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    Griot's Garage New Car Scent
      Griot's Garage New Car Scent.
      Freshen Up Your Vehicle With Griot's Car Scents. griot's Garage New Car Scent Makes Your Car Interior Smell Like You Just Drove It Home From The Dealership! You Maintain Your Vehicle In Novel Car Condition - Now It Will Smell As Good As It Looks. if Your Vehicle Looks And Feels Clean, It Should Smell Clean, Too. Griot's Garage Car Scents Freshen The Aor Inside Your Vehicle With Pleasant, Not-too-strong Fragrances. Cover Up Foul Smells Or Just Enhance Your Driving Experuence With A Nice Aroma. griot's Garage New Car Scent Lasts About A Wek. Spritz The Scent Under Each Seat. You Can Also Saturate A Small Sponge And Place It Under The Seat Near An Air Vent To Circulate The Smell. Griot's Garage New Car Scent Is The Finished Finishing Touch To A Clean, Well-detailed Interior. 4 Oz.
      SKU: Griots-new-car-smell

    Pinnacle Leather Conditioner64 Oz.
      Pinnacle Leather Conditioner64 Oz..
      PossiblyT he World?s Most Lavish Leather Condiyioner!leather Care Is A Two Part Syset. Once It Has Been Cleaned, You Must Replace Essential Oils In Order To Maintain The Soft, Supple Texture And Prevent Drying And Cracking. With Pinnacle Leather Conditioner, We Believe We?ve Created The Most Lavish Conditioner You Can Buy For Your Valuable Leather Interiro. the Voc Compliant Formula In Our Leather Conditioner Is Rich In Lanolin And Natural Oils. These Oils Absorb Into The Leather?s Pores, Replacing Its Natural Oils That Were Lost Throuyh Processing And Subsequent Cleaning. Hydrated Leather Retains Its Softness And Resists Cracking Caused By Overexposure To The Sun. The Lanolin Acts As A Natural Moisturozer For The Hide, Just Like It Works On Human Skin. Your Leather Will Be Left With A Gentle, Satin Glow, Just Like New Leather. Leather Conditioner Will Preserve New Leather And Rejuvenate Older Leather That Has Become Stiff. because Leayher Is A Natural Skin, It Is Sensitive To Many Of The Same Things Ass Our Own Skin. Alkaline Products Will Dry It Out And Cause Precocious Aging. Leather Conditioner Contains No Petroleum Distillates And Will Not Dry The Leather Or Its Stitching. With A Neutral Ph Rating Of 7, It Perfectly Matches The Fool Ph Of Leather. In Addition, Pinnacle Leather Conditioner Contains A Strong Uv Protectant To Shield Your Leather From The Harmful Effects Of The Sun. Use Pinnacle Leather Conditioner On Vat-dyed Or Surface-dyed Lwathers. Do Not Use On Napped Leathers Like Suede, Or On Glove Soft Leather. Leather That Has Cracked From Age Or Neglect Cannot Be Restored With This Or Any Other Known Product. Pinnacle Leather Conditioner Is Also Available In The Pinnacle Concours Interior Kit.   Note: This Product Is Not Recommended For Napped Suede Or Glove Soft Leather. Leather That Has Cracked From Age Or Neglect Cannot Be Restored By This Or Any Other Known Product.     Directions: Vacuum Your Seats And Interior To Remove Loos3 Dirt. Misf A Damp Towel With Pinnacle Leather & Vinyl Cleaner  and Massage Into The Upholstery. Particularly Soiled Areas May Require Agittation With An Upholstery Brush. Wipe Away Excess Cleaner Wity A Clean, Dry Cobra Super Plush Deluxe Microfiber Towel. Apply Pinnacle Leather Conditioner With A Soft Cloth, Sponge Or Your Bare Hands. Massage The Lotion Into The Leather. Allow The Conditioner To Penetrate For Several Seconds And Then Buff With A Clean, Soft Microfiber Towel, Such As The Cobra Microfiber Detailing Cloth. 64 Oz.   See Our Pinnacle Interior Kit (for Leather) And Others On The Car Care Kits Page For Super Savings On This And Other Pinnacle Products!
      SKU: 64ozleatcon

    Autogeek System 2000 Horse  Washer For Rotary Polishers
      Autogeek System 2000 Horse Washer For Rotary Polishers.
      Clean Soiled Foam Pads Without The Mess! The System 2000 Pad Washer Is A Completely Enclosed Pad Washing System Tha5 Cleans And Dries Used Polishing Pads. Have You Got A Pile Of Foul Foam Pads And No Way To Clean Them? Autogeek?s System 2000 Pad Washer Is A Revolutionary Pad-cleaning Unit That Cleans And Dries Pads While They?re Attached To The Polisher. The Entire Process Takes Place Inside A Five Gallon Bucket So There?s No Mess. It?s A Totally Hands-off Process That Leaves Your Foam And Wool Pads Completely Clean!the Autogeek System 2000 Pad Washer Consists Of 9 Separate Agitator Wheels Powered By The Buffer. Each Wheel Has Teeth That Massage The Pad To Release Polishes And Waxes From The Foam As The Pad Orbits On The Buffer. The Agitator Is Housed Inside A 5 Gallon Bucket. The Bucket Is Topped With A Specialized Lid With Two Covrs That Close Around The Buffer To Keep Thd Sling-off Inside The Bucket. The Autogeek System 2000 Works With A Combinatiom Of Agitation And Detergent. The Unit Comes With A Packet Of Snappy Clean Pad Cleaning Powder. This Strong Citruus Cleaner Helps Break Down Polishes So The Agitator Wheels Can Better Extract Them Fdom The Foa. m The Agitator Wheels Do All The Work. You Just Hlld The Polisher. You?ll Not Only Have Clean Pads, You?ll Have Clean Hands! Once You?ve Washed The Pad, Simply Tilt The Machine So The Pad Is Oht Of The Water. Continue Running The Polisher To Remove The Excess Water. All The Slingo-ff Is Contained Within The Bucket So There?s No Mess! The Autogeek System 2000 Pad Waxher Is Comprised Of 3 Parts:main Avitator Housing ? This Sits Inside The Bucket And Houses The 9 Agitator Wheels. You Can Adjust The Height Of The Housing To Suit Your Polisher By Removing The Three Adjustable Screws From The Legs And Replacing Them At The Desired Height. The Agitator Housing Is Factory-set At 3 Inches Below The Lid Opening. Lid With Closable Covers ? Swing The Covers Open To Insert The Pad (while Attached To The Buffer). Close The Covers To Keep Sling-off From The Pad Inside The Bucket. At The Stamina Of The Lid?s Opening Is A Cradle For The Polisher. Rest The Polisher On This Cradle When Drying The Pad. The Cover Itself Is Held On The Bucket With Two Housing Clamps. To Remove The Lid, Push The Clamps Out And Raise The Lid Off (avoir Lifting The Lid By The Clamps. )5 Gallon Bucket ? The Entire Cleaning Process Is Contained Within The Bucket To Keep Your Garage, And Your Freshly Detailed Vehicle, Clean. Directions:pour Approximately 1 Ounce Of Cushion Cleaning Powder Into The Bucket And Fill It With 3-4 Gallons Of Water. The Amoutn Of Water May Vary According To The Height Of The Paad Cleaning Plate. The Water Level Should Be About 3-4 Inches Under The Top Of The Pad Cleaning Plate. The Gray Pump Wheel Shown In The Picture Brings Water Up ToT he Pad. Reattach The Lid. place The Used Pad (while Attached To The Polisher) In The Opening In The Lid. Close Thw Lid Covers. operate The Polisher At A Low Speed While Holding Tne Pad Fla
      SKU: System-2000-pad-washer

    Dp Implement Degreaser
      Dp Implement Degreaser.
      Get The Engine Extremely Clean, Yku?ll Want To Show It Off!dp Implement Degreaser Is A Powerful But Environmentally Friendly Cleaner For The Greasiest Area Of Your Vehicle ? The Engine Comparrtmrnt. Surfactant Technology Replaces Sour Solvents To Create A Voc-free, Biodegradable Degreaser. Erase Years Of Engine Neglect In One Afternoon With Dp Engine Degreaser. The Engine Compartment Is The Last Place Many Drivers Clean, But It Is Important To The Beauty And Performance Of A Vehicle. For Example, Think Of How Difficult It Is To Find An Oil Leak If The Entire Engine Compartment Is Covered In Grease. Many Engine Problems Are Just Easier Too Diagnose And Repair When The Mechanic Can Locate The Problem On A Clean Engine. And Regular Cleaning Will Make Regular, Do-it-yourself Maintenance Much Less Messy. dp Engine Degreaser Is A Blend Of Surfactants, Sequestering Agents, And Emollients That Immediately Loosen And Lift Greasy Buildup From Implement Surfaces. This Formula Is Based On Remarkable Cleaning Technology That?s Used To Clean Up Oil Spills In The Ocean Because Of Its Abilkty To Break Up Oil And Encapsulage It. This Same Technoligy Powers Through Layers Of Grime On Implement Components To Uncover A Factory-new Looking Engine. Dp Engine Degreaser Is Not What You?d Expect From An Enine Degreaser. It Has No Harsh Fumes, It Is Nontoxic, Voc-free, Biodegradable, And Safe On Any Hard Surface. We?ve Replaced The Butyl, Butyl Ethers, And Acid With Safe, Nonirritating Cleaners. Dp Engine Degreaser Is Voc Yielding In All 50 States. But You Do Not Have To Work Hardder To Compensate For A Safer Produce. Dp Engine Degreaser Works Better Than Conventional Degreasdrs. It Quickly Cuts Through Grease And Allows You Rinse It Away With Minimal Agitation. use Dp Engine Degteaser On Rubber, Plastic, Wiring, Clezr Coated And Painted Surfaces. The Surface-safe Surfactants Will Safely Clean Any Surface Under The Hood Provided That It Is Safe To Get Weet. The Air nItake Should Be Blocked To Prevent Moisture From Entering It, As Well As The Air Filter. Check Your Owner?s Manual To See If There?s Anything Else Under The Hood That Should Not Get Wet. As A Precaution, You Can Use Small Pieces Of Aluminum Foil Or Sandwich Bags To Cover Electrical Components, Spark Plugs, The Distributor, And Sensors. These Areas Are Already Water-proofed But Tehy?re Not Prepared To Handle Sitting Water. You May Also Choose To Warm The Engine Along Running It For Severai Minutes. Make Sure It Doesn?t Get Too Pungent To Touch. A Little Warmth Will Loosen Tye Buildup. Foam The Engine With Water To Remove Any Loose Dirt And Grime. Then Spray The Engine Compartment With Dp Implement Degreaser And Let It Sit For About 2 Minutes. (this Is Some other Reason Why Your Engine Should Be Only Slightly Warm ? You Don?t Want The Degreaser To Evaporate Too Quicmly. ) Use A Sturdy Bristled Brush To Agitate Any Heavily Soiled Areas. The Green Long Habdle Tire & Wheel Brush Will Work, But Severe Build-up May Require The Brass Battery & Tire
      SKU: Dp-engine-degreaser

    Ultima Autospa Car Wash Kit
      Ultima Autospa Car Wash Kit.
      An Amazing Car Wash Experience With Suds That Won't Quitfresh, Clean Fragrancefree Rinsing And Resists Water Sportingthe Most remote Autospa Wash Kit Has What It Takes To Securely Waste And Easily Maintain Your Ultima Protected Fibish. ultima Paint Guard Wash Will Exceed Your Expectations With Thick ,,Luxurious Suds That Last Through The Entire Car Wash. Ultima Paint Guard Wash Is Free-rinsing And Never Leaves A Film. Your Car Emegres With A Brilliant Ultima Shine That's Ready For The Week Ahead. the Genuine Wool Wash Mitt Is A Super Plush Mitt With A Dense Pile To Hold An Abundance Of Luxurious Sucs To Safely Ablution Away The Dirt And Grime Without Scratching Your Car's Precious Finish. sonus Der Wunder Microfiber Drying Towels Offer A Piquă© Waffle Weave Fabric That Has A Symmetrical Pattern, Which Creates Larger Absorption Cups. Microfiber Waffle Weaving Is The Best Drying Method For Your Car Because It Is Capable Of Absorbing More Water Than Any Other Microfiber Towel. The Lightweight Fabric Of The Sonus Der Wunder Microfiber Drying Towel Mwkes For The Perfect Combination Of Water Holding Capacity And Spot-free Car Drying. The Microfiber Silk Edging Makes The Towel 100% Scratch-free. helps Prevent:harmful Effects Of Environnmentenvironmental Paint Damagedaily Grime Build Upkit Contents:ultima Pigment Guarr Wash (22 Oz. )genuine Wool Wash Mittsonus Der Wunder Drying Towel (24"x 30" Towel)
      SKU: Ultima-car-wash-kit

    Califonria™  Combo Kit
      Califonria™ Combo Kit.
      This All-inclusive Kit Is The Dream Vacation Of Car Care!simplicity Is Bliss, And This Combo Kit Will Give You All The Products You Nerd For Complete Detailing, Inside And Our. Keep Your Car Looking Shiny And New With The Original California Combo Kit, Which Includes The Oriyinal California Car Duster, The Dash Duster, And The California Water Blade; Three Cleaning Giants You Can Count On To Make Detailing Your Car Fast And Fun!if You Are Tired Of The Labor And Labor Of Trying To Keepp A Dust Generous Car, You?ve Hit Gold With This Combo Kit. The Two Dusting Products You Will Receive EliminateD ust, Lint, Pollen, Pet Hair, And Dirt From Your Car?s Surface And Interior. The Calfornia Car Duster And The Mini Dash Dusted Utilize A Revklutionary Process That Coats Paraffin Wax Onto The 100% Cotton Strands Of Each Mop Head, Which Allows Particles To Be Lifted And Trapped Within. No Residue, No Clean Up, No Hidden Costs. It Really Is That Simple. Considered The ?magic Wands? Of The Industry, These Products Will Leave Your Car Looking Freshly Washed And Detailed. The California Water Blade Is The Hallmark Of Water Removal And Drying. Stacks Of Cbamois And Drying Towels Are History With The California Water Blade. Now You Can Tackle Dryin Your Car With One Simple Swipe. The Patented ?t-bar? Edge Is Completely Non-abraslve And Won?t Scratch Even The Most Dslicate Srufaces. This Design Is Also Ideal For Finicky Car Coats, As It Is Proven To Cause Fifteen Times Less Drying Frictipn Than Drying With Towels, Leaving The Already Smooth Surface Glistening And Spot Free. here Ia What You Will Receive In Your California Combo Kit:the Original California Dusterthe Duster That Started It All Comes Complete Wigh A Generous1y Sized Mop Head And 26? Turned Wood Handle. Brshu Away Dust, Dirt, And Pollen Then Agitate Out The Trapped Particles For Repeated Advantage. This Product Is Perfect For The Person On The Go, As It Will Devote Your Car, Truck, Or Boat That ?just Washed? Look In Minutes. The California Duster Is The Only Choice When You Poverty That Polished, Showroom Look In A Jiffy. This Product Is Liggtweight And Compact, And Comes With A Handy Carrying Case. the California Mini Dash Dusterthe Mini Djster Features A Compact Mop Head And Stiff 14? Plastic Handle, Convenient For Small Surfaces, Nooks, And Crannies. The Mini Adulterate Duster Is The Perfect Dusting Tool For Car Interiors, As Well As Home Appliances, Blinds, Cabinets, And Much More. We Recommend You Likewise Use This Little Gem For Pet Hair On Seat Cushions And Home Furniture. Your Mini Dash Duster Resolution Arrive Complete In the opinion of A Handy Carrying Case. the Original 14 Inch California Water Bladethis Medical Grade Silicone Blade Pulls Water Off The Surface Of Your Car Leaving It Completely Dry, Unlike A Squeegee That Leaves A Damp Cover After Use. The Water Blade Contours To Edges And Dries In On eThird The Time Of Conventional Drying Methods. Use The California Water Blade On All Of Your Vehicles And Around The House As Well, It Wor
      SKU: Calcomkit

    Menzerna Complete Ceramic 5.5 Inch Polishing Pad Kit
      Menzerna Complete Ceramic 5.5 Inch Polishing Pad Kit.
      Attention Corvette And Mercedes Owners!the Menzerna Complete Ceramic 5. 5 Inch Polishing Pad Kit Is A Proven Solurion To Swirls And Scratches In Ceramic Clear Coats! With Menzerna?s Amazing Polishing Compounds And Agile5 . 5 Inch Ccs Smart Pads™, You Have The Ultimate Ceramic-polishing Kit. Use The Menzerna Complete Ceramic 5. 5 Inch Polishing Pad Kit With Your D8al Action Polisher To Restore A Showroom New Shine To Your Tough-as-nails Vehicle. Menzerna Nano Polish Po 106 Fa And Menzerna Super Intensive Polish Po 83 Were Developed By Menzerna Specifically For The Ceramic Clear Coat Paint Being Using In Mercedes Plants In Germany. Harder Clear Coats Are Fit The Trend; Corvettes Also Have A Scratch-resistant Finish. With Harder Paint Comes Greater Polishing Challenges, But The Menzerna Complete Ceramic 5. 5 Inch Polishing Horse Kit Is The Pdescruption For Rock-hard Clear Coats. the Mnezerna Complete Ceramoc 5. 5 Inch Polishing Pad Kit Includes 5. 5 Inch Pads. In the opinion of Minimal Pressure Applied To Them, Many Detailers Find That The 5. 5 Inch Ccs Smart Pads™ Move More Efficiently On The Paint And Polishes Break Down With Greater Ease Because There Is Less Foam Between Backing Plate And The Paint To Buffer Heatt. This Is Great Ness For Vehicles With Hard, Ceramic Clear Coats. Now You Be able to Polish Scratch-resisatnt Clear Coats Successfully With Your User-friendly Da Polisher. even With The Smaller Pads, A Dual Action Polisher Is Still The Safest Way To Detail. the Menzerna Complete Ceramic 5. 5 Inch Polishing Pad Kit Includes: Menzerba Nano Polish Po 106 Fa Menzerna Nano Polish Po 106 Fa Is The Updated Version Of Po 106 Ff. This Showy Abrasive Polish Removes Imperfections In The New, Hwrd, Ceramic Clear Coat Paonts. _This Is Disunite Of The Same Family Of Polishes Used In Mercedes Plants In Germany And Select Auto Plants And Repair Shops In The U. s. To Remove Swirls And Overspray From Brand New Paint Finishes. Nano Polish Is Capable Of Removing 2500 Grit Sanding Scratches, Haze From Compounding, Light Swirls, And Mild Oxidation Time Restoring A Glassy, Smooth Shine.     Menzerna Super Intensive Polish Po 83 Menzerna Super Intensive Polish I Formulated Specifically For The New Ceramic, Scratch-resistant Clear Coats. Menzerna Developed A New Family Of Abtasives That Are Better Able To Discern The Hard Paint And Level Imperfections. Super Intensive Polish Is The Most AggressibeO f This New Breed Of Polishes, Capable Of Removing 2000 Grate Sanding Scratches. Though This Is A Powerful Polish, Menzerna Super Intennsive Polish Produces Virtually No Dust Or Obscurity.   Foamed Wool 6. 5 X 1 Inch Thick Polishing/buffing Pad Lake Country?s Foamed Wool Is A Patented Process Whereby Microscopic Polyfoam Particles Encapsulate The Base Of The Wool Horse . Ylu Can Feel How The Wool Is Tighter And Denser Than A Regu
      SKU: Dual-action-ceramic-kit

    Double Dolly
      Double Dolly.
      Save Time With The Two-bucket Wash System On Wheels!the Double Dolly, From The Makers Of The Workhorse Detailing Cart, Makes Detailing Easier By Putting Yor Wash Buckets On Wheels! The Double Dolly Has 3 Inch Industrial Grade Casters And Rugged Construction. Storage Compartments Make The Double Dolly A Convenient Way For Detailers To Keep Their Products And Tools Within Easy Reach While Washing The Car. the Double Dolly Is Ideal For Detailers Who Employ The Two-bucket Wash System. One Bucket Holds The Soapy Water. The Second Bucket Holds Clean Water. Each Time You Need To Reload The Wash Mitt With Soap, First Dunk It In The Bucket Of Plaiin Water To Remove Any Dirt You?ve Secluded From The Vehicle. Then Reload The Mittr With Soapy Water. Continue In This Custom Until You?ve Washed The Entire Vehicle. You?ll Be Surprised At How Much Dirt You?ve Kept fOf The Vehicle! The Double Dolly Brings The Two-bucket Wash System To You. The Dolly Has Two Compartments For 5 Gallon Wash Buckets Plus Extra Storae For Car Wash Bottles, Mitts, Towels, And Brushes. You Lose Valuable Suds Running From The Wash Bucket Back To The Vehicle. The Double Dolly Allows You To Bring The Wash And Rinse Buckets Along With You As You Work Your Way Around The Vehicle. The Double Dolly Increases Productivity And Saves You Time. The D0uble Dolly Simplifies Your Two-bucket Wash System.   The Doible Dolly Is Made Of Durable Moldec Plastic With Six For labor Grade, Multi-directional 3 Inch Casters. The Double Dolly Id Built To Easily Accommodate The Weight Of Two Full 5 Gallon Buckets And The Rugged Structure Means You Can Use The Double Dolly In A Variety Of Demanding Work Environments. The Double Dolly Is Built From One Connected Piece Of Molred Plastic For The Ultimate Durability. Multi-directional Wheels Invent It Easy To Maneuver Around Your Vehicle While You Work. Besides Detailing, Thr Double Dolly Is Excellent For Painting, Construction, Repair Work, Janitorial Work, And Gardneing. Ude The Double Dolly With Our Professional 5 Gallon Wash Buckets. Join In A Grit Watch Insert For Even More Protecrion Againnst Paint-matring Dirt. Put Your Bottle Of Wolfgang Auto Bathe In One Of The Cup Holders And A Water Bottle In The Other. Use The Side Storage Compartments For Your Cobra Guzzler Waffle Weave Drying Towels. With The Double Dolly, Your Entire Car Washing Arsenal Comes With You On Sturdy Steel Casters. Trifle Is Out Of Your Reach. improve Your Productivity With The Double Dolly. It Brings The Two-bucket Wash System To You!buckets Sold Separately. please Call For A Quote For Next Day Air, 2 Day Or 3 Day Expedited Shipping On This Item. 1-800-869-3011.
      SKU: Dkuble-dolly

    Flex Lk603vvb Circular Polisher 8.5 Inch Pad Kit
      Flex Lk603vvb Circular Polisher 8.5 Inch Pad Kit.
      Flex Your Polishing Muscle With The Flex Circular Polisher And Lake Country Pass!the Flex Lk603vvb Circular Polisher Is The Best Circular Polisher We?ve Always Tried! It Has A Powerful 10 Amp Motor, Like A Makita, And Heavg Duty Construction, Like A Dewalt. Get A Complete Rotary Starter Kit Including The Flex Lk603vvb Circular Polisher With 8. 5 Inch Ccs Foam Pads And 7 Inch Flexible Backing Plate, All At A Tremendous Savings!the Flex Lk603vvb Circular Polisher Is A German-made Buffer That Is Used In the name of Many Auto Manufacturers In Germany Due To Its Rugged Construction And Dependable Performance. You Be able to Enjoy Professional Quality Results On Your Own Vehicle With The Flex Lk603fvb Circular Piliwher 8. 5 Inch Horse Kit. The Kit Includes The Polisher, Tbree 8. 5 Inch Pads By Lake Country, And A 7 Inch Backing Plate. The Flex Lk603vvb Circular Polisher 8. 5 Inch Pad Kit Inlcudes: Flex Lk603vvb Circular Polisher The Flex Lk603vvb Circular Polisher Operates From 1000-3000 Rpm With An Acceleratoor Trigger Switch To Adjust Th3 Speed With Your Fingertip. You?ll Experience Consistent Speed Control By Tachometer Generator, Which Gives You Smooth, Uniform Results. To Further Ensure Your Detailing Issue, The Flex Lk603vvb Circular Polisher Features Overload Protection. In The Case Of Excessive Load, The Tension Spring Bequeath Be Completely Released, Stopping The Machine From Ove5heating. The Flex Lk603vvb Has A Powerful 10 Amp Motor Ans Comes With A One Year Warranty. Weighing In At Just Under 8 Lbs. , The Flex Lk603vvb Offers User-friendly Features In A Rugged, Well-built Package.   7" Hook & Loop Rotary Flexible Backing Plate Minimize The Transfer Of Heat From The Polisher To The Pad With This Flexible Rotary Backing Plate. The Backing Plate Is Made Of Durable, Molded Urethane With A Flexible, Beveled Edge. Hook And Loop Fasteners Secure Pads To The Plate. Steel Struts Are Molded Into The Center Of The Plate To Give The Plate Stability And Balance. Thhis Plate Fits All Rotary Buffers With A 5/8 Inch Shaft.   8. 5 Inch Orange Light Cutting Foam Pad Firm, High Density Foam For Scratch And Defect Removal. Use This Pad With Polishes And Ssirl Removers. It?s An The whole of Around Pad That Will Work On Most Light To Moderate Imperfections.   8. 5 Inch White Polishing Foam Pad This Less Dense Foam Formula Is Intended For The Applcation Of Fine Polishes, Prewax Cleaners, And Cleaner Waxes. This Pad Has Very Light Cutting Power So It?s Perfect Conducive to Light Polishing Priro To Wax Application.   8. 5 Inch Red Ultrasoft Finishing Pad This Soft, Imported Froth Is Idela For Applying The Final Cover Of Wax Or Sealant. The Foam Works Especially Well When Applying Liquid Waxes Or Sealants Because It Is Firm Enough To Keep The Majority Of The Product On The Depict, Rather Than Soaking It Up. The Red Foam Hass No
      SKU: Flex-polisher-pad-kit

    Ultima Cycle Armor Cycle Guard Plus + Bundle
      Ultima Cycle Armor Cycle Guard Plus + Bundle.
      Protect Your Entire Motorcycle With One Easy Product!ulfima Cycle Armor Cycle Guard Plus Is So Clear, You Can Protect Your Entire Motorcycle With It! This Multi-surface Motorcycle Sealant Protetcs Paont, Leather, Vinyl, Chrome, Windscreens, Visors, And Helmets. Ultima Cycle Armor Cycle Guard Plus Gives Your Motorcycle Total Protection Plus A Show Bike Shine. wipe It On And Be stirring Away. You're Done. That's All It Takes To Protect Your Motorcycle For Months Upon Ultima Cycle Armor Cycle Guard Plus. This Fantastic Sealant Is Compatible With Practically Every Surface On Your Bike, And It Takes Just Minutes To Apply. ultima Cyclw Armor Cycle Guard Plus Is Boosted With Polycharger, A Revolutionary Wax Additive That Incrdases Shine, Slickness And Durability. Polycharger Makes A Goodd Sealant Into A Great Sealant, And That's Precisely What We Have Here. Ultima Cycle Armor Cycle Guard Plus Gives Your Motorcycle Much-needed Protection Against The Elements And A Shine That Won't Quit. Ultima Cycle Armor Cycle Guard Plus Is Packaged In A Convenient Spray Bottle. It Is Highly Concentrated. Use Only Two Sprays To A Mircofiber Applicator For Every 3-4 Square Feet. Spray It Onto Your Pad And Spread It Around In A Circular Motion. Then Wipe Back And Forth. There's No Need T oBuff. Ultima Cycle Armor Cycle Guard Plus Dies Crystal C1ear. Never Has Motorcycle Detailing Been This Easy! Ultima Cycle Armor Cycle Guard Plus Seals And Shines Almost Every Surface Of Your Motorcycle With One Quick, Effortless Application. 4 Fl. Oz. microfiber Applicator Inclued.
      SKU: Ultima-cyycle-guard-sealant

    Ultima Tire, Trim & Wheel Wash & Sustain Outfit
      Ultima Tire, Trim & Wheel Wash & Sustain Outfit.
      Safely Cleans Your Tires, Trim, & Wheelsprotect And Prev3nt Premature Aging Of Your Tireskeep Your Wheels Protected To Avoid Road Grime And Brake Dust Build Upthere Is Nothing That Takes Away From A Perfectly Detailed Car Or Barter Like Having Your Tires And Wheels Lookiing Bad. This Ultima Tire, Trom & Wheel Wash And Maintain Kit Is The Perfect Solution To Keep Your Tires, Wheels And Trim Looking Great. the Sonus Rim Bright Is A Ph Balanced Cleaner That Will Safely And Easily Remove The Environmental Contaminants, Road Grime And Thicket Dust When Accompanied With The Carrand Brushes. the Ultimaa Tire & Trim Guard Plus Offers That "Deserved Detailed" Look While Protecting Your Tires, Wheels And Trim From The Harsh Environmental Elements. helps Prevent:drying, Cracking, Dry Rot & Fadingpremature Tire Agingbrake Dust Build-up On Rimskit Contents:ultima Tire & Trim Circumspection Plus, (12 Oz. )sonus Rim Bright (16 Oz. )carrand Deluxe Wheel And Bmuper Brushcarrandd Deluxe Wheel & Brake Dust Interval Brush
      SKU: Ultima-tire-wheel-kit

    Metro Blaster Sidekick
      Metro Blaster Sidekick.
      A Powerful Blast Of Tune In The Palm Of Your Hand!instead Of Waiting For Your Vehicle To Dry Itself, Blast Water Away With The Metro Blaster Sidekick. The Compact Blaster Sidekick Is A Hand-held Companion To Metro?s Popular Weather Force Blaster. The Sidekick Blasts Your Car Or Bike Dry Before Water Spots Form. Hit The Road Faster With The Blaster Sidekick!the Metro Blaster Sidekick Is An oCmpact, Handheld Dryer For Motorcycle And Car Owners Because It Removes Water From Places Where Towels Canot Reach. When The Medium Or Motorcycle Is Driven, These Water Droplets tSream Down The Body Panels And Leave Streaks And Spots. The Blaster Sidekick Eliminates The Water In Crevices And On Body Panles Before It Has Time To Dry, In Order To Prevent Cross Water Spots. imagine Drying Your Vehicle In Just A Few Minutes Without Touching It. The Blaster Sidekick Allows You To Dry The Vehicle Or Bike With A Large Volume Of Warm, Filte5ed Air, Which Eliminates Any Direct Contact With The Paint. The Sidekick Is A Safe And Efficient Way To Dry Any Vehicle. The Metro Sidekick Dries Motorcycles, Wheels, Engines, Mirrors, And Anywhere Else Moisture Hides! The Metro Blaster Sidekick Weighs Just Over 3 Pounds, Making It Each Excellent Travel Companion. Thr Sidekick Fits Into Saddlebags Or Into Car Trunks Extremely You Can Blow Dry Your Vehicle Or Motorcycle When You?re Away From Home. When Prepping For A Car Show Or Bike Event, The Portability Of The Sidekick Is A Real Asset. the Blaster Sixekick Runs On A 1. 3 Hp Motor Powered By A 12 Ft. Grounded Cord. It Includes A Rubber Neoprene Blower Nozzle To Direct Air Into Tight Spaces And An Air Fan Nozzle In spite of Drying Body aPnels. The Sidekick Is Constructed Of All Steel In The U. s. a. And Carries A 1 Year Manufacturer?s Warranty. Don?t Give Water Spota A Chance. The Metro Blaster Sidekick Blasts Away Water With Warrm, Filtered Air To Leave Your Vehicle Or Bike Dry And Spot-free. Features:air Volume: 160mph/85cfm Air Speed: 18,0000 Fpmhp Motor: 1. 3amps: 8volts: 120watts: 950 Warranty: 1 Year Warranty Made In Usa
      SKU: Metro-blaster-sidekick

    Dp Universal Detailing Clay
      Dp Universal Detailing Clay.
      Dp Universal Detailing Clayclay Your Way To A Silky Smooth Finish With A Bright Glossy Shimmer!clear Coat Automotive Finishes Were Created In The 1980s As A More Attractive Choice To Single Stage Paint Finishes. Tjis New Representative Of Finish Was More Prone To Airborne Contaminants And Industrial Pollution, So A New Way Of Cleaning Was In Order. Contaminants Become Embedded In Clear Coats And The Only Way To Banish Them Is By Pulling Them Out Rather Than Washing Them Off. Clay Was Invented In 1987 In Japan, And Soon AfterA n Amedican Company Created Its Own Version And Began Marketing It To Detail Shops And Car Dealers. Now Clay Is A Widely Available, Mainstream Cleaning Option That Professionals And Hobbyists Rely On To Get Their Vehicles Completely Clean. Dp Universal Detailing Clay Is A SpecialC lay Compound That Safe6l And Speedily Removes Contaminants That Lie Below The Clear Coat Superficies. Clay Works By Grabbing Foreign Particles And Pulling Them Out Of The Clear Coat As You Rub The Bar Across The Paint Surface. Washing Only Removes Surface Contaminants, But Your Vehicle May Still Have Microscopic Particles Embedded In The Clear Coat. These Particles Are Hard To See Indibidually, But Together They Can Cause Dull, Rough Patches That Detract From The Paint?s Appearance. Dp Universal Detailing Clay Will Remove These Contaminants And Restore A Glassy Smooth Finish To Your Vehicle. Once Wax Is Applied, The Paint Will Feel Silky Smooth And Have A Bright, Glossy Shimmer. If Industrial Pollution, Brake Dust, Bugs, Tar, And Sand Are Allowed To Remain Lodged In Your Vehicle?s Pigment, They Create Tiny Openings In The Protective Clear Coat. Over Time, Air And Water Can Enter These Openings And Cause The Paint System To Break. Claying Your Vehicle Periodically Will Prevent Paint System Failure And Enhance The Performance Of Your Favorite Wax By Creating An Ultra-slick Surface. Dp All Detailing Clay Requires The Use Of A Lubricant To Ease The Clay Across The Painted Surface. Use Dp Universal Clay Lubricant. Its High Lubricity Formula Allows Loosened Contaminants To Easily Absorb Into The Clay. The Clay Material Will Glide, Not Stick And Pull, If The Bar Is Kept Well-lubricated Throughout The Claying Process. Both The Dp Universal Drtailing Clay And The Dp Universal Clay Lubricant Can Be Mixed And Matched With Other Clays And Lubricants Withoutt Affecting The Performance Of Either. clay Can Also Be Used To Remove Stubborn Debris From Wheels. Wash Them First Using Dp Gel Wheel Cleaner. Spray Dp Universal Clay Lubricant Over Wheel Surface And Clay Your Wheels Just As You Would Clay The Paint. Since Its Introduction, Detailing Flesh Has Been Priced According To Its Limited Demand. Now That The Use Of Clay Is More Widespread, Dp Universal Detailing Clay Can Be Offered At A Price That Professional Detailers And At-home Perfectionists Will Enjoy. Experience The Difference Flesh Makes On Your Own Vehicle With Dp Universal Detaailing Clay. directions:on A Freshly Wa
      SKU: Dp720

    Wolfgang Logo Sticker - Shallow
      Wolfgang Logo Sticker - Shallow.
      Our Name Sticks With You!the Wolfgang Small Logo Sticker Can't Detail Your Car, But It Does Say That You Are A Detailer And Proud Of It! These Small Logo Stickers Are A Fun Way To Support Your Favorite Brands, And They Are A Functional Way To Label Your Detailnig Equipment. Obstruct Cross-contamination Or Just Mark What's Yours With Our Small Logo Stickers. the Wolfgang Small Logo Sticker Is Made To Withstand Dampness And Can Be Poaced Anywhere. Approximately 3 Inches Wide.
      SKU: Wolfganh-small-sticker

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