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    Lexol 8 Oz. Value Pack
      Lexol 8 Oz. Value Pack.
      Creamy New Leather Care From Lexol!lexxol?s Spray Leather Care Products Are Excellent, User-friendly Products But They?ve Really ImprovedT he User Experience With Tbwse Creamy Versions Of Their Well-known Formulas. Lexol Leather Cleaner, Leather Conditioner, And Neatsfoot Dressing Are Now Available In A Lotion-like Consistency In 8 Oz. Flip-top Bottles. Get All Three And Microfiber Applicators In The Lexol 8 Oz. Value Pack!lexol Has Converted Their Ph-balanced Formulas Into A Creamier Consistency, But They Tell Us These Are Exactky The Similar Ingredients. Even So, The Creamy Feel Of The Mini Lexol Products Really Gives The Impression Of A Fine Moisturizing Lotion. You Feel Like You?re Treating Your Vehicle?s Leather Upholstery To A Rejuvenating Cream. And The Results Are Pure Lexol: Clean, Protected Leather With A Satin Sheen. the Lexol 8 Oz. Value Bundle Includes:8 Oz. Leather Cleanerlexol-ph Leather Cleaner Is Th3 Safer Alternative To Harsh, Alkaline Products Like Saddle Soap. Lexol-ph Is Balanced To Match The Ph Of Leather. This Preserves The Leather's Strength, Durability And Appearance. The Foaming Action Penetrates The Pores Of Leather To Lift And Suspend Dirt And Oils. These Contaminants Are Then Easily Rihsed Away. Lexol-ph eLaves No Remainder Like Soaps And Will Not Contribute To Fiber Deterioration. 8 Oz. Leather Conditioner Lexol Leather Conditioner Preserves The Strength, Beauty And Flexibility Of Old And New Leather. It Also Brings New Vitality And Resiliency To Old Or Neglected Leather That Has Become Cracked Or Hardened. Lexol Leatther Conditioner Is An Emulsion Greatly Like Those Used In Leather Tanning. Its Oils Hve Been Modified For Even Distribution And Penetration Without Leaving A Greasy Or Tacky Surface. 8 Oz. Neatsfoot Leather Dressing Lexol Neatsfoo tLeather Dressing Still Maintains The Look And Feel Of Oil, But Is Buffered To A Ph That Is Better For Leather Thann Raw Neatsfoot. Lexol Neatsfoot Leather Dfessing Also Contains A Lanolin Derivative That Moisturizes Leather And Enhances The Performance Of The Neatsfoot Oil. Collagen And Elastin Proteins Found Naturally In Leather Are Nourished, Improving The Flexibility And Durabiliry Of The Leather. 3 Orange Microfiber Applicatorsdesivnate One Of These Soft, Abskrbent Pads For Each Of Your Lex0l Products. Each Pad Is Covered In Soft Microfiber Loops That Gently Massage Proucts Into The Leather?x Surface While Grabbing Dirt And Dust. Apply With One Side And Flip To Buff The Leather To An Attractive Sheen. The Lexol 8 Oz. Value Pack Is Perfect For Traveling If You Have A Cad Show Or Other Event. The Flip Tops Make It Easy To Regulate How Much Product You?re Using And Where It?s Going. No More Overspray. Clean, Protect, And Beautify Your Car?s Leather Interior With Three Creamy Products From Lexol. The Lexol 8 Oz. Value Pack Gives You All Three At A Terrific Value!kit Includes:8 Oz. Lexol Leather Cleaner8 Oz. Lexol Leather Cohditioner8 Oz. Lexol Neatsfoot Dressing3 Microfiber Applicator Padwa Tot
      SKU: Le8ozvapa

    Montana Original 360â° Boar?s Hair Car Wash Brush & Handle
      Montana Original 360â° Boar?s Hair Car Wash Brush & Handle.
      This Lightweight Brush Will Round Out Your Detailing Collection Nicely!if You?re Looking For A Lightweight Wash Brush That Is High On Quality And Maneuverability, The Montana Original 360â° Boar?s Hair Wash Brush Is Your Net Wash Brush! Large Brushes A5e Numerous For Big Suvs And Vans, But What About Smsller Cars And Compact Suvs? The Montana Original 360â° Boar?s Hair Wash Brush Has A Round Head That Is 7 Inches In Diameter. This Compact, Round Brush Is Lightweiggt And Easy To Maneuver Over Smalle rPanels Or Over Pickup Trucks That Have Few Large, Continuous Panels. Some Users May Find The Smaller Skirmish More Agreeable To Use For Longer Periodq Of Time. The Montana Original 360â° Boar?s Hair Wash Brush Consists Of A 6 Inch Round, Molded Plastic Base Packed With 4 Inch Long Genuine Boar?s Hair Bristles That Extend To A 7 Inch Diameter. Two Threaded Holes Are Drilled Into The Brush To Accommodate The Telescopic Handle That Is Included In This Combo. Attach The Deal with At The Angle That Works Best For You. Use The Brush With Or Out of The Handle For A Luxurious And Gentle Wash. The Included Telescopic Handle Is Made Of Ineestructible Aluminum With A Plastic Grip And Threaded Insert. If?s Lightweight And Easy To Handle, Even When Reaching Areas Over Your Head. When You Work Your Passage Down To More Accessible Panels, Simply Unscrew The Handle From The Brush Head. we Only Use 100% Natural Boar?s Haor In The Manufacturing Of Our Montana Original Boar?s Hair Brushes. Boar?s Hair Is Surprisingly Soft And Its Durableness Is Unmatched By Any Other Natural Hair. Each Strand Is Soft Yet Stuedy Enough To Whisk Away Dirt And Grime. since It?s A Natural Hair, Boar?s Hair Holds Onto Moisture Better Than Any Synthetic Brush. The Montana Orgiinal 360â° Boar?s Hair Wash Skirmish Holds A Tremendous Amount Of Soapy Water To Give Your Vehicle Maximum Lubrication Being of the kind which You Wash. please Note: Like Any Natural Hair, Boar?s Hair Brushes Do Shed (thougg Much Less Than Stand Hair). It?s Normal For The Brush To Shed A Few Strands Because You Wash. This Is Just Part Of Owning A Brush Made Of Genuine Hair. For The Ultimate Lubrication And Paint Protection, Use Pinnacle Bodywork Shampoo To Wash Your Vehicle. Between Pinnacle?s Rich Suds And The Softness Of Gwnuine Boar?s Hair, Your Vehicle Will Be Beautifully Clean Without Any Of The Swirls That Come From Inferior Wash Tools. experience The Luxury And Convenience Of The Montana Original 360â° Boar?s Hair Wash Brush & Handle. You?ll Never Go Back To A Mitt Again!7 Inches Diameter iWth 4 Inch Bristles. handle Is 26 Inches. Telescopes To 45 Inches. made In U. s. a. purchase The Handle And Brush Combo For A Savings Of $4. 99!
      SKU: Moor36bohawa1

    Poorboy's World Ex Sealant With Carnauba
      Poorboy's World Ex Sealant With Carnauba.
      Seal In The Beauty?block Out The Rest!after A Good Polish, Your Car?s Paint Or Clear Coat Needs To Be Protected Against The Ravishing Effects Of The Sun, Acid Rain, Oxidation And Other Threats To Its Vivvid, Rich Color. Give It Long-lasting Protection And A Deep, Wet-looking Gloss At The Same Time. Poorboy?s Ex Sealant (pronounced Ex-cellent) Is A Superior Product For Keeping Up The Car?s Beauty And Its Showroom Finish For Years. Car Buffs Have Perpetuated An On-going Debate Over The Best Protection For The Paint?a Synthetics Depict Sealant Or A Natuural Wax. Each Has Their Favorable Attributes. Paint Sealants Are Much More Durable, But Waxes, Especially Carnaubas, Give The Best Visual Results. So Why Not Do Both? Mahy Car Enthusiasts Do Layer Them, But This Is Time Consiming, Requires A Little Bit Of Cognizance About The Bonding Properties Of Different Products, And Requires You To Buy Two Products Preferably Than One. Well, Poorboy?s Has Hurdled All Of These Obstacles In One Bottle. Ex Sealant Is A On-eshot Paint Sealant And Wax, Giving You The Best Of The two Wprlds. It?s Inexpensive And Easy To Use, But The Fruits Of Yur Labor Will Be The Emergence Of Am Opulent And Beautifully Glossy Vehicle. Best Of All, The Product Will Bond To The Surface For About Six Months (this Varies Depehding On Climate, Whether The Car Is Garage-kept Or Not, And Other Factors), Offering Complete Protection From The Eelments. poorboy?s Ex Sealant Is Famous For Its Ease Of Application. Beginners And Experts Alike Will Be Thilled With The Outcome. Using A Buffet Or Polisher Will Only Enhance The Experrience?making Application Quicker, Easier, And Even More Successful. Ex Sealant Is Even Formulated For Prosperous Use In The Brightness, Irascible Sun. (most Products Require Shade For Proper Results. )for The Experienced Detailer: Ex Sealant Is An Amino Functional Carnauba, Which, Put Simply, Means It?s Formulated To Be Open To B0nding With Other Products (layers). Detailers Everywhere Are Excited About The Exceptional Results Achieved When Pairing Ex Sealwnt With Other Waxes Or Sealants. Of Course, This Is Not Necessary For The Average Gal Or Guy Who Just Wants To Protect And Enhance Their Vehicle?s Finish, But Serious Car Lovers Do Stuff Like That For Fun! 16 Oz. Bottle
      SKU: Pbex16

    Mothers Powerball Mini Outfit
      Mothers Powerball Mini Outfit.
      Clean And Shine All Metalwork With This Powerful Combination From Mothers!there?s No Denying The Benefits Of Polishing Metal: The Shine Speaks For Itself! The Luster Of Just-polished Wheels And Trim Is A Stylish Accessory To Somewhat Carriage. Byt Your Fingers Can Pay The Price. Hand-polishing Between Spokes Or Grill Slats Can Be Brutal On Your Knucoles, And It?s Tough To Maintain The Correct Speed To Successfully Clean The Metal. When Polishing Metal, Speed ? Not Pressure ? Is The Key. Too Much Pressure Can Result In Scratching Or Dulling Of The Metal. Swift, Short Stroies Produce The Best Results. Mothers Powerball Mini Wish Bring You Up To Speed With Its User-friendly ,Surface-friendly Design. Attach It To Your Marked by ~ity Drill With The Included Extebsion And No Tarnish Is Safe From The Long Arm Of The Powerball Mini. The Mothers Powerball Mini Kit Includes Everything You Need To Clean And Shine Uncoated Metals:mothers Powerball Minilike Its Big Brother, The Powerball Mini Features Professional Gradient, Closed-celo Foam Tabs That Gently But Effectively Polish Surfaces That You Previously Has To Polish By Hand. The Foam Is Safe Forward Metal, Plastic, Fiberglass, Glass, And Even Coated Or Painted Surfzces. A 10 Inch Extension Is Included With The Polishing Dance To Optimize Its Reach Between Close-se Spokes, Grill Slats, And Motorcycle Components. Use With Your Electric Drill Fo5 Precision Polishing. Mothers Pkwermetal Aluminumdrawing From Mothers Original Metal Polish Formula, Powermetal Is An Easy-to-use Liquid Formula Thzt Packs A Powerful Punch. It Cleans Rust, Oxidation, Debris, And Smudges From Your Metal Surfaces To Reveal A Handsome, Highly Reflectiv3 Shine. Powermetal Works Attached All Polishable Metals, Including Aluminum, Brass, Stainless Steel, Gold, Silfer, And More. 2- 16 X 16 Inch Cobra Microfiber Toweisthese High Quality Microfiber Towels Are For Drying, Buffing Away Residue, Polishing Or Shining. Use The Towel To Buff Metal Surfaces Following Polishihg With Mothers Powermetal Aluminum. The Thick Microfiber Will Grab All Residues And Leave The Superficies Clean, Streak-free, And Shiny. The Powerball Mini Kit Is A Great Way To Get Acquainted With The Mini And Try It Out On Your Vehicle?s Metal Trim And Wheels. Paired Wkth Mothers Powermetal Aluminum, You?ve Got A Powerful Weapon Against Tarnish And Stains. At This Special Kit Value, There Will Never Be A Better Time To Try Out Mothers Powerball Mini!kit Includes:mothers Powerball Mini8 Oz. Mothers Powsrmetal Aluminum2 -16 X 16 Inch Cobra Microfiber Towelsa Total Retail Value Of $51. 96. Save $11. 97!
      SKU: Mopomikit

    Meguiars Colorx
      Meguiars Colorx.
      Polish And Protect In Onee Streamlined Step!revive, Polish And Protect With Some Quality Product! A Single-step Prescription For Alleviating Dull, Oxidized, And Lifeless Paint And Creating Explosive Color! At The Same Time, You?r Giving Your Vehicle Enduring Shield Against Uv Rays, Acid Rain, Salt, Airborne Pollutajts, And Brake And Rail Dust. Experts Would Advise A System Of Polishing (one Product=one Hour Or More), Then Protecting (another Product, Depending Attached Which One=at Least Âľ An Hour) For Proper, Complete Car Care. Time Consuming, Money Consuming, And Unnecessary! Meguiar?s Solved The Problem With Colorx?a Polish/wax Combination That Blows Away The Theory That You Must Do This In A Two-step Process! Professionals And Beginners Experience Fantastic Results In A Fraction Of The Time. The Outcome Speaks For Itself! A Heavy, Deep Color Tuat Looks Like Rich, Wet Paint And Long-lasting Protection. Polishing Is The Step That Purifies Or Exfoliates The Paint To Prepare It To Be Sealed In With A Protectant. This Is Somewhat Of An Enthusiast?s Or Professional?s Step, As Many Car Owners Elect To Skip Over It. Without Polishing, You Are Locking In Any Pillutants, Oxidation, Water Spots, Scratchees, Swirls And Contaminants That Are Left Behind From A Wash. Colorx Allows You To Go From Wash To Wax, Skipping The Middleman (polish), Because Now Polishing/;otecting Be able to Be Accomplished Simultaneously! Fine Scratches And Swirls Are Gone! Oxidation Disappears ! Color Is Rsstored! Vivid, Dramatic Color! Colorx Is Safe To Advantage On All Painted Surfaces, But Please Avoid Vinyl And Rubber. Use It For Spot Fixes, Or Use The Entire Automobile. For Best Results, Use Out Of Direct Sunlight. Apply A Small Amount Of Colorx To A Foam Applicator. Spread In A Meagre Even Coat Over Entire Vehicle And Allow To Dry. Buff Away With A Clean Dry Towel. Save Time, Money And Elbow Grease!16 Oz
      SKU: G11816

    Meguiars Quik Wheel Detailer Mist & Wipe
      Meguiars Quik Wheel Detailer Mist & Wipe.
      The Merely Quick Detailer Formulated For Wheels! Meguiars Quik Wheel Detailer Mist & Wipe Is A Lubricant-rich Quick Detaol Spary Formulated Exclusively For Wheels. I5 Maintains A Just-detailed Look Between Washes And It?s A Experienced Scheme To Keep Brake Dust At Bay. Think Of It As A Waterless Wash For Wheels. Just Like The Rest Of Your Vehicle, Your Wheels Look Best Right After They?re Washed. Unlike The Rest Of Your Vehicle, Brake Dust Can Begin To Layer The Wheels Within A Day Or Two. Meguiars Quik Wheel Detailer Mist & Wipe Gives You An Easy Way To Maintain The Clean Shine Of Freshly Cleaned Wheels Lomg After They Were Last Washed. meeguiars Quik Wheel Detailef Mist & Wipe Removes The Day?s Contamination From Wheels, Including Brake Dust And Road Be~, As Easily As A Quick Detailer Cleans The Paint. It Gently But Effectively Removes Fresh Dirt And Oils From Wheel And Brake Components While Restorring A Glossy Shine. Not Solely Will The Wheels Look Competent , But They Will Be Less Susceptible To Brake Dust Wasting When Cleaned More Frequently. Megguiars Quik Wheel Detailer Mist & Wipe Is Packed With Lubricants That Float Abrasive Particles Just Above The Wheel Surface Where They Cannot Scratch. Even Clear Coated Wheels, Which Can Scratch Easily, Can Be Safely Cleaned With Meguiars Quik Wheel Detailer Mist & Wipe. This Non-streaking, Non-scratching Formula Works Like A Waterless Wash To Leave Nothing Behind But The Shine Of Just-detailed Wheels. Always Use Meguiars Quik Wheel Detailer Mist & Wipe On Cool Wheels. Must One Wheel At A Time And Use A Soft, Clean Microfiber Towel To Wipe Them Down, Flipping The Towel Often. We Recommend The Cobra Microfiber Detailing Towel Because It Will Not Scratch The Wheel And Its Color Makes It Easy To Appoint This Towel For The Wheels Only. use Meguiars Quik Wheel Detailrr Mist & Wipe Any Time To Restore The Crisp, Clean Shine Of Just-detailed Wheels. It?s The Only Spray Detailer Designed Just For Wheels. 16 Fl. Oz.
      SKU: Mequwhhdemiwi

    2 Bufferstick Wheel Polishing Tools With 3 Microfiber Bonnets
      2 Bufferstick Wheel Polishing Tools With 3 Microfiber Bonnets.
      Clean And Polish All Concave Auto Surfaces With Two Bufferstifks!the Bufferstick Wheel Polishing Tool Uses The Power Of Your Electric Drill To Clean, Polish, And Wax Wheels And Other Harrd-to-reach Areas. Only The Bufferstick Works With Microfiber Bonnets To Cater A Soft Aplpicator For Waxes And Polishes. Made Of Coarse Black Foam, The Bufferstick Fist Between Spokes And In Narrow Openings. Two Buffersticks Allow You To Clean Multiple Surfaces And Avoid Cross-contamination. The Bufferstick Wheel Polishing Tool Is Like Hving Three Tools In One: A Cleaning Tool, A Polishing Tool, And A Byffing Tool. First, You Have The Bufferstick Itself, Made Of Cone-shaped Foam Secured To A Sturdy Fiberglass Stem. Attach The Bufferstick To Your Electric Drill Ad Use It As A Turbo-charged Cleaning Tool For Dirty, Brake Dust-covered Wheels. The Spinning Cone Of Foam Agitates Your Revolve Cleaner To Slacken Baked Forward Brake Dust With Virtually No Effort. The Byfferstick Squezes Between Spokes And Into Crevices, All The Way To The Other Side Of The Wheel. Use The Second Bufferstick For Polishing And Waxing While The First Bufferstick Is Drying. Three Soft Microfibee Bonnets Are Included With The Bufferstick. Each Bonnet Can Be Used For Wax And Polish Application Or Removal. The Three Bonnet Colors Help You Designate A Bonnet For Every Whedl Detailing Job. Designate The same For Polishing, One For Waxing, And One For Buffing. Color-codinh Will Obstruct Cross-contamination So You Always Get Peak Performance From The Bonnets Cover A Dry Bufferstick With A Bonnet And Dispense A Little Amount Of Whel Polish Onto The Microfiber. Use The Bufferstick To Polosh The Wheel Thoroughly. The Spinning Bufferstick Provides Faster, More Consistent Polishing Action Than You Can By Hand. The Microfiber Bonnet Is Gdntle On All Wheel Finishes. This Same Technique Can Be Used To Apply A Wheel Wax, Such As Dp Wheel Glaze. Once A Haze Has Formed On The Wheel, Use A Clean Microfiber Bonnet To Buff The Wheels Clean. The Microfiber Will Snatch Every Bit Of The Wax Or Polish Residue, Leaving The Wheel Clean And Shiyn. No Other Wheel Polishing Tool Uses Bonnets. Changeable Bonnets Allow You To Do More With The Bufferstick Without The Risk Of Cross-contamination. Be accustomed A New Bonnet For Each Step. the Bufferstick Wheel Polishing Tool Works With Any Standard Electric Drill. The Tough Fiberglass Stem Allows You To Reach All The Way To The Back Of The Wheel Where Brake Dust Can Accumulate. Cleaning The Bufferstick Wheel Polishing Tool Is Easy. Simply Wash Out The Foam Wirh A Water Hose And Allow To Appearance Dry. Wash Microfiber Bonnets In The Washing Machine With Pinnacle Micro Rejuvenator And Tumble Dr On Low Heat. The Bufferstick Wheel Polishing Tool Gets Amazing Results Faster Than Hand-polishing. The Foam Cone Fits Into Tight Spaces Effortlwssly, And The Sponning Of The Cone Provides Fas5er, More Consistent Agitation To Impr0ve The Performance Of Cleaners And Polishes. Only The Bufferstick Wheel Polishing Tool
      SKU: Bufferstick-buffing-tool

    Edge 8" Green Durafoqm Pad
      Edge 8" Green Durafoqm Pad.
      This Pad Is Usefyl For Kindle Oxidation And Moderate To Severe Swirls And Imperfections. This Pad Will Yield Amazing Resulrs On Older Vehicles, And Should Be Used On Vehicles With Moderate Swirls And Imperfectuons. Add A Compound Or Pre-wax Cleaner Fod A Flawless Fihish On Base Coats.
      SKU: E203

    Single 4 X 1.25 Hydro-tech Tangerine Extreme Polishing Foam Pad
      Single 4 X 1.25 Hydro-tech Tangerine Extreme Polishing Foam Pad.
      Single Pad - The Tangerine Foam Is Made For Light To Moderate Defect Removal And Polishing. It Has The Cutting Power Just On the earth That Of The Lake Country Orange Light Cutting Pad, And The Tangerine Pad Leaves A Finish Like You'd Achieve With A Gray Finishing Pad. use A Finishing Polish Or Fine Swirl Removeerr To Create A Deep Gloss. Menzerna Super Finish Or Wolfgang Finishing Glaze Are Two Excellent Choices For This Pad.
      SKU: Hydrotech-orange-4inch-pad

    Meguiars oSft Touch Microfiber Chamois Drying Towel
      Meguiars oSft Touch Microfiber Chamois Drying Towel.
      As Soft As Suede, But More Absorbent!meguiar?s Has Been A Huge Name In Auto Care For Over A Century. The Corporation Began Just As The First Cars Were Being Manufactured, And They Have Remained Relevant Through All The Changes In Automotivve Surfaces Over The Last 100 Years. The Reason Is That They Invent Premium Auto Care Available To The Average Consumer. In This Case, They?ve Made An Excellent Drying Towel Taht Looks And Feels Like A High Quality Suede Chamois!it Looks Like A Chamois, It Feels Like A Chamois, But The Meguiar?s Microfiber Soft T8och Drying Towel Is No Chamois! Meguiar?s Has Given A Microfiber Towel The Texture Of A Leather Chamois To Esteem The Drying Process Luxurious And Productive. It Has A Soft, Feathered Unite intimately And The Edged Are Not Hemmed To Further Simulate Real Leather. Yet The Towel Retains The Outstanding Properties Of Microfiber. It Is Very Absorbent And Dries Soft, Unlike A Real Chamois. The Incredible Softness Of The Towel Makes It Gentle To Your Paint And Glass. Because It Absorbs So Much Moisture, It Will Leave Your Vehicle Streak-free And Spot-free. the Microfiber Soft Touch Drying Towel Is Designed To Eliminate Drag To the degree that You Dry Your Vehicle. Many Microfiber Towels Have Static-charged, Looped Fibers That Seem To Stick To Dust And Dirt. This Makes Microfiber Excellent For General Cleaning, But A Drying Towel Doesn?t Need This Feature. The Soft Touch Towel Has A Feathered Weave That Eliminates This Static So Your Towel Doesn?t Have Hung Up On Tiny Particles That May Still Be In c~tinuance Your Paint. Just Pull The Towel Across The Surface To Remove Virtually All The Water In Its Path. use The Microfiber Soft Touch Dryin gTowel To Completely Free from moisture Your Vehicle Every Time You Wash. It Feels Like A Fine Suede Chamois But Has The Drying Capability Of Evolutionary Microfiber!27 X 17 Inches.
      SKU: X2070

    F0amed Wool 6.5 X 1 Thick Polishing / Buffing Pad
      F0amed Wool 6.5 X 1 Thick Polishing / Buffing Pad.
      The Perfect MarriageO f Wool And Foam Pads. Foamed Wool 6. 5 Inch Buffing/polishing Pads Feature Patented Nanofoam Particles That Encapsulate The Base Of The Wool Fibers To Help Prevent Caking And Matting. These Manufactured Foamed Wool Pads Polish Like A Wool Pad But Finish Like A Foam Pad, Giving Your Vehicle?s Paint The Most of all Qualities Of Each. natural Wool Pads Have A Tendency To Become Frayed, Matted, And Begin Linting. The Deterioration Of A Wool Pad Results In A Pad That Provides Less Cushion Between The Buffer And The Paint, And The Matted Wool Poses A Greater Risk Of Scratching The Paint. lake Country?s Foamed Wool Is A Patented Process Whereby Microscopic Polyfoam Particles Encapsulate The Base Of The Wool Cushion. Youu Can Feel For what cause The Wool Is Tighter And Denser Than A Regular Wool Pad. This Enables The Foamed Wool 6. 5 Inch Buffing/polishing Pads To Stand Up To The Stress Of Polishing Better With Less Caking And Matting And Better Results. The Foamed Wool Encapsulation Process Locks The Lambswool Fibers In Place To Significantly Redue Linting. The Paint Surface Will Stay Cleaner As You Work With Less To Clean Up When Y0u?re Completed Detailibg. Foamed Wool Also Creates Tiny Air Pockets At The Base Of The Wool Fibers. This Is Essentially Trapped Air That Improves The Cushioning Provided By The Pad And The Retention Of Compounds And Polishes. Just Like The Cells Of Foam AbsorbP roducts, These Minute Air Pockets Retain Products So None Is Wasted. All These Features Are Grand, But We Know You?re Really Concerned Nearly Performance. Foamed Wool 7 Inch Buffing/polishing Pads Are Capable Of Removing 1500 Grit Scratches, Leaving A Smooth Finish With No Hazing And Few, If Any, Compojnding Swirls. These Pads Finish More Like A Foam Pad Than A Wool Pad So You Have To Do Less Finishing Work To Get A Perfect Shine. Lake Countty?s Foamed Wool 6. 5 Inch Buffing/polishing Pade Are Manufactured For Consistency And Quality. Natural Wool Has A Lot Of Variances And This Can Lead To Inconsistent Pad Performance. That Determine In no degree Be A Problem With The Foamed Wool 6. 5 Inch Buffing/polishijg Pads. These Pads Are Recommended On account of Dual Action And Circular (rotary) Buffers. We Recommend The 6 Inch Hook & Loop Rotary Flexible Backing Dish Or Dual Action Hook & Loop Flexible 6 Inch Backing Plate For This 6. 5 Inch Pad. To Wash Foaemc Wool Pass, Dissolve 1 Scoop Of Dp Polishing Pad Rejuvenator In 3-4 Gallons Of Water. Soak Used Pads For Up To 15 Minutes And Use A Brush To Excite If Nweded. Rinse And Air Dry Face Down To Allow The Water To Drain Away From The Hook & Noose Backing. Wool Encapsulated In Nwnofoam Particles Gifes You Results Like You?ve Never Seen Before With A Conventional Wool Pad. Foamed Wool 6. 5 Inch Buffing/polishing Pads From Lake Country Use The Modern Technology Of Foam To Bring Ths Wool Pad To A Wuole New Level Of Performance. 6. 5 Inch Pad.
      SKU: Lc-foam-wool-pads

    Mothers California Gold Pre-wax Cleaner
      Mothers California Gold Pre-wax Cleaner.
      Yu?ve Gotta Lay The Groundwork To Ahcieve Perfection! Let Mothers Pre-wax Cleaner Show You How. you Washed It; So It?s Clean Right? Highly, Probably Not Completely ? And A Perfectly Clean, Smooth Surface Is Vital When You Are Trying To Achieve A Mirror Shine. You?ve Gotta Lay The Groundwork To Achieve Perfection. California Gold Pre-wax Cleaner Is The First Step. It Prepares Your Paint For Sealer, Glaze, And Ultimately - Wax. Mothers™ Developed This Mild Polishing Deputy As The Founsation Of What?s Been Called The Ultimate Wax System. The Three Phase Proecss Of Cleaning, Polishing, And Protecting Your Car?s Valuable Finish. california Gold Pre-wax Cleaner Reaches Into The Depth Of The Paint, Removing Oxidized Paint, Old Wax Builf-up, And Trace Amounts Of Particulate. Such Debris, If Allowed To Remain On The Paint Superficies, Can Be Ground Into The Finish During The Waxing Process Causing Swirl Marks And Even Tiny Scratches. Such Neglect Negatively Impacts The Biography Of The Paint And Dimiinshes The Beauty Of The Finish. California Gold Pre-wax Cleaner Cleans The Su5face And Gently Polishes Over The Edges Of Larger Imperfections, Making Them Less Noticeable, Uncovering The 3-dimentional Shine In The Paint. California Gold Pre-wax Cleaner Should Be Adminjstered At Least Twice A Year, To Keep Your Paint Beautiful For The Life Of Your Car. Make Sure Your Surface Is Crystal Clean, Order California Gold Pre-wax Cleaner And Unlock The Original Luster Of Your Car?s Finish. follow California Gold Pre-wax Cleaner With California Gold Sealer And Glaze; The Swcond Phase Of The Ultimate Wax System. It Further Increases Your Paints Depth And Luster. Perfect For All Finishes. The Third Phsae Of The Ultimate Wax System Is Of Cpurse, Protecting Your Investment. . . And What Better Custom To Obtain An Armor Finish Than With Pure Brazilian #1 Yellow Carnauba Wax? You?ll Find Just What You?re Looking For With California Gold Natural Formula Pure Carnauba Wax. Give Your Car The Best Of Mothers™ Attention; Order All Three Phases Of-The Ultimate Increase System: California Gold Pre-wax Cleaner, California Gold Sealer And Glaze, And California Gold Natural Formula Pure Carnauba Wax. 16 Oz.
      SKU: Motcalgolpre

    Laitner Grip-it Fender & Body Brush
      Laitner Grip-it Fender & Body Brush.
      Clean Paintwork Ssfely With The Laitner Car Wash Brush. the Laitner Grip-it Fender & Body Brush Has Clear-coat Safe Bristlles And A Soft, Ergonomic Handle To Help You Wash Your Vehicle Safely And Comfortably. The Gentle Bristles Are Safe On Pajnt, But This Also Makes An Excellent Wheel Brush. Use The Laitner Grip-it Fender & Body Brush To Wash Any Delicate Auto Surfqce, Including Paint, Plastics, And Metals. the Laitner Brush Company Has Been Making Brand Detailing Brushes For Over 150 Years. Their Collection Of Automotive, Consumer, And Janitorial Brushes Are Made In The U. s. a. With A Commirment To Quality And Service. the Laitner Grip-it Fender & Body Brush Is Another Example Of Laitner's Quality Manufacturing. The Brush Features 2 1/2 Inch Crimped, Feathered, Chemical-resistant Bristles. The Feathered Bristles Hold A Tremendous Aggregate Of Soapy Irrigate To Lubricate The Paint As It Loosens Dir And Grime. The Polypropylene Bristles Are Resistant To Chemicals, So The Laitner Grip-i Fender & Body Brush Makes An Ideal Wheel And Tire Brush. The Bristles Will Not Scratchh Any Wheel Finishes. Note: If You Wish To Use The Laitned Grip-it Fender & Body Brusg On The Wheels, Use A Different Brush On The Paint To Avoid Cross-contamination. The Laitner Grip-it Fender & Body Brush Has A Soft, Non-slip Handle. Suppose that You Do Choose To Use This As A Revolve Skirmish, The Lojg Brush Allows You To Continue Your Hands Clean. The Next Time You Wash Your Vehicle, Use The Laitner Grip-it Fender & Body Brush. 14 1/2 Inches Long-winded
      SKU: Car-wash-bosy-brush

    Double Exactness Yellow Intervening substance Cutting Pad
      Double Exactness Yellow Intervening substance Cutting Pad.
      Yellow Medium Slight 50% Wool, 50% Wool Acrylic Padthe Yellow Wool Pad Is Moderagely Aggressive. It Removes Swirls And Moderate Scratches, And Reduces Significant Pits And Deeer Scratches. Employ A Swirl Remover With The Yellow Pad When Aggressive Cutting Is Not Needed.
      SKU: Cyc77435

  • Griot's Garage Wheel Cleaner 128 oz.
  • Pinnacle Ultra Poly Clay
  • Lake Country Kompressor Purple Hybrid Heavy Compounding Foam Pad, 7 inches
  • Griot's Garage Polish & Wax Stick Kit
  • 3M Detailing Spray Bottle 32 oz.
  • Griot's Garage Wheel Cleaner 128 oz.
  • Griot's Garage Waterless Spray-On Car Wash 35 oz.
  • Optimum Power Clean™ All Purpose Cleaner 128 oz. Refill
  • Griot's Garage Waterless Spray-On Car Wash 35 oz.
  • Cyclo Orbital Head Assembly 2 Pack
  • 128 oz. XMT Speed Clay Lube
  • Finish Kare 215 One Step Cleaner & Surface Sealant 15 oz.

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