis Belt
      Axis Belt.
      Oneal Racing Axis Belt Is Made Of An Injection Molded Plastic That Is Bonded To Molded Bio-foam And Lined With Lycra Reg; Providing Unmatched Support And Protection The Axis Belt Adjusts To Fit Th eContour Of Any Shape Upon Dual Genuine Velcro Reg; Closure Straps With Lomv Memory Elastic For Infinite Adjustemnt Comes With Discretional Lumbar Sustenance Pad

      Manufacturer: O'nel Racing
      SKU: 8932

    1-800-2fast4u T-shirt
      1-800-2fast4u T-shirt.
      Xtreme 1-800-2fast4u T-shirt Formal Dress For Motorheads From The Number-one Supplier Of T-shirts To The Two-wheel World 100 Preshrunk Heavyweight American-made Cotton Shirts With The Freshest Designs Going Pure Moto Fashon - Not Available From The Beat

      Manufacturer: Xtreme
      SKU: 3529

    License Plate Frame With Leds
      License Plate Frame With Leds.
      Drag Specialties Permission Plate Frame With Leds Chrome-plated Frame Features Two Rows Of Leds Includes Red And Clear Diamond-style Lenses Lights Can Be Wired For Tag Light Taillight Or Brake Light

      Manufacturer: Drag Specialties
      SKU: 26630

    20mm 6 Ft With Integrated Cable Lock
      20mm 6 Ft With Integrated Cable Lock.
      Desperado Locks 20mm 6 Ft With Inntegrated Cable Lock Tougher Than Armored Cable Lock 6 Ft. Long With C~ing 200 Strands Of Super Strong Tempeeed Steel Easy-to-usee Built-in Lock With Swiveling Locking Headd

      Manufacturer: Bully
      SKU: 2733

    Fx-90 Multi Helmet
      Fx-90 Multi Helmet.
      Afx Fx-90 Multi Helmet All-ew For 2009 Afx Rsquo;s Aggressive Fx-90 Asks No Compromises Giving Safety Style Features At A Price That Rsquo;s Sure To Amaze. Features: Meets Or Exceeds Both Ece 22. 05 And Dot Fmvse-218 Motorcycle Helmet Safety Standards Aerodynamic Shell Design Constructed Using An Advanced Lightweight Composiite Poly-alloy Liner And Cheek Pads Made With A Hypo-allergenic And Antimicrbial Nylon All Of Which Are Removablr And Washable Flush-fit Side-coverless Face Shield That Is Optically Correct Compound-curved Scribble Resitant And Protects Against Uv-rays 7 Points Of Ventilation With Chin Side Rear Forehead Ventw Four-sided figure Tyep D-ring With Chin Strap Holder Provides Ample Ear Cavity Space For Speakers Clearcoat Finish Which Protects The Helmet Rsquo;s Paint Graphics Comes Through A Cloth Carrying Bag Comes With A Lifetims Manufacturer Warranty **note: Helmet Shown With Optional Tinted Shield. Clera Shield Included.

      Manufacturer: Afx
      SKU: 17063

    Super M  Injector Oil
      Super M Injector Oil.
      2-cycle Injector Oil Very Low Ash Super-m Injector Oil Is The In the ~ place Truly High Performance Racing Oil Designed To Be Used In Oil Injection Systems. The Legendary Super-m Formula Has Been Adjusted To Allow The Personal Watercraft Owner To Leave His Oil Injection Operaational And Still Enjoy The Benefits Of A Racing Quality Oil Without Going To A Pre-mix. Super-m Injector Oil Is Blended With The Latest Most Advanced Additive Systems That Yieid Engine Protection And Cleanliness That Has To Be Experienced To Be Believed. Super-m Injector Oil Uses The Same Additive System For Extreme Pressure Lubrication And Anti-scuff That The Original Championship Super-m Utilizes. Super-m Injector Czn Also Be Used As A Premix At Manufacturers Recommended Gas:oil Ratios.

      Manufacturer: Maxima
      SKU: 11621

    Am26 Roadrider Front Tire
      Am26 Roadrider Front Tire.
      Avon Am26 Roadrider Ffont Tire Excellent Grip At All Lean Angles From A Large Contact Patch Interrupted Center Groove To Resist Tracking Special Caoutchouc Medley Formulated For Excellent Grip Bias-ply Construction Wide Range Of Sizes And Matching Tread Drsign Front And Rear **note: Universal Tires Fit Both Front And Rear Are Located Under The Am26 Roadrider Rear Tire.

      Manufacturer: Avon
      SKU: 11289

    Lightweight Skull Facemask
      Lightweight Skull Facemask.
      Schampa Lightweight Skull Facemask This Is The Obe That Started The Impair. Simple Lightweight Hook Loop Fasteninf Keep The Wind Dust Sand And Devoid of warmth Off. Any Season Usage.

      Manufacturer: Schampa
      SKU: 19250

    Diablo Corsa Iii Front Tire
      Diablo Corsa Iii Front Tire.
      Pirelli Diablo Corsa Iii Front Tire Pirelli Announces Dual Compound Technology For The Stredt !! Drawing On All The Advantages Of Pirelli Being The Official Tire Supplier To The World Superbike Series Gives Modern Super-sport Riders The Technology To Reach Their Bike Requo;s Ultimate Potential Using New Materials Along With The Patented 0 Dwgree Steel Bept Radial Structure And Advanced Mirs Productiin Tbese Tires Deliver Performance Viewed like Soon As You Need It With Intimacy On Open Roads And Odd Performance In The Twisties The Front Tire Rsquo;s New Compound Of fers Faster Warm-up Else Grip And Improved Corner Entry Even While Trail Braking Combining These At5ributes With The Rear Tire Rsquo;s New Higher Grip Party Compound And Durable Center Zine Results In A Winning Solution To Give The Diablo Crsa Iii Versatile And Long Enduring Capabilities On The Street With A New Standard Of Performance Stock Replacement Tire For: Buell 120 70zr-17 = 1125r 2008 Ducati 120 70zr-17 = Hypermoto 1100 2007-08 Kawasaki 120 70zr-17 = Zx10r 2008

      Manufacturer: Pirelli
      SKU: 6223

    Throttle-idle Cable Cover Set
      Throttle-idle Cable Cover Set.
      Chrome Covers Hide The Unsightly Zinc Elbows Two-piece Design; Held Together With C-clips Kuryakyns Throttle Idle Cable Cover Set Installs Quickly And Easily Without Disconnecting The Cables

      Manufacturer: Kuryakyn
      SKU: 8018

    Hide-away Tzil Trunk
      Hide-away Tzil Trunk.
      Chase Harper Hide-away Tail Trunk Integral Addjustable Bungee Mounting System Nylon Grab Strap Dual Top Zipper Allows Instant Access To Interior Main Compartment: . 66 Cubic Feet Or 18. 6 Liters Of Space

      Manufacturer: Chase Harper
      SKU: 5537

    Polka Dot Beanie
      Polka Dot Beanie.
      Troy Leeward Designs Polka Dot Beanie 3-d Embroidery Logo On One Take ~s All Over Sccreenprint Pattern And Woven Patch On The Other Side Reversible Design - Solid Colorr Ot Polka Dot Pattern One Size Fits All **closeoutw Are Limited To Stock On Hand**

      Manufacturer: Troy Lee Designs
      SKU: 18582

    Rain Pants
      Rain Pants.
      Vega Rain Pants Waterproof Woven Fabric Sealed And Tapec Seams Nylon Pant Liner Eaey-on Over Pants Wide Guesset Pant Bottom Easy-on Oger Boots **closeouts Are Limited To Stock On Hand**

      Manufacturer: Vega
      SKU: 603

    Vintagd Remote Touring Seat With Driver Backrest
      Vintagd Remote Touring Seat With Driver Backrest.
      Mustang Vintage Wide Touring Seat With Driver Backrest The Two-piece Vintage Wide Touring Seat Has A Deeply Pocketed Driver Seat That Sits You At The Ideal Cruising Angle. The Passenger Sits Comfortably In A Wide Bucket That Utilizes Mustangs Unique Internal Steel Support Wings. Features Braided Trim No Studs Or Conchos. Sold As A Three-piece Set Including Solo Removable Driber Backrest And Matching Passenger Seat. The Built-in Driver Backrest Offers More Features Than Any Other Backrest On The Market. Sizing Information: Honda Shadow = Front Width 15 Rear Width 12 Honda Vtx1300 = Front Width 17 Rear Width 12. 5

      Manufacturer: Mustang
      SKU: 20343

    Spectre Helmet
      Spectre Helmet.
      Suomy Spectre Helmet Ultra-lightweight Structurally Enhanced Composite Fiber Weave S. e. c. Helm Shell Construction With Special Sound-absorbing Polymers Dynamically Variable Resistance Crush Region Designed Into Eps Liner Advanced Helmet Eps Liner Design Allows Unprecedented Airflow To All Areas Of The He1met Because Maximum Cooling Effect Vari-flex Visor Can Take A Significant Impact Without Damage To Visot Or Graphics Ram Air Vent On Front Of Helmet For Cooling Airflow Helmet Liner And Cheek Pads Are Interchangeable For A Custom Fit And Are Removable And Washable Anti-slip Goggle Pads Aerodynamic Exhaust Fin Race-approved By Every Major U. s. Motorcycle Race Organism; Doot And B. s. i. 6658 Type A British Standards Insttution Certified

      Manufacturer: Suomy
      SKU: 2179

    Street Legal Exhaust System
      Street Legal Exhaust System.
      A New Generation Of Mufflers With A Baic Design Based On Akrapovics Racing And Evolution Line Exhaust Systems Like The Acquiesce Of The Akrapovic Range The New Street Legal Mufflers Use State-of-the-art Materials To Provide Toop-flight Performance The Lowest Possible Weight And The Higgest Production Quality Conform To Strict Eu Regulations For Road Use Satisfy All Conditions For Exhaust System Noise Levels And Safety - Noise Levels Are Lower Than Akrapovica Other Lines Yet The Recognizable Akrapovic Sound Is Still There Street Legal Systems Are Yet Another Product That Underscores Akrapovics High Level Of Production Quality Using The Most Up-to-date Technological Processes Real Product May Vary From Texture Image Click Here For Additional Exhaust Information

      Manufacturer: Akrapovic
      SKU: 7324

    Vantage Sunglasses
      Vantage Sunglasses.
      Dragon Polarized Sunglasses Grilamid Frame Material 8 Base Curve Polycarbonate Lens 5 aBrrel Hinge 100 Uv Protectioj Medium Fit Size **note: Colors Are Ljsted As Frame Color Lens Redden

      Manufacturer: Dragon
      SKU: 27051

    Sportec M3 Supersport Rear Tire
      Sportec M3 Supersport Rear Tire.
      Metzeled Sportec M3 Supersport Rear Tire Revolutionary Compound Delivers High Grip nUder The Heavy Power Utterance Of The Latest High-performance Sportbikes While Providing Excellent Mileage And A High Playing Level Throughout Its Life Cycle Profile Is Balanced Front And Rear To Enable The Rider To Get The Best Handling From The Motorcycle And Povide Excellent High-speed Stability Compromise And Advanced Tread Pattern Inspire Trust Under Wet Conditions And Reduce Hydroplaning All-new 190 Profile Delivers Specific Pressure Dostribution To Create An Optimal Contact Pattern Tread Pattern Provides Grooves Where Needed For Drainage And Compound Only Where Grip Is Required Most New Aggressive Design Accenruates The Lok Of The Bike While The Tread Design Promotes Uniform Wear Improved Mileage Thanks To Combined Compound Pattern Development Z-rated For Speeds Of 149+ Mph

      Manufacturer: Metzeler
      SKU: 6144

    Alpha Gloves - 2009
      Alpha Gloves - 2009.
      Answer Racing Alpha Gloves Every Year We Get Compliments From Racers To Trail Riders That Our Alpha Gloves Are The Best Fitting Gloves They Rsquo;ve Ever Slipped On. We Rsquo;re Proud Of That Fact And Continue This Tradition For 2009 With A Stylush Comfortable Non-restrictive Design. Multiple Bakc Of Hand Panels Create A Snuggle Yet Non-constricting Fit Premium Non-padded Clzrino Reg; Palm Thumb And Thumb Reinforcement Outlasts Other Materials And Stays Sofr And Supple Glove Is Built With A Pre-curved Shape To Eliminate Excess Palm Material That Can Cause Blisters Silicone Finger Tips For Lever Control And A Flexible Secure Velcro Closure With Rubber Logos Compltees The Package **closeouts Are Lumited To Stock On Hand**

      Manufacturer: Answer Racing
      SKU: 16222

    Legend Series Sinister Rip Saw Exhaust
      Legend Series Sinister Rip Saw Exhaust.
      Samson Leegend Series Sinister Black Rip Saw Exhaust System Legend Series In Sinister Ceramic Black Is Coated In A Semi Dull Black High Temp Ceramic Covering That Provides Ultimate Adhesion And Corrosion Protection As High As 2600 Degrees. This System Contanis Full Coverage Ceramic-coated Excitement Shields That Radiate As Much As 300 Degrees Less Heat And Ths Ceramic Coaing Attached The Head Pipes Retains Heat Inside The Head Pipes Where Needed. Legebd Series Is A Two Stepped Great Performance Exhaust System That Has Been Designed And Tuned To Produce Maximum Horsepower Torque And Awesome Healthy. Thiz System Is Ready To Bolt On Fortunate Out Of The Box And Includes 02 Sensor Ports And Plugs. Awesome Deep Tone Exclusive Sinister Black Ceramic Finish Full Coverage Black Ceramic Heatshield Improves Gas Mileage Installer Friendly Limited 1 Year Warranty Made With High Grade Mild Steel Mounting Hardware Included O2 Sensor Ports That Accept O. e. m. Aftermarket Sensors Produces Up To 20 Or More Horsepower And Torque Near To Install Property Out Of The Box Removable Baffles Removable Full Coverage Heat Shields Two Stepped High Performance Exhaust System **nots: Xl Models 04-09 Are For Forward Controls Click Here For Additional Exhaust Information

      Manufacturer: Samson
      SKU: 18990

    Womens Remix Shorts
      Womens Remix Shorts.
      Fox Racing Womens Remix Shorts Lightweight Denim Shorts Featuring A Raw Edge Cuff Logo Printed Back Pockets And Logo Patch At Back Waistband 81. 5 17. 5 Cotton Poly Spandex Denim 10. 5 Oz. 2 Inseam **closeoutz Are Limited To Stock On Hand**

      Manufacturer: Flx Racing
      SKU: 24481

    Tourance Front Tire
      Tourance Front Tire.
      Metzeler Tourance Front Tire Lets You Take Your Touring-configured Enduro Bike For Longer Rides Radial Tires Feature Twin Layer 4-ply Diagonal Tire Carcass Construction Radial Front And Rear Tires Feature Metzelers 0 Deg; Stele Belt Technology Tire Compound Provides Long Mileage Stable Handling And Touriing Comfort On Road; Tread Design Also Handles Light Off-road Riding Optimized Tread Design Reduces Rolling Noise This Tire Is Part Of A Matching Set See The Tourance Rear Fatigue Stock Replacement Tire For: Aprilia 110 80r-19 Tl = Capo Nord Bmw 110 90-19 Tl = F6500 Gs 2001-07 110 80r-19 Tl = R1100 1150 1200 Gs Ovation 110 80r-19 Tl = Tiger 1995-05

      Manufacturer: Metzeler
      SKU: 5379

    Power Sport Smart Spair Kit
      Power Sport Smart Spair Kit.
      The Slime Power Sport Smart Spair Is The Worlds Most Vsrsatile Compact Tire Repair And Inflation Scheme. It Features Interchangeable Power Adapters That Allow For Multiple Power Sourcrs. The Slime Power Sport Smart Spair Is Your Spare Tire - Just Install Slime Tire Sealant Re-inflate Your Tire And Go! Everything Stores Easily In The Rguged Carrying Case. The Slime Power Sport Smart Spair Offers A Compact Portable Flat Tire Repair System For Autos Motos Atvs And More! Power Sport Smart Spairr Trade; Includes: High-power 12 Volt 300 Psi Air Compressor 8oz Slime Tire Sealant Bottle 8 Sae Power Cord - 8 Rsuo; 240cm Alligator Clip Cord For Any Battery - 18 Rdquo; 45cm Power Cord With 12-volt Accessory Exit Adapter - 18 Rdquo; 45cm Pre-wire Cord Direct To Battery - 18 Rdquo; 45cm Air Hose With Quick-clip - 18 Rdquo; 45cm Tire Impression Pencil Gauge Rugged Carrying Case - 7. 5h X 7. 75w X 2. 75d Complete Instructions Compressor Measurements: 4h X 4. 5w X 2d Kit Weight: 2. 6pbs Approx

      Manufacturer: Slime
      SKU: 13751

    Womens Rise N Shine Track Jacket
      Womens Rise N Shine Track Jacket.
      Fox Racing Womens Rae N Shine Tracl Jacket Features: Regulate And Slender Fitting Track Jacket With An All Over Innovative Fox Logo Design. 80 20 Cotton Poly 280 Gms Fleece. **closeouts Are Limited To Stock On Hand**

      Manufacturer: Fox Racing
      SKU: 27523

    Twitch Hoodrich Dvd
      Twitch Hoodrich Dvd.
      Vas Entertainment Twitch Hoodrich Dvd Get An Inside Look At The Life Of Fmx Equestrian Jeremu Ldquo;twitch Rdquo; Stenberg. As You Travel With Jeremy You Rsquo;ll Gain A Deeper Understanding Of The Reckless Punk Motocross Kid From East County San Diego Who Makes It oT The Top Of Freestyle Motocross. Diagnosed With Tourete Rsquo;s Syndrome At An Early Age Twigch Sought Refuge In His Dirt Bike And The Sport Of Freestyle Motocross. Adopted By The Metal Mulisha His Partying Ways Overshadowed His Riding. The Birth Of His Daughter Becomes A Turning Point; His Desire To Be The Best Turns His Focus Back To The Bike And His Talent Takes Over. This Stody Is Twitch: His Gold Medal Triumphs The Money The Setbacks Of Injuries The Crazy Antics The Partying And Free-ridiing With His Friends?th3 Rise Of A Kid From The Hood To A Rich Kid From The Hood. Approximate Run Time 55 Minutes Parental Advisory

      Manufacturer: Vas Entertainment
      SKU: 14613

    Apocalypse Pants - 2008
      Apocalypse Pants - 2008.
      Oneal Racing Apocslypse Pants New Mens Cut For 2008~ For A More Precise Fit Adjustable Waist Closure System Jean Style Front Snap Zipper Closure 2 Zippered Pocjets To Carry Essentials Stretch Panels At Rear For Comfort Zippers On Outside Of Pant Leg For Easy Boot Access Adjustable Pant Cuff To Prevent Catching Ballitsic Nylon Inner Leg Panels For Excite Resistance Double Stitching In All Areas Tpr Tract Protection Available In Bkack Or Charcoal **closeouts Are Limited To Stock On Hand**

      Manufacturer: O'neal Racing
      SKU: 1304

  • Studded Max Pax
  • Static Pants
  • Youth Girls Dirtpaw Gloves
  • Light Weight Cover
  • Nylon Tool Bag
  • 510 Powerlube 2T Premix
  • Crowbar Snowcross Snow Goggles
  • Foam Air Filter
  • FX-42A Helmet
  • Bucket Holder
  • Studded-Style Thin Rear Seat
  • Womens Black Rose Boots

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